The Japanese Prison Break: FOLLOW-UP

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[Japanese Prison Break: FOLLOW-UP]
If you clicked on this, I assume you’ve already watched the “The Incredible Japanese Prison Break”, and as it turns out, many of you had some lingering questions that needed answering, like:
- Where did all the dirt go?
- How can anyone break handcuffs with their bare hands?
- Why didn’t anyone see the rust after using the miso soup?
- How can you add three more years to a life sentence?
- What exactly was Shiratori’s initial crime that led to his first arrest?
- What happened to him after being released from prison?
- Was this whole video just an ad, bro?
- And, as a bonus, what’s the next Kento Bento video going to be about?
I answer all these questions in the video.

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20 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
Kento Bento
Kento Bento 8 meses atrás
Get Nebula & CuriosityStream for free to watch thousands of documentaries: Use the promo code "KENTOBENTO" to get 31 days free. *Edit: The video mentioned at the end (the Hong Kong & Macau one) is also exclusively on Nebula. This is due to the story being so unnerving that sponsors didn’t want to sponsor it, and BRvid demonetizing earlier versions of the upload. Official Kento Bento Merch:
Kormit 10 dias atrás
Ultimate LORD RJ
Ultimate LORD RJ 16 dias atrás
4:42 *Prison Parkour* LMAO 🤣
Ultimate LORD RJ
Ultimate LORD RJ 16 dias atrás
Also the iron sand handcuffs he broke He was in northern part of Japan Where the temperature was below freezing point Thus making it easier to break the handcuffs You what I mean Along with the reason you mentioned
Ca West
Ca West Mês atrás
If Nebula isn't free then no ads just makes it BRvid premium 🤷‍♂️
spy 3.0 spy 3.0
spy 3.0 spy 3.0 Mês atrás
@Booty4U GamesYT Ķ
Rinelle AbWind
Rinelle AbWind 11 horas atrás
And when miso soup runs out, keep spitting.XD
Adieu Nightmare
Adieu Nightmare 11 horas atrás
I’m just wondering what happened to the wife and daughter?!? I want a full story...Gosh this is incredibly sad. I wish that he will live a extremely easy second life.
Neil 12 horas atrás
some people just dont know how to listen
Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks 20 horas atrás
WaS tHis wHoLE VidEo JuST aN aD BrO????
Victor Nieves
Victor Nieves 21 hora atrás
There’s people nowadays who can break handcuffs.
MythicalDragon 22 horas atrás
@Kento Bento I thought your video was very interesting, I hope to watch more of your videos :)
Mirza Munif
Mirza Munif Dia atrás
Did you hold off on the Halloween video to release on another Halloween?
Kento Bento
Kento Bento 52 minutos atrás
Due to the extreme nature of the subject, sponsors ended up not wanting to sponsor it, and BRvid demonetized earlier versions of the upload. As a result it's exclusively up on Nebula, as a 'Nebula Original'
....I want to cry,this man had been through a lot and I feel bad...
iPad Gaming
iPad Gaming Dia atrás
Ahh i want nebula and curiosity stream but I can get in when I’m 18 I guess because I don’t have paypal So I’ll come back here when I’m 18 if I don’t spam me Edit: u don’t know when I’m getting 18.... hm didn’t think of that
Flame Gaming
Flame Gaming Dia atrás
The true criminal is the MISO SOUP!!!
Flame Gaming
Flame Gaming Dia atrás
Not Shiratori!
C a t
C a t Dia atrás
"prison parkour" Bruh.
joseph garchitorena
Mr420bush Dia atrás
Above all, it was his willpower and will to live.. Helped him escape... Not strength, not strategies.. Not techniques... A person like that, have full right to live a respectable life.. So sad to see someone who had such a strong spirit who was not broken after so much difficulty in life, did not have a fulfilling and loving life even at the end.. It just shows life is never fair.. But still, never give up! He did not!
cookie pop Girl
cookie pop Girl 2 dias atrás
Okay am I the only one that wishes that this a series cause it’s pretty interesting
磷酸Dream 2 dias atrás
This guy literally had the anime protagonist sad background and the betrayed by friends
2ezee2011 2 dias atrás
good stuff
Jeffrey Muya Lee
Jeffrey Muya Lee 2 dias atrás
He probably broke the cuffs due to the cold wheather
- bindudebest-
- bindudebest- 3 dias atrás
we need a anime of Shiratori
Faze_boss YT
Faze_boss YT 3 dias atrás
@ZMDE Animations
Faze_boss YT
Faze_boss YT 3 dias atrás
@ZMDE animations
Faze_boss YT
Faze_boss YT 3 dias atrás
Blitz_StrikerYT 3 dias atrás
I see the negative ad comments and I struggled to not phase through my device to theirs and slap them in the frickin face.
Martin kári
Martin kári 3 dias atrás
are you the one talking or do you have a narrator
2 ideots with a phone
2 ideots with a phone 3 dias atrás
I thought the life. Sentect + more wasnto eases the mind 0f the victim like oh that person who did something bad to me is in prison for 900 years or you know s9mething
Just some guy in the comments or whatever
Was this whole video just an ad, bro?
Ali Mekaddem
Ali Mekaddem 4 dias atrás
movie name ?? 1:23 please
Dev Shah
Dev Shah 4 dias atrás
Frank Morris: I am the best prisoner at escaping. Yoshie Shiratori : Hold my handcuffs.
Joey On Crack
Joey On Crack 4 dias atrás
Shoutout to Dave! You the best!
Krakka Jakk711
Krakka Jakk711 4 dias atrás
Shiratori is the perfect human Also, did I see the grand tour from top gear on Nebula
Actually a Serbian Animator
Who knows maybe he has a stand that helped him.
Chaitanya 4 dias atrás
U r amazing man
Pan da
Pan da 5 dias atrás
Did we really need a nude shot of the manuqin
Matteo Puddu
Matteo Puddu 5 dias atrás
Me when I heard the guitar: ONE PUNCH!!!!
bevv 6 dias atrás
nah bruh this is fake. you know why? *_my man saved his get out of jail free card_*
PastVibes YT
PastVibes YT 6 dias atrás
I remember u said y he went to jail
Oliver Chu
Oliver Chu 6 dias atrás
This man just called out those who hate his silk smooth segeus into a segeuy. Biggest flex I've ever seen.
TheHangster4536 6 dias atrás
My only question is how did yoshie shiratori pass away?
Alexander Sweeney
Alexander Sweeney 6 dias atrás
ᴊᴀy 6 dias atrás
*Them:* subscribes because of the ad in the end. *Me:* subscribes because of the quality content.
Donald Brown
Donald Brown 6 dias atrás
My mans Shiratori was a GOAT.
Popular Pineapple
Popular Pineapple 7 dias atrás
Abashiri prison..... Pronounced Aba-shitty prison Hmm probably why it sucks so much
Jennifer Higgins
Jennifer Higgins 7 dias atrás
No joke I literally am so sorry for Shiratori ;w;
Krystian Kowalski
Krystian Kowalski 7 dias atrás
Correction: a life sentence is never until the end of one’s natural life. It is until when someone is declared legally dead. Otherwise, the guy with a life sentence who had a heart attack then was brought back to life would have been released.
Scurpy 7 dias atrás
And some how... this dude. That got me dyinnnnn
Weeaboo Nava
Weeaboo Nava 8 dias atrás
I would love to learn how to sponsor like him :0
Unlisted Pokémon Hudson
I would love another follow up.
Floatie Float
Floatie Float 8 dias atrás
*a tokyo ad* is this illegal??
Darryl Christanto
Darryl Christanto 8 dias atrás
Bruh, can't wait to see this in anime version 😂
my name is awuf
my name is awuf 8 dias atrás
Nafi is not a pro at roblox
Esteban Dominguez
Esteban Dominguez 9 dias atrás
In that last vid “called the police” there’s phones back then? Or any sort of comic action other than in person?
Aphqnix 9 dias atrás
So the whole life sentence thing is that if you earn trough good behaviour to be let go from prison, you have to wait 3 years extra and THEN let go
__ 9 dias atrás
how interestting
Gavin Mathey
Gavin Mathey 9 dias atrás
Wait the locks look like cigarettes lol
Gavin Mathey
Gavin Mathey 9 dias atrás
Wait how get money with like no ads
Kormit 10 dias atrás
Alifka Putra
Alifka Putra 10 dias atrás
7:58 So it's true that people like this exist
Daniel He
Daniel He 10 dias atrás
This story is real?
#1 Trainwreck
#1 Trainwreck 11 dias atrás
Can someone tell me how to spell his name please Edit: nvm I I’m stupid😅
Mylus Adams
Mylus Adams 11 dias atrás
The farmer was farmer with a shotgun
AStrucidKid saying random things
basically anime protagonist
SHADOW GALAXIA 11 dias atrás
I love how this man ignores the haters and continues what he wants
SHADOW GALAXIA 11 dias atrás
Guys the dirt obviously spawned outside
ME 2028Aguigui
ME 2028Aguigui 11 dias atrás
I only have one question. How could he stand maggots on his skin!?
Donovan Cooper
Donovan Cooper 11 dias atrás
Ya’ll really asked how do you add a sentence to a sentence 😂
Meet clarence!
Meet clarence! 11 dias atrás
He just put the dirt through the window
Alicia 11 dias atrás
How did he survive the years when he was in his 40’s.
•aloeshi• 12 dias atrás
If they broke the handcuffed metal every week or so, in the original video it said that he dabbed some miso soup onto the cuffs every day. He continued it for 6 months, so does that mean he had the same cuffs just like glued somehow or melted together back? or did he actually do the miso soup thing with every different cuff? lol srry im weird
GGames 12 dias atrás
What was the name of the film on 1:23 I love prison films pls tell me
chasetherainb0w 12 dias atrás
A true 👑
Aubrey Pizarro
Aubrey Pizarro 13 dias atrás
7:52 Woah that was smooth and unexpected 😂🤣😂
ravendrew cristobal
ravendrew cristobal 13 dias atrás
Hat hapend to his wife
Marko Bartula
Marko Bartula 13 dias atrás
This man life was really sad.At least he get some recognition.
Chase Meyers
Chase Meyers 13 dias atrás
no offense cool story and all but u say its documented and dont say anything else abt proof
Alex Walden
Alex Walden 13 dias atrás
My uncle broke 7 sets of cuffs it's possible
Horizon idiots
Horizon idiots 14 dias atrás
Prepare for his fith power to eat anything
Suj 14 dias atrás
at which point of his life he told the whole story in details ?
Syyed Rayyan Ali shah
Syyed Rayyan Ali shah 14 dias atrás
faila raymundo
faila raymundo 14 dias atrás
hahaha I really love the promotion segway!
Mobile Gamer
Mobile Gamer 14 dias atrás
what is life sentences?
HOW TO DRAW suraj karki
Shiratori is like akaza from demon slayer
We1rx_b01 Hm
We1rx_b01 Hm 15 dias atrás
Wow the slit is so small
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