The iPhone 13 Is Weird...

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Apple announced the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini, and everyone was wrong. Let's talk about it.
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The rumor mill was 100% off this time. Basically nothing rumored ended up coming to fruition. The squared-edge Apple Watch Series 7 was a sham, the astrophotography, satellite, and always-on displays rumored for the iPhone 13 series were nowhere to be seen, and the iPad mini... okay, well the iPad mini rumors were pretty spot on. But the event was a little weird. Apple wan't 100% straight up about the A15 SoC, the SoC present in the Apple Watch Series 7 (spoiler alert: it's the same as the Series 6), and some of their marketing copy is downright shady. In this video, I break down everything you need to know about the Apple September 2021 iPhone event.

0:00 The Rumors Were Wack
2:25 Apple TV+ (I Was Wrong!)
3:50 The "Cheap" iPad
5:41 The iPad mini
8:28 Apple Watch Series 7
9:17 Shame on you, Apple!
9:44 Back to the Watch
10:34 WTF Apple?!
11:25 iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini
15:44 iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max
20:36 The Problem with ProRes
21:40 Conclusion

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15 Set 2021



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Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs Mês atrás
Go through my link to support my channel and get 3 years + 2 extra months free for just $2.08 for a MONTH!
Spaghetti Monster
Spaghetti Monster 25 dias atrás
@Dziner lol
Dziner 25 dias atrás
Not to be intrusive or rude just please here me out and if anyone here decides to do it I'd really appreciate it, if someone sends one I won't ask for another, I won't lie aswell I'm a Christian. So i am a UI/UX designer and I mainly make all my designs with the apple design schematics, mostly iOS if anyone seeing this is able I would love to be gifted an iPhone maybe an XS that's my exact design resolution, I use figma and I've been an apple fan since I was a kid, albeit I've never owned any apple devices before Anyways if anyone could for some reason gift me an XS that would send my designs to the moon and I can play more with my app UX and not just present the UI alone, much love, thanks for reading though this.
Spaghetti Monster
Spaghetti Monster 27 dias atrás
Foxconn nets.
iambujar Mês atrás
Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
@William Xia you’re lucky then. I know someone who has faceid work with a mask. Unless using an Apple Watch it isn’t meant to function that way and mine certainly does not.
Brandon Dollar
Brandon Dollar Dia atrás
How about a review of BoltzPro?
Jacob Baird
Jacob Baird Dia atrás
Best shirt ever
astrojs 4 dias atrás
Man, I love your channel but somebody has to tell harsh truth to you. The way you maintain this beard makes you look like a hobo. If I didn't know your channel I would never click your latest videos. You don't look credible at all. I'm not trying to be an a-hole, just trying to help the channel. Take care.
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 4 dias atrás
Stephen Meese
Stephen Meese 7 dias atrás
Can you not change the transition animation speed manually? That sucks. I've been doing that for years.
Matthew C
Matthew C 9 dias atrás
I currently have a one plus 8t and most of my usage is using the kindle app to read. Im wanting to upgrade and an obvious pick is the z fold 3 for more screen, but I am not sure if I want to spend that much on one device. That and ive heard the battery life isnt the best. My other option is to wait for the pixel 6 or pixel 6 pro. But I am also tempted to go the iphone route and then just use the new ipad mini for most if not all of my reading. I have no clue which way to go with it.
EyesOfByes 12 dias atrás
That BMW T-shirt though 😁
John Tomazin
John Tomazin 13 dias atrás
iPhone XR died the other day and am torn between iPhone Mini 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Dying for Quinn’s review as that will be the determining factor in my decision.
Drew Page
Drew Page 16 dias atrás
I went with the iPhone 13. I am on the iPhone upgrade program, so I get the new one every year, but I am looking forward to the larger battery and brighter display, plus the upgraded camera system.
Hirad r.a
Hirad r.a 17 dias atrás
The intro music tho... it's super cool
Zaid Apdan
Zaid Apdan 19 dias atrás
Where did you get that tee?
SheepKid12 9 dias atrás
It's from a podcast called Accidental Tech Podcast. I would link to their store page, but I'm unsure if it'll be blocked.
Zane Edwards
Zane Edwards 19 dias atrás
You say that now, wait till you try the 13 Mini. The cameras are substantially better, and the screen seems larger somehow... Comparing the two, the 13 Mini screen is way brighter giving it the illusion of a larger screen. However the main downfall of the 12 Mini is the battery life. By noon you're running 50% battery or less, not exaggerating with the 13 Mini I will end full days at 50%. The screen and peace of mind with battery life is well worth the money spent for a phone that truly is the perfect size.
m0rph90 20 dias atrás
Lol that BMW / Apple M1 crossover shirt is epic
Charlie Black
Charlie Black 21 dia atrás
You can turn off transitions on your iphone in the settings, ive been doing this for years, and yeah it does seem faster, but i like transiitions lol
Jeremy Hawq
Jeremy Hawq 22 dias atrás
What’s insane is that my Face ID was working with a mask on in the Beta and now with the released 15 it’s back to not working again. What the fuck!
nat barmore
nat barmore 22 dias atrás
What I'm missing: same thing I missed last year: an "iPhone Pro Mini". Or, failing that, putting wide and telephoto on the Mini instead of wide and ultrawide. I find that I'm using telephoto for ~90% of my photos, and frequently zoomed past the 5x max zoom of the Mini, and I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I used the ultrawide lens-it's almost never. I never did decide whether the size of the 12 Mini or having a telephoto lens was more important to me, so now I get to try again. I suspect that macro mode will tip me over to the 13 Pro instead of the 13 Mini. But I'm still on the fence.
Jun Beom
Jun Beom 23 dias atrás
Is that the snowflake on your wrist
Max G
Max G 23 dias atrás
The picture and sound quality of Apple TV+ alone makes it worth it to be completely honest. Amazon Prime Video comes in at a close second, Netflix is just okay-crap compared to those two. Don’t get me started on HBO.
Kevan McNay
Kevan McNay 24 dias atrás
Am I the only one who likes lightning?
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 23 dias atrás
Hello there👋👋,how are you doing today?hope you’re having a good day?GOD BLESS YOU!!❤️
Jacques Massard
Jacques Massard 24 dias atrás
I think you apple tv original main good points that are true it's that it's idea is to be like hbo and like Prime video. It's not why you buy in to it but it will keep you in the wall .
Frank Walder
Frank Walder 25 dias atrás
Interesting content. Really bad looking beard.
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 14 dias atrás
@Frank Walder oh cool place. I’m originally from New York but I live in VA, how’s the weather there today?
Frank Walder
Frank Walder 15 dias atrás
@AMY Taylor Philadelphia, PA, USA
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 21 dia atrás
@Frank Walder ohh okay good. Where are you from?
Frank Walder
Frank Walder 21 dia atrás
@AMY Taylor I'm having a normal Sunday. Checking my messages before I get ready to go to work this evening.
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 23 dias atrás
Hello there👋👋,how are you doing today?hope you’re having a good day?GOD BLESS YOU!!❤️
Claude Ramey
Claude Ramey 25 dias atrás
6:20 FaceID is disappointingly present?
Eryk Grabkowski
Eryk Grabkowski 25 dias atrás
You forgot to mention that the new $329 iPad now has True Tone.
Eryk Grabkowski
Eryk Grabkowski 25 dias atrás
@Snazzy Labs Ah ok, no problem. Just you mentioned that the screen wasn't upgraded.
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 25 dias atrás
I don’t consider True Tone a feature lol
M. Zappa
M. Zappa 25 dias atrás
Thumbs down immediately when he said "the ipad is cute".
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 25 dias atrás
Thumbs down immediately when you said you have no soul.
L 26 dias atrás
This is a great review. The title is very diplomatic though - it actually means the iPhone 13 sucks and is boring..
Nollie Backflip
Nollie Backflip 26 dias atrás
The normal iPad is absolutely not friendly to repair the un laminated screen is almost impossible to remove, if you just try to replace the battery
Zach T
Zach T 26 dias atrás
This iPhone really needed to address the new issues that have come up since the pandemic. Specifically, Face ID needs to be mask-compatible , or we’d need in-display TouchID. iPhones get marginally better each year, but they’re already so good that annual upgrades don’t feel as necessary for most people. A big, new feature has been the thing to get people to upgrade.
RJ Navarrete
RJ Navarrete 26 dias atrás
@16:38 The phone can't "perceive itself to be very quick." The phone (well, the OS) gives the impression; the user perceives.
Regis Maltais
Regis Maltais 26 dias atrás
Since Steve Job is gone, there are not much innovations, Tim Cook is just focus on profit, not innovations, many other phone companies are much in advance than Apple ... the worse is before the others companies were copying Apples Innovations
Owen T
Owen T 26 dias atrás
I don’t get why people got blindsided. Apple stopped calling it the “S version” and started just saying iPhone next number up. The 13 is nothing more than the iPhone 12s. We will more than likely see all the changes people were talking about next year.
Dino Rodriguez
Dino Rodriguez 27 dias atrás
Incredibly refreshing to watch and listen to truly objective Apple reviews and commentary from Snazzy Labs 👍🏼 keep up the incredible work 👏🏼
Neil Robinson
Neil Robinson 27 dias atrás
I agree about iphone 13, not really being much of an update. All “significant” updates seem to appear on even numbers. Iphone 2 (3G) Iphone 4 IPhone 6 IPhone X (came out same year as 8 so it counts) IPhone 12 All these phones had more noticeable changes than the odd number before them front facing camera, style, wireless Charging to name a few.
Steven Harris
Steven Harris 27 dias atrás
Awesome as always. But it is Leading as in the metal. pronounced "led-ing" Typesetters used to use lead spacers between lines of type. Carry on.
Bxb 27 dias atrás
Can’t wait to get my 13 Pro on Friday 📱😃
How dare you?
How dare you? 27 dias atrás
dislike for your stupid lgbtqxy tshirt
Trond Aasland
Trond Aasland 27 dias atrás
Great coverage of this launch, but one thing that consistently bums me out is upholding the idea that upgrading your phone every year is even _remotely_ sensible. Like ... no. Just no. Even if you sell your previous phone or give it to your kids or whatever, changing your phone every year is immensely wasteful, and if your needs are _that_ heavy, perhaps look for a better suited tool for the job than a phone? The number of people who _need_ a brand-new phone every year are infinitesimally small. It would be fantastic to see your default positioning change to a more sensible 2-3-year upgrade cycle, and stop talking about whether this is worth the upgrade from what is still an incredibly fast and feature-rich phone. Keeping FOMO down is another benefit of this.
doliio volay
doliio volay 27 dias atrás
until next year. Buying models the year after any year that Apple has “weird” devices has consistently been a winning policy for me.
skapegoatfilms 27 dias atrás
why is your video so underexposed. just wondering...for a friend.
MrB8boy 27 dias atrás
Was really hoping for USB-C, so sick of lightning. All of my other gear is USB-C, even my kids Amazon Fire Tablets. UGGHHHHH
doliio volay
doliio volay 27 dias atrás
Apple is talked about in the technology world. Makes even more sense after supposedly "stamping down" hard on the leaks. They're stamping down hard yet leaks are more
MrB8boy 27 dias atrás
They made too many Apple Watch 3’s. LMAO
Sully The Car Kid
Sully The Car Kid 27 dias atrás
Where'd you get that shirt?
Shrinivas Badnur
Shrinivas Badnur 27 dias atrás
"Conformed rumours" 🙄 conform /kənˈfɔːm/ Learn to pronounce verb past tense: conformed; past participle: conformed comply with rules, standards, or laws. rumour /ˈruːmə/ noun plural noun: rumors a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.
David Kyu
David Kyu 27 dias atrás
The eco-friendly iPhone yet.
KiloDoubleMike 27 dias atrás
Still waiting on that Model 3 Center console video!
michael walsh
michael walsh 27 dias atrás
I have a galaxy note 20 ultra... would you change for a iPhone 13 Pro or the max???
Pharmaco Original
Pharmaco Original 27 dias atrás
The notch and the lightning port 🙄🙄🙄
davidhunternyc 27 dias atrás
Unfortunately, you got the letter and number reversed on your shirt. 😉
Kristian Jeremiassen
Kristian Jeremiassen 27 dias atrás
Grand Seiko “snowflake” watch, I love that, I wish he makes a video about his watch collection
hiczok 27 dias atrás
I am a oneplus 7t user... and I never had iphone. But I am considering Iphone 13 mini.. IN PINK. Just because it's a bold small phone and a small color. I wonder if it will be too small
Bill X
Bill X 27 dias atrás
Another great unbiased video. Ill stay with my 12 pro max.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 27 dias atrás
12 mp camera 😂
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 27 dias atrás
If you know anything about cameras, you know megapixel ratings are meaningless.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 27 dias atrás
I was looking to buy my first Apple Watch after seeing the chunky square renders....😂
Nazareno Fornari
Nazareno Fornari 27 dias atrás
The elderly sparrow physiologically snore because maple willy rule abaft a shaggy berry. imaginary, vengeful pantry
Tylerrr 27 dias atrás
Faceid only works with unlocking the phone & an Apple Watch
Vinchenz 27 dias atrás
I'm starting to get the sense that leak culture has become so big that Apple themselves are contributing to it. And why wouldn't they? Hype is constantly buzzed around all these leaks from "Pro Leakers" and then they get to "surprise" people when most "leaks" turn out to be false. Keeps the conversation going and Apple themselves get to control how leaks are done & how their products and branding gets to be seen. And in turn it keeps shareholders happy to know their investments in Apple are in good hands with how often Apple is talked about in the technology world. Makes even more sense after supposedly "stamping down" hard on the leaks. They're stamping down hard yet leaks are more abundant than ever? And also more wrong than ever? And in turn it makes people think that they hate the leaks which makes people want to see more leaks. The people who have made careers from leak culture aren't the only ones who are making a profit.
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
iPad Mini was the highlight of the event in my opinion. That's going to be a game changer for my mobile life with work.
Adam Macias - Tech Reviews
That's a mean beard man I gotta step up my game. 💪🏼
Radu Cristian Dumitrescu
Robert Horton
Robert Horton 28 dias atrás
2 ads before the video, then a sponsor, then 2 ads during the video, then an ad at the end. This is getting silly BRvid 🤦🏻‍♂️
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 27 dias atrás
Sorry. I can’t control the ads and quantity BRvid shows. Sponsor is the only thing I’m allowed to change. I’ve disabled midrolls.
Lego Minifig
Lego Minifig 28 dias atrás
Happy with my 12 mini, but ngl wish I had that macro camera
Lordsbassman 28 dias atrás
Great video. This was the best the could do for 2021…
Mayank 28 dias atrás
Do you also host "Home Town" by any chance :P
Doug 28 dias atrás
This video gets a like before even watching it because DAAAMMNNN that beard look dope son. Also, I don't think you were wrong about AppleTV+ because of the price for what you get. Don't get me wrong - Mythic Quest was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time - but I wouldn't have paid $5 for it and maybe a dozen other shows I'm only mildly interested in. I only got to watch it because I got AppleTV+ free for a year for buying a Mac Mini about a year ago. And I highly doubt that I'd pay for it on a rolling basis - probably sign up for a month if some series launches that I want to see and it's already live. For el cheapo iPad, I echo your sentiment about the Apple Pencil. I don't really understand why they keep it on Apple Pencil 1 life support. I get that it's marginally cheaper to build and isn't as technologically advanced as the 2, but it would save more money from a production standpoint to only have molds and designs and packaging for one piece, not two. It just seems unnecessary to have Pencil 1 around any longer.
Elmar Hoenig
Elmar Hoenig 28 dias atrás
I get the phone most youtubers would not get: the iPhone 13 Pro Max 😂
Siluman Beriman
Siluman Beriman 28 dias atrás
Snazzy Labs with beard Is Weird...
Dominic Vogt
Dominic Vogt 28 dias atrás
I think the number of dislike for the video is unjustified. The author of the video cut through the chase and has a pretty objective view. Congratulations! Great work.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 28 dias atrás
Amazing video as always! But heads up - it’s pronounced “leading” as in lead, the metal. Old school typesetters would set the spacing with lead in between the lines.
colin young
colin young 28 dias atrás
Shame on you Snazzy Labs: Leading is pronounced “ledding” from the hot metal days when lead type was used.
Jean-Francois Mezei
Jean-Francois Mezei 28 dias atrás
Bought a 10s which was the "standard" model because of telephoto. Now, telephoto is relegated to the unaffordbale "Pro" models. I have no use for extra wide angle. So I am keeping my 10s and changing its battery is far less expensive than buying a 13Pro in Canada. There is nothing truly compelling in the 13.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 28 dias atrás
I still rock my Apple Watch 3 from the day it was released. It does 95% the same as the 7 and it works just as well as I day I bought it. Why would I upgrade?
AppleiReviewer 28 dias atrás
I need someone to go through all old iPhone keynotes and look at the battery capacity improvements in terms of hours, I swear they're at a couple days now and I still can't get mine to last a 1/4 of a day...
SevenDeMagnus 28 dias atrás
BMW M1 must convert it to electric, Quinn. :-) God bless you.
Absak 28 dias atrás
Just use unlock with Apple Watch when having a mask, so useful
Mark Carunungan
Mark Carunungan 28 dias atrás
Gone are the days where you must buy the newest devices the moment they are released. It may be boring to upgrade from 12-13, but it sure is a lot when you're upgrading from lets say iPhone 8 to new 13pro. Apple's support for older generation phones makes it difficult to justify buying a new phone even after 2-3 generations.
Fatal 28 dias atrás
Series 3 Baby, since day 1 Now to decide is I want to keep my 7 plus or upgrade/switch
Tony Frazier
Tony Frazier 28 dias atrás
Man, I really want that iPad Mini to go with the Ipad Pro I got last year but I don't know about that price. I think their kind of shooting themselves in the foot by not positioning the Mini as something like a secondary tablet. I'm using Android tablets for that purpose but I really like my M1 Pro and wish I could get something smaller like it to carry around. The Pro kind of feels like I'm carrying around a laptop, I would like something that I could slip into a pocket (yes, I have big pockets) or jacket and run out with.
Sébastien LeBlanc
Sébastien LeBlanc 28 dias atrás
No under-display TouchID is the biggest let down for me
Sébastien LeBlanc
Sébastien LeBlanc 28 dias atrás
Stop saying lightning use USB-2, iPad used lightning at USB-3. Apple just never did on the iPhone but it's possible
r4dius 28 dias atrás
A sheep trying to rant on his shepherd, again ...
Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller 28 dias atrás
"Now this feature is neat, but it's one of those 'who is this for?' type features. Because film makers, and even BRvidrs... they're not going to be shooting videos on their iPhone" Maybe that was the point? Capturing a new market?
J B 28 dias atrás
Yeah, sticking with my 12 mini as well… Even though I have high refresh rate monitors and a RazerPhone 2
Jeff Bommarito
Jeff Bommarito 28 dias atrás
Refreshingly honest
Nardotini 28 dias atrás
I currently have the Apple Watch Series 3 but I've had it for over 4 years now (I got it whenever it came out, I forgot when). Do you think maybe I should wait it out for the next one or should I get the new one?
Danny m
Danny m 28 dias atrás
The aspiring steven typically decide because shrine unpredictably stroke amid a new softdrink. light, staking coat
Jacob Wolfman
Jacob Wolfman 28 dias atrás
I still rock my Apple Watch 3 from the day it was released. It does 95% the same as the 7 and it works just as well as I day I bought it. Why would I upgrade?
jeffphotodude -
jeffphotodude - 28 dias atrás
Best feature on the new phones: macro photography
AMY Taylor
AMY Taylor 23 dias atrás
Hello there👋👋,how are you doing today?hope you’re having a good day?GOD BLESS YOU!!❤️
CTommyB 28 dias atrás
I did exactly the same thing. :D Ordered 13 pro to see if I’ll like it more than my 12 mini. If not, I’m sticking with the mini I loved so far! :)
Drache Mitch
Drache Mitch 28 dias atrás
Like Microsoft has with Xbox, Apple TV+ could bleed money forever and it wouldn’t matter. If Apple TV+ was successful, Apple would be crowing about its user base, not what industry awards it has bought for its shows.
Chrumczyk 28 dias atrás
Nice Grand Seiko ;)
Freddie Becker
Freddie Becker 28 dias atrás
Is this a Linus media group channel?
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 28 dias atrás
Lol no
4Steps2Subvert 28 dias atrás
I bought the “cheap iPad” a couple years ago not realising it was the shit one and the thing is dying
Suresh Milton
Suresh Milton 28 dias atrás
Loved this video. You stood up to Apple. Something we don't see often nowadays. Thanks.
Amit M
Amit M 28 dias atrás
Always good to see you, Snazzy Labs! Video is, as always, packed with much-needed and under the wrap information! Thanks. And hence, I am not upgrading my 'anything apple' for yet another year!
Andre DeVine
Andre DeVine 28 dias atrás
Would have never considered purchasing an iPad Mini before but now with the new design I’m actually replacing my old 9.7” iPad Pro with a new Purple iPad mini. After all this time I’ve never really utilized the Pro features of my current iPad. Ultimately I’ve only really use it for watching youtube so the iPad Mini is a great upgrade for me. If the size turns out to be good for me, this will be my iPad for the next few years so the price isn’t off putting for me.
Connor Letourneau
Connor Letourneau 28 dias atrás
Congrats on 1mil🥳
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 28 dias atrás
John Tyler
John Tyler 29 dias atrás
Prores is a gimmick. But I wonder if it tips the hand at things to come... Maybe it goes back to final cut on iPad- building support into iOS, with Prores being quicker to ship than full OS X application support in iOS?
Marcelo Moyano
Marcelo Moyano 29 dias atrás
I like your t shirt 👕 Where can I buy it?
Sharaz Hossein
Sharaz Hossein 29 dias atrás
Apple Watch, not ready for and upgrade, my s3 is still doing well. I do believe the true update to design and features will come in s8. I ordered the iPhone Pro Max 256GB. I think it’s a sweat spot for the updates. I really don’t care for prores. This is gimmick for any phone. Never cared for the iPad Mini, I would rather get the iPad Air.. but I already have the iPad Pro 12.9 2020. Great video BTW!
Timothy Hyde
Timothy Hyde 29 dias atrás
Apple already implemented Face ID unlock with a mask months ago in an update. It requires an Apple Watch but it works even with Apple Pay payments. It’s been great. You should update the video with that info
Snazzy Labs
Snazzy Labs 28 dias atrás
No, cause it requires additional hardware.
Cuyler Jones
Cuyler Jones 29 dias atrás
And well that’s the event….. 🤡🤡🤡
Fudmottin 29 dias atrás
I'm on a three year payment plan for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. It's nice to see that Apple is still making progress. But the one thing that does not impress me is "promotion" 120hz displays. This isn't a sour grapes thing. It's just the idea that above a certain refresh rate, you won't perceive a difference anymore. As for Pro Res, that is kind of silly if you aren't running a maxed out iPhone. Hell, I default to 4k @ 24fps. I like the 4k vs 2k. But the memory usage grows too fast. I would love to shoot in 60 fps mode though. Although another issue is light. I do a lot of low light stuff. 24fps allows more light per frame. It does suck for action though. So in bright light, yeah I'll jump to 60fps. What I really want to see is seriously high frame rates for slo-mo photography. I upgraded from a 7+, so it will be a while before I upgrade again. These devices aren't cheap. I can't do better than a three year cycle. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.
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