The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

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The iPhone 11 Pro is the most expensive iPhone you can buy today - Is it a worthy successor to the previous most expensive iPhones you can buy or is it a rehash worth skipping?
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Comentários 5 598
Laksh Jairam
Laksh Jairam 3 horas atrás
samsung one ui also has dark mode and can accurately check the battery health via Samsung members
Laksh Jairam
Laksh Jairam 3 horas atrás
samsung reminders are the same thing as apple reminders and samsung batteries replacement is affordable
Usama Abbas
Usama Abbas 22 horas atrás
Lamp above your left shoulder could be switched off to save electricity. 🤗
Diana Oborna
Diana Oborna 22 horas atrás
All his complaints were about iOS not the phone itself. Make a separate video
shivan4lyf 23 horas atrás
Are there some some phones that are capable of not getting damage by sunlight in the most hottest countries say for example Dubai?🤔
Szemeshal Dia atrás
11:55 Just why? Why??!!
Nintendo gamer 222
7:34 LOL
Parpok Dia atrás
Who cares that Face ID is locked to 1 motherboard and after change can’t unlock phone
Jaye S
Jaye S Dia atrás
Boring phone
Brah Dia atrás
Meh, I’m satisfied with the IPhone X.
Android fans: They added pro as if it’s for professional. Real Life : Andoids been using word pro on their phone name since end of 2017 .
Von Aramis Rafols
Von Aramis Rafols 2 dias atrás
He's like an At&t customer calling in disputing a 10 dollar charge! Talks so much sh*ts on the product! :(
St8kout 2 dias atrás
To their credit, Apple actually does way more to protect your privacy than Google, which is why you see every single app asking permission for just about everything. Apple won't give it to them automatically. Some Android apps were discovered that access such things as your camera/mic/location without asking. Imagine how many more haven't been discovered yet. I love my iphone11 Max Pro camera system (which is really the only reason to get the Max Pro version.) I do, however, have problems with Safari, both on the iphone and ipad Pro. I continually get "Server Error" messages on several news websites where it doesn't fully load, that I NEVER get on my PC desktop. In some cases on a news website, I tap on a headline and nothing happens. If I wait about 45 seconds it will say something about Safari could not access the server. After I close that message and tap the same headline again it instantly displays the news story. This happens everyday and on different news sites.
Alfred Everything
Alfred Everything 2 dias atrás
This was just *STUPID LIES* after 3 mins Like if u agree Pls
Alfred Everything
Alfred Everything 2 dias atrás
Like if this is a *LIE*
Maaz Patel
Maaz Patel 2 dias atrás
I thought this was an iPhone 11 Pro not the watch vidoe
WikiWeaponn 2 dias atrás
Asking for T9 dialing is baffling. Swipe down to spotlight and type the contact name, there’s a dial button there. It’s faster than opening the phone app.
Lex 2 dias atrás
Get on the phone. Not on it's operating system
Lex 2 dias atrás
6 seconds and you're already flexing harder than me seeing Riley Reid
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings 3 dias atrás
Why doesn't Linus just get a Galaxy Watch?
Aamir Z
Aamir Z 3 dias atrás
So what is the difference between the 11 and Pro/Pro Max, the cameras? Is it really worth the extra money?
whiteandnerdytuba 3 dias atrás
Those skins are shit
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon 3 dias atrás
Lmaooo a tech review sponsored by rugs. Gotta love it.
John Tungul
John Tungul 3 dias atrás
I hate taking ou my iPhone in public. People always stare especially girls
SKGAMING 356 15 horas atrás
You don't like attention?
Tom B
Tom B 3 dias atrás
Google keep is good for reminders and you can attach photos, just saying ;)
C W 3 dias atrás
I’m with you with 3D Touch. Loved it.
Edgar Owuor
Edgar Owuor 3 dias atrás
Who else is here to read the comments?
Will Jones
Will Jones 23 horas atrás
Edgar Owuor wut
Vape Marbella
Vape Marbella 4 dias atrás
This video was sponsored by apple
Ziad Bahani
Ziad Bahani 4 dias atrás
Linus in the beginning : This isn’t a hate video for y’all Samsung users 2 mins later : WHAT DA PHAK IS WRONG WITH THIS FONE
Akash Photography26
Akash Photography26 4 dias atrás i phone
jose DiAc
jose DiAc 4 dias atrás
Pew Maya
Pew Maya 4 dias atrás
nope is fucking ugly 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 no sd i I need 1 terabyte of storage fuck you
Jacob Pritchett
Jacob Pritchett 4 dias atrás
Dang it man, please stop saying “Hey Siri”, “Okay Google”, etc. in videos. South Park demonstrated why this is bad.
dknight xs
dknight xs 4 dias atrás
loved android but back in 2014 I switched to iPhone and got a 6plus..since than I upgrade to a new iPhone every year and I can't think of going back.
wack 4 dias atrás
if they add everything to one product or IOS they wont be able to give you any new, just chill
ARandomBoi 4 dias atrás
2:08 That has been out for way longer linus...
Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang 4 dias atrás
I think that apple sacrificed some screen hardness in exchange for shatter resistance
B Sawyer
B Sawyer 4 dias atrás
Why have they not given us a button to close all all running apps instead of having to swipe to close each app.
WikiWeaponn 2 dias atrás
Because it isn’t needed with the way Apple handles background apps (and furthermore isn’t with Android anymore either). You waste more battery by constantly closing apps.
Jeremy West
Jeremy West 4 dias atrás
Anyone know how to spot a human clone? Take a at linus. His neck specifically his neck. See how freaking long it is?? Thats how you tell a clone.
John II
John II 4 dias atrás
Canadian rubles... gets me every time.
MrEmanthedrummer 5 dias atrás
Linus is so nit picky. I like him though.
Ethen Harrelson
Ethen Harrelson 5 dias atrás
Spotify is god so that’s your fault
WikiWeaponn 2 dias atrás
Mainly I have google music because it doubles as a BRvid premium subscription
Angel o
Angel o 5 dias atrás
I used to like Linus. And then something happened. He sucked.
Pixxilutia 5 dias atrás
youtube tech channels: say a single good thing about apple the internet:
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 5 dias atrás
What happened?
Eric Podhorecki
Eric Podhorecki 5 dias atrás
right after today's sponsor... right arrow, right arrow, right arrow, right arrow....
neoxide h
neoxide h 5 dias atrás
Yeah the hardness of the glass sucks I never use cases or protectors and never had a problem until this phone the glass is soft as cheese
Orion 5 dias atrás
george p
george p 5 dias atrás
Wanted to go back to ios but I remember icloud storage is full then exhale and it goes away
pew pew BANG
pew pew BANG 5 dias atrás
Why i am watching this ? I am oppo f11 user 😂🤣🤣🤣 ,,, i can't afford iphone
VoidZix 6 dias atrás
11:55 Dont think just click it
01 Xray21
01 Xray21 6 dias atrás
Apple will always be shit, always was, prices and user experience
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 5 dias atrás
As well as bad things.
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 5 dias atrás
Well, there are some good things that both apple and android have.
Eric Corso
Eric Corso 6 dias atrás
The grossest part of this video isnt Apple, its Linus going to Subway.
Latrell Jennings
Latrell Jennings 3 dias atrás
What's wrong with Subway?
roban Siroky
roban Siroky 6 dias atrás
Nobody: :) Linus: We AnNoUnCe OuR NeW sPoNsOr A cHaRgEr!!! DoNt BuY nEw PhOnEs!!!!
Anguel Roumenov Bogoev
To be fair, Google Play Music sucks on my S8 as well. It might just suck.
Privilege 3 dias atrás
I'm assuming google play music is like spotify or apple music? if it is then I would recommend apple music or amazon music unlimited if you have amazon prime. cheaper than any of the other services again assuming you have amazon prime
Aegistahl 7 dias atrás
CARS:SAVAGE MODE ON 7 dias atrás
That Dbrand skin is so hideous
Boyd R
Boyd R 7 dias atrás
DRM battery = Unable to replace the Battery = Will not Buy
Nicholas Heidl
Nicholas Heidl 7 dias atrás
Tell us what it's repair rating is, Linus? Just like you didn't even mention Apple's new Airpods being ZERO repairable. You are a sellout Linus
Vela S
Vela S 7 dias atrás
“I am you customer!” Bitch, Google will terminate your whole channel if it stops being a source of revenue for them.
NukeZ isCOOL76
NukeZ isCOOL76 8 dias atrás
So I upgraded from the 7 Plus to 11 Pro Max and one problem I had on my 7 Plus was I could barely hear anything at all using earbuds or headphones I tried multiple different pairs but none worked I would put up the volume all the way up but It still wouldn’t work and same happened with my 11 Pro Max even with new earpods it wouldn’t work I did nothing to mess it up one night I just wanted to watch BRvid and earbuds and headphones suddenly stopped working idk what to do about haven’t used earbuds or headphones with my phone in over a year😞
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 5 dias atrás
That may be a problem with your device. Have you checked with other iPhone 11 pro max users?
done mansion
done mansion 7 dias atrás
Because Linus is flat brain consumer. Rip iPhone 11 pro max.
jake Stevens
jake Stevens 8 dias atrás
In the name of God why would anybody want one of those awful skin's on there phone.
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