The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

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The iPhone 11 Pro is the most expensive iPhone you can buy today - Is it a worthy successor to the previous most expensive iPhones you can buy or is it a rehash worth skipping?
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Comentários 80
Doughnut Dude
Doughnut Dude Dia atrás
I think it is great
Dan Dia atrás
I love that Vancouver convention center globe shot!
The Tech Librarian
I use both platforms every day, there are some serious drawbacks to iOS so much so that ios 14 is going to be a game changer, they did such a good job on the basics pillers of smartphone usage though on the 11 pro max
Hero Czarnik
Hero Czarnik 2 dias atrás
3:22 I noticed that
Dk David
Dk David 3 dias atrás
Missing this Intro
Slixbrah 4 dias atrás
It’s ridiculously smooth for 60hz
The Anonymous Sir Backspace
In a few years this will be a really good used flagship.
Chill man, chill!
Chill man, chill! 5 dias atrás
I'm pretty sure this was the video that made me go "I should just switch" and got my first iphone
Citaro Software Repairs
such a big part is about how bad apple is 9:40 btw Samsung made the screens
Pavel Kondratyuk
Pavel Kondratyuk 7 dias atrás
Switched from note 10+ to iPhone 11 Pro Max, don’t regret it
TheOrangeType 7 dias atrás
To this day, I don’t understand Linus’ gripe with the T9 dialling thing. I haven’t remembered someone’s phone number... ever. I know my uncles land line (it’s my number bar 2 numbers changed as he lives next door) and my Nan’s as she doesn’t use her mobile. Everyone else is just in the contacts, which I’m sure 99% of people do. From what I can see, it’s a non issue no one else in the world cares about.
Stardust Gamez
Stardust Gamez 7 dias atrás
Android already copied everything
White Rat
White Rat 8 dias atrás
nonono, you were supposed to say only good stuff so i could convince my parents to help get me one- ;)
Vortex 8 dias atrás
This Video was sponsored by Apple.
William Rose
William Rose 8 dias atrás
I have to say I really like is comment at 5:05
iiMaksim 10 dias atrás
When Linus Tech Tips, a channel famous for its technology-based hardware related videos, is sponsored by a carpet
Vernon Trinh
Vernon Trinh 10 dias atrás
why is t-9 dialing something to complain about? People need it to use when they call 1-800-imdumb
Earl Grey
Earl Grey 11 dias atrás
iPhone still suck...
Jason Burt
Jason Burt 12 dias atrás
Linus, you forgot to mention the low latency ASIC processor and code of the iPhone. some things that you can't see with your eyes are very important to the user. The important things about the iPhone can only be seen through day to day user experience. Android specs look good on paper, but the vast majority of wait states in the software code and hardware take away from the user experience in the form of latency.
thomas thomas
thomas thomas 12 dias atrás
iPad OS 14 concept using jailbreak tweaks
Pruitt818 12 dias atrás
Who else is watching this on a iPhone
Captain Zitrone
Captain Zitrone 12 dias atrás
ANyone wodering why linus has sir in his car?
Filmy Musica
Filmy Musica 13 dias atrás
Linus is a Long-term MacBook and a proud iPhone user . But stop hating Android and windows Linus
Rookie Man
Rookie Man 13 dias atrás
Linus: I am your customer Big companies: no, you are our b*tch
MJM 14 dias atrás
it still amazes me that people will spend hundreds to read emails on a tiny screen
Happy John
Happy John 15 dias atrás
5:40 Haha, trillion now! 9:37 PM 6/16/2020
pouleader_93 15 dias atrás
Anybody else’s Siri activated when he said “hey Siri”
GK 6 dias atrás
Sadly...NO Cuse my earpiece broke
Ferricity AMV
Ferricity AMV 16 dias atrás
But shit if I am rich AF and a working professional , I'd use iphone
Thomas thebeast
Thomas thebeast 17 dias atrás
I'm getting the iPhone 11 pro max midnight green on my birthday in September but my question is why are you dissing Android they still more well know then you they still make more money than you so what's your problem
Mahesh Walatara
Mahesh Walatara 19 dias atrás
One word- Airdrop.
Ω 19 dias atrás
me: I am your customer Apple: you meant bitch?
muthoni elizabeth wangare
I just decided to upgrade from android back to iPhone,I hope I'll enjoy pro max
Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard 20 dias atrás
"YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS." YES!! Thank you for saying out loud what we all scream to ourselves all the time. Microsoft finally figured it out under Nadella ... look how that's worked for them. Big shift from the Ballmer era.
Brentstarga 20 dias atrás
Wow LOTS of complaints about the pro max 11 😮
Brentstarga 20 dias atrás
@V4C.M3 shell?
V4C.M3 20 dias atrás
Brentstarga apple shell
seth alton
seth alton 21 dia atrás
I wouldn't mind seeing a wireless lav mic that can input directly into a video recording app via BT5. This way you can vlog while using a gimbal and get great sound without having a tangle of wires or taking up the lighting bolt port.
Sevh C
Sevh C 22 dias atrás
Sorry but this one is loaded with sublliminals intit?
Ikeda Kazuto
Ikeda Kazuto 23 dias atrás
Did you just leak Dennis's number?
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
John Morris
John Morris 23 dias atrás
Oo that receding hairline though
ThePixelator257 23 dias atrás
3:14 *You have become the very thing you have sworn to destroy*
Tommi Tommi
Tommi Tommi 23 dias atrás
4:16 should we tell him...
Terry07 23 dias atrás
Yeah the hate speech is coming
Ezra is yes
Ezra is yes 24 dias atrás
I'm an iPhone and android user I switch time to time
Glenn Lopez
Glenn Lopez 24 dias atrás
Just make the Phone thicker ffs. We don’t have to simulate pancreatic cancer on every device apple releases. It’s ok to be Fat.
riozero96 24 dias atrás
Linus Drop Tips, seems accurate
oli cruz
oli cruz 24 dias atrás
Hi guys. Has anyone been having any issues with their 11 Pro Max starting to get warm and then at some point getting hotter while taking a few pictures, recording a very short video and even just browsing through Facebook? I just got my 11 Pro Max this past Friday and updated it to the latest IOS the next day. This is also happening to my iPhone 6 Plus. I noticed my 6 Plus getting warmer and then becoming hotter a week or so after I did and IOS update a couple of months ago. It currently has the 12.4.5 and I just use it to browse through Facebook. My sister-in-law says she's also noticed her iPhone 7 getting hotter. She say that she just updated the IOS of her phone around March this year. Prior to her recent IOS update, she hasn't updated her phone for about a year now. Thanks in advance guys.
Sean Koske
Sean Koske 24 dias atrás
Not worth the price
Cho_bouPlayz 26 dias atrás
Apple is good it’s just we prefer certain os
Nik 26 dias atrás
huh. one of the only things I liked compared to android was the car play. (for years)
Arindam Baruah
Arindam Baruah 27 dias atrás
I’m currently using an iPhone XS. I’ll definitely miss the 3D Touch when I switch to another iPhone in a couple of years.
VINNIE __ 28 dias atrás
jailbreak it with unc0ver
Mohammed Marouf
Mohammed Marouf 28 dias atrás
whats up with the masonic covers linus??
KD 29 dias atrás
you look like MGK in so many ways. LOL
Manoj Kansal
Manoj Kansal 29 dias atrás
linus- iphone 11 has the best display . apple- yeah, see even he is saying it now samsung- common, we made those displays for you, stop marketing them like that and guess what, we make even better displays for our phones and no one including linus appreciates that
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
Actually, this generation of smartphones has Apple making their own displays in combination with Samsung displays, instead of just having Samsung make it. Linus himself says that the Samsung phones that release a few months later, especially the s20, is much better, but it's way too expensive
Jo Seph GD
Jo Seph GD 29 dias atrás
"Hard pressing on Wifi" Actually, it's a long press now. They removed 3D Touch.
Kayla Mitchell
Kayla Mitchell Mês atrás
2:02: not even android has that anymore (except one UI)
Landouwwe Mês atrás
Setting a ringtone is one of my favorite thangs about my iPhone
InTexX Mês atrás
Got my iPhone 11 pro max Silver and i love it 😄
DualWave Mês atrás
Linus funeral.... we are so sad that he has left us.... RIGHT AFTER OUR SPONSOR ON THIS VIDEO----- HAHAHAHA
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee Mês atrás
who tf cares abt t9 dialing
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
Advait The Pro
Advait The Pro Mês atrás
3D Touch still exists in iOS13
Kara Meissner
Kara Meissner Mês atrás
This guy seems so hard to please smh
NanaGram Mês atrás
yeah.. that's called reviewing a product. You have to be critical of a product in order to give it a fair review
D-Luuxx Mês atrás
I like this phone It’s a good phone
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
Jon Luc Robertson Louw
*Cannibal banquet Great job syri
Jon Luc Robertson Louw
Tell me a bad joke 'I was late to the cannibal so they just gave me the cold shoulder' 😂😂
Green Lightning
Green Lightning Mês atrás
I wish Apple had SoundAssistant app like Samsung- Controlling sound from 2 different apps preventing it from stopping, I like to have 2 different apps play sound how difficult is that for example listening to music and a Podcast.
Spik Mot
Spik Mot Mês atrás
The lamp in the background is the black version of Pixar lamp and the bigger brother
CJ Mês atrás
Google play music is garbage on every platform, not just apple :P
Sam Fox
Sam Fox Mês atrás
HAHA i have huge hands you mortals have to move your hands around the phone to reach the bottom🤣
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham Mês atrás
Its simple like rest of us in market which apple only 10% shows it...dont buy apple products. If with apple switch. Problem solved.
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham Mês atrás
Napa auto parts releases expensive junk quickly too. Levis is outsourced junk for $60.
The Frogstronaut
The Frogstronaut Mês atrás
I went with the Pro model strictly for the better ingress protection.
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
I mean, by that point, why not just get the top end model?
5e6 Julian HADDAD
5e6 Julian HADDAD Mês atrás
everything that's in it: was on the galaxy s4
Christopher Ng
Christopher Ng Mês atrás
my Iphone Xs died after i wash it after 2 months use and apple asked me to buy a new one instead.
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
@JimJamJon yeah
JimJamJon Mês atrás
Why the fuck did you wash a phone?
Caribbean Hustla
Caribbean Hustla Mês atrás
Does it come with watch?
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
No. That's a separate accessory
Fuck you ruposh L
Fuck you ruposh L Mês atrás
Hello I’m a good friend you should call my new friend I’m happy new day to new year new new house new year
Gioele Montipò
Gioele Montipò Mês atrás
1:24 420 lmao
Da6kz Mês atrás
I just bought this phone I'm getting it Thursday can't wait!!
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
Nice. How is it?
Castiel Wakeham
Castiel Wakeham Mês atrás
android is better full stop...!!! lol
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
Eh. Personal preference. I like Android, but I can use iOS in a pinch, and the only reason I like Android is because I grew up with it.
John Thomas
John Thomas Mês atrás
We get it u were paid.....!!!! *"#" @$&*#
Ra awesome
Ra awesome 18 dias atrás
How? Do you know how sponsorship money works? He was highly critical of the device.
lanky kong
lanky kong Mês atrás
fun linus 15
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