The Intense And Dangerous Training To Be A K-Pop Star - 9 Muses Of Star Empire - Music Documentary

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The journey of nine young Korean women is documented over one year as they undergo intense training in an environment featuring heavy scrutiny, jealousy, and betrayal as they attempt to mold themselves into the next K-pop girl group sensation.

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6 Nov 2019



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Comentários 3 893
Grand Walking Tours
Grand Walking Tours 10 horas atrás
Oh boy , im going to get hate on this one Right first off .... why bring in people who cant sing ? its a singing group , Now lets move onto the next issue 9 members , now this is nothing against the actual members but the decision to have 9 To get 4 people in sync with song and dance is hard , to get 9 all in sync with song and dance is very hard , maybe thats what they aimed for , but unless they had previous experience this was a terrible idea , to get 9 people to all be in sync on the dance floor is insanely difficult Now onto weather this looked crewel , ok first oh the fast driving , that is stupid , beyond belief how stupid that is , i think we can all agree with that , your driving around precious cargo , you drive safe As for the long hours , it seemed to not be that long, for this one song no playboy , this should have taken months of 6am starts and 9am finished See i think alot of people dont know the hard work that is involved , they just see the end result , singers come out and dance and sing , woopy i can do that , Now thats not me saying I can do this , hell no , no chance i could do this and i know it , not to mention i cant sing or dance .... then why am i being so critical about this ? what gives me the right i hear you say , well nothing but i know dam hard work when i see it as i do work hard myself Take a look at blackpink , the show where Lisa checks out the singers and dancers and gives feedback ...... all those people on that show dont know how hard it is and maybe do a few hours a night , where lisa is looking at them going .... this is a 4 month 6am to 9pm day in day out dance learning process , this is why blackpink will know the song and dance off by heart and do almost the exact same thing show afer show , because they done the dane a thousand times , they heard the song a thousand times ..... a day Should they have been kinder to the girls , yes , but also , how do you instill confidence while keeping them on the ground , they needed to work harder , telling them they are brillant and then saying you need to practice more is mixed signals , its a tough industry , i watch alot of BTS , some people waking at 4am one day and shooting almost non stop for 3 days or longer .... for a 3 minute Music Video The beauty standards are harsh , i dont like it , i always look for the natural beauty , ive often asked women to remove makeup so i can see their true beauty. but the beauty scene is not dictated by the managers or directors , its the fans , all the "shes too fat , shes to thin" all these comments matter as these are viewers , people willing to buy concert tickets and music downloads and merch etc , so its not completly on the managers etc they are keeping on track of them so hey can stay stars what would i say to anyone thinking of getting into this scene - you will be sacrificing alot , many years , days of doing the same dance over and over and over again while listening and singing the same song over and over and over again , imagine sitting at your desk listening to the same ong all day ... but its not a 8 or 9 hour shoft its a 14 hour day -you will be worked to the bones , photoshoots , rehersing , vocalist , mananger meetings , press , endoring products , going on tv shows , this is all to get your name out there so people know who you are so they can buy tickets to your events etc - you will need to grow a hard shell , you will hear "your ugly or your fat" and its funny as the people that would post these have no right , they would be overweight themselfs but as your mantally drained one bad comment could set you off , be prepared to let them go ,
Ojaswini Dhiman
Ojaswini Dhiman 11 horas atrás
kpop should be about talent in singing and dancing instead of focusing on looks according to me
Allesandra 16 horas atrás
The song sung at 5:51 sounded more of Britney spear's oops I did it again style. ...even the voice makeover was so similar. ....its weird.
Brîndusa D
Brîndusa D 19 horas atrás
Hard to believe this hysteria will live more than a few years.Everything it is so fake...
Melanie S.
Melanie S. Dia atrás
What do they mean with Hyebin did not survive 9 muses? Did she die?? Because I couldn't find information about her anywhere.
Truffy Pie
Truffy Pie Dia atrás
5:13 sounds exactly like a Britney Spears song.
Don't Tickle Me
Don't Tickle Me Dia atrás
The man at 06:38 it says it takes more than 3 years to train a group.. that is insane considering several hugely successful groups like NSYNC & Backstreet Boys both basically got thrown together to form a band with little to no practice, yet they were big worldwide... In just about every country (besides Korea apparently) pop groups are pretty much just thrown together and formed into a group from talented individuals. It hardly seems worth it.
B. Youn
B. Youn Dia atrás
K-Pop은 뮤지컬 탤런트에게 햄샌드위치는 돼지에게.
RIDEODIE---G 2 dias atrás
From what I've noticed even the popular famous ones. . Really can't dance it's in jeans and bones and if you aint got it you aint got it
proverbs31woman31 2 dias atrás
Alexandra 2 dias atrás
Excuse me.. ''bad singers'', ''not attractive at all'', ''not meeting expectations'' etc.. just watching this documentary made me sad, depressed and angry. If all the bitter heads in the management know to do is complain - then do it better yourselves and prove everyone wrong. Disgusting management, should be ashamed that you can hurt such sweet souls. I could count on one hand how many times there were laughter and smiles, but I lost count on how many times they seemed exhausted, sad, depressed and scared to express their feelings. I'm in loss for words.
Debbie Stanford
Debbie Stanford 4 dias atrás
I wonder if they would approve a daughter of theirs to be treated that way.
Ann Lei
Ann Lei 4 dias atrás
That's why we don't have these large (over 6 ppl) singing groups in my country...not all can sing.
David K
David K 5 dias atrás
Somebody get those girls some sandwiches! Most of these girls are not at a healthy weight at an age where their body is trying to wrap up hormonal balance "correctly". This is to say, don't break it before it's even working. Hopefully before the next dress rehearsal they'll actually be dressed. Young ladies, if you see yourself valuing pop culture (whatever that is), do a 180 and walk straight away. The only redeeming quality of pop culture is generating revenue for all the wrong kinds of people. Go into science or medicine or something.
Perfect Students
Perfect Students 5 dias atrás
This is what happened when a kpop company assembled a group of pretty models who don't have the necessary talents in singing and dancing. To become idols, pretty faces alone is not enough.
Wendy shoo
Wendy shoo 5 dias atrás
Co. should not deprive artist 1 day off every week, so that burn off won't happen.
Wendy shoo
Wendy shoo 5 dias atrás
Wah the dance instructor look very skill dancing girl version
Wendy shoo
Wendy shoo 5 dias atrás
Dance Skills, Great Staminas, Nutrition Food, Good Vocal, Meeting high expectations from teachers, getting scold and yell at is common in the industry. Singing and singing again until your voice tired out.
Wendy shoo
Wendy shoo 5 dias atrás
Teen are having super fun times in concert.
sheila collins
sheila collins 6 dias atrás
These poor young gals and young guys are thoroughly exploited--many commit suicide 💔
Straw Bits
Straw Bits 6 dias atrás
Funny how they try to see whats wrong with the girls, but not try to see what’s wrong with their company
weforgotthecrackers 6 dias atrás
a bunch of fat old men calling them unnattractive is laughable , you guys just seem to have insanely high standards with no regard to peoples health, perhaps if you outlined things a bit better youd be less laughable
riffgroove 6 dias atrás
"A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link."
Holo Cene
Holo Cene 6 dias atrás
In the music industry, especially Kpop, abusers are many. And once these artists are used up, they discard them with a ton of debt because they made them believe that they would be rich and famous. Not quite. Famous, for a while, yes, if they are lucky. But rich, no. They make them take outrageous loans to "pay back" what they invested in them, and rack up money while the artists get virtually nothing. I don't understand how this is not illegal.
Texas baby ktea
Texas baby ktea 7 dias atrás
They just look so damn sad all the time. They never play or smile. Ridiculous!
StellarMagic 7 dias atrás
@41:01 it's not called Hardships and Pain my lady! it's called Transformation! that perfect Idol Millions will worship for generations to come! and the future of society depends on it! your pain is their future! Pop Stars Shape GeoClimatix of South Korea! Pop Idols are the soule of South Korea Driving Transformation, in Art, Technology, Politics and Business Architecture, A High Tech Mega City Shaped in your Spirit! That will house Millions of People, Businesses, Corporations, Creative Energy and Steady and well defined Deep Cultural revolutions for Generations to come! you guys are the foundation to these Dreams! Everything you do will decide the future of this city! Unlike Mainstream Gaming! You create the Colour in Emotions for Circumstances to forge a Future more coustom to your feelings, Gangnam Style has been a South Korean Banger! a Sensation that Shaped a whole new Decade and all that energy came from South Korea!
Uba D Tmar
Uba D Tmar 7 dias atrás
There is something truly wrong here with this race for success. This is a societal problem. Communist like rules and obligations to duty in a capitalists system
Pascari Robert
Pascari Robert 7 dias atrás
Some idiot faces are in the public at the start of the video lol
Debbie Stanford
Debbie Stanford 8 dias atrás
Rude and abusive men, it's disgusting.
b conni
b conni 8 dias atrás
k pop is gross. was never a fan
D Q 8 dias atrás
Let's all dance in a line and pretend we can sing. The sound engineers will make it sound like we actually can.
F. U. Nosey ass stalker
I think these young girls also need vocal lessons. Quite a number of them are flat and all over the place, they want to do this song and dance but they need to understand that this industry is so hardcore you have to be the best of the best coming out of the gate if you want to last in the entertainment music industry. You saw what happened to many music groups pertaining to the Western music industry and how so many of them fell apart and they were talented singers and dancers.
shakubob 9 dias atrás
These spoiled infants lack any significant talent. I hope they can type. The management has gotten what they deserve because they allowed them to get away with it. And by the way, none of the girls are actually sexy. It’s tragic when you think of how many talented people never get discovered.
D A 9 dias atrás
This is atrocious how they make them train after all they are human not a machine
Rebecca Reinholdt
Rebecca Reinholdt 8 dias atrás
Unfortunately that’s the norm of the trainee lifes in many entertainment companys in kpop
gusti wea
gusti wea 9 dias atrás
SpaceMaze 10 dias atrás
The only good thing to come out of all this was how the 9 muses absolutely made the day for all those military men
N M 10 dias atrás
was that psychoanalyst straight up shaming them openly for their private struggles?? what a toxic environment. this was bullsh*t probably to try and put them in their place and make them keep their struggles to themselves. i hope they are all in a better place doing better things with better people today.
Purple Haze
Purple Haze 10 dias atrás
Dying to make a living.
brooklyn again
brooklyn again 10 dias atrás
I don't know why when I see kpop dancing I expect them to have that pizzaz like a drummette in college bads
yay hay
yay hay 10 dias atrás
She looks so good in that thumbnail
Sarah Shelton
Sarah Shelton 11 dias atrás
lol wtf the end should say they SURVIVED HELL. Not that they quit or got dropped.
Marlene Rivera
Marlene Rivera 11 dias atrás
Way to skinny
Live & Quality
Live & Quality 11 dias atrás
Who cares? It's prefab crap.
Sako 11 dias atrás
The managers treat these girls like disposable objects and their property. I understand that the money spent on them is enormous and the expectations are high but they are people!! You can't treat somebody like this for even a million dollars.
Delilah 12 dias atrás
They really treat them like children
Public Public
Public Public 12 dias atrás
Stop being so dumb... organise yourselves... record yourselves and distribute yourselves... It's not like the old days Indy K
Public Public
Public Public 12 dias atrás
religious cultists.... any different to these people?
Cynda 12 dias atrás
The amount of Kpop stans in the comments that now realize that all their idols were simply broken but still support the industry is insane, would be hilarious if it wouldn't be so sad.
Ghostman Le Magnifique
Ghostman Le Magnifique 12 dias atrás
Did you watched this for the same reasons I did? ...No, not their nonsensical "lyrics". 🤭👍😘👉👉
TLaw19 12 dias atrás
Managers who blame others instead of themselves and their own decisions and teaching are the worst.
anoushka 13 dias atrás
Nowasays everything is a business
Theyre so brainwashed by the company its so sad seeing them think this is the only way they can reach their dream as a kpop idol
Anonymous Viewer
Anonymous Viewer 15 dias atrás
In cutthroat industries like entertainment, music, and fashion, it is often favorable to have strict staff and supervisors behind the scenes. BUT ONLY IF they know what to control and by how much. A staff comprised of selfish members who give no room for self-expression usually ends in disaster.
H K 15 dias atrás
this is abuse
Clyzel Peralta
Clyzel Peralta 15 dias atrás
A little compliment, even just for the tiniest bit, will put a smile to their faces and maybe help them attend practices. By berating them and criticizing while they clearly did their very best, they will eventually fail. Because in their head, they never did one thing right. NEVER.
Kiyoone 16 dias atrás
ya'll should chill... smoke a big joint and eat FAT and sugar. Because life is short and the wait is long
dave gnarlsson
dave gnarlsson 16 dias atrás
Stop whining.
Sambal Belacan
Sambal Belacan 17 dias atrás
When this kids growed up, they must be thinking, what are they doing and how stupid they are back in the days
Visconsio Education
Visconsio Education 17 dias atrás
Those managers are not professional, and can't manage their words properly. They can't bring a happy atmosphere to make their artists love their job. If you're stressed, keep it to yourself, encourage your artists instead of bringing a bad atmosphere to the artists.
KmiiVC 17 dias atrás
wasn't Hyemi the only one who was part of the line-up from the beginning to the end, during the whole near-decade-long existence of the group ? wow.
dimensionstars 18 dias atrás
"not all members can be good singers. And that kind of band doesn't exist in reality". Mamammo, Spica, 2ne1, The Ark, Brown Eyed Girls...
Evajor 18 dias atrás
Fashion or acting and singing world is always hard and brutal!!! To such market you are nothing more than a product...
Png Gurl
Png Gurl 19 dias atrás
I am feeling sick 😫 watching this. This is haunting! It's depressive. The doctor literally said " you supposed to have lower depressive level because you are on TV and have fancy life" wtf! How dumb
ShingToMe 20 dias atrás
This was an excellent documentary. It really captured the too present challenging reality of the kpop culture. It may look glamorous on the outside, but it’s really can be dehumanizing on multiple level, depending on whose running the show.
Lisa Addict
Lisa Addict 20 dias atrás
This is a very sad documentary
warriorbard 20 dias atrás
This is horrible. They're not even enjoying themselves and the look in their eyes - they're just dead inside. How are these people managing to exploit these poor girls and get away with it? Surely it must be illegal - look at what it's doing to their physical, mental, and emotional health!
Vivi 20 dias atrás
the fact that this document doesnt have annoying sad or stressing or happy music in the background makes this documentary so much better..
Sandra Carli
Sandra Carli 20 dias atrás
If there is a meeting and all the people look down, the manager and other organizers are not doing a good job. Scolding doesn't improve their performance.
Quartz Hyalos
Quartz Hyalos 20 dias atrás
That whole management team displays just coldness and strictness to them. Never a smile, no kindness, no compassion. By the way that's NOT the way give singing lessons. To teach how to sing: learn how to breathe right, stance, projection, diaphragm use, tone, facial bones as echo chamber and love for singing. Not: open your mouth and shoe your uvula. Come on. They don't love the girls (in a teacherly way) do not support them and complain they are lacklustre? Gi raise chickens for eggs instead of a girl music group, b*st*rds
Eva Sêco Lima
Eva Sêco Lima 21 dia atrás
So these are a new type of slaves. Humanity is cruel indeed.
dan riano
dan riano 21 dia atrás
2nd Gen KPOP 🥺
Hrittica Majumdar
Hrittica Majumdar 21 dia atrás
10:33 I see... but red velvet? All of them are really very good singers
Giannina Artica
Giannina Artica 21 dia atrás
Ok but the staff is so bad,I mean if a group dont have a good staff behind they will never be success. They only say bad things to the girls, ¿why the girls dont hvae confidence? Because of that harsh thnigs. They only focus in their bodys too
justsayin' 22 dias atrás
These training sessions were not meant for humans with faulty metabolism. Such rigorous practices were meant for non-human entities lacking the abilities to sing and dance
ria !
ria ! 22 dias atrás
what's the name of the song in the end ? it's beautiful
Delight Mushore
Delight Mushore 22 dias atrás
Sera has such a beautiful voice that song she sang at the end wow 🥲
Kat Goh
Kat Goh 22 dias atrás
It's saddening to watch the entertainment industry in Korea for female idols are like this. Yet stupid so-called "fans" are always criticising how a female idol acts, behaves, and reacts when seeing them in person and it's just wrong. She didn't smile when they called her? They say she's rude. She gained a little weight, they say she's fat. She got exhausted and couldn't perform well on stage, they call her lazy. Why can't people just be happy with what they're trying to do and support them from the bottom of their heart? It saddens me.
Rebecca 22 dias atrás
What song does Sera sing at the end of the doco? It's beautiful 😍
Dr. FranXX
Dr. FranXX 22 dias atrás
Sera, love in plain first sight 😭
22 dias atrás
They were destined to fail from the beginning.
Centipede 22 dias atrás
Something tells me that the management may have been hardened by their military training. They're like drill instructors.
Ayzhan Ashimova
Ayzhan Ashimova 23 dias atrás
Every work is hard and meaningful
Anastasia Khomenko
Anastasia Khomenko 23 dias atrás
What's the name of the song Sera sang in the end please?? I got mesmerized ^^
Here To Procrastinate
Here To Procrastinate 23 dias atrás
Sera: gained wei- BOY IF YOU DON'T- what's it matter?? I'm sure she had a hell of a lot more going on than that, outta here witcho dense ass
MoViE Machine
MoViE Machine 23 dias atrás
Girls look same to me and even boys too look like girl🤣🤣 The thing is korean media is just hype them and nothing else and I feel korean music is good but too cringy.
Oshie Leslie
Oshie Leslie 23 dias atrás
they have flawless body, indeed, but not happiness in their eyes. no difference with mannequins.
Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii 23 dias atrás
The group sings well but the dancing is not impressive. They lack passion, for some reasons, lack practice and their motions look superficial. They need to focus more on the results instead of get distracted by relationships with others.
Anna Little
Anna Little 24 dias atrás
They all look so thin for the amount of stamina they have to put out on that stage :'(
apataye 24 dias atrás
Lady Joujou
Lady Joujou 24 dias atrás
Jessica Toussaint
Jessica Toussaint 24 dias atrás
"I can't enter the room because I am ashamed and I can't pretend to be normal" So relatable *hugs*
Shane Faddy
Shane Faddy 24 dias atrás
Y'know, it was by pure chance that I came across this after watching the Wild MV. Now when I watch the music video, I think about this doc and realize just what those girls went through. Negativity from staff, with seemingly never any positivity. Working when sick and afraid to say anything for fear of getting reprimanded. A bunch of old geezers scolding them, when I betcha most of those guys were probably no more than armchair coaches that watched too much MNET or they were third-string backup dancers. I know 9Muses have since disbanded, but I hope all those girls found their way in life and are now living awesome!
Aj 25 dias atrás
Those men are gross. These industries and culture need to be shut down.
prayertous 26 dias atrás
modern day slavery, sexual exploitation and emotional abuse ... based on false're not a star yet
Barrosy 26 dias atrás
I watched some documentaries about North Korea as well, where women dream of a life such as this. They're totally unaware of what kind of luxury position these girls are living. I don't feel bad for the girls. I kind of feel bad for the business backing them up, both with finances and knowledge.
Angry Grim
Angry Grim 26 dias atrás
which member quit at 23:30 ?
Leidy Herrera
Leidy Herrera 23 dias atrás
i think it was euaerin
Crypt Cr3ature
Crypt Cr3ature 26 dias atrás
What I got from this is that K and Jpop isn't just a bunch of pretty girls or handsome boys tossed together and thrown in front of a camera on stage. It's a lifestyle filled with struggle and disappointments, but also discovering what you're truly capable of and great achievements too. Yes, I agree that the working standards and low (to no) wages for the group members is terrible and needs to be brought to light more so that something's done about them. But still, this doc peels back the layers and shows the public a great example of what making it in the industry involves. Very well done.
Cattle Herder
Cattle Herder 27 dias atrás
Lol I like how modern day feminists actually say these females are victims?! They WANT to be there! They CHOSE to be there. They are free to quit anytime they like. They can go work at Mc donalds or study if they want. They are NOT victims.
Slippery Walrus Bathing on a hot rock in the Arctic
Yeh because looking pretty makes you smart.. great logic..
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