The Insane Engineering of the GEnX

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy ( )
Animator: Mike Ridolfi ( )
Sound: Graham Haerther ( )
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

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Real Engineering
Seems to be some confusion about the Nebula version of this. It’s linked in the description. It combines last weeks video and this weeks into a single video. It has about 8 minutes of additional content, mostly in the form of that TS diagram explanation.
Voss Li
I remember my dad telling me this series had tons of issues with the batteries/electrical systems when they worked on it years and years ago. Looks like fixing and overcoming those issues was ultimately worth it!
Dan O'Reilly
Absolutely great video! I'm an aerospace engineer and was the original mechanical design leader of the GEnx-1B fan blade at GE Aviation in Cincinnati. The video and appreciation of it in the comments are really amazing and I'm glad to see so many people interested in it. Working with the great team at GE on this project is my proudest and most rewarding career highlight so far. There is so much engineering and amazing testing on all these components that they could each be their own video. Watching the CFAN team in Texas do the hand layup of the hundreds of carbon prepreg plies for each blade in this video brought back great memories. Just a couple suggestions if you want to incorporate them: First, the actual spelling is GEnx (not GEnX or GENx). Also, the LP system (fan, booster and LP turbine) are all on the same shaft and spin CW (as viewed from the front). Some of the animated cross sections in the video appear to show the booster and LPT spinning CCW. The HP system (HPC and HPT) are on the same shaft and spin CCW. It's a counter-rotating concept, unique to the GENx for GE turbofans and was intended to increase performance and reduce parts count. It's the only GE commercial turbofan to have the LP system spin CW. Some mention of the fan blade out requirements might be warranted. Fan blade out loads play a large role in sizing all the primary engine structures. The unique carbon fiber fan case of this engine is sized strictly to contain this event and keep the blades from leaving the engine Moving from 22 blade to 18 blades as mentioned was a concern on how big the blade out loads were. The fan blade out test required for certification is the most severe test there is and of course pretty much destroys the engine. Thanks for the great video and sharing the amazing engineering that we can do when we we put our minds, energy and passions to it.
Jeremy Sawatzky
I flew in one of the Dreamliners from Vancouver Canada to New Zealand, The difference in noise, comfort and general exhaustion was very noticeable. I was dreading such a long flight, remembering flying to Thailand in an older jet more than 10 years prior. It was a breeze in comparison.
Sometimes I literally get shivers down the spine when I see how powerful knowledge and human minds can be. These people deserve to be known by the world and get recorded into history.
Daniel Goddard
Thanks for the great content! In my time as a contractor at GE in Cincinnati, I helped do CFD for those 3D-printed fuel nozzles and for combustion chambers of the subsequent products that built on the technology of GEnx: the LEAP and GE9X. They were insanely intricate and pushed the state of the art for jet engines. Predicting combustion behavior is also totally a black art. I was humbled by the absolute geniuses they had working on developing the statistical models that I fed into my analyses.
So proud to be flying this amazing machine as my job! Wonderful video. My already high appreciation for this aircraft just got way even higher.
Logan S
I love how he’s explaining this revolutionary technology and just throws in a casual yeet
StevenRN66 16 horas atrás
I spent 10 years of my life working on the 787 power systems, from primary to secondary power, and lived your presentation.
As a current 787 pilot, this video is fascinating and so well presented. Really impressive how complex systems and tech are explained so clearly, and without any dumbing down. Well done!
i love getting deep into the technical engineering of these machines. Sad so many ppl have no clue (or care at that) of what a major achievement of engineering accomplished
This is the best video I've ever seen on jet engines. You did a truly incredible job, way better than the GE videos from the factory.
Ruch W
I flew on the 787-9 from Melbourne to Vancouver a couple of years ago. I had the privilege of sitting in business class for such a long trip and I got to say, on take off, the amount of wing flex is incredible to see. It's so drastic. The plane is whisper quiet and you feel extremely comfortable inside with the cabin pressure being being higher than other airliners.
You make this plane look like it is the most amazing thing to have been created by humanity. Seriously, your videos sometimes make me almost want to become an aerospace engineer, but then I realized that I'm terrible at maths and physics
This was a great video! Thank you for making it, and sharing it with us. Keep up the good work!
Berjis Sheriar
The 787 Dreamliner has been my favourite aircraft for a long time now, as I have also personally experienced it.
Emmanuel Wilhoite
Emmanuel Wilhoite 12 horas atrás
I just flew in a 787 for the first time today, and I kept remembering different features of the plane that were described in this video. I was amazed at how quiet and comfortable it was due to the significantly reduced noise profile and higher cabin pressure allowed by the rigidity of the carbon fuselage.
Pat Chendrimada
One of the best video's on BRvid with detailed technical specifications, formulas etc. Airplanes and their engineering advancements fascinate me and i was aware of all these advancements with the 787. But to see a detailed compilation of each of those advancements in one video was awesome. Thanks to Real Engineering !!!
H A A 7 horas atrás
I've done the Sydney-Doha trip (14hours) 10 times in the past 6 years and despite all the amazing engineering of the 787 and its engines I have to say that I miss the A380. It's way more quiet and stable. Less vibration and in general a more pleasant experience by far.
I've been watching your videos since I was a senior in high school, now I'm a senior in aerospace engineering and you made a video on a jet engine I've worked on during one of my internships. Feels really cool and I even learned some things I didn't know. Commercial aviation is definitely underrated, they can sometimes be a lot cooler than military aircraft because of how extreme the competition is.
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