The Huawei ban is just the start...

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UK joining the party, EE and Vodafone drop Huawei phones
ARM breaks ties
Huawei “working with Google” to handle the situation
Android alternative in the fall
Play Store alternative
Legal measures?
Double-edged sword
Announces repair program for flexgate
“fixed” the keyboard
Extra footage:
Won’t get it unless you want it
Epic blocks store accounts if they buy a bunch of games in a row
Epic accidentally sent customer’s info to random person
#Huaweiban #AMDNavi #8coreMacbook

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23 Mai 2019

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Comentários 2 114
Triassic ツ
Triassic ツ 27 dias atrás
Accually the start was when ZTE got banned, then huawei.
tunespt 29 dias atrás
When we think US hits rock bottom, surprise, they can really go even further into the hole... What evidence has US on Huawei spying? Well, many techs and enthusiasts really combed the Huawei devices and... surprise! Nothing was found to be working on the background trying to steal info, besides the ones you allow them to have. Go GO US GOV historic fear of Tech!
Love Life
Love Life 29 dias atrás
Donald Trump: its either my way or the Huawei
ZHAI ZHAI 29 dias atrás
huawei should to died
T A Mês atrás
Robot Self-Defence Law of 2020 rated as #4 on the 10 most significant steps on the future Humans v Robots war. Will robots be allowed to carry weapons for defence of our deliveries? What level of violence will robots be restricted to? Will robots be allowed to carry out immediate justice: arrest, detention, conviction, removal of funds from bank account, seizure of property, taking someone straight to jail, etc?
Anonymous Mês atrás
4days late.. but my Notifications says 7mins ago.... Ok dude
dazeight qfourhundred
Its about time that Huawei is black listed. Huawie is the SPY of Communist China Military.
烟绕指柔 Mês atrás
ricky v
ricky v Mês atrás
Huawei, old news. That new AMD NAVI GPU: that is something I am awaiting. (:
Brad Miller
Brad Miller Mês atrás
How can the ban be unconstitutional? Doesn't the Constitution only apply to US citizens?
Buto Ijo
Buto Ijo Mês atrás
Loser eat chicken ass
Not Happening
Not Happening Mês atrás
Screw China ! They have been screwing us for years and democraps and Rino globalist traitors have enriched themselves by allowing it . #Neonrevolt all the way , time to crush the cabal .
宅亚仄仄 Mês atrás
china nb
發大財 Mês atrás
No more Made in CCP
beny4300 Mês atrás
You can see the green screen color on hos shoulders
Lance Rexington
Lance Rexington Mês atrás
Buy American not stolen Communist Chinese junk.
chiman bangali
chiman bangali Mês atrás
Hauwei stole Cisco IP... Next in line is Microsoft ban license for huawai laptops ...
Rock Wood
Rock Wood Mês atrás
If you are going to make a video about the Huawei ban then make the video about the Huawei ban. If you want to make a video about tech news then name the video tech news. I was expecting an in depth video about the Huawei ban. This is clickbait garbage.
Jakes All in
Jakes All in Mês atrás
Hahahah like we all have the ability to compete with these company’s but yet they can sue because of some unfair bs lol 😂
sick000fight Mês atrás
Full of shit diaper thumb?
Joe Ross
Joe Ross Mês atrás
I'm going to get spied on either way, can I at least have it done to me whilst using a reliable device?
Cissy Kuok
Cissy Kuok Mês atrás
how can i say
P M Mês atrás
*If anyone wanna donate his huawei phone dont forget that your bro is here.....*
Zegar safi
Zegar safi Mês atrás
Apple price rises
Arjunsekar Vivekanandan
huawei will come back with linux operating system in smartphone. google digged it's own graveyard
zer0Bot Mês atrás
they had to make their knees fold backwards didn't they
Thomas McNab
Thomas McNab Mês atrás
I'd rather be spied on western countries than china...
Daniel Adami
Daniel Adami Mês atrás
We all have seen how powerful a phone can be now thanks to Huawei, so why don't we use some of that over powed technology on the new iPhone or new Samsung phones?!
sgindy Mês atrás
Hm.. what technology are u taking about? Most huawei phones were riddled with (boot loop) issues soon after. Typical Chinese POS.
Crazy Vlog
Crazy Vlog Mês atrás
*Very funny !* *Very Nice!* *Like on my channel*
AbdelGhafour Abou-Kacem
What does it mesn to huawei laptop owners , does this mean no updates ? This is the only thing i can think of ...
sh l
sh l Mês atrás
Fuck US
sgindy Mês atrás
F*ck China, China is an outcast and is the uncivilized state of darkness; they are hated by everyone; possibly due to their d!sgusting tonal language, rampant knockoff culture. also, It is a very dirty country with extremely low hygiene.
Jati Rachman
Jati Rachman Mês atrás
prepare for FallOut 4 & FarCry 5
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Mês atrás
Huawei sucks anyways get yourself a Samsung and don't worry about this BS
St. Batu
St. Batu Mês atrás
US: China, stop stealing my IPs, stop blocking my companies from your market, stop putting higher tariffs/taxes on my goods... follow the trade rules. China: what if I don't? US: then I'll raise your tariffs and cripple your favorite company. China: No, you wouldn't. US: watch me. China: ...
sgindy Mês atrás
We go together. I'm Korean and I love America, Japan and Taiwan and other free societies... Except China, the country of full of lies, hypocrisy, child slave labors, polluters, human meat sellers.
tyo tyo
tyo tyo Mês atrás
Bitch korean!Japanese slave
Andy Wong
Andy Wong Mês atrás
made in China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
Andy Wong
Andy Wong Mês atrás
Weta Mês atrás
7:13 Cue The Droid Invasion - Star Wars the Phantom Menace.
kimi Kun
kimi Kun Mês atrás
RXT 3080 sound right
vieldcs Mês atrás
android and arm scared the world. someone just need push to linux and risc
Vintageitem store
Vintageitem store Mês atrás
Don't buy Chinese just buy vintage Item @ Amazon
陈俊杭 Mês atrás
Peach Mês atrás
Who knows the most, speaks the least
Steeve Morel
Steeve Morel Mês atrás
« You have to update to exempt updates, you where so close Microsoft » xD
King Arthur
King Arthur Mês atrás
im gay
V!NCE Mês atrás
Will existing huawei devices still get Android OS updates or other future updates from google???
Sinan Demirci
Sinan Demirci Mês atrás
Why do all these tech companies suck at naming products SMH
anton Wibowo
anton Wibowo Mês atrás
Foss linux aosp and open hardware risc v are the best😊
Judge Judith Sheindlin
Cheap china trash
Grim keeper
Grim keeper Mês atrás
Are people even ready for bots? Just as you said if i seen one walking id probably push it over, kick it, then look right into its camera and tell the company to lick my nuts. Then casually carry on with my day.
熊浩琛 Mês atrás
Jere w
Jere w Mês atrás
Huawei equipment has security flaws, UK officials say in damning assessment
alqaisar alaamri
alqaisar alaamri Mês atrás
Is that tech news?! , shame!
King Shet
King Shet Mês atrás
I’m going to be SO sad when James quit LTT. Might unsubscribe
Gabriel Arantes
Gabriel Arantes Mês atrás
I'm pretty sure James and Ryley do drugs together.
summer lounger
summer lounger Mês atrás
Go buy some korean stocks!
David Atkinson
David Atkinson Mês atrás
And to add to the scandal, Samsung's Contacts app is sending peoples files and photos to random contacts without their permission. More spyware?
Jicheng Zhu
Jicheng Zhu Mês atrás
US politician is not only damaging Huawei, they are damaging the interest of 30% smartphone consumers all over the world. They are damaging the business credit of US company as well as the Huawei supplier’s interests . Pandora's box has been open, there is no turning back.
powe300 Mês atrás
Lmao fuckin propaganda ass channel, China literally spys on it's own people.
T. M
T. M Mês atrás
"Working with google" - you mean like with dragonfly? Google is involved in treason; they get to go to jail too.
T. M
T. M Mês atrás
Get fucked, China!
Killapietro 96
Killapietro 96 Mês atrás
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith Mês atrás
This video is cool and all but let’s not ignore that has AirPods 75% off rn😂🤷🏾‍♂️
TheOutLaw Imoortal
TheOutLaw Imoortal Mês atrás
Kaleb Smith BRO THATS CRAZY! I got the black ones from there lmao I saw them on ig it’s lit!
Abdoulaye Sano
Abdoulaye Sano Mês atrás
Trump is an army that protects nothing and threatens everything. Eventually the US will really lose when they can not export their technology that everyone will be suspicious.
Jackson K
Jackson K Mês atrás
Lol u don’t know anything ab economics
erdvilla Mês atrás
When you know you have lost the 5G race, get a crazy President to target HUAWEI and presto, now you have a chance of winning it.
BoDe-ReyWither97 Mês atrás
Oh crap...I'm watching this on a Huawei...and I'm not kidding, I swear
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Mês atrás
#34 on trending street
d7 Mês atrás
Everything around the world is made in china, the fuck trump is thinking china becoming 1st is inevitable ur fucking apple products r made in china 😂😂😂😂😂😂 half of usa population is a joke sibce they voted for him, and whoever is gonna say we can make it in usa shut the fuck up tge iphone will be 20000 usd since the labor is high eco lesson
Diego Kausel
Diego Kausel Mês atrás
James + Riley *perfectly balanced, as all things should be*
Cynical Clouted
Cynical Clouted Mês atrás
Trump administration: It's my way or the Huawei.
I'm Super Fat
I'm Super Fat Mês atrás
Huwaie replace OS this fall... Yeah like 2 generations haven't grown up with computers #everyoneWillBeHacked Bury your demons NOW or forever hold your pseudo peace.,. By yourself, by your lonesome.
10 subs with no videos CHALLENGE
I'm writing this comment from my Huawei phone 😁 Go get em Huawei!
mojogoat Mês atrás
I can't wait to buy a Google-free Huawei handset. "Huawei - now Evil-free"
thaurane Mês atrás
Just a reminder if you search for windows updates manually you sign yourself up for the beta updates. This comes from microsoft themselves. just be patient and wait.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Mês atrás
Hey... Techlinked actually made it to the trending tab in Australia
nobody nowhere
nobody nowhere Mês atrás
It’s an extreme move to ban Huawei but it’s understandable as this could cost the us gdp $500,000,000,000 dollars
The Rainbow Sisters YT
I have a Huawei phone😂
no way
no way Mês atrás
Its a national security threat
iDeagle Mês atrás
Fuck huawei. If you cooperate with the CCP and its cancerous conduct, you can get the ban hammer.
John deJong
John deJong Mês atrás
Oh dear god. I hope they don't force that may update for win10. I have a lot of that crap disabled, including Cortana and that useless Game Mode & Game Bar
Mike Cunningham
Mike Cunningham Mês atrás
AMD copies Intel naming and jumps one up on them and then does the same with nvidia 🙈
danmar007 Mês atrás
I'm tired of hearing about Huawei.
James Ricker
James Ricker Mês atrás
Huawei has been involved in intellectual property theft for a while , they don't have many friends. A lot of companies were just looking for an excuse. Tech company CEOs were all shown classified intelligence information Huawei, that seems to have been the excuse everyone was looking for.
Cosmic Shotgun
Cosmic Shotgun Mês atrás
I could it be considered unconstitutional to block trade with the company it’s kinda like an partial embargo or limited embargo and embargo’s are not unconstitutional
Dropbeatz AlldayEveryday
Hahah so ban the phone but them phones are still in the U.S lol so the only way to get them phones put the US is to pay the phone holders for the phones lol it's the best way to get the phones out of the US but that won't make them all go away lol
Havis Mês atrás
@3:11 "for some people" ahahahaaaa
Aren JZ
Aren JZ Mês atrás
Really hope someone can control Trump. CHINA has been the biggest import country that America has ever had, if Trump still want trading war with China. Just sit and wait for another financial crisis.
Klaevin Mês atrás
Huawei ban is just so petty on the part of the US
rockonblackops777 Mês atrás
The constitution protects the people not companies or government.
Pyrogue Mês atrás
China is becoming George Orwell's 1984 dystopia with tight surveillance and human rights violations. It's important we are careful handling their technology.
jinkai Gao
jinkai Gao Mês atrás
neosrt10 Mês atrás
US: Huawei made high end hardware loaded with Spyware to find out what Americans are up to and try to dominate the smartdevice market. Huawei: Yes
World Travel Blogger
Spying, lmaooo So we all just gonna act like the NSA didnt happen? Too funny...yeah lets worry about China...
Jimmy 6300
Jimmy 6300 Mês atrás
I am behind the Huawei ban, they definitely have a past of being sketchy and if US intelligence has reason to believe they working with the Chinese government then the ban truly is a good thing for the sake of national security, better safe then sorry with these types of things.
Dee Mark
Dee Mark Mês atrás
This is the first time watching this channel and I like it... so...I just sub this channel...ummm..just saying
Ian Christainson
Ian Christainson Mês atrás
Down with the CCP and all it's stolen tech.
Greg Fakerson
Greg Fakerson Mês atrás
nice info, change your entire presentation and you’ll be there
Lil E
Lil E Mês atrás
Huawei? You mean Hawaii 😂
Fred BluntStoned
Fred BluntStoned Mês atrás
Huawei used the FISA courts to force Yahoo, Google and all other email service providers to let them install equipment in their datacentres to copy all your emails! :D Or was that the NSA. I guess I get the two mixed up! :D
Pragmatic Mês atrás
The U.S is afraid Chinese 5G will track the NSA spying on Americans and Europeans.
1dfgaJ83K92 Mês atrás
Up coming LTT video: "Installing the latest version of Android on any Hauwei phone"
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