The History of New Super Mario Bros Wii World Records

Summoning Salt
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Thanks to the following people for help with research! Be sure to check their channels out:

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19 Mai 2022



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Summoning Salt
Thanks to the following people for help with research! Be sure to check their channels out:
Plot twist: the loading times are different because the frame rule bus randomly gets flat tires
Narhwal Lord
The way Summoning Salt builds up every story, making it seem like any time save would require super human precision, making it feel like the climax of the story is about to unfold, but then you realize you're not even half way done with the video. It's magical.
Haycomb _
Seeing a game that tormented me as a child get so thoroughly obliterated is weirdly cathartic
That was probably the most heartbreaking choke I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. Amazing how quickly he recovered from that.
T. R.
Your storytelling ability is incredible. You’ve made the incremental progress in a single Super Mario game compelling enough to make me watch an hour of colored dots and Bowser escapes.
Calcium Crisis
Always remember: Matt Turk is never too far behind your world record, even if he has never ran the game before.
This video was your best one yet, I honestly believe. The suspense is off the charts, the storytelling is top-notch, and seeing what all the runners are up to nowadays is such a nice feature. You're an incredible creator Salt, keep getting better with every video (although there's not much room to improve anymore.)
Ra Ra
I love the "where are they now?" section at the end! This is a brilliant addition. I hope you keep on doing this.
I love the idea of a speed run timeline that graphs how long it took people to get certain times because you can see it just shoot straight down after a new big skip is discovered
The childlike joy that overcomes me upon hearing the very first chord being played in HOME's unforgettable classic at the start of each Summoning Salt video catapults me back to a feeling of innocent bliss that I prized even as a child
Bucky Seto
I literally teared up when he missed the switch at the very end of the record breaking run. Great video, shout out to HOME for the amazing music.
TW Howl
It’s a shame when runners quit and delete everything. They probably wonder what the point of it all was, but that’s the essence of the human condition; strive so hard for so long for a singular fleeting moment of joy and glory that will immediately after fade away. These guys, and their accomplishments, represent the best of us.
Skellybob56 28 dias atrás
I like the timeline but it can be a bit blurry/pixelated at times. You could try doing it with vector art: it'll really help the quality of the visuals. Also, you could adjust the circle size when looking at close, small segments like
"11 days later, Pidgey had pulled a Dave Stieb" made me rise in front of my screen out of pure respect
David Kim
Hey summoning salt, I think it would be really cool to also include on your timeline the instances in which a new shortcut was found. Would be neat to see how that correlated to drops in time.
I truthfully can’t explain the feeling I get whenever SS goes, in all seriousness, “..and that runner’s name… was BlazeTurds420”. It is a unique sensation.
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