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For the past ten thousand years, the parent/child balance of power has been hierarchical with the moms and dads making most decision and kids following their lead. But in the last ten, a new generation of Millennial parents have replaced the family hierarchy with a family web: one in which most parents view their child as their best friend, moms and dads have abdicated as the primary seat of power, and most decision making is democratic. In short, the core values that guide families’ choices on everything from the brands they buy to the candidates they vote for look nothing like those of previous generations. In his talk, family branding guru and founder of The Family Room LLC George Carey takes a closer look at these changes, their impact on children, how they are changing the future of families and the future of our world forever.
George began his career in youth and family marketing with his childhood love of Bugs Bunny cartoons (ask him to do his imitation of Foghorn Leghorn). Since then he has become one of the world’s leading authorities on youth and families. He began his career in the youth and family advertising space where he led global accounts like Procter & Gamble and General Mills. He then founded Just Kid Inc., a research, strategy, and innovation agency that ultimately evolved into The Family Room. George has been a policy advisor to the Department of Health and Human Services and a Tween Segment Specialist for the White House Office of Drug Control Policy. He’s also a Kid Power and Golden Marble Award Winner. On a good day he also gets the “Great Dad” award from his 2 teenage daughters.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



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Comentários 20
Christopher Ferenczi
My parents are people which are hard to support. Though it was good, that they haven't mentioned that I'm 32 years old, and I don't have a job. But the pressure from them was very big when they were at home, there was very little space from them in the apartment.
Cheyenne Meredith
Cheyenne Meredith Mês atrás
man, the duck leads their young because they have a few to spare. the elephant actually goes through live birth and doesnt birth whatever a litter is called for ducks. the elephant must be more cautious with its young or else it would face extinction more rapidly
Mason Matthews
Mason Matthews 2 meses atrás
Obama supports the murder of unborn babies. How does that make him a good parent?
Good morning
Good morning 3 meses atrás
No wonder why kids are obesity growing If parents act like elephant method
Actidad 5 meses atrás
Wow, a very thought provoking talk. Great thing for dads to consider, duck or elephant?
Maxine AyodeleR
Maxine AyodeleR 7 meses atrás
For sure parents becoming best friends to their children. This decision comes from the need to foster open, trusting communication. With social media being the future for young ones it becomes more and more urgent that parents know what’s going on. Any parent who insists that children are best left alone to their devices (excuse the pun) is burying their head the sand. It’s written on the wall ....children who have recently committed atrocities , shootings, massacres etc Lived in a home with one or both parents
SamanthaDarkly Anos atrás
That was super inspiring for me to ask my kids more questions on the daily and to just really listen to them. They are the future
Katy Rose
Katy Rose Anos atrás
who here from k12
Mom 2 MattJack
Mom 2 MattJack Anos atrás
Kids need parents. Their friends should be separate. Listen to them . I never said because I said so. Yes, they asked why a million times, I answered the best I could. I was a stay at home mom. Today is different.
J Jayne
J Jayne Anos atrás
I made the decision to stay home and be available to my boys and I feel it has made a difference. I try to balance both the elephant and the duck. I advocate for their autonomy while constantly working on keeping the lines of communication open and the connection safe. I tell them, your accomplishments are yours, regardless of how proud I am, you own the rewards of your efforts. I practice and teach mindfulness and self forgiveness to anyone who will listen. I believe we have to know how to deal with our own shadows before we can lead others into any light at all and that could be the issue with parents now...nobody ever taught anyone how to cope...we are often taught to doubt our feelings through non validations of...why are you crying, you shouldn't be mad, sad...which is one of the ways people avoid their own shadows...they are defense mechanisms of childhood neglect or trauma and pretty much all adults are scarred children these days. I learn from, as much as I teach to my now young teens. It's been a doozy of a I see the breakdown of the mulitgenerational household all the way down to the nuclear and now the single family a big part of the changes in child rearing...matriarch and patriarch are too busy surviving and who wants to do shadowwork after a full day of physical work? I get it and then I get it some why I'm always monetarily broke but emotionally wealthy. 💛
J Jayne
J Jayne Anos atrás
I coined it many years ago as, parent disorder. Lol
The government interference in families has destroyed them. Soon the government will collapse under mounting debt and hopefully we will have a society where families are united again and where parents make decisions, not the government.
Beat Erne
Beat Erne Anos atrás
i believe that a lot of this has to do with birth control. women on the pill choos different partner than they would do without the pill. there is even more bad sideeffects of taking the pill.
Bonnie Hundley
Bonnie Hundley Anos atrás
Oaky, do the imitation of Foghorn Leghorn!!!!
Dx Anos atrás
Good parenting lesson for beta male parents... If it so great, wondering why there are more divorce couples than ever and it's tight relationship with suicide and other huge youth problems...
Kat Galactic
Kat Galactic Anos atrás
Ultima Thule.. I highly disagree. That's such an old school mindset that leaves all the responsibility on the man. It's been proven that involving the other parent in decision making process, results in a more reasonable and stable outcome. Nowadays, more kids are being raised by single parent decisions with not much of a problem. It takes a village to raise a kid? It sure would be much less stressful than a single parent on their own
Ultima Thule
Ultima Thule Anos atrás
The problem is that the traditional type of a family (patriarchal type) is THE BEST for all: man, woman and children. And for the society.
Brian 2 anos atrás
are you my dad?
Franzus Gütlus
Franzus Gütlus 2 anos atrás
1. I think Trump disproves his point about Obama, because think about the values that made Trump win 2. Kids concerns changed, but this might have nothing to do with the new web structure
Qismekwik 2 anos atrás
According to researchers at The Institute for Psychohistory, there's an evolution in the modes of child rearing, beginning with Infanticidal, in the old Greek and Roman civilizations, and perhaps before them as well, and leading up to the Helping Mode, which is the most recent to be developed and achieved. Very much worth taking a look at at psychohistory dot com Title to be consulted: The Fundaments of Psychohistory
Madhu Malathi
Madhu Malathi 8 meses atrás
zoe 2 anos atrás
25th Bamm
25th Bamm Anos atrás
Peter Vatkov
Peter Vatkov 2 anos atrás
What he missed to explain is what causes the role shift. And what causes the role shift is the social design not the grassroots creativity.
Barbara Lipscomb
Barbara Lipscomb 2 anos atrás
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