'The Five' roast Biden for his 'epic' week of failure

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White House tries to spin the president's brutal week of defeats; 'The Five' reacts.

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13 Jan 2022



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Comentários 5 364
Nelson Muntz
He’s been a failure for 50 years and there are people who act surprised.
Gayle Santone
NO ONE has to embarrass Biden, he does it all by himself
Bill Young
As rough of a week as it has been for Joe Biden, it's been ten times worse than that for the American people.
"Biden will be a complete disaster." - President Donald J. Trump.
Michael Manjin
"A loss for Biden is a win for America" Great comment and so true.
Buyer's remorse... Biden did one thing correctly... He made us realize how great of a job President Trump did
DAT Wagonator
Has a Democrat ever said they were wrong about something and apologized?
Michael Goodman
To me Trumps greatest accomplishment that no one talks about, is that he saved the Supreme Court for a generation. If he didn’t nominate Berrett and Kavanaugh we would all be under government medical totalitarian rule by now.
Raymond Hirth
If Joe was not embarrassed about Afghanistan. This week did not phase him. He is totally unaware.
Bryan Hawn
Biden always squinches his eyesbrows trying to act all tough. It's like watching a poodle think he is a lion.
John Williams
If Biden wants a turnaround at the polls he should close the border, adopt Trump policies and find a body double to read the teleprompter.
jim capone
The one thing Obama actually got right:
Im sick of them calling it an "infrastructure" bill. not even close
BooBoo Bear
It's nice to finally see the legacy media telling us all what we've known all through the pandemic.
Let’s hope this failure becomes a trend that happens all the time. Demented Joe’s fails = wins for the country.
Uncle Creepy
There’s not enough hours in the day to talk about all of Biden’s daily fails let alone a week of them.
Lakelife B
All I can say is thank God and the American people who still think for themselves!!!!! Let’s go Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!
Alan Bailey
Just when you think the Brandon administration could not get any worse Brandon says "hold my pudding!"
"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up"
All the people that HATED Trump are now praying to GOD for his SPEEDY RETURN.
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