'The Five' analyzes Comey as he reportedly becomes the focus of FBI leak

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The New York Times reports prosecutors are scrutinizing at least two news articles about the FBI and James Comey from 2017; reaction on 'The Five.'
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17 Jan 2020



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Comentários 1 570
Frank Hardie
Frank Hardie 8 dias atrás
c0mie in a dirty cop
Big Bob
Big Bob 21 dia atrás
The "other one" they talked about during the commercial break was a feminine hygiene product
Daniel Menefee
Daniel Menefee 24 dias atrás
I know you are talking about Comey,, but I can not explain in mixed company the way I feel about J. Williams! The people that have the same talking points are C Schumer,Pelosi,Schiff, and the rest of the Evil Left. Why is this foul Mouth Liar on your show? If I want to hear crap coming out of evil jerk o-‘s pie holes I will turn on cnn? Get that far left demoncrat off your show! Every time he speaks I must mute or change the channel! I can’t stand to look at his face,because I know what is going to spew out of him.
Michael Asay
Michael Asay 25 dias atrás
Get that bastard Comey
Fooks Lee Ho
Fooks Lee Ho 26 dias atrás
I thought it was Hillary who toke my vote for Bernie it was actually Comey. I wonder how Juan feels about the rise in African American acceptance of Trump. Breaking news Friends was unfunny
pipercat10 26 dias atrás
Where's the SWAT team breaking his door down at 5am, confiscate his phone's, computers and laptops, interigate his wife and family, put him in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, the big bird will be chirping by the weekend, it's the only way to deal with criminals and Comey is a CRIMINAL !
Isabella Castile
Isabella Castile 27 dias atrás
So Barr was considered HIGHLY credible until he worked under Trump. The moment he agrees with President Trump he's suddenly the bad guy? This is sooooo telling and shows exactly how the leftist think. Pathetic and almost sad.
TheReady500 27 dias atrás
Robert G
Robert G 27 dias atrás
Juan Williams: Hey if your going to do something illegal make sure it takes the government a year or 2 to find out about it, so you don't get in trouble.
Marta Twardowska
Marta Twardowska 27 dias atrás
a total nonsense, innocent man.
gary rose
gary rose 27 dias atrás
Why does it matter when Juan! If it was illegal it should come out regardless of when or why!!
Prevailing Right
Prevailing Right 27 dias atrás
When you talk to Juan, the words literally go in one ear, and with nothing to stop them they sail right out the other ear.
Bastion of Hope
Bastion of Hope 28 dias atrás
Comey looks like an uglier ver of Lurch from Adam’s Family,
Penny Frank
Penny Frank 28 dias atrás
I can't stand listening to Juan. Just BS.
Chelsey Hartmann
Chelsey Hartmann 28 dias atrás
Jesse handles Juan well
Prevailing Right
Prevailing Right 27 dias atrás
Juan says "They want to go after Comey for things he has done in the past?" Yes Juan... You see that's how the criminal justice system works... For crimes you committed in the past. What a Tool.
theconsuelorios 28 dias atrás
The five make my day but Juan is just getting the pay check
Steve Cho
Steve Cho 28 dias atrás
Juan came on. Turn off!
Steve Waters
Steve Waters 28 dias atrás
Juan, and all other Dems, are so beyond anything ethical to a point that makes the devil say, " Dang!"
PleaseStopWhining 28 dias atrás
Please get rid of Juan. He’s either that stupid, inept, or corrupt.
PleaseStopWhining 28 dias atrás
Juan you idiot. The cover up has finally been exposed, and now justice is moving forward. Too slowly.
Empress Signs
Empress Signs 28 dias atrás
Juan is a Bastard pretending Not to Deliver Damning Propiganda for the Cabal Working to Overthrow our Nation!!!! Arrest and Indite this Subversive under US Rico Law!!!!!
Edisto Joe
Edisto Joe 28 dias atrás
There's a cell, Mr. Comey, with your name just down the hall. It once held Jeffrey Epstein, it's safe for one and all. Three hots and a cot, measured just for you, And if you'd like some "extra sheets" We'll throw in one or two. Rest assured Jimmy, it's safe for one and all There are two guards just outside, and cameras on the wall. Don't you worry Jimmy, Well take good care of you! And if you want some "extra sheets", We'll throw in one or two.
Mystic Artist
Mystic Artist 28 dias atrás
Grown people talking over each other getting louder and louder like an unruly kindergarten class. 🙄
Bernard Perez
Bernard Perez 28 dias atrás
Juan is the token black
Galway Warrior
Galway Warrior 28 dias atrás
All this started before Barr was put in place. Try again Russians.
charles bennett
charles bennett 28 dias atrás
There will be no respect for FBI CIA or any other agency until Comey Clapper Brennan McCabe Hillary all r executed for treason
B.B. Girl
B.B. Girl 28 dias atrás
They must pay Juan a bucket load of cash for being a dickhead 🤮
Never Again
Never Again 28 dias atrás
When will hannity be subpoenaed to testify and answer for his role and Fox's involvement in the Yovanovitch smear campaign? '' America will prevail ''.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 28 dias atrás
That pissashit should be the focus on the sights of a fireing squad
Art Mercines
Art Mercines 28 dias atrás
Why is this Juan still there?
Peter Viceroy
Peter Viceroy 28 dias atrás
The FBI and Justice Department don’t need to be rehabilitated. They need prosecution. As I write this they still maintain the holes they cut in the walls of the jury deliberation rooms that allow prosecutors to tamper with juries and fake trials. Tear down those walls America!
Jonathan Blackwell
Jonathan Blackwell 28 dias atrás
I'm down voting this video for being incomplete and cutting off mid-conversation!
Brit Hey
Brit Hey 28 dias atrás
Juan wonders why we go after criminals whose crimes were committed in the past, because it's over. I agree. And that's what Hillary said about Benghazi too. "What difference does it make." Look at all the benefits that would bring. You wouldn't need courts, because it's over. You wouldn't need lawyers. And the policemans job would be much easier. He could try to stop the crime, but once committed there's no need for any pursuit or arrest. It would be a modern day road warrior life style, which is cool because we all liked that movie.
Prevailing Right
Prevailing Right 27 dias atrás
Juan says "They want to go after Comey for things he has done in the past?" Yes Juan... You see that's how the criminal justice system works... For crimes you committed in the past. What a Tool.
chipfixer55 28 dias atrás
Juan’s whole life consists of defending lies, liars and criminals. What an idiot!
Wally Wall
Wally Wall 28 dias atrás
Oh come on Juan! You talk as if they are giving Comey the Kavenaugh treatment. Have they looked through his high school year book? 2017 is not ancient history Juan! How many years of Trump's taxes are your Commrads demanding Juan?
ryan davis
ryan davis 28 dias atrás
We are going back in time because it is unconstitutional to arrest some before they commit a crime
William Condon
William Condon 28 dias atrás
It’s Trump’s DOJ, how the hell is this Democrat revenge? Also notice how they conveniently left out that the Hilary Clinton email probe, “the lock her up” probe was ended recently and found no new evidence. How is Trump always the victim?
bigblocklawyer 28 dias atrás
So, Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016. It was so long along it must be revenge, right? At least in juan's head. Putz.
waiotahi52 28 dias atrás
Donald has attacked the F.B.I., the C.I.A, the Free Press,the Democrats, the Whistle-blower, the Rule of law, the Constitution, Muellar,the Judiciary, (repeatedly), the IRS, Congress, the Senate,Nancy Pelosi, the Military, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, China, Mexico, Frau Merkel, Kim Jong Un,Hillary, Stephen Colbert,Adam Schiff , most of his White House staff, the N.Y. Times,FOX, CNN, MNSBC, Stephen Bannon, Bolton, Tilerson, Macron, John Kerry Roger Stone, Mueller, Canada, NATO and someone in Ukraine....But never Vladimir Putin..
Dave Martin
Dave Martin 28 dias atrás
Juan is either the greatest actor at playing stupid or is literally the dumbest man alive.
Amir Yousef
Amir Yousef 28 dias atrás
No ones gonna mention them talking about friends and Jesse Waters referencing Ross? Okay...
gutenbird 28 dias atrás
What is your deal with Phoebe? She was funny.
Flood 29 dias atrás
within 1 minute, juan has caused me to find something else to watch.
Angelo Morte
Angelo Morte 29 dias atrás
Oh No Jessie, he is being Duped by Brennan. Comey isn't the sharpest pencil in the draw as many FBI agents have stated but it was Brennan that played him as the Fool he is.
C Pr
C Pr 29 dias atrás
Can someone fire juan williams, most stupid person on TV, before he makes more idiots believe his lie'
tstryker03 29 dias atrás
Comey should be sponsored by Tampax.
WillieRants 29 dias atrás
Comey didn't botch anything. Every move he's made was calculated.
Richie Scott
Richie Scott 29 dias atrás
this guy one Williams is nuts these people are criminals and Juan Williams doesn't want to go after any criminal that has Democrat after their name but he wants to go after everyone else
Chris Dumont
Chris Dumont 29 dias atrás
From the comments I am reading, I am shocked nobody is talking about his worse crimes. This guy is sick and helped Mueller cover for and cover up Epstein. FACTS Mossad>Ghislaine Maxwell>Epstein>Honeypot for Congress-Blackmail. Why was the FBI at his Island? What did they find? Owls on the temple roof with white and blue stripes and a gold dome and elevator inside? Whatever is under that temple, the FBI is hiding.
Darin Underdown
Darin Underdown 29 dias atrás
If you broke the law you need to be held accountable
Black Bird Hollow
Black Bird Hollow 29 dias atrás
Will someone PLEASE slip Juan a Red Pill in his next slurpy?
Rob P.
Rob P. 29 dias atrás
Comey loves Howdy Doody
marblebuyer1 29 dias atrás
The BARR is coming for ya COMMIE
earthexplorer1 29 dias atrás
I used to respect the FBI. But until Comey is in jail I will never trust the FBI of the DOJ.
ferenzpushkash 29 dias atrás
According to Juan, apparently, you can break the law and as long as you are not caught, or brought to justice within 2-3 years - you're good to go scot-free. Too late. Bob's you uncle. If you are charged - that's a witch hunt.
bob scott
bob scott 29 dias atrás
why investigate? comey said he did it
Alan aka FANG
Alan aka FANG 29 dias atrás
Juan and others fail to admit if anything had been done earlier it would have been labelled as Obstruction while the Mueller Investigation was going on.
Pacer Peterson
Pacer Peterson 29 dias atrás
Jess w do you hear yourself all of you on Fox News trump did colluded with Russia look what he did on the world stage I will say this puttin said he didn’t do it trump agreed and that the truth choke on it all of ya on fox who cover for trump
Pacer Peterson
Pacer Peterson 29 dias atrás
All the rep have had there pic with par nas
David Olson
David Olson 29 dias atrás
Oh boy cross your fingers Orange Dotard's.
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