The First Guy To Ever Open A Hotel

Ryan George
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19 Mar 2021



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Ryan George
Ryan George 3 meses atrás
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J S 18 dias atrás
love the dont use arson as a marketing tool thats fair
CrazexSteve 27 dias atrás
Day 4 Can’t stop watching, running out of food. Need water..... Oooh another one
MystMicro Mês atrás
please dont use arson as a marketing tool
DataBase of Superhero Playlists
Filmora is a wonderful editing tool! #CreateWithFilmora
Zade Moabi
Zade Moabi 2 meses atrás
I used to use Filmora, but it had limited options and underwhelming possibilities. Adobe After Effects was much more useful for the type of editing I wanted, so I would recommend that.
Aaishah Sulatch
Aaishah Sulatch 3 horas atrás
Your SOO funny!!!! I was crying cause how hard i was LAUGHING!!!!
Gabriel Gordon
Gabriel Gordon Dia atrás
Thank you GOD for making this man!
Thxnder5876 I
Thxnder5876 I Dia atrás
Me in a hotel about to sleep
Igris 3 dias atrás
A little fungus on your foot wha- LMFAO
Patrick Patrick
Patrick Patrick 3 dias atrás
If he's in, I'm out
W2aT 4 dias atrás
I'm trying to figure out the universe this video takes place in. Houses with toilets exist, but the salesman just invented ice buckets
mah 4 dias atrás
And after the salesman told him he set his house on fire, the man passively said "Please don't use arson as a marketing tool."
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 dias atrás
unus annus
cat 4 dias atrás
you're the first and only channel where i look forward to listening to the promo thanks to the Adstronaut :D i love it!
MultiShadow31 4 dias atrás
😆 he said since my toilet melted 😆🤣
weeb bro
weeb bro 4 dias atrás
"It *is* very refreshing to not be awake for extended periods of time." me watching this at 4 am: yeah
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 5 dias atrás
Who undid my alerts? It went from all to personalized
mrbuisnessdziffko 6 dias atrás
i had to get the word out somehow xdd
Rafael Geraldo
Rafael Geraldo 6 dias atrás
"But what about morning food?" "Morning food?" "Yes, my belly makes weird noises every morning and only consuming nutrients make it stop" "Oh, don't worry, we'll give you extra delicious and pretty morning food every morning" "Oh cool" "But only between 6am and 9am I decided" "But what if I stop passing out only after 9am?" "Then you starve" "But I like to pass out longer when I'm on vacation, and I'll only ever use your business when on vacation" "Then you starve" "Wow that sucks"
Justinfn 6 dias atrás
Luv ur vids
J B 7 dias atrás
Hotel: „It sounds like a telecommunications company for promiscuous people“….quality writing sir!
Z Shieh
Z Shieh 7 dias atrás
The fire started in the basement
Aubrey Bryant
Aubrey Bryant 8 dias atrás
"So, listen, why don't you come down to my place of business and, you know, take a crap and pass out?" That was the funniest thing I've ever heard Ryan say. Hysterical!
ASTROSWIMMER 15 8 dias atrás
Literally in a hotel right now! Wow!
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose 8 dias atrás
Wait your shirt isn't actually blue? Are your eyes not actually purple? Are the two people interacting not two different people? I don't know what's real anymore.
Ryan 8 dias atrás
Where are the thirsty girl comments saying "I'll sleep in your bed any night"
Kaiju Kojin
Kaiju Kojin 8 dias atrás
"Please don't use Arson for marketing!" Seriously, I am so ready to deep dive this universe.... Just the fact that society got as advanced as it did with the clones... I think the town is under a bubble, and the original Ryan is just making a new one and giving him an idea... and then letting his clone think they came up with it... and documents the results...
ryvaleska 9 dias atrás
What a plot twist
Therese Kpotsi
Therese Kpotsi 9 dias atrás
"I don't care your teeth aren't sleeping on my stuff... but you need to stay clean... well clean enough"
Therese Kpotsi
Therese Kpotsi 9 dias atrás
First guy to live in an apartment
Just Chillin
Just Chillin 9 dias atrás
How did I not realize that at a hotel someone slept in that bed before me until now
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan 10 dias atrás
"Please don't use arson as a marketing tool" Immediately followed by a screen full of flames and an advert.
Damen Lanzillo
Damen Lanzillo 10 dias atrás
I would watch videos where the adstonaut is just reacting to all of his videos
DoubleBread Blackhat
DoubleBread Blackhat 10 dias atrás
Why would I give you toothpaste?
Florian Koch
Florian Koch 11 dias atrás
This takes place before the vacation video, since they not home "for some reason"
Zordan vfx
Zordan vfx 11 dias atrás
Idea: The First Guy To Be A Police Officer
Maximainea 12 dias atrás
“Please don’t use Arson as a marketing tool” Me: Oh, My pyromania needs to stop
G L U G 12 dias atrás
God loves you guys!
Weebdweeb 2245
Weebdweeb 2245 13 dias atrás
Top 10 anime betrayal’s be like
Tadiwanashe Mupfunya
Tadiwanashe Mupfunya 13 dias atrás
"Hotel" "That's a terrible name, it sounds like a telecommunication company for promiscuous people." lol
Ryan george With fake mustache
5⭐'s a remarkable hotel. I loved that I got a new friend on my foot after swimming at the pool.
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 dias atrás
? Its tou again
destoyerofeps 14 dias atrás
I went to San Diego and the hotel I stayed at give me toothpaste
Firestar4041 14 dias atrás
I mean really; what couldn't be sold if you just used a little more fire?
Patryk Lesnau
Patryk Lesnau 15 dias atrás
I would like to see a full movie in this universe :D
Dabrapper123 15 dias atrás
I don’t like that filmora keeps spin seeing these skit makers, considering there are programs better than it for free with even more tools like davinci resolve
GreatSpaceGoat 15 dias atrás
"Today is your lucky day" "It absolutely is not"
themaster408 15 dias atrás
Wait, why don't they put toothpaste in there?
The Dum
The Dum 16 dias atrás
thats an appartment not a hotel, hotels are for visitors and appartments are for people that are from that country
King Panther
King Panther 16 dias atrás
i love that that you make legit conversations with your self and its so funny
Real Name
Real Name 16 dias atrás
Please don’t use arson as a marketing tool. That’s fair.
EnderDude 16 dias atrás
This video is two video's in one, because the Adstornaut is the first guy to ever have an existential crisis
Narendra Hindwar
Narendra Hindwar 16 dias atrás
telecommunications company for promiscuous people Hoe-tel
David Taylor
David Taylor 16 dias atrás
Ice. Yes. Toothpaste. No. I thought I was the only one who thought that was weird.
Wooden Rhodes
Wooden Rhodes 16 dias atrás
“Because of how hot fire is?”
Denver Maburutse
Denver Maburutse 17 dias atrás
Ho Tel Telecoms company for promiscuous people
Casey Walters
Casey Walters 17 dias atrás
I want to see that reaction channel with him reacting to his own videos
Grey B.
Grey B. 17 dias atrás
...Ho tel. -Godamnit, Ryan.
KungFuWombat 17 dias atrás
"Please don't use arson as a marketing tool" "Whoops!" "Whoopsie"
Solaris 18 dias atrás
The Adstronaut makes every sponsor worth watching. This one was perfect.
ElderStoner 19 dias atrás
watched 3 videos of yours, and subbed. very funny stuff, many thumbs up
scenepunk09 19 dias atrás
Why DOES that guy have a mustache on top of a mustache? Lol
bobbleheadlimbs 19 dias atrás
SO Brilliant!
Victor Arthou
Victor Arthou 19 dias atrás
Using arson as a marketing tool is tight.
Aviral Productions
Aviral Productions 20 dias atrás
The best line - Please don't use arson as a marketing tool
Mr Façade
Mr Façade 21 dia atrás
The younger brother of studio executive guy
Guillermo Cordon
Guillermo Cordon 21 dia atrás
Hotel guys gonna have to be put in a room for burning that other guys house down.
Muhammad Ibadallah
Muhammad Ibadallah 21 dia atrás
I love how he always says "I decided" or "We decided"
Sad Rick
Sad Rick 21 dia atrás
To much meta is tight
LtBeefy 21 dia atrás
Omg never noticed he had a mustache on top of his mustache.
Nadav Basa
Nadav Basa 22 dias atrás
Me after school: 4:30
Michael Karlin
Michael Karlin 2 dias atrás
Boom Box
Boom Box 23 dias atrás
1:25 i laughed harder than I should have.
docsein1 23 dias atrás
Hotel. (Ho - tel) Definition: A telecommunications company for promiscuous people. LoL
woop do
woop do 24 dias atrás
Hmm... I thought hotels were made because of highways
Marina K
Marina K 25 dias atrás
This guy reminds me of Nate from The Office. Hilarious 👌
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 25 dias atrás
"My toilet melted" The fuck kind of a fire did Hotel Owner Guy start that it was hot enough to melt porcelain?
vodka me
vodka me 25 dias atrás
"why does he have a mustache on top of his mustache"??
Ben Drago
Ben Drago 25 dias atrás
Man:So i can sleep in your bed? hotel owner: Yeah go take a crap and pass out
Bargav Sai Telu
Bargav Sai Telu 26 dias atrás
Ryan is the fire guy!
Game&Anime MV
Game&Anime MV 26 dias atrás
Hotels really are the best though, unless its too cheap
Vase Carpet
Vase Carpet 27 dias atrás
"My house burned down" "Well it's your lucky day" "Its absolutely not"
Arsenic AS33
Arsenic AS33 27 dias atrás
Why does he have a moustache on top of his moustache
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem 27 dias atrás
Terence Angelo
Terence Angelo 27 dias atrás
"Wait, I didn't tell you the fire started in the basement." "Whoops!" "Whoopsie!"
James Davis
James Davis 27 dias atrás
...I'm liking every Ryan George video from here on out before watching, I decided. (Except for the ones I already liked, which may be all of them. Whoopsie.)
Devilspassion 27 dias atrás
"Too much meta" hahahaha
Cheap World Traveller
Cheap World Traveller 28 dias atrás
It also comes with a TV with a list of channels that aren't in the right order and a remote with depleted batteries.
John Rea
John Rea 28 dias atrás
I love how offended he gets about the toothpaste part haha
[REaDy-ACTED] 28 dias atrás
Anyone notice at 3:17 he says “Don’t use arson as a marketing tool!” And then at 3:19 BURNS away his end card to sell you something? That is some SWEET irony!
AKeys 28 dias atrás
I think, this "guy" is the guy with burning house in the lying episode
Tomasz Iskierka
Tomasz Iskierka 29 dias atrás
Arson ?You cannot do that. Its illegal ! Put him in the room !
JoJo Stalin
JoJo Stalin 29 dias atrás
If I ever open a hotel the motto is going to be 100% "Take a crap and pass out"
hjgamer Mês atrás
Naddical7 Mês atrás
Casually commits Arson
Dylan Poblitz
Dylan Poblitz Mês atrás
3:16 i just choked on my water
corey bartmess
corey bartmess Mês atrás
Truly appreciate that you put the ads at the end.. still try to like tho
Error_001_ Plays Mc
Take a crap and pass out in my bed in a house full of rooms
Error_001_ Plays Mc
Building full of rooms lol
Hayden griffin
Hayden griffin Mês atrás
My toilet burned-normal
Cewla Mês atrás
#CreateWithFilmora filmora sucks (joke)
SammyGames_YT Mês atrás
All hotel i have gone to give toothpaste 🤔
Angom Geetchandra
Angom Geetchandra Mês atrás
I'm gonna like this video I DECIDED
Empr Gibbs
Empr Gibbs Mês atrás
I stopped using Hotel coz their tariff charges are insane
Corvuz Crain
Corvuz Crain Mês atrás
The Twist😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
JkGranger Mês atrás
Epic Patato
Epic Patato Mês atrás
if people already slept in the hotel and stuff that means he wouldnt be the first one to be in there
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