THE FIRST 10,000 DAYS ON MARS (Timelapse)

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Alex 3 horas atrás
The death of 2031 is inevitable.
bda hmar tlangte
bda hmar tlangte 6 horas atrás
Lockdown from day 1..good luck
ෂාන් ලියනගේ
Everybody going on mars' '' but i"m still waiting for my planet . this is my home . We have better planet than mars in our space . People needs to do something for care our planet not others . Destroyed in beautiful world and tay to eat other. Poor mentally men dont' understand you living in paradise . Lol. 😜😜
Alex Korami
Alex Korami 6 horas atrás
You said nothing about Cowboy_Bebop!!😒
2xbarret 8 horas atrás
The fact that this will happen in our lifetime is surreal
LORDgaminG 8 horas atrás
14:55 main line.....
Marie Yousef
Marie Yousef 10 horas atrás
I've had my comic books ready this time ZONED REALITY and fresh out my 20's should take me ratio 16:4 to walk out outside to these possibilities got to put in work huh? may the odds be ever in your favor huh? ha couple of bakery cooks hmm THANKS
Tech Kamuna
Tech Kamuna 14 horas atrás
How will the humans body adapt to earth's gravity when they comes back? They will have weaker bones and muscles.
riki 7119
riki 7119 16 horas atrás
I’m sad to say, but I’m sure there would be certain countries trying to ‘interfere’ with this wonderful step for humanity. When the time comes, I hope all countries will get together, leaving all ideologies and territorial disputes aside for once… so we can see this to happen.
John Minster
John Minster Dia atrás
Why would anyone subjugate a baby to be born on Mars?
andres vasquez
andres vasquez Dia atrás
Meanwhile we keep up destroying earth the one and only planet where we can survive without wearing special high- tech suits...crazy
Szymon Karkocha
Szymon Karkocha Dia atrás
Are you sure that human embrios will be able to grow in Mars gravity?
MR3D-Dev Dia atrás
So the boring company is trully Weyland Yutani
Gökay Taşpınar
I was here
รพีพรรณ มณีรีตน์
Leon Dia atrás
All this in my lifetime..
samiul islam samiul islam
We should not talk about others dreams, we ahould think about our own dream
Gabriel A
Gabriel A Dia atrás
tamina brat brat
tamina brat brat Dia atrás
And soon after admiral Salen kotch is born and declares war on earth
Faisal Mumtaz
Faisal Mumtaz Dia atrás
Imagine what it would be like for a child born and raised on Mars to come to Earth
Helder Fernandes
Helder Fernandes Dia atrás
Somebody has been smoking tons of weed...
Southwest Coyote Productions {Аризона}
Shout-out to the cameraman who had to film while time travelling
Southwest Coyote Productions {Аризона}
And thus the Expanse timeline begins
Rene Hernandez
Rene Hernandez Dia atrás
Why do you need to go to Mars. No reason to. What’s the purpose. Smh.
Berg FPV
Berg FPV Dia atrás
I suppose global warming will be a goal, rather than a threat, on Mars.
Golden Boy Kyle
Golden Boy Kyle Dia atrás
where did u get this information?
King Titan
King Titan Dia atrás
They cant do this on Earth...
Nakos0930 Dia atrás
man i hope these predictions actually happen, i want to go there in my 30s and fire a rifle in the gravity less mars atmosphere and see the bullet floating in the air instead of hitting anything, ahh i would love mars life.😊
Onefastgoat Dia atrás
I’m so hype for the future it would be so crazy meeting a martian that came to visit Earth and seeing their views of our home planet.
Josh bernardo
Josh bernardo Dia atrás
I hope i will see the 1st meme that will be born on mars hahaha
Gerald Lowe
Gerald Lowe 2 dias atrás
You think you could do all of this in KSP
otto von ottsville
otto von ottsville 2 dias atrás
Printers - you've got to mine and process the feedstock anyways, using binding matrix from earth. Then you've got to line them. Tunnels - dig them out, carry the material to the surface, seal with airlocks, that's it. Process the mined matl if its useful. We'll be mining anyway, why not live in the tunnels too? Huge voids - cris cross several stories, detonate nukes to collapse, and you'd have an enormous bubble.
otto von ottsville
otto von ottsville 2 dias atrás
I just think it's a waste of time and effort building extensive surface facilities when Elon is obviously developing his tunneling acumen for Mars. The 1st 2 years could see a few miles of tunnels with reservoirs where water and fuel could be stored as well as processed. Nuclear tunnelers can work 24/7/365 carving out enormous amounts of pressurized, radiation-free space while humans are busy fitting it out. Printers just couldn't keep up.
KO13 2 dias atrás
I'm sure there is a World War In mars
Bob Hennig
Bob Hennig 2 dias atrás
Why, no body would want to live there.
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
Buy BiTCoin. Else You wont be one of the billionaires Thats coming inside five years Thank not everyone listens no one is a billionaire if we all are. True
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
We wont be living on Mars I tried to tell Elon but he dont respond Women will not ovulate menstruate leaving the Earth and Its Moon. there for No eggs no babies. If the SHTF Who ever relocates there will be the only ones to live there.
Gemmel 2 dias atrás
I remember clearly the first moon landing when I was 8 yo, my only regret is I won't see the colonization of Mars.
Erdoğan Bal
Erdoğan Bal 2 dias atrás
Biliiiiiim 2:26
Irfan Ansari
Irfan Ansari 2 dias atrás
Its better to make earth more habitable. so what is the need to go and live on mars and roam around wearing spacesuits. If 1/4th of the energy and resources are used in our planet than we are well of. Why waste resources of earth to build other planet that is not hospitable for sustaining life. Its like making paper from trees and writing on it dont cut trees
GAURAV KANER 2 dias atrás
I wonder how they failed to mention about Water 😁
Kafiyo 2 dias atrás
Kafiyo 2 dias atrás
They should hurry up and work on bottle babies! Then women won't have to worry about pregnancy and birth!. Then they can be equal to men., and not tied to reproduction.
Scáthach Assassin
Scáthach Assassin 2 dias atrás
I bet the first baby comes way sooner.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 2 dias atrás
I like how they predicted a funeral
Abdoulie Njai
Abdoulie Njai 2 dias atrás
So what exactly did not go to plan..? And they didn’t show elon musks house on Mars 😁
AlexK KTF 2 dias atrás
What if someone on Mars crew committed a crime? or someone died on the planet? will there be a funeral or send the body back to Earth?
gobanito 3 dias atrás
2076: Mars declares independence from earth, marking the beginning of the Earth-Mars civil war.
SUSHANT POUDEL 3 dias atrás
Better hurry for mars to be in history as founder of new lands..😂
Jan Detak
Jan Detak 3 dias atrás
This is complete and absolutely ridiculous nonsense.
Dewa Dewa
Dewa Dewa 2 dias atrás
Yea just like before we thought flying devices would be impossible and ridiculous but what happened now? Flying devices like planes helicopters and drones are very common now
CreativeThinking 3 dias atrás
My prediction ... Within a half year, all people landing on Mars will die and we just suddenly loose connection with them. And we have no idea why. This is because of alien interference.
anbi bambi
anbi bambi 3 dias atrás
If universe is a being we're literally parasites.
stvfcy 3 dias atrás
Given the pandemic we see how draining it can be to live indoors 24x7 so imagine living in a lockdown for 2 years 2 months until you can fly back to earth in 7 months. All returning martianaunts would then be quarantined for another 6 months and then likely committed to a mental institution. lol
Saulius 3 dias atrás
A psychiatric clinic should be the first and biggest building on Mars. Sick fantasies of infantile businessman
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
Actually what we have planned is a CVS and Walgreens on every corner and banks between the IRS buildings. We want to make sure everything is like it is here for comfort and happiness.
Attila Bagota
Attila Bagota 3 dias atrás
Na meg a sok nyersanyagot se kellene szerintem elhordani mindenféle ismeretlen bolygó ottani nyersanyagokkal kellene ezt az egész kolonizálást megoldani majd...szerintem... :-) और मुझे नहीं लगता कि बहुत सारे कच्चे माल को सभी प्रकार के अज्ञात ग्रहों तक पहुँचाया जाना चाहिए ... वहाँ कच्चे माल के साथ, हमें इस पूरे उपनिवेश को हल करना चाहिए ... मुझे लगता है ... :-) 而且我认为不应该将大量原材料运送到各种未知的星球......有了原材料,我们应该解决整个殖民问题......我认为...... :-) Und ich denke nicht, dass viele Rohstoffe auf alle möglichen unbekannten Planeten transportiert werden sollten ... mit den Rohstoffen dort sollten wir diese ganze Kolonisation lösen ... denke ich ... :-) И я не думаю, что много сырья следует транспортировать на всевозможные неизвестные планеты ... с сырьем там, мы должны решить всю эту колонизацию ... Я думаю ... :-) And I don't think a lot of raw materials should be transported to all sorts of unknown planets ... the whole colonization should be solved with the raw materials there ... I think ... :-)
Shreyash Pingle
Shreyash Pingle 3 dias atrás
Marriage on Mars Tf.
Attila Bagota
Attila Bagota 3 dias atrás
Arra azért majd vigyázni kellene a benépesítéssel, hogy a Mars kisebb bolygó, mint a Föld, nem fog elbírni még annyi barmot se, mint a Föld... :-) Care should be taken with the population that Mars, a smaller planet than Earth, will not be able to bear as many beasts as Earth ... :-) Bei der Bevölkerung sollte darauf geachtet werden, dass der Mars, ein kleiner Planet als die Erde, nicht so viele Tiere ertragen kann wie die Erde ... :-) Следует проявлять осторожность с населением, чтобы Марс, меньшая по размеру планета, чем Земля, не выдержал бы такого количества зверей, как Земля ... :-) 应该注意人口,火星,一个比地球小的行星,将无法承载与地球一样多的野兽...... :-) जनसंख्या का ध्यान रखना चाहिए कि पृथ्वी से छोटा ग्रह मंगल, पृथ्वी के जितने जानवर सहन नहीं कर पाएगा... :-)
Superpronoober 3 dias atrás
I just want to terraform mars.
mergingbutterfly 3 dias atrás
I need a plan for the first baby to be born 15 years time what they going to do kill anyone that get pregnant before lock anyone up before birth control that 100%
Ahmed Kandeel
Ahmed Kandeel 3 dias atrás
Why we would go to Mars and take this high risk and efforts when we have the earth with no risks and very much less efforts, if the efforts and money planned for Mars directed to a vast desert on earth it could make it a complete forest
Tino Mattjohn
Tino Mattjohn 3 dias atrás
1:18 ah yes there is water on mars
the lighthouse
the lighthouse 3 dias atrás
i guarntee you no one in their right mind is going to want to spend their Life on mars, mother earth has more beauty then any thing in space
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
The problem is earths biosphere it’s going to collapse inside of 20 years. We will not be able to support human life the oceans are getting sick and we probably at the point of not being Able to extend it .
Sean Keating
Sean Keating 4 dias atrás
Mars wants independence. What do the Belters think?
Garmia 4 dias atrás
This is not how it will truly go, all nations won’t work together at all they will compete for domination and you didn’t talk about the problem with message time, and how it would take forever to send messages
rdsii64 4 dias atrás
Why does a mission like this need military people?
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
That’s classified : Hostile lizards from ( redacted ) are coming.
Kiersten Locherie
Kiersten Locherie 4 dias atrás
Humans are really Full of themselves? Wow, such Hubris & Narcism. I hope they fail, this is a rich peoples utopian, egotistical pride fest!
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
All weekend MMDA and JB carpet cuddle puddles with movie stars and frozen waffles with buberry syrup at 3 am is what sounds fine to me. 🥳☝️
James Hadfield
James Hadfield 4 dias atrás
Better get his people there or the Chinese will claim Mars first, and steal all the goodies, like they do back on Earth.
James Hadfield
James Hadfield 4 dias atrás
A caretaker with extensive DIY and problem solving skills would be an asset for the first crew, someone old enough to leave Earth for good, to mind the equipment and keep it free of dust. An experienced Martian to support the second crew, somebody who loves potatoes, half Irish would help.
Dorro 4 dias atrás
Is Mars’ whole planet’s language going to be English?
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
Press 2 for Espanol
Iurieti Vladut
Iurieti Vladut 4 dias atrás
it would be a shame if, suddenly, martians rise from the underground and start pillaging the earth colony..right?
L P 4 dias atrás
giving birth to humans on Mars is a CRIME ...for the love of god, those poor kids......shame on you ,idiotic human beings.
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
Women cannot conceive children on Mars. Once you leave the relationship of the moon and the earth there is no menstrual cycle. Remember who told you. Dont ask how i know its ( Redacted).
raghu bhaarathi
raghu bhaarathi 4 dias atrás
so earth is literally going to become factory for producing goods and other materials to mars. All the rich will travel to the mars and the poor and middle class is gonna stay in earth and work for their needs. l By the time 2040-2050 the earth would be totally collapsed, and rich people escapes and others suffer. Why don't these huge companies invest on earth?? i think the energy and cost will be cheaper than investing on mars. elon and other rich guys knows that earth is not gonna hold for few years but they are not telling the people. Its a joint project of riches in the world as they want to escape the earth. Invest in earth you morons . why do you even work hard for growing plants on mars while you can do it in earth very easily and there is zero cost for that. people who thinks this is great then i can tell you you are watching a alot of sci-fi movies and in reality you are going to suffer by supporting these shit ideas.
Meesh 4 dias atrás
Mars gravity is 38 percent of Earth's. You think that living in that much less gravity won't significantly damage your health over time? Trying to live on Mars in one word "FOOLISH".
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
I’ll tell you exactly what it’s like for the first six months if feels like you’re in a bouncy house sort of. After a year you’re pretty much used to it. Six months and women start getting sickly they must have the moon There is no menstruating. 1.5 years and you want to go home You can’t condition all the muscle fiber yes bone density decreases Our containers are built for this planet Don’t ask me how I know there’s classifications. 🤨☝️
MPlain 4 dias atrás
Using biodome plants to produce air. Good idea. But where is the idea of using artic mosses genetically engineered to withstand the harsher environment. The place to start with plants actually growing on Mars is to start with Artic plants. Genetically modified. Slowly exposed to a more Mars like environment. Allow the plant time to adapt. And keep on playing with it's genome. We are perfectly capable of doing this. So why the hell don't we.
MPlain 4 dias atrás
Day one. The flag representing Earth will be hoisted. It will be the only one hoisted. Lets go into the stars as one people and leave the crazy shit that we all fight about here on this rock. Leave the petty flags of nations and their petty squabbling here. We go into the stars as one people. We represent Earth.... not one pathetic little unimportant piece of it.
@MPlain Id go if they did not have them. But im sure they will still take taxes out and you will have to broadcast you payment back take 4 days so you gotta send early ! 😭
MPlain Dia atrás
@ABOXofMONSTERS No taxes on Mars. Not a chance. We F'd up across the board on this rock. Got to get it all right on the next one.
ABOXofMONSTERS 2 dias atrás
Actually that is the game plan but we plan on putting out the CVS and Walgreens on every corner banks and IRS offices want to make it as normal as possible.
Terence Marumo
Terence Marumo 4 dias atrás
So if yu are born on mars when you come to earth you are going to be weak and when you go back to mars you become a super human right?
beez. 5 dias atrás
Just cant wait to see year 2123 😜
𝐀𝗧𝗟𝝠𝗦 4 dias atrás
@beez. ik but your grammar is so bad I don't understand you if you wanna talk to me atleast say something that makes sense no offense
beez. 4 dias atrás
@𝐀𝗧𝗟𝝠𝗦 I dont wish to know anything 🤷 but i will say this bro ! languages are just a tool to communicate among the same species or to profile other species of another language 🐍 it dosenth make you smarter to no english but might let you think that you are smart ✊ note : if this conversation focuses on how well u no a language its doomed so please take note 🐝🐝🐝
𝐀𝗧𝗟𝝠𝗦 4 dias atrás
@beez. ? bro do you evne know english??? also wth are u even saying
beez. 4 dias atrás
@𝐀𝗧𝗟𝝠𝗦 i forgot to had ...Has a Mummy 😹
𝐀𝗧𝗟𝝠𝗦 4 dias atrás
bold assumnig you will live
Hay_M 5 dias atrás
Selling science fiction as real science should be criminalized. You portray this endevaour as if we have already posess the answers to solve every problems right now. The real science were left behind in order to produce some sort of hurray-optimistic to do list, which omitted the real engineering and scientific challenges. And by the way GCR gets through the regolith and breaks into secondary radiation (X-ray). You can't just print yourself a shield. You would need to go deep under the surface, into windowless mines. Enjoy your troglodyte life, while your skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular systems deteriorate because of the constant exposure to low gravity. Radiation accumulates in the body, so after exhausting the yearly limit, you would spend the rest of the year underground. Plus if you were stupid enough to just print yourself a little regolith hill you will reach your carieer limit of radiation exposure. According to certain calculations this will happen to the first astronauts visiting Mars: When they will come back to Earth, they won't be able to fly into space ever. Oh and lets hope pregnancy won't kill the mother because of low-g. Because fludis travel upwards and congregate in bad places in the human torso, pregnancy might be a suicide on Mars.
Jessie Jess
Jessie Jess 5 dias atrás
No way is the billions of dollars, time and effort into Mars settlement just for the sake for populating Mars, there's something there that the multi billionaires want, and people are sent their to extract what it is they want there.
Beyond 576MP
Beyond 576MP 5 dias atrás
And mean time we will destroy earth for sure
William Grimberg
William Grimberg 5 dias atrás
This doesn’t seem to address or is ignoring to,the issue of some how countering the less mars gravity negative affects on the human body . These people will probably significantly shorten their lives due to bone and muscle loss .
lucas pallan
lucas pallan 5 dias atrás
Mars people are gonna look different after so long
Naomi LB
Naomi LB 5 dias atrás
i feel like were just gonna destroy mars like we did earth
Shubham Yadav
Shubham Yadav 5 dias atrás
I am afraid people will kill each other on Mars..
Bartholomew Macaluso
Bartholomew Macaluso 5 dias atrás
I want to retire by 2037. If I can sell all my assets on Earth I would love to pay for a one way trip to Mars and spend the rest of my days as a contributing member of Mars Colony Alpha.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates 6 dias atrás
After 10,000 days on Mars, I’d be trying to figure out how to order a pizza from Earth
MrMJpilot 6 dias atrás
2056’ Capitalism is officially declared good and is accredited with getting us there.
Phillibetrus 6 dias atrás
this video is quite optimistic. I hope all of this happens but it makes a lot of assumptions about what we will be able to do.
Jhaykay Trajano
Jhaykay Trajano 6 dias atrás
Aryan Barnwal
Aryan Barnwal 6 dias atrás
why is this channel so underrated and why we are not getting to see any videos of this channel now
Lim Zhang cong
Lim Zhang cong 6 dias atrás
All fun and games until we find out aliens leave under mars
Emily Brant
Emily Brant 6 dias atrás
I know I'll never get the chance to travel there But it's nice knowing civilization will continue living learning from previous mistakes
FleetPyjamas 6 dias atrás
So we'll be superhumans compared to Marslings
Allan C
Allan C 6 dias atrás
Will we send our convicts to Mars like the English sent to there’s to Australia
Tristan 7 dias atrás
Randy Gunn
Randy Gunn 7 dias atrás
To do the impossible,first you must dream the impossible!,and I believe dreams do come true. And yes I don't have nightmares. So get that off the list!.
CBOY TAWAU 7 dias atrás
🥱Dream on 🤦
Seemant kukreti
Seemant kukreti 7 dias atrás
First guy born on mars came to earth sued his parents.
Drone Suriname by Max Breinburg
(12:35) Even on Mars people will be vaccinated when they want to return to earth 🌎 SMH!
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