The Final Night at Haunted Queen Mary Ship (w/ KianAndJc)

Sam and Colby
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Kian and Jc video:
Sam and Colby return to do an overnight at the haunted Queen Mary ghost ship with Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. This will be the final night...
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24 Mar 2019

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Comentários 63 866
Sam and Colby
Sam and Colby 2 meses atrás
300,000 LIKES for another Collab with Kian and Jc! but we are never coming back to the Queen Mary. For real this time haha MERCH:
Royal King JoeyDaniel
in the part with the night vision cam where they were all sitting down and talking trying to reach someone i herd a semi long low kina high howl at 38:11 but it was quiet so i turned my sound all the way up
Nicol Zunno
Nicol Zunno 2 meses atrás
Love you Guys, Please dont put your Lives In danger Just for Us. We love you for who you are not for you trying to give up your souls for us 💙💙💜👻
Gabby Grosvenor
Gabby Grosvenor 2 meses atrás
Gaming with giraffie Not active
Ly you guys and I’m able to tell you that cause I got here just before 500❤️ oh and I have a suggestion, your guys should re name your Chanel “Solby”
Sam and Colby Dear Sam and Colby if you keep watching the light behind you at 16:11 looks like the little girl is walking back and forth at the door
officiallyles 11 minutos atrás
Marina Pezzano
Marina Pezzano 19 minutos atrás
Colby's like crying 27:13 omg and when the camera dropped on the iPhone camera there was this/ these orbs flashing around the screen
Anyssa Hicks
Anyssa Hicks 36 minutos atrás
i hate in these videos Colby Sam or Jake are always getting attacked, it makes me so sad🤕
travis traylor
travis traylor Hora atrás
I have a theory about the drowning girl when you heard the breathing that could have been her last breath of her life
Amy Munoz
Amy Munoz Hora atrás
guys at 30:19-30:22 there was an orbe next to his hand while they were talking
XDImToxic Hora atrás
XDImToxic Hora atrás
If you guys can't watch the video turn down the brightness it'll help .
FoxForReal 2 horas atrás
The little girl was probably watching Sam and Colby
Amelia DILLON 3 horas atrás
Shane Dawson stayed in this room
Jenna Rivas
Jenna Rivas 4 horas atrás
When the camera fell and started recording on the phone there was so many orbs
Lyndsey Brown
Lyndsey Brown 4 horas atrás
48:46 perfect orb
Nicole Sloan
Nicole Sloan 4 horas atrás
Joan Smith
Joan Smith 5 horas atrás
15:29 look at the crack behind the blonde guy
Cree 5 horas atrás
lols "I think you'll have fun!" Classic
Gachapanda ;p
Gachapanda ;p 5 horas atrás
16:47 watch when he says light spirt's the light through the crack flickers
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 6 horas atrás
Lmao the neighbor probably hearin all these stories n shittin their pants
Fat Boy
Fat Boy 6 horas atrás
He looks a lot like jake lol same personality too jokes to calm himself down shit even the other guy is corey lmao
Joshua Scott Jr.
Joshua Scott Jr. 6 horas atrás
There is a White orb at 30:24
Scarlett8542 YT
Scarlett8542 YT 6 horas atrás
Girl: *laughing* Jc: it’s just pitch black and she’s in the middle of the room. Moms: It’S BeCaUSe Of ThAt PhOnE
Lariah Matthews
Lariah Matthews 7 horas atrás
Did anyone notice the crack in the door when they were talking shadow s kept passing this creeped me a f out
FORZA kid 44
FORZA kid 44 8 horas atrás
My house has massive thuds when no one is home on the camera detected move meant and it it took a picture .wnd there was a woamen apperction
ally hyland
ally hyland 8 horas atrás
jc saying "hehehe, we got a little ghost hunter with us" as the little boy walked down the stairs is my favorite thing ahhh
Mrs.steal ya herron
Mrs.steal ya herron 9 horas atrás
Can I just say that Colby looks hot in that outfit
Anna Wickland
Anna Wickland 9 horas atrás
This is the one room that Shane Dawson stayed in
Bendychannel Toth
Bendychannel Toth 10 horas atrás
Sam and Colby a wached the video back and the crack on the mirror was there
T • •
T • • 12 horas atrás
Sam: Wants viewers Colby: *Wants to be alive*
swiftfeathers 16 horas atrás
after what happened before, why the fuck was sam so willing to get into everything. encouraging Colby to talk to the demon from before at B340??? Idk. I just feel like his behavior was really weird.
Awesome pug brothers
Awesome pug brothers 16 horas atrás
In the room they stayed there was about 6 mirrors and mirrors are commonly portals to ghosts
Spacy mp
Spacy mp 16 horas atrás
Colby:scares little girl Girl:laughs Dad:FUCK YOU DONT YOU DARE DATE MY DAUGHTER
Little Kortni
Little Kortni 18 horas atrás
Right when you guys were talking to the spirits in b340 when Colby jumped It scared me so bad I jumped and flinched
Lexi Pinto
Lexi Pinto 18 horas atrás
Dude Kian accusing colby physically hurts me wtf
Monse Tapia
Monse Tapia 18 horas atrás
kain looks like jake 🤩🤩
Honey Baker
Honey Baker 19 horas atrás
50:57 scared the *motherfuckkk* out of me
Aliezah Juarez
Aliezah Juarez 19 horas atrás
Colby, sometimes spirits will fuck with you because humans lack the knowledge of understanding to believe whats real or whats not real. Their not that dumb, though they are wise enough to mess with your emotions to get scared ya know? However, their stupid enough to underestime the weak before the strong. Have a good day, stay safe dude. All your family and friends, including more of your family friends.➕♥👊
Luna Star
Luna Star 19 horas atrás
you guys should sage haunted places before you talk to spirits
Camellia Christopher
Camellia Christopher 20 horas atrás
Can't wait to see you guys too bad!I'm excited💓💓💓💓💓💓😎😎😎👻👻😇💋💙😍😋what's up FAM love you guys love reading your comments before they watch the video 😍FAM 😜😻👻and I smashed into the like buttons 👍💖💖
Madison W
Madison W 20 horas atrás
yo I got chills
Super Clutch
Super Clutch 20 horas atrás
the scariest thing i've seen at 3 am was my black (and white but really hard to see type of white) cat sneaking up on me and entering the bathroom and _brushing up against my legs_ i legit almost screamed and my parents weren't far away sleeping like it just scared me so hard and my heart just beat sooooo fast
Gacha Life182
Gacha Life182 21 hora atrás
Hell ya
rae 22 horas atrás
do more haunted and exploring videos with kian & jc with corey and jake, that would be epic!
AnimeWolf 22 horas atrás
Don’t worry about the viewers if you guys feel unsafe just leave.
Gracie Edwards
Gracie Edwards 22 horas atrás
so many orbs omg
14luckystar 23 horas atrás
I rarely ever comment but I can't be the only one. Did anyone else hear the girl's voice say "dude" at 5:15? I know there were other people in the room but it sounded so close and clear?
Kristina Skys
Kristina Skys 23 horas atrás
something was on Sams face before the camera fell...
Cax iu
Cax iu Dia atrás
Lowkey thought that there was gonna be a fight but I'm glad I didn't see that - but the part with Colby and the little girl was so adorable :(
Ironmarvelc3p0 3000
Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam and Colby so much😂 but I really don’t like how Sam made Colby do something at b340 because he obviously didn’t want to and he just looked so uncomfortable and shaky
Melyssa Burris
Melyssa Burris Dia atrás
Sam: *farts* Also sam: WHat wAs THAt?
PieceBy PieceGaming
Guy in the back right: come, lets go My immature self: XDDD HE SAID $#@
Obese Taco
Obese Taco Dia atrás
Thuds and creaks aren’t always ghost the ship is really old and docked in water
Obese Taco
Obese Taco Dia atrás
Just stop being kian and jc along there so annoying
Kierstin Mumby
Kierstin Mumby Dia atrás
If you look behind them at the door lead into the other room after the little girl laughing and there sitting on the couch you can see a light through the little crack and see something black cover it as if it is a shadow
Obese Taco
Obese Taco Dia atrás
9:19 my heart dropped it like it’s hot that was scary😂
Error Moonlight
Error Moonlight Dia atrás
How come I always go near !y haunted basement to watch this...? Maybe my friend could become a vlogger. Also I have the Ouija board in my basement.
Alexus Lefevre
Alexus Lefevre Dia atrás
47:00 anyone else notice the crazy amount of orbs?
ChaoticPyrrhus04 Dia atrás
12:09 The mirror was already cracked. We good
Alexus Lefevre
Alexus Lefevre Dia atrás
took me 10min to realized that's the guy that plays sean from t@gged
night flare
night flare Dia atrás
Right above Sam there was a white circle with like a cross or something in it for a while then it just disappeared when you guys started to do the retrial
night flare
night flare Dia atrás
The light that I saw came back after the loud thuds you guys heard it was still right above Sam
Ryleigh Loch
Ryleigh Loch Dia atrás
sam oml i was like SHUt UpAbOuT tHe ViEwErS
Mackenzie Phillips
Did anyone else notice above sams head towards the end of the video there was an orb and then if you litsen closly to the adio you hear wierd crap its like not explainable
Kaydence_Gamblin Dia atrás
Colby couldn’t have knocked bc the knock was on wood and Colby’s hand closest to the door where you could hear the knock wouldn’t have been on wood bc the metal thing is in the way therefore it wasn’t Colby
Shaggah Dia atrás
The only thing I saw was there was something under the bed next to Kian’s sneaker; it looked like a persons shoe or foot
helen simpsom
helen simpsom Dia atrás
ok so I was just re watching these waiting for the next episode of witches forest to come out and at the end when they switch to filming on their phone there are so many orbs flying around I'm not sure if it was just me but it kinda creeped me out lmao
Augusta B.
Augusta B. Dia atrás
this is so hard to take seriously with all the fucking duck noises man
ChloeButters x
ChloeButters x Dia atrás
Has anyone else realised that when Shane Dawson was there he was in the duke of Edinburgh suite?? And they found a ‘secret room’ nd opened it and in my opinion I think that this suite there in is the one Shane found??
PastelBaby Bïtch
The room you went to was probably a suite the actual Queen Elizabeth because she was the queen they probably made that slate and put it on the door so its like shes the most popular person that went on the boat.. By the way i love that kid...hes like not scared at all
Justin Hauser
Justin Hauser Dia atrás
Did you guys see all the orbs flying over the phone from 50:37 to 50:42 or is it just me catching it for the first time? And even after that it continues. Like i mean some of it is definitily dust but i doubt that all of it is dust
PaulaZ13 Dia atrás
COLBY!!!!!!! I almost got a heart attack!!!
Salmaaa Dia atrás
triggered 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Thomas Mikkelsen
Thomas Mikkelsen Dia atrás
At 49:09 was there an orb flying in the side of the camera and after is there meny orbs all around the camera
lil-curt Dia atrás
I believe that it wasn't u😘
lotusmoonflower0 Dia atrás
orb at 29:38 shooting from Colby, anyone else see it? it went super quick Then at 46:30 it looks like bugs are flying around the camera (though some of them still looks kinda like orbs and might be), but 47:39 looks at Sam's shirt by the camera. There's an orb that leaves the camera, but it came out of nowhere. Then there's still a lot of movement which still looks like it could be bugs, but some of them are perfectly circular and transparent so they could be orbs? Anyone else think it's weird that there haven't been bugs the entire video but right after their camera falls things are just flying around on screen???
Kat Bowman
Kat Bowman Dia atrás
Tell me why when everyone started fighting I almost cried... like sis you guys are the ones keeping me from mental break downs soo like ima need you to not. Plus when Colby said that to Sam, I really thought the bando bros we’re gone. That. Was. Felt.
Kat Bowman
Kat Bowman Dia atrás
At like 41:16 right above sam there is something. I have no idea if I’m just seeing anything but...
Lucy Horsman
Lucy Horsman Dia atrás
You guys wore black not green
Kai DR
Kai DR Dia atrás
“Turn the candle off” Blows candle out
Blonde Ambition
Blonde Ambition Dia atrás
*Me watching this at 12:40am, wanting to go downstairs to get a snack but also knowing I’m gonna psych myself out once I get downstairs* sjsjsjjs
Zeke The Idiot
Zeke The Idiot Dia atrás
To prove that Colby dddidnt knock Sam zoomed in on Colbys hand and his jacket would have moved if we knocked. BAM
Iola Nestripke
Iola Nestripke Dia atrás
I don't like kian
Iola Nestripke
Iola Nestripke Dia atrás
Dude that friking scared me I almost pissed!!!!!
Riley Carpenter
Riley Carpenter Dia atrás
I am not trying to hate what so ever, but I don't understand why you guys claim to enjoy going to haunted places and you guys always choose to ask spirits questions, and then when something happens you guys run out of the room and start arguing about it after you got a response? Idk
Alex M
Alex M Dia atrás
No one: Orbs when they broke the camera: go crazy ahhh go stupid
Zoe MR
Zoe MR Dia atrás
Isn’t that the room Shane and ryland and garret stayed in?
Hayden skare
Hayden skare 2 dias atrás
When your filming on the phone their were tons of orbs
Missy Lewis 5kidskitchen
at 16:23 the light flashes behind you in the other room
Kennedy Harshaw
Kennedy Harshaw 2 dias atrás
“What? Why?! Dude I’m about to cry.” I am Kian. Kian is me.
Alexander Gutierrez
Alexander Gutierrez 2 dias atrás
At the time 39:50 a orb apeares on top of Sam
Lilah Reed
Lilah Reed 2 dias atrás
Okay but the time when they were using the night vision camera and Sam said there was a flash of light, you can hear a sound that sounds like a phone camera with the flash on when taking a picture. Idk if I’m trippin or not but I can hear it. It happened at 33:20
melissa aguilar
melissa aguilar 2 dias atrás
I absolutely love kian and jc but have of this is stage you can’t even lie
Ghost Dylan
Ghost Dylan 2 dias atrás
Behind you at 15:30
Layla Lawlor
Layla Lawlor 2 dias atrás
Guys at 35:03 I saw something above Sam's head
Ivy_wild 923
Ivy_wild 923 2 dias atrás
After the camera falls there are so many orbs flying around
Genesis Gaitan
Genesis Gaitan 2 dias atrás
Ah shit here we go again 😂
Miaraz 2 dias atrás
39:59 look above everyone and you can see a orb, idk why but i think its a spirit orb, am i the only one that noticed it?
Mary Ngodoki
Mary Ngodoki 2 dias atrás
Colby to spirits: we're back *Camera turns* Kian and Jc: and I oop-
Voidus II
Voidus II 2 dias atrás
25:04 all the way in the back in the right corner there was a girl with black hair peeking around the corner and instantly went back
Chadxfy Smithchyt
Chadxfy Smithchyt 2 dias atrás
omg omg omg sam there was like four long orbs on the shelf
Jade Ambriz
Jade Ambriz 2 dias atrás
Leave a like if they should collab again
Jade Ambriz
Jade Ambriz 2 dias atrás
Collab with kian and Jc
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