The Feitan Zoldyck Theory Explained | New World Review

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5 Jan 2021



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Comentários 2 397
King Leoric
King Leoric Anos atrás
Theory Debunk: Feitan is Levi Ackerman.
Youyou a
Youyou a 13 horas atrás
Theta Fritz
Theta Fritz 2 dias atrás
Precious Ochofie Adaji
I agree 😅
Demnizianaphobia 3 dias atrás
AIT AND HXH IS CONNECTED REAL 1!!! 1! 11!! 1! 1! 1! 1
Rem Raven
Rem Raven 2 meses atrás
Fuck he got us
Goosaphone Anos atrás
I never bought this theory but I found it interesting that in the chimera ant arc, it plays the zoldyck theme when feitan finishes of zazan
OG Cawstro
OG Cawstro Mês atrás
I feel whoever said it was for kalluto when it played the zoldyck music it wouldn’t make much sense since kalluto didnt do anything important in return to meteor city episodes snd i mean feitan was definitely the center of attention
Ethan Retemyer
Ethan Retemyer Mês atrás
I saw that too
Caulrok3 6 meses atrás
@ねこ But why play the theme for a character who's analyzing a fight vs the character that's actually fghting and about to use his full power?
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 8 meses atrás
@ねこ she wasn't doing anything interesting though
JV the Great
JV the Great 11 meses atrás
@Charles Hastings I thought so too! I was like why did he do something similar to Killua
Edwin Torres
Edwin Torres Anos atrás
I love the “Togashi changed his mind” theory. Makes the most practical sense.
okdok gg
okdok gg 2 meses atrás
sad but true.
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 3 meses atrás
@Lavelle Lee I'd say it's really good that you dont get to ignore the Things you start out with; you just shouldnt.
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 3 meses atrás
@Lavelle Lee Well 5 Types can use 5 Types and Specialists can use 6. So?
Lavelle Lee
Lavelle Lee 3 meses atrás
@Nen Master5 anyone can but not everyone. I'm talking about making it where there is no "maybe you'll become a specialist later in life" which a specialist is completely out your control both time wise and what you'll get, or have events like kurapika wanted one aura type but being another ( yes when his eyes turn scarlet he's a specialist. But I'm not aiming for aura types to be lottery systems, where you might not be born a certain way to get the power you want or have to wait an unknown amount of time to get another aura type which honestly won't work like any of the other aura types. With the only examples of specialist being kurapika and chrollo, and type of things they could do, kurapika being able to instantly be a master of all the areas of nen he's learned so far and chrollo able to manifest a book with the ability to steal another's ability, then I would compare specialist to awakening devil fruit since not really common and completely random, crazy op, and is almost a completely different power system
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 3 meses atrás
@Lavelle Lee So you mean a 'never seen-before Way of Combining Types' and not like the THing we see all the time in the show? Like Knuckle combined Emission and Manipulation and countless Others combine Types?
One Really Grumpy Jill
I am not trying to start any theories here BUt the idea of Killua's mom meeting Killua's dad and just going, "Yeah, I will marry you and leave my son here, fuck him" sounds extremely in character for her, somehow.
Tord Lindgren
Tord Lindgren 2 meses atrás
.... you do have a point.
Beng Beng
Beng Beng 2 meses atrás
Its fun and game until you know neferpitou is a boy 🗿🗿🗿
A random monke
A random monke 8 meses atrás
Yea makes sense she started crying tears of joy and happiness when killua threatened to have alluka kill her if they didn’t listen to him
Beyond the Ant
Beyond the Ant 11 meses atrás
RedThunderDan 11 meses atrás
Maybe feitan was presumed dead in some sort of accident when his mom left and she 9nly found out later he was still alive
king of games and anime
Wasn’t Feitan also one of the troupe members who couldn’t get a fortune from lovely ghostwriter because his date of birth is unknown?
Mikeureko 26 dias atrás
@XNorthEast Cap what?
saveone 4 meses atrás
or real name
sonsho shita
sonsho shita Anos atrás
@Jitszu so was killuas mom..
Jitszu Anos atrás
Feitan is also confirmed born in Meteor City since he is one of the Troupe's founding members, so this theory is completely irrelevant.
Diptesh Rai
Diptesh Rai Anos atrás
@weofparadigm I think it’s more like, the troupe members are from meator city where the unwanted are, and this would explain why Feitan doesn’t know his name. No one cared enough to either give him or he was an orphan and wtf. Abandoned etc
Ice Cream Pop Baby
Ice Cream Pop Baby Anos atrás
Don't forget the mother said I won't lose another when Killua left again
Grea Blood
Grea Blood 2 dias atrás
@Ahmed El idrissi her
Zahra 6 meses atrás
Good point, but she could have meant this in regards to losing Kalluto (as Kalluto left a while earlier) or to losing Alluka (many mothers react as if they were cheated out of having a "good" child when they see that they're children have special needs. It's possible she felt similarly, or was emotionally distraught at having to lock up Alluka.)
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 8 meses atrás
Feitan, i believe, choose 1 of 2 simpliest Ways. Remember, Transmuters are Unique in how they always have to keep in mind not to hurt themselves with their own Aura (Remember, Killua is a total exception), so Feitan is using Weak Emission and Strong Conjuration on top of his Transmutation-to-Heat. So his way is Transmutation, Emission and Conjuration. The Other way is Transmutation, Emission and Manipulation. But Manipulation is farhter away, so that’s the prize for having to learn really just very small Emission (you just have to seperate it from yourself, the Rest is just Target-and-Shoot!!) Man, it’s really a Bummer we saw only Noob-Level and Master-Level for Transmutation; and even worse, we just saw overall Transmuters the Leastttt. The Ants were the right time and place for Togashi to give us some mediocre Transmutation-Nen, right?
Undertaker 8 meses atrás
She said to gotoh "He's the ONE CHILD I CANT GIVE UP" that's a big clue imo
csayumi 10 meses atrás
@soda and stars All Zoldyck siblings are biologically male, including Alluka. That's canon. To me Alluka is trans and family that doesn't care about her call her "thing" or by male pronouns. And Killua that cares for her, respects her feelings and use female pronouns.
JudahTheWarrior Anos atrás
This guy is gonna keep the fan base up and running till we get another animated series.
ACE Elysium
ACE Elysium 2 meses atrás
@James Hollister there will be a follow up concerning kurapika
James Hollister
James Hollister 2 meses atrás
@Dev Armstrong we got the series what do you mean
Dev Armstrong
Dev Armstrong 2 meses atrás
We got the series 😈
Sori 7 meses atrás
I don't think we will get any more animated HxH. The anime only seems to portray the original canon that Togashi wrote before changing his mind to keep on writing HxH, which he later on regrets doing.
Matthew Prague
Matthew Prague Anos atrás
@َ Im pretty sure there will be but it can be 4 years/10 years/ 15 years and i will still wait.
Eat your cereal
Eat your cereal Anos atrás
Kikyo got pregnant in meteor city , the father left and she couldn’t take of the child so she gave it away and lost it. That’s why she’s always manipulated and cares about losing about her children, for example when Lilly’s left she started going crazy-it probably some type of ptsd effect
James Hollister
James Hollister 2 meses atrás
Remember that baby that was left in metor city.maybd it was fetian
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 8 meses atrás
Man, it’s really a Bummer we saw only Noob-Level and Master-Level for Transmutation; and even worse, we just saw overall Transmuters the Leastttt. The Ants were the right time and place for Togashi to give us some mediocre Transmutation-Nen, right?
Jed Fein
Jed Fein Anos atrás
He dyed his hair black in his rebellious phase it’s actually white lol
NIKA 6 meses atrás
Wait really?-
Greendofield 8 meses atrás
its supposed to be the other way around, hahaha
MrNobody 9 meses atrás
Dabi things😂
Conman Mcnab
Conman Mcnab Anos atrás
@the smirk god that could also lead to a theory that he didn’t have good enough potential so he was cast out and forced to change his hair
Addy Anos atrás
Sean Cumberbatch
Sean Cumberbatch Anos atrás
Another idea that I have heard of is that for whatever reason, Kalluto got mad at Feitan and in childish nature went to Alluka and wished him out of the family, but Kalluto was the only one with memories of Feitan, which is why he wants to get his brother back, because it was his fault. And also seeing as he had no memories of himself either, so his time spent in meteor city, he made up his name, but doesn't know his own age or date of birth which is why it was never told to us. Also, also, I speculate that the reason Alluka has her hand up in the picture was that she was holding Feitan's hand, but since he was erased, it looks off for Alluka.
Grea Blood
Grea Blood 2 dias atrás
@Bryce Honestly, that’s why I assumed he was talking about Illumi
Grea Blood
Grea Blood 2 dias atrás
That is so interesting!
g1n9_g0t_m1lk 4 dias atrás
Your smart-
Nija Caines
Nija Caines Mês atrás
​@Cali Qm late asf but to add to the original comment we don't get shown much about Kalluto and Alluka's relationship, if they were close like Killua and Alluka then he could have made his wish without consequence or anyone else finding out. Alluka probably saw her younger brother upset and though of this as a chance to be a good big sister. if Fetian is a halfblooded child his treatment in the family was prob different, i 100% believe he would've been shunned by Illumi and maybe Zenos, if Alluka overheard any of this it could've changed her view of Fetain as a zoldyck meaning she would feel little to no remorse to get rid of an imposter, and be a good big sister cheering her younger brother up. cause even if she liked Fetain she wouldn't be killing him just saying goodbye to a friend.
Lynxfang Delvie
Lynxfang Delvie 2 meses atrás
I think he (or she) wants to get back Killua in their family not Feitan and there's some debunks about some theory's that Feitan is a Zoldyck i guess Togashi wants to troll us so he made Feitan but hey we don't know if Feitan is actually a Zoldyck
Way to Dawn
Way to Dawn Anos atrás
I feel Feitan is the half brother to the Zoldyck siblings. Kikyo being pregnant at 14 isn't new territory for Togashi either because in his earlier work Yu Yu Hakusho, Atsuko gave birth to Yusuke at 14. Also both Kikyo and Feitan are from Meteor City so this could very well be possible for this Hunter x Hunter theory.
saveone 4 meses atrás
@Tina Devale Phinks do not conjure Jupiter, it was Bonolenov.
homerman76 4 meses atrás
@Tina Devale That's not really a counterpoint when you consider that every individual can develop their own unique Nen ability, you don't exactly see other Zoldyck member attacking with lightning like Killua does and Gon can't copy abilities like Ging does for instance, so your initial point is kind of invalid. The second point is true, though there's a lot more evidence to the theory than just that so it doesn't really say much. I'm still not personally convinced about the theory (especially the whole abandonment angle since it seems out of character for Silva as he'd be more likely to at least raise Feitan as a butler or something, unless of course there was some reason he could consider Feitan to be more of a threat than an asset.)
Tina Devale
Tina Devale 4 meses atrás
He can literally summon the sun neither of the zoldycks can do anything similar except phinks can summon jupiter so no he aint a zoldyck and just because kikyo is from meteor city don't mean they are related.
Yaya P
Yaya P Anos atrás
@Kerwin Catungal Genetics? Maybe Feitan’s unknown parental figure is short…
mohamed ali
mohamed ali Anos atrás
I would watch a 10 season series about The Phantom Troupe
James Hollister
James Hollister 2 meses atrás
They need to make one.they cab show the clan getting killed.silva killing a member many more plots
Jordan Oh
Jordan Oh Anos atrás
Yaya P
Yaya P Anos atrás
@Alexei Harp I would watch an animated reality show😭😭
Alexei Harp
Alexei Harp Anos atrás
I wouldn't miss any episode from a reality show about them
Deidara Anos atrás
Ikr same lol
Not A Shark
Not A Shark Anos atrás
Have you guys heard the other Zoldyck Child theory? It's quite the story. I'll put the evidence first, and you'll quickly figure out who I'm talking about. 1) One of the most powerful characters in the series. 2) Is known by the Zoldyck family. 3) Very knowledgeable about the Hunter Exam. 4) Name follows the name chain. (IlluMilluKilluAlluKalluTo) 5) Deceptive, as any assassin should be. 6) Amazing survivability. 7) Sharp mind. You know exactly who this is, and now we can confirm it by this amazing evidence. Tonpa is a Zoldyck confirmed. (IlluMilluKilluAlluKalluTonpa)
James Hollister
James Hollister 2 meses atrás
Tonpa ? Sounds familiar can't put imagr yet
Ag Alfino
Ag Alfino 4 meses atrás
Bruh u got me 🤣
・:*:・゚xXCloudyxSxiesxX ・:*:・゚
ngl you had me in the first half XD
Aloysius Lim
Aloysius Lim 10 meses atrás
Nah man tonpa is too overpowered, the zoldyck family can’t compare
Thierry Pierre-Louis
Silva says he doesn't like dealing with the phantom troupe and he can be seen fighting against chrollo. He fought against chrollo because he went to meteor city to kill feitan becuase he found out he was alive and wanted to get rid of him so he isn't tied back to them. And the reason he tells his kids not to mess with the phantom troupe is because he doesn't want them meeting their half brother
saveone 4 meses atrás
Silva didn't mentioned Feitan was his target; and Chrollo said his member was killed by Silva. Since Feitan is still alive, therefore, it wasn't Feitan.
SpaghettiWolf 5 meses atrás
if that was the case then Kalluto wouldn't have joined the Troupe
Undertaker 8 meses atrás
Unfortunately, theory can be debunked by the fact that the Zoldycks pushed Kalluto to join the Phantom Troupe
creamy cream
creamy cream 11 meses atrás
silva DID kill his target though. the former number 8. He ended up fighting chrollo and decided that the Troupe wasn't worth the effort.
Temp 2k
Temp 2k Anos atrás
@Laurentiu.F yea he killed the person
Some Guy
Some Guy Anos atrás
The half brother kinda makes sense with Kalluto since he is *always* with his mother, and she has a huge amount of influence on him, so if he somehow found out that his beloved mother had a child he might consider him more of a brother than the rest of his brothers.
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 meses atrás
@Austin sorry I meant he, since Kalluto is a trap, to be fair it's confusing and I called him "she" only once...
Austin 2 meses atrás
Are they are she or he wtf is this lol
BH Anos atrás
Just to stir the pot a little more, the Zoldyck theme plays when Feitan begins his ability. Coincidence?
quazey Darley
quazey Darley 10 meses atrás
I think not!
creamy cream
creamy cream 11 meses atrás
leorio's theme plays for kurapika and killua at points, and nobunaga's them plays for that rapper guy.
flipnotes are nostalgic
@BH yes! like this theory can put feitan's character into potential for the plot line later. It's kinda hard to wonder why killua would be the brother kalluto would want back. He was so impressed by fei in particular and kalluto joining the troupe is a huge mystery but i feel it's in a relation to feitan i could feel it in my bones (this be like machi's hunches)
NeNe Ka
NeNe Ka Anos atrás
@Michele Mugnos idk i think the Money theme is always just playing when Layoreo is on screen But i get what you mean
Astral Turtle
Astral Turtle Anos atrás
Yes. I remember nobunagas theme playing when Basho first uses his haiku ability.
Daniel3v17 Anos atrás
Maybe killua’s mom didn’t tell Silva that she had a son and just abandoned him with is why she now has children problems
I’ll be right back *
@smexyunderscore oooooooo this makes sense
smexyunderscore Anos atrás
@Supervergil1 BUT! Kikyo has a Son and Mother bond with Kalluto so she prob told him he abandoned a child before she married Silva thats why Kalluta said “Im going to get my brother back”
Supervergil1 Anos atrás
Doesn't sound logical to me due to the unlikely idea of kikyo hiding shit from her husband and revealing it in front of at least her young child. It just doesn't fit the dynamics of the zoldyck family.
TessaBio Anos atrás
sounds logical to me!
Joseph Headley
Joseph Headley Anos atrás
Idk why no one's talking about the fact that Feitan's Nen Ability is also pretty inline with the assassin training that Killua went through. Since Pain Packer relies on Feitan needing to be able to withstand a lot of damage he has to have a high pain tolerance like Killua does.
Baby Gurl eats Shicken nuggits
Also Feitan could've just straight up dyed his hair. Changing both his first and last name isn't out of the ordinary, especially if he didn't want the rest of the family to be able to find him. White hair doesn't seem to be very common in the place where HxH takes places so dying it black would help him blend in more. I personally think that the missing Zoldyke is missing
Jevon Bernard
Jevon Bernard Anos atrás
It also makes a lot of sense when you think of feitans hatsu. The zoldyk kids get tortured constantly so he might have been tossed as a kid when they realized " oh shit we have a kid we can't really punish or else we will all die." If all the troupe members were scared just imagine the first time he used it. That might be why the mother has those bandages as well. Because I'm pretty sure her speciality is torture. That could also be why feitan loves torturing people so much.
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 8 meses atrás
Feitan, i believe, choose 1 of 2 simpliest Ways. Remember, Transmuters are Unique in how they always have to keep in mind not to hurt themselves with their own Aura (Remember, Killua is a total exception), so Feitan is using Weak Emission and Strong Conjuration on top of his Transmutation-to-Heat. So his way is Transmutation, Emission and Conjuration, aye. But other stuff is also possible.
Baby Gurl eats Shicken nuggits
@Hydra honestly that was such a power move on his part
Hydra 10 meses atrás
She had the bandages because of Killua. He slashed her face
Xochitl 10 meses atrás
Fun fact!! Togashi has already created a lost sibling dynamic in YuYu Hakusho with Yukina and Hiei (who Feitan resembles and behaves like so much) Just a fun little insight that makes me even more on board with this theory happening in HxH too
Brage Sørensen
Brage Sørensen Anos atrás
Since the age isn't 100% sure, for all we know Feitan could be a lost twin of Milluki who somehow got separated from the family and raised in Meteor City while still a toddler. This could explain why they have similar eyes and, IIRC your Nen class is somewhat based on your personality (don't flame me if I'm wrong) and that could explain why he isn't a black-haired Manipulator, since he was raised in another family and therefore might have had a change of personality
Gigi Deity
Gigi Deity Anos atrás
I actually can imagine it being the mom's smart decision to give herself a better future but it being very hard for her emotionally and always misses him, Feitan. And Kalluto and the mom is so close maybe she wants him back as a gift. (I could really see Kalluto resenting his father for making their mother do that) I feel like being in meteor city the mom had a rough life and therefore getting pregnant at 14 wouldn't be so crazy or even too dark for the manga.
Nero Anos atrás
I can't be the only person that thought Kalluto was a girl.
ya hype ?
ya hype ? 13 dias atrás
right !
ʀᴏʏᴄᴇ Mês atrás
Omg what-
James Hollister
James Hollister 2 meses atrás
Nakkia a girl, alluka a boy
pat 2 meses atrás
DeepaSugu Anos atrás
I also have a theory supporting this. You Remember the time when Silva called all his sons to gather up and told everyone not to fight the phantom troupe. Maybe he told that after seeing that feitan is a member of the phantom troupe.
pénis poilu kai satou
Kalluto might of really wanted to find his brother because he gets no attention from his other siblings and wants to find someone who will care about him.
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera Anos atrás
This theory sort of inverts the idea of Hiei looking for his sister, Yukina, in YYH. Also, compare Hiei versus Makintaro to Feitan versus Zazan; in the former Yukina is watching Hiei fight not knowing it’s her brother, in the latter, going by the theory, Feitan doesn’t know his sibling is watching him fight (another inversion).
WhiteCourtain 11 meses atrás
I was thinking the same, the parallels to Hiei are insane and also not uncommon for an artist to try and "evolve" a character idea from their previous works into a more fleshed out story, especially with the popularity of Hiei and the tragic lost twin trope, it might be true, but I really think Togashi abandoned it in favour of better ideas
Logan Holmes
Logan Holmes Anos atrás
The first time i watched HxH and saw Feitan, this is exactly what popped in my head. I thought for sure he was a Zoldyck and it would be a plot twist later in the story. Was a bit sad when that didn't happen.
rickjamesia Anos atrás
I sort of agree that Feitan seems a little old for the timeline to be reasonable. I really could see him being Kikyo's brother (or maybe even cousin), since they're both from Meteor City. A 14 year gap is actually a very reasonable gap for siblings (the gap in the Zoldycks is larger). Do we know Kikyo's maiden name? Edit: Also, if he is actually younger than 28, it's entirely possible Kikyo wouldn't even know about him, having already left Meteor City for good, and he wouldn't know that his sister married into the Zoldyck family. Edit 2: Also, Kikyo is an accomplished assassin in her own right. It seems unlikely that a loyal Zoldyck would marry someone who is not skilled in assassination techniques, so she likely learned before meeting Silva. It could be that Kikyo and by extension, possibly Feitan's, original family is also historically a family of assassins based out of Meteor City. In that case, Feitan leaving to join the Phantom Troupe instead of continuing as an assassin would actually make him a less wholesome parallel to Killua's decision to leave the trade. That could also explain why Feitan appears to be more adept than the rest of the Troupe at things like interrogation and torture, as both those skills are shown to be within the purview of professional assassins in the world of Hunter x Hunter.
ノイスレブ Anos atrás
Imo I think "getting my brother back" refers to Killua Kalluto was merely implying strength with the emphasis on ranks and power looking at how strong Feitan is
Helen Zhang
Helen Zhang 2 meses atrás
@Salwa Taleb impossible. chrollo is estimated to be younger than feitan lmfao
Gwen 2 meses atrás
@Helen Zhang uh huh
Helen Zhang
Helen Zhang 2 meses atrás
@Gwen a theory's a theory, it doesn't have to matter all that much just for the story to go on. It could be the backstory of him, and it could be introduced when like the troupe's backstories are being revealed. And sure it obviously won't play a major role but it could explain lots of details that seems bizarre to many (as I said before, kikyo's overprotective tendency, silva's hatred towards the troupe, and the missing boy in the family photo)
Gwen 2 meses atrás
@Helen Zhang what point would there be for that though? like why would feitan be a zoldyck? if he was a zoldyck, what difference would it make? why would that matter to the story?
Helen Zhang
Helen Zhang 2 meses atrás
@Gwen anyways, hxh is coming back. We can see which one of us is correct when togashi confirms their backstory. Not saying I'm 100% correct, but I wouldn't say my theory is necessarily "making no sense" either. :)
Haley Nguyen
Haley Nguyen Anos atrás
So if kikyo actually gave birth to feitan at the age of 14, maybe she abandoned him because she was too young? Assuming he’s the half brother.
Monster Voice
Monster Voice Anos atrás
If that halfbrother theory is true (including the fact that Alluka was written as a deux ex machina). It's more likely that Feitan is Kikyo's child. Cause at the zoldyck arch while talking with Gotho alone in the garden she said something about Killua being the and i quote "the only child i can't give up nomatter what". And she said this right after arguing with her husband about Killua leaving. It's a bit sus of her to say this in such type of topic. Unless she still holds badblood and burried guilt about leaving her first child behind. That would also kinda support her crazy sensitive attitudes about her children going outside her reach and control. If she was 14 and with child, it wouldnt seem odd of a 14 y.o teen living in the litteral slums to give up a child to marry into a rich home.
Mochigiri Anos atrás
In the zazan fight he also did that thing Killua does when he looks like he’s in multiple places at once, so he’s more zoldyck in fighting style so maybe he was just trained by a zoldyck
Chrxmeboyrex Anos atrás
One of the siblings in the family could of been angry/reckless and asked alluka to wish feitan out of the family which makes sense on why no one has any memories with or recognizes him
Número Perdido
Número Perdido Anos atrás
My theory is that this whole thing with Kaluto will be a "Togashi Forgot" moment.
Ryan Long
Ryan Long Anos atrás
A theory I had at one point was that perhaps Feitan was the son of Kikyo and Silva found both of them in meteor city and then decided to marry her. Then one of 3 things happened. 1. Kikyo abandoned her son since she had found a new and better life without him which would be in character for her and would make since as to why Feitan has a negative view of families. 2. Feitan didn't want to be part of the family and left on his own for whatever reason or 3. He joined the family and was a member of their family for a long time, but when Kalluto was born something went wrong. This would probably be either Feitan made Kalluto angry in some way, or maybe Kikyo favorited Feitan too much and that upset Kalluto because he wanted to be her favorite or something, but either way it resulted in Kalluto going to Alluka to wish Feitan out of the family (which I know is a theory others have had before) because he wanted to be his mom's favorite/have all his mom's attention. Perhaps Kalluto even wished to replace Feitan as his mother's favorite, since in the actual series we see that the mom spends the most time with Kalluto and somewhat projects onto Kalluto the most. I don't know, there might be parts of this that don't make sense as Hunter x Hunter is hard to theorize about, but that's just been my theory for awhile, but you're probably right about the fact that Togashi just changed his mind/never intended for him to be part of the family in the first place.
Kavanah The Stoic
Kavanah The Stoic Anos atrás
This could be GREAT for the future of the show. Imagine feitan being a zoldyck. Now kurapika has not only the phantom troupe to worry about , but potentially putting the entire family after him as well as his close friend killua. Theory
Xer 4 meses atrás
thinking hxh has a future hahahaha funny
Gamerly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Gamerly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 6 meses atrás
True but that could also happen because of kalluto and illumi
Baby Gurl eats Shicken nuggits
Kilua wouldn't really give a shit as long as Kurapika doesn't lay a hand on his little sister
Kavanah The Stoic
Kavanah The Stoic 10 meses atrás
@ok mmk
ok 10 meses atrás
cap killua would not care abt feitan
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy Anos atrás
I wonder if Illumi's obsession with Killua stems from his losing his other brother (Feitan)
gachikoi 4 mumei
gachikoi 4 mumei Anos atrás
There's also the fact that the zoldyck theme song was playing during his fight with zazan
BH Anos atrás
@Dr. Zaman that's what Togashi wants you to think
gachikoi 4 mumei
gachikoi 4 mumei Anos atrás
@Dr. Zaman it was still during his fight
Dr. Zaman
Dr. Zaman Anos atrás
Bruh it was for kalluto i think he was watching feitan and first person 60 fps
STAY Anos atrás
This theory is so interesting The answer of so many questions and at the same time is quit problematic especially the hair thing..Feitan needs a white hair so he can be a pure Zoldyck but if he's just related to Killua's Mother then its okey for him to have a black hair..this is the problem he's not a Zoldyck he's just a half brother if this's true
K 6 meses atrás
Feitan was an absolute beast. easily in my top 3 favorite hunters
Henry Castillo
Henry Castillo Anos atrás
He might be related to killua's mom since she's from meteor city
Gummy gamble2.0
Gummy gamble2.0 3 meses atrás
It’s a big possibility. Kikyo would’ve been left to fend for herself in meteor city. An ‘abandoned place’ I read a theory that since Kikyo was left to survive by herself in meteor city she had to do whatever she could. And one of those things was prostitution. And she ended up getting pregnant and that’s how feitan was born. And then when Silvia saw interest in Kikyo she left him in meteor city so she wouldn’t have to live in poverty. Of course this is nothing more than a theory but it does make a lot of sense, to me at least.
lala mc lala
lala mc lala 11 meses atrás
@IronicJason the visor is a result of being stabbed in the face by her prodigal son whom she is proud of for doing so.
Raghav Lohia
Raghav Lohia Anos atrás
Killuas butler was from meteor city (the small girl one ) saw that ep today only
IronicJason Anos atrás
And she has a visor cus she accidentally looked at feitan's conjured sun
Nagihoe cumeada
Nagihoe cumeada Anos atrás
@Ayveh NOOOOOO feitan is not hes to yong he has a different last name and hes not married.
Why u look at meh
Why u look at meh Anos atrás
Whenever you mentioned that Togashi could've been hinting in the manga that Feitan was the mystery Zoldyck brother because the picture was shown in the manga before we met Alluka, I remembered that the anime showed silhouettes of the Zoldyck family members, in which Alluka was also shown. So there are two possibilities, the first one being that the anime wants to create something different and decided to hint Alluka's existence from the beginning, or Togashi wanted to confuse us. The latter seems more realistic and something Togashi would definitely do, however the former is a possibility I'm considering after watching this video.
Enas r
Enas r 5 meses atrás
I really love the half brother theory. I always assumed Kalluto either meant Killua or Illumi. There was this scene where he was watching Killua and Gon that made me think Kalluto was always lonely and wanted to be closer to killua who is always feeling disloyal to the family so kalluto what kalluto meant by "getting my brother back" is winning killua's loyalty back and assisting him in succeeding the family, after all Kalluto was always shown to be the most obedient Zoldayk child. If he meant Illumi it may perhaps be Kalluto wanting be the family's successor and "getting his brother back" means wanting to prove himself to illumi and winning his support over killua and inherit the family's business because he feels the most devoted to being an assassin. After all with Alluka and miluki being ruled out, Killua shows no interest in being an assassin.
Nugget San
Nugget San Anos atrás
I have two theories. 1. With the names maybe feitan has a silent I making it feitani. Definitely not backed up just and idea. 2. Alluka made his family forget ( memory wiped) feitan becuase of something he did. And sent him to the junk place where no one could find him and look for him and never make a connection to the zoldyk family. And maybe the reason the other sister remembers is because of just that. There sisters and alluka didnt want to her to forget what feitan did or always remember whatever he did. Just my thoughts and ideas.
Robert Dancs
Robert Dancs 5 meses atrás
I actually remember that it was told that silvia once killed a member of the phantom troupe maybe that one was the father of feitan and kikyo husband So she just decided to go with the winner (Silva)
Thestalost 4 meses atrás
That sound# on brand for Togashi: Hey, remember that throwaway line Silva had about killing a Phantom Troupe member? Bet you didn't think it will tight into a future plot!
Evaggelos Georgouleas
Personally I believe that feitan is the red herring, and the true missing zoldyck is chrollo. I believe there is a missing zoldyck, due to a recent re watch, where kikio tells gotoh when killua leaves with gon, that he is the one child she will not give up or lose. I don't really have obvious solid evidence, but I see similarities with chrollo and silva, kaluto and killua. And though I'm not sure completely I'm believe you can anagram his name to make the zoldyck surname (but I am not certain of this) I don't think he has memories of this and maybe he has some sort of hazy memories, which is why he struggles with identity.. Again sheer speculation here 😅 it's a gut feeling of sorts, but I think the missing zoldyck in the troupe was planned, it's just going to take time... (though yes I know kikio could possibly be referring to alluka)
Akagami Shanks
Akagami Shanks Anos atrás
feitan is silva and chrollos child that's why they glare at each other when they fought
uto is my waif
uto is my waif 11 meses atrás
Duuuuude, no way
jonalyn tolentino
jonalyn tolentino 11 meses atrás
wtf gHAHAH
Istaka 11 meses atrás
Bruh don't do this to me 😂
ImRu1ing Anos atrás
How wt
Akagami Shanks
Akagami Shanks Anos atrás
Maybe silva is the girl formely silva requested to alluka or something to make him a man that's why he locked up alluka in their house to protect his secret
katykat978 Anos atrás
I feel like it makes sense if killuas mom had feitan, abandoned him at a young enough age that he wouldn’t remember his birthday, let alone his name, and ran off with Zoldyck Daddy. She would have had him at 14, which I think is an age that if you got pregnant in a place such as Metor City and since we don’t know if she even had family or her circumstances, she would abandon her baby. I think that’s part of the reason she wants to have her kids near. She already abandoned one of her kids, she’s not gonna let the other ones go so quickly.
Treston Anderson
Treston Anderson Anos atrás
I honestly to God, think Feitan was adopted into the family due to most likely his high skill at a young age. I also think something happened within the family causing him to leave. The cause could be that someone in the family didn't except him as a family member and that pushed him to leave or get removed from the family.
Device Detective
Device Detective Anos atrás
Here is a new theory. Kikyo was married to a criminal who abducted her and got her pregnant at a young age. She hated her husband for destroying her life, so she hired Silva to kill her husband. After the deed is done, she cannot pay him, so she offers herself to Silva, who she admires and has fallen in love with. He accepts but only if she abandons the child, which she did without hesitation, since she hated her rapist and abductor and the child she bore for him. What do you guys think?
Chris Hall
Chris Hall Anos atrás
I think the brother that Kalluto wants to get back is Killua because it would make their mom happy and we saw that Kalluto is usually in close proximity of his mom most of the time when Gon and the others went to get Killua from his family.
James Hollister
James Hollister 2 meses atrás
But why joining the troop would do that
TempheX 10 meses atrás
When the chapter came out and Kalluto said that he wants his brother back, I was 100% that he meant Killua because Kalluto left the family after Killua went traveling with Gon.
Layla -
Layla - 8 meses atrás
Yeah, i just assumed this too though i didn't understand how joining the troupe was supposed to help with that. But to me it was obvious at that moment that Kalluto meant Killua
Sonali Das
Sonali Das Mês atrás
Though I'm sticking to Feitan being related to the mom theory but keeping that aside, Feitan was shown to speak Chinese during his fight with Zazan right? And Zeno's outfit and moustache somewhat suggest Chinese origins as well.
elimanator Anos atrás
Awesome Video! Love your Hunter Hunter Content. Was interesting to find out that Silva and Zeno were transmuters. they just seem like the best emiters both using obvious blast like attacks, weird that they are definded as "transforming their aura" easier to make the argument with zeno i suppose but Silva, he just fires giant balls? so i guess there are no emitters worth a damn in the series yet lol
PHOENIX 007 21 dia atrás
When zeno and silva fought chrollo in the yorknew city arc, we get to know that it wasn't silva's first time fighting chrollo. Myabe it was something related to feitan when led them to fight
Joseph Perales
Joseph Perales 4 meses atrás
I also believe that the fact he said “family whats that” is also a subtle hint that he is related to killua
Jamie H.
Jamie H. Mês atrás
Just another minor addition. In episode 25 of 2011, Kikyo says to Gotoh about Killua, “he is the one child I won’t/shall not give up!” This is probably a general statement, but if we stretch we could apply it to this theory.
Jay Sivakumaran
Jay Sivakumaran Anos atrás
i always thought this when i saw him cut of the head of the mafia member in york new arc which looked killua like. he also mentioned “family, i don’t know anything about that” so i just assumed that would be revealed later in the show
nanalan420 Anos atrás
I was always assuming that kaluto was trying to grow to get killua back for the mom cause she was never really happy about his leaving
RosieBrie 5 meses atrás
I am fond of the idea that he was Kikyo's son, abandoned in Meteor City when she met and married Silva (perhaps wanting to start her life anew, she left all remnants of the past, including a bastard child from a teenage pregnancy, behind). But I do agree that if the theory of Feitan being connected to the Zoldycks in some way ever had merit, 'Togashi changed his mind' is our most likely answer. 😅
Tibor Sipos
Tibor Sipos Anos atrás
Illumi could place a manipulating needle into Kalluto believing Feitan is a brother... for... plots... If Togashi want to he could fill this plothole.
Gufo 11 meses atrás
@i need a hug and boba Could always create/unveil a reason to. For example, to keep tabs on Hisoka (who he didn't know was kicked out yet), or in a similar vein to how Silva sent Killua to Heaven's Arena to train ("Join the Phantom Troupe to become strong"). That said, I feel as though it's unlikely.
i need a hug and boba
But there won't be a reason for him to, and the idea of putting a needle in a sibling's head (Killua) was actually Silva's and not Illumi's. Maybe Silva found out about Feitan and ordered Illumi to manipulate his older bro into forgetting that he's a Zoldyck...idk
Patrick Zalatoris
Patrick Zalatoris 6 meses atrás
to be honest, does it truly matter what hair color a zoldyk is to determine their nen category? I mean its possible if feitan is a long lost zoldyk brother, he could have been abandoned as a failure heir, not because of his nen category, but for having mainly kikyos genes i.e. black hair, but also being a transmuter at the same time, maybe something about that is why he was abandoned
lucindaa 7 meses atrás
I remember hearing somewhere that Kalluto may have been so inclined on finding Feitan (assuming Feitan is his brother) because Kalluto is close with Kikyo. During the Zoldyck Family arc, Kalluto and Kikyo are always standing beside each other, so it can be assumed that they have a close relationship. Of course, this doesn’t really have much evidence to back it up, but it explains some things.
Vaqu 2 meses atrás
Silva might've gotten disappointed that the child dosen't have white hair and then proceed to dump Feitan in Meteor City, but he later realized that that's just wasteful and didn't throw his future black-haired children away If we go along with this theory then he must've realized that a Phantom Troupe member is his abandoned child when he was hired to kill one of them, and eventually one day after realizing his mistake he told Kalluto to infiltrate their ranks and somehow get Feitan back to the Zoldyck family, since i don't see why he'd tell something like the stroy of an abandoned brother to his children instead of keeping it a secret, so it must've been his idea to bring Feitan back, not Kalluto's
Propesyonal Anos atrás
When illumi was talking to hisoka inside the restobar blimp saying he wants to eliminate another zoldyeck brother, the alluka thing was happening and illumi made it clear to hisoka that this brother can kill both gon and killua.
Draego Anos atrás
I won't be surprised if Togashi just forgot it. Because he is Togashi.
Just Someone here
Just Someone here 9 meses atrás
@Willow and Christine Wyman Chase why the emojis
Ruperto D Perez
Ruperto D Perez Anos atrás
I’m dead
Willow and Christine Wyman Chase
I- that sounds like him 😃🤚 because togashi is just himself 🗿🗿
ᴍᴏʀᴛʏ Anos atrás
Imagine meeting togashi and asking him about hxh and he says “what... OHHHH I FORGOT SHIT SHIT SHIT I GOTTA GET BACK TO WRITING”
lil ivana
lil ivana Anos atrás
DarkH1o Anos atrás
I remember when Silva was fighting chrollo he got a flashback of the last time they fought it was a place with junk and dust it looked like meteor city
Nedim Demirhan
Nedim Demirhan Anos atrás
Yes it was in meteor city and an unknown phantom troupe member was killed by silva, then shizuku joined replacing the killed member (number 8)
MogusBogus Anos atrás
My brain is going so many ways right now- So imagine that Feitan is a brother for example. I don’t think he would of stayed with the family for that long. Mainly because it obvious Illumi was the guinea pig. Just looking at Illumi, how he acts, how he does things. It’s obvious. Feitan is 4 years older than Illumi. So the theory that Feitan was a half brother made more sense. However this creates problems for people, mostly kurapika. Yes, many times Killua says he hates his family. And that he wants to trap and kill his family. But by looking at it, Killua would never let someone kill his family. Killua has a soft heart. Even if they brought him so much trouble, he would never be able to forgive himself. Illumi himself literally says that when he dies he will always haunt Killuas heart. And we see that Killua has a special place for Illumi in his heart in the Phantom Rouge movie. Since 2/5 known Zoldyck kids are in the phantom troupe then I don’t think Killua would just let Kurapika kill them all. And if it is revealed that Feitan and Killua were related, I don’t think Killua would let Kurapika kill Feitan. Which would cause trouble to Kurapika. Or, Feitan is just Feitan. And that he isn’t apart of the Zoldyck at all. Yes, he looks VERY much alike the family. Very close to milluki. That could just be a coincidence. Unlike people, it’s hard for authors to create a bunch of different people. And having black spiky hair is fairly common in animes. Idk lmao
Danur livin on Prayer
Danur livin on Prayer 6 meses atrás
i think you should make silva hidden agenda. i mean he build kilua diferently than all his brother and silva himself. also it is becuase killua will inherently the familly business. so maybe he will have or experience something so he choose to inherently their family business
BSD Fan 6 meses atrás
My guess could be that Feitan is a relative of Kikiyo such as a younger brother or a cousin or something that way the age could match up if he really is 28 and also still make him related to the Zoldycks although he wouldn’t be a Zoldyck himself
Ronald Anos atrás
When Kalluto said he'd do anything to get his brother back I thought he was talking about Killua because he left...guess I missed the part about the missing sibling? Aw HxH is so fun I love this show 😍
Darien Striz
Darien Striz Anos atrás
I knew Feitan was the brother in the pic the day I saw it for the first time. The hair was literally the giveaway for me. It's very plausible Feitan Zoldyck left home early as a child and found his way to meteor city. Where he in turn would meet Chrollo and the rest of the original founders of the Spider.
Charlie 5 meses atrás
Another peice of evidence is when (in the 2011 anime) it's mentioned that Feitan can't get his fortune done by Neon's stolen ability. For a refresher, her ability requires that the user have the persons name, birthday and blood type. It would be easy to learn Feitans blood type leaving two possibilities for what he does not know, if Killuas dad were also his dad (I forget his name) and Feitan were abandoned at the age of four, then it stands to reason that he would not know his given name or his birthday.
sabye 20 dias atrás
Well to be fair feitan being a half-brother wouldn't be impossible, because kalluto always follows around kikyo, and maybe kikyo accidentally let it slip OR was comfortable enough to say that they actually had a half brother, leading to kalato to thought of it, infront of the fighting feitan. Which could lead to two reasons for that, 1 kikyo Begged kalluto to get him back as she trys to convince Silva and Geno to let him be a zoldyck. or 2 kalluto wanted to get him back just because for the sake of it because he is still her older brother, even if its only half.
Chew Lew
Chew Lew 10 meses atrás
Personally I always though Feitan might be apart of the Zoldycks. In the early episodes of the Phantom Troupe arc you see Feitan killing an auction member in a very similar way that Killua kills.
Carter Gleeson
Carter Gleeson Anos atrás
Just want to say. His name would have to be Feitan Porter, since when Chrollo stole Neon's power in the Phantom Troupe arc, for him to write fortunes for each of the members of the spider he needed their full name? I might be wrong.
mason pinheiro
mason pinheiro Anos atrás
What about Feutan's rage speech ? Was there ever an explanation for that ? I always thought that would be a key to his backstory, perhaps he is a half brother and he got the odd speech from his mothers side ?
Jianna Bielby
Jianna Bielby Anos atrás
the amount of times when u was watching hxh and noticed a concept or a scene and thought “wow just this in itself could literally be its own anime”
wgandh 6 meses atrás
I always thought Feitan was a Zoldyck because he spoke Chinese, looked like Killua and used the clone technique as well a similar assassin-like style of fighting. The Zoldycks, especially Zeno look like they are modelled after Chinese Kung Fu practitioners. I literally didn't know up until now that the 2011 anime adaptation added that claw-like hand in the Yorknew arc. This puts the nail in the coffin.
StoneSommun Anos atrás
Wouldn't it mean that if Feitan was the one in the family picture, he would've undergone the same training the other siblings went through? On the page that the English voice actor is holding provides some (non-confirmed) information about him as a character that says something about him being poor in wording and grammar, while the Zoldyck family is highly educated. But this could also mean that because of his loss of memory he might have suffered a brain-related injury causing loss of speech and memory? Maybe I'm overthinking a bit too much here
Simon Aceto
Simon Aceto Anos atrás
Thanks for the video but I'm still not gonna believe it. I still think that Kalluto was trying to retrieve Kil. That's just based on what has been written so far. If Togashi comes out an writes that Feitan is a half brother or something then the fact that Kil’s mom is from metor city would make half sense
James Anthony Batulan
James Anthony Batulan 10 meses atrás
He's got already the same face and height since the founding of the phantom troupe so that age makes it more credible. Also, he's not a transmuter nor a manipulator. Remember pain packer? It also has other forms. It was a form of manifestation, hence, conjuring.
SamTheGumMan 117
SamTheGumMan 117 Anos atrás
I believe he is I mean Killua and Feitan have a lot of drip
Istaka Anos atrás
yeah this is the legit way to understand someone
Esihle Cwele
Esihle Cwele Anos atrás
yes. you are right
goldツ Anos atrás
@SamTheGumMan 117 no it’s drip
SamTheGumMan 117
SamTheGumMan 117 Anos atrás
@Mister S more so like their clothes and style but that works too XD
Mister S
Mister S Anos atrás
Drip from the blood falling of their hands after their kills?
The StoneMan
The StoneMan 6 meses atrás
Interesting theory, but you seem to be forgetting that Hisoka's bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum.
Megumi Maria Morow
Megumi Maria Morow Anos atrás
I’m having this weird thought that Feitan might be Kikyo and Gotoh’s son. He ain’t a Zoldyck tho hmm. Gotoh and Feitan’s eyes are so similar and there are some scenes which Kikyo and Gotoh have their own time hehehehe Feel free to correct me guys! 😁
Megumi Maria Morow
Megumi Maria Morow 6 meses atrás
@Emma Miller well how about Kikyo? Does she also have nen ability? Hmmm
Emma Miller
Emma Miller 7 meses atrás
What's crazy about this is that Gotoh actually came from Meteor City also which totally gives credibility to the thought of him being the father, additionally, when Kikyo and Gotoh are speaking alone on the Zoldyck estate after Silva and Zeno agree to let Killua leave, Kikyo says something I thought was interesting that would also support this theory. She says "He is the one child I shall NOT give up." This could hint that she was forced to give up Feitan. One thing that this theory does not cover is still Feitans nen ability since Gotoh is an enhancer, not a transmuter or a manipulator.
Nedim Demirhan
Nedim Demirhan Anos atrás
Wait- can you tell me the scenes of Kikyo and Gotoh? I can't remember lol
Ana Miramin
Ana Miramin Anos atrás
Omg, after reading so much comments and replied i got an idea on what if feitan is one of the zoldyck (silva siblings) that when to the dark continent for a mission or so but failed and due to the dark continent creatures power, it changed feitan appearances (from some look like silva to the look like milluki), made him lost his memories and sent him to meteor city.. and the reason he looks so much like milluki probably bcoz he's the zoldyck family guy and illumi and milluki are the nephews back then and while being struck by the power of dark continent creatures, he thought he's gonna die so the faces of his family appears before his eyes and milluki was the last he saw.. LOL
ɾɪɴ Anos atrás
he is related to the family but not in a sibling type of way , it says on a lot of websites I’ve been on that Feitan is actually a cousin.
DAN Tu Anos atrás
I don't think silva would abandon his kid. I like the theory that kykyo abandon feitan
Megumi Maria Morow
Megumi Maria Morow Anos atrás
@Andrew Manook agree!
Andrew Manook
Andrew Manook Anos atrás
Especially a son since Silva wants a successor.
Trevor Adams
Trevor Adams 5 meses atrás
What if Kikio confided in kaluto that her only regret was abandoning her first son in meteor city since kikio and kaluto are close compared to her with her other children
Emma Miller
Emma Miller 7 meses atrás
Another coincidence is that one of Feitans interests/specialties is torture, and each Zoldyck experiences/is taught torture.
King James
King James Anos atrás
It also wouldn't make sense that, that was alluka in the photo, for one alluka is too big, she is not only younger but shorter than killua yet she is depicted taller in the photo? That wouldn't make sense, also we know she was outcasted by the rest of the family so why would they suddenly want to take a picture with her?
ShinyKyu Anos atrás
Except Alluka is not taller than Killua in the photo. She’s definitely taller than Kalluto, but she’s only MAYBE the same height as Killua. With her standing in further in the back, we can’t tell for sure.
Nova Lockwood
Nova Lockwood Anos atrás
to be fair, hxh plays with some pretty heavy themes, and meteor city is a pretty prominent pseudo-setting (because not much actually physically takes place there in the story itself) for those kind of things. for a meteor city child, i would be ready to believe kiyoko gave birth at fourteen. that kinda stuff happens in those kinds of places
Yoav Anos atrás
What if Silva's "Never betray your friends" comes as a hindsight resolve of Feitna's abandonment?
Nen Master5
Nen Master5 8 meses atrás
Feitan, i believe, choose 1 of 2 simpliest Ways. Remember, Transmuters are Unique in how they always have to keep in mind not to hurt themselves with their own Aura (Remember, Killua is a total exception), so Feitan is using Weak Emission and Strong Conjuration on top of his Transmutation-to-Heat. So his way is Transmutation, Emission and Conjuration. The Other way is Transmutation, Emission and Manipulation.
Salamat Hesus At Biyernes Ulit
Feitan actually looks like a thinner Miluki. Also, he does not know his real name and birthday, that is why Chrollo can't use lovely ghost writer ability on him. He might be the estranged son of Kikyo, she is also originally from meteor city.
oazer Anos atrás
id like to add something on! feitan is the only one in the phantom troupe that we know of that can do the assassin walk (where afterimages appear) he demonstrates this during his fight with the ant
Nick Snow
Nick Snow Anos atrás
New theory: Hisoka is Gons brother
AgarWorstPlayer 9 meses atrás
I have a theory, Ging doesn't exist. Gon is so strong he created a father with nen. Ging is his nen trying to direct him to dark continent where everything can be created
osman zubeir
osman zubeir 9 meses atrás
Actually I have a theory that hisoka is sent by ging to monitor gons progress , I base my theory that hisoka was there in every time gon needed to upgrade. The hunter exam first in which gon wouldn’t have passed without hisoka then hisoka also helped him in the heavens arena and many more times . There is a reoccurring theme among gings students there are 2 we know of at the moment . 1. Razor 2. Kite and they both share a theme of joker or a clown type theme . Razors 13 devils ability all wear jester joker type of attire , kites ability conjures a clown . Hisoka a deadly clown a very drastic similarity but most importantly hisoka was looking for ging in the election ark and we all assumed it was to measure his strength but he never stated or even alluded to that it was actually like he already knew him and only wanted to see him .
Pink Blossom
Pink Blossom 10 meses atrás
Hisoka is gons mother
AgarWorstPlayer 11 meses atrás
It must be Ging thought Gon would end up as Hisoka and gave up
Orgio GL
Orgio GL Anos atrás
and Gons mother is Joker
Chief bologna
Chief bologna Anos atrás
I’m actually on the boat that thinks that Feitan is actually Silva’s brother instead of Killua’s
scaramochiie Anos atrás
@Chief bologna ohhh
Chief bologna
Chief bologna Anos atrás
@BH well, not really idk lets see, basically im referring to how most Zoldyck's first name ends in an initial: Maha, Zeno, Silva, Kikyo, Illumi, Milluki, Killua, Alluka and Kalluto. The only one without an initial at the end is Zigg, we also don't know his relation to the zoldycks, other than that he is in fact a zoldyck himself. 1/9 known members first name does not end in an initial, that's very interesting, at least to me. Other than the ones mentioned, there is still 4 names not mentioned in the family tree we have currently; Maha's partner, their kid and its partner, and finally Zeno's partner. There's an obvious trend here in naming, however there's only one outlier that we know of (Zigg), which makes it possible for there to be others too (in this case, Feitan). Since there's a whole generation unidentified (Maha's kid, Zeno's parents), there leaves a possibility that Feitan is from that lineage. We also know that Maha does not interact with the family often and that this could have been a trait inherited by his son, or Maha could have abandoned him altogether, possibly Zigg or even Feitan (brother/son of Zigg?) in this situation. Anyway this is just something that has been in the back of my mind ever since I learned of Maha and Zigg, as with any theory, it has holes and problems with it, but its my theory and as such I treat it as a child so I like to thing it is correct, although it probably is not. Anyway this is what im referring to in much more detail!
BH Anos atrás
@Chief bologna the name thing is only for the kids
Chief bologna
Chief bologna Anos atrás
@Mommy Boa yeah I’m only convinced cause of how Netero was so old but looked the same age as Zeno, also how there’s a zigg zolydyck who breaks the name trend they have for first names. So my theory would be that he uses nen to make himself younger, he’s probably Silva’s brother or even his cousin (like the offspring of Zigg zoldyck??), he left the family to do his own thing (like zigg and killua, possibly maha?). It would explain why no one recognizes him, except for Silva and Zeno. It would explain why his age is a mystery. It would explain his abilities in terms of physical and nen. It would also explain his appearance as well as his attitude in general. The only thing I feel is missing from it being factual is more information on zigg and maha
Chief bologna
Chief bologna Anos atrás
@scaramochiie I think he’s referring to the kalluto situation and how he is a boy who is made to look like a female, that or vice versa it was worded weird but that was what I took away from it
chilllzone Anos atrás
Half brother from Killua’s mom makes the most sense.
D3fiant Anos atrás
@da Gan I mean he wouldn’t necessarily be Zoldyck but he would still be killua and his siblings brother
da Gan
da Gan Anos atrás
@Juho Tapojärvi and it's irrelevant cause kykio family isn't zoldyck and not important, so would be a stupid plot twist with 0 effect.
da Gan
da Gan Anos atrás
not a zoldyck then, so it would be irrelevant...
X_KINGNETO_ X Anos atrás
Yes exactly
Dalton Orvis
Dalton Orvis Anos atrás
@Sovereign makes sense that he's not zoldyck blood, but a half siblings who learned of the zoldyck family and their abilities. Could be why he uses his Nen to enhance his hands to imitate the zoldyck family abilities. Half sibling on his mothers side makes the most sense. If he was zoldyck blood, he would likely be able to naturally manipulate his hands the way the rest of the zoldycks do.
Yakir Youngelson
Yakir Youngelson Anos atrás
Also in chapter 377 page 8 when illumi is asked to intreduse himself to the trupe he says that kilua and kalluto are hes only brothers he dosent mantion nobody else, maybe that was intended for Faitan
Emille Lee
Emille Lee Anos atrás
I really thought milluka was feitan bc there was a scene that milluka went out the zoldyck mansion with the air balloon and then not long after that, "feitan" was introduced. Also I thought they sounded alike
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