The evolution of SpaceX's Starship (with explosions!)

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Elon Musk's rocket company first began developing working prototypes of the Starship rocket in early 2019 at Boca Chica, Texas. The goal is to build a fully functional reusable rocket that can one day journey to the Moon and Mars. Check out our supercut of the many iterations of Starship up to the latest successful launch and landing of SN15.

0:00 Starhopper
1:00 Starship SN5
1:58 Starship SN6
2:51 Starship SN8
4:49 Starship SN9
6:23 Starship SN10
8:02 Starship SN11
8:21 Starship SN15

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13 Mai 2021



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シRyder Hora atrás
Without elon who knows where we would be for space travel right now. Elon has carried the space travel for such a decent amount of time now
Mario Antoine
Mario Antoine 22 horas atrás
Much money is smoked, but it is necessary for the up the cience.
sagar patel
sagar patel Dia atrás
Elon musk is Alien 👽
Webmaster 2 dias atrás
Never give up
Any Key
Any Key 3 dias atrás
Так это же пепелац!
Alejandro Bula Castaño
Definitivamente esto es otro nivel menos mal nací en el momento indicado
M 5 dias atrás
4:46 yasss
BoB Productions
BoB Productions 5 dias atrás
3:28 why do they need to release it?
ChinaVirus 6 dias atrás
The music sounds like the intro to stranger things on Netflix
彪 馬
彪 馬 6 dias atrás
Pau Calaf
Pau Calaf 6 dias atrás
2:04 alli se solto una pieza que salio volando, tengan cuidado.
Pau Calaf
Pau Calaf 6 dias atrás
1:58 estan haciendo volar depositos de leche?
Kevin Reeves
Kevin Reeves 6 dias atrás
That is out of this world
Sammy_Wolf 8 dias atrás
For people who reading when we are already in mars: Sup, this started like this, IN THE EARTH.
Ramfer trader
Ramfer trader 8 dias atrás
Can you imagine 10 of it togther , what they can send to the space
Ramfer trader
Ramfer trader 8 dias atrás
What people don't know is that this ships are only part of something bigger.
V A 10 dias atrás
Пипелац без гравицапы ;)
ᜰꫀꪶꪶꪑꪮ 10 dias atrás
На Марсе кислорода нет) Удачи
marcos gouveia
marcos gouveia 11 dias atrás
Quem vai para Marte, dá um like.
Jose Maria Martinez
Jose Maria Martinez 13 dias atrás
Muy buenas animaciones, muy reales.
fosge 14 dias atrás
Nice fake this is CGI effects 😂😂😂
Tuuminshz 13 dias atrás
Go to Boca chica
Satoshi Oota
Satoshi Oota 14 dias atrás
Just beautiful. Congrats on your success!
Da Ex
Da Ex 15 dias atrás
That’s so amazing engineering ! Bravo to all SpaceX teams !
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 16 dias atrás
I always forget about sn11. May you rest in pieces.
Mujo Arnautovic
Mujo Arnautovic 16 dias atrás
As Fernando Alonso said What a Joke!
Nalgas Aplaudiendo
Nalgas Aplaudiendo 17 dias atrás
Should have mixed this with Star Trek theme music.
VITKO MUSIC 17 dias atrás
They took. music ideas from gam3. called Eve online :)
Dwydd 19 dias atrás
This spaceship communicates something not human, unnatural
Leonard 20 dias atrás
Wow, I didn't remember that they had already started building the OLM when SN6 flew And it's crazy if you now think about it, that they went from flying the flying grain silo SN6 to the almost successful flight of SN8 in only 3 (!) months
Leonard 18 dias atrás
@Lazy person 32 This is development in the spaceflight industry, compare it to other craft's development time in that field
Lazy person 32
Lazy person 32 20 dias atrás
3 months i is way to much for me Like seriously you got a tin can flying with 3 months of work
TheOmega59 23 dias atrás
Music ?
Nice AD Plus
Nice AD Plus 23 dias atrás
good is important
АКУЛА ЯСЕНЬ 23 dias atrás
Great rockets.
sly 23
sly 23 23 dias atrás
we must find a way to travel to the stars, if we are to survive as a species. we are destroying our very sensitive planet. god help us.
Epicon 6
Epicon 6 24 dias atrás
Sweet. Only 90 years to go when we can succesfully land on the moon.
2K7U 19 dias atrás
This is simply false
Erin Capron
Erin Capron 25 dias atrás
I wonder what they will do with Star hopper after sn16
mokoko mokoko
mokoko mokoko 25 dias atrás
Mista.J Naughton
Mista.J Naughton 25 dias atrás
Anyone know the title of .music playing?
Alessandro Nallio Cores Resine
Great X! Thx Mr Elon!
Jamas Mido
Jamas Mido 26 dias atrás
Lavadoras fly
Rory Phillips
Rory Phillips 26 dias atrás
8:31 bird says I'm out of here
Tokyo Find
Tokyo Find 27 dias atrás
I still can't fathom this is real
2K7U 19 dias atrás
It is very real :)
aol 21
aol 21 27 dias atrás
Music - Blade Runner ?
Curzen 27 dias atrás
ill watch anything with kabooms (im not a kid)
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 27 dias atrás
i bought the dips & way ahead..i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the mean time..i got lots of solar WE LOVE SPACE X & STARSHIP. we visited the site last Oct. saw lots of tesla cars too.
ian folan
ian folan 27 dias atrás
this music makes me want to play E.V.E
Desmond Booker
Desmond Booker 28 dias atrás
Whoever the engineers and mathematicians behind these test projects needs to be praised.
Knowledge Hut
Knowledge Hut 28 dias atrás
Try hardik try hard and do just one thing try hard
My favorite Martian
My favorite Martian 29 dias atrás
The third Raptor failed to restart for the landing burn, but that was why they were starting three (as a safety measure) so they could decide the strongest two, then shut off one to soft land. As I see it (and your estimate may be different) Spacex still needs to work on Raptor reliability. Seeing that every flight or pre-flight test had one fail for different reasons. Raptor is a powerful (per weight), modern, efficient rocket engine that still needs tweaks. GO Spacex!
Tuuminshz 28 dias atrás
The third raptor on SN15 experienced abnormal performance already on ascent, and the Starships onboard computer decided not to use it for the landing burn.
mauro volpe
mauro volpe 29 dias atrás
The difference between Tesla and the competitors ???? Artificial intelligence and high technology abacus and valves Mr Musk Unsurpassed Free mind without compromise
Edge Mike
Edge Mike 29 dias atrás
When it said its with explosions i expected mk1 sn1 sn2 sn3 sn4 and sn7 failed tests
Narayan Mês atrás
you forgot the sn10 explosion :'(
Zbysiu Kopeć
Zbysiu Kopeć Mês atrás
Tuuminshz 28 dias atrás
Go to Boca Chica
nesseiht gnay
nesseiht gnay Mês atrás
Go spaceX go NASA Go blue origin go USA
LS T Mês atrás
Destroy the environment
M.C. Cali
M.C. Cali Mês atrás
And now we have Landed on MARS. These were baby steps
M.C. Cali
M.C. Cali 29 dias atrás
@Dominick West Oh shoot. Wrong year. Set 2031 back to our colony 😂
Dominick West
Dominick West 29 dias atrás
Oh no! You didn’t travel back to your time! Quick! Get to the time machine!
nblH9l Mês atrás
Ну...посадку на луну,марси Венеру освоили 50 лет назад и че?
malpesoup spoup
malpesoup spoup Mês atrás
does nose cone test count
Tom SHAA Mês atrás
Mass nulifier is better than chemical propulsion. Josephson jonction is the secret ....
Paul Brunton
Paul Brunton Mês atrás
As always brilliant.
Илья Муромец
А России такие технологий не возможны.
nblH9l Mês atrás
Ну.....посадку на струе ещё делали в СССР когда сажали аппараты на луну,Венеру и Марс,и че тут удивительнго,о чём восторженно хрюкают маскофилы?
Francesco Tedoldi
Francesco Tedoldi Mês atrás
I love space 👩‍🚀👽👩‍🚀👽👩‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👽👨‍🚀👽👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽👨‍🚀👽
Who!? Mês atrás
Imagen someone saying "third engine failed" It's not.
Franz Bolufer
Franz Bolufer Mês atrás
But to land on the moon 50 years ago was easy
Franz Bolufer
Franz Bolufer 19 dias atrás
@Tuuminshz How anybody can still beleave that someone landet once on the moon? When until today it is too difficult to land secure on earth. To land on the moon it is 1.000.000 times more complicated because the landers speed is in the beginning about 3700 miles an hour. How the lander could balance on one fix flame until the surface without loosing balance and starting spinning to burst and dead.
2K7U 19 dias atrás
It was never easy, people died and the resources were very limited. Eventually the interest in space was lost. Only now crewed moon missions are being planned again, with much better technology.
Tuuminshz Mês atrás
Nothing has been easy and this uses tech that is different
Sam Wang
Sam Wang Mês atrás
The zesty hardcover aetiologically miss because peripheral socially employ beside a fluttering ravioli. lethal, real feature
TheBic4 Mês atrás
Thinks this shows “test as you go” is a lot faster than “test everything then build it”.
TayoEXE Mês atrás
The way it flips over vertical and then slowly lands with those rockets is like something I've only seen in a sci-fi movie.
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones Mês atrás
Yo where du heck ma grain silo goin’!
Amator Phasma
Amator Phasma Mês atrás
"And so it begins" *Kosh 2258
Virus5600 Mês atrás
Bruh, those were some expensive mistakes but dang. They really did it! Those madlads did it!!!
t0nyc0nde Mês atrás
The worst part of the takeoff is the godawful amount of smoke that the vehicle leaves behind. Would their be a way of capturing all of that effluent? Could the launches be made cleaner?
Fiona French
Fiona French Mês atrás
It's not smoke, it's dust from the surrounding area
KELOO JBL ッ Mês atrás
star hopper os not a starship prototype
KELOO JBL ッ 9 dias atrás
@Fiona French oh ok
Fiona French
Fiona French Mês atrás
It sort of is
carlos Mês atrás
Love this video, especially this shot 7:36
Furkan Parlak
Furkan Parlak Mês atrás
It feels like playing kerbal space program.
Vetalicom kdsfalsdjfa
Good Fake
Tuuminshz Mês atrás
Go to Boca Chica
Brent Johnson
Brent Johnson 2 meses atrás
The CGI in this is terrible, imo
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts Mês atrás
Good thing it's not CGI then
Jimmy 2 meses atrás
one small hop for a steel cilinder, one giant hop for humanity
jungle y
jungle y 2 meses atrás
welberdesigner shop
welberdesigner shop 2 meses atrás
hélio e lançadeiras ficaria mais rápido e serve de trem de pouso ...
Pascal Arens
Pascal Arens 2 meses atrás
Picard J-L
Picard J-L 2 meses atrás
Why it looks (So.) BS ? Bcse it is BS !
falafel dürüm
falafel dürüm 2 meses atrás
it's incomplete though
Dan Bires
Dan Bires 2 meses atrás
why go up when you can go sideways. According to google earth there is a curve every .9 miles. At speeds of 600 plus MPH and without tilting the nose to stay with the curve you would be able to achieve space and fly off the earth in a few minutes and save way more fuel this way. Thats of coarse if google earth is correct lol. Space is XYZ not X. There are many ways to get to space according to nasa's opinions of what the earth looks like. Research means opinions. No data. The only hope for your survival is Gods kingdom called heaven. Its free to access if you accept and believe in the truth. Lying signs and fall wonders. Look up 7d holograms. The great oz. The antichrist will be able to give a statue life that it will speak and everyone will worship it. The false prophet will be able to pull fire down from the sky. Jesus Christ and his wrath is coming. No man or rockets will be able to save your life. You're being deceived.
Danny Bresciani
Danny Bresciani 2 meses atrás
4:35 lol its all fake
Danny Bresciani
Danny Bresciani Mês atrás
@Tuuminshz it’s all fake cgi lol
Tuuminshz Mês atrás
@Danny Bresciani nothing shown was fake all you can go and see the same location with your own eyes or atleast get an education
Danny Bresciani
Danny Bresciani Mês atrás
@Tuuminshz why
Tuuminshz Mês atrás
Go to Boca Chica
Joy Sun
Joy Sun 2 meses atrás
That engine re-light part is a killer
Magno Rebouças
Magno Rebouças 2 meses atrás
EUA. President Musk
Vital Selen
Vital Selen 2 meses atrás
Не, без гравицапы не полетит.
nblH9l Mês atrás
Да всё уже ,цирк окончен,FAA не разрешает больше запуски этого недоразумения,14 аппаратов уже разбили
heatseeker456 2 meses atrás
This is the good stuff
Sebastian Stone
Sebastian Stone 2 meses atrás
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Име Презиме
Име Презиме 2 meses atrás
Cyberpunk 2 meses atrás
Evolução: antes foram na lua. Hj quase não saiem do chão kkkk
Jose luis Paynequeo
Jose luis Paynequeo 2 meses atrás
alfred fanshaw
alfred fanshaw 2 meses atrás
The Space X panto continues
Johnson Shelbi
Johnson Shelbi 2 meses atrás
The nutty stew renomegaly march because thing topologically pass modulo a historical divorced. materialistic, lumpy cappelletti
DSE×死_Impeng 2 meses atrás
0:00 Oh That's My Birthday August 27. Nice
Gustavo Gabriel Di Grandi
Al final no explotó de casualidad
Richard Crose
Richard Crose 2 meses atrás
I think Mr Musk has more brains than three-quarters of the people in and around Brownsville mr. Musk I think you should come back to NASA and we'll call it Cape Musk
Caleb C4
Caleb C4 2 meses atrás
flying giant fridge
M 2 meses atrás
7:36 Is that real or animated?
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts 2 meses atrás
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 2 meses atrás
The Elon cult.
Tuuminshz Mês atrás
Yes sir! proud Musksteer ✅
Sergio Flores
Sergio Flores 2 meses atrás
Mr. Torgue: EXPLOSIONS!!??
Hayden Hannah
Hayden Hannah 2 meses atrás
The ill hammer technologically bore because tablecloth chronically attack opposite a wretched armchair. moldy, upset greek
MoltenLavaGuy 25 dias atrás
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