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3 Dez 2022



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Advin 10 meses atrás
I cannot imagine being a psychologist or psychiatrist as an empath. Kudos to this lady.
jfdc 21 dia atrás
@Christine B I get it - I'm also a healer and had to learn the same thing. Yes, those who don't learn get burned out. I'm grateful for this gift every day.
Christine B
Christine B 21 dia atrás
@jfdc I'm also an empath ,HSP, and and Licensed Therapist. It took a few years to learn how to protect myself with clients and not take on their energy. Empath therapist who don't learn how to do this don't last long in the field.
Jimmy becomes a Fool
if your like me its because you understand the emotional fluidity of being thus you know intuition is the only objective logical way to assess emotional psychological health. Synchronicity is the fundamental constant underlying all health. Being an empath is the noticing of the connection between subtle or overt emotional expressions and the psychological concerns of a person. Putting a circle around the 5 senses helps to visualize and integrate my subconcious and conscious worlds as well as understanding that my power is my power always and when it isnt im too focused on one sense or perspective and this leaves me open to exploitation. The circle is synchronicity the prism like fishbowl all of us are swimming in
jfdc 2 meses atrás
As an alternate opinion: I'm both an empath and HSP and I can't imagine going to a therapist who ISN'T... they just don't get us! Many ppl who are empaths and/or HSPs are the ones who seek therapy. We seek therapy cuz we really need someone who understands us in this world where most ppl are not this way. Those ppl who are neither, just can't get us cuz you can't describe the taste of chocolate to someone who has never tasted chocolate. I think in order to be a good therapist, you MUST be an empath and adding HSP to it is even better. Otherwise, how would you be able to relate to what your clients are feeling?
Joanna M Godwin
Joanna M Godwin 5 meses atrás
Right!!!! I was in college as a court reporter and j go to court for trial practice and I said oh my God I’m never gonna be able to do it withall this energy!!
Listen Up
Listen Up 3 anos atrás
I'm so thankful to the people that are teaching us about empaths. I'm 63 years old and a male, and had no idea why my life has been really bad until recently, when I learned about empaths. Learning this has led me to meditation and other techniques to help me control my thinking. Financially, this problem is cost me a ridiculous amount of money. Thankfully, what I have been learning in this past couple of months, is turning my life around completely. Thank you very much for your openness.
Kathleen Barrow
Kathleen Barrow 6 meses atrás
Bless you! You're growing!
MiaMaria20 6 meses atrás
@RixiePLUR Yes I'd like to! Can we connect somewhere? It's a bit hard on BRvid. Do you have Instagram (even though I am not active there) or something? Or Facebook, whatever you would write in here. Or you know how to write a private message in here, because I have no clue :D
RixiePLUR 6 meses atrás
@MiaMaria20 Hi Mia! A good meditation technique is grounding to the center of the earth. I could teach you if you’d like!
MiaMaria20 6 meses atrás
Better late than never, even though it's a pity. But don't look back because you couldn't know. Do you have any specific sources you can recommend? Like which meditation you are doing or other advices? I mean maybe apart from the advices we get from this video :). I myself are struggling much with my feelings and they are paralyzing my actions sometimes or making me suffer so much (like for example Ukraine or other wars and fates I know about).. Or also word's that hurt too much..
MiaMaria20 6 meses atrás
@RixiePLUR You are so right and I also feel this way. It's a big reason I quit many jobs...
Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade Anos atrás
I read her book. Really good. She taught me how to put an imaginary, but real, bubble around me with out disrespecting my belief. I ask the Holy Spirit to put this protective triple layer bubble around me. It works. Thank u Dr.
FlowersHereGrow Mês atrás
Aw cute black cat!
Astra Lyra
Astra Lyra 4 anos atrás
I’m glad I came across this. I am also highly sensitive to people’s energy. I hate being in crowded places for too long. I’m sensitive to caffeine, food, medication etc. I do love to be in nature and alone to recharge my energy.
davidosolo 6 meses atrás
I’m - I am - I hate - I’m - I do love.... are you sure you are not more on the narcissistic spectrum?
AZ is happy
AZ is happy 7 meses atrás
Yes! Nature is so healing🙂
Gerardine Cizmar
Gerardine Cizmar Anos atrás
@STAR W Same here. I've been a New Yorker my whole life and used to love it but also used to go to my family's country house with my dog when I was younger and that's when I was at my best. I can't do city life anymore.
STAR W Anos atrás
I just wanna live in the country
I am sensitive to caffeine too it has the reverse effect on me I will be really tired.
Jennifer Gilchrist
Jennifer Gilchrist 3 anos atrás
I think, if possible, empaths should be allowed to work from home. Thank goodness I can do this. It has saved my sanity!
TM O. 21 dia atrás
@OO You are wrong.
TM O. 21 dia atrás
@Betsy Monroe I believe there are different levels of extroverts and introverts. From what I've been learning, they would label me as an empath. I absolutely REQUIRE my alone time/downtime, days when I speak to no one because I don't work at the time, yet when I am out of the property I am the first to say hello, I guess you'd call that friendly where others would say I'm an extrovert. An introvert isn't usually outwardly friendly. They are usually mouseie and quiet. So there are different levels.
EBB Mês atrás
I totally agree. I beginning to understand myself. Actually, someone told me about myself. I am definitely an empath.
k k
k k 2 meses atrás
i wish but its so hard to find companies that offer that now especially since covid is done
OO 6 meses atrás
@Betsy Monroe I agree 100%. These people are lying. They just want to believe that they are empaths, but that's completely out of the question. They probably just want it a lot. But if you're really an empath, the company of people is extremely destructive and exhausting, and you do anything to be alone as often as possible. Because it's just not fulfilling for you to be among the people.
Symbolsysteme 4 anos atrás
As an emapth I can honestly say that my daily Qigong practice saved my sanity, it enhanced and secured the quality of my life in an unutterable way. To do Qigong, Yoga, esp Yin Yoga and meditation on a daily basis gives me the security that I can always pull myself out of low vibrational energies. What also helped me a lot was to change my mindset, because I used to think that other people tried to put their energetic trash on me (and others) on purpose, which made me really angry. Nowadays I understand that a lot of people are 'just' so unaware about their way of being, that they walk through life dumping their trash everywhere. A lot of humans don't care about their physical environment, so why would they care about the astral domain...?
Liberty Chick
Liberty Chick 5 meses atrás
I think qi gong put my empath into overdrive. I recall a friend visiting who smoked pot. When I came home, I was 20 or so feet away from him and felt high. I hate that feeling. Couldn’t wait for him to leave. I’ve been battling weight since then - I think I’m holding on to someone else’s weight as weight loss efforts before that worked haven’t since… That was 20 years ago. Still fighting that and other stuff I’ve absorbed from people.
Athony Higgins
Athony Higgins Anos atrás
Trust jesus to save you .a we are separated from god and are designed for hell for all eternity.b jesus paid the price for your sin and mine you can receive forgiveness from sin and peace with God commit your life to jesus ask him in to your on the lord ask him to save let me know what's happened god bless you
Andrea H
Andrea H Anos atrás
I found myself in like some mind trap and don't know a way out, see my vids if you feel inclined, I think this is a unique surreal heinous situation
Symbolsysteme 2 anos atrás
@GOD VIBES ENTERTAINMENT I've never heard of this specific meditation. I will check it out.
Symbolsysteme 2 anos atrás
@Olivia Cadena 🙏
Char Char
Char Char 3 anos atrás
Lesson learned about listening to my intuition. My last two relationships were with covert narcs and I knew the moment I met them something was off. Had I followed my gut, it would have saved me from years of pain.
Char Char
Char Char 2 meses atrás
@Your Relaxation Hub They are definitely sent you reflect back to us what we don't see about ourselves. There's beauty on the other side of healing. ❤️
Your Relaxation Hub
Your Relaxation Hub 2 meses atrás
@Char Char this is so so true, you said it spot on! And absolutely, I defiantly got very upset at myself for allowing myself to have spent so much time with a narcissist just to discard me, it hurts because you feel so stupid. But all we can do is look ahead and be glad that in a way they set us free, we would of continued numb to their verbal abuse , no more trending on egg shells and having to be attacked for not being ‘perfect’
Char Char
Char Char 2 meses atrás
@Your Relaxation Hub You are as well My Dear. Our energy is indeed valuable, I've had to learn that the hard way. I spend a lot of time alone, and that's where I'm the most peaceful. Also remember to forgive yourself for dealing with the narc. Sometimes we beat ourselves up for ever getting involved with them, but it's part of the lessons we need to learn.
Your Relaxation Hub
Your Relaxation Hub 2 meses atrás
@Char Char thank you so much you are a ray of sunshine, don’t let anyone take your light because that is the most precious thing we have as empaths
Char Char
Char Char 2 meses atrás
@Your Relaxation Hub You're welcome, anytime. It took me two years, so 2 months is nothing. Just keep being kind to yourself and loving yourself.
Joan Collier
Joan Collier Mês atrás
Thank goodness I found this video, I had no idea throughout my whole life how and why I was so sensitive in my involvement with other people including my close family. All the traits mentioned help me understand where I fit into this world and make sense of it. I'm embarrassed to say I'm reached the age 68 recently too. I really am so relieved to know I'm not alone.
judithorloffmd 4 anos atrás
It was a joy to speak at GOOGLE!
J.L. Price
J.L. Price 28 dias atrás
I was diagnosed early in my life as a natural born Empath, but they really didn't know what to call it in the 50's It was a course of study at that time at the university. Their interest in me was; "what is it that I'm doing, or seeing in a woman's body, to see if she's pregnant or not." As a six year boy, I came under a lot of abuse; even physical while living in the Allegheny mountains. I have to keep my mouth shut...! Your questions at this point as a 73 year man, how has this effected me growing up and the effects on my life. Well, what I pick-up on, is the fact that people in general, see me as a weirdo. So, I had to go into hiding; as if I were a person with a concealed weapon... never say anything about anything to other's. I could see things that is going to happen in people, before it happens. Being married to a non-Empath is something - I don't recommend - Thankfully my daughter, now close to her 50's I've been able to help her in her quest of being a normal acting person. There is no-one you can trust. People who have many problems, we recommend concealing of some kind. These are the types who hover over us for some sort of guidance. Many of these children that I refer to as children have no real education because of the home they grew up in. Teaching or showing these type of people, again children, we show them that the main responsibility rest upon their head to take control. I didn't mention the many other capabilities that I have like while sleeping, it may take a day it may take a week but answers come through a process that happens to me naturally, problem solved. One last word on being concealed or in hiding, I have the ability, (astuteness) to see others as good but especially the bad ones who are honing their skills and can and do, see me. But there's no one to tell, no one. So I have a way of making them known. Mostly, this has been beneficial but at the same time a curse. Thanks
Adriana J. Garces
Adriana J. Garces Mês atrás
@judithorloffmd I believe it is of the utmost importance. I learned that I am an empath at a very early age. I’m grateful I had very loving parents and grandma to help me process things differently- than for example, angry outbursts or violence as some may resort to. Now I want to consider how I can use my art to teach more about empathy and processing daily life. Thank you 😊
Adriana J. Garces
Adriana J. Garces Mês atrás
You are a joy to listen to! Thank you for sharing these very thoughtful insights. 🙏🏼😊❤️
Amber V
Amber V Anos atrás
Thank you 🙏
Athony Higgins
Athony Higgins Anos atrás
@Gazer Of Nature we are all capable of emphatic feelings but there is no such thing as as an emphath wisdom belongs to Christ alone
LilNikki 2 meses atrás
I enjoy being alone, in nature, and creating on my own. I’ve honestly never heard of an extroverted empathic energy. I mean when I was younger I enjoyed being around people however as I’ve aged I cannot deal with all the negative energies outside my door. I can create, think clearly, and manifest in solitude.
k t
k t Anos atrás
I'm an empath and I cannot stand being around negative energy that makes me feel like I'm choking! It's like I can feel the spirit upon people..
Somesh Golait
Somesh Golait 2 meses atrás
Joseph Patrick
Joseph Patrick 4 meses atrás
@Athony Higgins Empathy is real and it has been neurologically modelled in the brain. Just as with any trait in the brain or the body, there is a spectrum across the population. It has been shown in a number of studies that there is, in fact, a spectrum of empathy - most people are somewhere in the middle of the bell-curve. However, there are people with extreme, dysregulated levels of empathy - they would be called empaths. There are people who are pathologically lacking in empathy - they have literally zero - they are called sociopaths.
Antti Jaakola
Antti Jaakola 5 meses atrás
@MiaMaria20 I believe that guy Tony is a sad troll. Actually, I just freaking hate trolls, just as well as I know I should understand the underlying sadness there. He doesn´t answer. But he has an issue with empathy, that is for sure, with no scientific, or whatever proof at all. All he seems to be very very worried about is the term. Bullshit. He doesn´t care. He is just trying to be a little evil. Poor man, that is all he gets then. He is a little evil. How sad is that.
Antti Jaakola
Antti Jaakola 5 meses atrás
@Athony Higgins Well HI THERE Tony! It is just a word and you know it. Actually it means people with high empathy level. Just as there are people with high IQ level. There are words as well, like "genious" which could be also whatever, highly intelligent Santa Claus if you wish. There are people who are called "long" and there are people who are called "short." Who cares about the terms. Would you really argue that there are no people with low empathy level and no people with middle empathy level and no people with very very high empathy level, that we are all the same? If so, the whole scientific world wants to know hear about your brand new theory. You know you are just a little troll trying to be a little evil and "stand out of the dumb crowd". You just made yourself seem like a man with a huge issue about empathy, maybe you are lonely and wonder why. I have news for you: being a smiling troll makes you lonely. Stop doing that. Relax and accept people as they are.
Jude Flynn
Jude Flynn 6 meses atrás
@burningknuckle26 you are a codependent covert narcissist
Dallas Webster
Dallas Webster 6 meses atrás
I am feeling a sense of understanding for something I never understood! wow I have a hard time in church with energy that seems out of place and get really uncomfortable. Thanks I'm just learning about myself more and more 70 years later.
C Cam
C Cam 3 meses atrás
Thanks this has been very helpful . I've always enjoyed needing my alone time without being lonely. People don't understand it. I am an intuitive empath, always following my gut feeling. I've had this as a child but never understood it. lol, I always would go barefoot on the grass and soft moss for calming down , it feels wonderful to connect to our earth.
Drew Hurst
Drew Hurst 2 meses atrás
@E N Here's a reframe for You. The sound is a frequency code from Your Higher Self or some benevelent or Divine source, to balance and upgrade mental and genetic coding. When the tone starts, stop everything gather your attention and and focus on it, accept it as a download and absorb it. The first time I did this it incrrased slightly in intensity and then stopped after a very short moment as though I had integrated it and received the complete message, so it no longer needed to be transmitted, as opposed to instead trying to block it out, and it having to keep sending, because it's not getting recieved. It's worth trying, this technique is only new to me, but I couldn't resist sharing as the results have been so good so far. All the best.
E N 2 meses atrás
Some of these adjectives make sense to me, staying home & quiet helps me. Being around people gives me nervous energy. Going to big stores with lots of stuff is overwhelming. Anything to do with animals makes me either cry or laugh depending on the context. As many of you say, other people don't always understand because they live so easily. I've developed tinnitus, it's the most challenging difficult life changing thing I pray to overcome it. I'm hoping to cultivate some of what you all are contributing.
Dee Fraijo
Dee Fraijo 3 anos atrás
Great information, insights, and wisdom. Fabulous questions too. And Doc...this couldn't have happened without you. Love the suggestion about meditation. I'm grateful we're talking about empathy. My entire life I was told that I was too sensitive instead of being told I had a gift. Thank you everyone I enjoyed this. Namaste
Tess Njokie
Tess Njokie 2 anos atrás
Same here...yes it's a gift for sure. We are gifts to this crooked world.
Siddarth Yonzon
Siddarth Yonzon Anos atrás
Being an empath or a highly sensitive person isn't a curse. Learn to recognize your 'self' apart from your empathetic side and be brave enough to speak your truth, cause in the end you will be alone and those you need have always been there. Being an empath isn't a fight with narcissists. We are not VICTIMS, be aware of your gifts and use them 'when you want to.' Have a good one. 💜
Penelope Lambson
Penelope Lambson 7 meses atrás
Those who are not sensitive can make life more difficult for HSP and empaths. We have to work much harder to cope. But in learning the necessary skills we become both sensitive and strong. That is a formidable thing to be!!
Josh Galt
Josh Galt Anos atrás
Yes to the exhaustion. I can’t be around others for too long because I find the millions of nuances that they exude completely overwhelming. I notice the wear on their shoes, and it makes me concerned that their walking gait is unhealthy. I understand bees and I can predict their movement. I watch how people’s eyes move and how quickly. How they dilate. If blinking is out of rhythm. It can be overwhelming.
Carol Garrett
Carol Garrett 2 meses atrás
YES! Me too. Thank tou for sharing this. I can relate to the exhaustion component of this.
margaret hill
margaret hill 7 meses atrás
I can't deal with anything beyond 2 hours.
Thief on the Cross
Thief on the Cross 8 meses atrás
haha are you me? I take in so much information like this constantly it's truly exhausting to be around people sometimes.
TheFinnmacool 3 anos atrás
I had no idea so much work was being done in this field. How relieving.
Edwin 2 anos atrás
Well I am 39 year old single male, been married twice, 3 kids, and kind successful in my field now, and around 4 months ago I found out I was not alone. I believe I am a high sensitive Empath for sure. I thought something was wrong with me and that I was some kind dysfunctional person. I did not understand why the noice, light, crowded spaces, and groups of people bothered me so much. Why I wanted my space, wanted to be in nature all the time even though I grew up in the city and don't know any parts like that. Why I never enjoyed being around too many people, or in family gatherings. My mood would change depending on my environment really quick as well. My ahhh moment came when my mother was living with me for a couple months until recently when she moved out . With her I found out that I was very sensitive to her, and that after being around her for a couple minutes I felt really weird, so I started analyzing it everyday, then I searched on GOOGLE for people sensitive to other's energy and that's when I found this woman Judith. I started thinking back at all the issues I had in my life and started asking myself questions, like why did I feel so lazy with my first partner? Why did I feel some angry with my second partner? Why do I feel so negative with my mother, and so on. With ex partners it was horrible! In my first marriage it was better because I was young and was out of the house a lot more, but in my second marriage it was HORRIBLE. The partner I had was a very negative and angry person, and I would sponge all that and more. I could never get a good night rest because I would have crazy dreams and just felt so uncomfortable sleeping with her. After all these years and all these problems in different romantic, friend and family relationship problems, I GET IT. I was kind of upset for a little bit because I have suffered a lot in my life in relationships because how different I am. But better now than never, right? At least now I know what I am and have made adjustments in my life that helped me and others. My career has suffered a lot because I stopped working and giving my 100% years ago, and thank God my business can run on autopilot because I would be broke if it wasn't . Now finally I am able to work, connect with people "At a distance" more. Another thing that I wanted to put out there for anybody reading this. The weirdest thing just happened to me, right now and I realized that it happened before. I was sleeping in the bed my mother was sleeping and I started having a bunch of dreams, and I felt in the dreams I was her. Now I understand why I had so many dreams when I slept in my Ex's bed in the past when we were broken up and tried to work things out. I slept in her bed and dreamt of somebody she was seeing and I just could not sleep that night or any other, even though she had broken up with him. With time I understood that my EX was a very toxic person I could not be around her or anybody else that had bad energy or problems.
Mamta N
Mamta N 2 meses atrás
Great share. Once I slept in the room in which my roommate was on the other bed nearby and I was having her dream. I have been sleeping on yoga mat(grounding) by some intuitive guidance since a long time. Going in nature/beach is a saver.
Ravenzpeak 2 meses atrás
Thank you for sharing this. I just ordered the book. I was always scolded for being too sensitive and too emotional. Now I have a different perspective on sensitivity.
The Wooden Chair Silverpreneur
Great, thanks much. I read her books over many years and she helps me to live a better life in this loud world and in my job as a mental health professional
Olivia Cadena
Olivia Cadena 3 anos atrás
Good for you!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Tess Njokie
Tess Njokie 2 anos atrás
I never knew am an empath until I broke up with my 7 years narcissist boyfriend and went through a self discovery process because I was lost in him and I didn't know who I was before meeting him. I thought I was crazy but knowing that I am not the only person that feels too much,loves too much, is very sensitive etc..I feel more at peace now. Feels good to be different and yes managing the personally without losing it is very important so am very lucky to have found this video...its like an online therapy session...
AJ the nirvana
AJ the nirvana Anos atrás
I just broke with my narc gf. These people are true demon!!! I feel for you. Now I'm rebuilding myself, spending more time in nature,chillin'!! Im gettin my soul back and it's so peaceful now!!!
thaisaaguirra 11 meses atrás
I had the feeling I would love working at Google after watching this speech. It is amazing working in a place you feel comfortable to be creative and productive, knowing people around will respect each other in such a deep level. Also, can't wait to read that book!
Lori Heuer
Lori Heuer 7 meses atrás
I am introverted big time and spend most of my time at my home in the rain forest and with my 2 dogs. It seems I feel everything and it has been difficult and my family scapegoated me and let me know I was scary,different, wrong. Never supported. After the parents passed i eventually understood I needed to be done because there was nothing left to hold the "CRAZY GLUE" together. But my family actually became worse as far as scapegoating gos.I write daly for as long as I can remember. I must focus on me. instead of them.
B21 Anos atrás
I am both introvert and extrovert empath. I love being home alone, and yet if you can get me out, I love being with whomever I am with, even large groups. I have always been amazing with animals too. I love working with horses with emotional issues, its like I can read and fix them. My biggest struggle has been all the emotions on fb 2020-2021. Its been a big struggle. My business is on there so I can’t avoid it. I also get physical pains from some people, my co-worker always seemed to pass me her ailments. haha. Its tricky being an empath. emotional and anxiety, but we can recharge and heal ourselves pretty fast too.
Angela Coleman
Angela Coleman 8 meses atrás
I'm an older empath... meaning I've learned a few things being one. I noticed that with so much pain in the world and people as individuals... I've just sometimes had to check out emotionally... just to keep my sanity. Years ago...I went to Macy's. I wanted to do something nice for myself and buy some perfume. I was at the cosmetic counter purchasing Estee lauder .. the cosmetic lady...felt that she could open up her whole relationship details to me.... on and on about her marriage and relationship problems. I was understanding and empathetic. I think she felt that I was a compassionate person. So, she continued on and on.... as though I was her therapist and she was sitting in the chair. By the time I left and was in the parking lot..I noticed that I could hardly walk...literally....I was limping to my car. That day didn't go as I planned. I wanted to pamper myself however it turned out that I was supporting someone else at my own expense. Now I redirect people. I won't sit in their emotions with them... especially if the situation doesn't call for it.
Mo Mastafa
Mo Mastafa Anos atrás
"Nobody's all bad. There's a buddah and a demon inside of everybody. It just depends on what we feed. We want to feed the best parts of ourselves." 💙🙏
Joseph Patrick
Joseph Patrick 4 meses atrás
My demon comes out in the bedroom
Marnie Friedman
Marnie Friedman 6 meses atrás
I am an Empath and an intuitive Empath at that. My Shrink told me this! I went for help asking “what’s wrong with me??” I have lived for a long time berating myself…”I am stupid” “It’s my fault” “I will never achieve that” and on and on! These are all feelings that built over time…years. I am One of six children and two out of control parents. I was an Empath living with TWO narcissistic parents. The OVERLOAD of emotion in this environment nearly destroyed me. I am still a jittery mess and have to rope my self in constantly!!!!
aliusiaIR 7 meses atrás
As an Empath I work outdoors with minimal contact with ppl. I get to enjoy nature and that’s better for me. I also have to sleep alone with my cats in order to get good sleep. I would love to meet other Empaths, I wish their was a group…
Lunareon 4 anos atrás
What a beautiful and relaxing talk. Thank you!
S P 2 anos atrás
The hardest part for me about being an Empath is working. Every workplace I have ever worked in was toxic and led to major illness for me (I have been working for over 20 years in many environments.) I have 100% control over my home environment and have created a peaceful. loving home. Yet, when I leave my home I am constantly bombarded with other people's toxic energy, especially at work where I have no place for myself (work in an open office.) How do you create boundaries with co-workers and clients when your job is to serve their needs? (I work in a service profession.) I want to work from home but so far I have no success at getting hired even though I have applied for many work at home jobs. What do I do in the meantime? I am sick again....thanks to my empathy.
Ellen Brucker Marshall
Ellen Brucker Marshall 2 meses atrás
Is there a link between female type autism and the super-power of an empath? Once discovering AS, and NOT masking, the link seems evident.
Remco Dijk
Remco Dijk 5 meses atrás
im an empath and i've been unemployed (by choice) for like 8 years. the stress of having a job is just too much for me, i can not handle it.
Anita Knight
Anita Knight Anos atrás
I can relate to your frustration!! I've experienced this from every work place too. I am in the mental health profession but my goal ultimately is to be self employed where I could work from home and control my schedule. It definitely is frustrating and difficult being bombarded with others energies.
•Metal•Queen• 3 meses atrás
I am an empath, and according to a couple of advisors, I’m also an earth angel.🥰
EmilyB Bernard
EmilyB Bernard 2 meses atrás
Thanks great conversation. I am curious about when empaths are viciously attacked after they set personal boundaries. Manipulative people see empathy as weakness. They're adept at sniffing potential empathy, hard to hide. Another question I ask myself is "Is this empathy or is it codependency?" Blurred lines... My friend seems to be slipping into oblivion, repeating the tasks of the day almost like Rainman. There's no real deadline either! So I'm concerned. But am I also worried bc I need my friend? Isn't that a codependent concern?
ruth vidal
ruth vidal 3 dias atrás
that was awesome! ty!!!!!
Maria M!kinen
Maria M!kinen 2 anos atrás
In adulthood I have found peace. I prefer to choose my company. Thank you for this one.
Listen Up
Listen Up 3 anos atrás
It seems that my empath abilities are extremely high and all over the place. I feel everything in life human and nonhuman. I also have had psychic abilities since I was a very young child. No one helped me understand these problems and it has been extremely hard for me. I am now taking control of my life thanks to what I have been learning. It seems that this should be taught in schools and to psychiatrist everywhere and we may not have the mental health issues that we have in society today. Thank you ladies enjoy your day
Debbie Donlan
Debbie Donlan Anos atrás
Know what you mean discovered mine at about 5, really strong, and nobody to explain it.
Ivan Rachev
Ivan Rachev Anos atrás
out there man
Angel Baby
Angel Baby 2 anos atrás
I had the same experience growing up. I'm now 25 years old and barely learning about my abilities. I was led to believe I was clinically insane up to this point. I never accepted that fate, but was left in frustration and anger trying to figure out how to go about daily life without losing my mind. It helps to know there's other people out there who have had the same experiences and are now thriving ❤️
Olivia Cadena
Olivia Cadena 3 anos atrás
I really agree with you. Good points to make!!! I can SO relate to you, too. Thanks for saying this. 😄😉😉👍👍
sicilyNY 11 meses atrás
Empaths make great counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists. That intuitiveness really helps heal others. Good nurses are often empaths as are any healing profession. I found teaching persons with IDD are my favorite people of all. Funny, I had my daughter, Down Syndrome and it was lovely. She developed brain issues like Autism, so she's very different now but I truly understand her and have 5 tons of patience. Most say, how do you do it? To me, it's not that hard if you get them.
Healingestures 2 meses atrás
I come back in here since years because its just feel so fine nice to be connected this virtual empathic way through our experiences in life and environments I feel the most close in here 🧡
Monte blaz'illa
Monte blaz'illa 6 meses atrás
It sucks being an empath, u can never get ahead its always something u dealing with, u stress more about other ppl problems than ur own. But the first time i heard the narc yell, she rung the inside of my soul. Being alone is calling my name🤞🏾
Sanhita Devi
Sanhita Devi 3 anos atrás
I enjoyed the question at the end. Most adults I have seen around me are not in tune with their feelings. But they are kind and have good intentions.
Liz Anos atrás
Alexithymia personality.
Nicole Rose-Songbird
Nicole Rose-Songbird 3 anos atrás
thank you♥️♥️♥️I wish I’d stumbled upon this 15 years ago. I hope someday to find someone like me - a partner, best friend, husband, etc
Kieropes Anos atrás
I hope someday to find someone like me too - a partner, lover, best friend, husband, father to my kids. And that i will eventually leave a comment here later once i find him, or he finds me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anita Knight
Anita Knight 2 anos atrás
@Nicole Rose-Songbird I can so relate. I hope I find my spiritual match. I'm so happy you found a partner who can reciprocate the love you deserve ❤
Nicole Rose-Songbird
Nicole Rose-Songbird 2 anos atrás
@432mag i’m good. That was long ago. A lot of us struggle in our twenties. I found my twin flame & have a wonderful support network of friends, but thank you.💜✨God bless.
432mag 2 anos atrás
I’m sorry that you felt no one was there for you who could help you as an Empath fifteen years ago. That must have left such a huge, gaping wound in your heart, to not be supported, advised, and encouraged. My mom’s a minor Empath, so she was able to help me. This video confirms what we already know, doesn’t it?
Nicole Rose-Songbird
Nicole Rose-Songbird 2 anos atrás
*THANK YOU, EVERYONE.* As fate would have it....I believe I’ve found him at last. Unbelievable. We have electric connection in every possible way. I have been single for many years, & I wonder where he’s been all my life!!! Grateful we have found each other. I’m a *pisces/empath/HSP* & Joe is a *taurus/empath.* It has been nothing short of amazing. 🙏🏻☀️💚I wish you all love, healing, & joy.
Will Shelton
Will Shelton 3 anos atrás
I'm so glad I figured out I was an empath. I thought something was wrong with me, everyone saying I'm too sensitive, which in it's self is a joke!! Look around at our disastrous world and tell me any one is being too sensitive, more like not sensitive ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E N 2 meses atrás
I'm "too nice". I've let people run over me and lost my own identity. Now I'm older and I can work on learning how to filter and how to say no.
Sahitha Yelamanchili
Sahitha Yelamanchili 2 anos atrás
Yes! The world with it's insensitive pricks is disastrous!
Lynn Lugibihl
Lynn Lugibihl 2 anos atrás
I so love your attitude!
Kerry Ideman
Kerry Ideman 7 meses atrás
Tysm for this! I am an extroverted, highly sensitive, intuitive, emotional, physical, full blown empath who has lost two adult daughters. I have felt from the day I was born that my nervous system is on the outside of my body. I am positive I am usually an energy vampire to many, because I am fully aware of when people ask others for an "out" when they expect to see me. One thing I have learned to do that helps is that I have come up with gentle ways others can cue me that I am being too extra in a way that will not hurt my feelings. Sadly, I think I took on so much before I became aware of biting off too much that my body has turned against itself and I am now disabled. Sadly, that makes me lonely though I make art with the hundreds of 4 leaf clovers I have always found (Irony!). I am in a nurturing environment now. Being in my own space as disabled can lead me to feel like a lonely stay at home mom with no minor children. I do have 2 beautiful granddaughters! I also have a wonderful, introverted ,empathic guy who shares life with me, and who struggles with cancer also. I do not want to be an energy vampire to him, or anyone. I love going to raves w/ no drugs! Upbeat, Happy music is important to me. My 2 sons can now go with me. I have names for my inner egos. I am not D.I.D. I call my inner child KerryAnne. My inner critical parent is Martha. Ironically,that is also a nickname I call my mom. She is academia city as a PhD Counselor and Professor. She has never known what to do with my over-feeling self. KerryAnne loves to play in the sandbox. I did do some therapy with transactional analysis as a teen and it was very helpful! I REALLY appreciate this WHOLE chat! Tysssvm!
Jackie W
Jackie W 3 meses atrás
The woman on the left, Heather, I am exactly the same,an extroverted empath....also a highly sensitive person...I know I don't like isolation or uncertainty the last two years has brought so much of both isolation and uncertainty. I found this presentation so enlightening. Thank you ladies...x💚x
diamond kids
diamond kids 5 meses atrás
Daaamn. My whole life. I could feel everyone's emotions and now i know im not crazy Thank you
villainoir 3 anos atrás
The questions are so amazing!! Truly shows their quality as google employees.
Misa Misa
Misa Misa 2 anos atrás
i watched the movie Buddha and i was so surprised to find he and i had same thoughts and in the movie its easy to see how everything affects everyone on different levels in the same situation and it explains very easily what i find exhausting trying to explain what we want to reach as being emphatic and as far as the guy that wants a scale on empathy he does not realize he too is a bit narcissistic when a person is nice person and at times is direct its a sign he/she does not like your personality or your ethics and at times that nice person just does not want to be nice trying to be assertive to communicate in some way your personality traits are not to their liking so stop trying to analyze
Julie Pollard
Julie Pollard Anos atrás
I've noticed being more and more drained by others recently I'm sure I'm picking up extra negativity because of the time of year it's the build up to Christmas,we empaths know narcs hate this time of year.I actually felt as though I got hit in the throat last week which really shocked me,I'm pretty clued up with others energies , but never felt this before,even my hematite,black tourmaline,black obsidian are struggling when normally they work so powerfully and quickly,
Sunflowers28 3 meses atrás
My intuition has saved my life. I’m glad my boyfriend listened to me. It’s not logical. I Can’t go in the house. Why? I don’t know. There’s a hotel by my house. I could get you a room, and drive you to work in the morning. Okay. He drove me home after work. We went upstairs. I unlocked the front door. My roommates were AA members. They had started drinking. One assaulted the other. There was a bloody skillet on the floor, blood and broken furniture everywhere. My boyfriend helped me clean up. We never told anyone at church. I’m glad my boyfriend listened. It sounds stupid. I can’t go upstairs and I don’t know why.
ASHA HASLAM 2 anos atrás
Me and my daughter feel others feelings and know their thoughts. It can be really difficult for us. We protect ourselves with Reiki. It takes a lot of it away thank goodness
Fernando Alegria
Fernando Alegria 7 meses atrás
74yrs old. Thought I was crazy. Couldn't understand why I behaved as I did. Kept asking myself, why am I doing this(stress in fixing situation)? This need to help was overwhelming. This connection to people or animals who I could feel needed me drew me like a magnet. Could, would not walk away from pain. Interesting observation for me, now I know I wasn't wrong, was as a brown person meeting people, being blown away with negative feelings Thank you, feel free
IBeHere ForYou
IBeHere ForYou 2 anos atrás
I am an Emotional Empath :) Here in this world to spread love.
Alexandra Lloyd
Alexandra Lloyd 6 meses atrás
What a great study it would be if we could activate or energize the mirror neurons in people with low empathy and maybe find a cure for psychopathy.
Belinda Gamboa
Belinda Gamboa 3 anos atrás
I couldn’t even be in grade school w/migraines!! Thank you for explanation!
E N 2 meses atrás
I had migraines starting age 10 ok now I get it
chell Anos atrás
Omg I was an empath child that explains everything Ive been going through all my life.
jfdc 2 meses atrás
Very very helpful. Thankyou Dr Judith!!
DaneL_TureL 3 meses atrás
I’m a empath, but In the work environment I definitely take on narcissistic elements, because If I don’t, everybody would affect me. Sometimes that makes ppl feel like they are insignificant. But, you can’t be everybody friend. So I see it as a protective measure, a boundary, coping mechanism that I can do perhaps more compassionately.
I am
I am 3 anos atrás
Expressing feelings isn't so bad as you have to release it, it's not always considered to be an energy vampire if you have a genuine reason to express emotions, ok a person who just complains for the sake of it probably is an energy vampire. It is very painful to be an empath unless you can get that peaceful place to recharge.
Valerie Webb
Valerie Webb 11 meses atrás
Alexander Banggren
Alexander Banggren 7 meses atrás
Hahaha! Lovely
Michael Calvert
Michael Calvert Anos atrás
Great video thanks.I am an empath and starseed and am unsure what caring profession I should concentrate on.But I have been incredibly tired lately just wiped out.Is it just me or are ither empaths suffering at the moment?Hopefully it will pass once I make a decision and get stuck into something 😀
Betty White
Betty White 5 meses atrás
You're not alone. I'm also extremely exhausted ... Alot of energies lately and changes in the world
Mad Mallory
Mad Mallory Anos atrás
The best thing empaths can do is connect - build a relationship with God/Jesus! I struggled so hard until I reconnected with God/Jesus, we can’t do this on our own! It’s also a gift from God we really just want harmony!
DSS 11 meses atrás
ERP Thompson Queen
ERP Thompson Queen 2 meses atrás
Thank you. Been waiting for decades for the science to catch up with this.
Truly Blessed
Truly Blessed 3 anos atrás
I'm not the typical empath. I love to go out and socialize but I have to take a break periodically. I can go out by myself, travel by myself, go out to eat by myself because I know I'll meet someone or someone will talk to me. People always find me and talk to me. Being around people doesn't bother me. I do feel restored after a beach trip. I don't like the woods, forest or that type of nature. Only the beach.
Atyeh Atyeh
Atyeh Atyeh 3 anos atrás
I'm excited to finally see her in person.Ive read alot her work
Marketa d
Marketa d 4 anos atrás
omg why did I did not hear about this before it helped me so much to understand myself why I feel so tired why I don't like to go out as much why I feel so much for other people why I get so hurt when ppl just drop me when I am there for them .... THANK YOU SENDING BIG HUG xxx
Marketa d
Marketa d 4 anos atrás
@dell mktr that's so true I like to be on my own but at same time with my family don't like crowded places .... when I finish work I am exhausted now I know hahaha xxx
dell mktr
dell mktr 4 anos atrás
Hi Marketa d. Same here. I just realized today that I am an empath. All this time I have been sensitive, feel sad and worry too much for other people. I prefer to stay at home, I like nature, am very concern about recycle activities. I have even been thinking of getting self-employed lately. OMG so glad finally I know myself better.
T. Scott
T. Scott 8 meses atrás
Yes! It is vampiric. But I usually will say so if I feel that way. No big.we have to learn to deflect. so carry on it’s a challenge😀 ladies thank you this is great talk! Also I’m intro/ extro!
Marnie Friedman
Marnie Friedman 7 meses atrás
I always left family gatherings in a bad mood. I now know why! I was on overload!! I love those people, but I would rather visit one at a time! I am definitely an empath. I died at birth and that process must get the “credit” or “blame”. Empathic feelings are good and sometimes draining!!!!
Kenward G. Campbell II
It would be so nice if there was some way to explain to others when you are a person that has this ah, curse/gift that encompasses the 6 different 'types' and is easily overwhelmed at what seems critical periods of time for other's(s) - darn, a hard subject to explain. Just being in a relationship is very difficult at times when outside influences enter the realm and it seems that even carefully worded diplomacy is mis-understood when requesting a period of privacy at my separate apartment (the only way to keep our relationship going) for a moment of self-preservation. I have to admit that at least I can consul myself that others are possibly in the same position, excellent that Dr. Orloff is presenting a platform for others - even risking judgement and or ridicule from peers by publishing journals. Do hope I am conveying this correctly for others to relate. At the moment, I am in a proactive phase where I am searching for 'tools' to present to others that collide into my space like asteroids - it is not enough to just say no at times, I need visual aids to distract whatever agenda they may be on (a preservation tool). Bless be and stay healthy y'all.
Kayla Nadrous
Kayla Nadrous 2 meses atrás
May Allah bless these woman for being so courageous and for standing up for what’s right. Nobody should be forced to or to not wear a hijab it’s about your personal relationship with Allah
SweetChilliJam 2 anos atrás
Dr Orloff is inspiring and keeps it real
Angel Tee
Angel Tee Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am truly thankful to find out that im not alone.
Jake Richardson
Jake Richardson 4 anos atrás
Very helpful talk. Thank you.
judithorloffmd 3 anos atrás
you are welcome
lori25hu 3 anos atrás
They had some real good and well constructed questions Whooo i'm blown away wushhhhh 🏃‍♂️💨 being an empath is Hard work but is beautiful at the same time
Rubberside Down
Rubberside Down 2 anos atrás
Glad I found this video. It REALLY resonated with me. I understand what many are talking about here. I once went into a grocery store and felt everyone's energy at once and could almost hear their thoughts. It was overwhelming. I can not always be in crowds for too long dependent on the energy of the group. I have to be careful who I surround myself with for sure and definitely no narcissists if at all possible. I have been sensitive and an empath my whole life obviously, but just realized this gift later in my life. I have other psychic abilities as well, which have helped me to be discerning with people and situations as well as saved me from harm. I've had some very strange experiences. I do not try to go looking for experiences. I believe as a Christian God will show me truth. Please if any of you have these abilities be careful. Be centered and grounded. Be very careful what you say and do in this world and who you communicate with. Not only are there dangerous people in this world, but dangerous spirits and otherwise. They can deceive you. This is not to say that I don't believe we have good spirits that watch over us. I do believe there is a shift in consciousness occurring and Christ our saviour will return. I trust in God first. He will not lead me astray. Be kind to yourself and others.
Makayla Hollywood
Makayla Hollywood Mês atrás
I am an Highly Empathic, Highly Creative HSP. Life is wonderfully intense in all directions.
Journey With Jen
Journey With Jen 9 meses atrás
Can someone speak to empaths’s affect on electronics (errors/IT issues), if there is any science to it? Sensitivity to proximity to phones, locations, etc? Being this sensitive is so difficult. Thanks 💕
Robert Poletta
Robert Poletta Anos atrás
A sensitive person is that of who cares and knows what ones feelings are going through.
Ann Hitchcock
Ann Hitchcock 2 meses atrás
I wonder what Dr. Orloff ‘s take on an empath being in a relationship with a narcissist is? Thank you very much for this post.
Hello 6 meses atrás
Being alone is the only way i can unwind . I also like to be alone especially if I'm drawing or writing or even making music. There's a lot of narcissistic people in this world and we can be doormats for them. We have to learn to say No
Rabie Anos atrás
This video helps me understand my childhood, I used to hate being an empath, but it's my superpower.
Marcus Rodriguez
Marcus Rodriguez Anos atrás
I feel that I’m both! Introvert and extrovert. I need both to function. It’s hard because I feel that I need them at my exact time and it usually doesn’t work like that.
BossyDulceDiva Anos atrás
The pandemic gave Empaths a break but now going back the chaotic energy outside is so stressful.
Yolanda Marquez
Yolanda Marquez 8 dias atrás
This is a AWESOME 👌 video ! I love it It's positive ENERGY and very INTERESTING Thank you
Str8t Truth*No*CHASER
Str8t Truth*No*CHASER 10 meses atrás
THIS....Explains my LIFE from a child. I can see why I have never fit in overall.
Michelle Campbell
Michelle Campbell 7 meses atrás
I really enjoyed and totally relate.
Ravinder Talwar
Ravinder Talwar 5 dias atrás
I feel highly obliged and humbled by the Grace of Almighty God and your magnanimity.
miablack0831 3 anos atrás
Dr. Orloff- you truly saved my life! Thank You
Raine Ann
Raine Ann 4 anos atrás
Very interesting talk. Thank you.
Ender Corbin
Ender Corbin 2 meses atrás
I'm semi empathetic, but living and an extremely negative toxic environment has dulled it. I'm also extremely intuitive and can see things happening before others do.
Stefan 15 dias atrás
Hi I am an empath and I started a new job about a month ago and now dread going to work because one person I work closely with is always watching me and micromanaging me to the point where I feel constantly disrupted, cannot get into a flow at all and a lot of things go on the backburner and then I get the blame for them not being done on time because he has distracted me with another errand. I approached the boss about it and he was very defensive of his long-time employee and explained that because I am new, I need to listen to everything he says-.This job pays well compared to my previous role (Uber Driver) and there are a lot of opportunities for advancement but I am questioning whether it is worth the emotional toll it is taking on me.
Peggy Rivera
Peggy Rivera 6 dias atrás
When I tried to explain being an empath my daughter in law said that describes ADHD.
spookyboo 2 anos atrás
Yes we pick up info from a long distance even though there not near us sense what others feel effects our mood learned by trial and error before I even read the book
Ethan Gold
Ethan Gold Anos atrás
I've been making music about this for a long time before consciously embracing empathicness as part of my identity. Which helped... sort of... Because doing anything online, as an introverted empath, is an almost a ridiculous challenge to my nature. How does one be loud about being quiet? I haven't found the formula yet but it's good there are many others who feel the same
olivia Salubi
olivia Salubi 2 anos atrás
As an Empath myself i would have to leave large crowds and gatherings or sit in a corner quietly put ear phones in to center/steady my self from all the noise and energy firing at me. The more i learn about myself the more pieces of me clicks together, comments that family and friends would say about my character and habits such as being a child and disappearing into a book, not letting people touch me almost like i was guarding myself, being to generous that it was becoming my all makes sense now!
Debbie 3 anos atrás
Ty for gives me some understanding about my own struggles. Will keep moving forward to master the balance...could i be too sensitive??? Yikes!
Mary Bowman
Mary Bowman 3 anos atrás
I use to dream dreams until I married a man I was not in love with. I was afraid to be alone after my narcissist husband and I divorced. Now I cannot sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, and the voice in my head tells me I am living a sin. When I am in the presence of my ex. or have a conversation w/on a text I practically have a panic attack! Shaking as I type this.
Lisa Ferreira
Lisa Ferreira Anos atrás
Adopt a dog, unconditional love is what you need
MyDee7 3 anos atrás
@Lynn Holbrook yes soul ties are playing a big part in her distress.
Lynn Holbrook
Lynn Holbrook 3 anos atrás
Dear Mary, please read up on breaking soul ties. When we break up with people, we must separate from them on all levels: spiritual, physical, somatic, emotional and psychological. God bless.
Queenie FY
Queenie FY 4 anos atrás
This is so awesome omg ❤️
AyodeleR Anos atrás
Now March 2021...interesting to revisit this topic during pandemic lockdown and more space between coworkers with social distancing. Are we learning to use outdoor spaces more and social distancing to our benefit?
Michelle D'Ambra Castiglia
I stopped watching the news in 2010 because I realized I was too sensitive and it stressed me out. People think I don't care but it's that I care too much.
spookyboo Anos atrás
this kinda reminded of something that happened to me on my holiday this year in a local seaside town supermarket. note i thought it had gone away since ive had no episodes of the both for ages months i was walking round the supermarket looking for the food i was shopping for i heard this shout get away from me looked around there was this old fella that gave no visable sign of distress but i suddenly started feeling upset and tearful as i walked away i got further away just passing two assistants working in the supermarket all a sudden a lady walked up to the assistants saying there was this old fella that was not acting normal i was on the brink of mentioning this to them but this lady beat me to the post. i tend to be introvert extrovert but i do need to be alone
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