The Discourses of Epictetus - Book 1 - (My Narration & Notes)

Vox Stoica
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3 Dez 2022



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Vox Stoica
Vox Stoica 2 anos atrás
US Library card holders, listen on Hoopla: Buy on Amazon here: (affiliate) Intro - 0:14 1 - 2:04 2 - 10:23 3 - 19:37 4 - 22:01 5 - 30:32 6 - 33:02 7 - 42:56 8 - 50:52 9 - 52:36 10 - 1:03:56 11 - 1:07:38 12 - 1:19:04 13 - 1:27:38 14 - 1:29:13 15 - 1:34:02 16 - 1:36:15 17 - 1:41:19 18 - 1:48:30 19 - 1:55:42 20 - 2:02:59 21 - 2:07:38 22 - 2:08:37 23 - 2:14:42 24 - 2:16:50 25 - 2:21:58 26 - 2:30:03 27 - 2:34:69 28 - 2:40:41 29 - 2:49:42 30 - 3:06:50
R3D__K1NG Mês atrás
Fawzi Murad
Fawzi Murad 5 meses atrás
Was dad z
Yogesh Chaure
Yogesh Chaure Anos atrás
Thanks man
E.W. Rap
E.W. Rap 2 anos atrás
Thanks. :)
LightUpTheDark けいりい
Chapter 17 18 19 were so good I actually listened an didn't day dream lol
micah 7 meses atrás
this will be the first philosophy book i will “read” so let’s see how it goes
Giz a bit a Dat
Giz a bit a Dat 4 meses atrás
A must for all young teenagers before they hit the streets , might help humanity , down the road eh!
PrivateEquityGuy 11 meses atrás
*“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” ―Epictetus*
spks 2002
spks 2002 22 dias atrás
Money is the root of all evil. We need more root.
Douglas Crespo
Douglas Crespo Mês atrás
I do
timmy chang
timmy chang 2 meses atrás
So you don't wish to.have a milion dollar.
XU23 18 horas atrás
27-30 are awesome.
SERGE 2 anos atrás
1 month later, after listening to this 10+ times I can finally listen from start to finish and fully understand. What a night and day difference. My discussions with people is more meaningful, I pay more attention. I dont complain and I enjoy to the fullest. My whole life finally makes sense, I have not only learned to live but also how to die.
Caroline Aas
Caroline Aas 2 meses atrás
timmy chang
timmy chang 2 meses atrás
Oh really! Powerful.
Cherie Cisneros
Cherie Cisneros 9 meses atrás
It makes sense to me since we are dying every second we live.
Bucka Bucka
Bucka Bucka Anos atrás
@asdf asdf i have learned quite alot but i also know how to differentiate between learning and making a joke, you must be a fun guy at parties
asdf asdf
asdf asdf Anos atrás
@Bucka Bucka completely irrelevant comment. 'You're not a philosopher calm down', and what authority do you have to make such a claim? What is a philosopher and how does one become one? Everyone is in some form a philosopher, as you can't live without following some sort of philosophy- it's impossible not to. Don't be an authority on something you know nothing about just to shut down a conversation or an argument that goes against what you said. A 'joke' is also not an excuse to escape scrutiny, that's irrelevant. You seem to have learned nothing from this video
Faith speed
Faith speed Mês atrás
Your voice is very comfortable to listen to for extended periods of time and pronunciation is clear. Thank you for your work!
Jumin 🎭🕒
Jumin 🎭🕒 Anos atrás
I’m here after the “reopening” of Pewdiepie’s book- club / book-review in January 2021 lol, libraries are closed due to the pandemic, so I’m very grateful for this video!! Also Happy New Year, guys!!
Gypsy gypsy
Gypsy gypsy 4 meses atrás
Get off pc and start walking 🚶‍♂️
Li Thomas
Li Thomas Anos atrás
I had exams at the begining of the month, so I'm listenin to the audio while I cook/travel/excercise and reading when i have free time. FLOOR GANG
KIEF Anos atrás
Me too!
ICE Ricer
ICE Ricer Anos atrás
Jes Sta. teresa
Jes Sta. teresa Anos atrás
Me too, I'm so excited its back
K Smith
K Smith 3 meses atrás
Thank you, for your narration pokes through the listener's soul and I can't help catching a laugh for the dry humour!
Game Shot
Game Shot 2 anos atrás
Excellent, thank you for these audio books, i'm sure it has changed many peoples lives.
timmy chang
timmy chang 2 meses atrás
Than it should be holy
Random Mortal
Random Mortal 2 anos atrás
Certainly has mine.
SERGE 2 anos atrás
listened to this already 3 times. really like it!! Great voice acting.
Sultan Noorzad
Sultan Noorzad Anos atrás
What matters is what you apply of it, for books are useless if the knowledge obtained stays static within you.
Virile Agitur
Virile Agitur 2 anos atrás
I've been listening to your narrations since 2018. You were and are one of my greatest resources for studying stoicism. Thank you.
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez 2 anos atrás
Such a great channel. This is a great service you are doing for everyone. Stoicism is so salient of a philosophy at this time with the Coronavirus pandemic. Bend but never break is my motto.
David Silvaggio
David Silvaggio Anos atrás
Thank you sir. Excellent narration. Excellent choice of body of work. Considered and thoughtful.
Luz M Phipps
Luz M Phipps 2 anos atrás
Divinely Grateful for this Wisdom, For My Peace of Mind, at this moment of so many stressfulness in the world.
AY 11
AY 11 2 anos atrás
Thank you so much Robin! Your narration of the Enchiridion led me to buy the Discourses of Epictetus a few months ago. I read them, but hearing your narration is a far more enjoyable experience!
Kelly Flynn
Kelly Flynn 4 meses atrás
I love Epictetus and your voice. Thank you for your work. It wraps me in consolation.
timmy chang
timmy chang 2 meses atrás
So you suffer!
Human Evolution
Human Evolution 2 anos atrás
Perfect. Keep the next 3 books coming!
SERGE 2 anos atrás
pretty please
A Sparx
A Sparx 2 anos atrás
wisdom and times
wisdom and times Anos atrás
i love it
José Alberto Marroquin
The gods 😂😂😂😂😂
Dobbie Herrion
Dobbie Herrion 2 anos atrás
Your readings are the best part of BRvid. I can’t thank you enough for bringing Seneca and EP to life.
Zachary Cieszinski
Zachary Cieszinski 2 anos atrás
I love all these audiobooks, so much spiritual knowledge that completely transforms perception of life.
Cosmin Blk
Cosmin Blk 2 anos atrás
*Fun Fact* : "Epictetus" is just a nickname, wich in greek means "obtained" (which is obvious a reference that he was a slave). Furthermore, Epictetus never had a real name, he just lived with this horrible description.
Vijay Vijay
Vijay Vijay Mês atrás
@Curtis Walton Siddharth was Buddhas birth name.
Kelly Flynn
Kelly Flynn 4 meses atrás
@Tim Hendrix I think we should just go with that
Diogenes' Lantern
Diogenes' Lantern 7 meses atrás
@The Stopper what a lovely comment. Thank you for teaching me something new!
Olese Anos atrás
Curtis Walton
Curtis Walton Anos atrás
Or could it mean obtained enlightenment? That’s my first thought. considering that the words Christ and Buddha mean the same thing and the nature of the discussions, I’m sure of it
Aleksi Nako
Aleksi Nako 9 meses atrás
Philosophy for life yes 🙌🏻
Stig Pedersen
Stig Pedersen 2 anos atrás
Thank you very much for this! It's such an agreeable narration. I was listening with both pleasure and fascination - and I know I will listen to it many times - as a meditation.
Marisa Dalla Valle
Marisa Dalla Valle Anos atrás
My very favorite philosopher! How damn cool is this!
carol woodhouse
carol woodhouse 8 meses atrás
A perfect reading of a wonderful work. Thank you.
brittany mccusker
brittany mccusker Anos atrás
Chapter 9 was so relatable to my life at the moment
Human Evolution
Human Evolution 2 anos atrás
When might we expect book 3? I've been re-listening to these for the last month every time I get in the car.
You Dont Know PAC
You Dont Know PAC Anos atrás
‘til our fearless leader returns, shall we say “Woe is me“? I think not! As he rests his mind, let us engage ours upon this letter from times passed.
Igniex Anos atrás
Very good reading, love it!
Dino Bondgiovanni
Dino Bondgiovanni 2 anos atrás
Very good stuff. Keep up the good work.
멘토르석사 2 anos atrás
His mastery of language was exemplary
Vijay Vijay
Vijay Vijay Mês atrás
Are you Chinese?
Phillip Noetzel
Phillip Noetzel Anos atrás
With the possibility of mandatory vaccinations being discussed, the teachings of Epictetus are more relevant now than ever.
I will be spending more time with these readings on your channel. And possibly purchasing the books in the future. Thank you very much.
Letter Fake
Letter Fake 2 anos atrás
Had to listen this on segments just to not get lost. Really fine piece.
Jrvash Anos atrás
Thank the heavens that I may draw inspiration from such a great and beautiful mind.
Thomas Erickson
Thomas Erickson Anos atrás
So well done, thank you.
rtt1961 2 anos atrás
Masterful narration. Also, rather appropriate for the times.
Maliki Algerian Kabyle Swag
(Footnotes 4 me) 1:23:00 "the bad doer does wrong to himself.. " 1:55:40 How might we conduct ourselves toward tyrants
Deep Risk
Deep Risk Anos atrás
peter9style Anos atrás
Binge watching all your videos...thanks for all this effort!
Jean Anos atrás
💚my favorite thing to listen to as I get the kids to school 💚
WadiFok 4 meses atrás
Hey, Epictetus, wanna go to the gym? - Naah, today I today I think I'll just kick back and invent some timeless principles of ethics, logic and moral philosopy. - Well whatever floats your boat, egghead!
Janjua __
Janjua __ 2 anos atrás
Great advice in the midst of mass hysteria surrounding current affairs
RaceCondition 2 anos atrás
I like when you add short summary of sentences in the video..i.e. you did that on "Seneca: Of Tranquillity of Mind - Audiobook ", it was awesome. Anyways , it's a good listening.
RaceCondition 2 anos atrás
@Sisyphus That would be funny :D
RaceCondition 2 anos atrás
@Sisyphus Race condition is a term in programming/electronics or systems where final result depends on timing of uncontrollable events. And the picture itself is just two horses from chess to represent race (from word racing).
RaceCondition 2 anos atrás
@Sisyphus why?:)
Vox Stoica
Vox Stoica 2 anos atrás
Yea I feel summarised notes/quotes do add a bit of value. They take quite a long time though, especially for longer books. The Discourses is around 13 hours so I thought I'd just get it published first and perhaps get round to summarising or quote mining it in the future :)
Gami 2 anos atrás
Looking forward to the other entries in this series
mikelli_henriquez 4 meses atrás
Chapter 15: 1:34:04
Stig Pedersen
Stig Pedersen 2 anos atrás
The single dislike of this video is there for a good reason. It's a simple yet subtle test - a raised finger; for one cannot help seeing this thumb down and wonder, 'who on gods Earth would dislike this?' But it is of absolutely no impotence to you and should have no impact on your appreciation.
Ghost Crew
Ghost Crew 2 anos atrás
Or by examining this dislike, he sees that there is always room to improve. But never taking in the dislike as something negative, for it is an external.
Cocoabine Anos atrás
Shoutout to my boy, Epictetus.
Joey Washington
Joey Washington Mês atrás
We, the people of the State of Illinois- grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberty which he has permitted and seeking his blessing upon our endeavors- in order to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the people, maintain a representative and orderly government, eliminate poverty and inequality, assure legal, social, and economic Justice; provide opportunity for the fullest development of the individual; ensure domestic Tranquility; provide for the common defense, and secure the blessing of freedom and liberty to ourselves and our posterity- do ordain and establish this Constitution for the State of Illinois.
Richard Branam
Richard Branam Anos atrás
Beautiful Thank you.
Lokoo Montana
Lokoo Montana 2 anos atrás
Please do the other books 🙏🏼
Arnoldus Jansen
Arnoldus Jansen Anos atrás
Man this is great! Please continue, fellows 19 years old
प्रबुद्ध माथुर
Hey Robin! Look who is literally happy here. Thank you, my friend!!!!! I have been literally checking your channel daily for the past 10 days for this and now it is here. hurahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kokani Jillo
Kokani Jillo 2 anos atrás
your tone matches this topic good job
Franz 2D
Franz 2D Anos atrás
Always wanted a good book to read about focused on Stoicsm. Thanks Pewds.
Kief king R
Kief king R 2 anos atrás
Wow !the world is open to me know thank you.
Marek Stefan
Marek Stefan 11 meses atrás
Around 9:45, shouldn't it say "to Aricia" instead of "to Africa"? Otherwise excellent, thanks!
starri tae
starri tae Anos atrás
can someone summarize/discuss each chapters
MIKEY 2 anos atrás
Thank you as always!
Ralph Marion Victa
Ralph Marion Victa 9 meses atrás
02:08:22 "Who are those people by whom you wish to be admired? Are they not those whom you are in a habit of saying that they are mad? What then? Do you wish to be admired by the mad?"
Jes Sta. teresa
Jes Sta. teresa Anos atrás
Book review is my favourite of his content plus anything with marzia.
InvestorNabil 2 anos atrás
You are pretty incredible for uploading this. Can you put it on Scribd ?
Vox Stoica
Vox Stoica 2 anos atrás
When I finish the full book I'll put it on there. Most of my other recordings are:
boyvidi Anos atrás
let’s go babyyy book review is back
PontanB Anos atrás
@david killian ew wåopåååpyphqö Mölnlycke. Mönja hjälp Hugo jo jo j jo oj oj j oj joho nån åka ko Kjell jag ska k ok cuc Vikboknuten i. Jo b. BoVi Jojobantning vi ociviliserat h
Manuel Matos
Manuel Matos Anos atrás
Floor gang ouh!
I Am
I Am Anos atrás
O.O what in the fk is floor gang? XD
Pinch Anos atrás
Let's goooo
david killian
david killian Anos atrás
@Tony Ramirez let's gooooo
Justin Rudolph
Justin Rudolph 2 anos atrás
great upload. Thanks!
Paul Knighton
Paul Knighton Anos atrás
From 2:33:00 I payed very close attention
DiecastReviews 11 meses atrás
The real Enchiridion
Grant Barnes
Grant Barnes 5 meses atrás
StrydyRHellZRydyR 2 meses atrás
Glad to see your channel growing... Been a couple years... And now I see comments from PewDiePie... Like damn
_JiPPo Anos atrás
"among us" - Epictetus 1:01:25
SLAYER huh Anos atrás
Hello I am a pewdiepie dork and will be listening to this.
eden jay
eden jay Anos atrás
i dont think this matches with the penguins classics edition. could somebody recommend what edition of the book I need to buy to follow along with this audiobook please? i need it for book club and I like to listen to audiobooks whilst reading at the same time as if I'm just reading I cannot concentrate enough thnx
Vox Stoica
Vox Stoica Anos atrás
Hey Eden, this is the William Abbott Oldfather translation. It's available on kindle here: It's on Wikisource here:,_the_Discourses_as_reported_by_Arrian,_the_Manual,_and_Fragments/Book_1
A H 7 meses atrás
i'm still an infant.. Chapter 9 is still hard to practice..
Andrew 2 anos atrás
This is Epic..(tetus) Thanks! 😁
Philosophy Bro
Philosophy Bro 2 anos atrás
Can someone explain what Epictetus means by the use of “poultry” I feel like I understand. I’m just looking for the official definition
Scott Hardie
Scott Hardie 2 anos atrás
From reading other translations, I believe the word is "paltry"
Philosophy Bro
Philosophy Bro 2 anos atrás
Grey thank you, BRvid-commenting-angel ❤️🙏🏽✨
Grey 2 anos atrás
I don't know exactly where he said that, but maybe he means "paltry" instead of "poultry"? Cause poultry means birds basically. The ones we eat.
Bary Marsh
Bary Marsh 2 anos atrás
Should epictetus talk about singular god at 33:43? Wasn't there many gods to the people of ancient greece?
MoronicAcid1 2 anos atrás
The Greek text from which this was translated from may have been a scholarly revision.
NO FACE JAKE 2 anos atrás
if you are listening to this on desktop, play lofi hip hop ( or your music of choice) on low in another browser. sometimes just listening to the words makes me lose interest and keeping it on low does not make it distracting :)
Klawdszxc Anos atrás
1:34:02​ Chapter 15
Klawdszxc Anos atrás
2:49:42​ Chapter 29
Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett 2 anos atrás
And how far we have "evolved".
Diogenes' Lantern
Diogenes' Lantern 7 meses atrás
Most of the plebs in ancient times were ignorant and self-centred. There are many accounts about how debased and moronic society was back then. Philosophy then was only followed by the few, just as it is now.
Alex Wall
Alex Wall 2 anos atrás
Thanks again Vox!
Douggernaut84 Anos atrás
The pot holding section is difficult for me. We work in exchange for $. Does this mean We sell ourselves? Cleanthes worked a menial task, carrying water. Did he sell himself cheap? I think Not. Is it because holding a piss pot is degrading? In who’s judgment is it? I wipe my newborn sons butt, I do not feel shame or humiliation. Hospital workers care like wise for invalids the same way and are not degraded. The shame would be coming from other’s view of you. which is outside your sphere and nothing to you. Or am I too focused on the task? Is he saying it is yielding to compulsion from a higher power that degrades, regardless of the task?
Todd Chavez
Todd Chavez 2 meses atrás
I’ve had to pause every 5 minutes to try to digest the material. Are there any good translations that use more modern, truncated, and to-the-point terminology like what “The Message” translation does for the Bible? I’d rather not have to parse these massive sentences that contain so much information manually. I’d like to be spoonfed please. Such a translation would not necessarily have to detract from the impact of the message or lose its nuance. In fact, such a translation can open up a plethora of conceptual doors that the average listener may not have considered previously. Yes there will be more sentences, but they will be more easily digestible, like putting a bicycle in low gear as one summits a a mountain. More peddling, but easier progress.
Todd Chavez
Todd Chavez Mês atrás
@Liquidfire thank you
Liquidfire Mês atrás
Start with Ryan Holiday he's more modern, then slowly delve deeper in complexity eventually read the source
Dashawn Bannister
Dashawn Bannister Anos atrás
Hey I've listened to this and was wondering are the books in your links the same I'm looking to buy the paper back and not the Kindle version I've seen the covers are not the same do they still contain the same thing possible verbatim
Dashawn Bannister
Dashawn Bannister Anos atrás
@Ken G ok thx
Ghost Crew
Ghost Crew 2 anos atrás
Aha! I was waiting on this reading.
I am
I am 2 anos atrás
Thank you again : )
Oliver Middleton
Oliver Middleton Anos atrás
You are criminally underrated
harrison mwendwa
harrison mwendwa Anos atrás
LightUpTheDark けいりい
Watching this upto 1:04:25 an I just noticed two weird looking figures behind him in the wall or am too high 🤣
_Despairty _
_Despairty _ Anos atrás
Hello fellow Pewdiepie book club members
José Alberto Marroquin
The gods 😂 😂 😂
Kokani Jillo
Kokani Jillo 2 anos atrás
your tone matches this topic good job
NakMuay666 2 anos atrás
i really love and appreciate this reading, but the amount of ads is bordering on obscene. I cannot recall any video on youtube that was this saturated with ads. Pity, because it's such great info. please consider maybe one ad or two. Not 30
Vox Stoica
Vox Stoica 2 anos atrás
​@NakMuay666 About a month ago BRvid blanketed all videos with midroll ads every 5-10 mins, but I've certainly removed those. Whether it's one or two ads at the beginning I don't have control over but there should only ever be three points where they appear so I'm not sure why more are showing up. I can't see them using an incognito browser on my end so maybe it'll clear up in time.
NakMuay666 2 anos atrás
Vox Stoica yes, in order to reply to this comment I had to sit through two ads. It seems there are fewer on the mobile platform but still several points throughout the video. On a desktop, there are ad markers every 5-10 minutes. I get it-you want to generate ad revenue for a thing you produced, but I would not watch these again with the current ad structure. Enjoying your reading of Epictetus is near impossible the way it is. Other than that, great reading
Vox Stoica
Vox Stoica 2 anos atrás
Hi NokMuay, there should have been one at the beginning, middle and end (every 90 minutes). Were there more than that showing up?
g davis
g davis 10 meses atrás
the translation that was edited for christian audiences
tooth656 Anos atrás
1:55:40 dealing with tyrants
Taha Kamran
Taha Kamran Anos atrás
41:00 bookmark
Euclid ofAlexandria
Euclid ofAlexandria 2 anos atrás
Tied to many things.. entanglement, in the hindu tradition i recall that wisdom is basically add or something of that nature as well, with overlap to be the wisest you could be add, because then you wont be attached to the fruits of what your wisdom puts out, after being a jack of all trades but a master of none...
Paronymius Paronymius
Paronymius Paronymius 11 meses atrás
What is it, then, that disturbs and frightens the majority of people? The tyrant or his guards? How so? In no way at all. It is impossible that that which is by nature free should be disturbed or impeded by anything other than itself. No indeed, it is our own judgements that disturb us. For when the tyrant says to someone, ‘I’ll have your leg shackled,’ one who attaches value to his legs will reply, ‘No, have pity on me,’ while one who attaches value, by contrast, to his choice will say, ‘If you think that will do you any good, chain it up.’-‘You don’t care?’-Not in the least.-‘I’ll show you that I’m master.’ -How will you do that? Zeus has set me free. Do you really suppose that he would allow his own son to be turned into a slave? You’re master of my carcase, take that. -‘So you mean to say that, when you enter my presence, you’ll pay no attention to me?’-No, but rather to myself. But if you want me to say that I’ll attend to you too, I’ll reply that I’ll do so in the same way as I do to my cooking pot.(19.7-10)
Name Surname
Name Surname Anos atrás
Let’s go bros. 20 minutes amirite.
Luducas Anos atrás
what an intro 🤣biggest hype man of all time
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