The Deep Frost Citadel! - Hermitcraft 9: #18

Tango Tek
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Big progress out our base today as two more major towers rise up and form the perimeter. We also meet up with Etho and welcome him back to the server. Finally, Hermitcraft has a new King... apparently.

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29 Jun 2022



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Comentários 1 917
ChicagoGr81 Mês atrás
Etho mentioned in his video that he has a huge redstone project in mind to get started. You have lots of redstone from the Raid farm and quartz from bartering, sounds like it's time for another episode of Tango's Trials.
Bunyan420 Mês atrás
Yes that would be awesome and great to see
Shauna Call
Shauna Call Mês atrás
Rai Kitsunagi
Rai Kitsunagi Mês atrás
@Nima Master time to make a 26th comment :3
Nima Master
Nima Master Mês atrás
2.5k likes and 24 comments? Lemme fix that!
Marion Harrald
Marion Harrald Mês atrás
Bugo Youtub
Bugo Youtub Mês atrás
Tango in Double Life: "I'm no builder!" Tango in Hermitcraft: builds insane looking structures.
Silenc Mês atrás
This is also true without the "looking"
Haha He
Haha He Mês atrás
the life series arent about building i guess XD
Emrakul Mês atrás
Hermitcraft just gives off the right vibes. All of Grian's traps work on Hermitcraft but never on the life series.
Tay M
Tay M Mês atrás
Tango is absolutely BRINGING it this season with the builds, holy cow. First the Astral Library, then this ridiculously massive and detailed citadel, AND he's making Decked Out 2 underneath it?? I can't believe we get to see this amazing content for free
Hexnetic Mês atrás
Yeah but why jinx it?
Lucas Mês atrás
Gingerbeer007 Mês atrás
The floating spectator camera while you're just walking and talking with Etho is SOOO good. It feels like a movie. It was also very unique feeling. Keep doing more of that!
Paravetje 5 dias atrás
It felt so natural that I didn't even notice until he mentioned it! I agree, he should keep doing that.
Hyderboy Mês atrás
Here’s an Idea, what if each tower represents a Warden, so they really are the Wardens of the Citadel. When you name a warden you should give each one a name, and so it really ties in with the build.
chAAAd725 19 dias atrás
I really hope Tango sees this
Tyler Emery
Tyler Emery Mês atrás
Great idea! That would really add some more lore to the base, too!
Tom Brandis
Tom Brandis Mês atrás
Love it
Zane Emmanuel Doliente
Art Thingies
Art Thingies Mês atrás
Can we take a moment to admire that what we are all doing, especially in Season 9, is watching someone build a game by playing a different game? Like, we're watching Tango (and not just Tango! Several other hermits as well) build a game, but instead of programming it or typing a rules pdf, he has to go out and use the mechanics of another game to accumulte the materials that he is using to build his game! It's absolutely amazing! It would be like watching a tabletop game designer have to go out and chop the wood and gather and process the pigment for ink and hand-cast dice alongside watching them actually design and format the game (pretty much literally, in fact)! Hermitcraft is full of so many amazing and talented and creative folks, and it's so wonderful that Season 9 is giving us the opportunity to watch them all in action! What an amazing gift!
Art Thingies
Art Thingies 28 dias atrás
@Matthew Jenkinson I have a few recreations of it. I am *obsessed* I can't wait for this one!
Matthew Jenkinson
Matthew Jenkinson Mês atrás
If you haven't already see his Decked Out in season 7. It was not super crazy in terms of technical Redstone, but the scale was fantastic.
erog hau
erog hau Mês atrás
Love the flames being added to the tower, gives off some kind of sorcery vibe. Like you've created this new flame that can thrive inside the icy tundra.
Ithenna Mês atrás
Tango: "Hey Etho, what ya need, I can get you anything you want" *clearly thinking about armor, tools, iron, redstone, beacons even...* Etho: "I need you to send me into exile" Tango: "Wait, what ? ? ?" *visible confusion*
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Mês atrás
Tango: "Hey Etho, what ya need, I can get you anything you want" clearly thinking about armor, tools, iron, redstone, beacons even... Etho: "I need you to send me into exile" Tango: "Wait, what ? ? ?" visible confusion
Rosaria Leah
Rosaria Leah Mês atrás
The bot has broken, wtf.
քɨɢɮօʀɢ Mês atrás
1:49 the game has recognized that Tango is going too fast for his own good, telling him to slow down and punch a tree to collect wood. Tango! You may be a redstone genius, but you sure have been dumbificated when it comes to taking it slow… don’t be hasty now, hoom.
Heinz B
Heinz B Mês atrás
Yeah I thought the exact same thing! XD
chris Mês atrás
Ok, I'm here to confiscate your "I'm not a builder" card. This is looking really epic. Keep the soul flame, they can be magical flames. So you can add more.
Yalsof Mês atrás
Amazing how quickly he's progressed. From "foot tower" at the ranch to the Deep Frost Citadel in less than a week! Most improved builder award right here
takeo013 Mês atrás
@AP4e_ tangos double life episode
AP4e_ Mês atrás
@Liam Engram ?
Liam Engram
Liam Engram Mês atrás
Timmy: "My comments asked me if I know who I am working with. Sooo, I checked out your latest video, and yeah, you're definitely building the tower."
Mad Milton
Mad Milton Mês atrás
Idea: central tower has the claws with an ice sphere in the claws. Maybe glowing to be seen at night
Hylia Stone
Hylia Stone Mês atrás
@Colin Smith Yes, yes, YES!
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Mês atrás
A couple layers of ice/light blue glass with Sea Lanterns inside to glow the right color.
fuzzzone Mês atrás
Absolutely fantastic episode, my man. The interaction with Etho was really fun, the build is looking incredible, and pushing BDubs into the pit was hilarious. Since you've invited feedback, my thoughts on the build: - The soul flames look great and fit in well with the ominous, dark magic vibe of the place. - The short tower might be too short at the moment. From a fortress design perspective, it should be as tall, if not taller, than the gatehouse. - The eyes on the tower are a cool idea and the way they follow you IS creepy. - Having the towers be distinct from one another is a great, creative idea. Can't wait to see it all finished!
FLAKELY Mês atrás
Love the flames being added to the tower, gives off some kind of sorcery vibe. Like you've created this new flame that can thrive inside the icy tundra.
haavardgj Mês atrás
that ending... i'm laughing so hard that i'm crying. Genious Tango!
Pradyum Agarwal
Pradyum Agarwal Mês atrás
The blue flames I think fit very very well. Visually, the orange flames give off the "warmth" but the blue flames to me have always felt like more magical fire giving a cold atmosphere if anything
Pradyum Agarwal
Pradyum Agarwal Mês atrás
@Syilirs360 Fortnite GOD I'll take that as a compliment XD
Syilirs360 Fortnite GOD
U made the most obvious thing sound so sophisticated and intelligent by using big words. Lol
antimatt_r Mês atrás
yup, keep the blue flames. more, if anything? like 3 or 4 segmented rings of blue fire up the tall left tower. I think it helps break up the black of the tower and looks good from a distance
Andrew Mês atrás
Magic cold fire is the vibe i was getting too!!
Ki Ti
Ki Ti Mês atrás
100% agree! keep them
Sam Schellhase
Sam Schellhase Mês atrás
15:40 make sure to put packed ice or blue concrete or something underneath the ice so that it's not see through. seeing the nether fires and even the beacon beams through the ice takes away from the atmosphere (aura? vibe?) of the hallway and the connection to your Citadel
Adam Kalafut
Adam Kalafut Mês atrás
Tango, for the right hand side tower instead of keeping it short, you should make it look like as if there is a crystal ice ball in the middle with another claw on top.
Mr. Squid
Mr. Squid Mês atrás
Tango I would easily say you're the MVP of the server this season! Your starter base, the Nether Hub, and now your mega base have easily been the most incredible things I have seen on the server. I would be very surprised if someone outdid what you're doing with your mega base. It is easily the coolest build I have ever seen on Minecraft. And also all of this for Decked Out 2? It will just be incredible!
Rick Sosa
Rick Sosa Mês atrás
I absolutely love those towers. They kind of remind me of the oblivion realm in the elder scrolls IV
Gurpreet Virk
Gurpreet Virk Mês atrás
I love how the new towers have a “live” feel to them. Like how the one with the flames looks like eyes and the other one does have eyes. Like they are living towers. Bad ass IMO.
Respect Real Person
Tango Tek, everything you have done this season has been so amazing, creative, fun. I really appreciate how you have shone through so much talented work. Thank you, so much for your many hours. Hope your family, and you are all well/happy!!!
isaac fujisaki
isaac fujisaki Mês atrás
Absolutely loooove this build, can't wait to see the finished product.
Congele Mês atrás
Dang Tango, you really upped your game on all fronts this season: The builds are more incredible than ever, with the Nether Hub and the Citadel being some of the most detailled build on the server right now (I can't get over how good the spikes on the towers looks!), and the editing of this episode was so good! I'm loving the camera angles as you show Etho around!
Aaron Strager
Aaron Strager Mês atrás
Yes to both the soul flames and the eyes!! The soul flames don’t scream “hot” to me, they scream “dark magic”. And the eyes that follow you look even cooler than the other tower’s base, and I can’t wait to see them with the “bat wings” on top’
Lightning _11
Lightning _11 Mês atrás
@Ramen Noodle Oh, I didn't think of that. I was just thinking "eyes -> creepy -> warden"
Ramen Noodle
Ramen Noodle Mês atrás
@Lightning _11 wait right. Warden doesn't have eyes, but the tower can see...
PortalmasterLP Mês atrás
Frost Burn Fire, Ice Fire!
Lightning _11
Lightning _11 Mês atrás
The eyes are pretty creepy, which is a perfect vibe to go for when your base will be full of wardens!
Ramen Noodle
Ramen Noodle Mês atrás
I can't wait to see some hermit put a moustache under those eyes
Blake Leasure
Blake Leasure Mês atrás
When you eventually do the landscaping of the snow on the mountain, you should add some roots to the outside towers. Make it look like they are alive and that they ‘let’ you live inside of them.
Bugmangreen Mês atrás
Maybe even using some of the new mangrove roots
Aaron Horowitz
Aaron Horowitz Mês atrás
Tango's builds this season have been mindblowing.
poppyjake6 Mês atrás
I love the flames it adds some nice detail and can be “cold fire”
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer Mês atrás
I love the eyes in the second tower, especially that they follow you! And the open flames seem fine because they're blue and seem like a cold flame. :3
Axel Cox
Axel Cox Mês atrás
If I was you, I'd put the skulls under a layer of ice to imply that the skulls have been frozen into the floor, kind of like the glass fog method. As Chris said, us viewers are confiscating your "I'm not a builder" card. Love the new towers! P.S. Perhaps put the skulls on armour stands and partially submerge them in the ice! Might be a job for Cleo...
Mary Davis
Mary Davis Mês atrás
That would be amazing, but also a lot of lag from the armor stands.
BobTheBox Mês atrás
That many skulls... I wouldn't wish that amount of work on my worst Cleo
Linda Eijssens
Linda Eijssens Mês atrás
Nice idea's! Think that would look awesome.
Jayce Wendling
Jayce Wendling Mês atrás
love this
Rachel Mês atrás
I really love Tangos builds. The deep frost citadel reminds me of mordor+oblivion.
no1time Mês atrás
Hey the eyes on the tower on the right (frontal perspective) look amazing, with walls added every side could have their own story, theirs theme. Wonderful job man.
Space_0wl Mês atrás
The citadel looks amazing already! The spike looks like horns, and they add to the dark vibe of the fortress. The soul flames look great, and I didn't even realised that fire was supposed to be hot... them being blue is enough to forget that, because I think it reminds people more of magic than warmth. The detailing of the tower is great, and I really like the fact that the towers are going to be asymetrical!! Also, don't worry about the eyes. The fact that you manage to make them follow you around is amazing! All in all, the entrance is impressive. The towers are massive, and you definitely feel like you should NOT be here, and danger awaits. That's an awesome work! And what a way to flex, throwing beacons and nether stars... I love it! Also, how convinient it is to have a guy already building some adventures, when the new king wants to developp "quests" for diamonds... Wonder who's gonna be making diamonds off of clues, hm?
Auron Heimdall
Auron Heimdall Mês atrás
Your base is my favorite of all season 9, and considering the amazing work of the other hermits that's no little achievement ! Congrats Tango, keep up the good work !
Archer Animates
Archer Animates Mês atrás
The way he just pushed bdubs into the pit without hesitation is gold
buggy girl
buggy girl Mês atrás
I very much enjoyed watching that 🤣
Hawk Leigh
Hawk Leigh Mês atrás
watching Bdub's video I'd wondered who did it, and now I know and it's too perfect xD
the beber
the beber Mês atrás
Also Bdubs‘ scream at the end lol
Assorted Atrocities
The perfectly cut scream at the end really sold it. The Deep Frost Citadel is really coming along too, I don't understand how you guys can do anything of that scale!
Shey Bear
Shey Bear Mês atrás
This could contend for favorite Tango bases. The season 5 base is, by far, my favorite. This could dethrone that one when it's finished.
Barbara Belmar
Barbara Belmar Mês atrás
I love the builds you're making, they are so awesome
Scorpion Czech
Scorpion Czech Mês atrás
The citadel is probably my favourite build on the server right now! Looking soo fantastic i cant wait for whole thing to be done... And Just little whisper in the future... Red Winter is coming..
Luuxlani Mês atrás
Exceptional ending to this episode. Tango on fire this season!
Krazy Kat
Krazy Kat Mês atrás
Great work, I really love seeing these amazing build timelapses! Just to throw in my two cents: I think the blue flames fit really well with the theme. They don't seem as hot as normal flames, and I can totally picture little chalices of fire on the ramparts of a frozen castle if only to heat the oil you'll be throwing down on your enemies!
Umbrify Mês atrás
Those towers are so incredibly cool! I love the asymmetric vibe! Also, love how both Tango and xB had the same idea of punching Bdubs into The Pit there at the end
Alice Mês atrás
This build is absolutely incredible, I can't wait to see more of it! (The blue flames go perfectly I think because they look like magic fire not regular fire)
DBass Mês atrás
Tango is really embracing a “Sauron” esthetic with that build isnt he? I guess we have dwarves, elves, and kings on this server, so a Dark Lord would make sense 😂
Sintanan Mês atrás
A dark lord in a _forsaken_ frozen waste... Elves, dwarves, and humans working together in an _alliance_ Another sect of elves doing their own thing in a forest as dark as _night_ All we need is someone taking up the role of the orcish personality from a land far, far away coming in a *horde* of visitors. The Hermits are playing out the factions of Warcraft.
JabZ Mês atrás
Gives me more "Icecrown" vibes from World of Warcraft but I do see your point
HalfInt Mês atrás
Agreed. Every fantasy kingdom needs a Dark Lord to rule them all!
MrEMVme Mês atrás
he finished the first tower and I thought "oh, it's a baby Orthanc"
DVDwr Mês atrás
13:26 "break the symmetry" but you only breaking it left and right not up and down. Mix them up on the Y axis as well, everything is build on the same hight. Like the tower near the mountain, set it in the mountain not remove the mountain around the tower.
MothHabits Mês atrás
Love how the build is turning out!! It’s so spooky and majestic! My suggestion is for there to be a layer of deep slate or black concrete under the ice layer in the nether tunnel. A layer of sea lantern (maybe with a block of air between might create a cool glow effect too. Not sure if you were already planning something but the semi-transparency throws me off.
Septimus07 Mês atrás
I love the eyes on the tower!!! They fit so well. Also to me, the blue fire has always felt like a “cold” fire to me lore wise, so I think it fits really well both from lore and aesthetic!
FrogAnnie Mês atrás
I honestly love the eyes on the tower. They remind me of those horror props where the portraits' eyes follow you. Very spooky!
Brendan Mesters
Brendan Mesters Mês atrás
Tango, I just want to tell you that I'm super impressed with how your building skills evolved. Really love your builds, keep being awesome ✌🏼 ❤️
erog hau
erog hau Mês atrás
I love the flames it adds some nice detail and can be “cold fire”
She’s Stichin’
She’s Stichin’ Mês atrás
The towers are so insane! Love the eyeballs and all the details.
Rachel Koch
Rachel Koch Mês atrás
I like the soul flame. The blue tone keeps it “cool” but adds animation to the base
Mister Anderson
Mister Anderson Mês atrás
The blue soul fire doesn't look "hot" - I think they match the build perfectly and there should be more on the other towers.
Brant McLamb
Brant McLamb Mês atrás
Yeah. Reminds me of Zelda a bit. I think it matches pretty well
sunshinias Mês atrás
@Henry He Real blue fire is a much warmer, more-purple blue though, which is part of why Minecraft ones look magical rather than hot.
A_Mirror Mês atrás
More on this tower too
Jacob Mack
Jacob Mack Mês atrás
Reminds me of the blue fire from Zelda: Ocarina of Time: This is a cool flame...
Normal Channel
Normal Channel Mês atrás
yeah, they feel like cold fire
lim sowq
lim sowq Mês atrás
Absolutely loooove this build, can't wait to see the finished product.
Hearth Mês atrás
I absolutely love the eyes on the tower! And the blue flames help everything feel more lively. I don’t get warm vibes from them, definitely a chilling cold that you can see
TheLittleMisfit Mês atrás
I love the spooky eyes on the tower and how they follow you, it gives me haunted mansion vibes. In fact I love everything you've built this season tango! Can't wait to see what this turns out like.
Bobby Holsinger
Bobby Holsinger Mês atrás
Scar would love the eyes following you on that second tower. Very Disney-esque.
chocoloverforlife Mês atrás
"not that detailed" he says about one of the most detailed builds I've seen this season. also Bdub's aborted scream a the end was gold also also 7:29 13:45 asymmetrical Tango, the word you're looking for is asymmetrical
Pokemon Star Wars
Pokemon Star Wars Mês atrás
You could say the symmetry is false
Alyssa Fundal
Alyssa Fundal Mês atrás
@Jason Reed yesss I think so too
confused … ?
confused … ? Mês atrás
The classic Bdubs scream we all know and love
Jason Reed
Jason Reed Mês atrás
I think he should keep the asymmetry but for the inner towers he should flip the tower hieghts so that front left is the shortest and back right is the tallest. (Currently the outer towers are planned as front right is the shortest and back left is the tallest) And possibly have the central tower be the tallest of them all. And i think what he means by details is that he is maily just doing shape and pallet right now and not super indepth fiddling like you can see in Bdub's tower or Scar's trees because he plans to coat everything in ice and then go back to do the finer detailing.
alex hoffmann
alex hoffmann 16 dias atrás
The second tower could be covered in eyes for an eldritch vibe and I think that it'd look fantastic especially if they're randomly spaced
Clément Mês atrás
The whole citadel style reminds me a lot of the Dark Eldars buildings in W40K ! Amazing !
Jesse Heath
Jesse Heath Mês atrás
Hey Tango, the citadel looks amazing! Can't wait to see the rest. When the server is upgraded to 1.19, you should build a warden launcher-ficator-inator to prank the other Hermits! It's tanky enough to survive pretty much any tnt launcher
Lord Vladius
Lord Vladius Mês atrás
Since one of the inspirations for the Deepfrost Citadel is the Icecrown Citadel from WoW, I think blue flames are totally fine in this build.
Michael Plate
Michael Plate Mês atrás
The citadel, etho coming back, ren becoming king, bdubs screaming in agony. This episode was wonderful!
Lisa_WistfulOne Mês atrás
@Sepia Smith 🤣🤣🤣
Sepia Smith
Sepia Smith Mês atrás
one of these things is not like the other 😂
Lisa_WistfulOne Mês atrás
That was the perfect ending!😂
GreyOak 28 dias atrás
the citadel looks amazing!!! the cinematic bits with etho were actually pretty cool!
Scoopy Pigeon
Scoopy Pigeon Mês atrás
I absolutely LOVE the aesthetic you've got going on your base!
Mollypaup Mês atrás
The eyes on the tower are so cool! It's awesome how they move with the perspective :D
Quill Mês atrás
im so in love with the evil lair vibes builds, the citadel is genuinely so great! i like the soul flames actually, the blue fire makes me think more of magic and cold fires than heat. maybe for some of the darker areas of the base, you can have a sea lantern-glass-ice set up to make it look like the ice is glowing a bit?
leanpie2 Mês atrás
My first reaction to the eyes "following you" on the time-lapse was "oh that's creepy" - which means you absolutely nailed it. The soul flames not only work in the color palatte but evoke memories of the original Decked Out. I think they're perfect here!
Nasis Kahn
Nasis Kahn Mês atrás
Well said! I agree with all of it!
Wolfram Stahl
Wolfram Stahl Mês atrás
Wow, these builds are amazing! The left tower reminds me a lot of Xardas' mage tower in the Gothic series while flying around the right one with the eyes feels like watching a TOOL music video. I find that I'm just incapable of having expectations as high as what you deliver. Consider my mind bogglificated by your creations once again.
captaincomet26 Mês atrás
Eye towers are amazing! I love how it follows you where you are. I say lean into some of the over the top evil stuff Also love the blue fire, it’s like it’s so cold it burns type of thing. Great work!
Maria Gustafsson
Maria Gustafsson Mês atrás
The soulflames works great! They dont make me think about heat, they look magical and evil to me and that fits perfect! Love the builds! Great job Tango
Michelle Sieburg
Michelle Sieburg Mês atrás
You, just like every Hermitcrafter are amazingly talented!
Alyssa Fundal
Alyssa Fundal Mês atrás
BAHAHA Tango hitting Bdubs into the pit with the perfectly cut scream at the end-- I see your editing Tango and the comedic timing was perfect lol!! Sacrifice the king's jester!!
Tanner Swizel
Tanner Swizel 28 dias atrás
The shorter tower looks pretty uncanny. Reminds me of the Eye of Sauron, and I think you should incorporate more structures that stare at you to make it feel more evil
Wolfram Stahl
Wolfram Stahl Mês atrás
I would love to see this build in combination with the Create Mod, with sections of the towers slowly and menacingly rotating.
oisin cooney
oisin cooney Mês atrás
I love how ambitios tango is with all his builds
Danica Templeton
Danica Templeton Mês atrás
The eyes on the tower look really good when you can only see one of them, and the Mario effect is only when you can see them both. I think the Mario effect will disappear though when it gets put more into context
AlbinusGaming Mês atrás
The eyes on that tower is so amazing.. Brings out the sinister and evil look.. and the blue flames is just perfect, as it also makes it look sinister and evil
Mouse Mês atrás
Those two outside towers are amazing. I love the crowns on those two
Michelle Hall
Michelle Hall Mês atrás
I love how you ran out! Of wither skulls. That's impressive. Love the project. Keep up the great building. ❤️
Phoenix16661 Mês atrás
The tower with the eyes brings a whole new creepy feel to the build Because it’s watching. I think it’s a great addition to make the Hermits feel constantly watched while in the area. 😁
Harvey Jones
Harvey Jones Mês atrás
When tango says on double life “I’m not a builder” then builds this😂
bsidethebox Mês atrás
Quick improvised builds are definitely a different skillset than the preplanned-in-creative-and-then-rebuilt-in-survival-over-20-hours megabuilds. The sessions in the Life series are only 3 hours once per week--even if they preplan builds and use Litematica blueprints, that's not a lot of time to squeeze in resource gathering and building amongst shenanigans. Hermitcraft is simply a different beast.
Jason Myneni
Jason Myneni Mês atrás
It is easier to make huge builds look good that small ones. You can’t use depth as much on the small ones
LunarSylph Mês atrás
He said he can't improvise builds
Marnie G
Marnie G Mês atrás
Beautiful and sinister! Amazing build today Tango! And I love the update to the original entrance with losing the ice and making the eyes purple.
Respectable Username
The eyes that watch you from that front right tower are amazing! It'd be so cool if that were a continuous theme throughout the build and into Decked Out 2.0. Always watching. It's unnerving in a totally on-theme way!
Chloe Johnson
Chloe Johnson Mês atrás
Omg the towers look AMAZING!!! They remind me of maleficents horns and I really do think it makes them look so evil!
PhoenixFlame Mês atrás
I LOVE the tower with the eyes. It looks so cool! Also more blue flame, I say more!
Penny Underbust
Penny Underbust Mês atrás
I love all of the eyes and mouths on this build!! It’s creepy and amazing.
erog hau
erog hau Mês atrás
Ok, I'm here to confiscate your "I'm not a builder" card. This is looking really epic. Keep the soul flame, they can be magical flames. So you can add more.
Temples4ever Mês atrás
This reminds me of Tango's evil mastermind base from I think season 5. In some ways I feel like this is a cross between that base and the Tango Ice princess prank from that same season. I'm loving it!!!!
DarthVader’s cologne
Personally I like the soul flames because it feels like the flames froze over but still needed to burn so it is a kind of frozen fire
Vale Dragonspeak
Vale Dragonspeak Mês atrás
Amazing work as usual Tango :). Personally I feel like the road to Deep Frost Citadel (in the Nether Hub) would look more menacing with less skulls, but with them all spread out and looking at the player like scattered skeletons, with their bones withering away from the Nether's air.
mjoeda Mês atrás
Actually, I really enjoyed the replay mod shots, it made it more cinematic, especially since I had already seen that part on Etho's video. IMO, you should do more shots like that.
Alistair Thompson
Alistair Thompson Mês atrás
Maybe increase the amount of ice on the walls of the nether tunnel the further down it you go, so the portal is gripped in an icy claw while the entrance to the tunnel is mostly free of frost. PS Tango- there's no way you can say "I'm not a builder" any more, phenomenal work
brbdooTV Mês atrás
Okay, Mr I'mNotABuilderTek, we need to have a chat about not selling yourself short. Can't wait to see this come together; it's one of my favorite builds on the server so far this season!
H WORD1087
H WORD1087 Mês atrás
Ohhhhh I love the asymmetry between those towers and the gate! "Glacial Gaze Tower" and "Frozenfear Reach" stand eternal along Deepfrost Citadel where they subjugate the realm with their terror invoking power!
Yaraka Mês atrás
I love how you implemented the feedback nicely from the previous episode. Looks much better now! An Idea I had for the front right tower was to maybe add some redstnone to the tower which could function as eyelids in front of the eyes. If you add a randomizer to it you can have the tower blink making it feel alive. Not sure how this would work out but I think the idea has potential :) Can't wait until the next episode!
asos zan
asos zan Mês atrás
The floating spectator camera while you're just walking and talking with Etho is SOOO good. It feels like a movie. It was also very unique feeling. Keep doing more of that!
Nelcyon Mês atrás
Flames look so good, need a few more peppered throughout the build I have kept up with nearly every hermit and their builds since season 6, and this build is shaping up to be hands down my favorite so far.
Юрий Ананас
Really good episode Tango! It's also great to see Etho back playing with you guys again.
Dunleavy4 Mês atrás
I like the blue fire. It feels magical so it still fits in a cold biome
Arie Paul
Arie Paul Mês atrás
I think that the soulflames give of a "cold fire" vibe, like walking into it is like being in ice water.
Bastien Guilbaud
Bastien Guilbaud Mês atrás
I love how docm is essentially a tedy bear but no matter what he builds, everybody think he's evil. Tango on the other hand builds very evil thing, even a game to make people suffer and everybody think he's lovely. These two men are both lovely and kind. Imagine a minute what would happen if tango and docm were to swap building style lol
Sam Winterstarch
Sam Winterstarch Mês atrás
Lagggoat Mês atrás
@Matthew Oldhaver as a german scientist I can confirm
Matthew Oldhaver
Matthew Oldhaver Mês atrás
@Thomas Croker he's german, this is normal scientist stuff to me.
Thomas Croker
Thomas Croker Mês atrás
i mean docs last episode was a full auto charged creeper cannon and and armour deleting death ray. Seems pretty evil to me
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