The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star

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11 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
Chanthi Duong
Chanthi Duong Hora atrás
The best world of Shane
William Pettigrew
William Pettigrew 2 horas atrás
How can shane be so dirty sweaty at meetings like that where he is getting amazing deal to change his life , and then to turn up with that hoodie on covered in dog hairs wtf and jeffree eating next to him . Why don't his friends bf tell him . Its disgusting and unprofessional
Ash 2 horas atrás
In other words I hope u both r doing ok and I love u both. i can't do much but if u need anything, I'm here for u
Ash 2 horas atrás
Love how someone really took the time to crash Shane's life so Jeffery and Shane would be distracted and then they could steal from Jeffery. U guys should c who supported the idea of Shane fucking his cat and examine them for the stolen stuff
Felisha Marie
Felisha Marie 3 horas atrás
Shane and Jefree right now 32:00
Jordan Kay
Jordan Kay 4 horas atrás
That title didn't age well, huh?
Prudent Inc.
Prudent Inc. 3 horas atrás
haha true tho
Cale Lambert
Cale Lambert 6 horas atrás
Morgan: "I don't think a 'Shane is over party' would EVER happen.. like that would just never ACTUALLY happen"... BRvid in summer 2020: you thought you were clever didn't cha?!?.. Also, Shane said next time he had a scandal or cancelling he would just tell everyone to fuck off - "I'm just gonna tweet here's a link to my fucking pallete, bittttch"
Bloo Munki
Bloo Munki 6 horas atrás
Shane. Remember this. ‘Lean in to it’. ‘I’m not going to let it ruin my life’.
truthseekr4life 8 horas atrás
There's not even ONE woman involved in this palette selection process. Just white men. I'm not a BLM'er / Cancel Culture person at all except when it's to point out the hypocrisy when I see obvious prejudice among the cool, woke Millenials who run around judging the who world.
Olivia goldsmith
Olivia goldsmith 12 horas atrás
I just read these were taken down? No sir they have not tf
Lilly B.
Lilly B. 12 horas atrás
Other episodes have been taken down :(
Camille 93
Camille 93 14 horas atrás
"this whole series is teaching me how to be more like jeffree"..... Yeah we see that in 2020 now you're both cancelled 😂
Debbie Blatt
Debbie Blatt 15 horas atrás
Sucks that _SONY_ hit him with copyright strikes on 4 of the episodes AND on one of the most important ones at that- the reveal of his entire Conspiracy collection.... _RE MONETIZE SHANES CHANNELS_
V xoxo
V xoxo 9 horas atrás
Celia Sweeney
Celia Sweeney 12 horas atrás
Why should he be remonetized?
Melanie Tarantino
Melanie Tarantino 19 horas atrás
What’s crazy is EACH title left could easily describe jeffree on what came out...what if it’s a hint even that opening part. He’s saying what he wants to without saying it and jeffree will see this as a threat Shane, be careful I’m not joking with you on this at all be careful and have EVERYTHING you need I know you still have the original footage don’t confirm this now ANYWHERE but, if you do keep it the truth is LITERALLY on film everything was documented. If something happens Shane (I’m not trying to freak you out just warning this is jeffree he will turn on everyone because he’s so defensive keep in mind he hasn’t defended you nor shared anything with you in a while not to mention morphe) you post that you show what really happened you are the last one who can do this I know you don’t want to lose a friend but Shane this person has brought you down and stayed quite. Maybe a unlikely person will come to talk to you after and, you’ll see a Sind you didn’t because of what jeffree told you. Be careful
Jmaxboom Dia atrás
Scary, strange dude! The "beauty cmmunity" is really so ugly now. Thanks Shane and J.
Izzy Vine
Izzy Vine Dia atrás
I can’t wait for the wedding flog I am sorry this is happening to you but your so nice and funny don’t let people pull you to the floor and break you use it to make you run to the TOP😋🤪🥺☹️🤓😗😙😊☺️🙃🙂
green random girl
green random girl 18 horas atrás
Gurl please stop
Jang Esther
Jang Esther Dia atrás
Depression and anxiety aren't an excuse to sexualize children, Shane.
Izzy Vine
Izzy Vine Dia atrás
THAT WAS FUNNY WHEN HE GRABBED A PELLOW OF HIMSELFFFFFFFF 😂 sorry but it kinda was not hate to him or to me
kitty cat
kitty cat Dia atrás
Shane dose not deserve all the hate we all make mistakes in life and for some reason I cried at the end of the video🥺
kitty cat
kitty cat 15 horas atrás
American ESC FAN oh ya and your a grow man watching makeup vids ok and you don’t even do makeup on your Chanel 👁👄👁
American ESC FAN
American ESC FAN 16 horas atrás
Shut up Karen and go do your homework
Siouxsie Wild
Siouxsie Wild Dia atrás
Watching before it's removed
caleigh hamann
caleigh hamann Dia atrás
why is this on my recommended when i literally watched 1 video on the drama. anyways justice for elijah mcclain!
CyberThug1080i Dia atrás
Catering to their Prejudice audience I believe. Shane dawson Cancel this fool/ unsubscribe please!! Take them down now......
HURevolution4lx 23 horas atrás
charli star
charli star Dia atrás
Wilma FistFit
Wilma FistFit Dia atrás
Lmao I’m loving that they’re all being called out and being canceled!
PinkCheetah06 YT
PinkCheetah06 YT Dia atrás
This is like the only vid with Jeffree and Shane that isn’t blocked. I love you Shane but what’s going on
Siouxsie Wild
Siouxsie Wild Dia atrás
What! No oooo I decided to rewatch before taken down 😩
Brad C
Brad C Dia atrás
charli star
charli star Dia atrás
Your sister is going to JAIL! periodt pahaha.
Your sister is going to JAIL!
Why Do I Exist Then Jeffree and Shane would be mute.
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist Dia atrás
Calm down Also if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything
Lynmak damn
Lynmak damn Dia atrás
Does anyone enjoy the music track at the beginning so bad like me?
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist Dia atrás
I do
Sara Van Fossen
Sara Van Fossen Dia atrás
I loved this! I wish you both the best you are two amazing people. ❤
2001paws Dia atrás
the first 10 minutes of this video did NOT age well y'all
Metzli Sanchez
Metzli Sanchez Dia atrás
3:55- that aged really well now didn't it.
lascaux france
lascaux france Dia atrás
Omg this is dark af
Jill Hourihan
Jill Hourihan Dia atrás
hahahahahahahhahahaha the first 7 minutes did not age well holy fuck
Brenda Morales
Brenda Morales Dia atrás
demonetized 🤩
maka rosee
maka rosee 2 dias atrás
Why have I never seen this 8 months later
Nady CR
Nady CR 2 dias atrás
I will still support you, Shane.
Cassidy w
Cassidy w 8 horas atrás
@pats cookie notice your the first oen to leave the argument :) must mean you ran out of points to make :))))
Cassidy w
Cassidy w 8 horas atrás
@pats cookie wow didnt know you would stereotype. im "fighting" with a 9 years old . you think that all black people hate white people. how racist could you be? pathetic. theres some things you just cant do. and you seem to think you can do them. and i guess fyi everyone in our family are very grateful for one another. we dont bring up adoption unless its to dumb people like you. thats sad. we respect each otrhers cultures and thats how it should be for the world (except cancel culture hahaha). its like anytime a white talks about a black or lives with one everyone feels so bad for the black and taht automatically makes the white racist. pathetic. btw the last 2 sentnces are really good for you to change up. but you wont. "just like shane dawson you wont change your racist stereotypy ways" fuck u racist piece of-
pats cookie
pats cookie 17 horas atrás
@Cassidy w also please I'm not American. Im Canadian also I spent a considerable amount of time in your country. So no, I wasn't out looting 🤦🏾‍♀️ there you go stereotyping black people again. I feel so fucking sorry for your siblings. And no I don't defend what George Floyd did. That wasn't the point of the protests like how can you be so out of it??? Do you not have a clue? The police killed a man no reason. He was not resisting. The protests are about systemic racism against black people. Innocent people die, like breona Taylor and the little boy Elijah. And yes, George Floyd because in that instance because even if he knew the bill was fake, the violence against him was uncalled for. You are absolutely ridiculous and I can't say enough how bad I feel for your black siblings if this is what you think. I'm not responding to you anymore because I'm absolutely disgusted
pats cookie
pats cookie 17 horas atrás
@Cassidy w and at this point idk if you are clearly stupid or you actually haven't seen all the shit Shane has done and continues to do. I'd like to hope it's the latter because that shit is indefensible.
pats cookie
pats cookie 17 horas atrás
@Cassidy w put them alone with a group of black people and they will express how they really feel. Trust.
Jeepman89 2 dias atrás
Jeffree Star is a disgrace
Riss Here
Riss Here 2 dias atrás
Me watching while using my mini conspiracy palette 👁👄👁
Ether Gnosis
Ether Gnosis 2 dias atrás
Riss Here 🤣☕️ me watching before shane deletes another channel
Bente Bosman
Bente Bosman 2 dias atrás
Just looking at how They put those shades on their hands looks so good and smooth
Sarah Sherwood
Sarah Sherwood 2 dias atrás
Did I just realize that this episode care out on my 14th birthday? Yes Yes I did
DepressedPopato 2 dias atrás
I just really like how Nate’s brother just lets them put make up on his arm. If it was Nate, like I understand why he’d do it but his brother. Mine would just be like “get away from me with that bullshit.”
Owen Cash
Owen Cash 3 dias atrás
Corky Cat
Corky Cat 3 dias atrás
Ok hear me out when i say that i hear a terraria slime sound afect at 35:39
Joshua !
Joshua ! 3 dias atrás
Why does Jeffree stars team of security sound like the navy seals?
Matthew Carrillo
Matthew Carrillo 2 dias atrás
lourain boi
lourain boi 3 dias atrás
6:14 well that's exatly what has happened yesterday
Melissa Mariaa
Melissa Mariaa 3 dias atrás
well … the beginning did not age well …
unrealtalks 3 dias atrás
3:25 spoke too soon morgan 👀
Sophia Amundson
Sophia Amundson 4 dias atrás
Who literally crying because of then end 🥺😭😣 I’m so happy!!!
woah 4 dias atrás
the end compilation is the most wholesome thing ive ever seen
manuzinhaa 4 dias atrás
manuzinhaa Dia atrás
Your sister is going to JAIL! THANK YOU. 😔✌️
Your sister is going to JAIL!
Injured Stew He’s lost a million subscribers, is demonetized on all channels, has his palette banned, celebrities hate him, yeah he’s cancelled ☺️
manuzinhaa Dia atrás
Injured Stew Nah. I'll show my opinion. "Hunny" ❤️
Injured Stew
Injured Stew 2 dias atrás
@manuzinhaa Well keep your opinion to yourself then. Shane doesn't need this hate in his life "hunny" ❤
manuzinhaa 2 dias atrás
Injured Stew Well i'm sorry. It's my opinion, Everyone has theirs. This is mine, He's cancelled to ME and some other people. But thank you for being polite.
The Lil Yopo Show
The Lil Yopo Show 4 dias atrás
the dangerous world of shane dawson
Zumi 890
Zumi 890 4 dias atrás
Depression and anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualise children, Shane
Some nights I don’t know
Shut the fuck up
Injured Stew
Injured Stew 3 dias atrás
Don't put words in his mouth.
Wafflez Wafflez
Wafflez Wafflez 3 dias atrás
No shit that’s not what he was trying to say
Alien Girl
Alien Girl 5 dias atrás
Watching this series for the first time in full, low key still waiting for some of Jeffree stars old songs to be on the soundtrack 😂 Like the "fuck me ima cebrity song"
Elu como sabes todo eso Elu Elu
I love how he said andrews here instead of shanes here 😄
nunya beeswax
nunya beeswax 5 dias atrás
the only thing that annoys me about htis episode is that shane put ryland in full glam but no mascara....... TRigGEreD
nunya beeswax
nunya beeswax 2 dias atrás
@Ether Gnosis IKR?? shane... im dissapointed lol
Ether Gnosis
Ether Gnosis 2 dias atrás
nunya beeswax not even a LASH
vantebearrrie 6 dias atrás
i love how everyone treats Andrew like he's not just a camera man, but just a part of the group.
Katja xxx
Katja xxx 6 dias atrás
the background check was probably faked
angie Victorio
angie Victorio 6 dias atrás
I’m littrely watching his whole channel now xD since I have nothing to do 😂
Lilly Lane
Lilly Lane 6 dias atrás
I cried so hard during the end!
oliviermarie talia
oliviermarie talia 6 dias atrás
ooooooooo we need a series on what’s going on RIGHT NOW
Au Revoir
Au Revoir 6 dias atrás
Morgan is fucking beautiful.
MadVlogs 5 dias atrás
Theperksofbeing Hannah
Shane “Twitter is trying to cancel me” Me: Oh honey, you have no idea what’s gonna happen💕
Antisepticeye 6 dias atrás
No matter what I'll ALWAYS support all of these amazing people
Some nights I don’t know
Injured Stew
Injured Stew 3 dias atrás
Wafflez Wafflez
Wafflez Wafflez 3 dias atrás
• Brîght Búbbles •
Shane: "I feel like the world is ending" People watching in 2020: 👁👄👁 you don't know the half of it.
simply danLrene
simply danLrene 7 dias atrás
Great Acting Shane....clap clap clap
Samantha Liu
Samantha Liu 7 dias atrás
Andrew's laugh could make anyone's day :)
Irish Faerie
Irish Faerie 7 dias atrás
Aw it's so sweet so see Diamond and Daddy again💖💖💖
Sarah Reid
Sarah Reid 7 dias atrás
I love the way how Jeffree gets in and arranges the colours! It’s so awesome to watch and seeing Shane’s awesome creativity with Jeffree bringing it to life😊❤️ that proposal at the end was so adorable😍😭❤️
Allie B.
Allie B. 7 dias atrás
8 months later and the whole drama with James Charles is back and Shane is being called racist and Twitter Tiktok BRvid and Instagram is trying to cancel him and he made a Twitter post and explained some of it...
HeyItsSadie 20
HeyItsSadie 20 7 dias atrás
is it bad that i can’t tell morgen’s sober self from her drunk self
Bunny Boi
Bunny Boi 7 dias atrás
That's my friends with me
kira the creepypasta
kira the creepypasta 7 dias atrás
i was pooping in the bathroom then i gasped and my roommate thought i had diarrhea im dyingggg
Makayla Turner
Makayla Turner 7 dias atrás
why does rylands makeup look better than mine ever will
Jayde Baker
Jayde Baker 8 dias atrás
So Shane can talk about how he "spirals" and talks about wanting to k*'ll himself, but when James Charles says it he needs a "slice of humble pie".
Wafflez Wafflez
Wafflez Wafflez 3 dias atrás
Shane never hated on James when he said he wanted to kill himself
Jessica 8 dias atrás
I love them genuinely love them no matter what's going on, there really is pure love between them all. And Morgan was the sweetest to,Shane when they were discussing the can moving,. 😭😭❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰
Josie Violett
Josie Violett 8 dias atrás
41:30 welp that must be about that demon haunting video he put up... None of us saw it coming, too... O.o
Undefined_Jaz 8 dias atrás
Andrew's laugh is a cure for everything tbh
the frog
the frog 8 dias atrás
yeah i like shane but this was a cash grab
Injured Stew
Injured Stew 3 dias atrás
Wafflez Wafflez
Wafflez Wafflez 3 dias atrás
You seriously don’t know Shane if you say that
Conversations with Kat
I cried so many happy tears at the end!!! This was a roller coaster of emotions, but it was amazing!!!
Tay _Monster16
Tay _Monster16 8 dias atrás
I started crying at the enddd😭😭😭❤❤❤
Macy Lee Tiner
Macy Lee Tiner 8 dias atrás
At 47:34, i fell in love with Patrick 😍
l_ellie001 9 dias atrás
Who else cries when Shane proposes ? 😭
Lamalandhoe Reee
Lamalandhoe Reee 9 dias atrás
Nate looks so proud-
oopsy 9 dias atrás
6:09 a foreshadowing moment
Gabriel A Boomhour
Gabriel A Boomhour 9 dias atrás
Seeing jeffree panic gives me a panic attack!
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