The Dame Dash Interview: Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Fall out with Biggs, New Businesses

No Jumper
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 8 362
Thapelo Mokoena
Thapelo Mokoena 8 horas atrás
Dame dash fake periodt
Chris O
Chris O 9 horas atrás
When he was talking about people bitching all day, my dude he was talking about you.
Chris O
Chris O 9 horas atrás
Dam slapped his woke ass up lol. Tried to get him to bash Trump and Kyane. Love when White dick riders use hating Trump to be down. What a bitch.
captain of ss chalupa
captain of ss chalupa 9 horas atrás
best guest ever!!!!this the type of folk you should be interviewing not drug addicted rappers.
Smoogle s.
Smoogle s. 10 horas atrás
Adam is such a cuck ass liberal bitch "no one would be around saying what Kayne says" , dude doesn't like free thinking blacks.
rod luva
rod luva 13 horas atrás
damn. he hates Jay..that's his trigger
Nathaniel Hamilton
Nathaniel Hamilton 17 horas atrás
@28:20 loyalty and honour first and foremost
Nathaniel Hamilton
Nathaniel Hamilton 17 horas atrás
Big daps to Adam and Dame for this one
PinkBull1000 Dia atrás
so he's the father of Da$H, is he?
iamthetank44 Dia atrás
Get to a billion? He's got like 2 million bucks.
keith glenn
keith glenn Dia atrás
43:45 That's fucked up on Biggs 2 do Dame like that. I know personally that Dame brought biggs into rocafella and he made MILLIONS bc of that. He took the bih route and rolled with j but I guess he felt he had to diss dame to please j to get down with him again.
keith glenn
keith glenn Dia atrás
I'm feeling Dame on the fact that it looks like J took a job. And like Dame, I'm not taking a job if I'm worth a billi. That doesn't make sense to me bc he can make a difference without the NFL.
Derek Duram
Derek Duram Dia atrás
Dame hate jay cause he can’t eat off of him anymore lol
jonathan Dia atrás
The thing about dame is he tries to make everyone think he's the smartest and he's always in the right. All he do is try to justify everything to be in his favor. And he is super condescending. The fact is that lots of his projects flops. Most of his stuff past rocafella flopped. How he gunna act like he's in the right and he knows the formula when he dont? Jayz a billionaire, dame ain't. Dame dont gotta be condescending to adam cause hes asking questions that he cant answer. Talking jayz lost. Nah, hes a billionaire.
Fortenberry Dia atrás
Dude speaks the truth and I love listening to him, and people c an learn a lot from his knowledge but before he became the executive / boss he was moving weight to create that image. Sure everyone can be a boss if you already have a million in your pocket from being a drug dealer. We the people choose to do it the right way instead of selling to your on people making them slaves of the industry. Just my 2 cents
André Vesthed
André Vesthed Dia atrás
I love that Adam's promoting the Eagle Energy inhalator yet drinking Starbucks coffee throughout the interview :)
André Vesthed
André Vesthed Dia atrás
Martin Scorsese should do a movie about Dame Dash!
Cola T
Cola T Dia atrás
Surprised to hear him talking about the Annunaki...hope to see him do some work or a movie with his buddy Billy Carson.
WuiS Dia atrás
Dame is the type of guy that bites the hand that feeds him . His ignorance blinds him.
Ameena Lee
Ameena Lee 2 dias atrás
Dame Dash is a jewel for our culture ...he needs to be protected and treasured by us...He is a Universal thinker...and most definitely not a hater!
Zachary Hurley
Zachary Hurley 2 dias atrás
This reminded me of Dr Sebi talking at that one interviewer lmao
Zachary Hurley
Zachary Hurley 2 dias atrás
This was a fucking gem
Zachary Hurley
Zachary Hurley 2 dias atrás
You just interviewed dame dash bro
Zachary Hurley
Zachary Hurley 2 dias atrás
Adam22 you made it lol
Ferrari Fresh
Ferrari Fresh 2 dias atrás
Dame Dash is very Interesting And intelligent
Robert Hammond
Robert Hammond 2 dias atrás
Dame Dash and Master P are the realest.
Michael Black
Michael Black 2 dias atrás
"depends on what channel your watchin"... Im going to find a way to use that statement throughout my daily life..
Ryan Khan
Ryan Khan 2 dias atrás
Good interview!
john Dango
john Dango 2 dias atrás
He been goseping bout j for years Sayin he doesn't like gossip
Random Citizen
Random Citizen 2 dias atrás
Dame Dash is a genius, period.
Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor
Dame sound so angry, sad, and frustrated.. When you make the type of money Jay, Diddy, Dre, or anyone else, you are gonna do some people dirty..
kory maynard
kory maynard 3 dias atrás
Just the realest this guy
9FPS Playboy
9FPS Playboy 3 dias atrás
this nigga all cap bruh
Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan 3 dias atrás
46:50 alien jewels
000000 000000
000000 000000 3 dias atrás
Everyone in the Industry Knows Jay-Z Ain't Shit! 👍
000000 000000
000000 000000 3 dias atrás
Being a part of the Industry is Slavery!
000000 000000
000000 000000 3 dias atrás
One big Dog! (Jay-Z) The one slave that gets spoiled by his Master. (Jay-Z) So that he can deliver all of the Slaves, but he is the only one that Benefits From it. (Jay-Z) He is taking about Jay-Z! The Slave that lives in the house kissing the ring of his Master, is Jay-Z. Jay-Z job is to help deliver the rest of the Slave to the Master! The others slaves follow because they want what Jay-Z has. But they will never get. Because Jay-Z sold out every other slave. He even sold out Prince!
David Savian
David Savian 3 dias atrás
Damn Dame is so fucking annoying. He thinks he is above everyone. Wherever he is, he wants to control the conversation and talks down to anyone that doesn't see everything as he see it. He and is dumb sister are the dumbest fucking idiots in the public eye. Dame is a guess on this show. He is not the interviewers father to talk down to him like that. This isn't about a black man putting a white man down. This should be about respect towards all......not just towards the people Dame thinks he should respect in a conversation. Tyrants and communists talk to others like that. Remember, I'm in complete agreement with what Dame says in a lot of things. It's the way he goes about it when he talks to other people. Dame is doing the same shit the white racists did to black people in the 60s and earlier. White people would talk to black people as if black people were little animals that had to be corrected every other second. Dame is doing the same shit !!!! There could never be unity with someone acting like him. We all know Trump acts like that and we hate that shit from Trump. So, why give Dame a pass just because he is black. Even Martin Luther King would not have talk down to others. That is why Martin is the only minority with his own holiday in the United States. Dame is basically a robot that has no sympathy towards others that don't fit what he likes. Aggressive loosers like him always end up fucked up. I wish him all the best. But, look at idiots that were too aggressive like Malcolm X, Tupac Shakur, and even Mohammad Ali. Yes I like all those guys. But, Karma catches up to your ass when you behave like you are above others or you are too aggressive because you could influence others to be like you and that is not what God wants. God wants good people that bring change that right way and not screaming for change.
000000 000000
000000 000000 3 dias atrás
Rolling a Blut! 😲
Reggie Phipps
Reggie Phipps 3 dias atrás
“We on the radio right now”
Younanimuz 3 dias atrás
Its Not About What You Do...It’s About How Famous You Are For What You Do
ASMA WON 3 dias atrás
Hahah two dumb mfs that think they’re smart smh
finesse laflare
finesse laflare 3 dias atrás
I could hear Conor at the fight conference now like Jay Z is little Mad Rhat! He signed The Stallion just to hit another lick on the low your not slick your in it for the mooney too! You took Kanye from Dame your a theiving rat and your dead when I get my hands on ya!"
MYviewMYview 3 dias atrás
You fearing what ppl think”
devindust 3 dias atrás
My fav No Jumper interview. So good. Thank you.
Thomas Gregg
Thomas Gregg 3 dias atrás
he just mad because jay cut him off, old bitter hating ass dude
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 3 dias atrás
Naw he smart open minded business man
DEVIOUS ARMADA 3 dias atrás
50:29 I can’t wear a condom I’m a grown ass man. Best quote of the interview. Haha.
DEVIOUS ARMADA 3 dias atrás
47:27 Adam: Yeah that’s a lot right there I don’t know about that.
Sean Gray
Sean Gray 3 dias atrás
Damon Dash has a history of fu*king over his artists. Lol. He sounds smart to dumb people. Jay-Z made Dame Dash. Period. “I heard *** sayin' they made Hov/Made Hov say, "Okay, so make another Hov.” Enough said. Dane will go to his grave “bleeding money” and you morons will still be saying what a great businessman he is. 😂😂😂
theREDMASKchannel 4 dias atrás
"Gangstas for Love"-Dame Dash
theREDMASKchannel 4 dias atrás
didn't know BOSSES roll weed...
Ariel Tarango
Ariel Tarango 4 dias atrás
They talk about 50 cent everyday!
Derek Duram
Derek Duram Dia atrás
Ariel Tarango Kendrick and Drake too
King king
King king 4 dias atrás
Let’s not act like Dame didn’t roll the meanest joint 💨
Shmack Bunz
Shmack Bunz 4 dias atrás
I call this nigga Dame Dodge because all he does is dodge questions.
Lady D
Lady D 4 dias atrás
"It's common knowledge that Jay ain't shit ask anybody in the industry" lmao
Chrissy Harris
Chrissy Harris 2 dias atrás
Lady D girl shut the fuck up
Lady D
Lady D 4 dias atrás
I always did like Dame he keeps it real
Tha1 Unknown
Tha1 Unknown 4 dias atrás
dash is always pissed off and insecure about everything
Dr. GreenThumb
Dr. GreenThumb 4 dias atrás
Joe Rogan should get Dame on his podcast.
Mnqobi Hlongwa
Mnqobi Hlongwa 4 dias atrás
I didn't know Johnny Sins had his own podcast.
tony freedom
tony freedom 4 dias atrás
Boss of what, look at him hes a bum
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