The Dame Dash Interview: Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Fall out with Biggs, New Businesses

No Jumper
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21 Ago 2019



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Comentários 80
Mark Green
Mark Green 7 horas atrás
Dame real as u damner can be as a human being
Mark Green
Mark Green 7 horas atrás
Am late Dame but God bless me too watch this inerview with u
AB 63
AB 63 7 horas atrás
Dame Dash talk to em !! school em !
James Ireland
James Ireland 15 horas atrás
Alot of dick riding on here easy fanboys
James Ireland
James Ireland 15 horas atrás
Dash is a fucking clown egomaniac
Conflict Patrol
Conflict Patrol 20 horas atrás
Very smart man, but arrogant as fuck!
Jose Conseco
Jose Conseco Dia atrás
Who the phuuuuuk wants to smoke caffeine basically lmao if u wanna do that just get some ice or some crack
Julio Cruz
Julio Cruz Dia atrás
Wise man
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Dia atrás
Dame Dashhole hates Jay Z cause He put jay z on a low level calling him his “artist”. They were partners not owning one another but Dame Dashhole was a hater after Jay Z took over Dame Dash quit just cause Jay Z was basically his Boss. True story. He hated him more after Jay Z sold RockFella for more than 200 million but that’s Dashholes fault. Jay Z grinded his way up in silence..... all I see here is a snake. You can even check out videos of this dude going in the office yelling calling Jay Z his artist.
Julio Cruz
Julio Cruz Dia atrás
Dame a real one bruh his ideology is the way to be. You feel clean in the soul and that is priceless.
Bess Snow
Bess Snow Dia atrás
What’s the point of the 🎧?? Feel like it would look better without them.
Doe Ray
Doe Ray Dia atrás
daniel keating
daniel keating 2 dias atrás
Exactly rubbers if u playing
daniel keating
daniel keating 2 dias atrás
Exactly dame great interview
Bp 2 dias atrás
Yo fuck bro and adam y am I even here
Lowkiblxck 2 dias atrás
Dame Dash really a good nigga 🔥🕊
Nomad Cases
Nomad Cases 3 dias atrás
dame a legend,,, but man... how u roll weed sooo slowwww,
Sedrick Bailey
Sedrick Bailey 3 dias atrás
why would anyone interview Dame Dash... I would have such a headache afterward.
Haitian Zombiez
Haitian Zombiez 3 dias atrás
Lol Pause
Haitian Zombiez
Haitian Zombiez 3 dias atrás
Thank You Dame.
Haitian Zombiez
Haitian Zombiez 3 dias atrás
Real Nigga
Dankenstein Corsentino
Everytime Dame talks,the story always ends up bout himself. lol! Big Ego havin Cabron.
Papi Cooper
Papi Cooper 4 dias atrás
snoop dog
MISTER FOLEY 4 dias atrás
"impossible, I'm Dame Dash nobody can know what I know" My Guy lol puase
MISTER FOLEY 4 dias atrás
"Answer my question!" -Dame Dash
MISTER FOLEY 4 dias atrás
meezalean comisreallah
I ain't on Dame didiii(no homo) but he did have No Jumper moted! Yeeeah Moted I spelled it right. Friege. Once!
meezalean comisreallah
"Birds in the car"..... Ahhh Dame I know you from Harlem wanna say 140s but didn't you go to college and Jay was the one with the Birds? You and Can and you had birds....not sure I believe that cuz from what I understand a bird is a Kick2.2(36ofEm) and you had multiple so you was working for someone cuz your street rep wasn't moving birds.... And I especially don't believe it because you went out of your way to say it was Fact that was in a Camron rhyme, ....gotta call BS on that , give me a like on the comment if you agree
meezalean comisreallah
Maby DUCKS?! L.O.L.( Lifted.Off.Loud.)
Squelch 4 dias atrás
Dame dash should have joined the Nation of Islam ! And he woulda been Farrakhan by now !
Mr3D 21
Mr3D 21 4 dias atrás
Dame is definitely intelligent he just doesn’t know how to talk to ppl that’s the only thing stopping him from being on top of the world if he would just put his pride to the side he could really do some amazing things
Hunglikafixture 4 dias atrás
What kinda man talk about another man... as they talkin bout “anotha” man
D Smith
D Smith 5 dias atrás
The black community could use more Dame Dash’s and less 50+ year old black men scared of Europe & China. I rather listen to someone like Dame Dash than a genius that will never ever stand for his people when he sees them getting exploited. Keep pushing Dame.
D Smith
D Smith 5 dias atrás
Smart guy.
Dizz 7 dias atrás
Good interview adam
Eric White
Eric White 7 dias atrás
Its funny how ppl whom are extremely knowledgeable know nothing of how government operates. At times of war all the power transfers to the executive branch. Americas always at war weither it be with another nation or lets say war on drugs war on poverty war on terrorism small examples.
Kenneth Lloyd
Kenneth Lloyd 7 dias atrás
What is the deal?
Jacob J0LLY
Jacob J0LLY 7 dias atrás
I love how adam sorta tees dame up to go oh yeah fuck trump yada yada yada but he actually formulated an interesting and intelligent opinion, not my personal opinion but interesting and cohesive.
Lamont Jackson
Lamont Jackson 9 dias atrás
This bitch shits on capitalism... He is a plant put in place to help the deep state push the degeneration of black society and the socialist, democrat agenda.. Only here for dame
Lamont Jackson
Lamont Jackson 9 dias atrás
If you are young and especially black, don't Listen to these people trying to get you to hate trump and white people... It's a trick to keep you looking in the wrong direction. They use to use black people to trick us into the racism trap but we are waking up, now they use white people who act like they are on our side to do it... Focus on building your life, no one is stopping you..
W A 9 dias atrás
Damn, Adam looks like Vlad’s son in this.
Steve on Job
Steve on Job 9 dias atrás
king esseen
king esseen 11 dias atrás
"Dame took me off the block, from hand to hand..." that was was a dope line from a dope track. I love how Dame made Adam say P.E.A.C.E. to Daniel. If you didn't grow up with basic communication skills, our generation and culture feel compelled to put you on.
Jerry Gutierrez
Jerry Gutierrez 11 dias atrás
Man stfu
hoffieldj 11 dias atrás
I get it but that jay z shit hurt
St king
St king 12 dias atrás
He really hates Jay
1maddd2mackxxck 1baaadmackxxx
I like Dame Dash's take no prisoners attitude. Dude didn't even speak to me. Why?? I don't know all I did was tell him about what he was doing wrong If people have hurt feelings trying to to be entrepreneurs then they are in the WRONG BUSINESS
Al’wahy Tv
Al’wahy Tv 13 dias atrás
Y’all go watch my first BRvid videos
Davon J
Davon J 13 dias atrás
Mad luv shot out to Dame Dash 💯
Bergen street Duke boy
Bergen street Duke boy 14 dias atrás
Dame lying about choke plus he stole from Jim & beans plus he robbed currenSy
s02 Pzychotik
s02 Pzychotik 14 dias atrás
Dorian Thomas
Dorian Thomas 14 dias atrás
Love Dame always I'll listen to whatever he has to speak. Some people come with a special light he's one of them he's living what he was created to be. That brotha is free and if nothing else we should all strive to be free, not in income but who we've been created to be.
Alijah Mommy
Alijah Mommy 15 dias atrás
Please interview Jay-Z First daughter from Maryland she's on Instagram @Jayzfirstdaughter
Tony 15 dias atrás
Man loves kanye even tho he switch sides. Dame is certi
305savage 15 dias atrás
HE LOST ME WITH "RIGHT AFTER SLAVERY"... that shit went way left...
All Praises Due
All Praises Due 16 dias atrás
Jay z 29:00
Derrick Barnette
Derrick Barnette 17 dias atrás
Never was a fan of Jay-Z, however i loved rocafella. The clothes, the movies, heck jay z was my least favorite rapper out of the roc. I always felt like Jay-Z was a sellout long before he sold out. I really miss rocawear, I’m just glad i still have a bunch of rocawear jumpsuits that I kept on ice all these years.
Blondeadcraig 17 dias atrás
if anything $500 was cheap for this interview, the knowledge dame spilled could turn you into a millionaire
Marcus Maxwell
Marcus Maxwell 18 dias atrás
He really talking to J
Head Shot
Head Shot 19 dias atrás
Poor dame lmao. Only one fucked up is you homeboy
sideshowbob williams
sideshowbob williams 22 dias atrás
Dave chappelle where corporate and art meet evil laugh😆
Jerrard Harris
Jerrard Harris 22 dias atrás
Too fucking late
NaSei Bonsu
NaSei Bonsu 23 dias atrás
So Dame stole the reasonable doubt royalty money and don’t tell jay lol the man is sneaky. I see why jay and Biggs don’t fuck with him tbh. Nobody cares about Dames tv network, he is forever blackballed and will never get to the level he wants to because he has destroyed too many relationships and burnt too many bridges
Hasib Jaksic
Hasib Jaksic 23 dias atrás
50 talked about everyday and he don’t have no one famous
Dawit Adem
Dawit Adem 24 dias atrás
“ This is the deal we made a deal” lol this dude 💯
PF Films
PF Films 25 dias atrás
21:11 Real
BAiley Furio
BAiley Furio 26 dias atrás
Damę say him and kanye were wondering if they were actual super heroes? Gtfoh....
Patriotbadass 26 dias atrás
From having it all to trying to scam a white boy outta his podcast show. I'm glad Adam scene right through his arrogance and bullshit.
Doran Satchell
Doran Satchell 27 dias atrás
Your a hater your to old for the shit you do your kids are more important then anything but your a clown with money my kids are my life and how you think is bullshit to grown for that bull grow up
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera Mês atrás
Dame invests in himself!!!!! doesn't matter how many years it will always come back when you INVEST in yourself!!! take notes!!!!!
NM E Mês atrás
Dame says i dong like men who talk about men. Adam got nothing to say cause that’s what he does
austin deleon
austin deleon Mês atrás
This prolly one of the most jealous guy I've ever seen. Ignorant too
D to the RIv
D to the RIv Mês atrás
Its HILARIOUS how Dame played Adam22, when Dame's OG Dan called. Dame told his OG "he's doing a radio show." OG Dan asks," what station?" Then Dame plays dumb and asks Adam22 the name of the "No Jumper Podcast." At that moment Adam's "clout" was taken down to 0, and he knew he had just been "Big Bro'd." For the rest of the interview Adam22 wasn't feeling Dame, and was dying to end the interview. Hahahahah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kim Birdsong
Kim Birdsong Mês atrás
Nice fucken grab! A rapper I know a whole lot about already.. I'm almost 32 and gotta admit i quit being into underground rap in HS. I guess i should take notes n get back in since I'm in radio but cou try radio plays the Bill's so it just doesnt make financial sense. Lol metaphorically even.
Kim Birdsong
Kim Birdsong Mês atrás
Damn. A real moment came in at the very end. He used the N word which is also a "coin" phrased by his people to promote his people/culture but ALSOOO which damn like an also, or so I've learned, it also kind of negates his mentality about "fuck that, that's slavery mentality" whennit was literally used by a white man to coin aka "SELL his people" and today sell their culture (the sell part he didnt grasp into words because his business mind was being PC but he has shit he doesnt wanna loose at the end of the day so really his whole mentality is fucked unless hes ready to lose it all to give to another person which is the true message of God isn't it? I'm not religious by any means I'm hardly spiritual either but isn't that the whole message of god? He gave it all, for his people, EVERYTHING, including his life. At the end of the day he closed it with business so I'm leaning towards that being his heavier mentality or the side hes gonna choose but idk. I cant say for sure because he gets passionate enough about giving back that his hand shakes so I could be wrong
Kim Birdsong
Kim Birdsong Mês atrás
Also I cant tell if hes trying to stick to the questions because I he sees how passionate dash is about his passions or if he honestly just doesnt understand
Kim Birdsong
Kim Birdsong Mês atrás
Also watching Adam watch dame roll a perfectly rolled J is great
Kim Birdsong
Kim Birdsong Mês atrás
Ok well metaphorically it does. They were all underground at one point but being in the music industry it just doesnt make sense
Manolo Records
Manolo Records Mês atrás
I wish he could rap‼️so we can watch jay z..and him battle..📍
jg2390s Mês atrás
Thank you Damon Dash for putting me on to that annunaki info.. you gotta be an intellectual to know about that stuff listen to this man yall!
jg2390s Mês atrás
Adam started growing his hair back after this interview 😂🤣
ANTON Komaroov
ANTON Komaroov 14 dias atrás
djbusdown Mês atrás
Jordan Godbolt
Jordan Godbolt Mês atrás
"Fuck a Industry that's like slavery"💯
Doughboy HoeBoy
Doughboy HoeBoy Mês atrás
Dame Ain’t Finna Let Nobody Talk
Kenny Mês atrás
Adam was particularly bald on this video
jay Jay
jay Jay Mês atrás
This dude is irritating
Corey Harold
Corey Harold Mês atrás
Nigga said idk why men wanna talk about men all day and a second later hold on my OG calling me
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