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Times change. Duty endures.
As Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) faces a rapidly changing Britain, her family continues to struggle against the needs of the monarchy and the wants of their fracturing personal lives.
Season Three of The Crown arrives November 17th.
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The Crown Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
This drama follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.


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21 Out 2019



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Comentários 4 619
Angelica Hamillton
Angelica Hamillton 4 horas atrás
It took me a minute to figure out where I've seen the Prince Charles actor then I remembered he was in that Les Miserables mini series
Orange 9 horas atrás
I was stunned with the first two seasons of the series and Claire Foy's performance as Queen Elizabeth and was looking forward for season 3. I must say I got a little disappointed by Olivia Colman. I mean she's a good actress, but to me she made the role of the Queen so boring and secondary. I mean in seasons 1 and 2, the series was about the Queen herself and in season 3 it's like all the roles are of same importance and the Queen has lost her shine. We only get to see her talking to the prime minister and with philip. I really enjoyed the two episodes focused on Princess Margaret and Prince Charles. Helena Bonham Carter is really talented!
robz fourtweenty
robz fourtweenty Dia atrás
When is Epstein or Jimmy Savile going to show up? Seriously though this was a horrible show, made me want to vomit.
robz fourtweenty
robz fourtweenty 27 minutos atrás
@Roy Blekman Sorry just not into a bunch of pedophiles that sound "ghastly". But good for you and your wonderful taste.
Roy Blekman
Roy Blekman 6 horas atrás
Not everyone can have good taste, your a great example.
Bric3Y0urK1ng 2k18
I love so much this serie. I hope the fourth season will show the current area then the fifth the future.
Marissa Dower-morgan
Marissa Dower-morgan 2 dias atrás
Am I missing something? When is the new series beginning?
Udey Chowdhury
Udey Chowdhury 3 dias atrás
This is amongst the best TV ever written and made, as a passionate fan since season 1, my only comment on Olivia Colman is...Claire who??
kikiwest2001 3 dias atrás
Although I enjoyed season 3, I felt it was rushed. Seasons 1 and 2 covered a period of 10 yrs, while season 3 covered 15 yrs. Season 3 started the same year season 2 ended and yet they made Queen Elizabeth look middle age when she was 38 I believe. It was a mistake to cast Olivia this early on in the season. Maybe around episode 3 or 4.
Jakotoniel 3 dias atrás
TheA5800 3 dias atrás
Anyone know where I can find the song?
Vlad Șoldan
Vlad Șoldan 3 dias atrás
@irgi prayoga omgggg cant waittt <3
irgi prayoga
irgi prayoga 3 dias atrás
TheA5800 it’s released next week, december 13.
Priscila F
Priscila F 4 dias atrás
Am I the only one that thinks olivia colman sucks compared to claire
susn1987 2 dias atrás
Yes you are.
M J 4 dias atrás
M J 3 dias atrás
irgi prayoga how do you know
irgi prayoga
irgi prayoga 3 dias atrás
uday Gadge
uday Gadge 4 dias atrás
i watched the whole season but never found the song, can somebody tell me if i missed something.
irgi prayoga
irgi prayoga 3 dias atrás
uday Gadge hii the song out on december 13!
Vassal Colony
Vassal Colony 4 dias atrás
Episode 3 about the Welsh mine industry, especially when placed in the context of Thatcher's later attack on the hard working Union man, is one of the most touching things I have ever seen in my life.
Melinda Bell
Melinda Bell 4 dias atrás
an actor change???? really???
FunkyDoolittle 5 dias atrás
Absolutely gutted. I binge watched Season 1 & 2. Got so used to the characters. I feel like Season 3 is a complete different TV series. The Queen comes over as stuck up, lazy and no connection with society. You telling me that in those 10-15 years from Season 2 to 3, the Queen went from an active woman who loves horse riding to an old stubborn and always serious angry looking grandma who still in her 40s easily could pass by as 60...WTF were they thinking...I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons. The royal family look so much human. In season 3 all characters look bored. Prince Philip new actor is complete opposite of the first one.
Logan Thompson
Logan Thompson 5 dias atrás
Where can I find the song!!
irgi prayoga
irgi prayoga 3 dias atrás
Logan Thompson it’s out on december 13, next week.
Luccas Ferranttini
Luccas Ferranttini 5 dias atrás
Apenas eu que percebeu que no vídeo as 00:17 na frente do portão do Palácio de Buckingham os súditos da Rainha estavam balançando a Bandeira dos Estados Unidos?
Your Mom
Your Mom 5 dias atrás
I’m going to miss the old actors
Zach Boughaffour
Zach Boughaffour 5 dias atrás
Can season 12 be about Epstein and Andrew?
Ben Adams
Ben Adams 6 dias atrás
I find she looks like Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands when she was still queen and younger. In real life people would think she is her sister, they look so much alike.
Jestem Sobą
Jestem Sobą 6 dias atrás
What this Song?
Daniel Hoo
Daniel Hoo 7 dias atrás
The BGM is so British, depressed
Louis Alfred Nickolas Gabriel
From 1:26 to about 2:05 - what is that track and where can I find it?
Melissa Talcott
Melissa Talcott 8 dias atrás
I don't like that they've changed all the actors I'm probably gonna stop watching now
Wellington Viana
Wellington Viana 8 dias atrás
Gostei muito das duas temporada passa. Mais essa terceira mudou tudo mesmo com tanta tecnologia de envelhecer os artista trocaram a rainha por uma mulher que não tem nada a ver o príncipe Felipe também. Os dubladores não são os mesmo. nunca ouvi falar que quando envelhecemos nossa voz mudaria. Nota 2.
Kenneth Gonzalez
Kenneth Gonzalez 8 dias atrás
I've already seen the season but this trailer is so good I keep rewatching it lol and Tywin Lannister part gave me chills!
박상원 8 dias atrás
Completed the viewing of the season 3. Wonderful piece of a drama, a masterpiece. Worth every penny I pay to Netflix. Especially touching was the episode 4, where Princess Alice leads. The actress was so utterly believable. A saint indeed, if true.
Catherina 8 dias atrás
Half way through season 3 and I feel that the Monarchy should be dissolved solely on humanitarian grounds lol.,
Rachel Wyld
Rachel Wyld 8 dias atrás
Here's in an interesting fact I have the Princess Diana Barbie doll wedding dress that my mother gave to me and my sister for our birthday's back in 1998. How my mother found in in Australia? I have no idea. We still have them.
Rachel Wyld
Rachel Wyld 8 dias atrás
@Catherina True
Catherina 8 dias atrás
Why wouldn't it be in Australia, it is after all a Commonwealth Country.
Zoel Amp
Zoel Amp 8 dias atrás
If you're looking for the song, Go follow @fortnowhere on Instagram for details
skimven4242564 9 dias atrás
I'm beginning to think I should give this series a try, because I'm such a big fan of Tobias Menzies and really would love to see this season with him. Do I need to watch the seasons prior to this to follow the story?
Will Underwood
Will Underwood 7 dias atrás
skimven4242564 yes you do
Kate Chen
Kate Chen 9 dias atrás
This series is just perfect, the actors, the sound track, the story telling, everything is perfect.
Paula Ify
Paula Ify 9 dias atrás
Please release the music used in this trailer
PrideandJoy 1
PrideandJoy 1 7 dias atrás
Fort Nowhere's cover of Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin' - @Fortnowhere on Twitter says 13 December release
irgi prayoga
irgi prayoga 8 dias atrás
it’s out on December 13
Zoel Amp
Zoel Amp 8 dias atrás
Go check @fortnowhere on Instagram. He will publish it soon
Montréal, Québec. S3:E3 "Aberfan": when powerful leaders fail to listen to the cry of the people who foresee a disaster ready-to-happen...when powerful corporations are not made answerable to the people by these leaders, tragedy seems inevitable. The people look to their leaders to be their voice of comfort and compassion; here, The Crown depicts a queen void of Empathy and Compassion - an act which, indeed, is tragic in itself. (see her meet with Wilson): * * * (Wilson) "Children have died. A community is devastated." (Queen) "What, precisely, would you have me do?" (Wilson) "Well, comfort people." (Queen) "Put on a show?! The Crown doesn't do that." (Wilson) "I didn't say 'put on a show'; I said 'comfort people'. * * * Later, History witnesses the same absence of Empathy and Compassion in response to the cry of the people who needed a recognition of their own pain vicariously expressed in mass grievance. A queen's silence at the tragic death of a beloved public figure - such as was Diana's - was again interpreted as an absence of Comfort and Compassion for a people who vicariously appropriated her death to their own need for comfort; for, Diana was simply a symbol to the grieving mass who believed in possible redemption in what was a tragic story as they experienced their own personal tragedies; they needed a genuine expression of comfort and compassion from the one they considered "their queen". I believe the Aberfan disaster, as portrayed in The Crown, is a call to humanity, to compassion, and to empathy towards our neighbor, towards our community, towards the community-at-large, and the hope of a new leadership blessed with the capacity to impart comfort, compassion, and empathy.
Kate Nelson
Kate Nelson 9 dias atrás
Every time I see Helena Bonham Carter cast in a role, whatever it is, I think it’s perfect for her.
Tabi Cat
Tabi Cat 10 dias atrás
What does a girl from Queens know about anything!
Tabi Cat
Tabi Cat 10 dias atrás
Doesn’t sound like Queens English but I’m just an American linguist
hoe sock
hoe sock 10 dias atrás
I cant find the song so i keep watching this trailer again and again. And.. is that diana in the bathub?
hoe sock
hoe sock 7 dias atrás
@irgi prayoga oh really, thanks!
hoe sock
hoe sock 7 dias atrás
@Chantal Schoft thanks!
irgi prayoga
irgi prayoga 8 dias atrás
the song is out on December 13
Chantal Schoft
Chantal Schoft 9 dias atrás
hoe sock it’s Camilla!
Uno Dos
Uno Dos 10 dias atrás
What a disgusting mother she was. Wow.
Junior Philippe
Junior Philippe 10 dias atrás
I can't lie I love the song for the trailer that shit moves me . Who feel the same way tho
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