The Craziest Thing I've Ever Done in My Life

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Today we meet an ant princess, i.e. a #QueenAnt alate. She is a member of our new colony of #WeaverAnts, emerged from her nest due to conditions within their climate controlled setup. This queen is special and eventually let's us know something important towards the end of this video. Come join us as we discover the amazing world of Asian weaver ants, in celebratation of #3MillionSubs. This is Part 2 of our Weaver Ant Trilogy! Enjoy!
Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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20 Jul 2019



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Comentários 5 018
Everything’s Fun
NOOO it could of been esmeralda from mobile legends
Zion Flores
Zion Flores Dia atrás
I'm salty. The emerald empire is a basic name. Shame on all of you
Zion Flores
Zion Flores Dia atrás
I'm catching up and if the arboreal weaver ants aren't the spider monkeys I will be salty.
Inho Mndz
Inho Mndz 2 dias atrás
Money tree
Olivia Sunga
Olivia Sunga 4 dias atrás
The mango tree
Jack Collier
Jack Collier 8 dias atrás
Somehow I want ants with guns
Jojo Dockery
Jojo Dockery 8 dias atrás
the water nation
X-tra Stuff Tv
X-tra Stuff Tv 8 dias atrás
11:03 "Pickup the kids!" - AntsCanada 2019
lilmookieesquire 10 dias atrás
I thought I saw a feral ant in the first video actually.
Dylan 11 dias atrás
13:48 THIS play-by-play is hilarious
Marsha Bradwisch
Marsha Bradwisch 13 dias atrás
I mean at for the word I'm
Marsha Bradwisch
Marsha Bradwisch 13 dias atrás
Hey I'm my old house I had wild ants they where black 🤔
Marsha Bradwisch
Marsha Bradwisch 13 dias atrás
Marsha Bradwisch
Marsha Bradwisch 13 dias atrás
Janiah Garcia
Janiah Garcia 13 dias atrás
Queen weaver ants can be neon green, yellow, brown, red and blue and some times mixed colors.
nancy oliver
nancy oliver 13 dias atrás
Free reel estate
nancy oliver
nancy oliver 13 dias atrás
nancy oliver
nancy oliver 13 dias atrás
I like the ants
Jacky Bloodfang
Jacky Bloodfang 13 dias atrás
My add was a inceticide one. Against ants. well wauw..
Daymian Gamer
Daymian Gamer 13 dias atrás
ok not sure if you knew but you said "this will be the craziest thing ive done in my life" like 10 times
Daymian Gamer
Daymian Gamer 13 dias atrás
At first i thought the queen was a bee or wasp
A Golden Rune
A Golden Rune 13 dias atrás
I wonder if the queen has ever gotten freaked out and started flying everywhere
Commissar Ankerstjerne
Commissar Ankerstjerne 14 dias atrás
am i the only one thinking he is saying craziest a wee bit too much and trying to build not needed drama to what essentially was a natural measure? i find this very pragmatic and not crazy at all. but hey i am only aquarium keepeer, but have had enough bitey pets to know it is not crazy but necessary.... or am i just easy pissed over simplisticy ? and what a boring life if it truly is the craziest thing youve done ^^' i thought the craziest thing was moving from canada to the phillipines XD that is more crazy than keeping insects imo.
SCP 682
SCP 682 16 dias atrás
I will call them “The reptile workers”
SCP 682
SCP 682 16 dias atrás
And if you are going to try to stop me I warn you that you are not going to like the aftermath of the final straw being drawn out
SCP 682
SCP 682 16 dias atrás
I am going to be giving them a name and you will respect the name I give them
CozyBoyBass 16 dias atrás
I think this is the craziest thing he's ever done in his life (I know I'm late) lmao
Penfold8 18 dias atrás
Hmmmm....... I wonder if this was the craziest thing he has ever done in his entire life.
Pinguin Joe
Pinguin Joe 20 dias atrás
I thought he was going to let the bucket's contents pour out into the terrarium
Gatazon 21 dia atrás
brown,green,blue,red and yellow
Meg Linden
Meg Linden 22 dias atrás
I think we should call it the weavers
Terence O'Meally
Terence O'Meally 23 dias atrás
You hurt de queen😱
Tomczeck1337 23 dias atrás
Do you think this was the craziest thing in his life?
Bill Gene Soon
Bill Gene Soon 24 dias atrás
We should call the Weaver ant colony the Liberal ant colony because they are so offended!
Marco Buiks
Marco Buiks 26 dias atrás
16:50 This is going to be the craziest thing i've ever done in my life ..after repeating it several times in succesion ..i am inclined to believe this was the craziest thing he has done in his entire life !
Customize666 27 dias atrás
Emeralda is my name....
Lewt Goblin
Lewt Goblin 27 dias atrás
You always sound like you could sell Oil to Saudi Princes :)
cookie UwU
cookie UwU Mês atrás
I was having mood swings
redwarriorXYT Youtube
how you make a terrarium like that because i want to have a terrarium for my pet leopard gecko but in a desert habitat lookalike
Mirian Dumagan
Mirian Dumagan Mês atrás
i want to buy a queen ant but my location in is philippines
Jesse Thornock
Jesse Thornock Mês atrás
What happens when they keep growing and very quickly get bigger than this arena? Is there some kind of population control?
Bennie Ningeok-Ross
Weaver ants: *searching for real estate AC: Its free real estate ;)
ThatOneWolf YeEt
ThatOneWolf YeEt Mês atrás
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