The Coolest Phone I Ever Owned...

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The very first cell phone I owned... was probably the coolest. I peaked in 2004 and its all been downhill since then. The Nokia 6800 was an epic flip phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. With a button for every letter, texting was super easy, back when no phones had a touch screen. And T9 texting was what the cool kids were doing. This Full keyboard phone from Nokia was ahead of its time.
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Comentários 80
Abe Bibiano
Abe Bibiano 2 minutos atrás
Bounce, by far one of the best phone games ever.
ًRᴀᴅᴇᴋ ًDᴜšᴇᴋ
I Remember Playing That Ball Game... Good Memories :)
Jenny Tayborn
Jenny Tayborn Dia atrás
This was the 1st phone I ever had... I miss it every single day!!!
Sagar Padela
Sagar Padela Dia atrás
Try 787898 cheat code in bounce game😍 Hit like if u get it
jiten ray
jiten ray Dia atrás
Rollertoast Coaster Playlists
Based on how often he upgrades his phones, this was probably the one he had before his S8
LS Pratt
LS Pratt 2 dias atrás
What so no bend test?
Michael Denczek
Michael Denczek 2 dias atrás
300, 30 a day... :(
Eric Stary
Eric Stary 3 dias atrás
I was 8 when I got a iPhone 8
Leigh Rioflorido
Leigh Rioflorido 4 dias atrás
Nice hair dude👌👌
V Lad
V Lad 4 dias atrás
gary nitish
gary nitish 6 dias atrás
Nice afro bro
Pekka Tiittanen
Pekka Tiittanen 7 dias atrás
Nokia 1610i, 1997 and I was 19.
Freddie Washington
Freddie Washington 8 dias atrás
First phone was iPhone 4s and I got it when I was 8. Then my second was a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, and I realized how much better Samsung Galaxy phones are than Apple iPhones
Amir Arshad
Amir Arshad 9 dias atrás
my first phone was nokia 3310.
Schwanzus Longus
Schwanzus Longus 9 dias atrás
Nokia 3510, I was 13
Golden Piece
Golden Piece 10 dias atrás
Nokia 6233 and I still use that phone when I need some difficulties! Especially in stress
Kool Aid Maniac
Kool Aid Maniac 10 dias atrás
0:49 my guy had to try and not send 30 texts a day in the early 2000's and I only send about 8 a day in 2020...
Dead Fox
Dead Fox 10 dias atrás
XD 4:00 I never expected an afro
[MLP]Trainbrony23CH 11 dias atrás
Oh no! It hurts to see that a cool product that is now rare is being deliberately destroyed ...
CraftingRex 11 dias atrás
My first phone was ZTE and i was 6 years old like what the fuck
Perriey Interleud
Perriey Interleud 12 dias atrás
I miss that ball game
Oleg Ivanov
Oleg Ivanov 13 dias atrás
Smile 13 dias atrás
Nokia Come back please
Catalin_Gamer2K19 13 dias atrás
Wait a sec 1:11 a think I've played that game on my dad's nokia phone when I was 6-7 years It was a black nokia
Tatsuya Yuki
Tatsuya Yuki 13 dias atrás
It's been while I don't play that game
Bujjingo Muhamad
Bujjingo Muhamad 13 dias atrás
Thnx for reminding me this phone jerry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
محمد عاطف سلامة سليم
it was J1ace
Ryan Shin
Ryan Shin 14 dias atrás
Omg young zack was so different
30sec 14 dias atrás
1:56 aaawwwww my 👂
LAIRDO 15 dias atrás
"Here's my favorite phone of all time!!" Proceeds to destroy it...
Mahmut Ilgeroz
Mahmut Ilgeroz 15 dias atrás
Nokia 3310 was my first phone 😎
Boombox Studios
Boombox Studios 15 dias atrás
my first phone was an LG Cosmos 2
Gurjinder Singh
Gurjinder Singh 15 dias atrás
To be honest the first phone I "Own" is the one I am using right now. The Galaxy J2 (2016) which is released in July 2016 and I bought it in August 2016. I was 18 Years Old at that time. It stopped updating after 2 years but it is working just fine. Only the Battery Life is short and the Storage runs out every time I want to download a new app, then I have to clear cache. As for the smartphone that I bought with my own money, it doesn't exist yet. Hopefully I will get one this year.
tv 2020
tv 2020 15 dias atrás
While playing bounce press 787898
Wolfie Walfimations
Wolfie Walfimations 15 dias atrás
damn the new samsung foldable phone looks dope
Oldwhale401 16 dias atrás
Is this the galaxy z flip?
Iulian Gramoiu
Iulian Gramoiu 16 dias atrás
My friend if you have 300 text messages per month to use, how you use 30 a day? Review your mathematics. ;)
John-Tyler Trefil
John-Tyler Trefil 16 dias atrás
My first phone was an iPhone 5s and I was 10 when I got it as a birthday present.
William Bilverstone
William Bilverstone 16 dias atrás
Huawei p8 lite 2017 I was 12 now I have an honor veiw 20 and in between my Huawei and my honor veiw 20 I had an honor 7x
FOOGAMY 16 dias atrás
My first phone was the remade version of the Nokia 3310 I got in it 2018 for Christmas I liked playing snake on it
Ishaan Bhagtani
Ishaan Bhagtani 17 dias atrás
I had an iPhone 3gs as my first when I was 8
Cédric Duchesne
Cédric Duchesne 17 dias atrás
Why destroy it
Maroro19 18 dias atrás
I don't like the sound of scratch lol
Juliana Huang
Juliana Huang 18 dias atrás
First phone nokia 9500 comunicator at 20 years old.
Ink 18 dias atrás
Just got a Jerryrigeverything x dbrand ad lmao
Hassan Ch
Hassan Ch 18 dias atrás
I was maybe 5 when I got my first phone It was the Samsung galaxy core prime
TL1882 18 dias atrás
Mine was an old red sony ericsson, i mainly used the midi creator, i cant remember how old i was
TL1882 6 dias atrás
Fuck, they deleted their comment
TL1882 6 dias atrás
Holy shit same lmao
CID MW 18 dias atrás
Galaxy s2 was my first when i was 15
mariofan 224
mariofan 224 19 dias atrás
I travel back in time and my mom gives me a fliphone I say hooray and it says one text message available
Starboard Lines
Starboard Lines 19 dias atrás
y’all someone’s phone battery fell out of their ZTE and people started kicking it around the floor
sakkarep ku
sakkarep ku 19 dias atrás
That is beauty design
Bradley Wilcox
Bradley Wilcox 19 dias atrás
Zach as a pizza guy: “thanks a ton for ordering, I’ll see you. Around”
Radhesh Sai
Radhesh Sai 11 dias atrás
Scratch and bend test on pizza before delivering it ...
Lipton Iced Tea
Lipton Iced Tea 19 dias atrás
The real first foldable phone 😂
Jayna White
Jayna White 20 dias atrás
Nokia 5120. I was 14 when I got it. Could buy the different color face plates, light up antenna and a vibrating battery. I thought I had made it back then.
Sslay 20 dias atrás
My first phone was when u was 7 it was a iphone 5
Joy Delrin Vasantha Kumar
I csn only get a phone when i am 16 because now i am eleven
Joy Delrin Vasantha Kumar
But i font have a phone
Joy Delrin Vasantha Kumar
I wouldnt tske apart or scratch my first phone because it would probably be a memory
The Doctor
The Doctor 21 dia atrás
Such a rare Nokia..It hurts to see this test
The Good Chook Cars
The Good Chook Cars 22 dias atrás
I have started a collection of nokias I have a 1209, E63, 110 and a 2017 3310. and soon to come a nokia 6.1
LegoWormNoah101 22 dias atrás
Samsung Galaxy S3 at 7
Vasil 23 dias atrás
Best Folding Phone
Anamul Hassan
Anamul Hassan 24 dias atrás
Fact that it still works is a statement what nokia was!
Zoie Marks
Zoie Marks 24 dias atrás
my first phone was the LG c1300 flip phone
Kage Shi
Kage Shi 27 dias atrás
My first phone was a Motorola Tac flip phone
jason9022 28 dias atrás
Back when phones were not made in China
jason9022 28 dias atrás
Vibrator motor.
jason9022 28 dias atrás
Back when Nokia or Motorola made most all mobile phones
jason9022 28 dias atrás
U look like ur 45 . Jeesh ur only in ur early 30s??
C1oudS 28 dias atrás
i disapprove the scratching
Nyum91 RedZonE Toramer
Nyum91 RedZonE Toramer 28 dias atrás
My first phone is motorola L6 11 mb memory and very slim.
Дмитрий Олефир
my 1st phone - motorola c155 my uncle 1st - siemens a52
COOLRUNNER87 29 dias atrás
Mine was at the same time that yours was- 2004, though I was a year older. Got on to my parent's Nextel plan with a Motorola i205. Push-to-talk (which was Nextel's biggest gimmick) was everywhere, including on that phone. Had it for about 3 years before I lost it somehow and eventually went to my own Sprint plan with a Sanyo Katana which I still have though the battery is done for.
Nadia Kadi
Nadia Kadi 29 dias atrás
My first phone is a Samsung Galaxy in 2011/2012 i was 10 year old
Gianluca Riviera
Gianluca Riviera Mês atrás
Tran Duong
Tran Duong Mês atrás
My first phone is 3210, then 3310 but I love 3310 more than 3210
TNTOES Mês atrás
Sony CK13i LOVE IT
Syntheziz Mês atrás
Kyocera Marbl, got it in 2006 or 07 used in elementary school
Matias Gato
Matias Gato Mês atrás
I remember my mother gave me that phone as a gift, do not remember what was the reason, but I remember that I love it! By far one of the most good-looking devices I ever had, including any smartphone I have owned.
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