The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

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i feel like die

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks

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4 Ago 2018



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h 3 anos atrás
Jaiden: ''Don't ever die.'' *death rate drops to 0%*
Kitty 8 dias atrás
Franco Flores
Franco Flores Mês atrás
1% , Technoblade’s death 😢😢😢
Moopy Mês atrás
I am now 100% safe from death!
Jayden Mês atrás
Hmm I wonder why no one has thought of that
OwlWing Mês atrás
Just why
Just why Anos atrás
It’s amazing how she can take such serious topics and actually talk about them while still staying hilarious.
Nevaan's Books
Nevaan's Books 19 dias atrás
I agree. That's part of why I like watching her content so much.
Laceyanimation 8 meses atrás
tobeboom Anos atrás
Yeah it's close to insane, but my question is still: there must be like a average of time you should spend on something, because I hear people doing so much more than me while I think I don't do enough so I feel lazy all the time
Sephelions Anos atrás
Dude, the most frustrating thing is when people around you haven't learned this, so they try to pull you back into this habit. My mom insists that I'm constantly wasting time, just because I spend a quarter of my waking hours relaxing or talking to my friends instead of slaving away working 24/7. Let people enjoy their lives, we're not born to work -_-
LapinaJustLeft 15 dias atrás
So, your mother is me? damn never knew I had a kid, hi
Rhiannon Kerkel
Rhiannon Kerkel 23 dias atrás
Yeah. Our primitive ancestry would be disappointed in us if they saw us working instead of playing. 🙈🙉🙊
archie wade
archie wade Mês atrás
This is something I'm trying to balance still I have 4 months left of high school and I want the best grades possible yet I need to also realise hey I have friends and sports as well. If I didn't have those 2 things id be depressed or dead
Cassi Sherman
Cassi Sherman 4 meses atrás
My mom is doing that to me. Facts.
YDGFX 5 meses atrás
EXACTLY and also parents need to mind their own businesses
Emperor Trans Man
Emperor Trans Man 4 meses atrás
As someone with ADHD, my issue isn't stressing by thinking "I could be working." Instead it's thinking, "I should be working but I can't manage to make myself do it." I also spend days not showering because of ADHD. "I should take a shower but I can't manage to make myself do it."
mahdi maziukas
mahdi maziukas 23 dias atrás
ADHD club
Rhiannon Kerkel
Rhiannon Kerkel Mês atrás
ADHD girl here!
Ethan Carlson
Ethan Carlson Mês atrás
Absolutely, my work ethic suffers massively from ADHD, I have no tips sadly but it really sucks
Richie 10 meses atrás
This gave me the motivatin to do something I've been procrastinating about for the past week, and I'm not sure why. Thank you, Jaiden :D
Cyber Jay
Cyber Jay 18 dias atrás
"I'm not sure why" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 soo funny man
ThisIsNotACreativeName 4 meses atrás
In my opinion, schools or college are probably the most common scenario for burn out. Once, I got out of 2 weeks that everyday had a test and I couldn't keep up with all of them and spent so many hours studying and barely got any sleep and was too tired to take the exams. After those 2 weeks, I got home from school and took what I thought was a 1 hour nap but turned to be a 10 hour sleep and woke up at 4 am. yea, my school doesn't realise that burn out is a thing and the teachers just say "you had X weeks to study for my exam, what do you mean you didn't have time?!" and they all fail to realise that if they met up every week and discussed assignments or tests for that week none of that would happen.
kerry cherry
kerry cherry 4 meses atrás
Yes that's was my secondary school and because of them I now have anxiety depression and STILL recovering from a WHOLE YEAR so from September to July I was funked my eyes had changed colour and so did my akin
Flash in Rahul
Flash in Rahul 2 anos atrás
THAT! WAS!! so relatable....
Amy Liao
Amy Liao Mês atrás
im your 1k like
N3O Time
N3O Time 2 anos atrás
Fairy_swallow47 2 anos atrás
I love your among us animation's :)
Willum Kett
Willum Kett 2 anos atrás
Hey look the likes on this is now 789 because of me Hurray! Your welcome who ever likes next and the ten after you
Crystal Queen
Crystal Queen Anos atrás
God, this reminds me of one time I was working a call center job, and after almost a year straight of dealing with people getting super angry all day every day, I just felt super burned out, and when I got fired I just felt a huge feeling of relief that it was finally over, and it's sad how most companies don't care about the negative effects of overworking on people and will usually just say "There's a therapist just down the street, go deal with your problems on your own time" instead of trying to help people
Margen67 12 dias atrás
Sylvein needs HUGS
Elzar Mês atrás
​@Einstein gamer 2.0you can't say his name? Pfft bit of a god complex don't you think?
mewmew893 2 meses atrás
@Einstein gamer 2.0 I don't want to go to heaven
Einstein gamer 2.0
Einstein gamer 2.0 4 meses atrás
Hey gosh don’t say gods name in vein if you want to go to heaven
L A 4 meses atrás
Companies should give customer service people at least a weekly therapy session. Dealing with customers is no joke!
Arquatix Anos atrás
Jaiden: "Don't ever die" Ghosts: "time for us to introduce ourselves"
blokos 4 meses atrás
*boo sounds*
Pinky Xie
Pinky Xie 7 meses atrás
*insert ghostly sounds*
Dever Family
Dever Family 6 meses atrás
I love these messages that you put out. Your videos always end up making me laugh no matter how deep the message is. "Don't. Ever. Die."
tahreesuh Anos atrás
I'm someone who loses all motivation once I start feeling burnt out, so I will inevitably end up just going to sleep or taking a step back so I can come back to it later. Honestly the overworking nature of school is what ultimately made me decide to go to culinary school instead of college.
Joku Tyyppä
Joku Tyyppä 9 meses atrás
Fenrir Ragnarok
Fenrir Ragnarok 3 meses atrás
Lucky I'm a lazy piece of sh*t. I have....a lot of a lot a lot. But I think overworking myself will never be one of them. My mom taught me at an early age "You work to live, not the other way around." And that makes sense and I live by that, I only work to finance my lifestyle, that's it, that's all work is to me. But I guess, that this kind of mindset is easier to live by when you are an employee for a good company and don't work for yourself, which I imagine is extremely stressful.
TheAMaazing 4 anos atrás
Wow Jaiden,, great work with the research ur so smart!!!!!
kidimon 4 meses atrás
Wow the AMaazingly sus 😈
JustAGoofyAnimator 5 meses atrás
Just claiming my spot here and nobody is gonna care xD
Yozorice 6 meses atrás
@Red VelvetGamer out
🌙Kitty Cute Fox🐱
🌙Kitty Cute Fox🐱 7 meses atrás
Hey Maaz!
thatgamernoob Anos atrás
"Dont ever die" is the best advice ive ever been given
Halkforce711 Anos atrás
You are very good at animating and I love to watch your channel grow.
Halkforce711 Anos atrás
I love the line to educate the people
Stopmotion Studios(and some other stuff)
So one day, I was doing online school like usual. My class was studying on this weird website and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. The website wasn't letting me draw in a check box and I was really stressed out because I had alot to do. I literally bursted out crying out of stress. My teacher let me turn my mic and camera off, but I just was really stressed out. I was really just burt out from trying to catch up with classwork and writing prompts. I couldn't manage everything at once and ended up burning myself out from all of the stress. So as a friendly reminder, dont work yourself out. It only causes suffering and pain. If you read all of this I just want to say thank you for caring about what I had to say!
Fernando Dominguez
Fernando Dominguez Anos atrás
3:06 'If I'm not working, I'm being lazy' I was always stuck with that mindset since my first semester in university. Honestly, I've been taking better personal breaks where I watch anime, play video games, or spend time with my friends without thinking about school, work, organization, etc., since that was an issue I was having. I felt the very burnt out last year, especially with covid being around, but changing my mentality to having actual breaks where I don't think about anything other than relaxing has been very helpful for my health overall. Thank you, Jaiden, for making a video about this and spreading the awareness that extreme overworking and burning out arent things we should be praising.
Moth Man
Moth Man 3 meses atrás
This video is definitely making me realize that what I’ve been feeling lately is me starting to burn out (I’m a senior in high school who currently doesn’t have a teacher for my AP Physics 1 class 🥲) So my upcoming Christmas break is gonna be so so sweet for me
radd_lio 2 anos atrás
"Overworking yourself is bad" Schools: *We don't do that here*
Rhiannon Kerkel
Rhiannon Kerkel 23 dias atrás
@Everest ha ha, no. I'm German, but I have ADHD, so it cancels out.
zinthos001 3 meses atrás
*ap human intensifies*
PointSpark Gaming and Arts
me before reading this comment: :| me after reading this comment: XD
Moonlight 5 meses atrás
@Alvaro Gonzalez q✋
vlad andawe
vlad andawe 6 meses atrás
2x everything in asian schools
Garathor Lauren
Garathor Lauren Anos atrás
The “sudden death” mode is the best analogy EVER!
Katie D
Katie D Anos atrás
I was just experiencing this phenomenon. This is how my life is in quarantine. This is how my second year of university was: working in complete isolation without going outside or properly taking care of myself. Good gravy, this is so enlightening.
MrSlickSouthpaw 5 meses atrás
As a nurse I about died at how relatable this video is to me. Thanks again for being so honest and amazing!
house spider
house spider Anos atrás
I'm still sticking to your advice, Jaiden. Ill never die. Thank you.
GTE_Valar 9 meses atrás
5:33 - 5:38 the amount of effort put into this one scene is enormous
GTE_Valar 7 meses atrás
@Hyfan still, the fact that it all sinced up, plus all the clicking it must've taken for the placing
Hyfan 7 meses atrás
@GTE_Valar ctrl+c ctrl+v
GTE_Valar 8 meses atrás
@User-swj39-72 because she literally put a thousand mini people doing the exact same motion at the exact same time
User-swj39-72 8 meses atrás
EatSleepDie Anos atrás
I hate how every teacher thinks their subject is the most important one
random dud
random dud Mês atrás
I rly hate how they think they r important tbt they all give 50 pages of hw everyday
Shinyhero306 Mês atrás
Also He wasn’t just condescending to kids He was condescending to everyone…. Yes even the principal idk how he hasn’t realized that this is not how you teach but… I was very impressed with how much he made me not enjoy his class
Shinyhero306 Mês atrás
I legit had a teacher that was not only not approachable But demanded you place his class at the top of the priority list Oh and he emotionally manipulated people (specifically kids) Dude is the worst teacher I’ve ever had Oh and he taught English and stagecraft… because of course he did
Heidi Mês atrás
Ela teacher: ok today’s homework is 150 pages of each book you have ever read Math teacher: All you have to do today is this hole 100 page packet Science teacher: Just solve global warming today World history teacher: Find a dinosaur bone Me: *Dies inside*
Toyfoxy5117 Mês atrás
SP Animations
SP Animations Anos atrás
Personally, I love the scene where the tear drop falls that says "Rip" Its so smooth, Props to you
It's Vintage 50s
It's Vintage 50s Anos atrás
I felt this on a huge level Jaiden. I'm the type of person who does homework until they're literally exhausted and then I take breaks but after I take those breaks I get stuck in turning in late work. Then I eventually get back into grind of work until I'm exhausted. Some days I feel like not leaving my bed and doing absolutely nothing and then my work gets turned in late. My teachers ask me "why is it late" and I wish I could give them a definite answer but if I said "I don't have the motivation" it wouldn't be a real reason in their eyes.
Polish Boy
Polish Boy 3 meses atrás
I remember watching this video when I was younger and had a mind-set of “I’am not going to overwork myself”. But some time later I started overworking myself and had some bad experiences at school. After watching this video again i knew what to do with overworking.
•Gacha Flower!•
I’m in school, so yeah it pretty much sucks. It’s pretty much the same thing over and over again even if you’re learning something new. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s in (or has been) school will understand this. I’m always tired, I don’t eat breakfast half the time (which is fine and only because I usually don’t wake up early enough), I’m stressed out the entire day, have headaches the whole day, not that great at paying attention, has very minor panic attacks (SOMETIMES) during tests/quizzes, always sad about grades, homework or any school work! This is school, what human beings have been going to for centuries?
person 23 dias atrás
I love videos like this where it’s a splash of mental help/serious topics/life advice and a splash of fun and jokes
Kasey Golden
Kasey Golden 4 anos atrás
The little smiley you put next to my name under my art... :')
CopiXa Anos atrás
POV: wholesome 🥺
CrazyGator Anos atrás
Hehe… cute!
Boo👑🎗 Anos atrás
timestamp pls
coolMinilovescats Anos atrás
Woah cool!
qooW Anos atrás
Where is it
TS | Yandere Boyfriend
4:38 WHAT A USEFUL TIP, Thanks Jaiden! 😄 .... I think I just discovered the secret of immortality
Nafisa Sabah
Nafisa Sabah Anos atrás
Nov 2021: Still dying slowly from academic burnout - summer "vacations" fly in a blur. I sometimes try different things like going to family events and dabbing into my hobbies, but the overarching feeling of having more notifications and emails of daily/weekly assignments and having not gotten the freaking paper that represents my self-BSing tenacity only compounds my stress. Dear society, let me be Patrick (hell no, I ain't like Spongebob, but he's a dorky, sweet-hearted, workaholic I admire for mindset) for at least a year in my life, please. Hope everyone is getting and/or making sure that they are getting better opportunities for personal care ("No" should never be considered a taboo word if you're risking your sanity). Sincerely, the Jaded College Student. PS: If you are already having brief but frequent episodes of memory loss and mental break-/shut-downs, don't ignore it and either get much-needed sleep (take a leave from school/work, with any appropriate advance notice), or talk about it with someone like a therapist. PSS: It is okay to be a dumbass, as long as you got a good head and heart. The world already has way too much of the opposite.
A Person
A Person 9 meses atrás
This would happen to me in school but at a way more quicker pace, probably because I had limited time to write something down and if I misspell one thing(which I would notice Immediately) I would slam my fist on the desk or hit my self in the head. But when I'm on a time limit for like writing notes I get super stressed because I hate writing and it will normally end with me being exhausting, in a bad mood, and sometimes even tearing up. But this behavior would go overboard when it comes to math, I had a test once and I didn't get a single thing in the test so I only answer only one question and at the end of class I was crying. That was one eventful day.
lyssy ♡
lyssy ♡ Anos atrás
The worst thing about my burn out specifically is that my OCD and or perfectionism kinda clash with it, which definitely made things worst. It definitely made things harder, and my motivation just kinda sank as time went on to the point where i just avoid doing the work because of the fear of messing things up. For some reason I feel the need to make things perfect and organized all the time or else I feel anxious and guilty? about it. Well, i guess that's the literal definition of an OCD. I procrastinate a lot nowadays, I'm procrastinating right now. Mental illnesses and disorder or problems like these gets so romanticized a lot nowadays specially in the media, it's definitely not as fun as people put it out to be, trust me. 🙃
Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts 4 meses atrás
I remember mistakingly thinking "I can power through anything, I'm still young". Being convinced my heart was exploding for a month corrected me the hard way...
BoxedCat Anos atrás
Jaiden: “Don’t ever die…” Covid: “Finally, a worthy opponent.”
Mihailo Aleksic
Mihailo Aleksic 17 dias atrás
She would make people immortal if she could and I'm here for it
Viasom 8 meses atrás
So true
Hazel Neil
Hazel Neil 8 meses atrás
Terra Marc
Terra Marc 9 meses atrás
(Wo)Man of the people
STGop 225
STGop 225 9 meses atrás
OOF 4 Anos atrás
This video was so helpful because about 2 weeks ago I was working so hard and helping others Because im a artist, anyways I was helping others with so many things up to the point where I didn't have time to do my own things And was working on multiple things at the same time. The part that hurt me the most while experiencing this when I tried my hardest to ask anyone for help, nobody cared enough to help me out. I Was filled with so much stress anger and depression because I felt like I had to do this and that I was the only one who could do It but at one point but the thing that added more work on me was that at my school we had a test to take and I jus- I got so stressed to the point where I couldn't hold it in anymore and I started crying alot throughout that week alot andi stopped eating so much and just worked soo hard up to the point where I didn't know what I was doing anymore. But then a few days ago I got a notification That Jaidan posted a new video and then this video came in my recommend and i watched it and then I thought to myself what am I doing Why was I doing this and was I happy this way? and thought for a while and then I told all the people who needed my help Im taking a break...
MegamanX17 4 meses atrás
This video summed up my 5 years in college/university...I graduated in 2021. I still feel like I'm recovering and don't really know how to switch focus back onto my life. It feels like I'm just waiting for my next big responsibility based task. I used to do exactly what this video talked about and focused on maintaining fine quality in my work. I got a lot of recognition for it, along with mental scars....and then my physical health was affected.
Freya of Cerberus
Freya of Cerberus 8 meses atrás
I experienced something similar but like in slow-motion. Most of my life i'd been a solid B+ student, i'm relatively intelligent (or so i'm told) but i just never really cared enough to try. So the stuff i was good at already i did great at and the stuff i wasn't i sucked at. But towards the end of my uni degree i got in a groove that let me choose subjects i loved and therefore did great at and the uni offered me a place in the masters program. I had never considered a career in research but i didn't really have any other plans so i thought why not? And all of the bad habits i'd learnt in undergrad, like cramming, skim-reading and getting really good at pretending i knew stuff propelled me forward... for a while. My masters course was a hybrid degree, first year was coursework and classes like undergrad but the second year was independent research. So while i found it harder and harder to keep pushing myself i managed first year. In hindsight i think it was because i could operate within the structure of the class. I always had big scary deadlines to work towards, i ignored the fact that my mental health was spiraling and that i was beginning to hate the subject i loved enough to do a masters in (modern history) because as long as i could jump just this next hurdle i'd be fine. And then second year hit and it was like i'd gone from swimming a few lengths in my local pool to the Olympics in a heartbeat. None of the tricks i'd learnt worked anymore because i had no structure, all my deadlines were self-imposed and for some reason i just can't set deadlines for myself (i'm too good at justifying things) and all the actual skills i was supposed to have learnt i just hadn't. And i had big scary supervisors inspecting my progress, analyzing each line i wrote and realizing that 99% my talent lay in creatively rewording textbooks (not in a plagiarism sense but in a literally just write what the book says but in my words). I was used to floating along in the middle of the pack, letting the best and worst students take the attention and just getting by. Now i was suddenly under a microscope and nothing i did felt right or good enough. And i just felt trapped, alone and like i was being slowly crushed with no way out. I felt like i couldn't drop out because i'd made a big deal to my parents about doing this degree after a lifetime of directionlessness, i felt i couldn't ask questions about things i was supposed to already know because then my supervisors would figure out i'd basically lied to get in and all the stress put me in a depression so deep i couldn't muster the energy to care about my project. I used every trick i knew to keep myself moving forward, rewards, creative wording, fear of failure, lying, tricking my brain by distracting it with podcasts but eventually something inside me just broke. I couldn't even open Word without triggering a meltdown of anxiety and panic. And i remember trying to explain this to one of my supervisors who i thought understood but he confidently assured me that i should be able to shake off burn out with a weekend off, that academics had to be mentally resilient and this was nothing compared to a doctorate. I quit my degree that afternoon. The idea that this feeling would not only continue but get worse finally convinced that facing whatever disappointment my parents felt had to be better than this. I remember i was almost manic in my demands to be released from the program, that i nearly bit some poor administrators head off because they wanted me to write a paragraph explaining why i was leaving on my exit form and just the idea i couldn't leave sent me into fight or flight. But i did get out and the feeling of relief and freedom that i experienced cannot be adequately expressed. It still took me, an avid amateur novelist almost a year to work up the courage to open Word again. But years on i think i'm finally recovered. So yeah haha i have no idea if that's burn out or maybe a full on mental break but it took years to get into and years to recover from. So my sage advice is if something in your life is making you feel like you are trapped and dying, and you can choose not to do that thing, don't do that thing. No job, grade or degree is worth your life or happiness. As Jaiden said, don't die.
Fantasy Adventures
Fantasy Adventures 5 meses atrás
I just sat there kinda amazed at how well she described the process of burn out and how it feels, I’ve always thought if you’re mentally tired it makes you physically tired and she displayed it perfectly
The R.W.D. Channel
The R.W.D. Channel 5 meses atrás
I love/hate how this relates to me too much, especially recently. I suffered from burn out recently and failed 4 out of 6 classes last semester. I planned on taking a break from school, but then I thought "what if I'm part time instead of full-time. I would have the insane higher than 12 units ever semester. Let's just do 4!"(really it's 6 because one of them in a music class but still) The main reason I pushed hard was because I was about to transfer to a 4 year university, one I had dreamed of going to for years. So when I arrived, that's why I though the part time would give me less stress and let me reevaluate some stuff(mainly because of how much I push myself). Music is my life and has been my passion for who knows how long. I want to be a music(choir) teacher; or at least I used to. I never really know how I feel about stuff in general, and music was one of those solid things I knew, especially with teaching others the beauty of music and making a safe space like I want for everyone. However, I almost feel like I hate music, like I am going more insane every passing day, and my depression is at an all time high(low? You get what I mean) when suddenly I felt like I hit a wall and just was like "Oh my God, I used to love school and learning, but now it just feels like tedious work that doesn't even relate to what I wanted to do and makes me wonder if I even want this anymore. What is it I want to do then if not become a music teacher? Maybe I should do that another way? Should I just give up now since eventually we'll all die and it won't mean anything in the future?" Etc. Fun... especially since I've spent 4 years in college to try and prepare for what I thought was my goal for all my life. Anyways, sorry for any that read this and I hope you have a good day!
Mernky 356
Mernky 356 3 anos atrás
Jaiden: “Don’t ever die.” CEO of death: Oh frick
Funny video "guy"
Funny video "guy" Anos atrás
I.m.p.: oh H E L L no!
Tendo Anos atrás
Nah it's actually the god of death or the grim reaper
EndGamerPlays Anos atrás
Fish CEO of fish death: Oh fish frick
Kikimora Anos atrás
Thanatos is sweating
Ukrainian sturgeon
Ukrainian sturgeon Anos atrás
Lord Beckett
Lord Beckett Anos atrás
Being a procrastinator really does have a bright side on this one. Thanks Jaiden!
Keyth Yorine
Keyth Yorine Anos atrás
thank you so much for this, Jaiden! I’ve watched you since I was in 9th grade, now I’m basicallt 1st yr college 🤣 tbh I stopped watching youtube for a while, and just a while ago I stumbled upon your videos and here I am. Thank you for always reminding us to take care of ourselves and being the bundle of joy that you are, u are the best!! And indeed, it is very important to enjoy ourselves and to don’t die! ❤️
The_Stuffs 5 meses atrás
4 years later this video finally makes sense...
Emma-Rose Walker
Emma-Rose Walker 6 meses atrás
I can relate so much during my masters degree. I caught covid and kept working because of deadlines. I didnt want an extension because i didnt wanna prolong the work. I even have chronic fatigue, it was hell trying to stay awake to do my work to the best standard it could be, so many caffiene tablets. Once that was over i just afk’d on life for a week
randall simmons
randall simmons 4 meses atrás
I would just like to say as someone who has flatlined twice, dying doesn't hurt. Surviving hurts. Surviving hurts like hell.
Lebron Jesus
Lebron Jesus Anos atrás
Jaiden: “don’t ever die.” “My goodness, what an idea. Why didn’t I think of that?”
Just a Fan
Just a Fan 11 meses atrás
good one
Nightdream Anos atrás
What made me laugh is the Simpsons audio and it gets me everytime lmao
 ♥ Peachy_r1ngs ♥
@DakotaWX you know how you can also stop dying? Seven day vegan challenge baby
Gunnels Family
Gunnels Family Anos atrás
yea we should never die
ThatOneObjectAnimator 4 meses atrás
(Almost) every joke in these videos is incredible comic relief, like, take the “you need sunscreen first” punchline, it comes out of nowhere and hits just as hard as the first time, every time. Keep up the great jokes!
Zmikund 11 meses atrás
Oh my... I can relate to this so much. Since I started working IT with more skilled colleagues, I felt like an impostor and I always overworked myself. Then I got to lead position and now I overwork myself even more. I'm sure this will lead into burnout someday as I literally don't sleep sometimes. But I do it because I want to.
Joanne :)
Joanne :) 4 dias atrás
I love this video! My work load literally just increased in med school and I've been feeling overwhelmed was already starting to spiral into the world of book-work But now I've been given strict instructions to not die so I'll try to keep that at the back of my mind:)
tyberzahn101 Anos atrás
I had burnout REALLY bad last summer. my job was extremely short staffed and in addition summer is already heavy with the mandatory overtime (i work at a psych hospital) so in addition to the summer problem we had NO ONE TO WORK so me and my coworkers would be doing 3 or 4 days of 16 hour shifts in a row...this continued for 6 months and people would call out and quit because they literally couldnt work anymore. by the end i had several mental breakdowns realized id started having a drinking problem (and fixed it thank god) my relationship with my family got testy, and almost died driving home maybe 5 times. its gotten better since and i am currently seeking different employment but i dread this coming summer if i dont find a new job by then.
Kousados 8 meses atrás
Yep, definitely have an experiment like that. One day, i was scripting a working elevator system for a project me and my friend were working on. I spent hours and hours working on it, and i was some what proud when i finished. i was still in my state of “working insanity” at that time. I sent the project to my friend, him knowing that i spent hours making it said, “its bad i dont like it” i got that i blocked him, and unblocked him the next day lmao. To this day i still feel like that was kind of a jerk-move by him.
professional dumbass
"And if I don't work, im lazy" Thats the most relatable thing I've heard this year
wren 8 meses atrás
but what happens if i NEVER work?
Just call me_Jean ※
Just call me_Jean ※ 9 meses atrás
yes ;-;
Wohao_Gaster 9 meses atrás
I AM ALIVE hope you can relate
Krewmemes 9 meses atrás
Well your right
lucky 13
lucky 13 10 meses atrás
But i have adhd how am i going to be lazy?
Надія Абрашина
"When I'm in university, I could be working, and when I'm working, I could be in university". I had to full-time work and full-time study for a year. It was hard on its own, but I also pretended I was OK not to get stupid advice from everyone around. But I couldn't help but did it because of my profession specific (had to have at least some work experience before graduation). Also, this "prolonged fight or fly mode" (don't know correct term in English) is way different when you have actual reason to fall into it, but I don't wish you to have any.
Winner’s Duplicate
Winner’s Duplicate 9 meses atrás
fight or flight.
That-one-cowboy Anos atrás
no matter how calm i look, im always burning up in anger, no matter what im doing.
Matiasgoofy 6 meses atrás
“In order to feel better you must keep moving no matter what!” -My gym and health teacher
This is especially true from asian cultures where you are expected to meet certain standards, either set by yourself or people around you. For my second year in Uni while being a IT student with no coding background before uni, I worked so hard because im not a prodigy in IT for 12-14 hours non-stop/minimal break by months, not knowing im overworking myself to literal doom. I ditched school for half a year afterwards after being severely depressed and got sent back home from UK. currently receiving treatment from therapists and finding better ways to get out of this mess. Burning out is not a joke, please self introspect your worktime and needs.
Mecen8 19 dias atrás
Can we just take a second to recognize what an absolute CHAD Colton is? He is both a farmer AND a lumberjack, and both of those jobs require a bunch of time and effort into them to do well. A shame he only ate chocolate tho. (In case you don’t have any idea for who Colton is, check the second gravestone at 6:07 )
Christine S
Christine S 3 anos atrás
"If I'm not working I'm being lazy" My whole life in a sentence
OrangeBoiiiiiii 7 meses atrás
Beatriz Robalo
Beatriz Robalo Anos atrás
I get it really well, but that's not true, all of us deserve to take a break and time for ourselves, it's okay to be a little lazy sometimes! Our mental and physical health it's more important and we should give that as much priority as we give to work! I wish you the best and I hope you don't overwork or burnout :(. If it haver happened to any of you, I'm really can recover from that, take the time you need... you deserve to be healthy and happy, don't hesitate in asking for help when you need it
CallmeDarling! :D
CallmeDarling! :D Anos atrás
JustSparrow Anos atrás
Birdie Shorts
Birdie Shorts Anos atrás
Callum Kedward
Callum Kedward Anos atrás
I watched this when It 1st came out but now I can't stop getting the song don't work your life away based on this animation out of my head it's so catchy and everytime she mentions something it relates to the song and it plays in my head like damn it 😂😂😂
Luigi in glass
Luigi in glass Anos atrás
Even after 4 years it is still heartbreaking to see this still happen today and even recently with Domics quitting BRvid
Magic ButterFly 🦋
Magic ButterFly 🦋 2 meses atrás
I have experienced this it was in 2021 ,I was feeling depressed because of some personal stuff that I don't want to talk about, and I found out that art really distracted me from the world, but eventually it got to a point where I was not eating at all, and my mom noticed, that and we had a very emotional fight that ended with me going to therapist, I'm fine now and I really don't want that to happen again.
JM Embang
JM Embang 11 meses atrás
Came to watch this again cause i been studying for weeks and i needed to be reminded of what i should be doing to get out of this depressive state of mind ~
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm 5 meses atrás
My parents overworked me like this for months so seeing it being talked about is nice
Yag's old acc
Yag's old acc 2 anos atrás
*"What is the closest feeling to death that isn't death?"* Jaiden: Burning yourself out Jaiden 1 year later: *H I V E S*
Oh! You watched the video to!
Joshua kannitho
Joshua kannitho Anos atrás
Moonoxy Anos atrás
Astro Anos atrás
Falling off a building into a tree but still surviving
Asia Farole
Asia Farole Anos atrás
I was just thinking that when I clicked on the video then I saw your comment lol
Emma Is Epic
Emma Is Epic Anos atrás
Whenever i feel burnt out, i tend to revisit this video because it makes me feel like i'm understood. There are times where i stay up late night after night working on something and i feel like absolute horse trash when i'm not working on that thing, sometimes it gets to the point that i deny myself of my hobbies such as art and video games until i'm done working. The fact that i tend to work at night doesn't help much either.
Solstice18 Anos atrás
I have a really hard time taking care of myself and am still working on it even though I know how important it is and how dangerous it can be to not take care of yourself. There was a low point in my life where I didn't eat or drink anything for three days straight. I thought it was a waste of time. I was barely getting any sleep as well. By the third day I tried to sleep but couldn't and weird things started happening to me. I remember laying in my bed and my body was frozen. I couldn't move and I started to hear voices all around me. I couldn't tell what they were saying it was almost like there was a crowd of people murmuring in my room. I thought I was dreaming but couldn't wake up and couldn't move my body. It was terrifying. I could also "see" someone walking throughout my house even though I was stuck inside my own body. I could tell they were dangerous. They started getting closer and closer to my room until I could see them in the doorway. I desperately tried to move my arms and legs but it wasn't working. The person inched forward closer and closer and there was nothing I could do about it. I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed at the top of my lungs. I opened my eyes with my ears ringing and looked around. No one was there. The person had disappeared and the chattering crowds were gone. I was surprised no one in my house woke up. I asked my brother if he had heard me screaming and he said I couldn't have because he was awake at that time and didn't hear anything. So yeah, don't do what I did. Please make sure you eat regular meals every day.
Zulius ✨
Zulius ✨ 8 meses atrás
Thanks for sharing this. Now I won’t keep forcing myself to animate so much until they start looking like lazy crap for my brother’s cartoon. I’ve been telling myself, “Once I’m done this episode, I can go outside and enjoy my summer break.” But I’m going to listen to you and take a break! (even though it was so obvious that I just should lol I sound so dumb.)
Cecil Whinter
Cecil Whinter Anos atrás
Thank you so much for this video ^^ I always thought the same & everyone around me was the same glorifying hard work & shame me & say I'm a just a slacker & should be ashamed of not working hard enough. I'm an HSP & working too much kill me psychologically & physically. I can't function the same way most do because my brain is oversensitive so I basically feel everything people feel 10x more.
AJgabe22 [GN]
AJgabe22 [GN] 16 dias atrás
Burnout has been becoming a bit more common around me, so watching this video again was relieving! :)
DoinYourMom1312 3 anos atrás
"Don't ever die" Well boys, we did it. Death is no more.
Margie Martinez
Margie Martinez 2 anos atrás
Unless you're living in 2020
Soup Network
Soup Network 2 anos atrás
COME ON! *angry because tried suidice 20 times* *sigh* Fine. I'll try next time.
*I'm Me*
*I'm Me* 2 anos atrás
BlazingShadow2763 2 anos atrás
Ultra mega super lololololololol
DogPerson626 2 anos atrás
Grayson Wilson
Grayson Wilson Anos atrás
Discovered you through the new aro/ace vid, and loving your vids! I'm demi myself, but the way you told your story helped me take a retrospective look at my middleschool/highschool years in a way that made me say "duhhhh" And then videos like this one give a perspective I wish I had insight to when I was a little younger than I am now, but it makes me happy knowing someone with a channel as large as yours is spreading such positive and wholesome messages.
Binkman85 11 meses atrás
This is so much directed at me. It's so hard to change and I still continue to try to do better. Thanks and good luck to you. Really enjoy your videos.
Kiaya's Videos
Kiaya's Videos Mês atrás
To be honest, I have never overworked myself before, but i always felt guilty that I hadn't worked enough because I don't really study and try to find an easy way out. I hate how much I was called lazy and try my best to find energy just to try and prove them wrong. Nothing was ever enough, and my life slowly started to take a toll on me ever since I wad 11. I'm 16 now and my life is still the same. Dealing with Depression, Emotional Numbness, and Dermatillomania while also dealing with PNH, which could lead to leukemia. Physical illness doesn't affect me much, but the emotional and mental stress from family members is very severe for me....
TruTJ87 11 meses atrás
Can we talk about how well she drew Raegan kicking Art and her personality in general
Unknown Girl
Unknown Girl 7 meses atrás
This is what i experience when i got a job as an animator in a studio....i overworked myself to the point of depression and hallucination...and the sad part is, even tho i havent take a break for 2 week straight. sleeping at 1 am every night. they said that im not diciplined.. i quit right after
alex golberg
alex golberg 3 anos atrás
this feels like a school lesson except its fun and funny
Brôkèn Cøøkîë
Brôkèn Cøøkîë 2 anos atrás
Hmmmmm... I think it’s more of a thing that teaches us stuff that’s actually useful for most things instead of hyper specific.
8-bit Sarda
8-bit Sarda 2 anos atrás
clearly you haven't had the right teachers
your chaotic adhd friend
Imagine school teaching you to not overwork yourself though.
KaiKreates 2 anos atrás
and it doesn’t include so much homework you have to pull an all-nighter every single night remaining in the week to get it all done
Brôkèn Cøøkîë
Brôkèn Cøøkîë 2 anos atrás
It’s just like that amazing school lesson we’ve all had... but then we woke up
wag nerd
wag nerd Anos atrás
I understand completely and thank you for this Jaiden. I have experienced extreme burnout so much exhaustion to where I would pass out and I have discovered I don't want that for myself so I literally started putting in my calendar "appointments." Those appointments were scheduled me time. Needless to say, I feel happier and healthier now that I have had time to rest.
Poochkip Anos atrás
This was definitely me last year at multiple points. On top of other piling up issues, (had 2 jobs, and then would come home and stream for 4-6 hours for a while before eventually dropping the second job and ramped up streaming to 8 to 12 hours a day....) the burnout was also attributing to my mental health. I would constantly have anxiety attacks and more. Eventually, after looking at everything around me and reevaluating things, I saw a lot of the things it effected around me and chose to step away. Currently still on break, and might not even go back to streaming ever...but I learned that burnout is a huge thing, and to stop pushing myself so hard. To enjoy the freetime and company of friends and loved ones. I appreciate this video a lot. I know it's an old video, but thank you!
Kimberli Gathright
Kimberli Gathright 9 meses atrás
You are a true trooper lady! I burned myself out to the point of falling into a deep depression and losing the will to write! Self care is too important to ignore.
The Comic Fan
The Comic Fan Anos atrás
I have A LOT of stress, Including anxiety and depression to deal with which gets me MORE stress and it's a cycle now... And now matter how much I try to calm down it never helps... Im just glad someone actually gets it!😅
Tubert Morti
Tubert Morti 4 meses atrás
In college I burned myself out for the first 3 weeks learning jargon and finding all kinds of methods to do my work more efficiently, doing way more work than I should have and ultimately neglecting the task at hand. In end of the day I did finish my assignment but got crap marks. While in high school I was the complete opposite. I got the marks I wanted and often times didn't finish any homework. I rolled my book up and went to bed, didn't even pack my backpack. Didn't understand half the crap anyways. And 80% of it didn't apply to anything in my life now. But at least I have a paper that says I went to school.
Amanda Gato
Amanda Gato Anos atrás
the fact she literally animates each individual word is amazing. Wow I just randomly came back to this account and this comment got a lot of likes 😊
Xion - Animating
Xion - Animating Anos atrás
Hydraenga Cookie
Hydraenga Cookie Anos atrás
@דקל יונקמן 2
דקל יונקמן
T teg egg
T teg egg Anos atrás
Good way for production
Brum Ag
Brum Ag Anos atrás
You mean the devil or grime riper
CallMeSnow Anos atrás
Thank you for beeing my therapist. I had hard depressions without knowing it, but now I know that I'm depressed and stressed. But hey, I saw this video and I'm not depressed anymore!
Angelo Productions
Angelo Productions Anos atrás
Thanks Jaiden animations for this. ♥️ I damaged myself to much and now I'm getting better. Thanks you so much Jaiden!
A.T 3 meses atrás
I wish someone did something about this school system it's so messed up. Yo I now know why I feel so fustrated all the time lol. Taking a break is fun but then it feels like you're being lazy..
uhhhhh yeet
uhhhhh yeet 3 meses atrás
XaneTheFishyBoi Anos atrás
I came back to this after three years And god, does icecreamsandwich look strange as an actual human base-
Elora Chambers
Elora Chambers 9 meses atrás
I love that this video just fell into my lap after I wrote a 1800 word essay in two days because I thought it was supposed to be bigger... let's just say I'm in major burnout mode...
Skylar 3 anos atrás
Students: is four a lot? Schools: hours of sleep? Yes. Hours of study? no.
Panic Cake
Panic Cake Anos atrás
@Miathebirb I’m an atheist lmao
gone forever
gone forever 2 anos atrás
Stupid Weeb
Stupid Weeb 2 anos atrás
@AquaBerry004 I studied outside of school 6 hours today
·Imperfect· Me·
·Imperfect· Me· 2 anos atrás
Ikr school be like: alright kids study for 73 hours and sleep for 3 Me: just let me sleep! I'll give you the money just let me sleeeeep!!!!!
Scout Nova
Scout Nova 2 anos atrás
@ghoost what the fuck about not swearing did you not get Just to clarify Im aware I swore
Steven Astillero
Steven Astillero Anos atrás
This helps, Idk about myself but I get what the vod is about still and it helps bring my mood up, even just a bit, when I need it. Hope this also helps everyone else, one way or the other, also that of someone that zi care about that will send this vod to for them to try to watching and listening to it. Thanks, Jaiden.
Gravy Dog
Gravy Dog 7 meses atrás
It’s especially awful when your under 16 and in school because your not only constantly and extremely pressured by adults around you, but those said adults won’t let you change your routine or slow down or work on yourself because apparently, when your younger, your life just belongs to people older than you, like teachers or parents or even random members of society who judge you. Speaking from experience, as a 14 year old in school (at time of writing).
GoopyTheGreat 6 meses atrás
i have been extremely burnt out a lot. I remember having a ton of Spanish homework and I DID NOT STOP. ONCE. And also, I was making a series in a little comic book and I always stayed up very late to finish them. Then, I found interest in other things but I constantly think WOW, I REALLY NEED TO FINISH THAT EPISODE
Old channel
Old channel 4 meses atrás
tomboyangel78 10 meses atrás
I needed this. Thanks for sharing, Jaiden!
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic 2 anos atrás
Jaiden: Don’t burn yourself out Every highschooler: But all my homework is due tomorrow
Jeff The Mercenary
Jeff The Mercenary Anos atrás
@Mr. Ashtastic yes just realised lol EDIT : typos
Mr. Ashtastic
Mr. Ashtastic Anos atrás
It’s college not collage
Jeff The Mercenary
Jeff The Mercenary Anos atrás
I like how this applies from middle school to collage
・Solareclipse・ 2 anos atrás
Worst thing is when your assignment is film making and your app lags and resets everything. Haha, HELP
Skinny Eggman
Skinny Eggman 2 anos atrás
@Captain Rex Damn right
London Hughes
London Hughes 2 meses atrás
Being a music therapist, musicians will feel like they could be learning more pieces and improving their skills. At least that was me since I was working two jobs and still developing my music skills and not giving time for any hobbies. When I moved I took a month off of working because I could financially and it reset myself. I was able to understand the hobbies I used to enjoy as ones I wanted to do again. Then I overindulged and only played video games all day in bed and got depressed. I found that taking care of myself (showering, cooking, doing chores) improved my mood more than just my hobbies. I guess life is best when balanced.
hello I exist
hello I exist 7 meses atrás
7:03 doing the same thing in the same cycle is the key to insanity
Miles Loden
Miles Loden 2 meses atrás
She manages so well to understand my life in school/work, when I am working on everything from doctrerete courses at 14 or working on my company
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