The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death 

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i feel like die
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks

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4 Ago 2018



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@KaseyTheGolden 5 anos atrás
The little smiley you put next to my name under my art... :')
@KaseyTheGolden 5 anos atrás
@BombedNevada 5 anos atrás
Love your work Kasey. Delightfully surprised to see your art in the end clip. have this random internet strangers consent to take a day off for yourself.
@kristenelizabeth4002 5 anos atrás
KASEY!! Your an amazing artist omg
@marialeon2997 5 anos atrás
I saw it it's so nice
@frossty8876 5 anos atrás
Kasey Golden love ya art 💙
@emperortransman Anos atrás
As someone with ADHD, my issue isn't stressing by thinking "I could be working." Instead it's thinking, "I should be working but I can't manage to make myself do it." I also spend days not showering because of ADHD. "I should take a shower but I can't manage to make myself do it." Edit: I'm not trying to diagnose anyone. Obviously you can relate to some of the experiences of people with ADHD and not have ADHD yourself. Diagnosis requires that you meet many criteria, not just one, and that your symptoms significantly and negatively impact your ability to function in your daily life. But also, if you think you might have ADHD, definitely speak to a professional. Even if you don't get diagnosed, if you're struggling, it's worth trying to get help.
@ansonprydejr.1432 Anos atrás
Yep. True Dat. Add on the repetitive-loving Autism, and you've got your brain trying to decide whether to try something new or stick to the routine.
@ethancarlson2871 Anos atrás
Absolutely, my work ethic suffers massively from ADHD, I have no tips sadly but it really sucks
@Eeveeismypatronas Anos atrás
ADHD girl here!
@mahdimaziukas7984 11 meses atrás
ADHD club
@wren_. 11 meses atrás
you think you’re lazy? I’m so lazy I don’t even do things I want to do! I love having executive dysfunction issues! (yippee)
@arquatix Anos atrás
Jaiden: "Don't ever die" Ghosts: "time for us to introduce ourselves"
@pinkyxie2467 Anos atrás
*insert ghostly sounds*
@blokos_ Anos atrás
*boo sounds*
@cjss3409 9 meses atrás
@_Jaxi 8 meses atrás
In my opinion, schools or college are probably the most common scenario for burn out. Once, I got out of 2 weeks that everyday had a test and I couldn't keep up with all of them and spent so many hours studying and barely got any sleep and was too tired to take the exams. After those 2 weeks, I got home from school and took what I thought was a 1 hour nap but turned to be a 10 hour sleep and woke up at 4 am. yea, my school doesn't realise that burn out is a thing and the teachers just say "you had X weeks to study for my exam, what do you mean you didn't have time?!" and they all fail to realise that if they met up every week and discussed assignments or tests for that week none of that would happen.
@kerrycherry3713 Anos atrás
Yes that's was my secondary school and because of them I now have anxiety depression and STILL recovering from a WHOLE YEAR so from September to July I was funked my eyes had changed colour and so did my akin
@OverlordRayquaza384 8 meses atrás
This is basically the teacher's excuse version of "my dog ate my homework". If "I was too tired" or "Super slow traffic" aren't acceptable, what your teachers do is at least 2000× as unacceptable.
@user-ts7qd2pi9x 4 meses atrás
I get this too! I'm only in 7th grade but I get so burnt out sometimes! I hate when I fall asleep early and then it throws off my whole sleep schedule for a while! I have had so many tests in one week sometimes that I just stressed and ended up getting a 7 on my geography test when I'd had a week to study! Also there is no excuse anyone can come up with that will ever be believeable about why NWEAs happen at 7:30 IN THE MORNING WHEN NOBODY IS ACTUALLY AWAKE YET!!! 😠😠😠
@Chaos_Hound 4 meses atrás
I get this. Thankfully, it’s only the beginning of the year, but around the third quarter is when the teachers start really pushing. It’s frustrating that they think their subject is the most important, and when everyone does it, that leaves me with a bunch of homework, not enough time to do it, and a lot of stress.
@RealPhull 3 meses atrás
Oh man, its so common in like nearly every school too.
@crystalqueen9711 Anos atrás
God, this reminds me of one time I was working a call center job, and after almost a year straight of dealing with people getting super angry all day every day, I just felt super burned out, and when I got fired I just felt a huge feeling of relief that it was finally over, and it's sad how most companies don't care about the negative effects of overworking on people and will usually just say "There's a therapist just down the street, go deal with your problems on your own time" instead of trying to help people
@la6136 Anos atrás
Companies should give customer service people at least a weekly therapy session. Dealing with customers is no joke!
@einsteingamer2.0 Anos atrás
Hey gosh don’t say gods name in vein if you want to go to heaven
@mewmew8932 Anos atrás
@@einsteingamer2.0 I don't want to go to heaven
@elzar5987 Anos atrás
​@@einsteingamer2.0you can't say his name? Pfft bit of a god complex don't you think?
@Margen67 11 meses atrás
Sylvein needs HUGS
@Isamu00Itachi Anos atrás
Lucky I'm a lazy piece of sh*t. I have....a lot of a lot a lot. But I think overworking myself will never be one of them. My mom taught me at an early age "You work to live, not the other way around." And that makes sense and I live by that, I only work to finance my lifestyle, that's it, that's all work is to me. But I guess, that this kind of mindset is easier to live by when you are an employee for a good company and don't work for yourself, which I imagine is extremely stressful.
@TheAMaazing 5 anos atrás
Wow Jaiden,, great work with the research ur so smart!!!!!
@redvelvetgamer1728 5 anos atrás
TheAMaazing hi Maaz (insert lenny) :3
@hannahmiller7010 5 anos atrás
Red VelvetGamer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@chevellerose5791 5 anos atrás
TheAMaazing Lads, MAAZ IS HERE!!!
@hannahmiller7010 5 anos atrás
TheAMaazing I know right??????? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
TheAMaazing I got to say, that research is AMaazing. Sorry.
@richie6038 Anos atrás
This gave me the motivatin to do something I've been procrastinating about for the past week, and I'm not sure why. Thank you, Jaiden :D
@cyberjay9146 11 meses atrás
"I'm not sure why" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 soo funny man
@KKen85 2 meses atrás
@el_darkstar Anos atrás
3:06 'If I'm not working, I'm being lazy' I was always stuck with that mindset since my first semester in university. Honestly, I've been taking better personal breaks where I watch anime, play video games, or spend time with my friends without thinking about school, work, organization, etc., since that was an issue I was having. I felt the very burnt out last year, especially with covid being around, but changing my mentality to having actual breaks where I don't think about anything other than relaxing has been very helpful for my health overall. Thank you, Jaiden, for making a video about this and spreading the awareness that extreme overworking and burning out arent things we should be praising.
@mallowanimationsyt4646 10 meses atrás
Watching this during the recovery stage of burn out definitely hits harder than it should have.
@deverfamily6683 Anos atrás
I love these messages that you put out. Your videos always end up making me laugh no matter how deep the message is. "Don't. Ever. Die."
You know what I'm gonna make sure he doesn't have my phone
@deverfamily6683 2 meses atrás
@@AMPHIBIAPlanters-uh6dg huh?
@mecen8 11 meses atrás
Can we just take a second to recognize what an absolute CHAD Colton is? He is both a farmer AND a lumberjack, and both of those jobs require a bunch of time and effort into them to do well. A shame he only ate chocolate tho. (In case you don’t have any idea for who Colton is, check the second gravestone at 6:07 )
@FlashinRahul 3 anos atrás
THAT! WAS!! so relatable....
@stickboy7500 3 anos atrás
No one asked you...
@siddheshrahate4351 3 anos atrás
Hey man, you make pretty good animations. Loved your content and subbed you probably like a month ago :)
@sirpence__ 3 anos atrás
Like me!
@sirpence__ 3 anos atrás
@Elitekitten :3 wow rly?
@_m_i_l_e_g_u_h_ Anos atrás
So one day, I was doing online school like usual. My class was studying on this weird website and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. The website wasn't letting me draw in a check box and I was really stressed out because I had alot to do. I literally bursted out crying out of stress. My teacher let me turn my mic and camera off, but I just was really stressed out. I was really just burt out from trying to catch up with classwork and writing prompts. I couldn't manage everything at once and ended up burning myself out from all of the stress. So as a friendly reminder, dont work yourself out. It only causes suffering and pain. If you read all of this I just want to say thank you for caring about what I had to say!
@twigger3073 8 meses atrás
@nabra97 Anos atrás
"When I'm in university, I could be working, and when I'm working, I could be in university". I had to full-time work and full-time study for a year. It was hard on its own, but I also pretended I was OK not to get stupid advice from everyone around. But I couldn't help but did it because of my profession specific (had to have at least some work experience before graduation). Also, this "prolonged fight or fly mode" (don't know correct term in English) is way different when you have actual reason to fall into it, but I don't wish you to have any.
fight or flight.
@mothman9050 Anos atrás
This video is definitely making me realize that what I’ve been feeling lately is me starting to burn out (I’m a senior in high school who currently doesn’t have a teacher for my AP Physics 1 class 🥲) So my upcoming Christmas break is gonna be so so sweet for me
@itsvintage50s57 2 anos atrás
I felt this on a huge level Jaiden. I'm the type of person who does homework until they're literally exhausted and then I take breaks but after I take those breaks I get stuck in turning in late work. Then I eventually get back into grind of work until I'm exhausted. Some days I feel like not leaving my bed and doing absolutely nothing and then my work gets turned in late. My teachers ask me "why is it late" and I wish I could give them a definite answer but if I said "I don't have the motivation" it wouldn't be a real reason in their eyes.
@disheveledrealness 5 meses atrás
why did u just describe my entire life😭 it's either im working to my death or im resting and then turning in stuff late. i can't seem to find a good balance.
@MrSlickSouthpaw Anos atrás
As a nurse I about died at how relatable this video is to me. Thanks again for being so honest and amazing!
"Don't ever die" Well boys, we did it. Death is no more.
@carolinabeltran8420 4 anos atrás
How to kill the earth.....wait
@thezombiecreeper 4 anos atrás
The Internet Police God: Ha! *You make me laugh!*
@megaagentj2248 4 anos atrás
The Internet Police 998th like *I guide others to a treasure I cannot process*
@gassygoose7424 4 anos atrás
Why Is There Only 4 Comments Here ._.
@bradleygrosholz9893 4 anos atrás
Grim Reaper: I'm gonna end this comment's career. LMAO
@aarontallen7858 Anos atrás
You are very good at animating and I love to watch your channel grow.
@aarontallen7858 Anos atrás
I love the line to educate the people
@GTEKnox Anos atrás
5:33 - 5:38 the amount of effort put into this one scene is enormous
@User-swj- Anos atrás
@GTEKnox Anos atrás
@@User-swj- because she literally put a thousand mini people doing the exact same motion at the exact same time
@User-swj- Anos atrás
@@GTEKnox you can copy/ paste that idiot
@hyfan6195 Anos atrás
@@GTEKnox ctrl+c ctrl+v
@GTEKnox Anos atrás
@@hyfan6195 still, the fact that it all sinced up, plus all the clicking it must've taken for the placing
@Kstarpersona 11 meses atrás
I love videos like this where it’s a splash of mental help/serious topics/life advice and a splash of fun and jokes
@Blkthundagod 4 meses atrás
I needed this information today because I want to be an animator (still do) and I knew before hand that it was going to be ruff but OMG this is a new level of ruff. Thanks jaden.
@kxttyskullz_ Anos atrás
5:00 oh boy that aged like milk
@usererk757 4 anos atrás
TheOdd1sOut - "Wear your seatbelt" Jaiden - "YoU NeEd suNsCreEn!"
@icegod4849 4 anos atrás
The parents of BRvid animation (in the sense that they take care of their audience)
Super Greyflash frick yeah!!
@arctrooper6386 4 anos atrás
It was gingerpale who made swear your seatbelt
@kris6435 4 anos atrás
@arctrooper6386 4 anos atrás
@Nitro Invert wear your seatbelt..
@lyssy6452 2 anos atrás
The worst thing about my burn out specifically is that my OCD and or perfectionism kinda clash with it, which definitely made things worst. It definitely made things harder, and my motivation just kinda sank as time went on to the point where i just avoid doing the work because of the fear of messing things up. For some reason I feel the need to make things perfect and organized all the time or else I feel anxious and guilty? about it. Well, i guess that's the literal definition of an OCD. I procrastinate a lot nowadays, I'm procrastinating right now. Mental illnesses and disorder or problems like these gets so romanticized a lot nowadays specially in the media, it's definitely not as fun as people put it out to be, trust me. 🙃
@kiayatwixxer4736 Anos atrás
To be honest, I have never overworked myself before, but i always felt guilty that I hadn't worked enough because I don't really study and try to find an easy way out. I hate how much I was called lazy and try my best to find energy just to try and prove them wrong. Nothing was ever enough, and my life slowly started to take a toll on me ever since I wad 11. I'm 16 now and my life is still the same. Dealing with Depression, Emotional Numbness, and Dermatillomania while also dealing with PNH, which could lead to leukemia. Physical illness doesn't affect me much, but the emotional and mental stress from family members is very severe for me....
@Advy31 Anos atrás
I just sat there kinda amazed at how well she described the process of burn out and how it feels, I’ve always thought if you’re mentally tired it makes you physically tired and she displayed it perfectly
@riri89927 2 anos atrás
burnout especially sucks because, after working extremely hard- (based on my own experience, may be different for others) I never feel accomplished. I feel like I could STILL be working, and when I’m working, I feel like I could work even harder
@chickenwings7116 2 meses atrás
Dude I am HEAVILY glad I decided to rewatch this video because its made me realize that I'm pretty sure I'm heavily burnt out (And especially having some sort of depersonalization stuff going on, so that's fun) BUT SERIOUSLY THANK YOU THIS HELPS. A LOT. GONNA TRY TO IMPROVE ON ALL THAT
@radd_lio8194 3 anos atrás
"Overworking yourself is bad" Schools: *We don't do that here*
@imagicore4521 3 anos atrás
@burast3709 3 anos atrás
@mrskulls7174 3 anos atrás
@Mt.Everest 3 anos atrás
Germans: Jokes on you! Im into that shit!
@ace_the_frog 3 anos atrás
So true
@helloiexist6470 Anos atrás
7:03 doing the same thing in the same cycle is the key to insanity
@graysonwilson3343 Anos atrás
Discovered you through the new aro/ace vid, and loving your vids! I'm demi myself, but the way you told your story helped me take a retrospective look at my middleschool/highschool years in a way that made me say "duhhhh" And then videos like this one give a perspective I wish I had insight to when I was a little younger than I am now, but it makes me happy knowing someone with a channel as large as yours is spreading such positive and wholesome messages.
@RexBeaux_Official 11 meses atrás
why is school such a perfect yet not perfect example of this? You aren't allowed to eat, drink or go to the bathroom (mostly during tests) and if you are allowed to, you have to go right back to work immediately, no time to process or anything, it's become such a normal thing now that we don't think of it as burnout, we see it as something healthy.
@Poochkip Anos atrás
This was definitely me last year at multiple points. On top of other piling up issues, (had 2 jobs, and then would come home and stream for 4-6 hours for a while before eventually dropping the second job and ramped up streaming to 8 to 12 hours a day....) the burnout was also attributing to my mental health. I would constantly have anxiety attacks and more. Eventually, after looking at everything around me and reevaluating things, I saw a lot of the things it effected around me and chose to step away. Currently still on break, and might not even go back to streaming ever...but I learned that burnout is a huge thing, and to stop pushing myself so hard. To enjoy the freetime and company of friends and loved ones. I appreciate this video a lot. I know it's an old video, but thank you!
@measypeasy Anos atrás
Cue my parents forcing me to work since 14. They're still mad that I took a SUMMER off (was still working a few hours a week) once I finished 12th grade. I didn't even get to enjoy my summer off because they kept pressuring me to pick up more shifts. I'm now working 3 jobs, around 13 hours nearly everyday (8 hours of cleaning in a nursing home and the other 5 switch between retail and daycare teacher) and am absolutely sick of it. It feels like I'm not even in my own body anymore. Thanks Jaiden for reminding me that it's okay to take breaks and eat food and call in sick cause I needed the reminder. ❤
@skylar4602 4 anos atrás
Students: is four a lot? Schools: hours of sleep? Yes. Hours of study? no.
@alicepetal5766 4 anos atrás
The story of our lives I go to school I come back and study I die in protest AND NOTHING CHANGES
@quosmium7410 4 anos atrás
Change the 4 to 7
@leventeszabo6995 4 anos atrás
@hunterstevens1005 4 anos atrás
Grobletombus Marble Eye no one did?
@hunterstevens1005 4 anos atrás
Nvm i just looked at the picture.....
@stevenastillero9599 2 anos atrás
This helps, Idk about myself but I get what the vod is about still and it helps bring my mood up, even just a bit, when I need it. Hope this also helps everyone else, one way or the other, also that of someone that zi care about that will send this vod to for them to try to watching and listening to it. Thanks, Jaiden.
@tyberzann101 2 anos atrás
I had burnout REALLY bad last summer. my job was extremely short staffed and in addition summer is already heavy with the mandatory overtime (i work at a psych hospital) so in addition to the summer problem we had NO ONE TO WORK so me and my coworkers would be doing 3 or 4 days of 16 hour shifts in a row...this continued for 6 months and people would call out and quit because they literally couldnt work anymore. by the end i had several mental breakdowns realized id started having a drinking problem (and fixed it thank god) my relationship with my family got testy, and almost died driving home maybe 5 times. its gotten better since and i am currently seeking different employment but i dread this coming summer if i dont find a new job by then.
@zmikund865 Anos atrás
Oh my... I can relate to this so much. Since I started working IT with more skilled colleagues, I felt like an impostor and I always overworked myself. Then I got to lead position and now I overwork myself even more. I'm sure this will lead into burnout someday as I literally don't sleep sometimes. But I do it because I want to.
@dontyou8834 Anos atrás
As someone who has been stung by a jellyfish, saying you can suck a jellyfish is like one of the worst things. Ugh
@mernky3562 4 anos atrás
Jaiden: “Don’t ever die.” CEO of death: Oh frick
@sevenofseas6829 4 anos atrás
@killswitchwastaken 4 anos atrás
Fish frick*
@bitsbutyoutube 4 anos atrás
Me: I am not going to die Satan: Frick
@r0man.x 4 anos atrás
@luigiinglass Anos atrás
Even after 4 years it is still heartbreaking to see this still happen today and even recently with Domics quitting BRvid
@binkman853 Anos atrás
This is so much directed at me. It's so hard to change and I still continue to try to do better. Thanks and good luck to you. Really enjoy your videos.
@angelacavanaugh4639 7 meses atrás
That working super hard while ignoring everything else, that drive that doesn't let you stop, the ignoring basic needs to do a thing or getting angry when you're interrupted... it has a name. It's called Hyperfocus. It's an ADHD thing.
@wagnerd548 2 anos atrás
I understand completely and thank you for this Jaiden. I have experienced extreme burnout so much exhaustion to where I would pass out and I have discovered I don't want that for myself so I literally started putting in my calendar "appointments." Those appointments were scheduled me time. Needless to say, I feel happier and healthier now that I have had time to rest.
@Nick_7434 Anos atrás
I wish someone did something about this school system it's so messed up. Yo I now know why I feel so fustrated all the time lol. Taking a break is fun but then it feels like you're being lazy..
@uhhhhhyeet5491 Anos atrás
@99boa 4 anos atrás
Jaiden: ''Don't ever die.'' *death rate drops to 0%*
Ghosts:God! Why didn't I think of that
@lathingsatan6992 4 anos atrás
@Cardboard_Cut 4 anos atrás
We did it guys, Death is no more
*Well boys, we did it, death is no more*
@commiecrusader3064 4 anos atrás
Hannahhh *clap clap clap clap clap*
@user-ni1nj4db8y 11 dias atrás
WaAoOwWw! Jaiden is so smart! She totally doesn’t ask friends for all of the information to use in videos :D
@johnmccarrick3123 Anos atrás
I dropped out of college too. A lot of the BRvidrs I follow apparently did. Genuinely it makes me feel like less of a failure to see you all succeed. I got screwed over by the for profit system, so my mandatory awful internship didn't count because no joke I had to pay tuition for a "class" to go with it which was literally just a bundle of paper work me and the internship signed. So because I didn't pay over a grand for that and my school failed to tell me it was a requirement before getting the internship I was unable to graduate. I was so upset and angry I just stopped at the finish line. I even had already done my senior project. Now it's been twelve years since then. I still hold a grudge against that school. My entire life feels like the world's been robbing me and I am so tired. Watching BRvid at least gives me something to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your life and advice with us all.
Can we just stop and like be happy how hard jaiden works on her videos just for us❤❤❤
@ivanmandujano9542 2 anos atrás
I do the total opposite, I’ll be like: “alright, I’ve been working for 15 minutes, time to take a 2 hour break.”
@joanne3713 11 meses atrás
I love this video! My work load literally just increased in med school and I've been feeling overwhelmed was already starting to spiral into the world of book-work But now I've been given strict instructions to not die so I'll try to keep that at the back of my mind:)
@ayesha-hh7qd 4 anos atrás
" Spend time with friends, *iF* *yOu* *hAvE* *aNy* " that hurts
@skynut_6988 4 anos atrás
I am in this video and I don’t like it
@jakotasizelove5116 4 anos atrás
I moved schools while going to high school so what are friends
@capitalistdave6073 4 anos atrás
I have Japan, wait I kinda fucked that up
@stuff5651 4 anos atrás
Yea thanos I wonder why I don't have friends
@FreyaofCerberus Anos atrás
I experienced something similar but like in slow-motion. Most of my life i'd been a solid B+ student, i'm relatively intelligent (or so i'm told) but i just never really cared enough to try. So the stuff i was good at already i did great at and the stuff i wasn't i sucked at. But towards the end of my uni degree i got in a groove that let me choose subjects i loved and therefore did great at and the uni offered me a place in the masters program. I had never considered a career in research but i didn't really have any other plans so i thought why not? And all of the bad habits i'd learnt in undergrad, like cramming, skim-reading and getting really good at pretending i knew stuff propelled me forward... for a while. My masters course was a hybrid degree, first year was coursework and classes like undergrad but the second year was independent research. So while i found it harder and harder to keep pushing myself i managed first year. In hindsight i think it was because i could operate within the structure of the class. I always had big scary deadlines to work towards, i ignored the fact that my mental health was spiraling and that i was beginning to hate the subject i loved enough to do a masters in (modern history) because as long as i could jump just this next hurdle i'd be fine. And then second year hit and it was like i'd gone from swimming a few lengths in my local pool to the Olympics in a heartbeat. None of the tricks i'd learnt worked anymore because i had no structure, all my deadlines were self-imposed and for some reason i just can't set deadlines for myself (i'm too good at justifying things) and all the actual skills i was supposed to have learnt i just hadn't. And i had big scary supervisors inspecting my progress, analyzing each line i wrote and realizing that 99% my talent lay in creatively rewording textbooks (not in a plagiarism sense but in a literally just write what the book says but in my words). I was used to floating along in the middle of the pack, letting the best and worst students take the attention and just getting by. Now i was suddenly under a microscope and nothing i did felt right or good enough. And i just felt trapped, alone and like i was being slowly crushed with no way out. I felt like i couldn't drop out because i'd made a big deal to my parents about doing this degree after a lifetime of directionlessness, i felt i couldn't ask questions about things i was supposed to already know because then my supervisors would figure out i'd basically lied to get in and all the stress put me in a depression so deep i couldn't muster the energy to care about my project. I used every trick i knew to keep myself moving forward, rewards, creative wording, fear of failure, lying, tricking my brain by distracting it with podcasts but eventually something inside me just broke. I couldn't even open Word without triggering a meltdown of anxiety and panic. And i remember trying to explain this to one of my supervisors who i thought understood but he confidently assured me that i should be able to shake off burn out with a weekend off, that academics had to be mentally resilient and this was nothing compared to a doctorate. I quit my degree that afternoon. The idea that this feeling would not only continue but get worse finally convinced that facing whatever disappointment my parents felt had to be better than this. I remember i was almost manic in my demands to be released from the program, that i nearly bit some poor administrators head off because they wanted me to write a paragraph explaining why i was leaving on my exit form and just the idea i couldn't leave sent me into fight or flight. But i did get out and the feeling of relief and freedom that i experienced cannot be adequately expressed. It still took me, an avid amateur novelist almost a year to work up the courage to open Word again. But years on i think i'm finally recovered. So yeah haha i have no idea if that's burn out or maybe a full on mental break but it took years to get into and years to recover from. So my sage advice is if something in your life is making you feel like you are trapped and dying, and you can choose not to do that thing, don't do that thing. No job, grade or degree is worth your life or happiness. As Jaiden said, don't die.
God this is soo good! God tier for sure so keep going, Jaden!! ^_^
@TotesNotMimi 4 meses atrás
I got to experience something like this, it's not fun AT ALL. Please take care of yourself from time to time. You really need it.
@Kohchu Anos atrás
Imagine wanting to better yourself... But then others say 'nah, we couldn't do it; so you can to suffer for our inability to adapt." That's how I feel at times when it comes to burnout. And most of the time, the response you get for expressing frustration over it, is just a blunt 'deal with it.'
@grisulzazicki7214 Anos atrás
I don't like how this becomes more relatable every year ;-;
@madison9855 4 anos atrás
"I haven't sleep in a week and my blood flows with red bull and xanx" College level: 1000
@vflower6338 4 anos atrás
m e
I haven't slept in a week I was weak I was awake
@hairylarrytv9926 4 anos atrás
destruction is mine My life in a nutshell
@NflameBoiz 4 anos atrás
@unimercat 4 anos atrás
I haven’t slept in a week I was week I was awake you’ve never seen a ####### more in need of a break longing for Angelica missing my wife that’s when miss Maria renoylds walked into my life
@o.k.3000 Anos atrás
I have the exact opposite scenario , i keep thinking about studying to a level where i would do anything but study , because of how much information and details and time it takes , i feel overwhelmed and anxious, so my brain automatically distracts me to my phone ,social media , the fridge , the growing grass ,the flying bee ,anything but the important work I have to do It's exhausting 😩 and disappointing 😞
@strawbs0 Anos atrás
From a gifted + good kids perspective, this is _severely_ true. I've burnt myself out a lot of times, mostly due to school and projects I've worked on. The lost sense of achievement is honestly very true. You work harder, and harder, and harder only because you feel the things you're making aren't good enough, and less and less people will think highly of you- bleh . . so- yeah! Seriously, I wish burnout never existed ❤️.
@denizwithz9589 Anos atrás
I, as a lazy and unorganized human being, never experienced burnout
@KNGathright Anos atrás
You are a true trooper lady! I burned myself out to the point of falling into a deep depression and losing the will to write! Self care is too important to ignore.
@loislebrazidec51 9 meses atrás
i deal with that mindset of " if i'm not working i am being lazy" because of one word : PARENTS
@dragontuberm1127 4 meses atrás
True bruh
@christines8074 4 anos atrás
"If I'm not working I'm being lazy" My whole life in a sentence
@andreidobrin331 4 anos atrás
Sal ba
@glowelia4092 4 anos atrás
being lazy is a full time job, it’s okay. :)
@chickencurry420 4 anos atrás
"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasting time" -The ghoul cowgirl from Fallout NV (I forget her name, she's at the Old Mormon Fort)
@justinmaya5400 4 anos atrás
Yeah but when I do that I'm still slope
@rogofos 4 anos atrás
My whole life is just "I'm being lazy"
@edrien1775 Anos atrás
Jaiden: "Yeah I see the problem now" Therapist : that'll be $5000
@davidvelazquez6294 4 meses atrás
I think you just explained my entire life. When my mom sees me freaking out with sooooo much work she will beg me for me to take a break and I’m just like “ NO DAMN IT LET ME BE” so she give me a snack and then I’m like ok I will take a break.
@BeanieBooBobloxBaddie 15 dias atrás
“Ya need sunscreen first✨”
@the_demon149 Anos atrás
I thought the closest feeling to death that isn’t death is speedrunning a rhythm game.
@Breadloaf230 11 meses atrás
I’m glad Jaidnens work is now basically recapping her own gameplay so gaming is basically part of her job now I hope that’s less stressful
@GTNyt 4 anos atrás
her:"if you drop out you dont get use me as an excuse to your parents" me:ok sure ill use james
@theshyturtle3443 4 anos atrás
@Hungry_Hufflepuff_ 4 anos atrás
@GTNyt or Dave from boyinaband
@LonelyWriter26 4 anos atrás
Or Adam
@frenzy8763 4 anos atrás
@slopoke1471 4 anos atrás
James from the Odd1sout?
@user-nw2hq4kg8h Anos atrás
"but i could be working!" its too relatable.
The fact that you were working so much in one day and still can only post one video a month shows just how hard animation is.
@froz5551 4 meses atrás
This video is superhelpful actually. I watch it about every year, because I often get so consumed by school, I forget taking care of myself, so this video is to take a step back and go help myself!
@zakaryhoage5770 Anos atrás
"MY BLOOD FLOWS WITH REDBULL AND XANAX" ahahahaha jaiden knocked me off my dinosaur with that one xD
@codyfuentes9698 4 anos atrás
"Who's watching in 20-" Jaiden: No one asked you
@calzonecalvin3586 4 anos atrás
hm... ironic
@28LizaB 4 anos atrás
Needs more likes
@rosaliecollins3680 4 anos atrás
Well I edited this reply because I was getting hate for making a joke
@emilytarrant9521 4 anos atrás
@samuelwilliams2282 4 anos atrás
I'm watching in 3020. Amateurs.
@djantisocial6827 Anos atrás
I've been on burn out for so long I don't think I remember what regular life is like... my schedule is just, wake up, eat, work, work, work, sleep, repeat.
@ukukyyg Anos atrás
For me stress follows with burn out and I get stressed out easily and it kills me, and in school I notice teachers who have bias against me and other perfectly fine students.
@lavellespenkelink Anos atrás
um.. its 2022 now and I just love the feeling and you can keep gowing!
@saif0316 Anos atrás
Thanks for working hard on this! It was awesome!
@Cleb-wf3gw Anos atrás
I hate how High School just gives you piles of homework and expecting you to finish it, and they don’t really care about your health. Even most of the subjects students “learn” don’t help us anyhow for our future.
@moon-cg3qs 4 anos atrás
Don't work your life away! Tell that to the school system.
@FXJammer 4 anos atrás
Haha schoolsystem? Good luck having an actual job haha
@BigEarsVR456 4 anos atrás
@honeyy8360 4 anos atrás
it's sad and it's true ;-; they expect us to do so much in so little time, and when you're taking time for yourself so you DON'T DIE it's considered procrastination :P
@honeyy8360 4 anos atrás
??? I don't understand wot your saying :/
@awquathewolf6329 4 anos atrás
I get, so much homework. It sucks
@rickwatkins6449 Anos atrás
You're brilliant Jaiden my boss needs to watch this you've described him perfectly
@May-The-Tank-Engine 2 anos atrás
Thanks Jaiden animations for this. ♥️ I damaged myself to much and now I'm getting better. Thanks you so much Jaiden!
@_the_huMan Anos atrás
*people overwork themselves, no deny. then they wanna crawl into a hole and die.*
@walker96284 Anos atrás
I really love the glitch effect you did with that one guy
@ProNinjaB15 Anos atrás
I over work myself every day because of schoolwork and, I have less enjoyment of things, have loss of sleep, haven't done anything I truly wanted in over two months, exams are here, and I'm confused and idk. I'm mad at myself because I feel like I can do better yet when I do it and I struggle, and everyone is like "try harder I would Have done this one hour" "education is needed for a better future" Sometime I feel like I'm pulled is some sort of corruption that wants me to do more and do what I don't want.
@teriddax3692 2 meses atrás
I imagine being self employed makes the situation even muddier, especially with no separation of work and home space. Like this is your passion, it’s what you chose to do, why wouldn’t you throw 110% into it? I’m glad someone who works for themselves is talking about this.
@yagsoldacc3190 3 anos atrás
*"What is the closest feeling to death that isn't death?"* Jaiden: Burning yourself out Jaiden 1 year later: *H I V E S*
@defendant4077 3 anos atrás
@Amara the Purple Wolf 64 done
@nobody_special0001 3 anos atrás
@timcox2498 3 anos atrás
@Galaxe-du7mp 3 anos atrás
ทicσlє τнє мαgicαl ωσlƒ I was gonna say that :(
@10ksubsformydog38 3 anos atrás
@tomboyangel78 Anos atrás
I needed this. Thanks for sharing, Jaiden!
Thanks for talking about this. I've been dealing with extreme burnout for the last months and I can confirm.
@johnbui65 Anos atrás
"No, you doof you need sunscreen." I thought she was gonna say "No, you doof don't do that."
@shirley6131 Anos atrás
I literally had 5-6 hours of sleep each day for a year in middle school and it took me about 6 months to recover from the lack of sleep- don’t study that late. It isn’t worth it. At all.
@worldofaf1308 Anos atrás
Kids: *I don’t wanna go to bed!* Also Kids: *I don’t wanna get up..*
@eatsleepdie1682 2 anos atrás
I hate how every teacher thinks their subject is the most important one
@she4390 2 anos atrás
@judithlay4475 2 anos atrás
why is that so true tho
@arabella9047 2 anos atrás
Yep like of course I will focus on your yee yee ass subject
@sarrthestar. 2 anos atrás
Omg yas
@alexmay7250 2 anos atrás
I mean would you want a teacher who doesn’t like their subject
@zulius7707 Anos atrás
Thanks for sharing this. Now I won’t keep forcing myself to animate so much until they start looking like lazy crap for my brother’s cartoon. I’ve been telling myself, “Once I’m done this episode, I can go outside and enjoy my summer break.” But I’m going to listen to you and take a break! (even though it was so obvious that I just should lol I sound so dumb.)
@Cr1ticA Anos atrás
This video... I needed it. I've been bored and doing the things that I... er, enjoy. Yeah, in the moment, I like it. But once I'm done with like... I dunno, a video or something, I'm like, "... That was boring." And the stuff I don't want to do and avoid doing (such as nonstop videos or video games), I'm bored, and I'm doing a lot of... that, and they're big time wasters. And the stuff I want to do (such as reading my bible, reading books, exercising, y'know, interesting and/or healthy activities), I don't do them. And while they're not *not* time wasters, I'll be getting more out of them, they're more useful, and... yeah. Thanks. I needed this video. :)
@Kenji532 11 meses atrás
I burn myself out by beating myself down if I don’t stay up all night or I consider myself wasting my life if I sleep
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