The Changes of Zack Snyder's Justice League

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A brand new trailer for Zack Snyder's Justice League was recently released with some new footage. So let's talk about that and all the recent revealls for the new four hour HBO Max edit. Thanks for watching.
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22 Nov 2020



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Comentários 100
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock 9 dias atrás
We dont deserve you Zack Snyder.
Tschele 12 dias atrás
What if we get the Frank Miller Battank in the Snyder Cut. Edit: Is Battank one word or two words? Bat tank or Battank.
Tschele 12 dias atrás
I love how this trailer breaks the cliche and has a red skybeam.
Tschele 12 dias atrás
Uxas or Uxas The greatest debate in comic book history.
Emo_Kakyo 15 dias atrás
Just you talking about synder movies is better than the other guy interrupting every 5 seconds trying to be funny
Evil Greg
Evil Greg 25 dias atrás
Mr. Sunday of the future looks like Sean Connery.
IamBrix 25 dias atrás
He has absolutely no reason for the black and white. He's just pretentious lmaoo
CARPAINTM3 23 dias atrás
lol. He had a file of the movie where he would edit it in his free time. When he edited the movie in his free time, he experimented with the monochrome filter. Gradually, he loved it. So, there will be an option to buy the version and the color version. Don't call him pretentious for that.
Nation Damnation
Nation Damnation 25 dias atrás
Joshua Russell
Joshua Russell 26 dias atrás
3:39 Got any more pixels?
DKdrumm3r 26 dias atrás
To explain the black and white version: Zack Snyder shoots his movies in black and white amd colors them afterwards in post. Now that he had watched the unfinished version times at home (still in black and white, unfinished vfx and storyboards) he also wants the movie to be released in black and white.
Ty L Er
Ty L Er Mês atrás
March 12 2021 Or March 25 2021
Sulaymaan Kingseed
Sulaymaan Kingseed Mês atrás
this shit taking to long to come out.. we gonna miss it when it do come out.
Off-The-Cuff Gaming
I can’t see this convincing anyone who doesn’t already love Synder’s DC work - but for those that do like it, this could be incredible....for them....
Vicente Navarro
Vicente Navarro Mês atrás
I was kinda hoping Mason would be the guest for the ad
Aycock@Compton Mês atrás
Caravan of garbage Sky High
PinstripeShirt Mês atrás
Another thing about a black and white cut of the movie is that traditionally most black and white movies are shot without colour and are lit a certain way and have a specific “look” because you don’t have colour i.e. you exaggerate shadows or light to make it stylish. That’s not to say Snyder couldn’t play around with the contrast or whatever to get a decent looking cut of the movie - but in my *amateur* film-making experience (and I muss stress amateur) converting something shot in colour to a classy looking black and white movie doesn’t always have the desired effect you think it will. But I’m with you, I’d watch it regardless.
Aiden M.
Aiden M. Mês atrás
On one side, I want this to be good, because who likes bad movies. But on the other hand, I want this to fail so that people will shut up about this and other directors cuts (like Fant4stic).
zhengyingli Mês atrás
It'll be good but it wouldn't be considered as such to those who didn't like BvS.
L0re Online
L0re Online Mês atrás
Haich Bio Max
JMotion Mês atrás
I recently watched the BvS watch party, and something I found really interesting was something Snyder mentions right at the very end. He says that the moment when Doomsday gets stabbed right through, and he recoils and screams to the sky along with Superman, Snyder says that that scream is what "wakes" the Mother Boxes. Which firstly, explains something the Josstice cut skips over, giving a reason why the boxes are suddenly active for no reason. And secondly, it explains why the trailer shows Superman's death from a new angle. It seems like, similarly to BvS, Justice League will kick off by showing how the prior film's finale is directly responsible for kick starting the sequel. So when all is said and done, theoretically, you might be able to do some cutting and fan-editing to piece all of these movies together, and form one super long, continuous, and cohesive story. Which will honestly make for a really great day-long marathon.
zhengyingli Mês atrás
I liked the Marathon idea. Someone had the right idea to seamlessly edit together the destruction of Metropolis with footage from MoS and BvS and it was perfectly done.
Recnid Mês atrás
2.5 hrs of unseen footage is fucking a lot. It sounds like they’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find unseen and unfinished clips to polish and insert into the movie. Seems like a fun idea to resurrect old drafts, but when you don’t trim down projects and include every bit of potential content, it results in a bloated messy conglomeration. I am optimistic since it could be fun still, even if it feels messy. Or, they actually had interesting concepts torn apart from the film, sitting at the bottom of the barrel, and putting those in could give us an insane and overwhelming flick. IW + Endgame style where things just go nuts. A wild and hectic ride that just does not stop.
MrMoustacheNinja Mês atrás
I really hope this does so well and Zack gets to make more DC stuff on HBO Max. I still want to see the other DC stuff on the big screen but I also really want his movies
sirdaveysockrocker Mês atrás
I was gonna watch the snydercut as just a "lets laugh at this dumb thing" watch party with friends, BUT not even that is worth it if the whole damn thing is in black and white. WHAT a psychopath.
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly Mês atrás
slow think
Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor Mês atrás
jared leto is my second favorite live-action joker, (my favorite is ledger ofc) but I understand why people don't like him and I think one of the problems is that we didn't see enough of him in Suicide squad, so I'm really excited to see more
Shadoe Davis
Shadoe Davis Mês atrás
black and white?? not a chance
Thomas Mês atrás
As a companion, Release the Whedon Cut. Remember, the movie that came out was a mish mash of the two.
Harmen Schouten
Harmen Schouten Mês atrás
Honestly. NORD Vpn actually IS awesome to use. I love it
Skizz Lord
Skizz Lord Mês atrás
I dig Snyder's work and im pumped for this. HBO has my money for sure. Now if they could just fold all the DCU content into it...
House of D
House of D Mês atrás
This is going to be the biggest piece of shit.
Phil Skrzeczynski
Phil Skrzeczynski Mês atrás
Snyder should do a berserk adaptation
Ben Ruppel
Ben Ruppel Mês atrás
Why does Snyder have fans after Batman vs Superman?
zhengyingli Mês atrás
@Ben Ruppel Why not?
Ben Ruppel
Ben Ruppel Mês atrás
@zhengyingli Doesn't sound possible.
zhengyingli Mês atrás
Because they like Batman v Superman.
godconvoy Mês atrás
That newer version of Steppenwolf looks worse. It's probably one of worst CGI grey men I've seen in a film. It's just too much, and the face just doesn't look like they tried. At least the theatrical version had some character and they broke up the design enough so it wasn't all one spikey mass of colorless garbage.
Cara Salusc
Cara Salusc Mês atrás
You can tell by the tone of James's voice whether or not mason is here. No maso, no watcho
Krystol the Brystol
Is this only me or anyone else thinks that new JL won't be as good as people think?
Braneloc Mês atrás
Black and white = nope.
just a troll
just a troll Mês atrás
I think Zack Snyder struggles with generation of themes and story arcs, unlike directors with crisp vision like Nolan and Spielberg. As a researcher, I struggle with the same thing. I can relate. But he could really take some feedback from the fellow artists in the industry. He should actually be more in touch with fellow DC folks like James Wan and Patty Jenkins. Constructive feedback is important. I think he usually is in a denial mode, and almost always blames it on the studios.
just a troll
just a troll Mês atrás
@zhengyingli Nolan definitely does I think. Snyder, I'm not too sure about. I'll be very curious to see audience's reaction to the 'Snyder Cut'.
zhengyingli Mês atrás
Nolan picked Snyder so I think both know what they're doing.
Christopher Walton
Christopher Walton Mês atrás
Black and white... 😣🤮
frank ferrero
frank ferrero Mês atrás
Instant dislike even before watching the video,matter of fact i aint watching it. Fuck snyder for killing,raping and pillaging characters i love so much.
Danny C.
Danny C. Mês atrás
I think this is a thing being made that can range anywhere from bad to good
STAROX XO Mês atrás
I'm from the future the movie got delayed to 2022 February
Karlos Fandango
Karlos Fandango Mês atrás
What I really really want is Leto's joker to be Jason Todd robin and it was him that spray painted his own suit after he went nuts from being tortured by the real joker who's now dead from the hands of batman which is why this batman now kills alot. But yea Jason in the comics has J branded on his cheek. This joker has the J tattooed on his cheek. What if he was tortured for months and tattooed as part of his torture which explains the damaged and J tattoos. It makes sooo much sence to do this. Esp as Leto's joker is hench and cut almost like he used to work out to be robin.
lomaniize Mês atrás
Big Jared Leto Joker fan, can't wait to see more screen time!
Admin -
Admin - Mês atrás
We need more black and white movies tbh
Parad0x Mês atrás
Honestly I prefer videos with just you in them. Reminds me of the old days of this channel
Chris Foster
Chris Foster Mês atrás
‘ Nord VPN...a great gift for the holidays’.......get the f**k outta here hahah
Never Sleep Again
Never Sleep Again Mês atrás
A black suit superman would be a black suit superman in blk and white🤦‍♂️
Xen Glaris
Xen Glaris Mês atrás
Black and White is optional Or is this satire?
julian garcia
julian garcia Mês atrás
James I’m from the future and I know the release date. It’s May 21st
cbm guy
cbm guy Mês atrás
I don't believe you. Source??
Obi-One Kenerdi
Obi-One Kenerdi Mês atrás
I just feel like this movie in any form will still not be worth it. It just fundamentally feels wrong, I understand Snyder’s version was completely mutilated and I’m glad he’s getting some kind of a chance to rectify that but I still don’t think either of the other movies he made are worth anyone’s time at all in any timeline ever.
Zen Chode
Zen Chode Mês atrás
The problem with many directors and actors is they are less concerned with producing what the fans want and more concerned with doing what they feel best serves their acting/directing futures and/or with bringing to life their own artist visions. For many types of films this is okay but not comic movies meant to bring together a shared universe of beloved characters and villains. I believe the Snyder cut will definitely be entertaining but I don't see it doing much to build and enforce a Marvel type shared universe.
somebuddyX Mês atrás
Those shots of Barry rescusing Iris look really sweet. I'd like to see more of Kiersay Clemons and Ezra Miller and the inevitable romance between their two characters. Maybe they could just make a film about that. Speed Dating.
Arctic Zearo
Arctic Zearo Mês atrás
No B&W
Kylo Ben
Kylo Ben Mês atrás
Such a shame that when I rewatch this I'll be looking at Amber Heard face.
Ghost Spider
Ghost Spider Mês atrás
There’s a tie-in comic that reveals the chamber belonged to Super Girl.
Queen Diomedes of Thrace
The reason Zack wanted a B&W version of the film, is because that scumbag hack Joss Whedon messed with coloring of the film so much that it grossed Zack out, and he had to watch it it in B&W from then on, just to get those images out of his head. Do your research.
Daniel Vezina
Daniel Vezina Mês atrás
INJUSTICE PREQUELS.................
When is this shit coming out?
TeslaChad Mês atrás
So pumped for the Snyder Cut
E E Mês atrás
I got HBO yesterday just so I can watch this next year lol
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson Mês atrás
Dsard looks like T.J Miller’s character in Ready Player One
nightwinger234 Mês atrás
The black and white comments from Snyder just reeks of pretentious bullshit.
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes Mês atrás
It's still DC 🙄
Michael Munn
Michael Munn Mês atrás
I don’t see this turning anything around, I’m sure it will be better than what we got but this direction never showed that much promise in my opinion, I feel like MoS started a look and style of storytelling that just never fit my expectation of the source material, I don’t want them to be Marvel but honestly I didn’t want this either.
James McCray
James McCray Mês atrás
He's the George Lucas of the 21st century. He's a fiercly intelligent, creative and technical artist that has nothing but apathy and zero understanding regarding the business side of hollywood. And thats fine its just funny knwoing that Lucas got harrased for years doing what synder will be praised for for years to come.
O_o O_o
O_o O_o Mês atrás
steppenwolf is not better. it is still bad. i notice some things are still bad from the movie we saw before, which is the same movie
That Clever Chick
That Clever Chick Mês atrás
The black and white looks like a smudgy mess.
Thomas Mês atrás
Well it's more of a revision, as you're not getting exactly what the director would have originally released if he had stayed on the project. Yeah, studio interference most of the time is bad, unless it reigns in a bonkers director, but Zack's orig would have been 1 thing and this HBO Max stuff is a mutated beast, so you can say best vision unless it isn't....
starkistuna Mês atrás
The first time was a bloated mess, sure lets add 2 more hours to fix it.
Demon L
Demon L Mês atrás
No, it's Darkseid. He already had the Omega symbol on his chest, signifying he has made the transition to Darkseid.
Demon L
Demon L Mês atrás
I'm still trying to figure out why they are trying to say that it's formatted in 1:66:1 when it's obviously 4:3. It sucking fucks.
Dustin Caldwell
Dustin Caldwell Mês atrás
Yeah so watching Zack Snyder breakdown of the trailer... haha did not get me excited at all. Also his choice to use black and white was terrible, it looked really bad. I love black and white cinema, but man it looked terrible 🤣🤣🤣
NKFMN Mês atrás
shut up Mr BUMday movies claire would be disappointed as well as the weekly wackados
Matthew Deike
Matthew Deike Mês atrás
I hope this shows studio execs that the better film is always the director’s vision.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Mês atrás
1:30 the reason why black and white is symbolic to Superman’s black and white resurrection suit
Κωνσταντίνος Ν.
Yes if the cgi and the colors are awful of course the black and white will be a good idea 👎🏻
Jack Napier
Jack Napier Mês atrás
Unpopular opinion, i liked Leto i think that if we saw more of him we would get a more feel for what we were supposed to see. Like if we see more of him we can definitely say whether or not we like it
Brandon C
Brandon C Mês atrás
Since the new Snyder's Justice League details recently released and the 2 year anniversary of his extremely untimely passing, I have a suggestion for a new comic book Caravan of Garbage video idea. You guys should totally do a video about the time when fans kept asking Stan Lee questions throughout the years what if he had created popular DC characters like Superman, Batman, etc. So Stan Lee decided to do a "Just Imagine Stan Lee..." comic book line to answer just that and how he would have personally handled their characters. It's a very interesting take and it'd be equally as entertaining if you guys did a reaction to it.
Ethan Phillip Richard
April 6th
Mide Soyibo
Mide Soyibo Mês atrás
It’s coming out in March or may
Christian Morrow
Christian Morrow Mês atrás
SERIOUSLY, JAMES. SERIOUSLY. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MASON? Listen...we're your friends. We can help you. But only if you tell us the truth.
TheSuperhomosapien Mês atrás
Psshhtt. Unless they change the main villain to Starro I'm out.
Brandon C
Brandon C Mês atrás
I doubt it for Justice League but it's rumored that he'll be the main villain for the new Suicide Squad movie.
Joe pwrsurge
Joe pwrsurge Mês atrás
I love Mr. Sunday Movies + that other guy (j/k, Mason)... But I do love me some Film Junkee too!
TBuckley 20
TBuckley 20 Mês atrás
Maybe joker reveals in the future that dick wasn’t killed and instead they will include Rick Grayson as an introduction to nightwing and that’s why he was fine with teaming up with him
Juvan Bernardino
Juvan Bernardino Mês atrás
I honestly feel bad for my cousin (who's 9) who can't enjoy Zack's movies because they're just--according to him--boring to look at. He literally said to me when we were watching BvS the other night: "Can we watch Batman 2 (Burton's Batman) instead?" A literal movie about SUPERMAN and BATMAN going toe to toe and my cousin wants to watch a movie about a guy in a bat suit taking down a small obese man while trying to get seduced by a woman in a kinky cat costume. Look, I get it. Zack is all about that edgy stuff. But I'm just sad that not everyone will enjoy the movies. I can get by watching his movies. But I'm just disappointed that the kids can't enjoy them. And I know that experience. I was underwhelmed when I was his age and saw MoS on the theaters. "It" I say to myself. But I would rather watch S:TAS than that. Oh we go. Pressing the send button is a suicide mission. But meh
What DaDuck
What DaDuck Mês atrás
i hope its epic
Mighty Mad
Mighty Mad Mês atrás
So... *Snyder has no idea how the Speed Force works.* Not really surprise; just disappointed. Yet again.
singingchef23 Mês atrás
Let's be clear, Miller still takes me out of EVERYTHING. That run is shit, and in the trailer they PROFILED that bullshit. So no matter what they do, until they fix the flash, miss me If you do a Batman movie in black and white, perfect, Justice League should be in color, the uniforms are iconic and while I'm still gonna check it out. I think it would look better in color
Browncoat Alex
Browncoat Alex Mês atrás
"If I put my movie in black and white, that makes me a real artist" - Zack Snyder probably
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy Mês atrás
He did black n white coz it was on his shelf as a black n white for 3 years. Which is why he wants to do a black n white version
Mason McLeod
Mason McLeod Mês atrás
@Justin N ‘If I put my movie in black and white, that makes me a real artist - Zack Snyder, probably - a nonce probably’ - a Zack Snyder apologist who thinks he knows what he’s doing
Justin N
Justin N Mês atrás
“"If I put my movie in black and white, that makes me a real artist" - Zack Snyder probably” - a nonce definitely
Alexandre Cavalheiro
i hope the snydercut sucks worse than the original
Markamanic Mês atrás
What won;t change is that this will still be utter garbage. and before people start blaming the shitshow that was Justice League on Whedon, may i direct you to BvS?
Markamanic Mês atrás
@zhengyingli BvS isnt really setting that high of a bar tho.
zhengyingli Mês atrás
BvS is objectively better than Josstice League.
Kohelet Calaforex clan
Batman’s suit looks much better in this version, I like the bits of armor, makes the base suit look better👍
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games Mês atrás
do the actors get an additional pay-packet because their work was repurposed ? 🤔
Nirvadh Leckram
Nirvadh Leckram Mês atrás
The reason Zack wants people to see it in Black & White is because the CGI is so shit and overblown that the only way to make it seem a tiny bit better is to make the Entire movie in B&W . CGI no matter how bad always looks better in B&W
Kevin Day
Kevin Day Mês atrás
Lmao still think this film will be crap
Ben Wood
Ben Wood Mês atrás
It’s gonna be well shit! Synder flexing like the original is already a bloody classic - it was shit then and this will be shit now. As for that Cohen music 🤮 the cringe!
Akkbar Mês atrás
I assume Joker could afford some tattoo removal on the “damaged” parts of his skin? Catch my meaning gents?
Samuel Chase
Samuel Chase Mês atrás
I wonder, with the recent announcement that the Wonder woman sequel will also stream on HBO Max, if Warner brothers/dc is considering moving their universe to a primarily streaming audience with theatrical releases once theaters open back up. Similar to how Disney just announced that their focus was going to be more heavily on streaming services. It could be interesting from a storytelling perspective because creators would in theory have more time to develop their vision and characters. It also seems a little bit less risky financially to release some of these ideas as miniseries.
Tommy Frog
Tommy Frog Mês atrás
This movie is the equivalent of sprinkles on sh!t...
May 2021
Decisive Being
Decisive Being Mês atrás
Steppenwolf's face looks shittier
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