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15 Ago 2022



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nic Mês atrás
i've been a fan of the boyz since bloom bloom and i'm so proud of how far they've come. i was one of the fans during the beginning of rtk who was screaming about their talent and to now see it recognized by many makes me tear up.. i remember when i first started seeing non fans talk about tbz/deobis right after rtk and it made me proud, sigh i'm so in love with them.. i will always be proud of you tbz!!! i'm a haknyeon stan/jusandan and i haven't been that happy during a few cb's but regardless i still support and love all of them
heidi 24 dias atrás
bye im not even their fans but this song is so freaking good??????
zero 4 dias atrás
fan 9 dias atrás
MARLEN ROSAS 10 dias atrás
ainagai 23 dias atrás
Thanks for appreciating The Boyz! They literally have no bad songs!
Markys🍃 Mês atrás
I'm not a Deobi, but I have to say, as a fan of The Boyz, in this MV and song, I can just see The Boyz. They delivered everything, and exactly in the color of the group. I love that.
nastasyo 18 dias atrás
Markys🍃 28 dias atrás
@ainagai Oh I thank you! I've known the boys for a while, and I really like them and the group's discography. Maybe one day I'll join the fandom ^^♡
ainagai Mês atrás
Thanks so much for appreciating them, they've gone thru a lot to get here & so glad they're getting more recognition that they deserve. You're always more than welcome to join The B fandom anytime^^
honeypjw 15 dias atrás
Im not fans but i love how the mv radiate a happy energy TT
ainagai 15 dias atrás
Thanks for appreciating THE BOYZ!
Kalessy Torres García
Me esta empezando a gustar THE BOYZ aunque no se mucho de ellos, espero poder recibir mucha ayuda de fans antiguos por favor, Y gracias, The Boyz Fighting!!!❤‍🔥❤‍🔥
Kalessy Torres García
@Møøyyaa Røciø Gracias😄
Møøyyaa Røciø
Møøyyaa Røciø Mês atrás
Que genial que te gusten los chicos, yo también te puedo ayudar con gusto💛
Alison P
Alison P Mês atrás
gracias por interesarte en los chicos
Idk what genre is this but THE BOYZ is so DIVERSE. They can literally rock every concept.
doyngclouds 23 dias atrás
Bangtan forever
Bangtan forever 27 dias atrás
@CRUISIN' LIKE NEMO Oh I love them so much they're so funny and i will check out their songs thank u❤
CRUISIN' LIKE NEMO 27 dias atrás
@Bangtan forever THE BOYZ debuted on 6 December 2017! you can check their other songs too, from title track to b-sides, all of them are masterpiece!
Bangtan forever
Bangtan forever 28 dias atrás
omg I love this which year they came to kpop I love them lots of luv from army❤
Angel_from_Heaven 11 dias atrás
I hate how this masterpiece didn't got the recognisation it deserves
ainagai 11 dias atrás
Ikr! The company should give more support & promotion. However, this era not over yet! TBZ, deobis & staff are continuing to work hard. Let's continue to sway so TBZ get invited, nominated, win at award shows!
Rahaf l
Rahaf l 16 dias atrás
Our mc juyeon you are amazing 😻
Athena Queen
Athena Queen 22 dias atrás
congratulation THEBOYZ for no.3 in group brand reputation
Winter LOVER
Winter LOVER Mês atrás
the fact that they are probably the only bg that i can think of when i hear fresh concept shows how much this concept suit them soo much . this is so good this gave me life thank you boyz for this you did soo well
Ko Michii
Ko Michii Mês atrás
I've stop to listen kpop song before, but I'm back here because of The Boyz. Their music, dance, charm, smile, and their love for TheB make me here, make me back and choose to stay in this fandom
Adewi Sartika
Adewi Sartika Mês atrás
Aku hanya menyukai DBSK jan JYJ. Aku namun tidak lagi. Bahkan tidak tau Black pink, BTS dan dan masa masa produce 101 the series hanya sering mendengar keponakan ku menyanyi dan berjoget. Apa kang Daniel sangat tampan sampai keponakanku mengatakan itu pacarnya tapi aku langsung menjadi deobi setelah melihat pedang kemenangan di road to kingdom
YouniTanLevel 6 dias atrás
They killed it, they slayed it. I am obsessed with this song The Boyz's dancing skills and vocals are not a joke and the MV Transitions were amazing and the pre chorus took the whole song to another level nothing can be better than this.
rameoj Mês atrás
As the promotion for Whisper concludes today, I just wanna give my whole gratitude and respect for these boys. I'm so so so proud and also very very thankful for these 11 boys (including Eric) for giving their whole heart, their hard work, their short period of time, their lack of sleep, their blood sweat and tears, their absolute everything just for their deobis! No words can explain how thankful deobis are!!! As for the deobis, I'm very very proud of us for the hard work we give for tbz! It's the least we can do so let's pay them back with much more love, cheers, supports and wins for their next comeback and hopefully we'll get an OT11 soon!!! Let's hope for the boys to stay healthy and strong! And let our voices be heard towards ICED TEA. FIGHTING DEOBIS FIGHTING TBZ!! LETS GROW EVEN BIGGER TOGETHER!!!
ainagai Mês atrás
TBZ did their best as always despite this difficult hectic disorganized comeback!
Anne Lumpkin
Anne Lumpkin 8 dias atrás
New fan! They have the whole package: dancing, visuals, vocals...The Boyz knock me out!!
ainagai 6 dias atrás
@GIRLBOSS1111 Great! Hope more people discover & love them like us deobis!
GIRLBOSS1111 7 dias atrás
same!! I am loving them
Shiroyuki 8 dias atrás
Welcome to the family! ❣️
ainagai 8 dias atrás
Welcome to The B family, baby deobi! Enjoy! TBZ are all multi-talented, really charming, and have such nice personalities too. Most of all, they all really love us deobis!
Lisa 14 dias atrás
Congratulations on 36M! So excited for Eric and Sunwoo to be back!
NM0613 Mês atrás
i just wanted to know the orange hair guys’ name and here i am a couple weeks later.. having memorized everyone’s name and here to experience my first comeback 😭 JUYEON WHAT HAVE U DONE TO ME
Asma 27 dias atrás
@The B You didn't text me on your own. Now tell me who is alive?🙃
The B
The B 27 dias atrás
@Asma I'm alive but u gone
Asma 27 dias atrás
@The B Don't tell me you are dead again
Asma 27 dias atrás
@The B Haaaaai
The B
The B Mês atrás
@Asma 😴
Kim Jinni
Kim Jinni 9 dias atrás
Bueno esta es mi primera canción del grupo y la ame ahora a seguirlos hasta el final junto a su gran música como es debido jaja.
Gi  ★̷
Gi ★̷ 9 dias atrás
No staneo a the boyz pero el estilo que se manejan en esta canción y thrill ride les va re bien :3
ainagai Mês atrás
Catchy, refreshing summer bop, energetic, fun, cool, cute, sexy, seductive, with hint of dark. All these elements we want, but not chaotic, smooth & addicting! Love the choreo, dance, vocals & rap, and all the various expressions of the boyz!
shanechette 14 dias atrás
just me being a fan during their debut era, and some how unable to support them through out tge years, and get back this comeback, want gatekeep them and they need the recognition they deserve!! PROMOTE TBZ!!!
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter Mês atrás
The b-sides in this comeback are crazy good
Yeonjussy Mês atrás
@pla pla say a solo stan
QuimChee Mês atrás
@Manisah Nur okayy tysm!!
Y S Mês atrás
Survive the night 😭❤️❤️❤️
Manisah Nur
Manisah Nur Mês atrás
@QuimChee yes, their debut song is boy, then giddy up, no air, bloom bloom, ddd, reveal, thrill ride, maverick and now whisper. Other deobis, please correct me if I forget anything
Hayley Thai
Hayley Thai Mês atrás
@pla pla oh be quiet
ainagai 18 dias atrás
After watching both mv making #1 & #2, I appreciate Whisper more. Not only is it refreshing bright catchy summer bop. There's a lot more to it! Concept is, TBZ are angels breaking the rule not to love - they fall in love with The B, etc. It ties in with Wings of Desire 2022 Trailer & teasers, hint of dark.
SilverLining Mês atrás
I was a fan a couple of years ago but fell out of kpop. I come back every once in a while to see what groups have done and I am BLOWN AWAY by this comeback! It's very much the flavor of The Boyz, their style-- mixed with modern videography and music video trends (if that makes sense). It makes me sad to hear from these comments that such a promising comeback is getting treated with little to no promotion. Hopefully, things will look up soon!
ainagai Mês atrás
Thanks for coming back to check on THE BOYZ. Friday they got a very memorable 1st win with Whisper which was also the 1st time to win trophy & do winning speech & encore in front of fans, and Saturday was the 2nd win! TBZ & deobis are overjoyed because this comeback was very difficult, yet they were still putting their whole heart into it despite hectic hard schedule, & we deobis didn't give up supporting them either!
ainagai 14 dias atrás
Deobis, keep supporting Whisper, Timeless, Survive The Night, Be Aware album, this era not over yet! Let's continue to str3am, etc. & let TBZ be invited, nominated, & win awards on award shows. Sunwoo will join again soon & will be in Oct-Nov Japan Tour, Eric will join in next album & comeback!
ainagai Mês atrás
Very nice catchy refreshing summer bop sound, but with added twist, lyrics pretty seductive. They express both energetic & fun along with cute but subtle sexy, with slight hint of dark! They have all these elements we want, but not clashing & chaotic, it's smooth & addicting.
Sherina Johnson
Sherina Johnson Mês atrás
I have a lot to say about this… First off, NOT Sunwoo starting the song off followed by Hyunjae doing that illegal move and Changmin RAPPING! Chanhee looks so fucking pretty with his curly hair. Kevin with the chains isn’t good for my health. Sunwoo whisper rapping has me dead (kept repeating it). Sunwoo saying “how you gonna handle me” and Jacob saying “I’m a big problem” got me shaking in my grave. The back and forth between New and Sunwoo on the bridge ascended me to heaven, then dragged me to hell. The visuals of everyone and dancing was top tier like always and these lyrics got me like 👀🥵
ainagai Mês atrás
Many of my blink & new jeans fan friends & acquaintances have congratulated me & THE BOYZ for the 2 Whisper wins. Likewise, I've also congratulated them for their wins too. It's nice that most music lovers respect other artists & fandoms as well as their own favorites, knowing how artists in general have to go thru a lot of training & hard work before they get recognition.
ainagai Mês atrás
Congrats on Music Bank, well deserved 1st win! They won against New Jeans! Well done, THE BOYZ & deobis! Crying happy tears!
Mariana Costa
Mariana Costa 17 dias atrás
Adorei esta nova música dos The Boyz, acho que este conceito combinou muito com eles, espero que haja mais deste conceito pois combina imenso com os meninos
Jules is here
Jules is here Mês atrás
The fact that I GET GOOSEBUMPS when sunwoo rap opens up with "I get goosebumps" MA GOSH this man, I feel attacked by his charisma, voice and stunning looks
Miyakashi Alouette
Miyakashi Alouette Mês atrás
Is it just me or the last part seems like a hint to their next comeback? I remember someone saying that this will have a dark version. Anyway, the song are amazing just like what we expected it to be. Another masterpiece from our boyz. 👏
A Lister
A Lister Mês atrás
In the trailer there are those black outfits that don’t show up here. Maybe they filmed something else in them?
阿美谷 Mês atrás
I felt that too
Kheyra Lanawaang
Kheyra Lanawaang Mês atrás
like that
샤이마 Mês atrás
We might get fallen angel concept
Nicole Soria
Nicole Soria Mês atrás
can't wait for that version if everrr :)
Athena Queen
Athena Queen 15 dias atrás
who's else crying because Sunwoo n Eric is back? Deobis, let's support next comeback. We needs to do well to show our support for our maknaes happiness. BTW, ARAB Deobis please come and watch TBZ in Riyadh.
ainagai Mês atrás
TBZ have been going thru a lot all these years & also during this comeback, so they rightfully deserve the 2 Whisper wins! Having smaller fandom & not from the big 4 companies, it's always more difficult and needs lots of hard work for both TBZ & The B fandom to achieve these wins, so it's all the more meaningful & special for TBZ & deobis!
wissi world
wissi world 16 dias atrás
kevin's voice is the main thing deobis should notice and feel in this song, it's so deep and hight at the same time, great!!
sunsang enthusiast
sunsang enthusiast 27 dias atrás
The fact that this whole album was prepared in such a short amount of time, yet it's so flawless as if they prepared it for many months. The boyz wrote lyrics to all the songs on Be Aware during and after their tour, they filmed the MV when they were in Japan, they rented practice rooms in countries they were touring in to learn and make the choreography as perfect as possible, they did most of the photoshoots for Be Aware in Los Angeles during the american leg of their tour as well as recording their 'Wings of Desire' trailer and the 'Timeless' MV. They did not get time to rest at all. 2 days after they successfully finished their world tour, they were working on their album in Korea (while still preparing for the 3 days encore in Seoul). They have been so overworked even during Whisper promotions (and still to this day) that they could barely get any sleep, they got sick and hurt, Sunwoo had to go on a hiatus. (Ice Tea fvck you btw). One thing no one can deny about THE BOYZ is how hardworking and dedicated they are. There's no one doing it like them. I have so much love, respect, and admiration for these 11 boyz, it's insane. THE BOYZ 화이팅!! 📢💘
Mark B
Mark B Mês atrás
The song is getting sweeter & sweeter on repeat! Talents is always the winner! THE BOYZ forever be my ultimate bias. I love them since NO AIR era and I'm still here for them.
el cho
el cho Mês atrás
Thank you
Inie Beer
Inie Beer Mês atrás
I only heared this now 🥲 it's realy good, especially the chorus
svtillx17 Mês atrás
I really love this MV, the quality is so good tbh, like- the colors, the cutting part, the scenes, the editing, and also bcs of this is THE BOYZ, so everything is perfect. The one is not perfect is their agency_-
Paola 7 purple
Paola 7 purple Mês atrás
Personas compartamos el sentimiento que lo estamos dando todo, disfrutemos de su música
Jeong Jihye
Jeong Jihye Mês atrás
they deserve a lot of loves to fans more.
Noreen Joy
Noreen Joy Mês atrás
TBZ is really chameleon. Like look at this concept. It is well balanced from being cute and sexy.
Judith Selena
Judith Selena Mês atrás
Ahhhh love these boyz ! And Sunwooo... Man I can't he slays whith his "whisper" rap !!! Why are we stuck at 35M??? It'obvious that they've had way more views than that...
ainagai 15 dias atrás
Sunwoo & Eric will be back! Let's renew our support for TBZ! Whisper , Be Aware era not over yet! Keep supporting, keep str3aming! Let's get TBZ invited to award shows, nominated & get wins!
Amali Sandunika Fernando
I love this song ❤️ and their vocals are amezing... we miss you our enargy boy Eric ❤️
suno 21 dia atrás
jisoo jhope sowno
jenolevi Mês atrás
The boyz never disappoints, the comeback is a BOP
Rea Mês atrás
Having the boyz as my ult group is the best decision I've ever made in this lifetime. I mean look at all this talent
cherrie oak
cherrie oak Mês atrás
Congrats to Whisper 1st win! The Boyz finally got their wish of receiving the trophy in front of deobis granted. TBZ 's score on Music Bank landed them in top 5 of the highest score on the show since the chart reform. So proud! We did great too, deobis! Hugs!
ainagai 11 dias atrás
Keep swaying to give TBZ award show appearances, nominations, and wins! TBZ deserve better! Whisper Be Aware era not over yet, let's support them for their hard work!
natalie kim
natalie kim Mês atrás
deobis don't give up, lets get our boyz the wins they deserve !!
더보이즈 위스퍼 개좋음 개띵곡 가사너무 이쁘고 진짜 멤버들 하나하나 다 목소리 너무 이쁨 ㅜㅜ더보이즈 최고 !♡♡♡
stardeobi Mês atrás
Is it so frustrating how the company didn't even promote them and we don't even see any ads of this mv though as we deobis, let's give our best for our boyz because they only have us at the moment. Let's keep str3am!ng and not be discourage. We can do this!
Sai Sai
Sai Sai Mês atrás
we did it guys
Su Yee Sia
Su Yee Sia Mês atrás
@Deobi Saz yes
zero Mês atrás
stardeobi Mês atrás
@Estephanie Llagas I was referring to the ad of tbz mv because I haven't seen one that IST advertise this mv but other deobis saying they saw one then.
BEAUTY  secrets AliShah
I LOVE IT ❤❤💜💜😍😍💚
pink eric
pink eric 24 dias atrás
its close to 36M!! I come back here everyday to see my favs i love them so much
Anisah Tanzilulwafa
Andrea Milenka Baptista Albornoz
No veo que los números suban :( y eso que vengo a escucharlos a cada rato jaja Vamos por los 40M :) ♡
Fatya Andini
Fatya Andini Mês atrás
the chorus sounds so catchy, the shooting set and the choreography looks really great, the property, AND FLOWERS. ALL OF IT LOOKS SO GOOD WITH THE BOYZ IN IT !!!
New The Boyz Debois and New Atiny
Yes and please can we prioritize v0ting for The Boyz, especially as how the new company is neglecting their Comeback promotions and is just using them like a racehorse, for profit. So us Deobis must promote them and market them as much as we can, so that our Boyz don't fall into ruin PLEASE v0te now for The Boyz on Idol Champ against To1, for year end v0ting.(Go to the V0te category at the bottom, scroll down to the 5th or 6th thing and click on The Boyz). Thanks.
zero Mês atrás
Alisson LP
Alisson LP Mês atrás
Yeaaaaah i just came here for THAT things, everything Is beautifuuul!!💘💘✨ Now I'm gonna be a stan
OHHH YES🔥🤣 Mês atrás
Here finally
ainagai Mês atrás
Special memorable day for THE BOYZ & The B! Double congrats! 1st Whisper win & 1st time to win trophy & do winning speech & encore in front of cheering deobis! Well deserved! More meaningful since there was much frustration during this comeback! Hope we someday get grand slam which we almost did with Thrill Ride & Maverick! Let's continue supporting this comeback & str3am here & on 1theK for more wins!
Jojo Chan
Jojo Chan Mês atrás
wishing a strong comeback of Eric!! The styling and color scheme are crazily awesome
yoongi obsession
yoongi obsession Mês atrás
Enamorada de esta cancion , no puedo parar de escucharla Es mi nueva cancion favorita💗
Pat Arm
Pat Arm 15 dias atrás
♡ Naru Quevada
♡ Naru Quevada Mês atrás
I really admire them a lot, they have taught me so many things based on their teamwork and resilience, and whatever it is from now on, they will always be the group I will stay with until the end, keep shining kings
wiki Mês atrás
the boyz getting 35 mill in just 10 days is CRAZY FOR THEM. so proud
adriana walkes
adriana walkes Mês atrás
This song is so awesome ,...Can't believe I didn't know abt it and randomly came across it ! Deserves way more likes, views and votes
ainagai Mês atrás
Thanks for discovering & appreciating THE BOYZ! They've gone thru a lot to get here & so glad they're getting more recognition now as they deserve! You're also always welcome anytime to join The B fandom!
ainagai Mês atrás
Hi to all deobis & other music lovers visiting here! Despite difficult comeback, THE BOYZ continued to slay each performance they were able to do & still manage to do their best in a most disorganized & hectic crazy schedule. The 2 wins were all the more memorable, especially since it was also their first time to win trophies & do winning speech & encore in front of ecstastically happy cheering deobis!
sailingwithATBO Mês atrás
aku baru bisa streaming sekarang karena kemarin sibuk enggak ada waktu lagunya bikin candu banget
Katherin. Mês atrás
tbz they are seriously a very complete group and good at everything, I love all their music and choreography, fighting!!!!
PJSNC Mês atrás
Their visulas, vocals, rapp, dance, mv, song is next level
No one know how much I love this MV, this song, this album 😭
Carat13 17 dias atrás
MAVERICK: 36M in 10 months WHISPER: 36M in 4 weeks You guys are amazing
Hana BrightWin
Hana BrightWin 26 dias atrás
The boyz es simplemente increíble, son tan versátiles y talentosos, la IST no los merece :( por eso hay que seguir apoyándolos sin importar que, al final solo tendrán a sus fans.
Legend Mês atrás
Popular opinion: Everyone agrees that the boyz vocals aren't joke, They are vocals so Soft and healing...!!!!!
zero Mês atrás
ainagai 24 dias atrás
Don't stop str3aming, deobis ! Let's go 40M, then 50M, for TBZ to get invited to year end award shows & get awards! TBZ deserve better! TBZ need us deobis' support! Turn our frustration into energy to protect TBZ! Don't let TBZ's hard work & talent go to waste! Don't let ist destroy what TBZ & cre.ker & deobis worked hard for all these years! Also don't forget views on 1theK also count.
ainagai 14 dias atrás
Sunwoo & Eric will be back soon! Keep supporting this era, keep swaying!
Azul ramirez
Azul ramirez Mês atrás
Im JogiJogi
Im JogiJogi 21 dia atrás
Drove my cousin crazy during KCON week with this song. We had to wake up early after each extra long days, we were beyond exhausted but set this song as my alarm every and gave us the motivation to get up and finish out KCON weekend. Plus by end of the 3rd day we were beyond exhausted but was all worth it when we got to see them perform this song live
ainagai 21 dia atrás
How lucky to see their live performance! You get to see them for real, such talented & high quality performances & all so good looking with great personalities!
julia☆彡 Mês atrás
the boyz never disappoint. although ist isn’t giving them the promotions they deserve, tbz never fail to amaze me. comeback after comeback they have been an extremely consistent and powerful group. as deobis we need to work hard to repay tbz for everything they’ve done for us and show them that their efforts do not go unnoticed! deobis & tbz are one team!! let’s lift each other up and continue streaming
New The Boyz Debois and New Atiny
@Izzy YOooh ok, thanks.
Izzy Y
Izzy Y Mês atrás
@New The Boyz Debois and New Atiny Cre.ker merged with Play M Ent to form IST Ent. IST ent. created & debuted a new group recently called ATBO.
New The Boyz Debois and New Atiny
@julia☆彡 Im so behind. Who started Atbo, Creker or Ist?
New The Boyz Debois and New Atiny
@A Lister What, who? Ist? What happened to Creker??
julia☆彡 Mês atrás
@Teuwaiseu Deobi yea… but honestly atbo hasn’t been getting great promotions either 🤷‍♀️ i guess since we were so used to creker’s way of managing tbz it’s shocking to see the difference in attention they’re being given from their company now.
nur efsn
nur efsn 29 dias atrás
they are so good
ainagai 17 dias atrás
This is still less than a month since released! Let's keep swaying, 40M & more! Let TBZ be nominated, invited, win awards in award shows!
ainagai 21 dia atrás
Deobis, continue swaying! Almost 36M! Go 40M, 50M! Let TBZ be invited, nominated & win at award shows! TBZ deserve it for always doing their best!
ainagai Mês atrás
Congrats! 2nd win on Music Core! Won against New Jeans & Black Pink!
lamloum Mofteh
lamloum Mofteh 21 dia atrás
Hihu Mês atrás
Congrats deobiiii & Keep str34ming!!
pink eric
pink eric Mês atrás
being from an unknown company is always a disadvantage in terms of popularity but their overflowing talent can't be denied and their sweet, chaotic and funny personalities could win anyone over, the boyz have everything
Finn Mês atrás
Yeah some fans stan because of popularity and not because of the quality
Sanjoy Das
Sanjoy Das Mês atrás
i wish them all the best they deserve everything really
Star Train
Star Train Mês atrás
I agree!
mrslee Mês atrás
your comment TT
ainagai Mês atrás
Don't stop str3aming this here & on 1theK, views for both count. Let's continue to support & give TBZ more wins which they so deserve in this difficult comeback!
Munazzah Shaik
Munazzah Shaik 17 dias atrás
The Boyz talented af as alwaysss!! I'm addicted!! ㅠㅠ They can honestly pull off all concepts!! ♡.♡
Arbie Singlador
Arbie Singlador 27 dias atrás
TRUE FACT: IT'S BEEN 2 WEEKS but still a masterpiece
ainagai 27 dias atrás
Yes, masterpiece & grandslam material! 2 weeks promotion for this comeback is too short!
sailingwithATBO Mês atrás
vocals rappers and visuals i really like it
The chorus is so catchy, The Boyz never disappoint!! Is the ending a teaser for the next chapter?
Fatumata Kromah
Fatumata Kromah Mês atrás
@Peacemaker Aweee, are you that shy or egotistical to admit that you are amazed by The Boyz's growth? Don't worry, because there is nothing to feel shy or egotistical about. We all know that The boyz songs are awesome and that they never disappoint us. The boyz always do their assignments right. Do you know why? Because they know their Assignment, they know their work. Which makes them a good fit to be called professional IDOL/ Artists.
nazife Mês atrás
I think so !
zero Mês atrás
i think so
global shookie
global shookie Mês atrás
@Peacemaker oh look an obsessed "deobi"
Anniexrawr Mês atrás
@Peacemaker no one asked bae
Athena Queen
Athena Queen 16 dias atrás
congratulation for special MC Juyeon, u did well. See You for another opportunities ^^
hakuna matata ya
hakuna matata ya 21 dia atrás
As much as I like to see their mature and sexy side, refreshing concepts always give me tickles.
ainagai Mês atrás
THE BOYZ, thanks for always working so hard to give us masterpieces & wins & great contents. IST needs to treat TBZ better, they need to take better care of TBZ instead of just overworking them with crazy scheduling & unorganized poorly promoted comeback. It's thanks to TBZ being so talented & always doing their best that they are successful, but the company needs to treat them well as they deserve.
sann Mês atrás
wow this comeback is crazy like wow the B-sides and the title track are amazing!!
Atiny For Ever
Atiny For Ever Mês atrás
True fact: The boyz's vocals aren't joke. Their vocals masterpieces.
Nikolas Hakos
Nikolas Hakos 15 horas atrás
Really? Then where is Younghoon's talent at singing?
Spna Das
Spna Das 13 dias atrás
lamloum Mofteh
lamloum Mofteh 21 dia atrás
Sai Sai
Sai Sai Mês atrás
moonlit mars
moonlit mars Mês atrás
i can't stop replaying kevin's parts !! they're so good !!
Kim Ryen
Kim Ryen Mês atrás
I am one of those Deobi's out there who witnessed your growth since Guddy up era...I love you guys keep it up...Your sweat and tears are already been paid off just keep slaying, deobi's are always here for you, supporting you forever. Fighting‼️♥️🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭😭11 in our eyes but always and forever be 12 in our hearts...OT12TheBoyz🥰😘♥️
KC Vlog
KC Vlog Mês atrás
Azul ramirez
Azul ramirez Mês atrás
Todas sabíamos que está unión de empresas era mala idea, IST NO MERECES A LOS CHICOS. STAN THE BOYZ
bibimingi Mês atrás
the boyz really do have great music i just casually know these boys during kingdom and everytime i hear that they will be coming back i get excited to hear their new song. CONGRATULATIONS FOR THIS COMEBACK AND GOODLUCK TO YOUR PROMOTION both the boyz & deobi!💗
Bee A Bee
Bee A Bee Mês atrás
Thank you
GIRLBOSS1111 18 dias atrás
The MV is too pretty I cant stop watching
Ana V
Ana V 18 dias atrás
It's so aesthetic! I love when this type of concepts is chosen for bgs
Eileen Serrano
Eileen Serrano 17 dias atrás
Me encantó esta canción
zink_d Mês atrás
I love The Boyz 💙✌️they are super cool! Perfect!
Kyla Denice Sarad
Kyla Denice Sarad 11 dias atrás
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