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In this video I show you some of the most common mistakes that are made when installing receptacles. Some of these are not done by just DIYers, I have seen professionals make some of the same mistakes. Hopefully this will help with some things I have found to look out for or at the very least, a good reminder!

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MILWAUKEE 13-in-1 Screwdriver With ECX Bits:
Klein Non Contact Voltage Detector:
Klein Outlet Tester:

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26 Ago 2022



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How To Home
So these are some of the most common mistakes I have observed and even been guilty of in the past. Which ones did you find helpful and are there any that you think could be added to this list? Thanks!
SarcasmForDummies 21 dia atrás
I am not a professional electrician but have done a lot of electrical work myself due to not having the finances to pay a professional. I always research and make sure that I'm doing it the right way. Years ago I had to read the books that I still own and would make sure everything was done right. Today having the ability to see videos like this is an amazing thing. The learning process is far faster when seeing visuals. I have a quick project today and was just refreshing myself; so thanks!
Sparky here. This is a well-done video of DIY. A few pointers:
Capn Louie
As a long time DIY-er, I found this very helpful and informative. It also helped me with an issue I had where my Arc Fault breakers kept tripping. -- The "electricians" did the "back stab" for all the outlets. Once I (properly) looped them on the terminal, the issue went away. Thanks.
Fleedop Mogu
Explained nicely in a efficient concise manner. Good video shooting as well as verbal explanations. I pretty much knew all this info but your presentation, concise treatment of info, and the efficient videography is all very impressive. Thanks. I REALLY especially liked the simple but extremely illustrative example of the clockwise tightening on the clockwise bend. Just fixed a DIYers circuit where the dude tightened all the connections and you could tell it was random the way the DIYer placed all the bends or hooks. The guy was a self professed "expert" but had no clue that a counterclockwise bend would spread out or widen upon tightening. ...... and I'm a DIYer, but someone taught me early on that the direction of bend matters.
robert h
Super simple stuff- other than the double stack I’ve still caught myself doing all the other mistakes! Not good when you risk burning down your house, maybe with your family and yourself in it. Thanks for your videos, I’ll be checking through them time to time for instruction or reference before I get into projects👍🏻 I’ve learned the hard way 2 bazillion times that a quick second to watch and be sure I’m prepared can save some brutal headaches.
Lynn Skinner
I've never done any electrical work. It always sounded simple but scared the crap out of me. And now I can see I was smart not to touch it. It's more complicated than I thought it was. So Props to all the people who know what they're doing. You're appreciated.
Step on a Cracker
I helped a father in law wire his house (He was a certified electrician). An older gentleman that had been an electrician for over 25 years. He told me one thing that I have always remembered and passed on to many DIYers. "Black to brass to save your ass!" Easy to remember and can save your life!
As an old technical writer, I am impressed by how well you demonstrate your points. Very nicely done!
Ira 14 dias atrás
Lots of good tips! And yes, I'm guilty of 2 or 3 things in that video (I'll never admit to it in court). But I never would have put two wires under the terminal screw! So many of us didn't have a teacher and we go by copying the work done previously which may not be correct. The worst I've seen was when I removed the wallpaper in the kitchen because it was outdated. Low and behold, there's an outlet box with 3 wires in it but no outlet. Wonder if that's hot? Sure nuff, it was. The wallpaper man wallpapered right over a live connection when the house was built.
I agree with everything you said here EXCEPT the backstabbing method of installing wiring onto outlets & switches.
John Dean
As a soon to be retired shop teacher, I have taught electrical trades. This is an excellent video on wiring outlets. I was not aware of the specialty screwdriver bits - always used the robertson # 2 - but will be looking for them the next time I am at the electrical supply store. BTW - I think your phillips head in the video may be a posi-grip or reed -prentice bit (both close variations) and not an actual #2 phillips.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Dia atrás
One of the best electrical videos I’ve watched. Your examples go right down to the point. I knew most of these but watching your video definitely!
Meneely House
Easier to remember that the two B’s go together: “black to brass”. Then everything else falls into place. Anyone that doesn’t know the screw that is literally coloured green is for the ground wire has no business touching anything electrical.
Darrell Hunt
Darrell Hunt 28 dias atrás
In the 80s I renovated a 700 square foot cabin, taking it down to the studs and replumbing and rewiring it before pulling it all back together. Daily I marvel that the cabin hasn't burned to the ground or flooded. I closely and slowly followed the instructions of a good, DYI book, but I sure wish BRvid and your channel had been available as resources. Good work, much obliged.
Great video, learned a couple things, I don't see many DIY channels explain things as clearly or with the details you include. Well done!
Hamilton Cruz
I’ve seen a lot of these mistakes around my house changing the receptacles. As for myself doing the replacements, this video of the explanation of doing it right and safely replacing them, had helped me a lot better.
T. B.
I am a women of 68 years old and I have been doing home projects myself. I came upon this video and I can tell you that I am really impressed with your knowledge and how easy it is to follow your instructions. Thank you so much for all the have made me more resourceful in doing my electrical outlets etc. I have subscribed to your channel so keep launching your video's...I love them!!!
Bill Hallett
Great video man!! Son of an electrician here, Architectural designer by trade. I watched my pop do a lot of wiring as a kid and am a confident DIY electrician around my own home. I certainly don't know everything but love learning. The combination screw bit you showed at the end is an incredible innovation for electricians. I'm buying a set today!
Any Nomous
Any Nomous 28 dias atrás
Nicely done! I self thought myself fixing my outlets and replacing with new ones. My home was built in 1976 and back then, they don’t know which one is better. All my receptacles are “back stabbed” and they failed one by one. When they get heated overtime the surrounding plastic will melt and cause the wire to be loose in place then get shorted. What i love about this new receptacles is you don’t need pliers to loop them around the screw.
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