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Scott continues to have been robbed a week ago.


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Mister SoMeister Backup
Mister SoMeister Backup 44 minutos atrás
Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X
Pistaxin Hora atrás
Wash your mouth when you talk about PSP, is an AMAZING system with so many gems and hidden gems
Not Important
Not Important 4 horas atrás
gotta say, thanks for highlighting littlebigplanet, that used to be my favorite game series
Blair Hurst
Blair Hurst 5 horas atrás
PS3 won because of Asian countries. That’s it.
Beriath 15 horas atrás
Wanna know why the psp sold that much? Gba, nes, ps1. All of those on the go if you're willing to tinker with it
anti - matter
anti - matter Dia atrás
I think Scott is wrong on his take on PS3. A lot of people like my dad bought it because it could play Blu-ray disks and was an entertainment system. Keep in mind, during this time Blu-ray players were bloody expensivez
Yankees286 Dia atrás
Song when the Nes portion starts please?
Ismael Avendaño
Ismael Avendaño Dia atrás
What's the name of the games on 3:21 and 21:26?
David Gonçalves Álvarez
My mom bought 4 wiis, for me and my friends on own birthdays (she managed the budget for the presents). I like the wii too. Edit: the philosophy of current Sony is the same that made the ps1 success, help developers and sell it cheaply. Edit: no wonder the ds sold that well, I had to bought a dsi because my ds lite exploded. Edit: the ps2 was the obvious choice, you could play dvds cheaper than with a standalone player, and you get a console that runs years of games and has potential.
damnation_station 2 dias atrás
ahh the psp known for living fast and dying HARD lmao
Musashi Sumomonkey
Musashi Sumomonkey 2 dias atrás
I myself am a PlayStation person although I do have to admit that Xbox has always been more powerful than it’s PlayStation competitor. Xbox was much more powerful the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 couldn’t compete with the Xbox 360, the PS3 barely even works! Xbox one (Not pro) 1tb, PlayStation 4 (Pro) 1tb… PlayStation 5: 800gb, Xbox Series X: IDK, I don’t have one but it’s probably more than my PS5. Xbox: Forza, Gears Of War, pretty much anything made by VALVe, all very re-playable. PlayStation: God Of War, The Last Of Us, Days Gone, Crash Bandicoot, Heavy Rain, DETRIOT Become Human, Ghost Of Tsushima, Demon’s Souls, Horizon, Spider-Man, Deathloop, all great games but they are games you only ever play once and then you’re done with it
Zuhri69 2 dias atrás
I actually regretted purchasing the PSP. It's not that its bad, it's just that there's really not much great games to play. The 3DS and PS2 on the other hand, definitely one of the best systems I've owned.
Eric Gentzke
Eric Gentzke 3 dias atrás
Say what you will about the ds but I bought one on a whim and everyone who finds out wants to borrow it. After beating all the castlevania games which were the best for the system by far, I let them borrow it. Haven’t seen it in like 2 years.
Sam Windsor
Sam Windsor 5 dias atrás
23:31 I audibly said ew
MemeLord 876
MemeLord 876 5 dias atrás
Yeah for some fuckin reason Microsoft has started just LETTING Sony wipe the floor with it
MrDemon817 6 dias atrás
Daxter, secret agent clank, and ratchet and clank size matters is why I got a psp
George Hopkins
George Hopkins 7 dias atrás
Atari’s still with the box are only around £40 on eBay
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm 7 dias atrás
I had a PSP as a kid and played the hell out of it. Syphon Filter, the surprisingly decent Miami Vice game, Daxter, God of War, GTA LC and VC Stories, they were all amazing titles for a portable console
Buster Wise
Buster Wise 8 dias atrás
what has more realistic physics the original Sonic games or the original Mario games? And why?
Logan the Valiant
Logan the Valiant 10 dias atrás
I’m in middle school and all my friends have either a switch or an xbox one, and a lot have both
LavaringX 10 dias atrás
It's crazy to me how the highest-selling game consoles are only in the 100 million units range. Back in the day, it felt to me like EVERYBODY owned a DS, like Smartphones nowadays, and yet 150 million units- in worldwide sales- is only about the same number of people as one-third of the United States or a medium-sized country like Japan (and of course, some people owned multiple, so that number isn't even the entire install base).
Mr Pringles
Mr Pringles 11 dias atrás
14:25 What’s the name of the game?
Zentendo XN
Zentendo XN 12 dias atrás
8:55 Both of which I was at the time.
Dark Galaxy i_o_l_o_i
Dark Galaxy i_o_l_o_i 12 dias atrás
Most people be like NES -> Sega Genesis -> Playstaion 1 -> Playstation 2 -> Xbox 360 -> PS4 OR NES -> SNES -> N64 -> Playstation 2 -> Wii -> Xbox 360 -> PS4
eddie pas
eddie pas 12 dias atrás
The Gamecube is so legendary, I think it's the most creative time period for Nintendo.
Parabellona 13 dias atrás
Killzone liberation is literally the only game I remember fondly from the PSP
RuinedHaikyo 13 dias atrás
9:25 how did he know-
Its whatever it is
Its whatever it is 13 dias atrás
So that’s why dead rising 3 was only on Xbox and pc good thing the game sucks
Tantei Gema
Tantei Gema 14 dias atrás
PSP was popular in Asian countries, I felt like I am the only few who chose a DS over it. Of course its because of Piracy which is same reason why PS1 and PS2 reached those sales because you only need to buy the unit and pirated games were dirt cheap it even comes with 20 of them in the package.
Endre Osborne
Endre Osborne 15 dias atrás
Here's looking at me who had 5 Nintendo DS systems throughout my life, 3 all at once at one point.
Nick Cervenka
Nick Cervenka 16 dias atrás
My first woz vid. I like him. Subbed
MeSaDrums 16 dias atrás
The Wii holds a special place in my heart purely cause my parents wouldn’t buy me an Xbox or PS3 so it was the only console I could play Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 on which is a highlight of my childhood
shadowikr 18 dias atrás
3ds is such a good console when modded, you technically have a ds, gba, gb, SNES, nes, and some other Sega consoles including the 3ds side in your hands. 10/10 console
Josh 18 dias atrás
I bought 7 different 3ds..... Scott doesn't lie
BroudbrunMusicMerge 18 dias atrás
PSP also sold a lot because Sony consoles are extremely popular in Japan
Braden Wiese
Braden Wiese 18 dias atrás
6:10 what the heck happened to the Xbox one s
RD Healthcare
RD Healthcare 18 dias atrás
“It doesn’t want to be seen played by you.”
Smith Smithony
Smith Smithony 19 dias atrás
Scott the Woz reveals he is a true Nintendo kid by not acknowledging how great the PSP was
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick 19 dias atrás
UK gamer, I started my gaming with a Vic 20, then a 64, then a Nes (SNes, Megadrive, N64 etc). Toys'r'us was the best place for Nes games. The UK was a computer land until 1990, then consoles took off. Still have all my consoles, sadly, not my computers.
Mokel Entertainment
Mokel Entertainment 20 dias atrás
6:08 what the fuck is up with that xbox one S controller.... im a PC gamer, and i noticed that. its inverted xD lol, left handed controller.,
Crackpot News
Crackpot News 20 dias atrás
I got the 2ds xl because I still had the original 3ds and never used 3d
Metal 21 dia atrás
Man, hearing Scott shitting on PSP hurts
JoreOgan 21 dia atrás
The PSP deserves way more credit than you're giving it. It was the first mass consumer friendly portable smart device with the ability to do movies, music, web browsing, and digital apps years before the iPhone. Hell, it even had accessories for a camera and GPS. Also Nintendo has always been awful in international markets outside of the US and Japan. They don't even have an official presence in India and many Asian/South American countries to this day. Sony has always been strong in catering to international markets with official retail vendors and quality localization. And that's all on top of the excellent library with tons of first party and third party support, as well as the ability to download and play almost all major PS1 titles.
Alex YE
Alex YE 22 dias atrás
Does anybody know what's the time of the tune playing at 27:10?
Smith Smithony
Smith Smithony 19 dias atrás
Sounds the the title theme to new super mario bros
Donut Apostle [7th of the Twelve]
So pretty much everyone did NES/SNES > PS1 > PS2 > X360 + Wii > PS4 + Switch
boof gedder
boof gedder 22 dias atrás
The cocaine episode, The Last of Us capped off the PS3 renaissance
The Pinballwizard
The Pinballwizard 22 dias atrás
I remember asking for an xbox one for Christmas in 2013, thinking that if I finally had a non Nintendo console the kids at school would think I was cool. Come to find out everyone else was getting a ps4. I blame this incident for my resistance to popular trends.
Jordan Kelley
Jordan Kelley 22 dias atrás
"Millions these console sales are from people who literally just play Fifa and Call of Duty, and what do you know? I have a console for you!" The Nokia N-Gage?
The Big Company
The Big Company 23 dias atrás
My dumbass sold my Wii for a Wii U when I was 11 years old. I still hate myself
Antonio Jose L. Runez
Antonio Jose L. Runez 23 dias atrás
Scott: You can't invest in a corpse. Four episodes later Scott: Ghosts for sale
Freddiex111 24 dias atrás
i remember when i was younger my grandparents had a basket full of DSi's of every single colour for when the grandkids would come over (including myself) meaning there was probably about 15-20 DS sales in just that household alone. everyone i knew had one. honestly not surprised by those numbers
paisen 24 dias atrás
26:56 jokes on you, I have like 4 PS3’s at my house
Jay James
Jay James 25 dias atrás
I never had a DS
Mayeur000Donz 25 dias atrás
As a kid, the fact that only a couple of my friends owned an Xbox or a Gamecube, and everyone else had a PS2, didn't translate to me as "the PS2 is outcompeting them!" It made the competition feel "exotic". Like only rich kids could get them.
Ice_llamaVR 25 dias atrás
14:08 Well he wasn't wrong..
Kek 26 dias atrás
Literally everyone i knew had a ds when i was young even my nan
Carbon Gaming
Carbon Gaming 26 dias atrás
“Still not buried” he does have a point there
Whalfar 27 dias atrás
Where is the Nintendo Switch?...
A cool duck in a banana
He said at the beginning of the video he wasn’t including any consoles still being actively sold
gamecube !
gamecube ! 27 dias atrás
my name is gamecube (im dead serious im non binary you cant stop me) i didnt really sell well.
SMGX 27 dias atrás
Azurai 27 dias atrás
I am apparently one of two people on the planet who never owned a PS2 lol
Leikjarinn 28 dias atrás
Rigistroni makes dumb vids
The color isn't it's own system Scott
Dennis Huyb
Dennis Huyb 29 dias atrás
what about the atary lynx?
HailedSpace25 29 dias atrás
Chillin' 29 dias atrás
Surprised Scott is underwhelmed by the NES / SuperNES numbers. I expected less sales, to be honest.
Jesus martinez
Jesus martinez 29 dias atrás
PSP where good for downloading x rated movies. I know I wasn’t the only one x)
arashink 29 dias atrás
My PS4 friends told me to buy a PS4. I told them to replace my X360 Rock Band content. When they saw they had to blow thousands of dollars in peripherals and DLC, they shut up and let me have my Xbone in peace.
Dan_Sitrus_ the_Adventurer
"People got embarrassed by playing the 3DS in Public" Me: I play my 3DS every where I go and I have no shame. Also I may not be a person.
Doc Plays
Doc Plays Mês atrás
The only games I played on the PSP was The Simpsons Game, Lego Indiana Jones 2, and Crazy Taxi
Jam Pudding
Jam Pudding Mês atrás
After the XBox One reveal, it's an actual fu¢ĸlng miracle that the console sold as many units as it did.
Jefflum Mês atrás
The PS4 is a good example of what would have happened to the SNES if gaming was as popular then as it is now
Coach Herm
Coach Herm Mês atrás
PSP would of been great if it waited a few more years to release it.
The Incineroar Main
In primary school (circa 2012), most people had an Xbox 360, some people had PS3s, some had Wiis. One thing everyone had in common was a DS. It was insane just how many people owned DSes at that time, so no surprise it became the second best sold gaming device ever.
Windows XP Install disk
I wonder why i did not have a NDS
Kedonski Mês atrás
6:35 just timestamping this for myself. great joke.
SmashFan2018 Mês atrás
The Switch has been so far the best selling console of all time
Jesse Chang
Jesse Chang Mês atrás
Chiming in to say that the psp was definitely not a novelty purchase. In East Asia at least people would gather in public to play monster hunter Co op and people had hundreds of hours in that series which sold almost 9 million copies (not accounting sales in other regions) on the psp. Not to mention titles like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and FFVIICC had new, non remake major entries in these major series.
Shadow and Sloth
Shadow and Sloth Mês atrás
I like how Scott exadurates "million" that bit more after each entry
mineland Mês atrás
"square enix fans, does this ever happen to you?" 24:27
Frederick Pinto
Frederick Pinto Mês atrás
"Dayum!" - Scott The Woz
Dasher997 Mês atrás
I now know how to get robber proof items :)
I couldn't think of a username
I liked the psp for it's vast rpg library which is the only genre I play. For this same reason I don't like consoles that lack rpgs like the N64.
Kevin Bannister
Kevin Bannister Mês atrás
The PSP was my favorite handheld as a kid, idk why but it was
Times Mês atrás
Atari 2600s are worth 900$? I have three of them just lying around.
Alternabite Mês atrás
Dude got the most expensive iPod Throws it like garbage
Wayzer Z
Wayzer Z Mês atrás
Let’s not even begin about how the SNES and NES honestly a lot of consoles before the PlayStation were never really that popular in Europe also limiting their sales
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick 19 dias atrás
Gaming was different then. Gaming was for children. After PLaystation the culture changed. Sega and Nintendo did have very good sales in Europe, you can check the same list in then video to see this.
Jed Is Also Here
Jed Is Also Here Mês atrás
Another reason for the NES and SNES not selling as much as you might think is just the fact that they had so little presence in Europe.
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick 19 dias atrás
Nes was the best selling 8-bit machine in Europe. Snes was the 2nd best selling 16-bit machine, Nintendo had a large presence in Europe.
Robby JVC
Robby JVC Mês atrás
Where's the original xbox? ;)
Ares Mês atrás
Pokémon brought Gameboy and ds to another level
athen tdm
athen tdm Mês atrás
Play gex. I know you got a box of it
Noah Carpenter
Noah Carpenter Mês atrás
Hid in conjoined lockers played need 4 speed psp during class watch Dean walk past me multiple times
Matt275 Mês atrás
The Nintendo switch is sitting at 89 million sold as of 10/23/2021 for those curious.
Wallah Nein
Wallah Nein Mês atrás
16:39 You mean reintroduced the Eyetoy
Wallah Nein
Wallah Nein Mês atrás
"How did the PSP sell that well?" I played new super mario bros on my DS and my friend could play fucking GTA, when he was 8 years old
SkypassYT Mês atrás
Why would somebody take Scott’s Wii U? I would understand his SNES or Genesis but the Wii U?
Rick Kuilman
Rick Kuilman Mês atrás
I actually still play my 2ds
Rob M
Rob M Mês atrás
Today I learned there is a Visual Novel released exclusively in Europe, not for the 3DS, but exclusively for New 3DS, in 2020
DoubleJ Mês atrás
Man you should've made the song for the Xbox 360 the Halo 3 theme, or Reach theme, or Gears 2 theme, or the MW2 theme. I still associate GTA 4 with the PS3 since that's what I played it on (I played MW2 on the PS3 as well, but come on, that game is as synonymous with the 360 as San Andreas is with the PS2).
jonathan johnson
jonathan johnson Mês atrás
Don't forget psp also can play dante inferno which is a ps3 titles
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