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Bluetooth speakers have come a long way over the last few years, with newer models offering better sound quality and longer battery life. Whether you’re looking for something small to take everywhere or a speaker for your backyard party, these are the best options from Bose, Sony, JBL, Sonos, and others.
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You can get the bluetooth speakers in this video here:
Bose Soundlink Flex:
UE Boom 3:
Sonos Roam:
JBL Charge 5:
Sony SRS-XB43:
JBL Clip 4:
0:00 - Intro
0:46 - Bose Soundlink Flex
2:04 - UE Boom 3
3:15 - Sonos Roam
4:17 - JBL Charge 5
5:19 - Sony SRS-XB43
6:19 - JBL Clip 4
7:00 - Speaker test
7:30 - Top pick & other options
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5 Dez 2023



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@TheVerge Anos atrás
How old is the bluetooth speaker you have?
@edmn Anos atrás
Bose Soundlink 3. Decade old or so.
@Mark-P Anos atrás
I’m still rocking my 8 year old Jawbone MINIJAMBOX speaker!
@andersx2221 Anos atrás
A Soundboks GO. Definitely the best speaker around for parties, Festivals ect.. and easy to carry with the strap
@1ssac1 Anos atrás
Sony SRS XB30 5years, and still going like a champ !
@kittipai1632 Anos atrás
JBL Pulse 2, probably launched around 2016. I received it as a gift from my sister in 2017. It's functioning just fine, and the audio quality is acceptable.
@RazeenMujarrab Anos atrás
I'm surprised that you didn't mention that the UE Boom still uses Micro-USB b instead of Type-C port for charging. That's a MAJOR dealbreaker for me.
@xAA7 Anos atrás
That's so sad...
@adriancc4240 Anos atrás
Sound quality and battery life are more important at a portable bluetooth speaker.
@lukabosnjak3829 Anos atrás
@@adriancc4240 Exactly, Ue Boom sounds like some clock radio with no real bass or any quality...
@adriancc4240 Anos atrás
@@lukabosnjak3829 For this there is the EU application, from where you can set the sound equalizer. I own the EU BOOM 2 and I can get enough bass if I play with the settings in the app.
@lukabosnjak3829 Anos atrás
@@adriancc4240 No you can't. I don't get it how can anyone even like Ue speakers, Boom 2 doesn't have basically any response lower than 100hz, no matter the EQ it cannot sound right. Also highs are off with some peeks... Get the Earfun Uboom L if you want a good sounding speaker.
@pablovazquez8091 Anos atrás
I’d recommend the tribit stormbox micro as an alternative to the clip 4, i very recently got one for my brother. You get some great sound considering it’s only about $60 and it’s very compact. You can also pair two of them for stereo sound
@HDefectus Anos atrás
I bought a pair of wonderboom 2. I can't overstate the difference in sound when you have 2 speakers as a stereo pair and place them apart. They sound great and 2 of them is almost the same price as 1 UE boom.
@SHAILESH506 Anos atrás
True. I have just one but I love it.
@dougscott188 Anos atrás
I love my Wonderbooom
Yup, I honestly just pair them up and hang them up with a carabineer around the back yard, makes for great outdoor speakers.
@allenshaw2022 11 meses atrás
I used to have a JBL Clip 3 and while it's portable, the sound volume and quality left much to be desired. Recently took a chance on Clip 4 and whoa, what a difference. Noticeably larger than Clip 3. When wearing it, anything above 50% power is TOO LOUD. The bass is more than noticeable and the rest of EQ rivals many much larger competitors. If you want a wearable speaker for biking, hiking, etc. this one can't be beaten.
@Dante-vf4sd 15 dias atrás
What's the battery life like?
@allenshaw2022 14 dias atrás
@@Dante-vf4sd excellent! Last for hours.
@Dante-vf4sd 14 dias atrás
@@allenshaw2022 What about the battery and everything we lae for longevity of life before it expires?
@justinanderson181 Anos atrás
I got a UE Megaboom 3 to use on my PWC and it gets REALLY loud. I can hear it clearly at 40 mph and I can still make out lyrics at 50. Anything faster and you can't hear it but its impressive either way. It doesn't have the best separation but for my use case ill sacrifice quality for volume. I just can't wait for when the new version comes out that. has USB C
@User-cb4jm Anos atrás
@nrbgamingYT Anos atrás
PWC = Personal Watercraft? Or PricewaterhouseCooper?
@robertllobrerajr. Anos atrás
I still have my Sony SRS-XB43 for over 2 years now! It's on the heavy side at almost 3 kgs., but the sound quality and its light settings still amazes me.
@aubreylehto8849 Anos atrás
would you think it’s better than the bose sound link? i’m trying to decide between those two speakers
@imjonasjoseph 11 meses atrás
@@aubreylehto8849 I am too confused between those two
@kindofanmol Anos atrás
I'm absolutely loving my JBL Clip4 so far! Even tho I have the Flip4 I somehow tend to use the Clip4 more becuz just how compact it is. AND the sound quality and battery life are great too!
@dAdDyGlEnZ Anos atrás
i also own one and to me its portability that made me lean towards it. sound quality wise, it's enough for my likes
@stargazerxd13 Anos atrás
Tribit Stormbox micro blows the clip 4 away. Clip4 sounds like a toy when compared.
@herohour6496 Anos atrás
Do you clip on your jeans while biking around town?
@@stargazerxd13 is it better in general like sound quality and other stuff? Like is the price diff worth it ?
@DarthStoner Anos atrás
I think its been over a year now but Marshall’s Killburn 2 & Emberton bluetooth speakers are irreplaceable for me. Ive owned at least 20+ BT speakers and these are GOATed
@milhouse14 Anos atrás
I am going to take your advice and purchase the Emberton. Can it be paired to another Emberton to produce stereo sound?
@DragonAmbridge Anos atrás
I have no Kilburn 2 but I do have 2 Kilburn ones. Love them!
@MrGerms666 Anos atrás
@@milhouse14 emberton II have stack mode, so yeah, they pair. They also stack with the Willen.
@TewPaqs Anos atrás
@@milhouse14 how's the emberton? im kind of stuck between the bose soundlink flex and the emberton.
@milhouse14 Anos atrás
@@TewPaqs Sorry but i haven't purchased one yet. ☺
@WichoAppleLYL Anos atrás
The only speaker I would buy from this list is the Sony one. I got 2 BT speakers, Soundcore Flare+ and Flare S+. I got each one of them at $50 from an Amazon sale and they are stereo, great battery life (‘cause anker, you know) and the price is the best part.
@1999myself1 10 meses atrás
I just lost my 2 year old flare + which I loved alot, while I was shifting houses. Can't find em anywhere. I need a new one now with more bass and sound quality. Which one do you recommend from this list? Also, what are ur thoughts on flare 2 and rave party 2?
@iownu92 Anos atrás
Sounds like the Bose’s bass is a bit underpowered if you want to listen to more bass-heavy tracks. Based on the comparison, I’d say the UE BOOM 3 is the best sound for its size. I’m still happy with my original Megaboom, though I’d like to upgrade someday. I wish more current day speakers would give you the option for aux in.
i really feel like the sound test doesn't really come through that well you cant tell how loud they are and it all depends on what youre listening on
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
UE Boom 3 is terrible
@suryaerngratlokuta6706 10 meses atrás
Music isn't just about bass
@iownu92 10 meses atrás
@@suryaerngratlokuta6706 its not, but you’d best believe if I’m listening to a song that needs a decent amount of bass to sound its best at higher volumes, I don’t want some underpowered speaker trying and failing to do the job.
@MW-qv5ox 9 meses atrás
UE speakers are overhyped junk
@technobeattv9875 Anos atrás
The Tribit Stormbox is my favorite, maybe it needs to be on this list for mid 2022
@johnt746 Anos atrás
In my opinion Tribit blows away the competition for portable Bluetooth speakers. I have a pair of the Xsound Go that have 24 hour battery life, clear full range sound with amazing bass, small and light, waterproof, 3.5mm jack when using non-bluetooth sources...all this at a very low price.
@Dave.... Anos atrás
I'm still using the JBL Clip 3 because there's no major changes with the clip 4. That's worth upgrading and spending money on. Some of the best home speakers I've ever had was the Visio sound bar. That came with this huge subwoofer. I remember only paying like over $100 for it. But I think it was probably off Ebay so that's why. It had the whole house literally sounding and feeling like a concert.
@michellem86 Anos atrás
I love my JBL Charge 5 and Aomais Amazon speaker. Waterproof,great sound in a relatively small package, long batter life and durable. They will be my go to for awhile.
@theGamer93 Anos atrás
I still rock two Soundlink Mini 2 from BOSE and one UE BOOM2 for when I go outdoors. Is there any true successor to the legendary Soundlink Mini 2? This small Speaker sounds incredibly good and can easily be used to make party in any normal sized room.
@redmad1878 Anos atrás
Soundlink Mini 2 Special Edition is now available form Bose store.
@loverboy0069 Anos atrás
Bose soundlink flex is great. I bought 2 for stereo mode and have no regrets.
@Cowboi_o Anos atrás
just recently replaced my Bose Soundlink Gen-1, came out in 2011 i believe lol. Purchased a JBL charge 4, got it for $80 , love it and being able to connect it with my 3 other friends who also have a charge 4, so badass sounds so good lol
@keef78 Mês atrás
Recently got 2 bose flexs on special at half price so a stereo pair for the price of one, sounds awesome and great for by the pool.
@ChicaneMedia Anos atrás
Bose is king. For some reason people always sleep on them. Ever since I used their earbuds I knew I would never go back to anything else
@randomguy1612 Mês atrás
Nah How? Anker/Soundcore and JBL is better.
@megapunchboy Anos atrás
Bateribox is a new sound company that most reviewers are totally overlooking these days. Hope the Bateribox sound signature gets the attention it deserves.
@Bizness10 Anos atrás
The Tribit Stormbox Blast NEEDS to be on this list.
@Kapi_Family Anos atrás
Honestly.. and even Soundcore Motion Boom
@megapunchboy Anos atrás
This list is a Bateri list. (Bateri = not the most complete but quite comprehensive and juicy)
@syamim_7 Anos atrás
tribit is so underrated. needs to be on this list as well.
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
Crazy the Stormbox Blast isn't there but the UE Boom 3 and Sonos Roam are lol
@jarrodjob Anos atrás
Love my JBL Clip 3 and Wonderboom. The JBL Charge w HomeKit rarely gets used.
@jojohill27 Anos atrás
Got that flip 4 works pretty good using it in a dish room but battery doesn't last all day but yeah definitely a good buy
@herohour6496 Anos atrás
do u clip on your jeans while biking around town?
@jrisner6535 Anos atrás
I've had my MiniRig over a decade - incredible speaker
@adilsaleem8846 Anos atrás
Only verge knows what it's user needs loved it keep in this way guys love from Pakistan 😍🇵🇰
@FabFeline Anos atrás
Would have been nice to see actual graphed measurements from each speaker
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
They recommend the UE Boom 3 and Sonos Roam, do you expect anything serious from this video ?
@FabFeline Anos atrás
@@ThibautMahringer they have a measurement system, so yes
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
@@FabFeline Well if they have one they should not recommend these lol
@FabFeline Anos atrás
@@ThibautMahringer what battery powered portable Bluetooth speakers would u recommend instead?
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
@@FabFeline Small sized ? Tribit Maxsound Plus, Soundcore Boost. Medium sized ? JBL Charge 5, Earfun UBoom L. Large sized ? JBL Xtreme 3, Mifa Wildbox, Onyx Studio 5/6/7. Boombox sized ? Tribit Stormbox Blast, Soundcore Motion Boom Plus. Partybox ? 110, 300, Encore.
@See.You.Soon.027 Anos atrás
My HK Onyx Studio 6 sounds absolutely amazing! Sad that it is not in here because it is not "popular"
@ARSYN99 Anos atrás
I own 2 SRS-XB43 and still amazed by it. 🎉
@caryrabbit Anos atrás
I bought the Sonos Move and it’s my favorite speaker in the house, of many.
@KeepingThisTech Anos atrás
Bose Soundlink Flex is the vibe!
@arunveekay Anos atrás
You could include the UE Wonderboom 2 too !
@KenKaneki-zz5lw Anos atrás
how does it compare to the regular Bose Soundlink?
@DronieUp 11 meses atrás
I would get the boom 3 if only they upgrade the usb port
@davldbradley6073 Anos atrás
Are there any gadgets I guess or Electronics setup so that you can drive like say some of your own speakers that you have at home that you're not using that would be really very useable even if you have to plug it in?I'd love to see something like that! I appreciate you putting these videos out, this Bluetooth one is real great thanks. Dave FLA B T W, I'm Subbed
@jviani Anos atrás
Regarding this market being stagnant, since I got an Amazon echo, I never felt the need to purchase a new Bluetooth speaker
@TheRealChedder Anos atrás
Can someone tell me the loudest one? I’m assuming it’s the one for back door but I have the UE boom already. Is it worth?
@StivHC Anos atrás
Marshall Stockwell II and Marshall Emberton are also some great picks
@rickywirianto825 Anos atrás
I was expecting for Sony SRS-XB13 (I’m currently using it).
@techenthusiast100 Anos atrás
I'm hoping this series has been revived
@HarveyTAS Anos atrás
Soundcore Rave Neo. You can buy 2 of them and pair them for the same price as some of these.
@adilsaleem8846 Anos atrás
i have braven book speaker loved it 5 bears old baby but still rocks as docks 🥺
@lordcraig256 Anos atrás
Soundcore also has amazing portable speakers
@TheEfX Anos atrás
Like the sound comparison part 7:00
@Thebreakdownshow1 Anos atrás
Just the video I was looking for this summer.
@NickVanHouse Anos atrás
@Ceejiye096 Anos atrás
Anker soundcore 3🔥💪🏾
@MoNeYMlKE420 Anos atrás
. My speaker lineup- charge 5, Soundcore 3,x sound go,x sound surf, 2 home pod minis paired, onn medium speaker, and lastly a mini jawbone from like 2009 that still works 😂😂 I use them all lol
@SirChefsVlogs01 Anos atrás
There are several affordable bluetooth speakers available in the online market, the tribit, tronsmart, mifa bluetooth speakers with quality sounds and less expensive. Best alternative if you have a tight budget.
@painstop7386 Anos atrás
Idk but the JBL was the clearest and sounds full and the Bose sounds rumbly with no highs
@qlaney98 Anos atrás
I still have a JBL flip 4 and charge 3 and they sound amazing but I just bought an soundcore pro hope it's good
@mrjamesmay3548 Anos atrás
I have an old truck with terrible speakers.. would one of these work and throw the sound round the cabin nicely? And if so where would you position it.. in the dash or stuck in middle of truck in head lining? 🤔
@krazyyyduniya Anos atrás
Good one Verge !
@KeithGroover Anos atrás
So crazy, all these speakers sound exactly like my phone speaker . . . 🤔
@milhouse14 10 meses atrás
What portable speaker can produce better sound quality than Flex?
@drjones694 Anos atrás
Earfun UBoom L similar to the JBL charge just came out and it's awesome!!!
@jvm-tv Anos atrás
SoundCore Motion+ is the best sounding speaker for the price and size
@lukabosnjak3829 Anos atrás
Earfun UboomL is more refined while being cheaper.
@lmtt123 9 meses atrás
I'm researching before buying one and I intend to spend under £10 on Ebay. £120? 🤣
@milhouse14 Anos atrás
The one from SONY stands out
@khalidabbsi2878 Anos atrás
Pulse 4 is the clearest speaker ever
@himuahamed7683 Anos atrás
Sony srs xb series are the very best ... No one can beat them
@obsidian.... Anos atrás
So non subjective things like - volume level, ability to pair with multiples, and so on would be helpful. Yet they are all missing. This feels like a "here are some speakers we have laying around" - so enjoy a video of them
@YasinNabi Anos atrás
Financial peace isn't the acquisition of stuff. It's learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can't win until you do this. --Dave Ramsey
Sonos roam don't sound good I think. That UE speaker is also good
@11browd Anos atrás
MINIRIG should 100% be there
@newfnshow031 Anos atrás
by the way if u are going to include the price for one do it for all. I disagree that $150 for a speaker isn't a lot but I guess u have that sweet verge $ so that explains it
@MrThebadger200 Anos atrás
Chris could not be seen in this video because of the five new Sonos scoops hiding on his desk atm
@matthewshields Anos atrás
Marshall > everything else
@RoquetteAttaquer Anos atrás
Should put in the list the new JBL Flip 6 though
Charges 5 way way better than flip
I’m still using my old beats pill+ from 2015😂. I might get the bose when the pill dies.
@gameboyAdvSpDSi Anos atrás
My JBL Charge 2 from 2015 just died on me, so this was great watch!
@WGazeon Anos atrás
Still love my JBL Flip 3, but where's Tribit Stormbox/Pro?
I am in the market for a new convenient
@lobstershrimp Anos atrás
My B&O Beolit 17 still good as new.
best bluetooth speaker for calling?
@isaac_a Anos atrás
My SoundCore motion plus blows away my Bose SoundLink by far
@jvm-tv Anos atrás
Motion+ can't be beaten for the price and size.
@isaac_a Anos atrás
@@jvm-tv Right? With the right eq settings. It just unlocks it's potential to be Amazing
@ReneaDooserider Anos atrás
Thank you.
@user-sq2bf2gh4n Anos atrás
Ordered Bose Flex!!
@Shaun-gn2ub Mês atrás
I have the sony srs xb 23
@Deathsead747 Anos atrás
Watching this video on my new Sony SRS-XB43
@lukabosnjak3829 Anos atrás
Which sounds worse than xb33...
My Tribit MaxSound Plus sounds better than that Sonos Roam.
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
how did you guys miss JBL flip 6
@SHAILESH506 Anos atrás
Flip is not so popular over there I guess. UE is.
@nkstunes9286 Anos atrás
SOUNDCORE MOTION+ is the best budget speaker
@tahmidt Anos atrás
I was so surprised to not find that in the list!
@Qhwgefrd Anos atrás
Soundlink flex all the way
@connaghankevin Anos atrás
Disagree about the JBL flip for hikes. The best speaker for hikes are a pair of headphones. Don't be that person with a BT speaker.
@defnotatroll Anos atrás
UE Boom 3 charges with micro usb. In no way should you be recommending that to buyers in 2022
@ThibautMahringer Anos atrás
And it sounds bad
@PotentChr0nic Anos atrás
Does anyone know what the test track is? Nilay would've gone with Sticky Blood feat. Terri Walker - Buffalo
@the_wind_walker Anos atrás
How did you missed Tribit!
@Yoshee_On_Demand Anos atrás
I like the Sono
@alexvaldez47 Anos atrás
Should I get the boombox 3 or the partybox 310 ?
@johnnelson3665 Anos atrás
310 much bigger sound. Boombox 3 much easier to carry.
@subhamsarkar897 Anos atrás
Soundcore motion+ gang assemble.
@herohour6496 Anos atrás
Biking while listening to music on SPEAKERS. LOL. Don't do this, folks.
@pancakelegend Anos atrás
How does this list not include the IKEA ENEBY?
@newfnshow031 Anos atrás
the flip 5 is the truth
@swagathshetty Anos atrás
Soundcore motion plus?
@AaronSoman Anos atrás
I love my skullcandy barricade mini. Lol am I the only one who has one?
Apple needs to hurry up and release one
@alexvaldez47 Anos atrás
They don't specialize in sound like some of these companies.
@@alexvaldez47 they have the best software and make ridiculously good speakers for their size on the macs. Then there’s the HomePod that also sounds amazing. And the AirPods have been doing great thanks to the constant software upgrades
@alexvaldez47 Anos atrás
@@DavidRamirez-vc8dr they will just fail when it comes to portable or party speakers.
@alexvaldez47 Anos atrás
But they do make good headphones
@thatgeekdad Anos atrás
I want to upgrade my pUE boom gen 1 so I can get waterproofing but WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL USING MICROUSB TO CHARGE!!!
@defnotatroll Anos atrás
It came out years ago and hasn't been updated that's why
@greenhacker0com Anos atrás
Voting for Harman Kardon Onyx Studio!
@GodofShekina Anos atrás
Every single "Best bluetooth speaker" website has different number 1s. I want to buy the best bluetooth speaker on the planet. Which one is it?
@johnnelson3665 Anos atrás
Different sound signatures and sizes. No one can agree on the best. The best small Bluetooth speaker imo is Bose Soundlink Flex. Charge 5 has deeper bass. But definitely a bigger size. Making it less comfortable to grip.
@garmit61 Anos atrás
I teslly don’t understand the logic of connecting an analogue turntable to a bluetooth device. Sounds to me like buying digitally mastered vinyl. You lose all the benefits of the far superior sound quality of analogue recordings and lose all the benefits of a digital system’s compactness. I’m also not a fan of any Bose systems I’ve heard. The bass is always too overpowering and the higher frequencies sound washed out as a result. I’m going to take a listen to the one in your review though in case they have sorted out the quality now.
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