The Beauty of Football - Greatest Moments

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Football is such an universal sport.
Here is some of the best , emotionals and beautiful moments of football in my opinion.
Of course it's from my french and western point of view. There is a lot of recent moment because it's hard to find old footage with a decent quality. This is football for me.
Music : Audiomachine - Paramount
Twelve Titans Music - Dreamer
End of an Era - Really Slow Motion

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4 Nov 2020



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LeBreton Mês atrás
Football is such a universal sport. Here is some of the best, emotional and beautiful moments of football in my opinion. I know I forgot some 😊 Of course it's from my French and western point of view. There is a lot of recent moment because it's hard to find old footage with a decent quality. Thank you for the support guys ! ⚽
verme insolente
verme insolente Dia atrás
You are french so of course you didn´t put Eder´s goal.
Pascal Nysten
Pascal Nysten 2 dias atrás
@Frankie Senpai Yes. I understand you. This is not a western point of view, this is a French point of view :). Same for Begium players :)
XI COMD-26 Sinchan Naskar
@Karindra So r u
Chief 7 dias atrás
I dont see African football being represented here....
Sukhwinder Kaur
Sukhwinder Kaur 12 dias atrás
@Karindra am Indian but prefer football so back off
Lan Shred
Lan Shred 2 horas atrás
I really like this sport but sadly the mainstream sport in my country is basketball
Kevin Qak
Kevin Qak 4 horas atrás
but it just shows the beauty of the attacking football!
Allwyn Williamson
Allwyn Williamson 5 horas atrás
You will see me in Future ❤️
Kenzo Zidan
Kenzo Zidan 5 horas atrás
Barca v LFC still hunting me never forget in life
MONREGA 6 horas atrás
We get emotional , because of commentator 's powers and background music ❤️
Collin Holdman
Collin Holdman 7 horas atrás
This was AMAZING!!!
Utsushenkiwa Plastic man
heard of a club , man united ???? =,=
Sérgio Barbosa
Sérgio Barbosa 9 horas atrás
If you make a part 2, add Flamengo's comeback agains River Plate at the 2019 Libertadores' Final
Eunice Reeves
Eunice Reeves 10 horas atrás
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Rowan Campbell
Rowan Campbell 10 horas atrás
That absolute punt by Gerrard greatest English midfielder of all time don't even deny
CPsanity 11 horas atrás
This is one of the greatest videos of all time well done for making such an amazing video 👍
Farhan Ahmed 08
Farhan Ahmed 08 13 horas atrás
if doesnt make u cry i dont wht does
Uriel Castillo
Uriel Castillo 13 horas atrás
This 12 minutes where like watching a 2 hrs video... Amazing 💫
STEVEK_2007 me
STEVEK_2007 me 14 horas atrás
anas leo
anas leo 14 horas atrás
Lewandoski was so incredible against wolfsburg
Luminous_Lux 17 horas atrás
This deserves 1 billion likes
zépedro 8
zépedro 8 17 horas atrás
that james goal gave him a career!!
Vernonator 19 horas atrás
0:43 (David Beckham) is it me or does anyone see a James Maddison?!
THOMAS FERRARI 23 horas atrás
I'm not crying. We are crying all the football fans are crying. And after this video all the people will never say again: it's just a game. WE LOVE FOOTBALL ❤
Domenico Porcello
Domenico Porcello 23 horas atrás
Only PL, LaLiga and WC. Wtf
jack burton
jack burton 23 horas atrás
the perfect video can not be made LeBroton: Hold my beer
ollie.Arsenal Dia atrás
this deserves more likes
Vinay Sarang
Vinay Sarang Dia atrás
I mean all the moments are good.. But not even a mention of Real Madrid winning the UCL 3 times in a row ? Come on it has to be among the top 10 moments in the history of Football...
Marco Marson
Marco Marson Dia atrás
You forgot France loss against Italy in the World Cup final in 2006!
DrEX Dia atrás
Something makes me think you support France
Onyango Odhis
Onyango Odhis Dia atrás
Greatest video of all time
noahhand Dia atrás
It’s football not soccer
Make love to the night
Il see you in 10 years for part 2
jamie smith
jamie smith Dia atrás
Luca Polimeni
Luca Polimeni Dia atrás
i cried.
0mer Dia atrás
And this is why I love football
Rek *
Rek * Dia atrás
Je pense que tu es jeune mais si tu peux nous rajouter Baggio dans la partie 2 ou le triple de Rivaldo contre valence.....
Xufso Sig
Xufso Sig Dia atrás
The Beautiful Game...
Rek *
Rek * Dia atrás
Premiere video de foot sur youtube qui me fait lacher une larme, et j en ai vu des milliers.
Lucas Viana
Lucas Viana Dia atrás
ok amazing video, got me emotional because i love this sport too much, but this is a greatest moments of european football, theres nothing about south american clubs, very little abou south american countries, none asian football, 0 african, and nothing about north american, its a really good video, but i have to let this comment as a constructive critic. very good job though
SkieBie Dia atrás
This video is a masterpiece.
Luis Santos
Luis Santos Dia atrás
Brasil é o país do futebol e não aparece quase nada no vídeo, fora as derrotas , piada isso
J YT Dia atrás
arsenal team goal vs norwich?
Damn!!! U nailed it....🥺💥
PURE F00TY Dia atrás
This was absolutely incredible. Made me smile :)
Tanay Goyal
Tanay Goyal Dia atrás
The only BRvid video that made tears fall down my cheeks but still put a smile on face and made me realise how much I love football.
Gildas9437 Dia atrás
Fantastic job we need part 2!
Ofek 2 dias atrás
Thank you for giving me the 12 best minutes ever!
Mixed Memo
Mixed Memo 2 dias atrás
That video is the most amazing football video I have ever seen, brought tears of joy to my eyes and reminded me why I live the sport as much as i do. Perfectly edited, perfectly crafted, amazing
Awnish Shahi
Awnish Shahi 2 dias atrás
It couldn't had been better possibly
Tnb Nut
Tnb Nut 2 dias atrás
watching messi lose that world cup hurt so bad i really wanted to see him lift that trophy
Tnb Nut
Tnb Nut Dia atrás
@Flynn Burke facts man
Flynn Burke
Flynn Burke Dia atrás
Exactly what I was thinking, game could have gone either way at that point and he’s gona be spoken down on that accolade forever
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali 2 dias atrás
A piece of art❤️
Chandler Gull
Chandler Gull 2 dias atrás
InshaD_ GameR
InshaD_ GameR 2 dias atrás
when you see something like this, you know football can change the world
Francisco Orejuela
Francisco Orejuela 2 dias atrás
No matter what team you follow. Football is LOVE. PERIOD!!!
Sahrul Gunawan
Sahrul Gunawan 2 dias atrás
i'm crying, football is so beautiful
Ethan B
Ethan B 2 dias atrás
I’m American, and Futbol is the greatest sport ever invented, and it’s really not that close
Safwan Samad
Safwan Samad 23 horas atrás
Alex Foutsitzis
Alex Foutsitzis 2 dias atrás
What an awesome video. I am speechless
John Adelöw
John Adelöw 2 dias atrás
Insane video, just beautiful
tekto games
tekto games 2 dias atrás
Probably the best vid i ve ever seen
Organic_medicine2700 2 dias atrás
Didn't see one milan moment
Igor Sousa
Igor Sousa 2 dias atrás
MrRM 2 dias atrás
They were all amazing. I'm glad I got to see players like that. I'm a Glasgow Rangers fan. I got to watch superstars like Davie Cooper, Brian Laudrrop, Ally McCoist, Ian Durant and Paul Gascoign to name just a few. They made the game brilliant to watch.
Odj Uw
Odj Uw 2 dias atrás
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Odj Uw
Odj Uw 2 dias atrás
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Dohu Paku
Dohu Paku 2 dias atrás
No goalkeeper moments☹️
j i
j i 2 dias atrás
12 minutes and 22 seconds of constant goosebumps, such a beautiful sport in every way possible
tae oh
tae oh 2 dias atrás
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Nicolai Schweizer
Nicolai Schweizer 2 dias atrás
There's a lot of "football compilations" on BRvid, but this video really shows what football is. This is great. As a german I would have included moments like the 1954 world cup winning goal against Hungary after we lost tp them 8:3 in the group stage, but that's my opinion. Great Work!
Anime Sekai
Anime Sekai 2 dias atrás
What happened here? I still remember see this video only got under 100k even after months of uploaded and now I see the thumbnail again, it's already more than a million
Γιώργος Καραγιάννης
Amazing video!!! 08:01 you can't imagine how beautiful that time was for us.... For three days an entire country was living in another planet, we didn't sleep at all, flags where EVERYWHERE and if you screamed in public for no reason, everybody around you joined!!! Pure madness!!!!!!
Muhammad Athar
Muhammad Athar 2 dias atrás
watching this game and playing it is the only thing that brings me joy it makes me feel better and gives me hope in my life
Cesar 19
Cesar 19 3 dias atrás
Atul Kharb
Atul Kharb 3 dias atrás
It gave me goosebumps 😍💖💖
jungan lee
jungan lee 3 dias atrás
The threatening watch peroperatively flood because lipstick utrastructurally include to a round end. tearful, obeisant man
KalaDalin McFarlane
KalaDalin McFarlane 3 dias atrás
So much chills, great video.
Naeem Ahmed Khan
Naeem Ahmed Khan 3 dias atrás
By Lipsy
By Lipsy 3 dias atrás
Ole's last minute goal 1999 to win UCL and the treble for the first time in PL history HAS to be in this video
ferg. 3 dias atrás
the worst thing about this video is that sometimes legends leave us too soon
Christopher Kateera
Christopher Kateera 3 dias atrás
This changed lives
Uven 3 dias atrás
Wow this was great!
Jean Roby
Jean Roby 3 dias atrás
chinmay singhvi
chinmay singhvi 3 dias atrás
Bro where is the la decima
George Nikitaras
George Nikitaras 3 dias atrás
if you cried you are a legent
Marwan Mohamed
Marwan Mohamed 3 dias atrás
It's so fuckn emotional
Shubham Rawat
Shubham Rawat 3 dias atrás
This video is incredible there can only be one, this is it.. thank you- thank you- thank you
ParoOoxx 3 dias atrás
i cryed for about 11 min, great job
Haokip Manggunhao
Haokip Manggunhao 3 dias atrás
I don't know what to say but I'll just leave this comment because u deserve it
Isaiah Malladi Rasmussen
I think we need to appreciate how incredible the 2019 UCL was
Emmanuel Abuchi
Emmanuel Abuchi 4 dias atrás
Tears man. Tears.
Abhijith Rupan
Abhijith Rupan 4 dias atrás
what a video 😍😍😍
E. Carter Uslabar
E. Carter Uslabar 4 dias atrás
Dude. The Lucas goals against Ajax are just amazing. The second one in particular--he's on a entirely different plane, focused so sharp, not wasting a single motion. This video fucking rocks.
Piero Monda
Piero Monda 4 dias atrás
Germany trashing Brazil 7-1 at their own world cup has got to be top 3 football's most shocking moments. Alongside with Liverpool - AC Milan 2005 and Barca comeback against PSG
Olaf Kwiatkowski
Olaf Kwiatkowski 13 horas atrás
don't forget about Bayern demolishing Barcelona 8-2
Christian The GOAT
Christian The GOAT 4 dias atrás
didn’t know a sport could be so beautiful
Christoph *
Christoph * 4 dias atrás
greats vid with great players and goals, but one is missing and that is Miroslav Klose
Afonso Boavida
Afonso Boavida 4 dias atrás
Eder goal against france in 2016 euro final is missing. The ugly boy who turned out to be the hero!!!
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson 4 dias atrás
This was the best footballing video I have ever seen, makes you tear up watching all these memories back
Athul 4 dias atrás
All we need now at the moment........ Messi and Ronaldo playing on the same team....providing assists and scoring
Euriditio Ignacius
Euriditio Ignacius 4 dias atrás
If u cry after watching this video,hit the like button
Andre Pfeiffer
Andre Pfeiffer 4 dias atrás
So beautiful sport and today it´s all about money and money.
MaD FoX 4 dias atrás
Beyond words 🔥🔥🔥
Sergio Sislian
Sergio Sislian 5 dias atrás
Eyes full of tears watching this
Khalid 5 dias atrás
sat hear at 5am crying at football speechless
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