The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson

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23 Nov 2019



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Comentários 139 361
Nikola Dia atrás
hype over trash lmao
LoganArnoldKicks Dia atrás
What’s really pathetic is that Shane, Andrew, Jeffree, and his whole team worked on this palette for pretty much an entire year AND they filmed the whole thing and all of these drama channels are getting mad that they didn’t get what they wanted. I get that we were teased drama in the trailer, but it’s just annoying that people still couldn’t be pleased with all we were given.
St. Nicolas
St. Nicolas Dia atrás
Jeffree wasn’t even mad at me but I got scared
Kayleigh Tallent
Kayleigh Tallent Dia atrás
during the launch my uncle was dying he actually died like a day later and I hope they restock again
Kristin Draper
Kristin Draper Dia atrás
Man, sometimes my lonely ass wish that many people loved me as much as they love you two. 😂🙄
minitebuhzed Dia atrás
I remember when Shane was just a guy with balls in the bottom of his pool man I really miss that man not all this extra over sexualized drivin brand no more shanana and him being real sad but peace out Shane
Jake McGory
Jake McGory Dia atrás
Doctor Lara
Doctor Lara Dia atrás
I’m here for Haley Pham
Zeno Keskino
Zeno Keskino Dia atrás
i miss your old vids
Gianna Scharfe
Gianna Scharfe Dia atrás
Zeno Keskino same
Isabella Gulley
Isabella Gulley Dia atrás
me and my sibling waited 3 hours for the website to load lol
Cassandra Rumbaugh
Re watching this in February thinking of I don’t get a Pallet next round I’ll actually Die
desarae world hm
desarae world hm Dia atrás
I miss the old Shane not the new makeup Shane
Carlotta Benanti
Carlotta Benanti Dia atrás
On a scale from 1 to 10, you're an 11.
Dully Da Best
Dully Da Best Dia atrás
48:01 what the bg music???
Tabatha Stelljes
Tabatha Stelljes Dia atrás
Me: rewatching the series in 2020 still wondering where the massed produced Slime
Alycia Riley
Alycia Riley Dia atrás
Emotional music in back ground Random guy "YoUR tiTTeS ArE FUcKIng HUGE"
Simone Roberts
Simone Roberts Dia atrás
I’m just sitting here wondering if if will ever post on this channel again or just stick to Shane Glossin
The space
The space Dia atrás
What happened with you shane you looks fat as a giant bear !!!
R Dia atrás
He's a big fat conman pretending to like makeup for $$
Emma R
Emma R Dia atrás
Just because the site was broken doesn’t mean they weren’t trying. And how the shoppers don’t even think about million of other people are on the site and trying to put things into their cart doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a amazing experience. I love Shane and jeffree and everyone and every one who helped made and sell the pallet and other merchandise, they really deserve every cent that they made cause they worked so hard on this pallet. I love you Shane and Jeffree
mariana mendoza rojas
mariana mendoza rojas 2 dias atrás
59:03 Again? lol
Crumbie 2 dias atrás
Holy shit I'm so mad at these kids tho 😂like Shane has worked so hard and Jeffre and his workers and these kids are gonna tell at them because 2.5 MILLION PEOPLE WERE ON IT and wut really made me mad was wen the girl was crying like crying cuz u can't get ur makeup like grow up
SmokeyFizz 2 dias atrás
I was just looking at that. I understand being excited for something but then her crying like she was OWED it or entitled to it. It rubs me the wrong way. It wasn't Shane or Jeffree's fault either.
Ismael Sanchez two
Ismael Sanchez two 2 dias atrás
Do you think Nathan felt he was being placed aside ? I dont see him very happy in this video. Over all I am so happy for Shane and Jeffrey.
Nicki Harmon
Nicki Harmon 2 dias atrás
That look at 37:58 cracks me up every time. He knew what was coming 😂
Rose in a Thorn bush
Rose in a Thorn bush 2 dias atrás
Does anybody else want Shane to go back and make funny wholesome videos again? This new series is cool and all but I miss his funny videos
Danyiele Clift
Danyiele Clift 2 dias atrás
I'll go home 🥴
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 2 dias atrás
Prolly gonna get some hate but like it’s awesome and all but these customers are a tad dramatic. Like it was a technical problem, you can’t blame Shane and Jeffree for it. It’s a disappointment but you’ll get the pallet eventually. It’s like people literally lost their minds.
Alice Dragneel
Alice Dragneel 2 dias atrás
I think Shane should do a video with Sam and Colby
Stefany Garciagutierrez
yess and go on the queen mary ship
leahtofanelli 2 dias atrás
Okay but on a real note, as fans, can we be piglets? 🐷
Jacklyn Cunningham
Jacklyn Cunningham 2 dias atrás
this video was just good energy to end 2019 off with
DJ Deeps
DJ Deeps 2 dias atrás
Has the video been edited, im not the only one seeing changes right?
Mark Is a cool dummy
Mark Is a cool dummy 2 dias atrás
When you see Jeffrees ex lover in the corner 😭😭
Gabi F.
Gabi F. 2 dias atrás
Candice Scott
Candice Scott 2 dias atrás
do more scary vidz with morgan garad and maybe jeffry
Hany Rahim
Hany Rahim 2 dias atrás
Rocco MStar
Rocco MStar 2 dias atrás
That part where Ryland and Shane sat with each other was so cute. My heart melted🐷👸❤️
kela life
kela life 2 dias atrás
Hey guys, I have a BRvid channel, it called kelalife. I really When you guys to help me reach. 1000 subscriber, I love to be an influencer, A role model and a leader, just to make someone smile and brighten their day, I love doing BRvid videos. Follow me and be part of my journey. Kelalife
Chloe Amitrano
Chloe Amitrano 2 dias atrás
can we stan how the whole team was about to boot many buyers of the site that have been waiting like a year and shane turned around and said NO. fuckin stannn
Jacob Bryant
Jacob Bryant 2 dias atrás
You encouraged me to come out to my mom
Destiny Miranda
Destiny Miranda 2 dias atrás
if they do add the green and don’t name it “that green” i’ll be upset
J 2 dias atrás
So much drama in the gay community over something that in reality wasn't that serious 🤦🏼‍♂️
sadlysadder 2 dias atrás
Im in tears. wow. Shane from a viewer since the beginning.. i am in awe i am so proud of you and your family and jeffree you are amazing keep it up.
Tenica Jones
Tenica Jones 2 dias atrás
I’m so excited for the restocking!! These guys have worked so hard and I’ve cried too many times watching! It’s so emotional! I’m so happy for both! (your whole team)😘
Kayleigh Tallent
Kayleigh Tallent Dia atrás
do you know when it is ?
Jay Dead
Jay Dead 2 dias atrás
No one gives a fuck about this shit. Do REAL videos again. You do this trash and then vanish for months again. You don't know where to go?!!! One word. CONSPIRACIES!!!!!!!! plain and simple
Brooklynne Ross-Mah
Brooklynne Ross-Mah 2 dias atrás
Hi are you guys okay I love you guys so much and I will always be HAPPY to see your videos😁😁😁😁😁😁😁❤❤❤❤❤
Roberto Juarez
Roberto Juarez 3 dias atrás
I rewatch the series like every week ❤️ and seeing Nate makes me sad :((
Press play gaming
Press play gaming 3 dias atrás
Where is Shane?
Rune Vancraywinkel
Rune Vancraywinkel 3 dias atrás
i'm so proud of you.... i'm crying
Nanisarus 123
Nanisarus 123 3 dias atrás
Can you meet little Miqala?
Emily Sandlin
Emily Sandlin 3 dias atrás
This is not what the internet is supposed to be like it's supposed to be fun. All this drama it's supposed to be where you watch people videos know where there's drama you just get to watch people's videos no, drama I just want them to get along
Mzx Tachet
Mzx Tachet 3 dias atrás
Mary Jacks
Mary Jacks 3 dias atrás
Seeing Shane cry because he's PROUD of something he did is just... incredible. I'm so proud of him.
Holly K
Holly K 3 dias atrás
I'm rewatching and I see Nate and I wanna cry. 😭😭😭 I feel like my parents divorced all over again.
Mekhi Lewis
Mekhi Lewis 3 dias atrás
Can y’all help me get 600 IG followers by June it’s @prinxemickeypll
Lowki bri
Lowki bri 3 dias atrás
Shane is officially a beauty BRvidr and I’m living for it
Happy Hufflepuff
Happy Hufflepuff 3 dias atrás
Shane adopt me I'm not even teen yet
LAYNÊ 3 dias atrás
shane still caring about james >>>>
Lord Bowser
Lord Bowser 3 dias atrás
How often does Shane Dawson shower? I am asking for a friend.
Maddy B
Maddy B 3 dias atrás
oh my god... that five seconds of tana content was the worst part of this video. does she think shrieking is a personality trait??
Sharon Alfaro
Sharon Alfaro 3 dias atrás
How could anyone let Shawn down like that😭 gotta love him💞
Nicolas Doe
Nicolas Doe 3 dias atrás
God my asshole burns
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