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The Bad Batch episode 1 has officially begun! The 75 minute episode gave us tons of new material to learn about Order 66 in Star Wars and how it impacted the Clones in particular. This show is essentially a continuation of The Clone Wars, and I am pretty excited to see where it goes. The start of the show with Kanan and Depa had me on the edge of my seat, but once he went away, it was a bit slower for me. I'm looking forward to seeing where it'll go in episode 2, maybe we'll meet up with Rex and Ahsoka?
Will we see Vader and Palpatine? I like how it shows where we are at certain moments during the episode, relative to Revenge of the Sith. I love those markers, it helps me know what else is going on in the galaxy and to keep things organized.

What do you hope to see from next week's episode?

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4 Mai 2021



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Comentários 0
Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory Mês atrás
Have a great day and May the Fourth be with you!
Frog Third
Frog Third 15 dias atrás
8:12 tech isn’t inhanxed?
Ez GaMiNg_YT
Ez GaMiNg_YT Mês atrás
@John Mason Alexander and you
Sound Wave
Sound Wave Mês atrás
cant wait for ep 3
Ez GaMiNg_YT
Ez GaMiNg_YT Mês atrás
@John Mason Alexander you too
cash hughes
cash hughes Mês atrás
i’m still so curious why Depa Billaba didn’t use the force to take down all those clones, it’s possible general krell did it lol they made her die so easily like wtf
Mark Diaz
Mark Diaz 12 horas atrás
Echo is the Reg not Tech. echo was from the 501st and was just brought back to a stable but cyborg state
Ryza 9909
Ryza 9909 Dia atrás
8:13 tech is not a reg echo is/was
BigFoot_6924 ._.
BigFoot_6924 ._. 4 dias atrás
It’s a shame that crosshair could’ve killed the clones and save the Jedi
Clankers! 7 dias atrás
Just something for all the fans who think Crosshair was or is sadistic, he isn't. He is not himself of course. Remember the Clones normal behavior is being overridden, if you will, by the chips. And if you want to see a Clone who WAS callous & sadistic, watch the Clone Wars episode(s) with the Clone Dogma starring. He wasn't even post Order 66 there either. Dogma betrayed his brothers, Crosshair did not. Talk about soldiers following orders..
Clankers! 8 dias atrás
Virgil Jessen
Virgil Jessen 8 dias atrás
What if Omega was a expiriment to make Inquesitors
podgamezz 10 dias atrás
8:13 the episode said echo was the normie (sorta)
double O
double O 10 dias atrás
But why Caleb sound like a grown @ss man voice!?!?!?
Old Crow
Old Crow 13 dias atrás
This looks promising
midgardo4 13 dias atrás
the Jedi kid sounded like a 40yo, kinda weird choice on the voice cast.
Weeb-u Breafs
Weeb-u Breafs 14 dias atrás
Now that I’ve seen this I believe Omega has all the powers and I’m pretty sure that’s Kanens master
Clankers! 14 dias atrás
Someone commented on how Crosshair was reacting the same as the regs at the end of Palpatine's Galactic Empire declaration, he indeed WAS NOT. He had his arms to his sides as did his Batch brothers. He was not raising his fist in agreement at any point there. Gosh people can we stop with the Crosshair bashing, please. And be accurate with your statements. Thank You.
Marie Kano
Marie Kano 15 dias atrás
Caleb/Kanan's voice freaked me out cause he should've had a slightly higher voice since he's only like a preteen/teenager here. Kanan's voice is too deep. Plus his skin is so light for him couldn't they have made his skin a little tan?
Family Golden
Family Golden 15 dias atrás
Echo is normal not tech
Clankers! 15 dias atrás
Makes me sad that no one is talking about what happened to poor Crosshair
Lordgecko10 15 dias atrás
Omega is the most annoying character ever they just have a squeaky voice and just adds a bunch of stupid side quests And now she might be related to Rey which was the most over powered character ever. I hope that this character dies because there just dumb
Ole Joachim Jonstang
Ole Joachim Jonstang 15 dias atrás
One annoying thing about this series is that almost every episode so far have been filler.
Negus Prime
Negus Prime 16 dias atrás
The kid needs to go. No preteens in the original trilogy & children still loved Star Wars.
Elijah Cesar
Elijah Cesar 16 dias atrás
That def was a green hand and they just bodied a child.
Proto 16 dias atrás
That Palawan had the voice of a 25yr old man 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deady Brock
Deady Brock 18 dias atrás
Married a nice twi'lek with big jubblies
Greg Mah
Greg Mah 19 dias atrás
Might be a long shot but after watching through the first 4 episodes I think omega’s special talent is that she’s able to learn a skill immediately after watching someone else do it
Nicholas Lunsford
Nicholas Lunsford 21 dia atrás
What has bothered me for so long is why/how Palpatine says the name of each Clone Commander when executing Order 66? I mean how many battlefronts were going on simultaneously? He couldn’t have prerecorded it because he was not deformed then. It’s a small detail but it’s always irked me.
chili William
chili William 21 dia atrás
The lighsaber May still Belong to Sat, cause the purple on his hand could be blood
Ciscoak 907
Ciscoak 907 22 dias atrás
I think we're gonna find out that crosshair following orders has nothing to do with his chip..I feel like we are gonna be led into thinking he can be redeemed or "fixed", but will find out that following orders is just who he is, chip or no chip! after ep 4 I believe this even more...they make it sound like it's his chip that is making him more susceptible to following order 66 but, they also pointed out that his defect should have made the chip less affective but that it was still "kinda" working? pretty sus if u ask me..I think when they amplifies the chips affects, it made him more cold blooded and robotlike however, I think he still had "a good soilder follows orders" type of personality either way n the amplification of the chip just brought out more of that personality.. the only part that gave me a lil doubt is when omega told him that she knows what he's gonna do, n that it wasn't his fault cuz he can't help it..if omega really has a super sensitive perception than that could derail my theory, so we will see.
Clankers! 14 dias atrás
So bizarre that Omega didn't pull Hunter/Tech aside to tell him about the chips & that this is the reason why their fellow brother (Crosshair) turned on them.
Ciscoak 907
Ciscoak 907 22 dias atrás
on a side note I feel like wrecker n omega will have the kind of relationship with all the feels! almost to the point where wrecker may giv his life to save her at some point. especially after the whole bedroom deal that wrecker made for was so sweet how happy wrecker was that omega loved it!.
Known As Chris
Known As Chris 22 dias atrás
That realization hit me half way through the first episode. I was so excited, and then I got all sad cause I knew they’re all gonna have to die at some point. 😢
Jack Hamelin
Jack Hamelin 23 dias atrás
My theory from the first episode about Omega is that she can mimic other beings
Agus Puig
Agus Puig 24 dias atrás
7:58 see i dont really like that theory i prefer to see it as croshair just genuenly velibing that following orders is always the good thing to do, not power hungry or gealous just genuenly disagreeing with hunter, also i think making it an effect of the chip would cheapen the concept, i like to imagine that one of crosshairs mutations is that he just really prefers to always follow orders, as a personality trait, no mind control
Agus Puig
Agus Puig 24 dias atrás
personally i underrstood the crosshair firing at kanan thing as, his chip was broken or not working just like the others but part of his mutations just made his personality more akeen to following orders, think about it, the rest of the clones executed order 66 without speaking a word and treating people who didnt follow it as traitors, crosshair just said ''good soldiers follow orders'' but didnt inmediately atack his squad, so he is in control but is choosing to follow order 66, i like the idea that he isnt brainwashed its just that psicologically hes the kind of guy to always follow orders, even in episode two (spoilers for episode 2 btw) when they try to turn him against his squad they dont talk about repairing or strenghtening the chip, they talk about strenghtening his unique mutations that make him more obedient
Autobot Skyflame
Autobot Skyflame 24 dias atrás
Honestly, my favorite thing was that the droids had the Purge Trooper sounds from Force Unleashed.
Jacob Rick
Jacob Rick 24 dias atrás
Anyone else know that the clones practiced social distance
Anthony LoPresto
Anthony LoPresto 24 dias atrás
A little late to the party but I'm pretty sure it's the 181st armored division
VeryAzureBoi 25 dias atrás
*"Tech Is Just A Normie"* HAD ME DYING FOR 7 MINUTES
Fernando Aguilar
Fernando Aguilar 28 dias atrás
This break down is the best one i have heard so far
Beck Hamilton
Beck Hamilton 28 dias atrás
Turns out Omega is the template for cloning Star Killer....
paul bryden
paul bryden 28 dias atrás
I was gonna give this a miss but glad I didnt really enjoyed it
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 28 dias atrás
12:01 remember when they were allowed to shoe people with exposed "places" (if u know what I mean) in kids tv shows
justdetro 28 dias atrás
Kanan was one of my favorite characters in star wars so I was really happy to see him in this episode.
Joe Wheeler
Joe Wheeler 29 dias atrás
I'm a little late to the party and have yet to watch past episode 1 so my question may already be answered. Did Crosshair's new uni not look like a death trooper from Rogue One?
Derek's Dichotomy
Derek's Dichotomy 29 dias atrás
The Bad Batch series is easily among the most emotionally resonant and masterful Star Wars properties ever released. For an optimal viewing experience, be certain to watch all 7 seasons of The Clone Wars before delving headlong into this most recent slice of superb space opera opulence. If you actually give a shit about the franchise, heed my recommendation. Until then, you'll never know what you're missing.
Clankers! 14 dias atrás
I concur, you are so right on
GameFTF 29 dias atrás
8:12 you meant Echo not Tech right?
GameFTF 29 dias atrás
Rig Nema would be my best guess for the dead Jedi on Kamino
Disguised Centennial
Disguised Centennial 29 dias atrás
9:00 She just knows about the chips dude lol it’s not that deep
Simon Wolzen
Simon Wolzen 29 dias atrás
I think it is shak ti
B C Mês atrás
Broooooo end of season one they barely escape from Vader!!!!!!!
Ricard Strade
Ricard Strade Mês atrás
Just Watched the episode, and before watching your video Star Wars Theory... is Omega force sensitive? I had a "feeling" when she tried to comfort Crosshair, it had the "Jedi Mind Trick" vibe, but when she almost made a headshot against Crosshair (I'm pretty sure she could have killed him, but decided to just disarm him), that confirmed it more to me, but lets see what you think. After Watching: 4:47 Yes!!! I thought I was crazy for a minute!!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
love him lmao
Mason Schmidgall
Mason Schmidgall Mês atrás
I think Omega is force sensitive, but I also don't think what she said to crosshair in the cell was a result of her force sensitivity. I think that because she was studying to be a medical apprentice, she knew of the inhibitor chip's existence and realized that crosshair's chip was still active.
Mr. Foger
Mr. Foger Mês atrás
I thought the dead body was Dhokti because she was the one who oversees Ko Kameno
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mês atrás
75 mins, thats a grand gift!
Triton Squad
Triton Squad Mês atrás
Star Wars is the most messed up movie franchise ever lol.
Vyacheslav Krivosheev
u know, an ending that wpuld make me cry my eyes out would be if Cal Skirata showed up at the end and took the bad batch in
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Mês atrás
ngl i didn't realize caleb was kanan when i first saw it, i feel like they should have made his skin more tan or something
Dr0pC Mês atrás
Just came back to this video after episode 3. I think you nailed the insight/Force sensitive attribute to Omega with her asking Crosshair to not do it 👀
Joe Ker
Joe Ker Mês atrás
I think omega is just a girl boba Fett. Maybe even not given the rapid aging process either.
Joe Ker
Joe Ker Mês atrás
She even has the Australian accent
Jake Mês atrás
"Omega means the last letter of the Alphabet in Greek:" Nerd mode "on" Omega means " large/lengthy O" (mega O) and Omicron means "small/short O" (micron O). It is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, but that is not what it means. Nerd mode "off".
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Mês atrás
"Tech is a normi" I think you mean Echo
Diamond Tacos
Diamond Tacos Mês atrás
Cut out here living Every fans Dream Sit back with some Land in a star wars universe clapping some Twilek cheeks
al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk Mês atrás
I actually really like how they explained why the Empire moves away from Clones. While yeah, the Stormtroopers are objectively worse soldiers than the Clones, the Empire's reasoning is actually sound. The Clone Wars are over. And the GAR, now Imperial Military, needs to shift from a warfighting force to a peacekeeping and garrisoning force. Which means combat effectiveness is no longer the priority, but rather cost effectiveness. One billion good enough Stromtroopers are better for galactic peacekeeping than one hundred million excellent Clone Troopers. It underscores that Palpatine and the Empire as a whole really did not seriously expect to fight another Galactic War. Or if they did, they did not want to fight one where their soldiers would be stretched thin, like they had been in the Clone Wars. The Rebel Alliance and New Republic was really something the Empire did not expect.
Eli Robinson
Eli Robinson Mês atrás
i think its maybe dooms patalion
CluB Mês atrás
8:14 echo is the normie / reg not tech
Peter Pidrak
Peter Pidrak Mês atrás
I am totally having three godfathers flashbacks here. If you don’t remember, it’s a John Wayne movie three criminals find this shattered wagon train there’s a dying mother with a new baby and she says you have to take care of her. They agreed to do it a hand at stages along the journey two of them willingly sacrifice themselves to keep her alive. I am totally foreseeing everyone sacrificing themselves so that Hunter and Omega can retire to be normal people living a normal life somewhere.
Peter Pidrak
Peter Pidrak Mês atrás
They totally needed to change the timber and tone of his voice. That was so weird.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Mês atrás
Theory: if omega is made of palps time blood to an extent she could be say, reys mother
Sang Pham
Sang Pham Mês atrás
The adhesive paint methodically glue because motorcycle ontogenically sprout at a stormy fold. caring, fancy tip
Wdomino Mês atrás
That same scene where Emperor Palpatine announces the Galactic Empire...... men o men. That was awesome, dark, and so unnerving. This episode is absolutly amazing. Many cameo's and some known characters and a very interesting take into the real change from Clone troopers to Storm troopers (the evaluation / total change of order etc.) and 75 mins, thats a grand gift!
hello Mês atrás
Cad Bane could possibly return here
miko foin
miko foin Mês atrás
I know who is the jedi with the lightsaber by the skin its one of the kid jedi that savage fought in the clone wars
RazorShultzor Mês atrás
Is the dead jedi carried by the clones not Master Unduli?
Travis Todd
Travis Todd Mês atrás
Wasn’t nearly as horrible as i thought it would be but the fact remains its a show about special needs clones lol woke wars
Siegfried Calaquian
Do you guys think we'll get to see the Kamino Clone Rebellion?
Clankers! 14 dias atrás
Well, one point most fans know about or agree on is that the Kaminoans are a pretty twisted lot
Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode
"Tech is a normi" I think you mean Echo
C1utchLied Mês atrás
THEORY: Omega could be reys mom and palatines daughter
Local Man
Local Man Mês atrás
is this fanmade?
A Mês atrás
hey men what is the status on your movie
ZhinZhaw Gourneau
ZhinZhaw Gourneau Mês atrás
I will say Omega in my first viewing seemed like an empath so she could be strong in the force. That being said if she ends up as Rey's mom or something like that I WILL he pissed.
Fleur Smellenbergh
Fleur Smellenbergh Mês atrás
Am I the only one thinking Omega might look like Captain Phasma?
KermitThePlane Mês atrás
I'm curious on how they got that armor, whether it's custom-made and if so who made it and etc. forgive me if its been mentioned and if so lmk where
Mr Respect
Mr Respect Mês atrás
Emmanueling Is my psn
On the star wars fandom is says that it's Captain gray with the Jedi
Luke Renier
Luke Renier Mês atrás
She obviously dosent have the ability of each of the clones in 99. She isn’t out here lifting 900 like wrecker.
Master Vos
Master Vos Mês atrás
People are shipping omega and palpatine? I don't think theory knows what shipping means....
Scarlet Rain
Scarlet Rain Mês atrás
8:12 a little script mix up, you meant to say Echo instead of Tech
אלון טולדנו
I know who is the jedi with the lightsaber by the skin its one of the kid jedi that savage fought in the clone wars
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
OK it wold have not been zatt enyway because he's a male
NeoShadow X
NeoShadow X Mês atrás
1:56 so uncivilized
Bizzaro500 Mês atrás
Omega has all of the abilities!
Dino man
Dino man Mês atrás
The Jedi under the sheet is the Jedi you speculize it's just her blood that you see that has dried on her skin.
pat finch
pat finch Mês atrás
To be honest I am confused 🤷‍♂️ how Omega is a female clone how doses that work because a clone is a exact copy of a another unless just like the other bad patch clones Omega being a she is a mutation of some kind it’s kind of confusing
Cosine Mês atrás
halo reach but even more epic
Darren Peabody
Darren Peabody Mês atrás
8:13 "realized tech is just a normie" he meant to say echo is the normie, he was a reg until he was brought back.
Galactic Rave
Galactic Rave Mês atrás
Maybe when zat died the lack of blood made him purple
Erika Butler
Erika Butler Mês atrás
8:08 No, Echo's the Reg, not Tech.
Swisherodocus Mês atrás
I predict we boutta see darth maul AGAIN and it will AGAIN be executed perfectly. I love maul :)
Stephen Elliott
Stephen Elliott Mês atrás
8:10 you say tech is a normie but I think you mean echo because he was a normal clone before being fucked with by the techno union
Mike Check
Mike Check Mês atrás
I think you meant to say Echo was the reg, or "normie", not Tech.
Clown Trooper
Clown Trooper Mês atrás
Imagine needing a breakdown of the bad batch episode 1
eagles CR 7
eagles CR 7 Mês atrás
The 5th mutated clone was omega but you mistaken tech by the fifth clone it’s echo
Charles M0226
Charles M0226 Mês atrás
what mic do you use
Nolan Brown
Nolan Brown Mês atrás
Thought it was cool how when Echo woke up in the medical bay after the cafeteria fight he freaked out because he thought he was hooked up to machines, PTSD from Skako Minor
the game master
the game master Mês atrás
OK it wold have not been zatt enyway because he's a male
SolonSaturn Gaming
SolonSaturn Gaming Mês atrás
Ryu/Rambo Trooper pretty much when i saw the trooper lmao and some people actually agreed with what i thought of him lmao but still a decent watch.
Clankers! 14 dias atrás
Hunter & well yes, he has the red bandana. Probably not a coincidence that it reminds some of us of Rambo. Hunter with his on target blade skills, pretty cool.
ARC 77
ARC 77 Mês atrás
Are people saying that omega is a female version of palpatine?! That’s not true, it’s very possible that she is force sensitive but it appears that she is just a clone with a chromosome switch and possible force sensitive.
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