The 7 Stages Of Being A Professional Musician 

Benn Jordan
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0:00 Intro
2:04 Stage I
3:46 Stage II
5:08 Stage III
7:42 Stage IV
10:07 Stage V
12:19 Stage VI
14:25 Stage VII


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30 Mai 2023



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Stephen Harrell
Stephen Harrell Anos atrás
I laughed SO hard at the "crash and burn" section. I don't think you've ever really grown as a creative person (in ANY field) until you experience the "I might be a genius" to "I might be mentally disabled" transition. And it tends to happen pretty quickly.
Muad' Dib
Muad' Dib Anos atrás
It happens to me every other day, I'll have a great practice session on my guitar then the next day I forget what hands are.
Billsy Bainbridge
Billsy Bainbridge Anos atrás
Friendly Amendment from a 57 year old who is rediscovering musical joy: Stage 8 is where the greater influence of your endeavors (both musical and social) comes back home to you to remind you of your further relevance in the larger cultural context, and where your freedom to experiment is not only highest, but your feedback of "social draw" from your life is immediate and supported in a much more authentic way. It is the actual "Fulcrum of Parasociality" and is the most balanced of your journey thus far - neither self-deluded nor clouded by the delusions of others regarding your notoriety. "You kids get off my lawn!" gets replaced by "Thank you for enjoying my lawn, come back anytime so I can tell you my story about it, and you can tell me YOUR story about it!" :)
Mike Roadblock
Mike Roadblock Anos atrás
Drew Epton
Drew Epton Anos atrás
Thank you for this.
Tatnall Kennedy
Tatnall Kennedy Anos atrás
Surprised, (not surprised) that Mr. Know it all, did not respond to this amazingly prescient honest and touching comment. Not too mention it gives so much more hope than where video ended, he should take his blinders off but perhaps stage 8 eludes some
Billsy Bainbridge
Billsy Bainbridge Anos atrás
@Tatnall Kennedy - Thank you for your sentiments, they are appreciated. In Benn's defense it is incredibly difficult for anyone with a substantial number of followers (and the added stress of public exposure of one's possible mistakes) to respond to anything posted in BRvid commentary. I've heard other BRvidrs say that they hardly ever reply at all because of how psychologically crushing dealing with general public cynicism can be. I feel it myself, and I hardly make any waves at all with my current status in Parasociality. Besides, I'm grateful that he shares a large amount of his knowledge and effort on a public venue such as this. He hardly has been paid well for doing so, meaning it's only "for exposure" that he is posting here, and still at a cost of considerable time to do the editing necessary. If you consider Public Replies added to that already large effort and it's clear why so few do.
cory Anos atrás
I hope to be like you when I'm your age, that sounds very fulfilling
William Benson
William Benson Anos atrás
Damn. I'm about to turn 25, I have a bachelor's in Music Composition and when you answered the question "what will you do if it doesn't work out?" "I guess I'll just die" is basically what I would answer too...
Dave Chippy
Dave Chippy Anos atrás
I hope you gonna do well... For me music was just a hobby... For last 15 years. Few weeks ago I quit my job to finish as much of the projects I have on hold since then. Don't know how will end up. Im thinking about making video log when time comes to do it 😊
Janzie Anos atrás
I hold a MFA in composition - music is not my job. Making music doesn’t have to be for money or for popularity. I feel like the terms amateur and hobbyist are used in a derogatory way far to often. Just because you make music for you, doesn’t mean you aren’t a musician.
Roy Beatty
Roy Beatty Anos atrás
I’m turning 30 next month, and have toured the us multiple times and done things i never imagined, but also still am not supporting myself full time with music. My plan if this shit doesn’t work out is just that lol… here’s hoping 🤞🏼🤞🏼
NTRSN Anos atrás
I'm 50 and the most important thing in making music is do what you want .
I never look at replies lol
Realize that everyone who is good & known for what they do were doing it for 10 years before anyone knew who they were. That should tell you what to do with the next decade.
Herman Pearl
Herman Pearl Anos atrás
I'd more so call myself a music professional than a professional musician. I'm 56 now and feeling more creative than ever, doing so many interesting projects I'd never imagined and enjoying the benefits of the many years of wonderful experiences. My music career has not gone according to the plan of my teenage self, but my wife and I do make a decent living creating art together (she's a choreographer and visual artist). I wouldn't say I've been through all your 7 stages or in that order, every "music career" is different. I'm just grateful to be having so much fun and feeling so inspired much of the time. My advice? Surround yourself with beautiful artists and collaborators and you can't go wrong. You might not get rich and famous, but you'll be happy! Thanks as always for the great subjects and thoughtful approach.
Jon Gee
Jon Gee Anos atrás
Love this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Mike Roadblock
Mike Roadblock Anos atrás
Kamran Ramsden
Kamran Ramsden Anos atrás
This really brought me comfort, us younger musicians need more messages like this.
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker Anos atrás
I'll bet $100 that I'm the least competitive musician. There's no way any musician is less competitive than me. I challenge you to prove you're less competitive but I bet I'll win.
Stephen Orion
Stephen Orion Anos atrás
Challenge not accepted
Noah Dominic
Noah Dominic Anos atrás
@Stephen Orion ooooo you're good
Spadassin Anos atrás
@Stephen Orion Just checked out your music, it's nice!
Stephen Orion
Stephen Orion Anos atrás
@Spadassin Thank you. Releasing a lot more this year after taking time off to learn and grow.
Dave Chippy
Dave Chippy Anos atrás
I make music for like 15 years, haven't released single track... Say wut?!
Hazmat For Humanity
I was never able to break out of the "local musician" part of my "career" and while I've managed to squeeze out a few albums that I'm proud of (and some that I am working on now) It has always been an uphill battle. I'm 39 now and I'm hoping to, at this point, sell enough albums to keep my hobby funded. My job and personal life was always such a hinderance to my studio time and i sometimes regret getting a full time job instead of dedicating myself more fully to music. But here I am. I came so close to submitting something for your contest but I just couldn't find the time to get it finished. I look forward to your future videos and to dropping the link to my album for the discord folks to pick apart in the future!!!
voicedrifter Anos atrás
Fantastic video Benn. I feel like you're elegantly speaking to multiple audiences here, those considering or already on this journey, but this also helps bring some clarity (dare I say closure?) to those of us that maybe followed other paths in life and always wondered, "what if?". Such a profound bit of content man. Please know that you are proving to be every bit as relevant in my middle-aged life as you were back in college when I used to park the car out in some green space somewhere, throw on some Pale Blue Dot, and look to the stars for the meaning of life. Now it's just taken a different, evolved form.
BrainwarRecords Anos atrás
The people you surround yourself with are very important. I've been releasing music by myself since 2009 and almost none of my so-called friends (including my ex-girlfriend of five years) ever supported me in any way. Nowadays I hang with mostly musicians and producers and even though I still do most stuff just by myself I'm kinda starting to finally grow some reach and most importantly I'm more motivated to go on with it than ever before, because I can now share what I love with people that actually care about it.
BrainwarRecords Anos atrás
I still don't make any money out of it but I'll get there... probably :D
Sam Ecoff
Sam Ecoff Anos atrás
This video is going to become required viewing for all of my students who are planning careers in music. Brilliantly executed as is your usual standard!
Arcadia Light
Arcadia Light Anos atrás
I'm 24 and have gone through a few break ups with others in the music world and now I'm in the child stage of discovery. Here's to the future to you and all who see this!
KrulliKlikk Anos atrás
As a 37 year old professional musician who has enjoyed moderate success since the age of 20 I related to every single part of this video. I'm stage 7 as well.
Syncrisis Videos
Syncrisis Videos Anos atrás
I'd say a lot of hobbyist musicians just live that Stage VII life from the get.
The Lanavishnu Orchestra
So true
eyevenear Anos atrás
The other day i checked who are the artists I listened to the most on Spotify over a span of more than 5 years. You are 2nd place, that is crazy consistent. and I'm not even 30 years old. You are a big inspiration for many producers of my age.
Akash Singh
Akash Singh Anos atrás
how do you do that? I'd love to see mine.
Jesse Jarrar
Jesse Jarrar Anos atrás
This video felt like a therapy session for me. I needed to hear some of these things. I believe you were spot on with everything you said. I’m definitely somewhere in between 6 and 7 right now.
Michael LaGuardia
Michael LaGuardia Anos atrás
I've been a professional musician for about 30 years now. I'm pretty sure I haven't even gotten to stage one yet. Amazing.
Matthew Hurley
Matthew Hurley Anos atrás
This video really inspired me to finish my debut album. I've been working on it so long that any attempt at releasing it makes me fear that it will be beneath me in 6 months based on the knowledge and skill I've gained. But this made me realize that this part of my career is one of the best parts and the creative energy flowing through me will overcome any technical shortcomings. Thanks again.
MMK 4 meses atrás
Benn, you are in stage 8: being awesome as musician and teaching everyone how to become better at it and also not giving a f*ck. Keep it up.
Corydharma Anos atrás
As a professional meditation/mindfulness teacher, I found all of this incredibly useful. I think this applies to many creative professions. It's just good all round advice in the form of a career's table of contents. You're in inspiration to more than just musicians.
Tegan Mora
Tegan Mora Anos atrás
just having gotten into music a year or two ago and wanting more than anything to become a professional musician, this video was really impactful. thank you.
David Hodgin
David Hodgin Anos atrás
The band Swans completely changed their sound after a long hiatus and you hear this with a lot of band. The fact that Michael Gira could make some of the best music he’s ever made in his 50s and early 60s is eye opening.
David Hodgin
David Hodgin Anos atrás
I guess imagine that as the stage seven hiatus, and stage 8 awakening-reinterpretation of the concepts and style that you specialized.
J O Anos atrás
Thanks for making this video Benn. It was really informative and it has made me take stock of where I am in my life currently. Since I was 14 I've dreamed of becoming a professional musician but the last couple of months I've been slowly coming to the conclusion that I don't want to become one because the idea of touring, releasing music consistently and playing shows really isn't my thing. I'll always continue to be in bands and write music but its just not for me. I'll always respect and appreciate what professional musicians do for us (the listeners) because without you artists my life and many others would be empty.
Astrobear Music
Astrobear Music Anos atrás
That was extremely honest and heartfelt. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your wisdom. You’ve made a really big impact in the musical world, and I hope that you reflect on your career in a positive way even if there are ups and downs.
The Generation
The Generation Anos atrás
Excellent, transparent, and honest words Benn! Much appreciated. I am a musician who has went through many stages as well, as many others my age have. In fact, the most success I had in the music business was with a group based out of Chicago called Blackmaker. Hard rock and southern influenced rock band. We had many albums, mostly self released or on independent labels. The unfortunate demise of our group was getting signed by a Major. An album that never saw the light of day. That was our ceiling, it crashed, and we became disheartened and eventually after legal battles, getting out of contracts, etc. called it a day. With that being said, that experience taught me alot about how to conduct myself in the business world today, and the types of offers and situations to look out for or to embrace. I still take chances of course, haha, but my decisions are a little more focused. I too am a multi-instrumentalist, electronica artist, pop, hiphop, producer, mix and mastering engineer. I am still building my business this many years later. Basically had to start back from the ground floor at the age of 40. I now have a family, and my priorities have changed. I have offers to do some road work, but am much more choosing when I accept. I do most of my work from home, most of my clients are from every city but my own. As the city I live in doesn't foster much of a scene in my field. I just primarily wanted to thank you for your honesty and hard earned wisdom. I always tune in to your videos, as they are very informative. Keep doing you. 👍
Brendan Ramsey
Brendan Ramsey Anos atrás
I absolutely loved the ending of this video. I love your content, I think you’re my favorite single musician. You don’t make my favorite music all the time, I like too many different things to say that about anyone, but as a music producer, music educator, and veteran of the music industry, you are somebody I’m happy to be able to learn from. A lot of people like you may never reach out as far and spread what they have as far and then die relatively young and all we have is their music, which isn’t much other than something to enjoy, or something like a bit creative radiation from the past telling us that something was once there. I probably won’t become a professional musician. I’m autistic, so my life expectancy is low enough. Music has been the most important interest of mine throughout my entire life but I’m too poor to start and too averse to change and too bad at adapting that I don’t think that life would suit me. I will still keep it as a hobby, and try my best to stay close to music as I can despite what else I wish to do.
R Anos atrás
I just recently heard Kirlian Selections for the first time, and let me tell you, you are still impacting young musicians like me, if your music is timeless you're never irrelevant!
Andrew Southworth
Andrew Southworth Anos atrás
Absolutely phenomenal video dude, thanks for being so willing to share your decades of experience with the world.
WMC Anos atrás
Spadassin Anos atrás
Awesome video Ben! I think this will give a lot of people clarity. Also I laughed a lot at the graph near the end lol I want to be a career musician because contrary to all the other jobs I've tried so far, it is the one thing I feel I could do indefinitely, that will always keep me invested, thinking forwards and working hard, that will challenge me constantly and encourage me to surpass my limits. Ever since I was young I drew a lot of purpose from music, for so long I dismissed it as a dream and sort of just let it rot in the back of my mind while I did other things... That hurt me more than I could have imagined, I thought it would go away eventually but it was always there it would just sort of linger around me in a taunting manner. Recent events have brought me to a certain realization, that I cannot just let this pass me by. I'm only just starting to learn truly how hard this is going to be, that I currently have almost no idea what I'm doing and how much I still have to learn as well as what it's going to cost me, but that said (and call this ignorance possibly) I really don't care if It ends up costing me everything, because I'll hate myself if I don't put absolutely everything I have into it. And even if down the road I fail and have to go back to the regular work I usually do, I'd probably just save up for a while and then start all over again, repeating that cycle until I finally succeed or my life ends, simply because it won't stop calling to me. I'm not confident enough yet to say I'm a professional musician, far from it. I can't get anything I've made so far to sound how I imagined it (hell, some of it I can't even stop from clipping all over the place lmao) and I am often frustrated and disappointed with the results of the many hours it takes me to write and produce a single piece of music, I also discovered I'm not as good at playing guitar as I previously thought! But in spite of it all, the little time I've spent doing this so far has been more rewarding, educational and invigorating to me than all the other working years of my life combined.
Subtronik Anos atrás
I just realized that you’re ‘The Flashbulb’. I’ve had your music on all of my devices for many years. My favorite track is ‘Warm Hands in Cold Fog’. That song has literally brought me to tears, which is the highest compliment I can give. Thank you for all that you do. Subscribed!
Mullaha Anos atrás
Fantastic insight, and a roundup & relatability to the final stage of music making with total freedom, contentment & acceptance. Music cures, music gives an escape, music gives life.
Matheus Rocha
Matheus Rocha Anos atrás
I discovered your music about half a year before you released Arboreal iirc - so I was 12 at the time - and I've always consistently listened to everything you released since then. I guess that makes you the artist I've been into for the longest. Not even my interest in the beatles lasted that long. Hearing this reflection on your carrer makes me nostalgic, not in the sense that "The Flashbulb is someone I used to listen to" as you mention, but nostalgic because I associate different parts of your discography with different moments of my life. I can think of quite a few amusing life experiences that, one way or another, only happened because of your music - and that's with me living here in South America, not having any chance of attending any of your concerts.
Bicyclops Anos atrás
Always appreciate your insight and candor, Benn!
Logs Nein
Logs Nein Anos atrás
Can't wait for your reality/existentialism series!
Tachy Bunker
Tachy Bunker Anos atrás
Damn right
Googahgee Anos atrás
I think I'm in that Crash & Burn stage right now Actually, I'm still not even quite there, in that I've yet to break into the professional music scene, but I respect how skilled everyone is and feel so scared to reach out and try to put myself out there. Lots of self-doubt right out of college lol
Fedbo Anos atrás
This is important and meaningful work, thank you Ben
Tachy Bunker
Tachy Bunker Anos atrás
This video is a checkpoint for musicians of all ages. I'll be starting stage I soon :) I hope that all of this is worth it.
bb512 Anos atrás
Not a music maker but the video was insightful nonetheless. Been listening to your music since 2010 I think, and always thought you were the definition of slept on in terms of popularity. But then as time went on, I realized that you were probably moving up in the world despite never having a light shined on you as intensely as other artists. Any time I get depressed that my own content is overlooked, I think about how the amount of organic growth and subtle influence you've amassed was substantial, and that inspires me to keep trying. Besides, I've come to learn that I would probably enjoy a life of obscurity much more than fame anyway. What I'm after is exactly the amount of support that enables me to walk away from conventional employment, and not anything more.
Niltomega 4 meses atrás
What great insight you offer. This is the stuff that helps other profession musicians mitigate these stages and likely move through them easier, and possibly faster. I never made it to professional level and bailed for the common job and family, and pretty much left music behind all together. Although I did gig nearly every weekend for 12 years and brushed lightly with some of your stage insights.
Pumodi Anos atrás
Thank you so much for posting this. I've never been very prolific but in my specific niche I'm somewhere between step 5 and 6. It was nice to hear everything you said and gave me a little calm and appreciation for the process and others lives.
Asura Anos atrás
This is so well written and produced. Thank you so much for your wisdom and the expert arrangement of concept. Godspeed!
Aneek Thapar
Aneek Thapar Anos atrás
Wonderful! Thank you. “The chances of you being the most determined or talented part-time or hobbyist musician becoming successful is extremely slim. The chances of an all-in professional musician becoming successful is inevitable. You’re not betting on fate, you’re just wrestling with time now.”
Nhan Do
Nhan Do Anos atrás
you are a musical genius. love your music so much
Adam Ovoid
Adam Ovoid Anos atrás
thank you for everything you do to help musicians that look up to you. this is one of your most reassuring videos by far hahah. after watching had to put on The Fear of Vision, cry, and think about how im exactly where i need to be with my career and that all the ups and downs are just a part of the journey
Ferran Marco
Ferran Marco Anos atrás
I first learned about Benn here on youtube, watching that laser modulation video which was really cool, then reading the comments on his videos I learned that he also had a career as a musician, "the flashbulb" or something so I checked it out and BOoOOM! What can I say, his music is amazing. I love the 7 quarantine poems, Piety of ashes, Compositions for piano, Nothing is real and Arboreal which is my favourite because thats the first album of his I ever listened to, oh! and The trees in russia is the song that opened the whole album for me (this one and Meadow Crush are very special for me). What I'm trying to say is that by making this YT channel Benn is reaching to people that otherwise would have never heard of him like in my case and thats really good, like his music, maybe that's phase 7.5! :)) Much love! F.
Chris Pretlove
Chris Pretlove Anos atrás
Loved this, never took the plunge to pro but I was right on the brink 25 years ago. Still not sure if I dodged a bullet or missed a great opportunity. At 50 I still love making music and love the fact that I can be completely free with experimentation, though that last graph was a kicker🤣
Tiago Falcão
Tiago Falcão Anos atrás
If there is something that "the internet" has taught me over the years, is that anything can happen at any given time. Of course, it's pretty improbable that your career will turn around again, and you see a sudden "rise to fame", but it's not impossible... if you are pretty talented, but people simply don't know yet to fully appreciate the scope and depth of what you compose, the rise can still be something in your future. Especially to someone that composes what you compose... ;) I sure hope you keep doing what you do best, and that you can get through life without caring too much about money. Surely, one day people will say "Remember The Flashbulb? That guy was awesome... only now we fully understand the depth of what he did..." :) best of luck to you, Benn
Jacob Galperin
Jacob Galperin Anos atrás
Thank you for sharing your experiences, it was incredibly reassuring to hear it laid out like this :)
DoubleD Anos atrás
Been, my name is Dan. I lived down the street from your grandparents on 77th. I'm so happy for you success. The earliest memory I have is going to a White Sox game with you and your mom. I pass the corner house a lot as my dad still lives there. I discovered your music recently and it is spectacular. Congratulations on all your success. I have a friend who lives in Woodstock, GA and it's a nice area. Hope you are doing well!
Erik Hawk
Erik Hawk Anos atrás
Wow... not sure what to say now... 🤔 ...been thinking, there are probably at least two more stages that Benn hasn't addressed/reached yet. The next one is when the kids move out/head off to college and we get to restart the careers we were busy with before the family and bills took over. Many of us were out gigging and spending long hours being musicians/producers/songwriters/ performers/audio engineers. Now, guess what, we can do it again without worrying about the family obligations! So, Stage 8: Don't Call It a Comeback (aka, mid-life crisis, ha ha.) and Stage 9: Senility? (Not sure, not there just yet, probably senility, LOL
deepstructure Anos atrás
Great video. I'm 53 and have been an amateur musician all my life - and not really a professional anything either. I've done alright, but what struck me about this video was how true all the steps were for myself anyway. Nicely done.
Jim Mahey
Jim Mahey Anos atrás
I'm 47 and for the most part this was spot on. Thanks for the laughter 😁
loveless Anos atrás
the content of your videos has always been substantive and engaging, thank you for this!!!
Keivn Anos atrás
Ive always wondered how a music career will affect an artist's relationship with music. Im sure it varies from person to person but the thought of having my income tied to the music I create makes me scared that it'll ruin my passion
tricks-and-tips Anos atrás
Honestly this was, one of the few video's that I watched completely. Usually I skip parts, but this was a fascinating story to follow. Thanks for comforting me I made a right choice not going the pro road :) I did subscribe (did not hit the bell, because I never do) :) Hope YT treats you right!
Vexi Voia
Vexi Voia Anos atrás
This is one of the most helpful and comforting videos on BRvid for musicians, and quite possibly for humans in general. Been sharing it with everyone I know, and, their outlook on my decisions as an artist have finally solidified into something more substantially positive. I appreciate you, Benn! Keep thriving! And to those that have either made the leap already or struggling to make the decision: I'm with you. I'm pretty sure we're all with you. Do it. Continue. No call of the heart is too wild.
ehhhhhhhhhh Anos atrás
I'm only a hobbyist musician, but somehow I feel like this applies to other careers, too--I think these phases were actually very relatable to other careers. The whiplash of high and low confidence definitely feels familiar, at least.
Liam Robert Marchant
Liam Robert Marchant 9 meses atrás
Hi Benn, thanks for a great video. I just graduated with degrees in saxophone and composition and wanting to make that next step and move from my small state of Idaho. Moving to a city is somewhat intimidating but that humbling stage you talked about made that leap seem more doable. Thanks for the great videos- you got a new patron.
Mark Koolen
Mark Koolen Anos atrás
All these stages are 100% correct for me as an professional photographer to. I can so relate to your stages.
johngallaghermusic Anos atrás
Haha. , thanks . I indentified with this alot. I was a bass player for many years ,still am. I didnt write ,sing or play guitar til I was 28. By the time I learned to craft decent material ,the music industry had changed beyond recognition. Ive had to learn how to just keep going because I love to do it. Im 52 now and the acceptance stage has come about. The challenges are a real lesson but the benefits emotionally of making music im happy with ,far outweigh the rest. Thanks for a great video .
emma Anos atrás
as a young musician this video means a lot to me. thanks man!
Herfinnur Árnafjall
As always, Waaaaaaaaaaaaay deeper and well thought-out than I expected. Dude, you're the king of underselling. I don't know how often I pass on one of your videos because the title sounds so meh, but then when I do watch one of those videos, I immediately after go and watch at least one more
Liisa Tulvik
Liisa Tulvik Anos atrás
I feel iike I am at stage four. I used to think that I want to be a performing artist or front a band, but now I am gravitating more towards production side of the sound. Now I am starting to run a basement studio in an old nuclear shelter, because I found it easier to learn how to record & mix my own songs rather than spend most of my time at regular work and letting someone else turn my music into recordings. Also the amount of quarter-to-half-finished projects on my hard drive made me realize, that I have many friends and acquaintances who like to perform and sing and play the instruments but they aren't writing their own songs. Production is something that I can do basically anywhere and anytime and all the anys that go with it while performing is more strict and similar most of the time. So I am really happy with my decision to spend most of my "working hours" collaborating with other artists and mixing songs for them and myself so that the performing side of the art is something I could consider a hobby. That means I am able to work as much or as little as I want or need and it helps me regulate the balances between social life and productive and leisure time depending on my energy levels. There are many jobs, where you can actively engage the music business and be close to or take part of the creation of the art of sound and it took me more than I'd like to admit to realize it. Now I've come to the magic part of the thing: I can keep doing what I do as long as I have a full belly and a roof over my head. If push comes to shove I can always stay in the studio and the absolutely beautiful people that I can call my friends wouldn't let me starve and they love what I do. So if the rock bottom couldn't be steep and I'd survive anyway, how high are the possibilities?
HertzWerx Anos atrás
I know I'm never going to go professional (I'm a few years older than you and I can't get past a 4 bar loop), but I enjoyed this video nonetheless. Honestly, I think many of the same stages apply for my industry (tech). As for the shadow ban, I'm subscribed and your video popped up soon after it as posted. I do believe you're shadow banned though, as I watched a LOT of music production videos before I was finally suggested one of yours. Which is weird to me because you've got one of the best channels of any I subscribe to.
Unthank Anos atrás
An inspiring video, thanks. I feel better about my decision not to take the plunge all those years ago, which I've been thinking about more and more as middle age approaches!
Inner Freq
Inner Freq Anos atrás
Damn this one cut deep. Pretty dang accurate and well thought out yet somehow optimistic... I'm probably on a 7 but lying to myself and thinking I'm on 5 🤣🤘🏽🙏🏽 Thanks!
Shamsher Rana
Shamsher Rana Anos atrás
This is the first time I've had to pause a video halfway through and share it with my musical colleagues as fast as possible. Absolutely brilliantly put. Thanks for keeping it real and hilarious! Amazed at how relatable your experience is. More power to you, thank you so much for this
Simrasil Anos atrás
Really great and insightful video. I thought about doing music professionally very long but decided to get a "normal" job and only pursue music as a hobby. I'll have my master in computer science by the end of the year and that'll probably grant me a relatively secure job. But still, while a career in music surely is hard and mentally draining, not a day goes by that I don't regret the decision a little and wonder what could have been ^^
Groove Q
Groove Q Anos atrás
dude, you're ace, like a lot of snarky viewers/producers i started watching this through my own filter of BS and by the end was agreeing with every damn word. nice job!
Boi Mesa
Boi Mesa Anos atrás
Yo Ben I really really really love this video! thanks for the content and the vulnerability + honesty. You're an inspiring musician and content creator🙏 I hope maybe at some point you could share your experiences and your opinions on being a multifaceted musician/creative since there's more and more people doing different jobs at the same time I'm for instance being performing artist and an engineer just as an example. Keep up the good shit!!!
Durosai Anos atrás
This is really cool, love to see things like this. Helps me prepare myself for the road ahead
hamacaboy Anos atrás
I really like your video and your perspective, its very real. I think that its uncomfortably true, being an artist cannot be fulfilling until you understand that you do it for yourself, not for being rich or famous. But that leaves a huge gap in terms of seeing others having comfortable lives, while yours can be a sort of sacrifice in the name of art. This is adressed in your video, and its the hard truth.
Apoplexia 4 meses atrás
It's funny because i had started my steady climb, very slowly but nonetheless. I had released my first album profesionnally on a pretty big label in that particular scene and it felt like it was off to a good start. A few weeks later the same label released a lo-fi Zelda covers/remix album and it was wildly successful and they went all in supporting it, leaving me in the dust. So i experienced the Crahs and Burn part in reverse order it seems. I have since realized that i feel content just making music as a hobby, because i'm no where near good enough to it professionnally full time, plus i'm having more fun this way, rather than put a lot of pressure on myself.
Seed to Stage
Seed to Stage Anos atrás
If you're all in "You're not betting on fate you are wrestling with time." My experience in a nutshell. The truth is that most people make great music, it's whether you have the work ethic and time management skills to do all the things. Most don't.
Jose Luis Revelo
Jose Luis Revelo Anos atrás
Such a brilliant and needed piece of wisdom. You are a good human being. I follow you because of that, the music is just an added bonus.
Delilah Bailey
Delilah Bailey Anos atrás
Just turned 18 and I'm at my peak in terms of everything I do when it comes to music, and idk it's just fun to see how this video described me perfectly just in the first few minutes :) I'm lowkey having an existential crisis ha ha. at least I'm lucky that I got to know this beforehand rather than getting hit with dissapointment later in life right?
composerpete Anos atrás
Didn't realize how much I relate to stage 3 haha. I started jazz school after 6 years of touring in a rock band thinking I was the best player around. I quickly realized that I knew as much about music as I did nuclear fission.
Marti Hartung
Marti Hartung Anos atrás
I've heard it said many times in my days..So I say it here "Nothing is as refreshing as the truth"...Thank you Ben!!
Dmitry Puffin
Dmitry Puffin Anos atrás
Thank for the video. I am not full time musician, but I went thru several stages you described. I wise I could have little bit more time for my music, but I still enjoy my day job as programmer.
Code YVO
Code YVO Anos atrás
This video is inspirational. I've been struggling to figure out how I want to enter the music industry because I've been training vigorously since childhood, and music feels like all I have to offer. I'm 25 and I feel like I am not even at Stage 1 (or maybe I feel like I skipped straight to Stage 3), and I don't know how I should rationalize it or even think about moving forward without fearing that I'll become homeless. The biggest issue about starting off is not feeling the instant feedback loop that you're making the right decision. At any rate, I thank you for sharing your perspective on matter. Hearing that I will inevitably grow and perhaps eventually succeed will help me a lot mentally/emotionally during my journey.
Beni Rose Music
Beni Rose Music Anos atrás
Oh man, you couldn't have made a more timely video for me. And I'm not even in my 20s, I'm 35 wondering if it's finally time to do this for real...
Aaron Z
Aaron Z Anos atrás
Holy HELL. I've been writing/recording/producing for almost 2 decades with reasonable monetary success in the sound design world and been stuck in *STAGE 5* for years man... YEARS. Even to the point of actually entertaining the idea of becoming a financial advisor or something. i think i need to go to bed, watch this again, and reassess the situation. might have to finally connect w/ ya on patreon soon. damn that cuts deep (in a good way).
TheStudioDrummer Anos atrás
I love that Death Chart! LOL. My takeaway: by stage 7 hopefully we are in a stage of Ignorance, Trial, Error and Awe: back to stage 1. Sounds like a great way to live 100% of the time.:^)
Tomer Krail
Tomer Krail Anos atrás
I feel like I crash through these stages on a semi regular basis...Nice vid Benn
Jay M
Jay M Anos atrás
What's interesting to me about this video is how it contrasts with what I hear from other (younger) musicians. For example, one thing I typically hear from musicians is some externalization of "why I can't get ahead." That is, I often hear mostly harmless griping about music labels, the music industry generally, or some example of the latest externalized villain, Spotify. I like how this examines things from the perspective of being a master of your own destiny. As someone who picked a more "traditional"/stable career path and simply enjoys music as a hobby, listening to people who pick music as a profession complain about the money or ability to support themselves, who also then demonize all these things they see as roadblocks to their success, this really gets under my skin. Folks looking for their "big break" or picking up signs and protesting Spotify's monetization -- all looking for someone else to make their careers for them and someone to blame when it's not what they think it should be. It blows my mind how anyone who decides to be a musician as a career is surprised, or indignant even, that they have a hard time making a living. From that perspective, it's really refreshing to hear a musician talk about just putting in the time and work, knowing who you are, and sharing a realistic view about expectations.
even mind
even mind 5 meses atrás
Love hearing your unpathetic yet personal insights!
sleekitwan Anos atrás
Great stuff. I watched this and subsequently listened to a couple of your albums to relax to. One was in 2014, the other 2017. ‘Nothing is real’ and ‘Piety of Ashes’. The first one I thought was pretty good, then later I thought you were indeed a ‘musical genius’ as I drifted into unconsciousness and kept waking to hearing what turns out to be Apple’s playlist of the best music similar in genre! So, after I got over the fact you were not in fact responsible for every top-ranking electronic music song in the last 20 years, I still think these are two fantastic albums. I read somewhere (Ari whatsname book) that if you really really finally come to the conclusion you can’t bring yourself to do anything else, if nothing other than say writing or making music is how you feel about spending any of your time, then become a writer or a musician. If you really cannot bear doing anything else, it’s time to turn to the creative industries and pursue that. If on the other hand, you can tolerate doing a ‘normal’ job, you might not be ready for turning to creative writing or music. I feel this might be pretty true for myself, but maybe there are others for whom they have many avenues they could pursue successfully, and music was just one of the many talents they possess and are happy spending time doing. I did a job I grew to hate. After the last two creative routes I tried to follow failed, I finally turned to music. I would prefer to die than do the main job of work I used to, so this is not a joke that you have made, as you will know. As I explained to one of my grown offspring, I am fortunate my first name is ‘Ian’. Finally, the most headbanger name in the world has a use. I can call myself legitimately a ‘music-ian’. Frickin’ thing finally has a benefit. I feel I know what a ‘real’ musician is, and I am not that. This was an interesting review of your take on being a person professionally making music, and I thank you for opening up on this. All the best from Richard Getts.
jeroen walravens
jeroen walravens Anos atrás
Hey Ben, I picked up red extensions of me on vinyl when I was like ... 19, ish? I never did the dj thing like I had imagined, now I'm watching some production vids and see Ben Jordan in the suggestions. "Is that him?" Your energy and thoughtful way of speaking are totally in line with that album's vibe. Thanks man, good luck with the whole online thing!
Roland M. Dill
Roland M. Dill Anos atrás
I don't believe in the "music is a young mans game" crap anymore. It takes years to build skills and even more importantly musical taste not just to showcase the skills. Especially music producers do their best work at 40+
Mik Pol
Mik Pol Anos atrás
Honest, refreshing and real! Thank you for this video :)
Tyler Baars
Tyler Baars Anos atrás
I wish my fellow musicians great success on their endeavors 🙂 and yes that statement may be indicative of my current stage 😂
Nick Herman
Nick Herman Anos atrás
Skipped to stage 7 as my main life goal long ago, hurray! A middle aged Italian sculptor told me once after a show, “obscurity isn’t the worst thing in the world.”
Clif Bratcher
Clif Bratcher Anos atrás
Got a profound piece of advice talking with Martin Atkins about shifting to the music industry full-time: "If you leave your day job, you'll start taking work you never would've before just to make ends meet. Stay until you have absolutely no other choice."
Krumpus Plunk
Krumpus Plunk Anos atrás
I feel like that as a hobbyist with days-long creative outbursts and then weeks of barely touching an instrument in between, I go up and down a lowkey version of this scale every time I make a song :D
Emiel333 Official
Emiel333 Official Anos atrás
Great video. It would be cool if you can make a video about differences and also pros and cons between mixing in the box (software plug-ins only) and mixing with (sometimes expensive) outboard gear like compressors, EQ and other hardware. I’m curious what your experience and opinion is regarding this subject. Best regards, Emiel333.
D r Jezz
D r Jezz Anos atrás
Wow. Probably the most insightful musical broadcast I've ever seen since ... age 14 (when there were none and I was saving to by a Boss Dr 110 😎). I discovered you looking for a new reverb pedal , but I've since enjoyed you output and found that you're just a beautiful human being along the way. kudos for bringing this into the world ☺️🙏
Neil Pho
Neil Pho Anos atrás
Thank you. This is an outstanding video with the right balance of humour and content.
Fady Aswad
Fady Aswad 6 meses atrás
What an amazing video. I can't help but notice that there are big parallels with the Dunning-Kruger effect. Are you familiar with it? It kind of explains most of your journey, from the "Peak of mount stupid" to the "valley of despair" to the "slope of enlightenment" and the "plateau of sustainability".
Ian Waugh
Ian Waugh Anos atrás
Hey Ben - really great, very interesting. I'm assuming this has been your journey. Mine took a slightly different route (via writing) so I can relate to many points although I think I escaped some of the worst ones 😱 Love your videos. Just keep on truckin'
EMANUEL ! Music for (Great) Stories
the pandemic killed my job as organist and church composer in Salzburg, but brought me my first comissions as composer for film and media. Long term this will mean something financially way better than before. More than this, If i remember how much money, psyche, heroic life decisions, and hours i gave to music, i am still in "debt" and did not earn that much; but the more i go forward the clearer it gets the value of my work, this is the good part og being artist, your skills does not come back and sometime your opus will impress just by existing, no matter how crazy the historic is
Maxi Göthling
Maxi Göthling Anos atrás
10 years ago I nearly crashed my car because I was enjoying Undiscovered Colors a bit too much. Now I'm watching this really awesome video, life is good 😎🤙
Domenico Caruso
Domenico Caruso Anos atrás
This is a really, really good one. Thank you Benn!
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