The 2020 Hyundai Palisade Is a Bargain Luxury SUV

Doug DeMuro
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The 2020 Hyundai Palisade is a midsize family crossover that feels like a luxury SUV -- and today I'm going to show you what I mean. I'm reviewing the Palisade to show you all of its quirks and features, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the Hyundai Palisade and drive it to show you what it's like on the road.
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 7 318
738polarbear Hora atrás
Wow,I have a whole new level of respect for Hyundai.
kev becker
kev becker 2 horas atrás
Doug there is a new problem with the fuel filler door....It pops open by itself or going over a now has to be taped shit........taped when shipping.
Shashank Degloorkar
Shashank Degloorkar 4 horas atrás
4:20 But can it slap the shit out of kids in 3rd row?
LT john
LT john 5 horas atrás
Sorry!! Its still a Hyundai.. ill keep my German vehicles. 😁
Hayden Dibben
Hayden Dibben 7 horas atrás
The rear seat belt indicator you used to get on old Citroen and Peugeot
Namka B
Namka B 9 horas atrás
14 MPG? I was expecting it to be higher.
BAME MICHAEL 9 horas atrás
Where do you keep the spare tyre?
moomoo 10 horas atrás
Lmaooooo army of seatbelts
Haykall 16 horas atrás
Hyundai and Kia are putting these Japanese cars to shame.
S클래스팅어760 Quattro
Poor man's X7
Angel Dia atrás
I can’t wait to scream at my future kids in this! Hahahahaha
G grew ff Hrdhh yh ju
Wtf is this piece of shit?!?
Raul R
Raul R Dia atrás
Still a Hyundai... will burst into flames by just looking at it.
Hawkeye Knight
Hawkeye Knight 2 dias atrás
Do your home work, quality is questionable. Don’t spend all that money, you may save few thousands but will spend countless days in dealership haggling to get your car fixed.
aslamaslam4343 2 dias atrás
Naice car
Nick B.
Nick B. 2 dias atrás
the driver microphone should be called tour guide mode
Alex M
Alex M 3 dias atrás
No dvd for kids in the back !? Let Me not buy it
Absoluteuno 3 dias atrás
Absoluteuno 3 dias atrás
Absoluteuno 3 dias atrás
Absoluteuno 3 dias atrás
when they did something I felt that
Michael Lau
Michael Lau 3 dias atrás
Wow really great design both inside and out. Some truly creative design re the headlights
Blessed 3 dias atrás
Love how gear is pressing one👌👍💜 Hyundai Palisade is so awesome 💜👍👌👏✌
TheTechCguy 3 dias atrás
My dad told me that, in his day, Hyundai was a brand the world made fun of. Especially America. Now, it's ALL THE RAVE!
The Viking
The Viking 5 dias atrás
Most Ugly front headlights I have seen @
Gary Eisenzimmer
Gary Eisenzimmer 5 dias atrás
Really dude you know what you're talkin about the one of those Mercedes-Benz Range Rover or BMW their money pits they fall apart no resale value they're junk compared to a Hyundai there's a lot more dependable on the other ones
just me
just me 5 dias atrás
oh, and we to get an idea of another car, we just watched your video on the Kia Telluride. would have nice for both cars to get an idea of their on and off road (dirt tracks) capabilities. anyway you do know KIA and Hyundai (pronounced high-UUN-digh (-igh as in high, -uu as in book, digh as in die) is the same company. do a little homework and google just who the company is.
Charles Miles
Charles Miles 5 dias atrás
Looks nice but I'll never have anything that nice normal person cant drop 50,000 on a car.
just me
just me 5 dias atrás
hey sport, you were talking about the 'which wheels are 'working' and who really cares'? the damn thing has a centre diff lock and a snow mode. so if you're in a situation where slippage is a problem, you can hit the diff lock and snow switch. oh wait, American! not really intelligent drivers. so yes, you're right they wouldn't think or know how to actually drive as opposed to just pointing the car and hoping. we've seen American car accidents on highways in snow. no one slows down, visibility down to a dozen meters or as and still doing 70mph.
godra051 6 dias atrás
Amazing vehicle
SexyBulldozerMan 6 dias atrás
sienna is cheaper and better
Hussain Mirza
Hussain Mirza 6 dias atrás
Ken Eldridge
Ken Eldridge 7 dias atrás
Does this vehicle have a spare tire?
Ivan Dobrichkov
Ivan Dobrichkov 7 dias atrás
Used G class is the answer. The one and only choice for SUV everything else is cope or compromise
heyyyy rude
heyyyy rude 8 dias atrás
This SUV makes me want to start a family. **Edit** Most importantly, this is the first time I have ever considered a Hyundai. I agree with the below comment, this would do so much better branded as a Genesis. Slap a turbo on this and it would be a hit.
Dems s
Dems s 8 dias atrás
Thought it was a Cadillac from the thumbnail
Ionel Popa
Ionel Popa 9 dias atrás
Is just a GREAT car !!!
Frank Crow
Frank Crow 11 dias atrás
Hotel Circle on the I-8... nice.
Grande1124 11 dias atrás
I wish it had a little more power
Dale Couture
Dale Couture 11 dias atrás
Every car gets that Lead Car Departure Alert when the dumbass drivers sit there texting at a green light. I honk and they get alerted.
insulator man
insulator man 11 dias atrás
To much electrical shit that may mess up as it ages years down the road.
R3Z3N 12 dias atrás
Wait 10 years then review this....
utterbullspit 13 dias atrás
Much better looking than the ugly ass telluride
Mr Hombre Gordo
Mr Hombre Gordo 13 dias atrás
Quirks and features!!!! 😳 never read the comments......Doug flipped out on the imaginary kids in the back seat didnt he😳😤😱
Ravi Z
Ravi Z 13 dias atrás
Luxary vehicle from Hyundai. Good luck to the owners. Hyundai can’t make simple straight cars reliable never mind the functionality of a luxurious vehicles. I won’t be trusting Hyundai anytime soon in luxurious vehicles range
AARON WILSON 13 dias atrás
4:30 When you can't be a an actual pilot, so you improvise.
Trinity Shooter
Trinity Shooter 13 dias atrás
You look like Sheldon
Juan Pablo Pineda
Juan Pablo Pineda 13 dias atrás
My mother never needed this so called “Driver talk” she was and still is loud enough.
Mike Kreen
Mike Kreen 14 dias atrás
"pull to a stop light and start texting"...Really?.....So this SUV is helping out with this bad habit? Texting behind the wheel is illegal. People do it all the time. It's why pedestrians get hit every day, because your looking down, then quickly look up see green light and go. You weren't paying attention as to all what is going on at the intersection and run someone over.
The Future Is Here
The Future Is Here 14 dias atrás
Doug is the the type of guy to break into your car overnight, sleep in the car, and wait for you to go to work in the morning, just so he can say to you, from the passenger's seat, " the 2007 Hyundai Accent!"
The Future Is Here
The Future Is Here 14 dias atrás
Palisade > Telluride
Sagan Murphy
Sagan Murphy 14 dias atrás
This needs to be a genesis
Otabek Asatullayev
Otabek Asatullayev 14 dias atrás
Make some video about Nissan Patrol 2020
BISWAJYOTI SARMA 14 dias atrás
Vrush Patel
Vrush Patel 14 dias atrás
Congratulations Hyundai!!! I wasted my 23:42 min time to hear criticism from Doug. That's totally strange. He didn't find it at this price and so you are gifted a low doug score
Taijean Moodie
Taijean Moodie 14 dias atrás
He didn't mention that the 2nd row seating has cooled seats which is rare for this segment.
hudson k
hudson k 14 dias atrás
This SUV is sexy, I'm a truck guy but hell, loving the styling
dalexdalex 15 dias atrás
Nobody sees that is resembling to Cadillac???
93 Tech
93 Tech 15 dias atrás
Toyota Sequoia??
Seth Cook
Seth Cook 15 dias atrás
When you press D, the computer physically shifts the car from Park to reverse, to neutral, and to drive. Hence why the lights illuminate.
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