The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀

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You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.

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29 Abr 2021



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Comentários 19 524
Hamza Elbatanouni
Hamza Elbatanouni 3 horas atrás
I love how he’s wearing a tuxedo while holding a blackberry phone who’s with me can we show respect to how much money he spent
Satvik C.M.
Satvik C.M. 4 horas atrás
8:11 love his rickrooll
Satvik C.M.
Satvik C.M. 4 horas atrás
2:20 was hilarious huh
Ethan Has A Name
Ethan Has A Name 6 horas atrás
The last one was bacically a samsung with a gold brick behind it..... very not worth it to me.
yako HASSAN 6 horas atrás
plz get one phone
Freydson Ventura
Freydson Ventura 8 horas atrás
using the skull emoji isn't good because ur saying "I'm dead or I'm dying" yes Ik yall say it to laugh but God says we can speak blessings or cursings
ZK Popular
ZK Popular 19 horas atrás
I had Samsung s7
Memes 23 horas atrás
His voice should legit be the new siri voice
CosmusX _
CosmusX _ 23 horas atrás
The Mi 11 pro just looks so nice
Yvan Yaban
Yvan Yaban Dia atrás
This unboxing video makes me feel so poor.
Nihal Mahesh
Nihal Mahesh Dia atrás
is it just me or is it at 16:06 he is eating a burger in the background
Itz_Fio Dia atrás
Isaac Voorheis
Isaac Voorheis Dia atrás
i absolutely hate that first phone
THONOS789 Dia atrás
18:09 wait thats jeff bezos aka owner of amazons full name huh? jeff bezos is in russsia? what i am confused
Hnf Lkhl
Hnf Lkhl Dia atrás
I had a Samsung S7 edge but now I have a Redmi note 10
Dote32 Dia atrás
I wonder how many phones he owns
Joseph Rides
Joseph Rides Dia atrás
You got scammed bro
Timfon Umoh
Timfon Umoh Dia atrás
The redmagic 5G Transparent will be so Good for playing COD
hybridi-Peruna Dia atrás
8:11 he rick rolled you guys
zaeem srot
zaeem srot 2 dias atrás
10:52 2200$ goes yeet!
Charlie 2 dias atrás
I just got rick rolled at 8:13
Neon Blue
Neon Blue 2 dias atrás
what happens if you drop the 120 000 phone
FeliXD -YT
FeliXD -YT 2 dias atrás
Wanna buy roughly 100 cars? Orrrrr. Buy a phone?
Magic Light
Magic Light 2 dias atrás
The Gold Phone feels like sticking an apple to a Nokia to call it IPhone
It's Me
It's Me 2 dias atrás
how shit was that last one ahaaahhahaah
Ben Anyim
Ben Anyim 2 dias atrás
You should do a phone giveaway... Looks like you've got a lot of phone right there just saying Well I love Samsung too its practically a precious possession to me
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Collis williams
Collis williams 2 dias atrás
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Lora Richard
Lora Richard 2 dias atrás
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Helen angela
Helen angela 2 dias atrás
I trade with him, The profit are secured and over a 100% return on investment directly sent to your wallet.
Alexander christopher
Alexander christopher 2 dias atrás
I heard a lot of investing with Mr William dunkley and how good he is, please how safe are the profit?
Collis williams
Collis williams 2 dias atrás
I'm so happy ☺️ my life is totally changed. I've been earning $10,250 returns from my $4,000 Investment every 13 days
BFFs of talents
BFFs of talents 2 dias atrás
How this guys rickroll is just mindblowing
DuperTuber 2 dias atrás
8:11 Best rickroll ever 9:24 thats what she said 💀
Chelaka-the-unspeakable-fortnite game.
I like you bro 👍
Be Cool
Be Cool 3 dias atrás
That golden phone raped you off.
Nahom Teklezghi
Nahom Teklezghi 3 dias atrás
Ken I have one
PoizonBerri 3 dias atrás
Feels like I’m watching an actual show, because the editing is great 🤣
Krishan big fan
Krishan big fan 3 dias atrás
Hii bbb
Kuntheareach Heng
Kuntheareach Heng 3 dias atrás
the 170k dollar phone is a scam like u cant take selfies or take a photo so what the point and if u want to play a game it will be very hard, and it will be hard to bring it every where i would rather buy 80 imac than this crap.
C2theRizzock44 3 dias atrás
If anyone actually needs an excuse to blow as much money as they'd spend on that last phone, could you just give it to me instead? I can pay off my house and still have enough for a semester of college for all 4 of my boys lol
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Greenwolf576 3 dias atrás
Some of theses phone are more expensive then my computer $1,250
Abril Arnaiz
Abril Arnaiz 3 dias atrás
Giveaway pls
Food McCarthy
Food McCarthy 3 dias atrás
Tonino Lamborghini is just a cash grab by ferruchio Lamborghinis nephew. No actual relationship with the modern Lamborghini company
blossomplayzz 3 dias atrás
Can we take a second that he spond 200.000 to make a video for us
Logesh 3 dias atrás
That 170k phone is dumb stupid.. Even u r fkg rich, why in the world u want to carry 1kg of phone? Caviar should stop doing this dumb shit
josh Farria
josh Farria 3 dias atrás
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Solomon William
Solomon William 3 dias atrás
how do you start trading with Mr Nicholas? I'm interested and wanna invest too
Mohamed Alice
Mohamed Alice 3 dias atrás
@Rose Watkins mr Nicholas Burke-Gaffney is the plug, get in touch with him. he gives high attention to his clients both old and newbies.
Mohamed Alice
Mohamed Alice 3 dias atrás
@Rose Watkins yes, $1,000 is good enough to start investment with him.
Rose Watkins
Rose Watkins 3 dias atrás
Can i start with $1,000? I don't have much
Rose Watkins
Rose Watkins 3 dias atrás
I'm new here and I really want to know some important things about him before I can choose to invest with him.
ManiGamez 3 dias atrás
Just how much money he spent for us
Helen Rojas
Helen Rojas 4 dias atrás
sid you know how many people died getting that gold?
arun budha
arun budha 4 dias atrás
Give me phone 🥱🤣📱
Lau Nicholas
Lau Nicholas 4 dias atrás
Try the olympic edition of the samsung!
evstati penchev
evstati penchev 4 dias atrás
wtf do you mean by liquid alloy?!
Brittany SmartCookie
Brittany SmartCookie 4 dias atrás
“Who is this for?!” 😭😭😭
S.Sanjay 4 dias atrás
When he gets nokia 3310 for that cost
Herodragon 2007
Herodragon 2007 4 dias atrás
8:14 top middle lol
Where can we get the reomagic transparent mobile in online. In which website
Alan Nibu
Alan Nibu 5 dias atrás
get and ps5 gold.(horribly pricey) get an ipad cyperpad while ur at it.....if ur at it.
HH Boys
HH Boys 5 dias atrás
Rick is on the 2 floor 8:12
PALAYA TAMIL 5 dias atrás
Oh 😊
شوشو الغامدي
The abashed faucet alternatively agree because ferry aboaly type circa a labored government. wiggly, sticky teacher
cheese juice
cheese juice 5 dias atrás
the quality of these video's are even better than television!
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 5 dias atrás
you need to put an undershirt on. People should not be able to see your chest every single time you move.
Osman Dixon Kargbo
Osman Dixon Kargbo 5 dias atrás
C'mon guys! Subscribe!!!! His videos are great!!
rodrigo marco
rodrigo marco 5 dias atrás
Them I Have an 170k dollars phone Meanwhile Me Having an Flip Phone
Sathyavathi Subramani
Sathyavathi Subramani 6 dias atrás
S27 for doing what exactly !? Bring that GOLD, Might be useful to make my ORNAMENTS ;) :P :D MANGALSUTRA :)
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fiza sami
fiza sami 6 dias atrás
JakSir 6 dias atrás
now you can go in public and say “my phone is worth more than your house”
hunter adams
hunter adams 6 dias atrás
can i have one of any of your phone pls
Mr. Camera
Mr. Camera 6 dias atrás
you should do apple products too
Mr. Camera
Mr. Camera 6 dias atrás
nevermind i didn't watch the whole video
Beer Market
Beer Market 6 dias atrás
Gives you ideas, why not strap diamonds or anything expensive and just sell it, ppl will buy it
HunriX 7 dias atrás
I like how he says "at lowly $700" bruh for me $250 is already too much
Gogeta2vegito 7 dias atrás
Soooo... Did he buy it?
allied 122
allied 122 7 dias atrás
Red1reaper2 7 dias atrás
8:12 guys we just got Rick rolled in the top centre
Pupi 7 dias atrás
U r soooooooo handsome 🤗
XD Team Gaming
XD Team Gaming 7 dias atrás
I'm waiting for samsung galaxy note 7 review
PiNKiE PiE 6 dias atrás
I had a blast using it. That was the year that the Note exploded in price. And, yet, they still sold like hotcakes.
Koyena Chakraborty
Koyena Chakraborty 7 dias atrás
🙏 the last one was a disappointment. 🙂
Christopher Basumatary
Arena Closer
Arena Closer 7 dias atrás
8:12 look up lol
laserki 【へ
laserki 【へ 7 dias atrás
MRWHOSETHEBOSS: buying 2 for 1 toothbrushes Also MRWHOSETHEBOSS: BUYING A 170,000 PHONE
Joel Nora
Joel Nora 8 dias atrás
omg the best phone review
SG☆NOVA GAMING 8 dias atrás
0:24 wow dude what a catch😀
Techno Tech
Techno Tech 8 dias atrás
Sir please can one help me i am from a poor family i saw your video on youtube from my friend's phone and i also want to become a youtuber like you but my family does not have that much money can buy phone sir i saw in your video that you give so many phones to people for free sir can you give me a phone please sir i am a big fan of you all my friends have phone but i have if not, then those people will not keep me with them, they say that the one who has (mobile, car, money) will stay with us.
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Sathyavathi Subramani
Sathyavathi Subramani 8 dias atrás
Alejandro GV
Alejandro GV 8 dias atrás
Send me a phone man
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Stan804 8 dias atrás
This man deserves more subs
Happy Hedgy
Happy Hedgy 8 dias atrás
8:10 Rickroll (Top left)
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Pankaj Lalwani
Pankaj Lalwani 8 dias atrás
Bro I'm literally your fan bro ..yr your voice ♥️
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FYI Day with Sam
FYI Day with Sam 9 dias atrás
This is worst price tag ever👎
FYI Day with Sam
FYI Day with Sam 7 dias atrás
Whats yours whats app number??
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Rifana Ashraf
Rifana Ashraf 9 dias atrás
iPhone 6s sounds like iPhone success
xdJacko 2009
xdJacko 2009 9 dias atrás
Hey this was posted on by birthday
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆
Daiyan Chowdhury
Daiyan Chowdhury 9 dias atrás
That 170k phone needs more security than the owner
Santi 9 dias atrás
No sense that there are no cameras
Johnny Unitus
Johnny Unitus 9 dias atrás
I believe the phone is removable from the gold body using a custom type of side rail system.
Big Business 365
Big Business 365 9 dias atrás
You should’ve got a sealed iPhone 2G 😂
Jeff BOONE🥰 9 dias atrás
Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
Her contact details 👆
brittany N keyone Johnson
She's the plug
Ahmad Muhammad
Ahmad Muhammad 9 dias atrás
Anyone who she handles he's or her trade for I believe is so lucky
Deng Xiaoping
Deng Xiaoping 9 dias atrás
I'm from Brazil, I and two other of my friends tried her immediately we testified, her performing wonders🇧🇷
Paul  Charles
Paul Charles 9 dias atrás
Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially
Ty 10 dias atrás
They got it in brown to and it's super cool looking
Observer 10 dias atrás
Essentially.. trash. Carry a kilo of gold with me, without half the phone's functions available. What's the point..
reeboi boiree
reeboi boiree 10 dias atrás
Zainab channel
Zainab channel 10 dias atrás
What do u do with that much phone?
Zainab channel
Zainab channel 7 dias atrás
But I am from pakistan
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆
JORO55_08 10 dias atrás
iPhone 14: *laughing*
† Max Power †
† Max Power † 10 dias atrás
Wouldn't it overheat with that gold bar on the back?
Asura -
Asura - 10 dias atrás
last phone looked like some kid gluing up a phone to a brick of gold
Congrats you👆won Winner's contact 💐📱Whatsaap👆
[Memer MaN] RagingLasagna
16:06 what kind of sandwich is that
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