Tfue *SCARED* in $10,000 1v1 Challenge vs Creative Legend...

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Tfue was nervous and scared in an intense $10,000 1v1 against this creative legend...
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This video includes:
Tfue Scared in $10,000 1v1 vs Creative Legend
Tfue 1v1 Challenge Against Creative Legend
New Tfue 1v1 Challenge
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale


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14 Set 2019



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Comentários 424
Maloke 123
Maloke 123 16 horas atrás
وربي شخله ي عيال ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههـ
Egg Sexy
Egg Sexy 3 dias atrás
Tfue isn’t even trying
MrDrilla 8 dias atrás
Creative warriors are so boring..
cmonBruh 15 dias atrás
tfue cannot build holy shit
Why-Phi 18 dias atrás
😂 Low key it pisses me off how much people play this game.... like holy shit man is this all you do?
Zay Zay Smoove
Zay Zay Smoove 26 dias atrás
Call sway ‼️I’d say clix but he’ll break down
just4effects 26 dias atrás
Is tfue actually getting bad at the game??
cosmin lila
cosmin lila 28 dias atrás
Tfue is a bot
Alex Killen
Alex Killen 29 dias atrás
12:43 tfue is late to the build. And he sees there's already a floor from his opponent and he acts like he it was 50/50 so he has another excuse for getting his ass whooped. Also his ping doesn't ever lead to his dying its negligible
Alex Killen
Alex Killen 29 dias atrás
"I need to reload my gun" says this with unlimited ammo. Tfue says that purely so he can have an excuse as to why he died as he does every single time he dies... I swear I'll give anyone 200 dollars if they can reply to me with a clip of tfue dying to anyone in a game and tfue just admits he got outplayed. Just 1 clip lol
Chat With Jeff
Chat With Jeff 28 dias atrás
Alex Killen he is right
Daniel Colon
Daniel Colon 28 dias atrás
You do realize that he still has to reload, right? 😒
Maysa Mês atrás
I’d like to see him 1v1 khanada or clix lol hell even sway would probably clap him
Maysa Mês atrás
This kids a nobody lol he’s just mad his creative warrior skills aren’t taking off 😂
Maysa Mês atrás
“Your so scared that’s crazy!” Oh relax u creative warrior
Track_is_ Life_9.58
Tfue is not the best in fortnite any more facts.
UnxFriendly Mês atrás
Who is tfue playing??
Adjust 8 dias atrás
UnxFriendly parallel Flyr
Unknown Panfu
Unknown Panfu Mês atrás
So a kid kills Tfue with better PING and now he’s somehow a god? And super cocky INTERESTING I can’t wait until Tfue back on 0 PING
ولد سلمان السعودي
Tfue nooop
MSDR Mês atrás
14:52 that's the best cone I saw in my life 👍
Krystaal Mês atrás
I tought the screen blacking only happens to me..
NewLighT Mês atrás
New way to lose money
APOPTARTFAN568834 Mês atrás
This other guy sucks bro. What a fuckin loser
Llama Ttv
Llama Ttv Mês atrás
All I know is tfue es better then so much people for far good luck everyone (y)
Christian Layne
Christian Layne Mês atrás
I’m just waiting for faze sway to smack this egotistical bitch
Mr. Random
Mr. Random Mês atrás
That guy kinda sounded like parallel specer at first. I thought he was about to 1v1 plu or something.
Ku Rozi
Ku Rozi Mês atrás
Sway vs This dude (who agrees?)
Mxsti_c Mês atrás
Yo FN Focus is ot possible that u contact tfue to 1v1 me
ZXIVIZX Mês atrás
Tfue is not scared just if he does not want to play then he don’t want to
AnthraX 02
AnthraX 02 Mês atrás
90% of every video is about tfue..
Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez Mês atrás
Does anybody know how to use the access codes?
TheDarkEater _
TheDarkEater _ Mês atrás
True wasn't even trying. This kids are trash and cocky lol
Miro Aro
Miro Aro Mês atrás
Watch hes challenge flyr is the name
KENzel Mês atrás
I wish i had tfue's ping😢💔
QU1CKK Mês atrás
The fact that so many idiots took the guy serious and are hating blows my mind. Just read someone said “didn’t see this clown qualify for wc” 🤡🤡🤡 all of you
Maysa Mês atrás
Im pretty sure he’s actually that Toxic I’ve heard he’s like this in pubs too lol
QU1CKK Mês atrás
DiegoTheSlayer bitch
DiegoTheSlayer Mês atrás
QU1CKK no u
QU1CKK Mês atrás
DiegoTheSlayer no u
OgAccurxte Mês atrás
cant beat him in scrims🤷🏻‍♂️
opikokew Mês atrás
True complains about ping I have friend play 130 ping he can build
QU1CKK Mês atrás
opikokew he’s probably dogshit tho in that ping
max52321 Mês atrás
This kid is the boi, whats his channel
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Mês atrás
Lmao it's disgusting the way they treated tfue.
Rxskyy Mês atrás
Why you acting like tfues daddy tf
JujuLung Mês atrás
Tfue: 10 Ping: MY PING IS ASS Me: 300 Ping: Am I a joke to you
Domi Paci
Domi Paci Mês atrás
My Wife said gaming is useless and waste of time. So I decided to build gaming community, and prove her that this is not a waste of time. Its just a different way of socializing 👍 Will you Help me, Prove her wrong?
Zerwella Mês atrás
*Either this guy is being toxic/egotistcal and hides it by “joking”.* *Or he’s just that confident in himself, and is mind gaming Tfue with “Turner, watch out for those.”.*
Manuel Reynoso
Manuel Reynoso Mês atrás
Toxic boy with 0 social life that will probably end up working as a krispy kream parts and service guy vs TFue
Max Webber
Max Webber Mês atrás
Didn’t see this clown qualifying for worlds lmao, what a joke
Max Webber
Max Webber 29 dias atrás
QU1CKK it’s purely opinion based, go chat shit somewhere else, I couldn’t care less about what you have to say 👋🏻👋🏻
QU1CKK Mês atrás
Max Webber and either way in this 1v1 this guy is clearly only joking
QU1CKK Mês atrás
Max Webber “sit down kid” lmao😂😂💀 dude mongraal would call people dogshit and a bot in pubs and even competitive games. Tfue does the same tfue will call people dogshit and shit players but it’s either him messing/playing around or him just saying that out frustration
SquidBros Games
SquidBros Games Mês atrás
Exactly, dude sounds like a wanker. Tfue would murder him in any scrim game, fact.
OGL David
OGL David Mês atrás
This is how many people subscribed to me after seeing this 👎
Realinoccent Mês atrás
Are those Psn Giveaways Real
Dj Dr3kk
Dj Dr3kk Mês atrás
Oh ya tfue was so scared.... 🤣🤣🤣 other guy was pure toxicity
Alex Killen
Alex Killen 29 dias atrás
@TheDarkEater _ don't be a fool and believe everything tfue says... He's not a good person and he would probably talk shit about you if he ever saw you play or met you
Alex Killen
Alex Killen 29 dias atrás
@TheDarkEater _ why would he take the challenge and not try knowing that the clip will be watched by many? There's no reason why he wouldn't be trying, it's much more likely he is trying and just got beat straight up.
Rxskyy Mês atrás
@TheDarkEater _ you meatriding hard
TheDarkEater _
TheDarkEater _ Mês atrás
And tfue wasn't even trying lol that kid is a bot cocky bitch lmao
Jim Laurence
Jim Laurence Mês atrás
This guy tfue is playing is cracked
Ken Ketchum
Ken Ketchum Mês atrás
I like how tfue is coping with this asshole
ian saunders
ian saunders Mês atrás
6:27 bullets hit tfue but did no damage
ian saunders
ian saunders Mês atrás
@Richard Lopez hmm idk maybe they should have done damage
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez Mês atrás
ian saunders so?
ian saunders
ian saunders Mês atrás
6:27 bullets hit but did no damage
xdSwerveZz Mês atrás
Yeah Epic, where's Turner's special treatment? It's not like he complains about your game 24/7??
ShaowMasta Mês atrás
Can someone explain to me what happened to tfue? He seems like he’s slowly getting worse at the game
T.O.A. A.
T.O.A. A. Mês atrás
ShaowMasta mental issues that he’s going through
JunE Mês atrás
Who whenever run this BRvid account must wanna suck tfue dick bad 😂 I ain’t ever seen someone on his dick so much
Allen Ma
Allen Ma Mês atrás
the "creative legend" is so damn cocky
Sen Little fr0g
Sen Little fr0g Mês atrás
mo guy018
mo guy018 Mês atrás
He's getting clapped 😂
Gordo Cah
Gordo Cah Mês atrás
Ever since tfue started trying to do this random stuff like three edit keybinds, and faze sway retakes, he’s gotten worse at the game. Like his mechanics and everything are worse 100%
-_--_- Mês atrás
Gordo Cah sway retakes? Nah sway just copies em from beats 🤡🤡
F1R3FLAM3 Mês atrás
Code cool is a lie
Zeusgo05 Mês atrás
I thought Tfue was much better...
Zeusgo05 Mês atrás
Llama Ttv buy a life
Llama Ttv
Llama Ttv Mês atrás
Zeusgo05 shut up noob
YTLaT3NiGhTGaMeR Mês atrás
i feel like he's not trying his best inthis vid XD
Alex Killen
Alex Killen 29 dias atrás
Why would he not be trying his best. Tfue only acts like he's not trying when he's getting his ass whooped
jay latijn
jay latijn Mês atrás
That guy fall litterely 20 times
Mr. DowNutt
Mr. DowNutt Mês atrás
Tfue isn’t a creative warrior but he’s a fkn goddd scrim warrior
Randy Evans
Randy Evans Mês atrás
Mr. DowNutt facts
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