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i tested a 5 minute craft and my girlfriend got mad

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24 Jul 2021



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Comentários 4 640
Cute bacon animation
Cute bacon animation 3 horas atrás
Its not m&m is skittle noob
Ayesha Aijaz
Ayesha Aijaz 4 horas atrás
You need skittles
Matthew Cruz
Matthew Cruz 5 horas atrás
It’s fucking skittles
MR ZAYN 6 horas atrás
Thats skitles
Wisan Newmai
Wisan Newmai Dia atrás
To look taste 🤤
Roberto Avila
Roberto Avila Dia atrás
Not Eminem's is skittle🙂
Addi Ward Ward
Addi Ward Ward Dia atrás
Oh my god you’re so you’re not M&Ms there skittles
Sewraj Thumadoo
Sewraj Thumadoo 2 dias atrás
It's not m&m it's skittles
Mary ann Mendiola
Mary ann Mendiola 2 dias atrás
Yu didnt stir
Trinitee Roach
Trinitee Roach 2 dias atrás
They are Skittles
7 boy list
7 boy list 2 dias atrás
Savita Jindal
Savita Jindal 3 dias atrás
Those were skittles
Tameika Smith
Tameika Smith 3 dias atrás
It's Skittles
Tracy long
Tracy long 6 dias atrás
Fun fact There not m&ms there skittles
Gabrielle Alissandra Laguerder
Ok thats weird
Adianna Ridley
Adianna Ridley 6 dias atrás
It is skittles
Matthew Cruz
Matthew Cruz 7 dias atrás
He is stupid it is skettles
Karima Rahaman
Karima Rahaman 7 dias atrás
West of candy
Vaisu Vaisu
Vaisu Vaisu 8 dias atrás
But that was a lot of oil
Aubrey lipphardt
Aubrey lipphardt 8 dias atrás
Him what are they doing with that plastic bag of M&M's why are they cooking the plastic with the M&M's did they know humans aren't supposed to eat plastic if they eat that they're going to get really sick wait they put popcorn kernels with the M&M's they're making chocolate popcorn that looks so good I have to try to see if it actually works!! My anxiety level just went up 100
Yan The pringle
Yan The pringle 9 dias atrás
Your Girlfriend is gonna kill you for what you did with your pan
Melanie Melody
Melanie Melody 9 dias atrás
M&Ms? Aren't those skittles skittles don't have blue in the original
bomb gamer
bomb gamer 10 dias atrás
Wow skitles are m&ms
Tony Agustin
Tony Agustin 10 dias atrás
Anthony Tennis
Anthony Tennis 10 dias atrás
AARON ESHANN 11 dias atrás
Is skittles
Pavana Santhasa
Pavana Santhasa 11 dias atrás
Huh u r a mad
•lemon kitty cream•
Skittles not m&ms......
Nadia ul
Nadia ul 11 dias atrás
Those were supposed to be Skittles
Cathey Santos
Cathey Santos 11 dias atrás
That's actually popcorn kernels with Skittles Huerta
It's oil with skittles
Sandy Rojas
Sandy Rojas 11 dias atrás
It's Skittles
carlos javier rosa lopez
How old is he three wise his girlfriend go to put him in timeout
hitanshi 12 dias atrás
They are skittles
Kids Barajas
Kids Barajas 12 dias atrás
It was supposed to be Skittles
Baby Coshi
Baby Coshi 12 dias atrás
Baby Coshi
Baby Coshi 12 dias atrás
Please do not try this guys
Angel De los santos mendoza
Beep beep!!!!!!!!!
Brandon King
Brandon King 12 dias atrás
There’s skittles
nikita victoria beck larsen
It is skittles and not m&m
agnes hayes
agnes hayes 13 dias atrás
I love it
Shakeela_love Elai
Shakeela_love Elai 13 dias atrás
It's not mnm it's Skittles
Shakeela_love Elai
Shakeela_love Elai 13 dias atrás
Zemkkk kkkghhjb Jn hbbjjkpnfvc. CMCM. C. Nisar
There skittles there’s an s on them
Marlie Lopez
Marlie Lopez 13 dias atrás
They are skittles
Queen Lynn
Queen Lynn 13 dias atrás
Those are skittles not M&Ms LOL
Cynthia M♡
Cynthia M♡ 13 dias atrás
That was skittles
•It’s mia - roblox•🤩💜
There’s actually popcorn like that!
hailey tje
hailey tje 14 dias atrás
No m&m its skittels
An Animation Profile
An Animation Profile 14 dias atrás
he doesn’t know what a skittle is
K.Storey 14 dias atrás
Those are skittles
David Chachua
David Chachua 14 dias atrás
Its skitels
Linda s
Linda s 15 dias atrás
Pro-dex is Skittles Broly
Mimi Mic vibes
Mimi Mic vibes 16 dias atrás
Always finish watching the vids first
Tesa F
Tesa F 16 dias atrás
Ummm there not M&M there skittles and it kinda wired how she puts him in time out
Like Helping
Like Helping 16 dias atrás
It's skittles not mandms
{♡ashy dashi♡}
{♡ashy dashi♡} 16 dias atrás
it was skittles tho......
keravikakkar 3611
keravikakkar 3611 16 dias atrás
Try it with skittles
Roudha Yousef
Roudha Yousef 17 dias atrás
It’s s’s not m’m
The green monster Gacha
Why are you still with your girlfriend?(This is my moms account)
Alex tv
Alex tv 18 dias atrás
Wait so basically your own GF is your mom 🥺
Mollie Flinkman
Mollie Flinkman 18 dias atrás
Him: wow m&m i have to try it Me: bruh its skittels
Jeremiah Branch
Jeremiah Branch 19 dias atrás
Why you let your girlfriend put you in timeout
Tammy Perdroza
Tammy Perdroza 19 dias atrás
I think you should not be what your girlfriend because she's really mean no offense I'm sorry I said that but it's true don't show your girlfriend this sorry I just want your life be good you're my favorite to talk her to watch
Joeylynn nicholson
Joeylynn nicholson 19 dias atrás
You were supposed to mix it and it is skittles
Mark Augustyn
Mark Augustyn 19 dias atrás
You mean
Christina Beach
Christina Beach 19 dias atrás
It's Skittles idiot
Gemma Hernandez
Gemma Hernandez 19 dias atrás
Kelly Mcguirt
Kelly Mcguirt 19 dias atrás
Lee Enticott
Lee Enticott 19 dias atrás
They are skittles
Milli McNab
Milli McNab 20 dias atrás
Him : I ran into a big problem Me:bruh why you using m&ms instead of skittles
Bro Ur smile is so creepy you always smile in Ur vids I hate when Ur smile creepy
Angga D
Angga D 20 dias atrás
That's skittles not m and m if it's skittles then it will work
mangofoxaj 20 dias atrás
it’s skittles
Tian Imarnakhue - Sinclair
They used SKITTLES
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez 20 dias atrás
Those were skittles not m&ms
glendaGotIQ 20 dias atrás
Doug: why are they cooking plastic M&M’s did you know humans can’t eat plastic. Me: there’s skittles not M&M’s
My Life With My Kids
My Life With My Kids 20 dias atrás
They look like skittles
Sunanda Nimal
Sunanda Nimal 20 dias atrás
It's not M&M's !!
OrangePlays 21 dia atrás
They are skittles🤣
Arden Grace
Arden Grace 22 dias atrás
Those are skittles
Emily Amazing
Emily Amazing 22 dias atrás
It’s not m and ms it is skittles
Afrah Afsar
Afrah Afsar 23 dias atrás
Doug: ‘why are they coking m&ms in a plastic bag me: what the those are skittles bruh
Oh no no
Oh no no 23 dias atrás
Thank you
Aaliyah cannon
Aaliyah cannon 23 dias atrás
That’s skittles
Jessy Lacsamana
Jessy Lacsamana 23 dias atrás
No way a no like this but i like this hahahahhahahahah
Ulzii Ulzii-orshih
Ulzii Ulzii-orshih 23 dias atrás
That is not m&m thata skittles
Gabika Smolková
Gabika Smolková 24 dias atrás
Bruh you must use skittles for this
Akshit Mohan Saxena
Akshit Mohan Saxena 24 dias atrás
roselia oliveros
roselia oliveros 24 dias atrás
Not eminem its beatles
Kamaria Brown
Kamaria Brown 24 dias atrás
Daily reminder that God loves us all so much and wants the best for us let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you trough your trials and tribulations God will always be there for us so except him into you life if you haven’t already !!🙏🏽✝️❤️
Hayden Lora
Hayden Lora 24 dias atrás
This dude is so annoying
Michaeline Dean
Michaeline Dean 24 dias atrás
Oh hun that ain't m&ms
Ahoud AlHammadi
Ahoud AlHammadi 24 dias atrás
Does no one know that is CLEARLY SKITTLES
Matthew Cruz
Matthew Cruz 25 dias atrás
The video is better than his hack
marmarduke 25 dias atrás
Doug : what are they cooking with the m&m me: my guy that skittled
I'm pretty sure those are Skittles
Todo es mejor con Doodles   Doodlemundo
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