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#backtoschool #schoolsupplies "i should have titled this video 'Rachel wanted new office supplies and used her 5 year old going back to school as an excuse'"
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I'm Rachel, and welcome to my little pocket of the internet. I like testing things... whether it's viral Tasty recipes, life hacks or Pinterest organizing tricks ... they get me every time. In 2019 we're also doing some big home renovation projects so stay tuned for more on THAT (videos to come). I'm a wife, mom of 2 littles (5 & 3) and have a weird obsession with chocolate chip cookies - join me every SATURDAY for new videos HERE:
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Clothing Labels
Erasable Pens
Erasable Markers
Reusable Notebook
Staple-less Stapler
Digital Highlighter
Waterproof Self-Laminating Labels
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17 Ago 2019



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RIPZYEE 8 horas atrás
Joana Nunes
Joana Nunes 22 horas atrás
soo virgo with a hint of taurus in there?
M Q 23 horas atrás
You've never heard of frixion erasable pens??
Jai Jazzy
Jai Jazzy 4 dias atrás
I use frixion pens at school my favorite pens ever
snowconegirl1123 4 dias atrás
Your my new fav BRvidr
Ricki-Sue King
Ricki-Sue King 6 dias atrás
I got into a Bachelor of Science 😅
Chloe P
Chloe P 7 dias atrás
I feel you with the whole useless talker thing but I went even one step further in high school and purchased the wrong sized staples for my mini stapler and then tried to use it for months when it didn’t work. In the end I just brought a new mini stapler that was already full 😂😂
Livi Zest
Livi Zest 7 dias atrás
I am leaving for college soon 😊
Haley Coligan
Haley Coligan 7 dias atrás
Try a fabric marker for the clothes labels
amanda crain
amanda crain 7 dias atrás
I use the frixion pens on regular paper and they work great. But I also use them on a rocket book that you can microwave to erase. I’ve don’t it three times and the book and the pens are still going strong!
Jasmine Gagnon
Jasmine Gagnon 7 dias atrás
my boy friend is in college and soon i will be too hopefully by next week and honestly i couldn't be happier to start our lives off together
Graciela 7 dias atrás
Super late but I quit a really bad relationship with my ex and I'm now seeing someone who genuinely cares about me and isn't just using me😊
luisa magnan
luisa magnan 8 dias atrás
Kayleigh Siggins
Kayleigh Siggins 9 dias atrás
I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis and there is no cure... I thought there was hope but I have now been put in the waiting list to remove the tissue which it will grow back but amen for the surgery!!
Melisa Thorne
Melisa Thorne 9 dias atrás
You are too cute
Heyy it's Ellie
Heyy it's Ellie 9 dias atrás
Got accepted into my towns annual pantomime:)))))))))
Ruby Foster-Kyle
Ruby Foster-Kyle 9 dias atrás
For the erasable pens, even just a regular pencil leaves those marks. some erasable pens are far worse than those
Karla De La Torre
Karla De La Torre 10 dias atrás
i use labels from: they are affordable, pretty great, long lasting, they habe for clothes, shoes, bottles, etc..
Karin Skuza
Karin Skuza 10 dias atrás
we use the eraseable pens at dental school when we do patients chart, such a life saver
Hope Friend
Hope Friend 10 dias atrás
I am starting the early stages of labor so baby boy is coming very soon 😊💙
Shelby Campbell
Shelby Campbell 10 dias atrás
You’re channel school be called C for cleaning cooking cookies coffee and cosmetics
a l y s s a
a l y s s a 10 dias atrás
*title 5 STAR 16:54 shows 4 stars
NamjinMinKookieyoongiVhope padilla
how about erasble highlighter i have them they work
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee 11 dias atrás
Something positive in my life right now is I’m getting to see my puppy a lot more recently (he has to live with my boyfriends moms house bc we can’t keep him where we live ): )
Eleanor S.
Eleanor S. 11 dias atrás
Careful with the frixion pens. Love them but its technically heat that erases them so leaving a paper under a laptop its suddenly blank - good bye essential notes :(
Evelyn Liang
Evelyn Liang 11 dias atrás
For the labels, u may need the extreme sharpies to write it. The writing seems more worn than the labels. Be aware that the friction markers can fade to nothing if u leave ur notebook in the car. Had this happen in planner lol
Jen Reed
Jen Reed 11 dias atrás
My part time job just turned into a full time position with a raise and a title! So happy!
Jen Reed
Jen Reed 11 dias atrás
I totally just screenshot that notebook and sent to my boss. Told him I absolutely MUST HAVE this for the office. Lol
PercyDae 12 dias atrás
Guess I have to go buy some markers now 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 12 dias atrás
Good and positive? I started a new job yesterday 👌🏼
Lunapaw 12 dias atrás
i have containers with mabels label from elementary school (i’m going into grade 11 this year) and the labels are still in perfect condition
Camp 2009
Camp 2009 13 dias atrás
It’s like Rachel balinger
Melissa S.
Melissa S. 13 dias atrás
My little princess learned to crawl and pull to stand in the same week!
snmitzne 14 dias atrás
I've heard you need to try Mabel's Labels. They're Canadian, too!🇨🇦
Santhuri 14 dias atrás
I don’t get the recent hype with the erasable pens because I’ve been using them since I was 10 and I’m now 21 so they’ve been around for 11 years...
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson 14 dias atrás
Rach, did you use a laundry marker when labeling the clothing? We had to label my MIL's clothing when she moved into assisted living. I found that helped a lot. They will still fade, but a laundry marker will give you a fighting chance!
Ashley CM
Ashley CM 14 dias atrás
ECE tip for parents. If you have multiple children, label with last names instead. It makes it easily swappable between kids.
Kiwi 14 dias atrás
That scan marker looks pretty neat! Although the price is quite high but I think it's worth it when you save money on not having to buy all the books I guess :)
Emily Gehring
Emily Gehring 14 dias atrás
I started college
Beauties & Foodies
Beauties & Foodies 15 dias atrás
You can come organize my house and I'll give you all the cookies and coffee you want lol.
Not_ Spongebob
Not_ Spongebob 15 dias atrás
I got kissed by shrek. It was awesome
Morgan L
Morgan L 15 dias atrás
Yes please to a kitchen before and after! I love those. As for the positive of my weekend, it’s been a very crap week but I get to go to a national park this weekend and get back in touch with nature so yay! Bonus.
Sabrina Leadbeater
Sabrina Leadbeater 15 dias atrás
if using the pens that erase do not use it on something you need to hand in to mark, i did once and as its from friction there was no work to mark....
Anna Stewart
Anna Stewart 15 dias atrás
The problem with the frixion pens is that because or the nature of their erasability if the paper gets left in a really hot place like a car in summer then all of the ink disappears. Making the paper cold again (putting it in the freezer) brings the ink back, but it will also bring back your mistakes.
Momo Rose
Momo Rose 15 dias atrás
your supposed to erase the purple with the purple eraser and the pink w/the pink eraser
Samama Moontaha
Samama Moontaha 16 dias atrás
I think I'm in love with that scanning pen. Now I know what I need to add to cart while I'm still a student.
Michelle Allemang
Michelle Allemang 17 dias atrás
Mabel's Labels or Lovable Labels - just do it, they're great! Go to their website and have them personalized so that you don't have to write it yourself. They are good for clothes and lunch items. I use the clothes labels on the lunch stuff and they don't come off unless you want them too :)
farytaildream 17 dias atrás
My nephew was born today ♥ and both he and his mama are doing great!
ella smith
ella smith 17 dias atrás
Your hair is sooo cute I love it 🥰!
Leticia Upton
Leticia Upton 18 dias atrás
So I am responding late but my positive is a miracle. My husband's brain cancer is going away, he has clear fluid and the cancer nodules on his nerves are going away. My boy get their dad and I get my love for longer. 🤗🤩🥳
friedel 18 dias atrás
the frixion will eventually smudge if you try to erase new colour from the same spot several times actually, but they are extremely handy for school kids :)
Artss Fetish
Artss Fetish 18 dias atrás
"I get it its something I don't really need but this ones new its a different kind of notebook" me every time I go shopping
moonlit sakura1
moonlit sakura1 18 dias atrás
Watch out for the frixion markers and pens. They are cool but they are not archival safe. The pigment disappears in high temperatures. I left some school notes in my car on a 80 degree day and all the ink vanished. Since it erases using friction I'm guessing the heat was the cause.
Megan H
Megan H 19 dias atrás
Could you just rewrite on the label?
MsGTeachesStuff 19 dias atrás
I’m an elementary/middle school teacher and the Pilot Frixion pens and markers are my FAVORITE things to write with in the classroom! ESPECIALLY when I’m correcting/grading work! (Even teachers make mistakes!) They’re a LIFESAVER!
Kathryn Amick
Kathryn Amick 21 dia atrás
I know I'm late to this video, but I have a funny story about those frixxion pens... I used to use those guys every single day for class notes. Then, one weekend I left one of my notebooks in my car. It was a pretty warm weekend and the notebook was left out on the seat in full sun. Frixxion pens function with heat sensitive ink. When I came back on Monday, all of my notes had faded! 😅 It actually made me pretty grateful that the pens left a bit of ghosting, because I was able to go back and rewrite all of my notes.
Natalie Horn
Natalie Horn 21 dia atrás
Regarding labelling clothes and stuff for school, my mom used to put my initals with nail polish somewhere on my clothing where it didn't matter, like the label or just inside somewhere, or sometimes she even sewed my name onto something, both worked pretty well as I still do this day (I'm 28 now) stumble upon items with those labels from way back then ;)
Erica Martin
Erica Martin 21 dia atrás
As a fellow Canadian, if you keep your erased frixon work (notebook, agenda, etc.) the ink comes back in the colder weather!!
Brittany Christensen
Brittany Christensen 21 dia atrás
For scanning, try the app scannable! It’s free I think and super easy, and just off your phone!
Summer Dawn McDaniel
Summer Dawn McDaniel 21 dia atrás
I'm not even going back to school but I want to buy every school supply there is
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