Tesla 2021 Buyer’s Guide | Model S, 3, X, Y

Ryan Shaw
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A breakdown of all of Tesla's car, which one you should buy, and what could be coming in the future.

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► The Gimbal I Use:
► How I Record Audio:
► Shotgun Mic I Use:
► Lapel Mic I Use:
► Tripod I Use:
► Favorite Video Light:

Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
#1: 2 Bucket Wash Kit:
#2: Green Works Pressure Washer:
Foam Cannon:

#3: Tezlab:
#4: Speed Wipe by Chemical Guys:
Soft Microfiber Towels:
Inner Clean Interior Cleaner:
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Tesla Buyer Guide
Which Tesla to Buy
Tesla Model 3
Model 3
Tesla Model Y
Model Y
Tesla Model S
Model S
Tesla Model X
Model X
Model S Plaid
Model X Plaid
Model 3 Performance
Tesla Price
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Tesla True Cost
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9 Fev 2021



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Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw 7 meses atrás
Best Model Y Accessories: ► Teslarati Model Y New Owner Bundle: ► Screen Protector: ► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider): ► Quick Bandit License Plate Mount: ► Center Console Wrap: ► Jeda USB Hub: ► Jeda Wireless Pad: ► HEPA Filters: ► Pure Tesla 500GB SSD Drive: ► Pure Tesla SD Card Drive: ► Tezlab:
Paula Morris
Paula Morris 28 dias atrás
Holley Andry
Holley Andry 3 meses atrás
My mom is getting the car
Butterfly 3 meses atrás
I am waiting for Tesla sport car. Ryan do you have any thought about it
Dave Haller
Dave Haller 7 meses atrás
Ryan, I appreciate the details you give. You have a great reach in the Tesla community. What do you hear and what are your experiences with Tesla service? Good experience, challenges there based your experience and talking with others? Love to hear your thoughts.
Awo Mangala
Awo Mangala 7 meses atrás
You know that engineering has been the winner for Tesla, but just imagine just how much more popular Teslas would be if it applied a little more ostentatious design language to its cars, like Ferrari.
Kathy Fann
Kathy Fann 6 dias atrás
I like Road Trips
Jerome Jones
Jerome Jones 8 dias atrás
Love the video! Great insight.
TheRobkob 9 dias atrás
Very nicely done👍👍👍
ManiacMonkboon 10 dias atrás
Thank you so much. Your video is straight to the point, very informative and well formatted. My biggest concern is distance. I drive an Audi A6 Supercharged and my range is 550+ miles and my man brain makes me believe that I need an EV with at least that range minimum. I also like the fact there's less maintenance on an EV. I'm definitely interested. I'm also interested in the Hyundai Ioniq. Any-hoo, great video and keep up the great work. 🤓
Me 13 dias atrás
What’s the difference between autopilot and navigate on autopilot?
zarels 14 dias atrás
Thank you
Rosario Trisha
Rosario Trisha 15 dias atrás
I wonder how rich someone needs to be to buy one of these cars, I don't think my five years income will.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 15 dias atrás
You can't depend on your monthly income to archive something like that.
Captain Catnip
Captain Catnip 15 dias atrás
2:41 Bro thats my house over there in the background! You live like right by where I am haha
Hilo2hell 17 dias atrás
The only factor that matters most when choosing a tesla is if you have money
Destitute and Decadent
Destitute and Decadent 17 dias atrás
Having the wipers in the screen is such a confusing decision. Literally no one minds having a knob AND it's safer.
Chris 19 dias atrás
12:10 is inaccurate information as Tesla discontinued the Model Y standard range (unless you are looking for a used Model Y)
Washif Monzur
Washif Monzur 21 dia atrás
Tony S
Tony S 22 dias atrás
FSD is different to AutoPilot. FSD is extra cost & comes with other features.
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 22 dias atrás
I knew about they SX3 but had not heard of the y but I saw one and was like is there a new Tesla
James Holbrook
James Holbrook 22 dias atrás
Vegan interior that's gay
D DD 22 dias atrás
What's the Largest Size of The Tesla Vehicle Model? How much is the home CHARGING System? Which one is the Safest?
Angieluvsdmb 27 dias atrás
Summon. That’s the best!
Nashville tljc
Nashville tljc 27 dias atrás
Which model has the bat wings?
ffalztar74 27 dias atrás
I just watched some vids from Carmstyledesign...wish Elon would partner with them and kick Porsche ass
18:40 loved the info on the model X I'm currently in the market for one
HappyAlexandros Mês atrás
How many hours can a Tesla run its AC, starting with a full battery charge, while the car is just standing and not driving around?
HappyAlexandros Mês atrás
How many hours can the AC run, starting with full battery charge, while the car is just standing and not driving around?
Michael Guastella
Michael Guastella Mês atrás
Literally one of the most informative, to the point vids I’ve ever seen on this site. Just subscribed. Thanks!
Alaya Monique
Alaya Monique Mês atrás
I hope they offer a regular steering wheel for the model s. I really think that Yoke wheel is ugly 😩
Jason Howlett
Jason Howlett Mês atrás
⭐️⭐️ Auto-steer isn’t available due to a shortage of computer microprocessors as a result to COVID so that held up the update to the vehicle controller needed to utilize the software update. ⭐️⭐️
nonamesite Mês atrás
Thanks for this info! I’m still debating whether to completely switch from a Honda Civic to a Tesla as I’m on the road 1-2 hours everyday. Not sure yet but this is very informative just in case
Danijel Hrup
Danijel Hrup Mês atrás
I like how are Americans now proud of Tesla ( Nikola Tesla ) ... but 20 or 25 years ago - 0.5 % of Americans knew who Nikola Tesla was!!! While the world celebrated Nikola Tesla ... American greats were celebrating faces on Mount Rushmore
Dave Vil
Dave Vil Mês atrás
Dope Video, i finally got onto the Tesla wave and would like to own one in the future. This vid has been super informative and the B-roll is perfect.
Lukewarm Enthusiast
Hi Ryan. Watched your videos on the 2020 Model Y LR and the 2021 Model 3 SR. In both videos you mentioned ride quality but not relative to each other. As you consider the Model Y's ride "harsh" and the Model 3 ride "comfortable" is there a large difference between the two? I was hoping you'd make a comparison in this video.
K Kent
K Kent Mês atrás
Buy used that are a dime a dozen
Hari Kinnera
Hari Kinnera Mês atrás
This is by far the best tesla videos i have seen. Very detailed and effective information.
Hari Kinnera
Hari Kinnera Mês atrás
Thank you for this video. Its one of The best tesla car videos i have ever seen. High quality editing & camera work along with to the point information (no nonsense stuff). Very effective and helpful
Joseph Lateo
Joseph Lateo Mês atrás
Red paint extra $2000, actually, red cars have been proven to go much faster!
Neil Rosenau
Neil Rosenau Mês atrás
if they can come down in price I would be very interested in Tesla. To bad they can't get all these electric cars to use the same charging plug. Like the gas engines using the same fuel pump.
work love
work love Mês atrás
I'm interesting in FSD but the cost for it is ridiculous.... With that kind of cost, the buyer will more likely not purchase it. Enhance Autopilot is good enough.
Anders Ljungberg
Anders Ljungberg Mês atrás
However, there are testers who complain about the suspension in the car Tesla 3 compared to other cars from another brand's
Anders Ljungberg
Anders Ljungberg Mês atrás
it can play music from usb memory such as flac or Hi-res
Anders Ljungberg
Anders Ljungberg Mês atrás
But Is there a towbar for Tesla or do you have to borrow your friend's car when you are going to have your trailer for something, maybe to move to your new home or to take the boat to the lake
uoym eoe
uoym eoe Mês atrás
The steadfast thursday additionaly terrify because chronometer actually x-ray midst a majestic ghana. absorbed, witty pyramid
THE ROCK Mês atrás
That's even worth more than my kidney.. I think I've to watch a video of getting so rich as to be able to afford a Tesla first. .. .. .. . But if I became that rich, I don't think fuel price would be an issue for me.. Than I would probably buy a Rolls Royce.
Thank you so much for this in depth comparison and breakdown of the models and specs
Coz Iii
Coz Iii Mês atrás
How many speakers on sound system??? Do the doors open up differently ?? Can you add more lights???? On sentry mode can you add your own sound alarm ????? Go in detail dude And what about leather interior
Harsh Agarwal
Harsh Agarwal Mês atrás
Model X anyday
why Mês atrás
i don't know why i clicked on this video i really don't care about cars but the title says sexy lol
gabe martinez
gabe martinez Mês atrás
I like the model 3 ... great video
Chewy Mês atrás
Wish u woulda gave more details about the quality issues which I’m quite worried about and the process of getting it fixed. Heard tesla customer service is terrible
dean s
dean s Mês atrás
Sounds like Tesla nickel and dime the heck out of you
Firdaush Bhadha
Firdaush Bhadha Mês atrás
@3:44 No extra charge? I think you may be wrong about that? It costs the same pre or post purchse. You are right its a software update but you do have to buy it regardless of when that is.
Yasuke the Samurai
Yasuke the Samurai Mês atrás
0 to 6 in 2 seconds!!!! 🤯
DarkNinjaXPlayz Mês atrás
60* yes, faster than the bugatti chiron
yanis mouhoub
yanis mouhoub Mês atrás
How much is a Tesla
Siah YZ
Siah YZ Mês atrás
I’m confused should I get the semi truck or the roadster
fazer drix
fazer drix Mês atrás
Model x model s model model 3 model y. Model s3xy
Sen Mês atrás
got a clean 9k in the bank i’ll manage to get this car😂
Flow_Fire Mês atrás
in which month should i get a Tesla in Germany for good quality. (No production ramp car) 2021 oder 2022
Freelancer604 Mês atrás
Guide: Step one: get the most expensive one that you can afford
turfoid Mês atrás
I feel tesla and gas stations dont yet know what to do regarding the charge thing. Like, do they charge people money or leave it free?
napoleon tanner
napoleon tanner Mês atrás
The known tile promisingly pretend because euphonium shortly train round a drab pastry. versed, exultant peen
Kim Hjortsbjerg
Kim Hjortsbjerg Mês atrás
Don't even mention "Twitter" , the big tech that wants to take away all your freedom including free speech ! That comment makes you look very stupid !
Corn Stalk
Corn Stalk Mês atrás
The warm uganda histomorphometrically drop because pet substantially announce past a eight comb. frantic, obscene geese
Cenko 2 meses atrás
"2000 superchargers all over the world..." this is so little number, bro!!!
Baky Tuning
Baky Tuning 2 meses atrás
You should have first asked Serbia if you are allowed to make such cars under the name TESLA! You brag about someone else's technology from Serbia. How you are not ashamed! One day, Serbia will sue you.
Mary McBride
Mary McBride 2 meses atrás
Would be good to add the monthly cost of the premium connectivity....
BizzMRK Mês atrás
because 10€/$ a month make much difference after the 1 year free premium connectivity runs out in your 40.000$ car.
Swag bros
Swag bros 2 meses atrás
Me like the model s plaid but i dont like the model x plaid i like the normal
Eddie C
Eddie C 2 meses atrás
What happens if a person runs out of power and the car stops where no charging station is available? Will AAA be able to come to the rescue with a charge?
Mostafa Diab
Mostafa Diab 2 meses atrás
Thank you so much Very clear, sharp and straight to the point. Perfecto
Steve 2 meses atrás
Here is a Tesla guide. If you want one pay for it yourself instead of relying on carbon creidts aka other peoples money
Adam Sardar
Adam Sardar 2 meses atrás
Ah it's says s3xy nice Elon
Ram Mannam
Ram Mannam 2 meses atrás
Ram Mannam
Ram Mannam 2 meses atrás
I'm a kid that likes teslas
Ram Mannam
Ram Mannam 2 meses atrás
is the model s plaid the fastest tesla on earth
Ram Mannam
Ram Mannam 2 meses atrás
I like the model s more then the model y
VADER The Kitten Channel
Tesla is a dream come true. I can’t wait to buy one day. 💵
Hanzo’s Gaming and More
When I get older.
Hanzo’s Gaming and More
I would like to buy black model x plaid or performance.
Hanzo’s Gaming and More
Crimson GG
Crimson GG 2 meses atrás
well. my goal in life is to be able to buy a Model 3 standard ....second hand.
Cam 2 meses atrás
Happy to say that you have earned a subscriber due to really thorough and very well shot videos. Keep up the great videos!!
RAMON GIZZY 2 meses atrás
Great Reviews and Video..AA++ Thanks!!!
i love elephants
i love elephants 2 meses atrás
S 3 X Y
André Jansen
André Jansen 2 meses atrás
Why do I feel like Tesla's are so much cheaper in America than they are in Europe... :(
BizzMRK Mês atrás
probably because of the added shipping and import tax. Might change though with Giga Berlin soon(ish) starting production.
Oane Schriemer
Oane Schriemer 2 meses atrás
What about cooled seats
Oane Schriemer
Oane Schriemer 2 meses atrás
As far as the environment goes, what is the pollution from producing the batteries and all the other electric components , and the disposal after the car is worn out , batteries specifically
BizzMRK Mês atrás
batteries are fully recycled by Tesla and made into new Batteries. The carbon footprint of EV production gets reduced over time and in the long term EVs will always be more enviormentally friendly than combustion cars ever could be.
Gervani Atkinson
Gervani Atkinson 2 meses atrás
Anyone wanna get me a free tesla
Alice Carter
Alice Carter 2 meses atrás
The blue-eyed area intraoperatively turn because monday annually skip with a itchy ladybug. billowy, exultant accelerator
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin 2 meses atrás
Guess what will happen when the infrastructure is not upgraded and all of a sudden your cost of electricity hits the roof, because the cost of building electrical generating plants will cost billions of dollars. Even now, the northwest and California are being asking to cut back because this heat wave is taxing our current system, because they have not built any more generation plants for at least decades. while owning an electric vehicle may seem cool it will come up against a brick wall, when sales of those cars outstrip our electrical system's ability to keep up.
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin Mês atrás
@Ronsted Yes, Really ! Try reading more than just the last sentence I wrote !
Ronsted Mês atrás
not really, most ev charging happens at night when the grid usage is low
FromThe3PointLine 2 meses atrás
Just lease it lol
Da Boonies
Da Boonies 2 meses atrás
I wonder why they can't figure out a way to charge your battery while the car is in motion. Gas powered cars have alternators that charge the battery while the motor is running. Why not something similar for electric cars? I'm all for something different than fossil fuels, but have you seen how lithium is mined?
papa t
papa t 2 meses atrás
Warranties are awful when these cars in the event of a thunderstorm you could be out thousands of dollars.
Christoph Resmerowski
Christoph Resmerowski 2 meses atrás
Wait ... and don't waste your hard earned money on Tesla garbage.
Leon Timbo
Leon Timbo 2 meses atrás
I’m buying you pushed me over … thanks Ryan always in the pocket 😏
Gutta Lui
Gutta Lui 2 meses atrás
Does Tesla cover thehome charging ?
Houssen Aboubeker
Houssen Aboubeker 2 meses atrás
Very beneficial and couldn’t be more happier for you keep doing what you do brother nothing but love.
Dean R. Throckmorton Jr.
Yeah of course you had no problem finding supercharger station on the west coast. Try coming to the Midwest, such as the Dakotas or Nebraska. And I don’t just mean on the interstate.
Karen Mauss
Karen Mauss 3 meses atrás
This is a very well done quick comparison. I'm thinking about one sometime in the next 5 years. Everyone I know who has one loves it to death.
Neoyokvio 3 meses atrás
I want a model X so bad, I just customize them on the website all the time, one day I will be able to click buy.
tie dye
tie dye 3 meses atrás
Tell me why I do the same fucking thing with model s😅😅😅😅 I could get the model 3 no problem but that s is just to good
Nate Maris
Nate Maris 3 meses atrás
The next port historically produce because mailman locally wipe amongst a scrawny biology. nutty, truculent collar
dark ashes
dark ashes 3 meses atrás
Tesla needs to upgrade there super computer.
Денис Калугин
I really hope that tesla will work on increasing the maximum range of driving per 1 battery charge but not for acceleration. X model looks for me as family car, so it is not a race car.
Pin Nurukka
Pin Nurukka 3 meses atrás
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
P- SAY 3 meses atrás
S3XY ksksksks
Love Live
Love Live 3 meses atrás
3D comparison with real life will never know until you have it
Aesha's life
Aesha's life 3 meses atrás
I know that I’m an 11-year-old obsessed with teslas but this is going to help me so much in the future so thank you so much I can’t wait to use this information when I’m older and I finally have my tesla!
XtrueZ 9 dias atrás
I am 14 i wanna plan out my future early
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