telling Ryan i'm getting my implants removed... 

Montana & Ryan
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gym, cook with us, & I told Ryan I'm getting my implants removed!!
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we love u :)

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14 Mar 2022



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@montanaandryan Anos atrás
i announced my surgery date & told Ryan I’m getting them removed… so many emotions but I’m ready for this journey 🍒✨
@julekhaakthar4907 Anos atrás
I don’t think sweet, caring and supportive is enough words to describe Ryan’s personality!! Like he is just out and beyond of this world!!
@honeymain9361 Anos atrás
Ryan is the most sensitive, caring and loving boyfriend ever🥰 There should be more men like Ryan in this world 💜 Everything will be fine Montana💜 Prayers and hugs coming your way🙏💜🙏
@hollywood9979 Anos atrás
what an absolute beautiful conversation and I for one am so proud of both of you, Montana realizing that what we do to our bodies has to stop and I really feel that this is a blessing in disguise and there might be women that are slowly getting poisoned and not getting the scare factor to go I need to remove these before it could due severe harm. I pray for all the ladies that they all get them out and can be free and know that what god gave them already was perfect. love you guys Jesus has ya in his arms just give your worries to him ❤️ "BIG HUGS*
the loyalty and love they have for each other is beyond beautiful.
@manouzz8088 Anos atrás
Well...This is the kind of response you'd want to get from your man when you tell him about something this sensitive! You'd want him to reassure you and make you feel secure that he'd love you and you're beautiful either way and that your health is the most important beacause his reassurance is really the biggest motivation! I feel really happy that I'm sobbing now that he's this supportive! I'm pretty sure it took a lot of courage to tell him!
@julieroman4046 Anos atrás
I love how raw and real you guys share your lives with us. That's real content right there and it's not made up or rehearsed. I think people want to see more of this kind of content.
@christinenauss833 Anos atrás
Y'alls love is so real!! Stay safe and I wish you a speedy recovery!!!
@anabellehayes9022 Anos atrás
The way Ryan just let her know how amazing and beautiful she is with or without implants. He shows how much he loves her no matter how her body looks (though he always says her body is beautiful) he loves her for her personality, heart ad soul. Not cuz she has implants n shit it’s so adorable I love it so much!
@ok.8601 Anos atrás
you guys are the most wholesome couple, ryan is such a genuine man he’s so sweet and caring to montana. i’m very happy for them and i’m very happy for myself to have a person who cares like that for me too 😭
@nicolettewood3490 Anos atrás
I am SO proud of you Montana. This is so brave of you. Watching you advocate for your health is so important and beautiful. We cannot wait to see you thriving, healthy, happy, and pain free! 🤍
@heatherchajko2255 Anos atrás
I love how caring and supportive Ryan is sending prayers and I hope you have a speedy recovery
@HanginWitLucid Anos atrás
I love how much you two care for each other. Ryan immediately wanted to comfort Montana. Y’all are amazing
@deondrarivera7346 Anos atrás
Just found you guys on fb! Loving how real and raw y’all are!!! Showing us the real you and your life! Will continue to watch! I’ve always struggled with not having boobs and always said I would get them done! I’m 33 now and realize I don’t need them! So sorry prayers for speedy recovery 💗
@lizjullyanne Anos atrás
I can’t wait for you to feel the relief you’ll feel once you get them removed and start to feel better ♥️
@crystalyoung9484 Anos atrás
Ryan is such an caring and loving man he's so understanding and treat Montana with nothing but respect I'm praying for you Montana hope all the symptoms go away right after the surgery
I love how genuine and real Montana & Ryan are. I love how cute and endearing of a couple y’all are. I absolutely wish the best for you both together and get to read this comment about how much I appreciate y’all for being a positive light in the world. We appreciate how real you keep it and not just the flashy things of life or just what things seem from the outside looking in. Thank you
@miamellor1440 Anos atrás
I’m so glad you are deciding to get them removed, my mom developed breast cancer because of her implants. You’ll feel so much better! I wish you the best of luck with the process and your recovery ❤️ you’re so strong ✨
I pray that you have a speedy recovery we all here for you Montana ❤️!
@ladywolf_9454 Dia atrás
His response was so wholesome and my heart melt for you. You guys are so adorable and I hope yall live a happy and healthy life together ❤