Technoblade realizes Ranboo is the main character (Dream SMP)

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Ranboo just radiates main character energy...
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Technoblade and Ranboo were joined by Ph1LzA during their raid on an ocean monument on the Dream SMP. Ranboo shows Techno his enderman powers aka silk touching blocks with his bare hand.


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25 Jan 2021



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Comentários 100
Ranboo Mês atrás
Does this count as me on trending. I’m going to take this as a yes
Cheeseball Pie
Cheeseball Pie 20 horas atrás
Bøba _Glitch
Bøba _Glitch Dia atrás
Holy fuck-
r į ñ k å ė ñ õ
r į ñ k å ė ñ õ 15 dias atrás
Sharki Da Potato
Sharki Da Potato 16 dias atrás
rnuk 28 dias atrás
hello the main character
Icy DoubleYTx
Icy DoubleYTx 2 horas atrás
Wait wilbur was tommy and tubbo's sensei in a way and now hes dead oh noooooooo
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 2 horas atrás
Cash Skorski
Cash Skorski 4 horas atrás
I have a good power for Techno. Piglins and Piglin Brutes won’t hurt Techno even if he’s not wearing gold. You know, cause he’s a pig.
Romulus 4 horas atrás
Anyone wanna tell Phil Kakashi technically died during the Pain arc?
Rithika Nair
Rithika Nair 9 horas atrás
Techno - ima bribe the dream smp writers to give me superpowers. Me- wait, aren't u one of the main writers.
Jay 10 horas atrás
Kuro ._. Natsuyuri
Kuro ._. Natsuyuri 11 horas atrás
I dont understand why are they saying Ranboo has superpower cuz he pick up a dirt
PinkCat 12 horas atrás
Techno can be Gojo. So far he hasn’t died.
Hunter Linn
Hunter Linn 14 horas atrás
According to the law of conservation of mass, matter cannot be destroyed or created only moved around and reformed TECHNO.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 14 horas atrás
"I didn't die."
Alessandra DiPietra
Alessandra DiPietra 16 horas atrás
Hey what about Mr. Miyagi? :) he's alive I
Neo Matthew Pesino
Neo Matthew Pesino 18 horas atrás
this reminded me of the "block of doom" aka a shulker box that would crash peoples game if they went in my chunk lol
The Frick
The Frick 20 horas atrás
oh my god im dying techno screaming OHHHHHHHh OGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
StormFlyer 657
StormFlyer 657 21 hora atrás
Uncle Iroh dies of old age
DarkBladeTheGod Dia atrás
His power is to make orfians
shadow Dia atrás
The rat from teenage ninja turtles did die
Turtzing 5610
Turtzing 5610 Dia atrás
#RIP Technoblade
Lindsay Fletcher
Lindsay Fletcher Dia atrás
why does techno sound like he was a newscaster
Tan Jia Le
Tan Jia Le Dia atrás
))m mm l
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Dia atrás
If your Aizawa then you'd never die because you would've been dead by now by battling all the villains trying to protect us-
Saif Rahim
Saif Rahim Dia atrás
So if technoblade copy master Oogway And when master Oogway die he turned into petals Will technoblade turn into a sword
dohvaakhin demo
dohvaakhin demo Dia atrás
Yeah but if you get in a fight with techno your not gonna last long cause he got skill
Fiona Schimanski
Fiona Schimanski Dia atrás
That’s not so far away they were actually fighting for this for Tommies discs which plays music yeah
Fiona Schimanski
Fiona Schimanski Dia atrás
He has SilkTouch hands someone in chanted his hands
Emilyn Gabito
Emilyn Gabito Dia atrás
This is how you know that they watch like 3 or 5 animes 😆😆
Hoddie _Gaming
Hoddie _Gaming Dia atrás
Bedrock in Ender chest
A Carter
A Carter Dia atrás
Techno: nobody is gonna watch my POV Technos 5M subs: am I a joke to you
Dampseeker Dia atrás
I mean techno could be Ranboo's bodyguard
FraN_ Dia atrás
Roshi didn't die.
andrew is cool
andrew is cool 2 dias atrás
i saw this live it was so fun
Techno Steve
Techno Steve 2 dias atrás
His powers are stronger now... he can create beds
Ellie Shay
Ellie Shay 2 dias atrás
4:35 ok but imagine Techno dies and turns into a bunch of really angry petals ok second thought: the Aztecs believed that dead warriors turned into hummingbirds...y’all picking up what I’m putting down?
irish potato
irish potato 2 dias atrás
9:38 is were he gets to the spawner
Xxgamer64xX 5203
Xxgamer64xX 5203 2 dias atrás
the infinity -gauntlet- CAKE!!!!!
Hp Roblox
Hp Roblox 2 dias atrás
No cobra Kai teacher did not die
Janett Smith
Janett Smith 2 dias atrás
Orphan^2 omg nooo 😂
GreenTheComic 2 dias atrás
Take a drink every time Techno says "oh no" challenge B)
Itsmenots 2 dias atrás
Technoblade: the sensei always die Kakashi: ...
Alana 2 dias atrás
After Ranboos recent streams ima say he definitely a main character.
Tippsme! 2 dias atrás
ah yes the "Orphan squared"
I think tommyinit is the main character in my opinion
Cristian Esquivel
Cristian Esquivel 3 dias atrás
What if: technoblade was the rival. Although he’d either die, lose, or get married to the main character 😂
samantha murray
samantha murray 3 dias atrás
Technoblade: the cool sensei always dies noooooooooo Also Technoblade: TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES
Janine Hanson
Janine Hanson 3 dias atrás
Can he break bedrock though
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn 3 dias atrás
2:01 Well, Meliodas
Pikachuwolf07 3 dias atrás
Azwai Sensie didn't die
Fiona Mae V
Fiona Mae V 3 dias atrás
SUPERpowers😂 BRUHHH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm litarlly DYING-
Repper EX
Repper EX 3 dias atrás
wait until techno becomes sun wukong
CharMiso 3 dias atrás
Any character that’s op from the start - dragon sin of wrath - meliodas
George Stefan Zmadu
George Stefan Zmadu 3 dias atrás
techno will be a great sensei bc he is the best mc pvper after all
Isalwin Cosilera
Isalwin Cosilera 3 dias atrás
Ranboo: **became a main character** Tommy(a main protagonist who only reveals his power a few seasons after the intense truma and wars): "I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" The rest of the server exept the eggpire and dream: "no you're not"
zuhayr anjumul
zuhayr anjumul 3 dias atrás
Wait technos skin is like half pig *try striking urself with lightning*
Taishirø 3 dias atrás
I’m gunna become a musician let’s goooo! “Gettin’ bored of walls two” “I should find a new mini-game”
RODRIGO DAVILA 3 dias atrás
Not every sensei dies ( master shifu )
Caleb Woodard
Caleb Woodard 3 dias atrás
Techno is like sokka really good with weapons and funny
Anuka Loves Music
Anuka Loves Music 3 dias atrás
75% of the video: ohhhh Nooooooo
Blanca Hernández
Blanca Hernández 4 dias atrás
Noch: WTH?
Happy lil em
Happy lil em 4 dias atrás
So basically he can break dream out of prison
MistyBlue094 4 dias atrás
*I N F I N I T Y C A K E*
Gacha_ Miko
Gacha_ Miko 4 dias atrás
"Oh noo"
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 4 dias atrás
Ranboo solved world hunger with one cake while phil and techno die in the next episode
Mark Joseph Mendez
Mark Joseph Mendez 4 dias atrás
ok, jokes aside. HOW CAN RANBOO DO THAT
Łunnà_ møøn
Łunnà_ møøn 4 dias atrás
5 episodes later he will be using spawner as a building block
joey 4 dias atrás
*finds out ranboo has powers* *immediately tries to weaponize it*
Jynx .__. Face
Jynx .__. Face 4 dias atrás
bro why didn't he test out if he could pick up obsidian 😂😂
•Kodex •
•Kodex • 4 dias atrás
ah yes just like how pervy sage( jiraiya) died sad sad
Emme Melo
Emme Melo 4 dias atrás
I have a question.... Ranboo can break bedrock ._.?
Cyrus Lykos
Cyrus Lykos 4 dias atrás
Wait, wait is Ranboo also part ghast? Half of his face is black with green eyes which is his enderman part, but the other half is white with red eyes...ghasts are white with red eyes.
Cyrus Lykos
Cyrus Lykos 4 dias atrás
And there are gray lines on his white side like a ghast would have.
EC AC 5 dias atrás
techno’s lvl is at 111 for those who r into angel numbers, take it as a sign
Nidhish Iyer
Nidhish Iyer 5 dias atrás
Bri 5 dias atrás
Are we just going to ignore his levels???????????? 111?!
Gardiuan po Afton
Gardiuan po Afton 5 dias atrás
Wait that means he can pick up the endear dragon egg
Funtime Marissa
Funtime Marissa 5 dias atrás
If superman is a double orphan and techno has his orphan obliterator then he can obliterate superman x2 as fast
Hải Phạm
Hải Phạm 5 dias atrás
Final battle: Ranboo vs DreamXD
Golden Experience
Golden Experience 5 dias atrás
Techno just broke the 4th wall so much
Endergamer9317 5 dias atrás
i don't get whats going on here o-o... he's just picking up grass blocks, mob spawners so what?
WindowsXP 5 dias atrás
Wait but technoblade never dies
Alvin ilmuwan pemain
Alvin ilmuwan pemain 5 dias atrás
Where is the screenshot?
totemfilm 5 dias atrás
1:59 What about mob psycho 100
bad 5 dias atrás
2:01 *laughs in isekai protagonist*
Mist 5 dias atrás
Phil: “musics gonna start playing everywhere he goes” WELL-
Justin Colin Manansala
That one kid who spoils the plot:
Dandi Lyon
Dandi Lyon 6 dias atrás
And I have a ender dragon named cheeseburger
Dandi Lyon
Dandi Lyon 6 dias atrás
I have a ender man named bacon
Gervy Cabrera
Gervy Cabrera 6 dias atrás
List of characters always dying in a movie: Sensei:dum dramatic Speech before sense dies then gives powers Me:Side kick:Meat shield
ksi pual
ksi pual 6 dias atrás
Technoblades power would be to shoot orphans out of his eyes
Mewx The Shadow God
Mewx The Shadow God 6 dias atrás
Yamato-San 6 dias atrás
Plot twist: Ramboo is the main villain lol
King Meow500
King Meow500 6 dias atrás
Purrpawz, I liked mostly because your name:)😸
benjamin juega
benjamin juega 6 dias atrás
techno: im gonna be your sensei... WAIT BUT THE SENSEI ALWAYS DIED. me: you are techno YOU NEVER DIE YOU ARE A LEGEND
Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson 6 dias atrás
Techno is like Sinbad from Magi. Just an overpowered character that has slain countless nations and became a good guy until the final arc (only manga readers know what I mean ;) )
Shaahid Shaikh
Shaahid Shaikh 6 dias atrás
It could be like goku and vegeta
duck plays
duck plays 6 dias atrás
Dream just silently typing /kill technoblade
reginald plays 911
reginald plays 911 6 dias atrás
Isn't tommyinnit the main carecter
• aliana •
• aliana • 6 dias atrás
how does he do that soz im dum
Huntress 6 dias atrás
What video is this from? (Techno pov)
LoryLilyBomber 6 dias atrás
Techno is Batman. Evidence: 1. No superpowers 2. Incredible fighter 3. Wealthy, and even has a billionaire alter ego now (tales of the SMP) 4. Strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies 5. World’s Greatest Detective (Potato Wars) 6. Penchant for underground lairs 7. Associates with a younger hero whose name begins with an R 8. An orphan 9. Animal motif 10. Deep voice
2d10t_Gaming 6 dias atrás
make a pig farm so you, Technoblade, will never be lonley. (dont kill the pigs)
Panda Club
Panda Club 6 dias atrás
Texhno: I WANT SUPER POWERS Me: you took on 20 people at once with withers and never died once. I think you have powers.
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