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Revenue from this video will be donated to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (AUS).

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29 Jun 2022



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Phoenix SC
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
He was a king that we’ll remember forever gone too soon, Rest In Peace.
oddly curious deer
“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
He wasn't defeated by cancer.He took cancer out with him.Technoblade never looses.We love him, and will always do.
Jason playz
I ain't even a fan and my eyes filled up with tears imagine what the fans would've felt. Such a legend
I initially thought that technos passing was a joke, not because of denial, but because of his sense of humour. It was only then when I saw technos dad nearly break down when I started taking this seriously.
𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖   ☹︎
It feels like everything from my childhood is ending, I’m really gonna miss Technoblade. His channel was always there and his videos always made me smile. I’m genuinely terrified right now, because two of my relatives are dying and now everything’s just gone to shit. I hope Technos resting, he really deserves it
I've never been part of any SMP youtube community, or really watched any videos from anyone who made them, but Technoblade was always someone I knew about. I've never heard anything bad about him, from anyone close to him or anyone who watched him.
Dylan Dreisbach
Techno blade is the first of the internet deaths that made me cry. His death hit me hard, harder than I would have expected. It just happened so suddenly, he will be missed.
I'm glad he was the one who broke my "no crying because im scared to show my emotions" streak. It's been one hell of a ride. Thank you King you will be missed
Peter & Lee Games
He left us all with a legacy that will run far past the end of Minecraft. Rest in Peace, Technoblade. Conquer the kingdom of heaven for us
ACTOrange Shorts
The positive illusion from his previous videos are what caused me to be even more shook by the news. He was such an amazing creator, but most importantly an amazing person.
“Technoblade Never Dies” lies deep in my heart. I am also sad about this. I watched his videos alot. He shall rest in peace.
Dark blade
I don't even know what to say, but he really impacted the minecraft community a lot, even if people don't watch him, like me. I still feel something deep inside. Rest in peace.
Ruben Leus
When I first heard the news about technoblades cancer I was devastated to hear it. I was worried this moment would come, but everytime he spoke to people he reassured us, made sure we didn’t worry about it him. Technoblade has been very strong and putting on a very brave face, I can’t imagine what he’s been through
I never watched technoblade myself or the dream smp. But I knew of technoblade and I acknowledge how much of an impact he had on this community. I know so many people would feel deeply affected by his passing. I feel it even if i never watched him. it is deeply saddening. Even if Techno is no longer here physically his legacy will live on forever.
normal guy
I didn't grow up watching his videos, i didn't even know who he was up until two years ago but Technoblade will forever be in my heart and i will always remember the joy his videos brung to me and may he forever rest in peace.
Pluto V2
Alex will be forever missed and I feel for the Minecraft Community huge. Take some time and if you ever wanna talk we here for you bro.
I rarely ever express my emotions but I cried when watching the video. Techno means so much to me and will continue to inspire me through my life.
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