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Watch LeBron James and Kevin Durant make their selections for the 2021 #NBAAllStar game!

All of All-Star in One Night on March 7!

🌟5 PM ET: NBA Tip-Off presented by CarMax
🌟6:30 PM ET: #TacoBellSkills & #MtnDew3PT
🌟8:00 PM ET: 70th NBA All-Star Game
🌟Halftime: #ATTSlamDunk

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3 Mar 2021



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Comentários 6 537
Joy Katherine Diomampo
I love the way LeBron picks his teammates by saying their nicknames.
01 Angad Singh
01 Angad Singh 9 meses atrás
Hey a couple of qs why did durant not play this time and the last year and since how many years have kyrie durant and harden been played together
ThePsychosis Anos atrás
Kd don't have energy. We need another captain next year.
kid perfect
kid perfect Anos atrás
@Luca jonesracists
Luca jones
Luca jones Anos atrás
He forgot to say trash for Simmons tho
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 2 anos atrás
It's gonna be crazy to think that LeBron, Giannis and Stephen Curry are going to play with the same team even if it's only for an evening 😐😐😐
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 9 meses atrás
@01 Angad Singh I think he was injured...
01 Angad Singh
01 Angad Singh 9 meses atrás
Hey a couple of qs why did durant not play this time and the last year and since how many years have kyrie durant and harden been played together
Do Du
Do Du 9 meses atrás
lebron always nail those draft
DavidSaysHello Anos atrás
@C4Zero You want the bucks to finish below the pistons or smth?
tantarell 2 anos atrás
U gotta add Doncic to that names, cause with his creating and passing this is gonna be crazy :D
amogus 2 anos atrás
Bron: "Sets a screen for giannis" Giannis: *That's a great pick*
Kobe Fontelo
Kobe Fontelo Anos atrás
King Chris
King Chris Anos atrás
@JustSomeDudeWithNo NECK ya I’ve known for a long time now lol this comment was from a long time ago
Khash Money
Khash Money Anos atrás
@King Chris When Giannis and LeBron was drafting people for the all star game, Giannis would say "That's a good pick" whenever LeBron picks someone really good.
JustSomeDudeWithNo NECK
@King Chris do you get it now😂
Kyle Villa
Kyle Villa Anos atrás
Let's all take a moment to thank Durant for not picking Curry to let the dreams of everyone come true by letting Curry and Lebron play on the same team.
01 Angad Singh
01 Angad Singh 9 meses atrás
Hey a couple of qs why did durant not play this time and the last year and since how many years have kyrie durant and harden been played together
Bratinella ng taon
Bratinella ng taon Anos atrás
Highlights King
Highlights King Anos atrás
@Sofia Santos Kyries his teammate so he’s gonna pick him
WWE is my city
WWE is my city Anos atrás
@Sofia Santos Uh, hello? Obviously, because they're teammates.
Sofia Santos
Sofia Santos Anos atrás
@WWE is my city why tho?
harrison rich
harrison rich 2 anos atrás
Lebron: “I’m gonna pick the Greek Freak Giannis at home: “You took my guy”
Mandy Ejaife
Mandy Ejaife Anos atrás
A Random Bird Flying
He literally took him
aaron Anos atrás
This is where I wish I could like a comment more than once
Top 5 LeBron James dunks
Čarnel Anos atrás
Where are my westbrook
Really Goated
Really Goated 2 anos atrás
Lebron laughing because he knows that KD doesn’t stand a chance against his lineup
Shah Mir Khan
Shah Mir Khan Anos atrás
He took the best startup 😂 u can ever imagine
RJ Editz
RJ Editz Anos atrás
Satria Anos atrás
Lebron picks his nose Giannis: that is a great pick.
Shmibby Bibby
Shmibby Bibby Anos atrás
That's because LeBron got the first pick :( Like last year...
whoisriley Anos atrás
@grazia de martino they won every quarter
DP30 2 anos atrás
LeBron: "I'm going to pick Giannis Antetokounmpo." Giannis: "That's a Greek Pick." 😂😂😂
01 Angad Singh
01 Angad Singh 9 meses atrás
Hey a couple of qs why did durant not play this time and the last year and since how many years have kyrie durant and harden been played together
HenryViii Fake
HenryViii Fake 2 anos atrás
@Shownn_Wicc LeBron _is_ someone who can pass the ball...
Jackson M
Jackson M 2 anos atrás
J Ramirez
J Ramirez 2 anos atrás
Trey Wilson
Trey Wilson 2 anos atrás
This one will definitely get the most likes. Wish I could like twice
Quezz2Goated 2 anos atrás
Fun fact: if you combine LeBron & KD you get a full head of hair
01 Angad Singh
01 Angad Singh 9 meses atrás
Hey a couple of qs why did durant not play this time and the last year and since how many years have kyrie durant and harden been played together
xavier Magnate
xavier Magnate Anos atrás
Darrell Mitchell
Darrell Mitchell Anos atrás
@NGF Quezz If you combine Bron and KD, you also have the 2 best players in the world, combined!!!!!
sebastian murillo
sebastian murillo Anos atrás
How you gon do them like that bro
MidWest Gutter Guy
MidWest Gutter Guy Anos atrás
Look at caruso, all the goats are bald
A7 Fanatical
A7 Fanatical 2 anos atrás
LeBron: Get's literally all of the MVP canidates including himself. Durant fans: turns the tv off
01 Angad Singh
01 Angad Singh 9 meses atrás
Hey a couple of qs why did durant not play this time and the last year and since how many years have kyrie durant and harden been played together
Learn Bot
Learn Bot Anos atrás
@Cryptic He didnt say 'top 3' concurring that he meant MVP candidates in whole.
Norjihad S.
Norjihad S. Anos atrás
@Cryptic the time this was posted was about the all star game itself and dame and luka are both mvp candidate at that specific time
A7 Fanatical
A7 Fanatical Anos atrás
Those were all the MVP canidates at the time. It was during all star weekend
Cryptic Anos atrás
@Andy P no the mean the literal top 3 finalists are those 3 like the nba released it
Shopau TV
Shopau TV 2 anos atrás
LeBron's drafting skills is on another level.
UNKNOWN Anos atrás
@Noizyyfnt still makes more money than your whole generations combined
JMLazz Anos atrás
Well, he is LeGM for a reason Lol.
Highlights King
Highlights King Anos atrás
@Noizyyfnt uh ok
InfamousAWJ Anos atrás
@Noizyyfnt Factsssss
The Most Random
The Most Random 2 anos atrás
KD: I'll pick the best All Star team this year. LeBron: I'll pick the best All Star team of all time.
waunke56 Anos atrás
Best all star team of that year. Not all time. If it was all time then that would mean I get to pick from every roster ever. I mean yeah curry can shoot but i cant imaging seeing him or luka trying to guard magic, or kobe, or jordan. LOL
O Vgb
O Vgb 2 anos atrás
Yep, first Impression: seems quite uneven
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant Anos atrás
Love watching LeBron and Steph in the same team and we had the chance to see them playing together.They don’t hate themselves.Ok there were some fights between LeBron and Curry but it was just the rivarly and the pressure of the nba finals.
JD Brown
JD Brown 8 meses atrás
you are kyrie best friend
JD Brown
JD Brown 8 meses atrás
oh my god
JD Brown
JD Brown 8 meses atrás
is real
lord shen
lord shen Anos atrás
Kevin Durant is that you
JJ BulMor
JJ BulMor Anos atrás
Yh on the court they're rivals but they have great respect for each other
Raghuveer Dubagunta
Raghuveer Dubagunta 2 anos atrás
"Steph, Luka, LeBron, Giannis and Jokic" That team is something else man.
PeanutBet05 Anos atrás
I imagine The Joker sling pass to Steph from the far away tripple line.
Highlights King
Highlights King Anos atrás
@Sportsfankid4k that’s funny
Highlights King
Highlights King Anos atrás
@Louis B that’s funny
Kathryn Reyes
Kathryn Reyes Anos atrás
Of they were all on team the world would go crazy
Sportsfankid4k 2 anos atrás
@Raghuveer Dubagunta lol who cares its the all star game it doesnt matter if team Lebron won anyways lol
Jayce Tronsy
Jayce Tronsy 2 anos atrás
LeBron's starters are a legit dream team
Hello 2 anos atrás
Lebron: *picks nose* Giannis: That's a great pick!
officer Kd6-3.7
officer Kd6-3.7 Anos atrás
999 damm 😳
Wolfpack Music
Wolfpack Music Anos atrás
Lebron: *makes a pickaxe* Giannis: thats a great pick
Dantheman_super2 M
Dantheman_super2 M Anos atrás
pu pu, chh
Cool guy 22
Cool guy 22 Anos atrás
Dis deserves top comment
x217jayce 2 anos atrás
lebron: picks his beard out giannis:𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁𝘀 𝗮 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁 𝗽𝗶𝗰𝗸
Feranmi Alade
Feranmi Alade Anos atrás
I wish football did all-star games like this, Messi and Ronaldo pick their teams.
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose 2 anos atrás
This might actually be one of the best all star games we have seen in a long time 😎
Bruh team LeBron winning for sure this is gonna be lopsided team Durant gonna get absolutely crushed
Alfredo Alonso
Alfredo Alonso 2 anos atrás
LeBron: I’ll take Giannis Giannis at home: Hey, thats my african brother
Dessy Anos atrás
Thats a great peek😂
steve veron
steve veron Anos atrás
He was so happy picking first and wasted no time in choosing Giannis 😂😂
Lebron James
Lebron James Anos atrás
Lebron picks Giannis Giannis: that’s a good pick
DR1ZZLE Anos atrás
ChurroKidd 2 anos atrás
LeBron: I’ll take Giannis Giannis at home: That’s a good pick
Garrett Tyler
Garrett Tyler 2 anos atrás
Mo a I guess if I thought team lebron would win I am d riding...makes total sense, and I guess you d ride KD then
justin stokes
justin stokes 2 anos atrás
@Mo a so what you got to say team KD lose by 30
Mo a
Mo a 2 anos atrás
@Hello ^
Mo a
Mo a 2 anos atrás
@Chubby_Cox ight bro if u took anything to heart I'm sorry. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings my niggas.
mme 2 anos atrás
Goodness gracious, Team Lebron's starting five is literally unbeatable! They could go down as NBA History's most overpowered All Star Starting Five ever!
Ivan 2 anos atrás
Imagine Curry and Lillard at the same time, as soon they passes half court they got the green light to shoot it😂😂😂😂 chicken barbecue team lebron 😂
Kobe Fontelo
Kobe Fontelo Anos atrás
Crazy things is that that's actually what happened 😂
Ivan 2 anos atrás
Dame hits the game winner PG be like: I dont care if we won, that's a bad shot 😂
LordDeath 2 anos atrás
It’s barbecue chicken lmao
Ivan 2 anos atrás
Ayi donno
Ayi donno 2 anos atrás
@Ivan lmao
TheLuscious 2 anos atrás
It’s clear tonight that LeBron drafted the better roster by a very very very wide margin. Dame and Steph went nuts from 3 and Giannis from everywhere
T CN 2 anos atrás
I love when you get to see their regular personalities in settings like this
MythicSport Anos atrás
Both teams are absolutely fire 🔥 But I would go for team LeBron.
PressCAPLOCK 2 anos atrás
Curry Fans 🤝 LeBron Fans I’ve been personally waiting for this team up for *YEARS*. Imagine the Passing and Spacing on this team 👀
Bored ape
Bored ape Anos atrás
More like giannas and curry no one cares about lebron now
Anos atrás
lebron james win
𝙆𝙞𝙣𝙂𝙤𝙖𝙩 🐐
Also this is amazing because my favorite player is giannis and my second is LeBron so it’s perfect for me, also I love steph too
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Anos atrás
@anwjuice realx
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor Anos atrás
Delete 👀
Raul 2 anos atrás
Can we appreciate Lebron appreciating other stars with those adjectives?
Isaiah 2 anos atrás
Faxx, showing respect and acknowledgement for the other guys 💯🙌🏾
XT 2 anos atrás
Hopefully the intensity is gonna be the same as last year’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Debrian 10 meses atrás
Bro, Team LeBron's starting 5 is literally my dream team for current NBA players.
Shazaan 2 anos atrás
Going to be a sick game, can't wait
Pig 106
Pig 106 2 anos atrás
Go team LeBron!🏀💯
Jamuel Soriano
Jamuel Soriano 2 anos atrás
People talkin’ about how lebron, curry, and giannis are all on the same team, but noone pointing out the fact that paul george and dame are also teammates😂
Win H
Win H 2 anos atrás
@Jamuel Soriano...ironic, isn't it?
MVP 2 anos atrás
@mrawesomexyz look can shoot too, but yeah
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Joseph 2 anos atrás
best comment
T Greg
T Greg 2 anos atrás
So much fun I love this game❤️💯
harl680 2 anos atrás
Congrats to the First time NBA All STARS🙌🏽
WarrenW3 Anos atrás
4:32 That laugh went from friendly to serious real fast
Mlik Anos atrás
It's cuz Lebron thinks 5 moves ahead so he already knew kds picks
Antonio Jr. Decatoria
Antonio Jr. Decatoria 2 anos atrás
Fun Fact: Ever since the draft-style format started in 2018, LeBron already played with all the captains selected (Curry, Giannis, KD)
spicy Anos atrás
Lebron when he’s 50: “alright let’s do this again”.
ScHoOLy Anos atrás
Jesus Christ loves you
Jam Car
Jam Car Anos atrás
Bruh facts
Dusk Anos atrás
Yet again: with my picks, I select, my son Bronny James and perennial all star Luka Doncic.
enh amgalan
enh amgalan Anos atrás
He will be: im gonna go with my son Bronny James xD
HBF Bezzy
HBF Bezzy Anos atrás
He aint going that long he just wanna play with his son now
Vestor79 2 anos atrás
LeBron: I'm going to pick Anthony Davis 'wait but he is inju-' Giannis: That's a great pick
Denis Tsilimidos
Denis Tsilimidos Anos atrás
@Brooklyn Nets dye hard fans Bucks in 6 sir
Spike Anos atrás
@Tony Hicks it's kinda relevant
Si Anos atrás
@Brooklyn Nets dye hard fans And you lose to Bucks
ygpg7809 2 anos atrás
No it’s grek pick
Ervin Dela Rosa
Ervin Dela Rosa 2 anos atrás
I'm happy
Tommy McAulay
Tommy McAulay 2 anos atrás
Durants team look like its gonna be so much fun to play together🔥
Lenny Da Costa
Lenny Da Costa 2 anos atrás
*Lebron’s team is literally over powered* 💥 ‼️
JC CAN 2 anos atrás
Am happy for KD becoming a Team Captain. Goes to say that the Warriors culture help guys to become better and their dreams usually come through
diffup 2 anos atrás
Lebron: Imma pick Giannis Antetokounmpo for my first pick. Giannis: Damn that was my guy, he picked my guy
FlaatBeat 2 anos atrás
Team LeBron's starting 5 is just sick
Sendew 2 anos atrás
Bron: I need a big size Rudy: my time has come Bron: I'm gonna take big Sabonis Rudy: i guess i'm the last one...
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 2 anos atrás
@Stang Ona 22s NIKOLA JOKIC also gives 47 points vs Rudy Gobert
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 2 anos atrás
@melone420 and 47 points vs NIKOLA JOKIC also u forget
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri 2 anos atrás
@mrawesomexyz he got dropped 47 points vs NIKOLA JOKIC
Macc The Moderate
Macc The Moderate 2 anos atrás
Honestly no matter who got snubbed this line up is legendary...
Yung Proxy
Yung Proxy 2 anos atrás
I love how every all-star draft whenever one picks ben simmons the other is like "damnit" ben is such a cool guy
AdityaSR24 Anos atrás
@Yung Proxy A cool person who cost his team the playoffs and didn't even give a fuck, and then had the audacity to demand a trade because of it
Yung Proxy
Yung Proxy Anos atrás
@Salma how so Ben is a very cool person 🤨
Salma Anos atrás
Lol that’s such a hilarious comment now 🤣
JJ BulMor
JJ BulMor Anos atrás
76ers fans would like to have a word for you sir 🤣🤣
dbzthegoat Anos atrás
Anagha G
Anagha G 2 anos atrás
All of my fav players ( Steph , Giannis ) are on Lebron's team! LOVE HIS TEAM!
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping 2 anos atrás
I honestly wish Football could offer us this as well
I am A Potato
I am A Potato Anos atrás
Bron’s team is literally my dream team that will go 82-0
Nizo 2 anos atrás
I miss the: Giannis: "Thats a good pick"
Jobert Tolentino
Jobert Tolentino 2 anos atrás
Giannis "that's a good pick" Antetokoumnpo
Raging Tomato
Raging Tomato 2 anos atrás
"I'Ll PiCK mY AfRicaN BRothER PasCal sIakam" 😂
Anil Redekar
Anil Redekar 2 anos atrás
DOOM 2 anos atrás
I would have lost my shit if LBJ said "I'm going with Paul 'Pandemic P' George" LOL!!!!!!!
Steven Jeon
Steven Jeon 2 anos atrás
That's a bad shot
santiago Pasha
santiago Pasha 2 anos atrás
Thats a great pick
The Basketball Historian
Team LeBron, Team Giannis, Team Steph all on one team: this is like an all-star game Avengers dream team
anubis OG
anubis OG Anos atrás
4:55 KD Know the future
Riccardo Zoccarato
Riccardo Zoccarato 2 anos atrás
Damn..this All Star Game will be dope ...Giannis, Bron and Curry together will be hyped up a lot
Cyril Kochumman
Cyril Kochumman 2 anos atrás
LeBron's starting lineup is interesting! The def isn't full intensity until the closing moments, but I like the versatility of his lineup. You got LeBron and Doncic as your PGs, Steph will be a SG, who will showcase his off-ball abilities when it's just the starters. I think people are missing the point on Giannis. Giannis is playing more of a roll man type role for his team and it's effective! LeBron, Doncic, and at times, Steph can play p&r with him and let him play near the rim, which is when he's at his best. Lastly, Jokic, the most unorthodox, elite NBA player I have ever seen. He's crafty as both a passer and scorer, plays with great touch around the basket, gives you highlight lvl passes, like overhead passes behind him when he has back to the basket. You can have guys like LeBron, Giannis, and Curry in some cutting actions when Jokic has the ball and then he can feed them the ball depending on their respective matchups or if those guys are open. He gives you that dual-threat in the interior who can pass and score, so LeBron and Doncic can complement that by less post-area playmaking and more perimeter-centered play to help spread out the floor. Plenty of playmaking with this group, not much on def, but you have smart players who can be opportunistic and create turnovers, and you have a plethora of ways to score.
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 3 meses atrás
Doufas 2 anos atrás
Damn Bron, calling all his teammate by their nickname!!!! RESPECT
iramohJ 2 anos atrás
I love it man
Kabita Debbarma
Kabita Debbarma 2 anos atrás
When Bron said Jaylen "underappreciated" Brown. I was like Hell yeah!!somebody acknowledged him on a big platform and credited him for what he deserves. JB is my most favourite young player in the league.(under 25 years)
N S 2 anos atrás
After all these years crafting teams Lebron is really perfecting his GM abilities
Kaka Senior
Kaka Senior Anos atrás
I like the way Kevin Durant picks his team ...he is genuine.
Transfer Market
Transfer Market 2 anos atrás
This draft was crazy haha, come on Team LeBron
F1 2 anos atrás
Lebron is so smart, his picks are the best fit, we shall see alot of lob passes and 3PT shooting
Gerald Wilson
Gerald Wilson 2 anos atrás
Lebron love this all star shit lol
DJ TV 2 anos atrás
I love how they cropped out the part about lebron saying no one plays with the jazz on 2K🤣
Spell Legacy Like Death
They have to coddle to their racist fanbase and their small market di....spositions
DJ TV 2 anos atrás
@Joseph Wade nah bro rn suns fire devin booker a pure scorer, cp3 a point god, and deande ayton a 7 footer that can shoot finish around the rim and dribble a lil bit that’s a decent team on 2K if you kno wha u doin that’s the current roster tho lol
AGUILAR GAMING 2 anos atrás
effetang 2 anos atrás
Just for that sneak diss i root for the Jazz This year... They are so underappreciated
joel _
joel _ 2 anos atrás
Jaylen "Underappreciated" Brown.... love how even Lebron knows. Means he's paying attention
AJ Macatuno
AJ Macatuno 2 anos atrás
he's a social media guy
TripleDubs 2 anos atrás
Durant: selects Kyrie Giannis: That’s a bad pick
Nothing Anos atrás
@Harrison Hou 3-2 who?
astro wrld
astro wrld Anos atrás
@Harrison Hou off the reserves not his 2nd pick my guy
Harrison Hou
Harrison Hou Anos atrás
@RYAN Sports bucks vs suns 3-2
RYAN Sports
RYAN Sports Anos atrás
@Harrison Hou who is in the finals this year he is popping off
sky lark
sky lark Anos atrás
I think Durant wants Steph but LBJ picked Chef cuz he know Durant will pick Steph but of course LBJ wants Steph too.
Headhoncho 2 anos atrás
Im gonna love seeing curry, giannis, luka, jokic, dame and lebron all in the same team
E.M Anos atrás
When LBJ picks the Chef it's awesome 👌
Lee Ops
Lee Ops 2 anos atrás
LeBron: I’m going to need size. Gobert: 😃 LeBron: I select Sabonis Gobert: 😐
Sreejit 2 anos atrás
Well he did get bodied by embiid
Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai 2 anos atrás
Sabonis > Gobert
Christopher Ramirez
Christopher Ramirez 2 anos atrás
@Tony Valente that males no sense because he still ended up woth gobert
neo3kin 2 anos atrás
He played w his pop in Cleveland
King JR
King JR 2 anos atrás
Azubi beim Leben
Azubi beim Leben 2 anos atrás
LBJ would be a good GM😎 The way he picked was so smart🔥🔥
Alec 2 anos atrás
How dame was not a first team all-star is absurd. I always love how much respect LeBron has for dame
Kenrick Gordon
Kenrick Gordon 2 anos atrás
That's true man big up lebron james the real goat to me
LoserBoy Anos atrás
LeBron: I need S I Z E. Also LeBron: I’ma pretend I don’t see that French building over there.
George Macpherson
George Macpherson 2 anos atrás
Good choice Le Bron. Giannis getting picked first is brilliant for us fans of the Greek Freek.
KP official FILAM
KP official FILAM Anos atrás
this is my favorite All-star game team LeBron ever...
LuNY2nez 2 anos atrás
“With the faith of the universe on the line, I want Sabonis” - LeBron
Tarmo Tamm
Tarmo Tamm 2 anos atrás
Sui 2 anos atrás
"Dame makes the 3 point shot for the win" Also PG: thats a bad shot..
Alexis Balcazar
Alexis Balcazar 2 anos atrás
He actually said it was a great shot, yesterday
#Hlu# 2 anos atrás
He really made that shot
Francis Luyun
Francis Luyun 2 anos atrás
Dude you nailed it
HenryViii Fake
HenryViii Fake 2 anos atrás
Aged like wine 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 2 anos atrás
This comment aged extremely well
archyleach 2 anos atrás
Against all that elite shooting and passing and at the rim or just anywhere dominance, Durant got two really good rebounders (Embiid, Vucavic) and no elite rim protectors (Embiid is the closest at 1.2/game which is 12th in the league). Shooting and passing is Lebrons team strength (even Luka has been shooting solidly over 40% from 3 over last month plus), but then Embiid is going to have to handle all this muscle and speed and bamboozling skill (especially from Joker) coming at him, and this isn’t the teams greatest strength.
Vince 2 anos atrás
“Maaan it’s not like they just pickin random players from the hood. There’s no bad picks here” Lmao nice one chuck
3D Waffles
3D Waffles 2 anos atrás
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage 2 anos atrás
With all the trades both conferences look pretty even now so hopefully we get back to the original EAST VS WEST Allstar games
Ja'don C
Ja'don C 2 anos atrás
Lebron: *picks Giannis* Giannis: "That's a good pick"
Jermaine Williams
Jermaine Williams 2 anos atrás
I was looking for this comment
Miracle Music
Miracle Music 2 anos atrás
The intensity level is up every year since they added drafts. I hope they avoid injuries while trying to turn it up.
Azlan Choudhry
Azlan Choudhry 2 anos atrás
Imagine the dunks with Steph and LeBron on the same team. Now that is a goat duo
Trapligo Anos atrás
Let's see how 2022 all star will be like
BLACK TALK TODAY 2 anos atrás
I love to see lebron and Durant the media always try to make it seem like they have a issue but it’s all genuine respectful
Demetris Kalambokis
Demetris Kalambokis 2 anos atrás
Best team ever - Luka & Joker with the three greats? Lovely drafting
The Sage
The Sage 2 anos atrás
The fact that lebron and kd wanted booker in their team proves a lot already
Joseph Wade
Joseph Wade 2 anos atrás
@Joshua Zeledon 🧢
Joshua Zeledon
Joshua Zeledon 2 anos atrás
@Joseph Wade book is better then mitchell
Joseph Wade
Joseph Wade 2 anos atrás
@The Sage literally Donovan is a better player and is more disrespected than book
Doggo 2 anos atrás
@The Sage the isn’t a disrespect contest, I just want to recognise two disrespected stars in the league getting respected by peers, that’s all.
Otaku Shit
Otaku Shit 2 anos atrás
Um absurdo o harden n ser titular
KingFishVersion 2 anos atrás
Team KD in a landslide 💪🏾
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta 2 anos atrás
LeBron always manages to pick great team
Andrae Renz
Andrae Renz Anos atrás
back when KD chose Harden immediately at the reserves pick lol
Vicente Pallamare
Vicente Pallamare 2 anos atrás
Solid options this year.
Mukund Yadav
Mukund Yadav 2 anos atrás
LeBron: "With my first pick I'm gonna take Kevin Durant" KD: Ernie: Wait, KD is your oppo- Giannis : That's a good pick.
Astingray52 2 anos atrás
@belon cfy And i toke that personally
F Z 2 anos atrás
belon cfy
belon cfy 2 anos atrás
LeBron: "With my first pick, I'm gonna take Michael Jordan" MJ: Don't call me out from retirement.
ProximaOrcus1299 2 anos atrás
Vinny Caruso
Vinny Caruso 2 anos atrás
Lebron: *chooses chicken to eat* Giannis: "That's a great pick"
Mr Sxber
Mr Sxber 2 anos atrás
@Amour-serieux amour Bro... 😂💀. It's a comment, chill
Paul Laney
Paul Laney 2 anos atrás
@Amour-serieux amour WTF 😂
Amour-serieux amour
Amour-serieux amour 2 anos atrás
Hello Hello I like your comment possible to stay in touch
Patrick Flores
Patrick Flores Anos atrás
Love how LeBron drafts the players by their nicknames. (chef Curry, Luka magic, Greek freak, Joker, Dame time etc.)
Eazy Bob Wizzy
Eazy Bob Wizzy 2 anos atrás
Aderinsola Akinnubi
Aderinsola Akinnubi 2 anos atrás
LBJ is so logical and unbiased in his pick.
Omar 2 anos atrás
My favorite player since rookie year JT finally front court ALL STAR!!😁
Itskelvinn 2 anos atrás
Lebron: starts playing guitar Giannis: thats a great pick
Amour-serieux amour
Amour-serieux amour 2 anos atrás
Hello Hello I like your comment possible to stay in touch
ZenitsuThunder 2 anos atrás
i miss Giannis being a captain lmao
Adrian Nogueda
Adrian Nogueda 2 anos atrás
@jaxonloki yesdir
Adrian Nogueda
Adrian Nogueda 2 anos atrás
Look at giannis man
N H 2 anos atrás
Relying Moore
Relying Moore 2 anos atrás
Devin Booker pick was a blow this is so intense
Melvin Laurio
Melvin Laurio 2 anos atrás
Make this a competition/rivalry between two teams not a showtime game and hopefully no one will get hurt while playing.
devin mccurry
devin mccurry Anos atrás
I swear LeBron could play till he's 45 and still be a all star caliber player it's insane 🤣
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