Team Giannis & Team LeBron Draft | 2020 NBA All-Star

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5 Fev 2020



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Lex Geng
Lex Geng 2 anos atrás
Lebron: "I'm going to pick Giannis Antetokounmpo."
What a fall from grace for kemba
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 2 anos atrás
Lebron: For my next pick, I am taking Russell Westbrook
Adrian Svanqvist
Adrian Svanqvist Anos atrás
Lebron: I'm going to go with the beard, James Harden
Elías Jara
Elías Jara 2 anos atrás
Lebron: "I'm going to pick Giannis Antetokounmpo."
Ariella Tomas
Ariella Tomas Anos atrás
I just love how Giannis is smiling and or laughing at everything 😂
mj 🐐
mj 🐐 2 anos atrás
Giannis: Crossover killer,
Sgtalex10 1069
Sgtalex10 1069 2 anos atrás
LeBron: I will take Larry bird
Maxime Reiser
Maxime Reiser 2 anos atrás
Lebron was lowkey laughing about Giannis picking the worst possible team
pacersnrams781 2 anos atrás
I actually like the idea of these drafts. It shows a lot of respect
nayraa 68
nayraa 68 2 anos atrás
user Anos atrás
im lowkey disappointed giannis isnt going to be a captain this year, he's entertaining asf
Ayan 2 anos atrás
LeBron: My last pick is Giannis
Carina 😱
Carina 😱 Anos atrás
I just love Giannis’ personality, he’s so happy and bubbly.
Ice Man
Ice Man Anos atrás
After seeing the 2021 pick....i came back just to hear.....
MrThirdParty Anos atrás
Giannis: "I'm going to choose my African brother Nelson Mandela"
Soggy Cereal
Soggy Cereal 2 anos atrás
Lebron: (picks nose)
Execution-Victim Anos atrás
Who else loves it when it's Giannis and lebron as the captains
daykiller21 2 anos atrás
Lebron: “My next pick is Giannis”
fr0zty_the_bot 2 anos atrás
“With the first overall pick in the 2013 nba draft, the Cleveland cavaliers select Anthony Bennett”
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