Team Giannis & Team LeBron Draft | 2020 NBA All-Star 

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Watch LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo make their selections for the 2020 NBA All-Star game on February 16 in Chicago!
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5 Fev 2020



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Comentários : 8 mil   
@exeterra4825 4 anos atrás
Lebron: "Im going to pick a crackhead from outside staples center" Giannis: "That was going to be my pick"
@kellyhryniuk1869 4 anos atrás
exeterra 🤣
@paulgrumbach2156 4 anos atrás
@bradleyhohua3888 4 anos atrás
Gilbert Arenas: "did someone call me"
@JP-ww5vz 4 anos atrás
Hey, leave Lamar Odom alone
@jazzyj105 4 anos atrás
😂 Yea
@lexgeng2646 3 anos atrás
Lebron: "I'm going to pick Giannis Antetokounmpo." Giannis:"Thats a Greek Pick."
@luckyadstrafer6678 3 anos atrás
@beastyboob7834 3 anos atrás
Underrated comment alert!
@steamedpunks 3 anos atrás
@johangonzales3227 3 anos atrás
Thats a greek frick
@miguelmatias2549 3 anos atrás
@@johangonzales3227 freak*
@jotarokujo3870 3 anos atrás
Lebron: For my next pick, I am taking Russell Westbrook Giannis: That's a good brick.
@g3n840 3 anos atrás
@turboblader8364 3 anos atrás
@lowkeyIbes 3 anos atrás
@akilahgable950 3 anos atrás
Lebron: For my next pick, I am taking Russell Westbrook Giannis: That's a good brick.
@lkrmqr 3 anos atrás
@mrthirdparty4861 3 anos atrás
Giannis: "I'm going to choose my African brother Nelson Mandela"
@Jeffery99 3 anos atrás
Nelson Mandela is Asian
@Jeffery99 3 anos atrás
@@DF-kc2dc You think?
@vulquos9734 3 anos atrás
@@DF-kc2dc maybe he corrected him because he got the joke?
@sy_hoang_nguyen 2 anos atrás
@@DF-kc2dc lmaooooooooo
@reesedub9 2 anos atrás
@@DF-kc2dc maybe you missed the joke
@RaggedyCrown 3 anos atrás
Lebron: I'm going to go with the beard, James Harden Giannis: That's a pick
@abhilashanand1176 2 anos atrás
That’s a good prick
@donovanpitts6907 2 anos atrás
@@abhilashanand1176 😂
@pancon5 2 anos atrás
@Vayee 2 anos atrás
@ElaReBiliou 2 anos atrás
@SKlZZO 3 anos atrás
Giannis: I’m going to choose my African brother Yao Ming
@DealAjaID 3 anos atrás
@ralph11899 3 anos atrás
@gxrdonwyd 3 anos atrás
@SwirlyApple898 3 anos atrás
@surendramagar3344 3 anos atrás
😂 😂
@Sgtalex-iv6eo 3 anos atrás
LeBron: I will take Larry bird Ernie: wait WHAT he’s retired Giannis: that’s a good pick
@ISBofficerLuka 3 anos atrás
Giannis: That was going to be my pick
@MrNrj6490 3 anos atrás
*that's a good hick
@LarryKoopa64 3 anos atrás
My african brother, Larry Bird
@tc-up2yw 3 anos atrás
Paul George: Thats a Bad shot
@tc-up2yw 3 anos atrás
My african brother osama bin laden
@nayraa6820 3 anos atrás
lebron: *falls down mount everest* giannis: _throws him a metal spike_ giannis: “that’s an ice pick”
@joaoferreira3570 3 anos atrás
Underrated joke
@luchallberg4371 3 anos atrás
@luckyadstrafer6678 3 anos atrás
@hemelinger7792 3 anos atrás
underrated comment. That's a good one.
@Snoorlacks 3 anos atrás
LeBron: **licks lollipop** Giannis: that’s a good lick
@maximereiser100 3 anos atrás
Lebron was lowkey laughing about Giannis picking the worst possible team
@totothegamer1232 3 anos atrás
@@damedolla0628 Team Giannis held a good matchup tho
@jamesonball 3 anos atrás
@@totothegamer1232 true too
@qistan 3 anos atrás
they almost beat lebron's team
@ryant2412 3 anos atrás
They all alstars it really doesn’t make a difference there not playing team ball it’s all iso
@nolanidk 3 anos atrás
Team Giannis almost one tho
@lilas41 3 anos atrás
im lowkey disappointed giannis isnt going to be a captain this year, he's entertaining asf
@kailazi7270 3 anos atrás
Here after the draft. Agreed, KDs cool but Giannis was funny asf especially all the “that’s a great pick” memes💀
@spadeecstasy8709 3 anos atrás
@@kailazi7270 KD was too boring lmfao
@dannyduds1058 3 anos atrás
Hes entertaning, but he cant pick at all
@spadeecstasy8709 3 anos atrás
@@dannyduds1058 he almost beat bron's team last year with those picks he chose y'all slandering him lmao give him credit
@docrivers8211 2 anos atrás
@@spadeecstasy8709 brons team was messing around
@isd7812 3 anos atrás
Lebron: I'm going to choose my African brother Cristiano Ronaldo Giannis: Thats a Great Pick.
@ybzii 3 anos atrás
@kafunglau341 3 anos atrás
Btw thx for all the likes 😀🎉
@clintonclark4961 3 anos atrás
@ChihuahuaMunchr 3 anos atrás
@@kafunglau341 what?
@aryangupta9490 3 anos atrás
i have a feeling ronaldo could play like a ben simmons, or cp3 considering what style he chooses.
@mozzapizza8516 3 anos atrás
Giannis: I’m going to choose my African father, Bam Adebayo
@jbm_sicat 3 anos atrás
@azbypa8512 3 anos atrás
It’s his father now lol
@jbm_sicat 3 anos atrás
underrated comment lol literally the funniest thing ive seen all day
@intibach3164 3 anos atrás
Ohh man that was tough
@Vibe1610 3 anos atrás
@B_Moristio 3 anos atrás
Giannis : I am going to choose my african brother 'Balotelli' Balotelli : why always me.?!
@novazelk239 3 anos atrás
Man City hate that pick lol
@krishna-gw5bk 3 anos atrás
SUGIONO Legend lmaoo he’s Italian
@B_Moristio 3 anos atrás
@@krishna-gw5bk Everyone knows his country is Italy, but his blood must have African genes
@rohan_3128 3 anos atrás
@@krishna-gw5bk you don't know what happened with him
@_Mojitoo 3 anos atrás
Giannis: "I'm going to choose Africa"
@estebanortega4093 3 anos atrás
@itsnotnate420 2 anos atrás
Good pick
@MrDeontewilkins 2 anos atrás
As he should
@murathankaya5017 2 anos atrás
@anthony cavitt gotta have it hello friend, i am not american and the name lebron sounds very different to me, i wonder if it sounds normal to you
@fr0zty_the_bot744 3 anos atrás
“With the first overall pick in the 2013 nba draft, the Cleveland cavaliers select Anthony Bennett” Giannis: that’s a great pick
@emtae3 3 anos atrás
Adam Silver: With the first overall pick in the 2020 nba draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves select Anthony Edwards. Giannis: That was my pick actually.
@itsnotbleach 3 anos atrás
After seeing the 2021 pick....i came back just to hear..... "Thats a Good pick"- Giannis A.
Minute ?
@denistsilimidos3749 2 anos atrás
Me too bro me too 😂😂😂😂😂
@wolfdun6455 2 anos atrás
After seeing the 2022 pick I came back to hear "that's a good pick"
@Horus2793 4 anos atrás
LeBron: "I'm not going to pick anyone" Giannis: "That was going to be my next pick"
@aveniojpg 3 anos atrás
@cqualif 3 anos atrás
😂😂😂😂 underrated comment
@joanneDarwin8 3 anos atrás
@stevenryu3884 3 anos atrás
@ronaldomessi888 3 anos atrás
@iLunex 3 anos atrás
Lebron: (picks nose) Giannis: That’s a good pick (A little throwback form last year)
@direwolfgaming4443 3 anos atrás
@LiamRoderick3304 2 anos atrás
I literally saw the comment you copied this from right under this comment
@iLunex 2 anos atrás
@@LiamRoderick3304 I didn’t copy this, but okay
@extrm161 2 anos atrás
Made in sepolia
@ariellatomas4092 2 anos atrás
I just love how Giannis is smiling and or laughing at everything 😂
@Tenchi707 Anos atrás
He's right next to LeBron man picking a team, ofc he is lol
@antonpavlovic6512 7 meses atrás
He is like a little kid:D
@guysumpthin2974 Mês atrás
“Don’t you want a dribbler” -chunk
@KilaJudi 3 anos atrás
"I want somebody who's gonna pass the ball" Harden now: hold my *beard* lol
@kaygreene3305 3 anos atrás
Harden been avg 11 assists , the comment was stupid anyway
@itsnotnate420 2 anos atrás
Giannis: I don’t want harden Lebron: I pick harden Giannis: that was my next pick
@logarius2178 2 anos atrás
He’s a point guard so yeah no shit, if he’s a part of a super team he gotta play his part right
@kaitakashi6587 2 anos atrás
Harden should hold Giannis' ring since he'll never have one
@carina938 2 anos atrás
I just love Giannis’ personality, he’s so happy and bubbly.
@KingJay__ 3 anos atrás
10:54 “Kevin d... I mean Brandon Ingram” - Giannis 2020
@doyouknowtheway9543 3 anos atrás
That’s a good pick
@phrazn 2 anos atrás
@@doyouknowtheway9543 Thats a good stick
@Vayee 2 anos atrás
Thats a great pick 😂
@samdepaolo2383 4 anos atrás
Lebron: picks nose Giannis: That’s a good pick
@Doctor1O1 4 anos atrás
The Only Pick that matters.. 😅😅
@bballah4lyfe 4 anos atrás
@natz4427 4 anos atrás
@fungivan1997 4 anos atrás
i am picking nose to see your comment
@sundigest1121 4 anos atrás
@home9dog2blue it's not anybody's joke if it's already been said a million times
@hazzyg11 3 anos atrás
LeBron: *I'm gonna draft MJ to the team* Ernie: *What!? The guy is like 70 years old!!* Giannis: *Thats a GOAT pick*
@panialambert7869 3 anos atrás
Hazzy Games he’s actually in his 50s
@happymeal5914 3 anos atrás
@@panialambert7869 he’s actually in his 30s
@rjthelion6239 3 anos atrás
@@TGUOAT bro he’s 11 stfu
@Joseph-nr7ni 3 anos atrás
@@rjthelion6239 he's a fetus bichhh
@happymeal5914 3 anos atrás
@@rjthelion6239 I’m 6
@bojackhorse 3 anos atrás
Giannis with his death note out
@daledenton2391 2 anos atrás
I was looking for this comment 🤣
@Tyty-qi2gu 2 anos atrás
@pacersnrams781 3 anos atrás
I actually like the idea of these drafts. It shows a lot of respect
@space4391 Anos atrás
It also so much fun to watch
@user-lt1zz3zi4m Anos atrás
Lebron in a few years: "I'm going to pick chet holmgren." Giannis: "That's a good stick."
@hotshotprod22 Anos atrás
@hotshotprod22 Anos atrás
That’s mean
@user-lt1zz3zi4m Anos atrás
@@hotshotprod22 ily Chet
@hotshotprod22 Anos atrás
@@user-lt1zz3zi4m what
@HTXLemarc 4 anos atrás
LeBron: *sets a screen* Giannis: "that's a great pick"
2 years in a row now lmao
@bruhaku3056 3 anos atrás
I play FortCraft royale
@blainebasil1387 3 anos atrás
HTX Lemarc lmao
@markellefultz1355 3 anos atrás
This is actually funny
@ryanton3572 3 anos atrás
God Can These Fucking Bitches Stop Copy And Pasting
@p923k32 3 anos atrás
6:40 "first time all star getting picked early in this ... allstar" well played sir
@cjacks9687 3 anos atrás
2:48 Lebron capping hard he wasn’t gonna pick pascal over luka or harden 😂😂
@_u.day_ 3 anos atrás
Yeahh I know right😂😂
@gavingomes2154 3 anos atrás
Giannis: That trade lost me the game Westbrook: Really bro
@elijahruderman 3 anos atrás
He was bricking shots in last year's all star game.
@KPOPNEWS_Updates 3 anos atrás
@rexelele1909 3 anos atrás
"I'm going to choose my African brother Dirk Nowitzki"
@kingk6151 3 anos atrás
@Caleb The Gamer2011 stoopid
@dondada6839 3 anos atrás
@Caleb The Gamer2011 his wife is African
@dbnmj9192 3 anos atrás
You funny ash im dying😂
@woh2357 3 anos atrás
@Caleb The Gamer2011 that’s the whole point of the joke
@adriiiii__6059 3 anos atrás
Im going to choose my african brother Tyler Herro
@tylerbuonocore5447 3 anos atrás
Little did Giannis know that jimmy and bam would knock him out
@eboy4216 2 anos atrás
Little did jimmy and bam know giannis swept them
@sambam1429 2 anos atrás
u mean the opposite
@reidb6327 Anos atrás
@tonipisonic484 3 anos atrás
Lebron: I'm picking Ben Simmons Giannis: That's a great brick
"I'm going to choose my African brother Tingus Pingus"
@jasonfelix2396 3 anos atrás
@cheeseburger4647 3 anos atrás
i started crying because of this comment lol
@thehari75 3 anos atrás
Tingus pingus is d rose...that was his nickname during mvp season
@katsu_papi 3 anos atrás
Biggus Dickus
@okdokgg857 2 anos atrás
@faheemiqbal7787 3 anos atrás
Lebron: picks his nose... Giannis: That was my next pick!
@jamesduignan2510 3 anos atrás
Underrated asf 😭😭😭😂😂😂
“I’m going to go with my African brotha, Steph Curry”
@edgardorivera8857 4 anos atrás
Lebron: “I’m also going to take a guy who plays hard, I pick Ben Simmons” Giannis: *laughs* 💀
@myIcustomIURLI 4 anos atrás
i definitely was expecting westbrook lol
@pablo5483 4 anos atrás
i mean his team beat the bucks
@thereGoMapo 4 anos atrás
@pringlescanopen 4 anos atrás
@@pablo5483 say it again
@ahmedalam2982 4 anos atrás
@@pablo5483 not tn buddy
@lontan00 3 anos atrás
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Giannis: ahh, that’s a great pick
@Kyleforthe3SIKE Anos atrás
What a fall from grace for kemba
@morhtlisdfjkgd Anos atrás
​@Prn 97 like who? Russ isnt an all star anymore but hes older and is still a good player. Gobert is still basically the same player, he's just been found out in the postseason. Sabonis, Spida, Tatum, etc have only gotten better. Only Kemba and Simmons have had a bad fall off
@joondagoon6774 Anos atrás
Sheet ion gaf Kemba was that dude 2011 march madness
"I'm going to choose my African brother Steve Nash"
@hamadfarooq7945 3 anos atrás
Giannis: “Ok, for my next pick I’m going to choose my third African Brother Skip Bayless”
@VicenteCalderon22 2 anos atrás
@Stuwi 2 anos atrás
"I need to match with someone that plays extremely hard. Imma go with Ben Simmons" lmao this aged well
@NFKTN 2 anos atrás
hey he does play extremely hard in PUBG at least
@kaymur700 2 anos atrás
You better than Simmons?
@idk-rb6ph 2 anos atrás
@Kay Nicole he never said he was lol.
@daykiller21 4 anos atrás
Lebron: “My next pick is Giannis” Giannis: “That’s a great pick”
@fuckoffstupidyoutub1 4 anos atrás
@sachalaleu4631 4 anos atrás
"That's a greek pick"
@MrDankTM 4 anos atrás
hello day. btw its scarce here
@markhidalgo8733 4 anos atrás
I was searching this comment
@bonehead5000 4 anos atrás
JODisHere yo
Lebron: imma take my talents to South Beach Giannis: "that's a great pick"
@DinZie366 3 anos atrás
Giannis: Im gonna choose my fourth African brother: Larry Bird EVERYONE: 🤦
@maritonisunga9088 3 anos atrás
Who's here after lebron and kd draft
@Livxr_editzz 3 anos atrás
@user-ws3sw8vp3x 3 anos atrás
Giannis: Ima pick Rudy Gobert Coronavirus: Good pick
That's the 2020 MVP and 2020 Finals MVP as captains of the 2 teams, very deserved.
@coco-lb3nn 2 anos atrás
2020 and 21 champs
@josqueemusica6195 4 anos atrás
LeBron: "I'll take Cristiano Ronaldo" Ernie: "Wait wha-" Giannis: "He was going to be my next pick"
@Hobo_Sam 4 anos atrás
Good pick!
@albertoromero3431 4 anos atrás
Not enough bass in the NBA :(
@paulpricker8098 4 anos atrás
Pick is not slap!
@keanukaragdag5822 4 anos atrás
Fake Davie but no slap in NBA.
@exon550 4 anos atrás
@hopegaming867 3 anos atrás
Imagine if Lebron picked Trae then it would have been a awkward situation for Giannis
@mzr7649 3 anos atrás
@caiosantana6889 2 anos atrás
Crazy how people were saying team Giannis was bad and then it was one of the best and closest ASG in the last years And now with the USA Olympic team we see how sometimes some chemistry is better than just stacking up stars
@trgrgtgrtgr7724 Anos atrás
People were saying the team was bad and that team lost. They were right obviously 😂
@dot4149 3 anos atrás
Lebron: building a team Gianis: that's my African brother
@HeavenlyBuckets 2 anos atrás
Giannis really proved something showing all it takes is the right leader to make new guys look like real stars
@adnanfelic9008 4 anos atrás
Absolutely nobody: Giannis: I"ll pick Sadio Mańe my African brother...
Adnan Felić Giannis is Greek but I know it's a joke
@adnanfelic9008 4 anos atrás
@@thefartingcookies6911 i know that, he said my African brother cause he"s Nigerian origin...
@tzvplays7161 4 anos atrás
The Farting Cookies Giannis was raised in Greece but he’s nigerian
@JackDoseMC 4 anos atrás
The Farting Cookies You do know people can be from Greece and still be African wtf are you on
The Farting Cookies he’s Nigerian fham
@kienserapio 3 anos atrás
So basically just East vs West, thanks Giannis.
@arvex6807 3 anos atrás
I watch this every once in a while
@VicenteCalderon22 2 anos atrás
Me too dude!!!
@marvsville 3 anos atrás
I'm gonna go with Jimmy, he's having a great year, i think he's going to play well with Bam Adebayo, interesting.
@TigerCraneLove 2 anos atrás
Knicks fan here. Completely forgot Kemba was an all star starter 2 years ago.
@healthyandrew5294 2 anos atrás
Can you believe? I thought he had heart for his city.
@capt.ultainium727 4 anos atrás
Giannis: “ I choose Kevin Dur- I mean Brandon Ingram” 💀💀💀
@wongjoman1227 3 anos atrás
hahaha i didn't realize that before 😂
@Daniel-yc4em 3 anos atrás
Really Jayden what does the joke mean
@ivica999 3 anos atrás
@@Daniel-yc4em ingram is basically kevin durant lite
@Daniel-yc4em 3 anos atrás
Nisam Ivica Saitović ohh lmao
@niko7145 3 anos atrás
Time stamp?
@ubocdb2586 3 anos atrás
Looking back on it, giannis’ team wasn’t that bad and was actually pretty smart
@@lospolloshermanoscorporation not lying bud
@Chigz10 Anos atrás
@@lospolloshermanoscorporationThey lost by 2, you probably didn’t even watch the game
@thepleasantjudge4278 3 anos atrás
When it's groupings and you pick your friends instead of the smart ones but ends up still getting an A+
@chikn8447 3 anos atrás
i like how giannis picked underated players. respect
@robishream6294 3 anos atrás
Giannnis: creating fun chemistry. LeGM: let’s see who I want to recruit into my team.
@dillydilly4517 3 anos atrás
“I’m going to choose my African brother Brian Scalabrine”
@quan2saucy6 4 anos atrás
Lebron: aight i guess my last pick is Sabonis Giannis: ahh, that was my pick
@xXLiVeingtHelifeXx 4 anos atrás
quan 2saucy underrated comment lmaooo
@jmm9023 4 anos atrás
Oke Doke
@ndon85 4 anos atrás
Giannis: I'm choosing the crossover killer,step back master Me: James Harden...I swear if you pick- Giannis: Kemba Walker Me: ...
@yq7760 3 anos atrás
Harden does more stepbacks than Kemba, but with 1 minute remaining , If u see Kemba driving in the paint then step back for a three or a midrange, you know damn well the ball is entering, it’s always Kemba with his fast and powerful stepbacks, Luka and Harden’s stepback is a bit slow but it’s good too, but I understand why giannis thinks it’s Kemba, Kemba already started hitting game winning stepback three back in his college days
@@yq7760 no it's because Giannis and Harden had a beef he didn't want James harden he even said Trae Young or Kemba walker
@yq7760 3 anos atrás
@@nerfchogathbuffrengar5433 ya I know they had beef, but go look for kemba's Stepback highlights compare to Harden, no disrespect to Harden , he's a better scorer than kemba for sure, but kemba's stepback is too fast
@Gabriel-bx8wk 3 anos atrás
6:40 " first time all star getting picked early in this bi- in this all star game that's respect right there"😂😂
@McGradyKalcho 2 anos atrás
can anybody understand what was james mumbling at 4:46
@muji30 2 anos atrás
The smile on Giannis's face!
Lebron: takes picture Giannis: thas a good pic
@abrahamcardenas4344 4 anos atrás
@ady8311 4 anos atrás
Underrated comment😂😂😂
@gz6157 3 anos atrás
@ransler3873 3 anos atrás
@azb2606 3 anos atrás
Someone: Picks nose Giannis: Ah, that's a good pick.
@user61968 3 anos atrás
@evokanq35 3 anos atrás
@-qex 3 anos atrás
@ralphesguerra7844 3 anos atrás
@dragonxknight5227 3 anos atrás
@dalewatkins2453 Anos atrás
Seeing Ben Simmons and Kemba on here 3 years later is crazy 😂
was literally just thinking this bro😂😂
@mcgrady120 3 anos atrás
Who's here after the NBA All-Star Draft 2021?
@execution-victim3500 2 anos atrás
Who else loves it when it's Giannis and lebron as the captains
@ace0matic284 3 anos atrás
1:32 LeBron smiling so widely cause' he knows Giannis gonna do a bad pick
@mqsm9468 4 anos atrás
Giannis: Crossover killer, *stepback master,* Kemba Walker James Harden: *am I a joke to you*
@jmlobrin6279 4 anos atrás
If he added Travelling hall of famer that would be harden
@hamdaniebucay997 4 anos atrás
jm lorbin lol
@Refractxry 4 anos atrás
@@jmlobrin6279 boy I do NOT need to remind the world how many times bron bron has traveled sit your ass down.
@desdev0l 4 anos atrás
I mean he's not wrong either, Kemba crossover is deadly
@cause1281 4 anos atrás
@@jmlobrin6279 you must be living in 2016 still. Get a new joke smh
@wingfungng5693 3 anos atrás
3:55 Lebron was thinking wtf is Giannis doing and he couldn’t believe he could still take Harden at that pick. Apparently, Lebron wasn’t ready for this 😂😂
@kavuela4422 2 anos atrás
I’m here after this years all star draft 😂😂. Seems like harden is still not liked😭😂
@johnnywoke6951 2 anos atrás
Same 😂😭😭
@benbalt1643 2 anos atrás
I'm genuinely curious as to why tho 😂 Just started getting with NBA lmao
@maza1234 Anos atrás
@@benbalt1643 yeh same did u find out why?😂
@King-ew9ul 3 anos atrás
“Aw that was gonna be my next pick I was gonna take pascal for sure” 😂😂😂🤣
@skanda680 Anos atrás
Anyone notice LeBron wearing a hoodie with 8 and 24 in a yellow heart as a tribute to Kobe...
@maxdaniel4882 3 anos atrás
Giannis: I’m going to pick my African brother nelson Mandela
@zchoowohp2204 3 anos atrás
@mrflippyfish6868 3 anos atrás
@@bobby_carmins Okay Boomer
@Komemez 3 anos atrás
I’m going to pick my African brother Larry bird
@mrflippyfish6868 3 anos atrás
@Fan Ny Never said I was Funny 😀
@weloveyoutecca3500 3 anos atrás
No Michael Blackson
@user-ur3mo4po3x 3 anos atrás
“Bron picks his nose” Giannis: That’s a great pick!
Charles barkley: you don't want a dribbler Giannis: I want somebody to pass the ball Good one giannis😁😂
@plxtsco 2 anos atrás
My GF: let me hear those 4 wonderful words Me: That's a good pick
@jdmurphy5120 2 anos atrás
When Giannis talks for the first time Lebron can barely hold in his laughter 1:25
@Admstnmaak 3 anos atrás
Giannis last year: Thats a great pick. Giannis this year: That was my pick.
@evanouk231 3 anos atrás
#1 Pro Play of 2020? I saw alot of discussions about this so I'm honestly curious which one will win in this poll.
@lacelesshoe6382 3 anos atrás
Coming back to this after watching the boring KD draft we need Giannis back next year
@ryanchoi319 2 anos atrás
@GPT.12 2 anos atrás
looks like kd will be back if he recovers
@UncleJohn_GayisBad 2 anos atrás
this Didn’t age well
@ethanrobinson9475 Anos atrás
The kd draft was fun!
@SauROnmiKE Anos atrás
That aged well
@ML-gz3eq 3 anos atrás
Damn this feels weird to watch time flies
@yeetmaster9010 Anos atrás
Him saying Ben Simmons plays extremely hard is hilarious coming from 2023.
@g4tz_rin 4 anos atrás
NBA 2019 all star draft GIANNIS: He took my guy NBA 2020 GIANNIS: He took my guy again!!!!
@dannythomas1782 4 anos atrás
Kawhi: HEYHEYHEY actually in 2019 LeBron said “he took my guy” when Giannis took Ben Simmons.
@MrDankTM 4 anos atrás
hello hey. btw its scarce here
@dashad737 4 anos atrás
@jbrjbr9740 4 anos atrás
GIANNIS : He took my Dad
@obama8025 4 anos atrás
JODisHere Oh you're here
@GuyGuy599 3 anos atrás
I like how kenny was like BAM FIRST TIME ALL STAR GOING EARLY IN THIS BI- in this all star
@tsunamipapi1343 2 anos atrás
3:49 - 4:00 AWKWARD ASF 💀💀
@spiderman5252 3 anos atrás
Lebron James reaction is priceless. The face that he makes after Giannis selects Embid is hilarious.
@rangaa3837 2 anos atrás
I don’t know if this is weird or not but I feel like it’s just a tradition at this point to watch this every once and a while
@malayna678 4 anos atrás
Giannis: I want someone thats going to pass the ball he really called out Harden like that LMAOO
@matthewsylvester3809 4 anos atrás
and then picked someone who averages 2.3 less assists.
@itmejac6945 4 anos atrás
Matthew Sylvester that’s because Kemba doesn’t hold the ball nearly as long as harden
@jackmehoffe9662 4 anos atrás
I'm glad I read this, it didn't occure to me why he said that till I read this lol your definitely right. thats awesome! Nobody wanted Harden.
@CarolinaPride95 4 anos atrás
@@matthewsylvester3809 maybe because Kemba doesnt have the ball in his hands 99% of the game lmao
@jamesh7469 4 anos atrás
Harden averaged 11 assists recently???
@GAMER-gx3qt 3 anos atrás
Que Dios te bendiga y acéptalo en tu corazón .
@The_fax_store 3 anos atrás
I like these guys see the banter when talents are at display....awesome
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