Teachers: High School vs. College | TikTok Compilation (Parts 3-12) | scott.frenzel

Scott Frenzel
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Teachers really do be like that. The compilation of my high school vs. college teacher series!

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22 Abr 2022



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I once accidentally fell asleep in my Spanish class and my professor litterly emailed me what I missed while I was asleep. I love him.
- Veronica -
High school: “They’re not gonna baby you like this in college”
Kokona Fried Chicken
Honestly, the "I dOn'T sEe AnY bLoOd" and "cAn YoU hOlD iT?" is too accurate.
*:Dusty- Innit*:
What I learned:
This guy is so good that I actually feel like he is on of those high school teachers
"Do YoU ReAlLy NeEd tO gO tO tHe FuNeRaL?"
Tip for anyone who has a period: If your teacher refuses to let you go to the bathroom, or see the nurse for that matter, just get up and go. Screw what they say; let your parents deal with it after the fact. It's better than bleeding through your pants and being in pain. I know this may take courage, but a teacher should hopefully realize the severity of the situation and won't have a leg to stand on when you tell your VP or guidance counselor that your a-hole teacher is refusing to let you deal with a biologically uncontrollable thing. :-)
Is that Hannah having a seizure in the back of the class? Someone tell her that she needs to finish page 73 of the book " how to grow grass" she could really end up needing that.
I loved this! These are so, so funny and it really feels like you’re actually interacting with the teachers!
Unrelenting Stan
Once went to a college class with a profusely bleeding knee after I fell on the way there. Teacher looked horrified and told me to go get it checked out ASAP. I was so confused.
Ahaana Singh
"We're preparing you for college"
Lizz Alkula
I'm doing online school (currently 4th 'year' - mostly credit wise) and I think this is very accurate. Seriously. I purposely didn't work extremely hard on a short essay assignment because I was super busy but wanted to put
Joe Mama
Honestly, yeah. I had great teachers in high school, but some of my friends werent so lucky
Taryn King
When my grandmother passed I decided to go to school anyways, my professor told me to go home, and email him when I get there, he emailed some of my other teachers who didn't know what was going on, and also gave me a giant lollipop for being sad to try to cheer me up.
✧ golden ✧
Now I’m starting to wonder if school is really like this or it’s just exaggerated (in a nice way, it’s pretty funny lol)
Surya Dath
that college teacher is someone we all need in our lives
Galaxy Wolf
But these are true.
Polynomials is such a middle school thing lol, same with parabolas!
I was having trouble transferring a video for an assignment to my google drive so i emailed my teacher the night before apologizing and explaining as I'd gotten in trouble for the exact same thing the year prior but this teacher literally just told me to show him the video in class. Plus he always talks to me about music despite the fact he's my tech teacher, he's honestly the best considering I go to a really shitty school
I would literally beat the crap out of that High school teacher. I don’t even care if I would get expelled. That guy would DESERVE IT
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