Taylor Swift - Lover's Lounge (Live)

Taylor Swift
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Join the live event for an exclusive live performance, Q&A, and a closer look at the new album before the world premiere of the "Lover" music video.

►‘Lover’ out now:
►Exclusive Merch:
►For more information on Stella x Taylor Swift, go to and
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22 Ago 2019



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Comentários 3 264
jezrel maglasang
jezrel maglasang 2 horas atrás
i love you very much taylor swift
Isxns Iss
Isxns Iss 13 horas atrás
This was streamed on my birthday August 22
Mabille Adrianne Tamala
Mabille Adrianne Tamala 22 horas atrás
now i wonder what went on that mtv 2009 diary entry
Hadi Kavosi
Hadi Kavosi Dia atrás
I love you taylor swift.... big like the song
Jo Dalinkus
Jo Dalinkus 2 dias atrás
Comfy sofa for you Taylor.
Maceyannmarie 2 dias atrás
Can I have some help taler I need music help I'm want to be a singer my best friend will with me The
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 2 dias atrás
Hi hi hi hi
Hafsa Maryam
Hafsa Maryam 2 dias atrás
6:48 OMG! My birthday is on March 17!!
Md Sakawat
Md Sakawat 3 dias atrás
I love you so much. I'm From Bangladesh
Fforce 4 dias atrás
Collaboration with the Pro 👍👍
alex jovanovic
alex jovanovic 4 dias atrás
best day of my entire life🥺💘
NaMi YT 4 dias atrás
Subscribe to my channel guys, if u have name. We want to reach 100 subscribers Help us please❤ . . . . . . . . Subscribe please🙏🏻❤
Lisle Tiongson
Lisle Tiongson 5 dias atrás
been a fan since 2009 its been ten years ❣️ all of your songs are in my playlist.. i wish i can afford tickets to see you live😭 but nontheless I love you taylor swift. you inspired me in so many ways. i memorized every single lyrics of your songs. ☺️ and happy 10 years for me for being your fan. ❣️from the philippines
Kamoliddin Abdujamilov
I was there!
Engin Budak
Engin Budak 6 dias atrás
Kristy McGonigal
Kristy McGonigal 6 dias atrás
My favorite songs so far is look what you made me do and
Jordan Rakes
Jordan Rakes 6 dias atrás
Cornelius Raibon
Cornelius Raibon 6 dias atrás
What about tiny toon adventures bootleg universe with Taylor Swift Cornelius Squirrel animated music video by adi Shankar and based on tiny toon adventures created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Ruegger and Kathleen Kennedy thank you for Cornelius Raibon Taylor Swift Cornelia street songs
Di 6 dias atrás
Why did the diary entry about Meredith make me cry?!
Madina's Place
Madina's Place 6 dias atrás
*I'm begging you please come to South East Asia on Lover tour:') thanks bby WE LOVE YOU*
Sara 7 dias atrás
6:35 Ummm MY locker combination when I was 13 was 35 - 09 - 27. What??? Those locks have an endless number of combinations. How did that happen? I don't remember the number on my locker though. I just remember which hallway it was in.
CheesecakeLasagna 7 dias atrás
Love the sentiment and all but the merch is quite ugly, or dare I say cheap-looking.
CheesecakeLasagna 7 dias atrás
6:58 Reminds me of the movie 500 Days of Summer.
Srujana Dash
Srujana Dash 7 dias atrás
taylor swift ad for a taylor swift video
I would run and hug her
Alex Nace
Alex Nace 8 dias atrás
Who watched Lover MV (even after having repeated it so many times) after watching this ?
Mohibullah Awan
Mohibullah Awan 9 dias atrás
I have a feeling that if the Lover tour, happens, all the outfits would be by Stella McCartney
Mohibullah Awan
Mohibullah Awan 9 dias atrás
Soon You'll Get Better is such a raw, beautiful and emotional song, it's just amazing.
Mohibullah Awan
Mohibullah Awan 9 dias atrás
And to think of it, she has come a long way
Lexis Paul Mejia
Lexis Paul Mejia 9 dias atrás
I Like 1989 album and lover album and Red i dont like reputation
Dekido 16 horas atrás
Reputation is a dark album and it's ahead of its time, you will like it someday like several publishers/critics don't like it when it first came out but now they regretted giving reputation a bad review.
Mery Beatriz
Mery Beatriz 9 dias atrás
Xuxarts Aesthetic
Xuxarts Aesthetic 9 dias atrás
I love you taylor❤❤❤
Tammy's Journal
Tammy's Journal 10 dias atrás
Hope Unhoop
Hope Unhoop 10 dias atrás
💕💕💕 from the other side of the world
Yuri Fu
Yuri Fu 10 dias atrás
I agree that Taylor said writing songs really helps healing, at least for me, it is a yes
Thomas Lynn
Thomas Lynn 10 dias atrás
At 3:56 ain’t that Alix from tasty
العوقاب 2016
العوقاب 2016 10 dias atrás
Lavinia Veiongo
Lavinia Veiongo 11 dias atrás
Wow ‼️🙏🏼 ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY ♥️🙏🏼 This really shows what an amazing human Taylor is ❤️👑
Nadya S
Nadya S 11 dias atrás
Does anyone know why taylor disable her comments on every songs video from lover? And also they deleted the desrcription for the lyrics
Karl francine Melendez
Karl francine Melendez 11 dias atrás
Swifties since 2010. 💕 i love you so much taylor!!!!! 😭😭
Sh Co
Sh Co 11 dias atrás
Love you Taylor 😍
Aya Brahem
Aya Brahem 11 dias atrás
when she said " my daughter " my heart is just melted
L J 11 dias atrás
i am struggling to afford milk and coffee :( I dont think i would EVER be able to buy any merch :( i want the t-shirt and hoody
Doris MD
Doris MD 12 dias atrás
i love u,Taylor swift.
wf 12 dias atrás
Taylor yr could be a super yr style..very lovely woman😘😘😘😘
Ann Cruz
Ann Cruz 12 dias atrás
I love you ❤❤❤
Garrett Kelsey
Garrett Kelsey 13 dias atrás
Taylor swift is a talentless degenerate. Watch Louder with Crowder!!
Mike Wasielewski Jr
Mike Wasielewski Jr 13 dias atrás
I’m such a swiftie!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Wasielewski Jr
Mike Wasielewski Jr 13 dias atrás
You go girl!!!!!
morgan c backup
morgan c backup 13 dias atrás
to al you locals aka half of the ppl in this comment section: there is NO old taylor.
zwitchette rolley
zwitchette rolley 13 dias atrás
Hoping to be selected someday.. Luv u tay
Leslie Pontero
Leslie Pontero 13 dias atrás
Joe Alwyn is such a lucky guy!!!
Gulafsha Pathan
Gulafsha Pathan 13 dias atrás
There are not enough words to express how proud I am of her she is so incredibly amazing beautiful intelligent kind person the Album is amazing and I love her so much with all my heart 💓
Anna Barlicos
Anna Barlicos 13 dias atrás
Love 💗 & 💗🌎 Love...
Julia Ilieva
Julia Ilieva 14 dias atrás
Julia Ilieva
Julia Ilieva 14 dias atrás
This Girl
This Girl 14 dias atrás
Let's play a game.....take a shot everytime she says "umm". You won't remember the last half of the video, I guarantee!
Anne Peterson
Anne Peterson 14 dias atrás
I’ve loved you since day 1. I’m 28 now. Love you always Taylor! ❤️
niqheroine 14 dias atrás
I feel pressured to put myself out there in the internet so that taylor would also find me 💛
Maddox S
Maddox S 14 dias atrás
You were the first person I was ever like obsessed with when i was like literally 7 ,and I just want to thank you for you and your music. Ily❤️
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