Tanner Fox - We Did It Worst (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia

Tanner Fox
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Tanner Fox - We Did It Worst (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia
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22 Mar 2019

tanner foxvloggingtannerfoxwedoitbestwe do it bestdiss trackofficialmusicvideoofficial music videomusic videodidworstdylan matthewdylanmatthewtayloralesiataylor alesiataylienstanlorparodyjake paulfall of jake paullogan paulricegumTanner Fox - We Did It WorstTanner Fox - We Did It Worst (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesiawe do it best reactionreactits everyday broits everynight sis



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Comentários 11 166
Angel Bobadilla
Angel Bobadilla 15 horas atrás
T fox you suck you can go suck balls
Lexany Garcia
Lexany Garcia Dia atrás
are you sure that you are working hard every day and every night??? I'm pretty sure your not cause look at your flip flops!!!
Adenis Dia atrás
2017 was better
e34667mioi rere
e34667mioi rere 2 dias atrás
Definitely a flop should have stopped while you have 54mil
Unown CrAz Gaming
Unown CrAz Gaming 2 dias atrás
What wrong with faze rug
Anthony Bono
Anthony Bono 2 dias atrás
what happen to the auto toon
Karla Gamino
Karla Gamino 2 dias atrás
Tanner-ft bitchhh they sang more than you the least you can do is give me credit even we did it best Taylor and Dylan sand better than you you ain’t got bars period 😘👎🏼
Karla Gamino
Karla Gamino 2 dias atrás
Tanner ain’t got bars periodttt💀
Samara Jackson
Samara Jackson 2 dias atrás
who came just to see if he tagged taylor and brandon lol
Nathan Harbin
Nathan Harbin 3 dias atrás
Dont dis rug
Boogie Man
Boogie Man 3 dias atrás
good your even bad
Athina Loemba
Athina Loemba 4 dias atrás
A bop but taylor lowkey roasted him lol
damian ponce
damian ponce 4 dias atrás
Sucks faze rug is so much better than you
Michael Merlin
Michael Merlin 4 dias atrás
This better than the first one
cross mattie
cross mattie 4 dias atrás
Yes sis tik tok now
Papa Wuise
Papa Wuise 4 dias atrás
Who destroys a car with flip flops?
B Dinnel
B Dinnel 5 dias atrás
this is like the same song lmao
Double, L Clout
Double, L Clout 5 dias atrás
There’s one big difference between tanner fox and lil pump you smash cars that cost 200 bucks, lil pump smashes Bentley’s
Eagle master456
Eagle master456 5 dias atrás
This is shit
Millie Buckton
Millie Buckton 5 dias atrás
The only good part of this song is when tanner stops singing and lets Dylan and Taylor sing
Jozzo Gibb
Jozzo Gibb 5 dias atrás
Am I the only one wondering if Dylan’s salad tasted good?
Hideki Lolkowicz
Hideki Lolkowicz 6 dias atrás
Worse version of not so good song jesus
PURPLE CAT 6 dias atrás
“And I oopp 😯 so let me tag her now” 😂 lol
Diego Franco
Diego Franco 6 dias atrás
That shit trash
XxMatt _ Slays279xX
XxMatt _ Slays279xX 6 dias atrás
I love how Dylan just ate a salad throughout the song lol
Lisa Sanchez
Lisa Sanchez 6 dias atrás
You round the song!
Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace 6 dias atrás
Tanners shit but Dylan and A are great
Exillity_22 6 dias atrás
are you tryna diss rug you ugly face. Squeaker this song was horrible
barreras17 6 dias atrás
Lmao there tag now😂😂
SUPREME Fire 6 dias atrás
🤓 this is tanner fox if you are a FaZe Rug fan press the like button each like means how many time FaZe 👕 Rug will punch him in the face during the fight 👖
addicted alyssa
addicted alyssa 7 dias atrás
only his voice went through puberty
Priscilla Madrigal
Priscilla Madrigal 7 dias atrás
Honestly at this point l have to say it...crossing faze rugs name is sooooo rude he is way on top tbh sooo stop it
Tao Card
Tao Card 7 dias atrás
I hate you you crossed out Faze rug. Not cool 😨😱. He's better then you.
Aeshan K.
Aeshan K. 7 dias atrás
Kid you need Jesus.
nighty night
nighty night 7 dias atrás
Tag Taylor
Jayden dreamworks
Jayden dreamworks 7 dias atrás
You tagged her 😂
Gaming Plushies
Gaming Plushies 7 dias atrás
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 7 dias atrás
Why tho? Your last one had 54 mil and since you're dying you do it again but got no where near as much views with only 1 mil lmao
3mma M
3mma M 7 dias atrás
Here after Taylor’s video
Marisol Millan
Marisol Millan 7 dias atrás
Nigga you gay
Val 08
Val 08 7 dias atrás
Watch Taylor’s video it will make you unsubscribe from home and if everyone un subs from him he will probably respond like if you argee and hurry he will probably take this comment down 👇🏻like right there
Amanda Breshears
Amanda Breshears 8 dias atrás
WSK 8 dias atrás
54 million views to 1.6 million views its probably because this beef happened a year ago
gamee 989
gamee 989 8 dias atrás
You do it epic What happend to we do it best
Kristen Leonard
Kristen Leonard 9 dias atrás
Finally tagged em! Good job to Taylor for sticking up for herself. Tanner, try being a man of your word next time.
Audrey Threadgill
Audrey Threadgill 9 dias atrás
taylor is still asking for clout 🤡
Mahir Singh
Mahir Singh 9 dias atrás
Kert P
Kert P 9 dias atrás
Another mumbler...
Code Deb
Code Deb 9 dias atrás
This song is pretty terrible but still you should pay everyone involved in creating this monstrosity
Cookieboi_Lol 21
Cookieboi_Lol 21 9 dias atrás
They did it worst what do they do worse the video
Cody Warmke
Cody Warmke 10 dias atrás
Hannah Nixon
Hannah Nixon 10 dias atrás
Hey you should pay a certain person for their part in this video🤷🏽‍♀️😓😂 just say
Lisset V
Lisset V 8 dias atrás
Hannah Nixon ha 💯
Brandon 10 dias atrás
Wtf is this shit
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 10 dias atrás
Tanner huge fan man also fuck the haters homie you do you an live your life an ignore all the hate❤
LifeWithKaylei 10 dias atrás
This would be better if tanner wasn’t in it :)
TSM _ducky14
TSM _ducky14 10 dias atrás
Im sorry but Taylor is prettier then u are she made 2 songs with u and u didn’t split the money with them your money hungry if it wasn’t for us ur ass would still be living at ur moms and that’s facts 💯 didn’t u grow up already act ur age not ur shoe size.
xXxHALODOGxXx 10 dias atrás
1:17 Oh no... No no no Tanner you just took it too far right there
xXxHALODOGxXx 11 dias atrás
omg this was posted on my mom's birthday
Aubree Zahar
Aubree Zahar 11 dias atrás
Why did you make this you guys make this your other song we did it best was good why did you even do it worse
Josilyn Merriman
Josilyn Merriman 11 dias atrás
U are so mean give them the money they earned
birdyy ayyee
birdyy ayyee 11 dias atrás
how is taylor not a famous model and singer yet ?
Vanessa Ramon
Vanessa Ramon 12 dias atrás
you fucking suck ass
Shea Shea
Shea Shea 12 dias atrás
This song makes me sad 😞
darrentheboss1876 12 dias atrás
BigLace 14006
BigLace 14006 12 dias atrás
This was so bad
Nie Hernandez
Nie Hernandez 12 dias atrás
Your soooooo fake needing your ex for views and them treating her like sh't ...motherfuc'er byeee!
Nie Hernandez
Nie Hernandez 12 dias atrás
At the end of the day you need Taylor for views ! I'm with her I'm unsubscribing
Nie Hernandez
Nie Hernandez 12 dias atrás
So now Taylor & Dylan are tagged ?
K!ttęn_ xox
K!ttęn_ xox 13 dias atrás
Sexi Lexi
Sexi Lexi 13 dias atrás
Now Taylor and Dillon are tagged? Lol did you just do that today?🤔😂
Val 08
Val 08 7 dias atrás
Un sub from him
Eva Ozuna
Eva Ozuna 10 dias atrás
Sexi Lexi I agree with u, the first time I saw this they weren’t tagged
Belen Vazquez
Belen Vazquez 13 dias atrás
no one: them:
SWArtic Gaming!
SWArtic Gaming! 13 dias atrás
Anybody else thinks rice cooked dis fool
kaela ramsawak
kaela ramsawak 13 dias atrás
"I'm off his youtube channel, chilling in hawaii" yes girl pop off
Taylor Givens
Taylor Givens 13 dias atrás
Oh so you can tag Taylor in this one but not the first music video? Lol POS
XPS _ 13 dias atrás
This song is trash #rugforlife fuck tanner
Arianna Lee
Arianna Lee 13 dias atrás
anyone here from taylor alesia’s new youtube vid? btww i agree with her.
Arianna Lee
Arianna Lee Dia atrás
Bailey Eddington not in the “we do it best”
goughie11 Dia atrás
@Bailey Eddington ik I'm confused
Bailey Eddington
Bailey Eddington Dia atrás
Me and he did tag here in the description
Marjhorie Hernandez
Marjhorie Hernandez 2 dias atrás
Lisset V
Lisset V 8 dias atrás
Arianna Lewis yuppp 💯
Big Heights
Big Heights 13 dias atrás
i mean shit.. whenevr your channel doing shitty on views i guess upload a song?
FnafLover 333
FnafLover 333 13 dias atrás
0:15 Is When u need start
Erik Espinoza
Erik Espinoza 14 dias atrás
Nah stop it get some help
Melanie V A.r.m.y Bts!!
We do it best now we did it worse love it lol
LemonTwist 14 dias atrás
Somehow you made a more worst song and music video then we do it best
Itz Rab
Itz Rab 14 dias atrás
We do it better is better
super ninja
super ninja 15 dias atrás
U did
BornOfAnubis- —
BornOfAnubis- — 15 dias atrás
Still garbage.
Ozzy Irazoqui
Ozzy Irazoqui 16 dias atrás
Trash you got a ghost writer Lil dumb kid
Ornery Opossum35
Ornery Opossum35 16 dias atrás
Donald Trump: Nothing is worst than My Border wall Tax Tanner Fox: Hold my Beer
Markel Scott
Markel Scott 12 horas atrás
@ConservativeMedia no he isnt but hiliary woundnt be either
ConservativeMedia 3 dias atrás
Ornery Opossum35 don’t bring politics into this. Trump is a great president
Symone Caston
Symone Caston 16 dias atrás
.-. Wow
you Torres
you Torres 16 dias atrás
Bro you do not have bars
Anthony Toxic
Anthony Toxic 16 dias atrás
This shit is trash Face up bitch get a life
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez 17 dias atrás
Stop saying the same shit get better bars
Caitlyn Lamasters
Caitlyn Lamasters 19 dias atrás
“Got that... TikTok?” I’m still laughing at that lmao.
Mutombo Says
Mutombo Says 19 dias atrás
*Just stick to being annoying, not an annoying mumble singer*
NickDoesGamz 20 dias atrás
I can’t tell if this is a parody of ‘we do it best’ or if it’s a diss track on themselves
Jack.pnw. bmx
Jack.pnw. bmx 20 dias atrás
Rad song dude! Quick question why where you wearing flipflops
Dark Wraith ツ
Dark Wraith ツ 20 dias atrás
Dylan matthew raps better then fucking tanner fox and her boyfriend literally fuckin flexing
Ivan Arreola
Ivan Arreola 21 dia atrás
Did his balls just drop finally
Omariee Wheeler
Omariee Wheeler 21 dia atrás
What's the point of this music video
taran_squad _vlogs
taran_squad _vlogs 21 dia atrás
Play this at 1.25 speed it’s way lit 🔥
NickDoesGamz 20 dias atrás
taran_squad _vlogs yo it is
Josh Crossy
Josh Crossy 21 dia atrás
The views made me laugh
STOP ! 22 dias atrás
Can I copy your homework? Yeah just change some things Subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it: Abraham AG
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