Tana's Nipple Piercing Does NOT Go Smoothly 😳 | MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21 | Episode 3

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Tana’s quest to get her nipple pierced leads to some revelations about her relationship with Jake Paul.
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‘MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21' is the first installment of a new reality series following social media wild child Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they navigate vlog life, studio time, partying, and finally becoming adults. New episodes premiere Mondays on MTV BRvid.
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22 Jul 2019

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Comentários 4 543
Irina Orlova
Irina Orlova 36 minutos atrás
Okay I know I’m way late but why is no one asking who Tanas side hoe is????? Like I wanna know
Nekié Reyes-Gomez
Nekié Reyes-Gomez 4 horas atrás
How annoying
Raegan Keith
Raegan Keith Dia atrás
tana was that girl who screamed in class when the lights turned off for .5 seconds
Eternity B
Eternity B Dia atrás
It mostly takes a year for them to heal also its gonna hurt they are gonna be swollen so its gonna hurt....
oh, stephyy
oh, stephyy Dia atrás
Such a nice piercing studio and she's fucking screaming so loud haha. I feel so bad for the piercer, he's just trying to do his job.
E 1
E 1 Dia atrás
Ashley looks like the ugly duckling from chicken little
Tuesday The Gothic
Lmao Her Manager and Friends reacting to Her screaming CRACKED ME TF UP DUDE🤣🤣
Favour Agunwa
Favour Agunwa 3 dias atrás
Plot twist: Jake and Ashley are a secret thing
Coudy WANE
Coudy WANE 3 dias atrás
Imari and Ashley aka the reasons why we watch this shit
Kaley Smithson
Kaley Smithson 3 dias atrás
Tana said they hooked up the first night in her video ?
Christina Raymond
Christina Raymond 3 dias atrás
For whoever said 1 nipple piercing is edgy was to scared to get the other one done so settled for just one and slapped a edgy on it
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez 3 dias atrás
nipple piercing aren't even that painful especially the first one nipple that gets done
angel mabery
angel mabery 3 dias atrás
He just spit something in her fucking hair!!!😂😂😂😂
Amber Fahlmann
Amber Fahlmann 4 dias atrás
What are you putting on imaris face
Lisaa 4 dias atrás
she got a cavity at back of front teeth i dont think she got nipple done
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 4 dias atrás
I wish we could see the finished product lol
Chelsea Nicole
Chelsea Nicole 5 dias atrás
" I may not be there that day, I think that day Im off" 🤣😂
Goddess Atheena
Goddess Atheena 5 dias atrás
Omg nipple piercings are not that painful
Goddess Atheena
Goddess Atheena 5 dias atrás
My nipple piercings took a total of maybe a minute? It wasn't that big of a deal, maybe a slight wince each nipple. But it's so fast it doesn't even matter.
deelightful 5 dias atrás
After I got my nipples pierced I woke up the next day and almost forgot I even got them done. No pain even after, just a bit during. I know everyone has different pain tolerance but wtf tana 😂
Rayanne Grant
Rayanne Grant 5 dias atrás
I got mine pierced and I screamed and grabbed the lady’s hand while she was piercing me and almost ripped her hand off of me, I also screamed like this 😂
Alex 5 dias atrás
Ashley's face is always like 'this fucking bitch'
Hello Summer
Hello Summer 5 dias atrás
I feel so bad for that piercer right now....
Mandi Jean
Mandi Jean 5 dias atrás
I love that guy that did the piercing! He was so chill! Like please come do ALL mine!!!
Savanna Hunter
Savanna Hunter 6 dias atrás
i like how honest tanas friends are
Itzlolo1991 7 dias atrás
Although Tana’s reaction 2 the wipe on her nipple (& the actual piercing itself) ws unbearably embrrssng, I gtta admit- I literally laughed SoOoO f*cking hard!! 😂😆☠️
Evelyn Alberto
Evelyn Alberto 7 dias atrás
Welp... I only got one nipple pierced too 🤷🏻‍♀️ it hurted so much I got scared to do the second one 😭🤣🤣
Holly Abrams
Holly Abrams 8 dias atrás
Ashley this whole series has been like: 👀😗🤐
Xoxo liz Xoxo
Xoxo liz Xoxo 8 dias atrás
bro but like i lowkey got mad at the guy that was doing her piercing like boobs are sensitive. i hate hate hate how he was like “guy piercing hurt more” but like boobs hurt it really just depends on the person i really think she wasn’t faking it.
Aliana Seybert
Aliana Seybert 9 dias atrás
Her friend is so annoyed
Tiny bear
Tiny bear 9 dias atrás
I'm only here for the boobs
Dilisa Life
Dilisa Life 9 dias atrás
Why does she have a side hoe and who is her side hoe
Avianna Imani
Avianna Imani 9 dias atrás
I teared up soooo hard at the vidcon part
Celina Guerrero
Celina Guerrero 9 dias atrás
Nipple piercings don't even hurt lol
Emma Scott
Emma Scott 9 dias atrás
Who was her side hoe?
Zoe Elizabeth Lizy
Zoe Elizabeth Lizy 9 dias atrás
What if the sidekick was Logan!?
Big Jay
Big Jay 9 dias atrás
Brandi holland
Brandi holland 10 dias atrás
So dramatic but still love her 🧡🧡🧡
Kaitlin Bell
Kaitlin Bell 10 dias atrás
IDK why people are surprised she acted like that when getting pierced ... obnoxious and over dramatic is her personality...
Destiny Peron
Destiny Peron 10 dias atrás
Wow. How embarrassing. I wonder if she feels as much of a twat aa she made herself out to be.
Tess Remy-Detty
Tess Remy-Detty 10 dias atrás
Wow Jordan’s such an amazing manager and friend wow
Christina Petridi
Christina Petridi 10 dias atrás
Oh cmon, have pierced each one of my nipples 3 times, yeah cool it hurts the second you get it done but still dont be a crybaby. After you get it done it doesnt hurt not even a lil bit. Never heard ANYONE complain about pain in aftercare. Reaction is a fake as the Jana wedding imo.
boxiebabe 10 dias atrás
I am SO enjoying this series! And can I just say, I love Jordan. Seems like he has a really good sense of humor but still grounds Tana. A fine balance.
Cydney O
Cydney O 10 dias atrás
Also Imari is bi like what???? Ok love cute bi men 😍
Betttina Balogh
Betttina Balogh 11 dias atrás
K but tell me why her best friend the blonde girl is always like mad everytime tana opens her mouth
Krishma Kumar
Krishma Kumar 11 dias atrás
okay yes tana was overreacting when she got her nipples pierced but at the same time i can feel her pain cuz i had mine done and it was hella painful.
Caitlin Fry
Caitlin Fry 11 dias atrás
If I were the piercer I would've knocked her out
Fifi 11 dias atrás
Omg the piercer is lovely. Watched a video of him piercing someone’s nose & he was so calm & explained the whole process so well ^^
krysa boyce
krysa boyce 11 dias atrás
When I got my nipples pierced they didn’t use forceps they used the needle and cork because it’s not as painful
Karley Nicole
Karley Nicole 11 dias atrás
I got my nipples pierced and it hurt so fucking bad but I’d never express it like that 😂😂
i don’t care lol
i don’t care lol 11 dias atrás
just because tana didn’t have sex with jake doesn’t mean that they are not in a real relationship.
Rachel Ramsey
Rachel Ramsey 11 dias atrás
I feel bad for the guys earlobes
cammie dufrene
cammie dufrene 11 dias atrás
Okay but why would that be me if I got my nipple pierced
Bailey Sadler
Bailey Sadler 11 dias atrás
Jordan is the real daddy
Anna 11 dias atrás
So.. when her ex has side hoes, he’s a cheating asshole.. But when she’s with Jake, it’s okay for her to sleep with someone else? I don’t get it
Danica Diane
Danica Diane 11 dias atrás
so proud of you and this show tana!!♡
KatieLizz_ Tx
KatieLizz_ Tx 11 dias atrás
It doesn't even hurt.. 🙄
cool bees
cool bees 11 dias atrás
If Tana wanted her two nipples pierced, she could’ve gotten them both done. She doesn’t need to listen to her sociopathic fiancé that thinks both nipples pierced are slutty
KPOP Stan Forever
KPOP Stan Forever 11 dias atrás
how did Tana pull a pregnancy prank on Jake if they never slept together? 🤔 and didn’t she say they were hooking up in the past?
McKenzie 11 dias atrás
Dont know why everyones making a big deal about how she acted at the piercing place, everyone reacts to those situations differently and shes clearly playing it up for the camera. I have 12 piercings and ive acted pretty similar (albeit quieter) pretty much every time because that shit hurts 😂
Dats.mely_ mel
Dats.mely_ mel 11 dias atrás
So we gonna act like the X-rays In the back weren’t two middle fingers😂😂
Chelsea Wallace
Chelsea Wallace 11 dias atrás
If I was the piercer I’d kick you out!
Meowmew 11 dias atrás
I don't get why ashley is pressing for them to have sex to prove that they love each other. If anything you're proving it more by waiting -- and it makes sense that if Tana just came out of a deep relationship, she doesn't want to have sex and fall deep again when shes licking her wounds.
NY Nurse
NY Nurse 11 dias atrás
Tana: I’ve never peed in a pool. Imari: That’s a GOTT damned lie, you’ve definitely peed in a pool bitch. 😂
Holly Fireland
Holly Fireland 11 dias atrás
To everyone saying she was behaving badly at the piercing studio, she said she has sensitive nipples and the piercer understood that. If he was that bothered by it he would of kicked her out. Piercers are trained to make sure the clients are okay, obviously the piercer there would of done something if he thought she was being childish, he tried to calm her down because that’s his job. When I went and got my nostril pierced for the second time I literally grabbed my piercers arms.
THEALEX THEALEX 12 dias atrás
I am so proud of Tana she has came so far and I don’t blame her for not wanting to just dive in with Jake she is still hurt from the other asshole and if her marriage is a scam who cares that Tanas business us as fans should just support her crazy ass and ride the ups and downs wit her
ItzMeFade _
ItzMeFade _ 12 dias atrás
Nip slip 9:47
Irma Ramirez
Irma Ramirez 12 dias atrás
I feel like no one is honest with her and sugar coat everything.
lacey hogue
lacey hogue 12 dias atrás
She’s too dramatic for me
lacey hogue
lacey hogue 12 dias atrás
Why are they even in a bath together
Road to Recovery
Road to Recovery 12 dias atrás
Girrrrlllll I got both nipples pierced, popped 4 Tylenol and clocked in for a 12 hr shift and my titties are like 5x your size, it don’t hurt that badddd 😂😅🤣😂🤣😂😅
BunnyBacca 12 dias atrás
aight but like....... that fake ass moon CGI at 14:32
Quality koala teacher
Quality koala teacher 12 dias atrás
So embarrassing
MarielleMorris 12 dias atrás
emily looks like winnie from the movie bring it on ...just with extra plastic surgery done lol
Lauren Bekkala
Lauren Bekkala 12 dias atrás
wtf the video is so messed up. do not watch if your under the age of 100
Alyssa Graham
Alyssa Graham 12 dias atrás
tana cheating on jake is so fucking disrespectful honestly how are people okay with this?
Zoe Archibald
Zoe Archibald 12 dias atrás
Jake only said two nipple piercings are slutty because alissa has two😬😬
Niki Baker
Niki Baker 12 dias atrás
That is literally to much she literally screamed like bitch he didn’t even touch you yet
Layla McBride
Layla McBride 12 dias atrás
Tana manger is such a mood.
Paris B
Paris B 12 dias atrás
can we talk about how good a manager jordan is and how it doesn’t get recognized
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