tana mongeau has MOVED ON with Logan Paul?!

anna oop
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tana mongeau has MOVED ON with Logan Paul?!
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Drachoe Malfoy
Drachoe Malfoy 3 horas atrás
I mean Logan does seem better mentally, but she just needs to get away from the family like I swear.
Speckles and Freckles
Speckles and Freckles 5 horas atrás
Jake Paul: Anxiety is easy to get rid of. Go for a walk or talk to a friend Me: WE CANT DO THAT BC OF COVID 19
Emmette Andrea Buccat
Emmette Andrea Buccat 7 horas atrás
The Tana and Logan thing is fake. Logan posted a TikTok about it. Everything was just a prank, and it was all staged.
Piper Z
Piper Z 10 horas atrás
A prank
Stella kwt
Stella kwt 14 horas atrás
When Anna posts I would be like TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I would be rlly happy!
Master Miss
Master Miss 16 horas atrás
Wow this is starting to add up if you look at some old videos you’ll see it’s adding up
Poppy Potato
Poppy Potato Dia atrás
But Paul brothers are actually not that bad now
SabrinaGot7lover Núñez Coste
I mean that’s for clout like all this polemic is just so stupid. They fake their relationships they have lied to many people only just for money & clout like I don’t get why Do famous people have to be like this. Gurl I can’t stand all this drama I mean they’re already ig influencers & youtubers isn’t that enough for them?????!!!!. Nobody would believe them this time because of their lies
VERNON Sejira 2 dias atrás
Bruh I can't see the other part of the vid T-T
TaeEclipse 2 dias atrás
When Jake said he had anxiety.... He clearly doesn’t sis. He literally set stuff on fire and let’s random people in Team 10, like sis?
Shahd Abdalla
Shahd Abdalla 2 dias atrás
i hope jake goes bald
Athena Justine
Athena Justine 3 dias atrás
I saw the video that logan made with tana you guys check it out
DRIP_Thadius 3 dias atrás
Its fake
Kids Account
Kids Account 7 dias atrás
The paul brothers = WANT CLOUT
Samantha Deil
Samantha Deil 10 dias atrás
Watch her video before I assume
Hadisa Alladad
Hadisa Alladad 11 dias atrás
It’s fake
kldancer23 14 dias atrás
does anyone know how she makes her avatar and how she does her intro (the frame with avatar)
CrazyCatChat BatPattieHatHat
Fahmida Begum
Fahmida Begum 14 dias atrás
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 20 dias atrás
what if he is gay all this time?...🙈 20 dias atrás
Hey jake paul i have anxiety and guess what and you just got Cancelled!
Angela Lourdes Casas
Angela Lourdes Casas 21 dia atrás
*Famous girl hugs guy* Everyone: ARE THEY DATEING????!!
Milky Way
Milky Way 21 dia atrás
Literally on TikTok either Tana or Logan posted that it was a prank so y’all better shush
Don’t subscribe
Don’t subscribe 22 dias atrás
Logan and her are fake. He posted it on tik tok
Pilly Pie
Pilly Pie 25 dias atrás
To be honest i fee like tana is just used and abused, she is a big flirt but were all human and she just wants to be loved. Everyone has seen how much she has gotten hurt and how it has effected her, i feel like these two are just using her and shes going to end up hurt again🥺
Vanessa Sauzo
Vanessa Sauzo 26 dias atrás
2:36 2:40 Lol (These are time stamps)
Chloe Edwards
Chloe Edwards 26 dias atrás
I’m so sick of tana and the Paul brothers. They literally bring nothing to the table and when they are getting attention is not good either.
Cierra nicole
Cierra nicole 26 dias atrás
If you watch Logan & tanas video together it was bait, and you took the bait and ran with it 😂
Jocelyn Macahusay
Jocelyn Macahusay 27 dias atrás
Nah Logan pulled a big prank on us,I saw on his Tiktok
Paisley 27 dias atrás
Gosh Jake can’t keep subscribers nor women
AmeliaMichele Graham
AmeliaMichele Graham 27 dias atrás
It’s fake because it’s on Logan Paul channel
that’s the janitor
Ugh yuck, Tana is so ugly
Tom _
Tom _ Mês atrás
Tf did i just watch. I dont think ive ever heard the word clout used so much in so little time.
no way
no way Mês atrás
Alissa is still way superior lmao
no way
no way Mês atrás
Tired of these fools
Paran0i3dchick Mês atrás
Ppl saying that she should do something single she doesn’t have a content and she knows
AM_Gaming Mês atrás
I don’t mind Logan anymore but jake is so annoying and unbearable
- hønęybée -
- hønęybée - Mês atrás
Please, before you attack tana. I never really liked tana until this whole thing happened with her and jake. I watched her video on her honest truth video and I’ve seen her true personality. She’s so kind and cares a lot for others. I really feel bad for her but she should stop getting in relationships it’s only going to make her health worse.
Kennedy Alyse
Kennedy Alyse Mês atrás
they purposely did that go to their tiktok account
Zoe Nunn
Zoe Nunn Mês atrás
she couldn’t be with one brother, so she goes to the other... *makes sense*
Abdeslam Talemsani
Abdeslam Talemsani Mês atrás
if they were "married" should've they got a divorce instead of break up🤔
Fofa Strong
Fofa Strong Mês atrás
It’s like the vampire diaries were Katherine played both Salvatore brothers that’s tana playing both Paul brothers !?!
Melina Hernandez
Melina Hernandez Mês atrás
It was for clout she said it on a video like that her and Logan did it as a prank for the views
Los Plebiz
Los Plebiz Mês atrás
Not gonna lie but “An actual upgrade”
Navy Hoang
Navy Hoang Mês atrás
Camila Mês atrás
Omg HAHAHAAH everybody knows that it was just a joke they even made a video about it
Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez Mês atrás
I was waiting for a "byeeee!!"next😭😭😭✋
bloom Y
bloom Y Mês atrás
Nah they were pranking the paparazzi, they ain't together
Storm Seager
Storm Seager Mês atrás
Didn't tana make a video showing the behind the scenes of the photos? Saying it's a prank or something Like that?
Azel Shehadeh
Azel Shehadeh Mês atrás
Who’s tana anyways?
Lexi Passinger
Lexi Passinger Mês atrás
y’all she just made a video and said it was a prank she filmed the whole thing 😂
Shiloh —
Shiloh — Mês atrás
*Whenever I hear the word “tana” I always imagine in my head of tana crying about the chaotic event tanacon.*
Ferf Morton
Ferf Morton Mês atrás
Can y’all chill? She literally made a video to explain that she was gonna fake a relationship with him🙂
N / A :0
N / A :0 Mês atrás
After Tana has a fake wedding with Logan, she gonna break up with him and move onto Greg Paul. BET.
x Nightcore Songs x
tana made a whole video about it ?? 😂
Roselene Htee
Roselene Htee Mês atrás
Jack from state farm
David Thomson
David Thomson Mês atrás
Anyone heard the song called clout? It's great!
spofify Mês atrás
Rosa Dominguez
Rosa Dominguez Mês atrás
They pranked you it is on tik tok
Maria Rose
Maria Rose Mês atrás
That lunch "date" with Tana and Logan looks staged af
Nicole Russell
Nicole Russell Mês atrás
It was a prank he posted it on tictok
Ansha Faiza
Ansha Faiza Mês atrás
_I had a feeling this was coming_ 😂😂
Brayan Hernandez
Brayan Hernandez Mês atrás
She only wants drama
girls fun
girls fun Mês atrás
the paul brothers are ACTORS , all their videos are fake and they always mention that it's pre scripted , they know it's for clout and they never hide it and they say it out loud tana on the other hand is an emotional wreck , she goes from relationship to another without having a romm to breathe and get her s*** together , britney used to walk around with paris and lindsay , paris knew exactly what she was doing the other two were lost and destroyed themselves publicity stunts need a stable and smart people tbh
Edgelord_ ChemicalRomance
Honestly I'm not a fan of Tana but i don't think she would do smt like this,they're probably just close friends
nora is gay
nora is gay Mês atrás
lol they r not dating, Logan jst wanted to fool the internet and also tana, idk abt her but ok u can say she wanted clout but 🤷🏻‍♀️
_Tyler’s Gacha_
_Tyler’s Gacha_ Mês atrás
Omg, if you have Tik Tok look up Logan Paul’s account, Tana and Logan did it on purpose as a joke
Alexis Wolf
Alexis Wolf Mês atrás
Look at tiktok
Alexis Wolf
Alexis Wolf Mês atrás
Its fake
Samantha Espinas
Samantha Espinas Mês atrás
It's actually a prank you can see it on his tiktok
Gurung Sangita
Gurung Sangita Mês atrás
Tbh now the Dolan Twins are the only twins who are famous without scandals
Sweetz Pop
Sweetz Pop Mês atrás
Its a prank .i saw on tiktok
Rachel Chicken
Rachel Chicken Mês atrás
Look at Logan’s tiktok it was just a joke
Gabriel Andres Espinal Salazar
Anna oop really fell for this, watch the Logan Paul video of tana, this just shows how easy you can trick people in youtube
Pragna Srinivas
Pragna Srinivas Mês atrás
Guys this was a prank...😂
expensive girl
expensive girl Mês atrás
Tana’s twitter name is a mood
Jadei Babes
Jadei Babes Mês atrás
-It was a prank but okay-
Ryzel Ignacio
Ryzel Ignacio Mês atrás
I think I saw a video on tik tok that Logan Paul went on a fake date with tana and acted as a couple as a prank
Honey Moods
Honey Moods Mês atrás
if you looked at logan pauls tiktok he said he and tana staged it
Margaret Orler
Margaret Orler Mês atrás
She needs to grow up and realize that this is life and love is not fake it is real so find some and stop taking it for granted
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