Tana Mongeau | Before They Were Famous | Engaged To Jake Paul | Tana Turns 21

Before They Were Famous
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Tana Mongeau | Before They Were Famous | Engaged To Jake Paul | Tana Turns 21
Before They Were Famous:
Before Jake Paul bought Tana Mongeau a $124,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for her 21st birthday.
Before would collaborate with fellow BRvidrs David Dobrik, Shane Dawson, James Charles, Gabby Hanna, Joey Graceffa and would date social media stars Brad Sousa, Bella Thorne, Lil Xan, And now Jake Paul and apparently her pet nut.
Before Tana Mongeau would become the focus of an Idubbbz Content Cop and lose nearly 800K subscribers overnight but would bounce back from the drama overnight.
#tanamongeau #jakepaul #jana
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Writer/ Host: Michael McCrudden
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24 Jun 2019



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Comentários 486
Before They Were Famous
For more on Tana & her Before & After Transformation check out our 2nd channel:
Lexie Life
Lexie Life 10 dias atrás
“mojo”? bro what? where the hell is the “j”? how is her name not pronounced like “mon-gu”
knotzed 10 dias atrás
She dresses up like whoever's dating her at the time.. that one string of mccruddys hair that's moving
Michelle 11 dias atrás
I’m sorry, but Michael you’re the only one that I enjoy making these videos.
Desiree Laine
Desiree Laine 12 dias atrás
I literally hate her.
Tana sucks. Jake Paul is to good for this trash.
SidB 16 dias atrás
Father????? And mother???? They look like they're her grandparents...
satan rumór
satan rumór 19 dias atrás
6:08 didn't even fucking recognize her.
satan rumór
satan rumór 19 dias atrás
Miah 19 dias atrás
Chexa 21 dia atrás
Some people should never be famous
Cori Hunt
Cori Hunt 23 dias atrás
You should uh.. stop growling when you talk. It sounds as bad as nails on a chalk board. First and last video I’m gonna watch by you
JAYY NO NAME 23 dias atrás
She dated xan sheeessh
Jasmin 25 dias atrás
why is he screaming at me
Michele 25 dias atrás
i didn't know she was on Maury!
Andre Saab
Andre Saab 26 dias atrás
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 26 dias atrás
megha singh
megha singh 27 dias atrás
She looked cute before the fillers. Now she is just bleh.
Daphne Pillay
Daphne Pillay 28 dias atrás
Tana was so unrecognizable
Vicky hoang
Vicky hoang 28 dias atrás
He didnt buy the car.
gtg488w 28 dias atrás
MySpace...and she is just now turning 21? What
Jennifer MacDonald aka; Caligirl888
Tana: 10/10
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 29 dias atrás
She’s a 10 all day!! 20 even!!
anil mahadeo
anil mahadeo Mês atrás
could care less about this type of stuff, but it was nice watching pewdiepies wedding then tanas, showing the world what real love and just st8 up bs looks like . hopefully they both grow up into better more mature people.
Casey South
Casey South Mês atrás
Yo what is w this guys voice😂😂
Ass Whole
Ass Whole Mês atrás
The rich life of Kodak black
Sunny P
Sunny P Mês atrás
That hair makes u look like the time Ethan Klein dresses up as a boy band member.
Ronny & Tara DiSalvo
7 if she talks in bed...8 if she just STFU and makes sounds
Paw Paw
Paw Paw Mês atrás
Am I the only one that had no clue Tana and Bella dated?!
Liga Skirbauska
Liga Skirbauska 25 dias atrás
Paw Paw noo,not the only one
Lindsey Rose
Lindsey Rose 29 dias atrás
Paw Paw yes
Ethann Phillips
Ethann Phillips Mês atrás
FBI, open up.
Dove Natale
Dove Natale Mês atrás
I don't think that any human deserves to be rated....(other than that, thx for the upload. Love you Tana.♡)
Monster Maddox
Monster Maddox Mês atrás
Rating girls is messed up.
Nikola Novkovic
Nikola Novkovic Mês atrás
Caelyn Crochet
Caelyn Crochet Mês atrás
I knew how to pronounce Tana's name bc im from Lousiana and some people like spell it geau tigers instead of go lol
Mrs. Sondra
Mrs. Sondra Mês atrás
Damm she got a nose job?? Hmmm... l did not know dat awkward 🙊
Daniel Pirooz
Daniel Pirooz Mês atrás
ciera thomas
ciera thomas Mês atrás
Ethan Archer
Ethan Archer Mês atrás
10 out of 10
Dabbing Unicorn
Dabbing Unicorn Mês atrás
Me: oooh a btwf (before they were famous) vid on Tana Micheal: (tells Tana’s life story) This is the life and... Me: Daaaaaaang I thought the video was about to end not begin
cer t6us
cer t6us Mês atrás
honestly she doesn’t deserve the fame due to everything she has done.
Damn we share birthdays I'd knock off that no talent 5
Ashley Texeira
Ashley Texeira Mês atrás
Wow the plastic surgery on her face is real it's like two different faces
Trista Powers
Trista Powers Mês atrás
WaterCat 2 meses atrás
His voice gets super weird at the end of sentences
Kriistiee. 9 horas atrás
I'm high as a kite and I came here to say this
Christian Viera
Christian Viera 5 dias atrás
I thought I was the only one who was uncomfortable about that 😂
Alexa Rogers
Alexa Rogers 11 dias atrás
Yeah it’s making me nauseous
WaterCat 12 dias atrás
Tiffany O I don’t mean an accent, I mean it gets like super deep and low at the end of most of the sentences
Tiffany O
Tiffany O 25 dias atrás
He’s Canadian.
caitosanna 2 meses atrás
Just superficially she’s a high seven
Kari Tacoma
Kari Tacoma 2 meses atrás
The Maury show was fake
Glynn Tang
Glynn Tang 2 meses atrás
Heavy Metal Kitten
Heavy Metal Kitten 2 meses atrás
Dude he never bought the g wagon 😒
Stella Howard
Stella Howard 2 meses atrás
she is just 21 and looks like 34 😂
Kari Tacoma
Kari Tacoma 2 meses atrás
Stella Howard , drugs, alcohol, and being a hoe will do that.
John Huerta
John Huerta 2 meses atrás
He did not buy Tana a car it was Jake Paul's friend car
yanna cole
yanna cole 2 meses atrás
Tana 10/10 ❤️❤️
QueenMinks28 xD
QueenMinks28 xD 2 meses atrás
I guess the guy that dropped the drink on her dress at the wedding was her stalker lol
ashley m
ashley m 2 meses atrás
“What would you rate Tana 1-10” can we leave rating people’s appearance in the past please
greg masacr
greg masacr 28 dias atrás
when i heard him say that i cringed so hard
ashley m
ashley m 2 meses atrás
leafs fans!!!!! 💙
Marcus Norman
Marcus Norman 2 meses atrás
I rate tana a 9
Olaoluwasubomi Omotoso
Olaoluwasubomi Omotoso 2 meses atrás
make videos on better people please stop wasting my time
Sam Owings
Sam Owings 2 meses atrás
Emphasizing every last word, in all of your fkn sentences. Quite possibly might be the most annoying thing about you, sir. Impossible to focus on much else. 🤷‍♂️
Jami Manafo
Jami Manafo 2 meses atrás
Honestly a7
aagvv __
aagvv __ 2 meses atrás
Thought this was BEFORE they were famous
LJR 87
LJR 87 2 meses atrás
She’s such a liar. The stalker story is clearly made up.
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